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The Naakjian Confederation, can be called as Naakjian Empire, was an empire led by it's one and the only member. Aemonkians. This empire was actually a collected alliance of many different colonized planets with their own governments, but the head government was located in the homeworld Aailli. They make up an empire of collected minds and power of their own kind.

Created in 2632, this isolaist empire had endured roughly 171 years before falling apart by the seams due to a split of the loyalty and political integrity in 2802. Reforming into an other sovereign power in Cyrannus and a former annexed territory of the Delphan Coalition, now under the control of the Sovereignty as a protectorate. The former is the only remnant of the Confederation's political sphere, continuing to inspire powers in Cyrannus and beyond - barely.



Back in the time when the confederation wasn't founded. The Aemonkians had already expanded their little emporium to an other solar system, which was a big achievement for the Aemonkian kind. So eventually few years later, the kind decided to expand more and conquered more planets in more systems they could take their hands on with the technology available. But as the emporium grew and grew, the upkeep required to maintain the emporium grew and grew until it became too big for the head government located in the homeplanet Aailli. The solution they came up was independent governments for each planet that meet the criteria to have an own government. However the system lacked control and cooperation. At this point, a political group from a star sector of the loosely controlled emporium called in all governments from each star sector and Aailli. Which they united to make up a government that would tighten the control and reestablish cooperation through a new system. Which was when the Naakji Confederation was founded.

Recent historyEdit

Since the foundation, the confederation has rapidly expanded in almost 160 years without meeting any other alien empire in the desolated sector Umbra of Andromeda galaxy. Which made the Aemonkians to doubt the science, which means that they are thinking that they are the only one in the space. But they wasn't after mere 2 years later, they meet a new empire, the Interstellar Tundraklen Commonwealth. And yet to find that there's more more in their sector and their galaxy. Which put the Aemonkians in both pleased expectations - and fear of an dangerous threat against the Aemonkian kind. Which put the Aemonkians to an guarded state and urging strangers not to enter their emporium so called territory. Otherwise it would trigger a cold-warring conflict.

However, the Tundrakles wasn't the first aliens to meet. It was actually the ancient Republic of Cirith Beleg by a few years. It was however a secret affair hidden away from the public else than the civilization alone and the ancient republic. Lasting for a few years.


See Contact with the Cooperative

The confederation has sent a message declaring that they have taken on an extremely strict policy on travelling on their territory. Warning everyone about their policy and territory. Making it harder to gain foreign affairs and is criticized by many empires. In several months, the empire grew bigger and bigger, yet to rise the amount of systems with additional 60 systems. Few of their military assets and weaponry were slowly revealed as the more open they became.

Then they finally declared that they would lift up their behaviour and policies on travelling through their territory. However, by few rules and restrictions are applied as a respect to other empires and their own neutrality. They also mention that they are now more open to foreigners and new empires. Putting true neutrality and equality before anything. After the events of this, they meet up the Mardvaeli Republic and negotiated a deal. Forging a new neutral relation and gathering more intel on the universe's species, empires and more about them.

Prior to the events of the destruction of Halcyon-B and meeting the Cooperative. The Naakjian confederation meet new enemies, the Ultimate Sovereignty of Ottzello and, what they suspected as the plotters behind destruction of Halcyon-B, Cyrannian Imperial State. Meeting up the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and making a relation which is almost impossible to achieve. During this event, they agreed to cooperated with Delpha Coalition of Planets. Creating an united front against the pitiful terror and mutual enemy. Prior to preparations for the incoming Imperial War, they expanded their area of power with 475 systems, as well with additional 2120 systems in the Andromeda Galaxy. Becoming bigger and bigger as an major power ruling the Umbra. But they emit a very little power in politics as they keep their own politics for themselves.

After the events of the Southern Rim Campaign and the creation of a de-facto satellite nation of the annexed territories. The confederate detected a faulty in the The Civilisation and left it shortly after. While fending the Imperial State, the confederation used the big opportunity to create a net of many contacts to create many factions which they can side on once one would fail and collapse. Eventually leading to a proposal to the neutral coalition of Mou'Cyran Accords.

The Xonexian SchismEdit

Prior the Xonexi Schism, the Confederation faced issues in their own political integrity and maintaining their sphere of influence. The sphere in Cyrannus was hugely influenced by the Cyrannian powers and is embedded in their membership in the Mou'Cyran Accords. During the Schism, the emperor Wormulon I wished to invade and capture the Confederation to serve it as a forward base for their cause. Although the mentioned membership was a obstacle for his army to act on the grounds of not attracting military action from the Accords. Aware of the Confederation flaking politics, Wormulon diplomatically hired agents and spies from the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus to plot a coup, one that would split the Confederation into two. The conspiracy succeeded with expected results undetected.

Outraged by the plotting, the Andromedan remnant of the Confederation struggled in vain to maintain their relevance and authority as they were cut off by the Cyrannian counterpart. Becoming an easy sitting duck for the Delphan and Cooperation forces to thread on Confederation space. Ultimately ending with the Confederation's fate as an nation annexed by the Delphan Coalition of Planets. Fortunately, this triggered military action from their defensive and bashful neighbor; Nomatari Sovereignty. An act to drive off Coalition forces, ending up both engaging in a more strategic war until the Sovereignty threaded on the annexed territory that once belonged to the Confederation.

Upon the liberation of the Andromedan Naakji Confederation, what is left of it after successfully driving off the Coalition and Cooperation forces in middle 2800's. But now demoralized to bother engaging in politics or performing domestic affairs, they asked the Sovereignty to allow them to become a protectorate of their domain. This was proposed in a later after-war treaty after the war in Andromeda has finally settled down. The treaty was passed through the Board of Eight, a collection of tops in charge of the Xonexi Alliance, by the time this happened. It was accepted and recognized as official by the Xonexi Allies. Officially unifying the Andromedan remnant to a more powerful protector and caretaker.

The only remaining reminder of the Confederation's sphere of politics continues to inspire in the Cyrannus Galaxy.


The CouncilEdit


The Citadel of Vejlla in Aailli was one of the buildings where the Council's seat of power and residence were located.

The confederation's government was an council of many heads of the government of Aailli and 2 representatives from each sector of the Naakjian empire. They often meetup weekly to pickup and talk about subjects regarding situations which is to be handled by the council itself. Anything involved or/and related to foreign relationships are also handled by the council itself, often via an representative handling with foreign affairs.

The members of the council are selected by the confederation's residents and a separate council that handles the candidates which are to be selected. The candidates are to be loyal, considered by the majority of the public and have a high amount of knowledge about the confederation's government, society, people and technology. Much better if the candidate has an official diploma in rhetoric in debates and discussions. This applies to all who is to be selected as a representative of their own sector. Those who present, contribute and does well in performance can be selected by the council and all sector-governments to the highest top of the head council. Also for the minister of foreign affairs if someone in the council is willing to and has to has a excellent grade in knowledge about foreign empires and other species.


Almost everything was handled by the government itself, but before a policy, law or an action from the government gets implemented/gets prosecuted to the system and the public. A voting for the public and residents of whole the confederation's territory. When the law/policy gets 'Nay' from the public in a specific sector or planet. It won't implemented, but the public can may start a voting later in time whenever they want to in the future. Whatever, as long it applies to the local or/and all the residents of the confederation's territory, or them involved too. However, this doesn't applies to wars, battlefields, enemies or wars not declared by the empire itself. However the government can be convinced by any means by the population of the empire.

This voting system too applies to justice when it come to the court of law. Every company are driven by a similar political way to control, with an representative group. Alot of this political system is applied in almost everywhere, except family and private affairs.


Main article: Military



The Naakjian military was moderately big in it's size compared to other empire's to date. Yet to be known that they specialize mostly in spaceship and infantry warfare. Inclusive support for both parts. With mobility, offensive and survival as important factors. The military arm also control the general law enforcement as an organ, it more independent, but still manned by personnel with military training.

The military takes in recruits from many directions inside it's own empire. Some are recruited via a compulsory military service and some are volunteers. As the confederation doesn't have compulsory military service everywhere, it's only decided by the star system governments. As rules and policies vary between many of the systems to fit the widespread range of cultures between the planets. Some have military culture, therefore compulsory. Some are not, but driven by honor, many volunteer as there's no compulsory service.

Every recruits were first taken to an academic school that teaches the basics of training and serving in the navy. As well a special education in alien languages which makes it easier to communicate with alien species. After the school, it's up to them to decide which way they want to go, but it's justified by their performance in their school attendance. The best can go first with officer training school and then take soldier training. While the one who has least performance will be forced to go soldier training first. Then officer school after least 4 years in duty service, either as a soldier or law enforcement officer.

The soldier training was an compulsory stage in the military training. But was also used as an entertainment along the military personnel. Since it's mainly a simulator that puts the "player" into a specific battlefield, their general performance depends entirely on their physical performance and training. If you won't go good, you better go training. This program was compulsory for least 3-5 years depending on the performance, then it's up to the personnel to keep their performance, to stay alive or be honored. The training doesn't only consist of physical training, it also offers several more education programs about enemies, diplomacy, equipment and much about dangers and performance in the battlefield, as well tactics.


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Rujri is an military organ those purpose is to infiltrate, sabotage and/or assassinate targets behind the enemy lines. But also to hunt down other spies and agents sent by the enemy, either assassinating them or taken to custody for questioning. But barely any made it out alive from the interrogation. They are an organization of many cells scattered all over the confederation's territory.

For infiltration, their agents are equipped with either the standard marine armor issue, which is exclusively equipped with advanced cloaking devices. The other alternative is also a cloaking issue armor, but it's far more lighter can be easily hidden with normal clothing, it's widely used when operating in civilian areas such the society and in cities. To differ the agents from the military marines, their armor do always have an insignia. Which is easily identified as a white sword on black hexagonal shield with a white outline and does also feature dark cyan objects behind the sword itself.


See Fiction:Naakjian Confederation/Technology

The Naakjian technology had evolved much despite the empire's strict means of isolation. The empire had put much into mobility, protective alloys and technology used outside the military. But thanks to the events of meeting the Cooperative, they joined the Cooperation and so gathered technological advantages, in exchange of important and valuable oaths of protection and cooperation. They quickly jumped from tier 4 to 2 during the technological revolution. They however possesses an advanced shielding technology, advanced environmental protection tech that seem to be far advanced than tier 2 empires possesses.

Their shielding technology is advanced enough to absorb massive damage and can quickly start recharging again at low recharge rate. But it's able to pull up shields to withstand few shots before having to restart the process. It was used to be unique for the Empire itself, but it's now a shared piece of tech along the Cooperation.

Another piece of tech that, too, was used to be unique. Was the environmental protection, a typical shielding technology, but however, it purposes and functions was to effectively isolate air from other airs and vacuum. While letting through a non-harmful dose of radiation from the sun. Works perfect as forcefields and fields that works like doors. It only lets non-radiation and solid materials go through. This is now a widely used tech along the alliance.

Foreign RelationshipsEdit


Blue faceTogether, we'll be one of the strongest.

  • Galactic Empire of Cyrannus (oath of protection) - Because creating a middleman business between two superpowers exchanging hatred to each other is an interesting, if not excellent, job. Alling superpower determinates your survival.
  • New Cyrannian Republic (oath of protection) - We have got similar instincts and thoughts. Not so militaristic as it's hated neighbor.

Good TermsEdit

Blue faceWe welcome our guests.


Hmm, hello?

Bad TermsEdit

Orange faceDo you think it was necessary to do that?


At this point, it's war. But unlike Mortal Enemies there's a way to end the war.
Red faceYou take our land, we take yours, with an extra fine.

Mortal EnemiesEdit

Beyond this point, there's no way to end the war, it ends only when their enemies are exterminated.
Red faceThe only solution to end our war is... total extermination of your kind.


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A powerful civilisation. I can work with them.

- Deoclet Caesarius

Nice tanks you've got here.

- Comrade Commander Vlad Kolkoze of the Algolurn Popular Republic.
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