We have survived the burden of being cast out for centuries, and we will continue to survive for eons to come.

- Nigtrion Warrior

The Najiim Tribes, also called the Najiim Faction or simply the Najiim, are a loose number of Krassio tribes and subversive cults that exist across different parts of the Gigaquadrant. They are distinguished among the Krassio as a different race within their species, and perhaps their greatest divergence from other Krassio is the fact that they are completely disconnected from the Iluvii Realm, devoting themselves to the elusive and sometimes untrustworthy energies of the Void.


The Najiim first appeared from the colonial schism between the Civatron Tribes and a fleet of colony ships that were sent to the Tigris Galaxy's satellite galaxy, Bor'eaa Galaxy, in order to expand their territory. Using experimental technology, the colonization fleet was presumed to be lost after a space-time anomaly tore a third of it as they were crossing the risky space rift appearing before them. However, the colonists arrived successfully in Bor'eaa and, disconnected from their homeworld indefinitely, opted to create their own culture based on all the different discoveries made in their new home. These outcasts soon identified themselves as Nigtrions.

In the advent of the Tigris War, the Nigtrions used their connection with the Void in order to transport themselves back into their home galaxy and join the war effort of the now Cianju Alliance. As the war was lost, and the Krassio escalated their conflict with the demonic incursions occurring across the gigaquadrant, the Nigtrions found themselves fighting their own war during the Second Tigris War, where undead Krassio with the power of entropy, the Logoriom, arose to conquer the already devastated galaxy. The Nigtrions joined forces with their long-time rivals, the Inog, and eventually absorbed their culture into their own as well. Just as the Najiim won the war, the Annihilation happened, and the Nigtrions were forced to abandon the Tigris Galaxy for good.

Following the abrupt 'destruction' of the Tigris and (probably) Bor'eaa galaxies, many more Krassio joined the ranks of the Najiim albeit disconnected from the original faction of the Nigtrions. These new void users created their own groups and forged their own doctrines regarding the nature of the Void. Albeit the majority of these new sub-factions within the Najiim extracted void energies merely for power supply in order to energize their psionic might, others founded subversive cults or sects that took a more religious and fanatical approach. To this day, these factions are often at odds with each other, seeking to outmaneuver their rival brethren in extracting valuable void energy depots the Krassio call 'vergences'.






  • The Najiim were only called Nigtrions for over 2009 and 2010 before disappearing from the political landscape of the gigaquadrant. They were brought back by the Valader at the behest of Dinoman82 and for him to have the Krassio support in a way the Void Eye Empire.
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