Mykera K'rell is a male Kzyterkz native to Ramaakota who serves onboard the Excelsior-Class, USS Royal Oak under command of the Libertus officer, Garan Andarch. In 2818 (20 AQF), he recieved a promotion to captain and assumed command of the USS Excelsior, an Excelsior-Class.


Early Life & USS Royal Oak[]

Ramaakota, K'rell's homeplanet

Mykera K'rell is born in 2772 (26 BQF) at Ramaakota in a family of farmers, just outside Ramaakota port. Since youth, K'rell dreamed of going to the grand port to visit and talk with the many travellers, among them the Gaskhan. Somewhere in his youth, he befriended the Gaskhan Gaskuark. He eventually drafted in service of Rambo Command as one the first of his kind. After serving onboard a Anteras-Class freighter and a Miranda-Class he was eventually promoted to the rank of commander after an excellent service record gained after combat in the Great Cyrannus War. In 2803 (05 AQF), after Rambo Nation was forced to sign the Nim-Glaré Concordat he was transferred to the Excelsior-Class, the USS Royal Oak under command of the Libertus captain, Garan Andarch. A position he first loathed as he blamed the Cyrannians for the subjegation of his Nation, however over time he grew to respect the Libertus captain and grew to admire and respect him greatly for his diplomatic skills. He served for over a decade under captain Garan Andarch, turning down the chance for command twice.

Captain of the USS Excelsior[]

In 2818 (20 AQF), Mykera K'rell accepted command and recieved a promotion to the rank of captain, assuming command of the recently repaired USS Excelsior. During the Second Battle of Lianna, K'rell fought on the losing side after the station opened the weapons on the allied fleet and K'rell, his crew and the Excelsior were sieged by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and send to the salt mines of Pauvenris. By September 2820, K'rell was liberated from captivity during the battle of Pauveris.

Personality and Traits[]

Mykera K'rell, like most of his species is an impressive and sight catching sight due to his wolf-like appearance. His growling voice often startles others unprepared, though the Kzyterkz is actually quite kind instead of agressive, though when agitated he is fierce in battle and without remorse. Though not a diplomat, he has learned various skills from his captain, Andarch wich he believes will help him if he would gain a command of his own, his goal and dream.

In personal life, he enjoys reading books and poets, walking across beaches and howling at moonlight.

In 2818 (20 AQF) he adopted the new captain's uniform and had let grown his mane.

Service Record
Location Assignment Dates Rank or Rate
Rambo Academy Student Officer unspecified Cadet
USS Antares Operations Department Unspecified Ensign
USS Tin An Rambo Operations Department Unspecified Lieutenant

Lieutenant Commander

USS Royal Oak 2803 - 2818 Excutive Officer Commander
USS Excelsior Commanding Officer 2818 - ongoing Captain

USS Tin An Rambo

USS Excelsior


Commander K'rell


Blue face.pngYou have my loyalty!


Orange face.pngGrrr!

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