The Muunivelle Shipping Company (MSC) is major shipping line in terms of container vessel capacity within primary based within the Quadrant Galaxies. As a private company it has no obligation to publish annual reports and holds no allegiance to any government within the Cyrandia Cluster.

By 2020, the MSC was operating 250 Muunivelle-class cargo freighters whereas it operates in major ports all over the Cyrandia Cluster. The MSC's most important port is Muunivelle, located within the Western Sector of the Quadrant Galaxies. The company originally ferried cargo under the flag of Rambo Nation before its dissolution by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and as such falls under the Rambo jurisdiction and pays profit taxes to that government.

Its logo features a white flag with blue and green waves with a green 'M' and the letters forming the 'Shipping Company'.


By 2820, the 70 year old Muunivelle Shipping Company is one of the major shipping lines within the Cyrandia Cluster at whole and has been working on its reputation since it foundation. The organization centres around the movement of large shipments of containers that can hold all kind of various goods. Due to its reliable deliveries, high schooled and trained personnel the company delivers quality and quantity though is rather pricey.

The Shipping Company has various large companies contracted within the Quadrants and as such transports containers for various companies all over the Cluster. A strict policy the Shipping Company maintains is only to serve non-governmental organisations to retain their neutrality.

The Muunivelle-class container freighters are an important asset to the Shipping Company

Container Transport Department

The Munivelle Shipping Company Container Transport Department (MSC CTD) is the largest department within the Muunivelle Shipping Company and contains the container vessel capacity of the liner. With the bulky, sturdy and reliable Muunivelle-class freighters the Shipping Company is seen all over the Cyrandia Cluster transporting large amounts of containers for various organisation and companies.

Hyperspace Navigation Department

The Muunivelle Shipping Company Hyperspace Navigation Department (MSC HND) is a department dedicated and responsible for the discovery and establishment of new hyperspace routes for safe travel around the Cyrandia Cluster for the Shipping Company. Results are often shared with other companies for high amount of money.

Passenger Cruise Liner

The Muunivelle Shipping Company Passenger Cruise Liner (MSC PCL) is a new department raised in 2020 by the Board of Directors to investigate the possibility of opening cruise liners for the transportation of passengers as well.


The Company was founded in 2750 by Muunivelle traders and funded by the Government of Rambo Nation to stimulate the economy after its stagnation. The Shipping Line, with the support of various Serindia houses soon rose to became a major contester within the transportation sector though suffered various accidents during its history.

Shipping Company Port at Matakoro (2820)

During the Great Cyrannus War many vessels were attacked by Seperatists funded raiders to disable the Western Sectors trade and commerce, resulting in a massive financial backslash and various reorganisations. By the time of the Second Great Cyrannus War and the subsequent fall of Rambo Nation in 2819, the Shipping Company suffered the wrath of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus who exterminated the Muunivelle population and offered the Shipping Line for sale. Using sponsors, a large portion of his own wealth the former fleet-captain Sauleius Jesan Cretacea was appointed CEO of the Muunivelle Shipping Line and continued its operation now under the shadow of the Empire. Thus preventing a hostile take over by the Saurien Sector Corporation. With his keen knowledge of Rambo tactics, most of the Libertus and human personnel of the former Operative Department joined him as employees, wearing the same uniforms the Shipping Company became a highly efficient organisation with highly trained personnel.

By 2820, the MSC was often contracted by the trade federation Froramsilia Company Association to ferry cargo and materials across the Cluster, earning a docking port at Matakoro in the process.

Associated Planets[]

  • Muunivelle - Muunivelle headquarters the Shipping Company and falls under their juristiction. The planet massive storages provide commerce and goods for many within the Quadrants and beyond.
  • Boreas - Boreas, as capital of the Legatus is a major port of the Shipping Company.
  • Matakoro - Matakor act as a port for the Shipping Company into the Ramboidae Realm.


Notable members
Sauleius Jesan CretaceaFCLarge.png

Name: Sauleius Jesan Cretacea

Director Saulieus Jesan Cretacea, father of Alessandra Zoe Cretacea and the younger brother of Willelmus Cretacea and uncle of famed Apollo presides the Shipping Company. After the dissolution of Rambo Command Sauleius was forced to resign and found interest in the corporate sector. The former rear-admiral used his knowledge and contacts to invest into the Shipping Company and was soon elected as Director in December 2819.

Taking with him most of the Operative Sector, the Company boosted in highly skilled personnel with a great knowledge about ship navigation and operations. Under his guidance the Shipping Company embarks on another steady course with a steady flow of profit as the transport of commerce and goods continues no matter the political situation.

Director Cretacea


The majority of the personnel employed by the MSC are Elen'Nanethian, though as an independent freighter organisation they hire personnel from other species as well- including Quadrantia Humanoids.


Insured Container Transport

The Muunivelle Shipping Company offers a high quality and reliable transport of massive amount of goods and materials across the Cyrandia Cluster. All offered transports by the Shipping Company are insured against loss and damage for the demanding party and the Shipping Company can be accounted for that. The transports of cargo is done by the imposing and reliable Muunivelle-class container freighters:

Muunivelle-class container freighter
The Muunivelle-class container transport, also reffered simply as the Muunivelle freighter are 233 meter long tetradron-shapped, hyperspace-capable bulk freighters deployed by the Muunivelle Shipping Company. Its role is to move great amounts of cargo across the Cyrandia Cluster for those that employ the service of the Muunivelle Shipping Company every day, being essential to commerce and economies. The ships almost never entered planets' atmospheres; instead they docked at space station and transfer yards where they loaded and unloaded cargo. The class is rather expensive and only the best trained captains are employed by the Shipping Company to commandeer these vessels.

The class could transport up to 200 containers that are attached to the rear traingular side of the ship, encased between the three sublight engines. On either side a single docking port for small shuttles and other ships is located. In addition to its sublight engines, the class is equipped with a hyperdrive, two forwards laser cannons and one top-mounted double-barrelled turbo laser.

The vessels were constructed by the Shipyards of Rowar before the moons destruction by Galvarus-superweapon. Maintaince of the vessels since is done by the Shipping Company or hired contracters.

Freighter Png
Cargo Png


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