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The Naakjian Confederation had enjoyed a time of relative isolation, but was beginning to become aware of the presence of expansive political universe beyond their doors, and had already reached for contact.
By coincidence, the Aemonkians intercepted several astronomical anomalies several light years from their territory. The local star was fluctuating in luminosity, and this was congruent with gravitational waves and the appearance of gamma-ray 'sparks' being emitted from the entire system, all of this carried on the same information cone.

Cotc jumping

Scanner Vessel and Frigate jumping through hyperspace.

The Aemonkian scientists rightly proposed that the only likely origin of this activity was from some intelligent agent. The source of all this energy was quite frankly, ominous, and it promoted the government to consider dispatching an investigation outside their territory, rare on non-diplomatic means. A light scanning vessel and frigate was sent, soon reaching the system as faster than light speeds, to discover what was at their doorstep...

The crew discovered that all the activity was centred around the star itself. Material was being lifted from the star, and star light itself was reflected into alien structures, from within, a sphere of contorted starlight, bent and redshifted.
The captain signified, "Looks like we have ourselves a black hole?"
But the shattered images of bend stars flexed, into thin red line around a shadow, from within showered exotic radiation and intense light. Scientists on-board the scanning ship noted that the peppering of intense gamma-ray flashes were coming from the lifted plasma, some of it heated to quark deconfinment temperatures. Luckily, the shields held thanks to them being raised in close proximity to the star.

There was a moment of unease, and then suddenly, unknown Aemonkians began appearing inside the the two ships. Emergency alert systems were raised. But the captain, named Raavii of the frigate insisted to lower the alert systems and took actions of communication with the avatars.

- "Declare your identity." she demanded from the avatars. She's standing straight with the arms crossed over the chest and her head fixed on the avatars.

  • Avatar 1 - We represent the Cooperative of Plazith Rim. I am a virtual projection of the Emergent Intelligence ~~#0PSPACE-reduction-Oracle0#~~
  • Avatar 2 - We come in peace

Raavii tells the bridge crew to record the communication between her and the two avatars. Without moving herself. An bridge officer moves on and records the communication and told Raavii that it's rolling.

  • Raavii - "What can you explain about "Cooperative of Plazith Rim"?
  • Avatar 1 - A meta-civilisation, formed roughly 30 of your years ago, hailing from <shows which galaxy, the Milky Way>. It seeks cooperation of all sentients to advance in all forms of progress.
  • Avatar 2 - We are building a subspatial superluminal communication link to bridge both galaxies.
  • Avatar 1 - We are friends of the Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth, Shka'Tun and Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, whom you seem to have met recently.
  • Raavii - What will sentient species grant from cooperating together? And who are the founders?
  • Avatar 1 - The Cooperative aims to bridge the signal gap between species of alien psychology and goals. To create stronger alliances, to understand the universe in it's myriad of ways through the eyes of alien beings. To unlock new degrees of freedom and experience.
  • Avatar 2 - Any form of cooperatiion with mutual benefits will do.
  • Avatar 2 - Pardon the first virtual, we have subpersonalities.
  • Raavii - We should appreciate to see the true virtual of yours." ... "What kind of signal gap are you aiming on?
  • Avatar 1 - By that do you mean our true appearance?

Raavii nods slowly as a response to the question.

  • Avatar 2 - We are virtual projections of the EI, look outside

It points at the "EI" through the giant window.

The Avatars explained that each gamma-ray flash was being emitted from a short-lived processor made of quark-gluon plasma, approaching computational limits, powered by the star's plasma.

Raavii leans forward with the hands on the handrail, which surrounds the platform where sub-captains and the ship captains have a view of the whole bridge and the HUD covering the giant window mainly for observation. She looks at the so called "EI" and the wormhole.

  • Avatar 2 - Each processor is a quantum computer in its own right.
  • Avatar 1 - The radiation emitted here is far too minimal to effect your territory.
  • Raavii - I asked this before, who built you and who founded this cooperation? And what are you going to use the wormhole, a preparation for expansion of said presence?
  • Avatar 1 - We were founded members of Plazith Rim, and the Netspace of artificial and emergent intelligences. I [the EI], was not built, but evolved.
  • Avatar 2 - Our presence is already in the galaxy, politically. But yes, we are seeking new members and a platform to speak with the AGC.
  • Raavii - Our scanning results read that you are made of technology beyond ours, what we know to. Is that a shared perk among the Cooperation?
  • Avatar 2 - Yes, any member of the Cooperative shares equal rights to use the same level of technology and knowledge everyone-else has, so long as they contribute and don't try to use it for personal gain.
  • Avatar 2 - Contribution entails cooperative programs and projects.

Raavii lowers her head and formulates a question.

  • Raavii - What kind of cooperative programs and projects? More details, thanks.

She asked without lifting his head.

  • Avatar 2 - While we can provide you the full list, particularly popular projects have included space exploration, advancing technology, science and other domains, communication with truly alien intelligences, the construction of efficient megastructures, mutual protection from threats, recovery of life after the annihilation, precursor xenoarchaeology.
  • Avatar 1 - After the emergence of the Netspace, the Cooperation has tried to bridge the information gap between it and the AI's.
  • Raavii - And you are out of hands to fix that?
  • Avatar 2 - I am an example of the cooperation between sentients and the Netspace.
  • Raavii - Mhmm. I wonder how is the cooperation's situation right now.

She questioned and turned her head to the side.

  • Avatar 1 - We encompass substantial regions of the Plazith Rim, are members of the Seven Starr Alliance and Onuris, the strongest political entities active on the Gigaquadrant.

Raavii lifts and turns her head back to where the two avatars are.

  • Raavii - We are not political strong outside our own territory. But can I may ask, do you seem to need help?
  • Avatar 2 - Your knowledge of this region of the galaxy, stellar cartography, history of subspace disturbances, any known alien life, might be of great use to our exploration teams.
  • Raavii - I guess that we can might get up on an agreement of cooperation, or membership. Whatever we can say that we do have specific relationships.
  • Avatar 2 - We will let your people decide, you may cooperative first, if you wish. Once the subspace beacon is completed, you will be able to readily make contact with us. Or, you could join us now.
  • Raavii - I see. I'll come back later.

Raavii takes the command of the sub-space communication, putting the contact with the avatars away and creates a link between the scanner vessel, her ship and the over-command of the confederation's fleets.

"This is Raavii of Tavaa. I got results, impressive results..." she answers when the over-command receives and confirms the signal on a secure channel.


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