Ultimately, our creations, and ourselves, will face many tribulations in the time to come. Wars, trials, and destruction, but ultimately, we must last long enough, to see to it that they find the unity to finally bring peace and to undo the sins of their fore-fathers.

- Elder-Visionary Eld'korad

The Multus Esse Alliance are a race of Precursors native to Mirus and later the Milky Way and creators of such races as the Ugandalorians and Alpha Grox, as well as having a hand in the creation of several other races. Once, it was thought these powerful beings had gone extinct. However, now they have returned, and now work alongside their best creations to bring a new age of order and peace to the chaotic and divided Mirus, and help advance the Milky Way.

The Multus Esse left a great impact on their creations in the Milky Way, Mirus, and possibly beyond, and where worshipped as gods by some civilizations, and as messengers of gods by others. Whatever the case, the Multus where both scientists and warriors, though preferred to travel the stars and seek out knowledge and trade scientific advances with other races. The Great Beings still maintain this practice, staying in massive Habitat Ships to travel the galaxy in order to trade and fight when needed.

Since then, the Empathic-Prophets and Watchers of the Ethereal, the top essence users among their scattered empire, report the coming of an individual known as the God of War, or, Hitozogami, a powerful Multus who will arise from the Habitat Worlds to restore the Multus to their proper station in the stars, and deliver a chosen one among their creations, with the most powerful relic of their kind.

History Edit

Formation Edit

When the Multus Esse as a race evolved, is shrouded in mystery and superstition. Only recently has it been revealed what created them. The Multus species evolved thanks to the hand of the Prerunners, a race or Precursors even older then the Multus. They desired servants, and the war-like children served well, though often became unruly thanks to their own ambitions, and would even fight amongst themselves. This served their masters fine, as it would keep the Multus divided and not able to rise up against their masters. However, the leaders of all these races were visited by a A being of golden light and power in their dreams, who beseeched all to rise up against the Prerunners and their Infinite Empire. The Multus agreed, and ceased their squabbling, gathering together numerous forces, and planning a revolution. Their strike would come least expected. For years, they continued to serve, until the Prerunners grew overextended, and possibly had too much territory, and not enough oversight. With this, the Multus drove into their heart, attacking their leadership and warlords with everything they had. Even with surprise, it was a brutal fight, and took centuries of constant war to finally drive the Prerunners out. But, finally, the Prerunners were cast down from their bloody throne, and the Multus took command.

Setting about their tasks, the Multus created many of the life forms of Mirus, including the fractured sub-species within the Greater Mirusian Church of Spode, the oldest races in the the Waptoria Alliance of Species, the Euchanda first, then, the non-sapeint versions of the Psiteons, and, lastly, their most prized creations, the Ugandalorians. Of all their created races, in fact, the Multus specifically built the Ugandalorians to inherit their mantle as protectors of the galaxy, much to anger of the Psiteons who believe themselves to be the true inheritors of the Multus's Great Work. Using the Ne'Kron as a template body, the Multus spent many meticulous thousands of years perfecting the Ugandalorians. Meanwhile, vast stations and research complexes where built in space, and within the very planets of chosen worlds, as advanced AI systems where built to monitor and oversee the functions of these stations, and the evolution of life on certain planets of interest, such as the chosen homeworlds of the species the Multus had created. Around this time, they hollowed out two asteriods and build mighty space stations in their husks, named Sacred Sanctuary and Terminal Sanctuary. One, Terminal Sancturay, would eventually have it's life support cut off by rogue Multus Creations, the Pseudopath, and the Multus creations onboard killed, becoming a refuge for all sorts of criminals in modern times. The other, Sacred Sanctuary, would be where the creations of the Mirusian Theocratic Congregation were created and improved upon, before they were deposited across planets in the sector the station was placed in. Later on, this station would become home to the mysterious Apostali. Some would say there were amongst the final and most developped creations of the Multus, others that they were the creations of the precurcors that came before, the Uonic, while yet others say the Apostali have nothing to do with the Multus at all, and are really the true children of Spode. The truth remains unknown, and it is rumored that not even the Multus themselves know the full thruth, at least not those that have yet awoken.

Multus Esse World-Ships traveled to the Plazith Rim, establishing a conclave there and building another sanctuary for themselves, and their creations in the future. During their time in Plazith, the Multus would, briefly, take an intrest in a planet known as Earth. This resulted in the rise of the Sicorséach, the creation of the Raptorians, and, as a result, the eventual evolving of the Raptoraneans. They also visited the region of Lukhas Milieu, transplanting other specimens of humans, now called Quogni, and generally allowing the region to develop naturally, despite their need to administer to it. During the time, the Multus developed a liking for Egyptian and Meso-American culture, observing and contacting them, and, fond them the most interesting human cultures. Many Multus members found their culture similar to ancient Chassin'ra and other cultures, and this began a revolution among certain members, naming themselves in the ancient style, and building their temples ad structures off the structures of the two human cultural groups.

Around this time, the Multus Esse left a research station on the homeworld of the Vogrik, but, for whatever reason, did not attempt to edit the races within the world, and, instead, left their station to observe and report on what it found. Somehow, after thousands of years, the station was reduced to ruins, and found by the evolving Vogrik, who used it's technologies to advance their own.

The Persacron War Edit

The Multus Esse would come into contact with the Eitren relatively early in their history, contact with the two brief, but tense. Neither side was willing to risk an all out war, and, as such, the two just ignored one another, until the time would to strike. This was not to say either side enjoyed this arrangement. The Eitren saw the Multus races like they did most races, as food for their growing empire, while the Alimbic hungered for revenge, the Eitren unleashing one of their super weapons on their old galaxy, and leaving them without their home. It was when the Eitren creation, known as the Persacron began their rebellion, that they contacted the Multus Esse, and began planning on how to strike the Eitren. The Persacron where incapable of rebelling, and, as such, the Sarko'Nai Warrior Caste began searching to ways to help, finding the Vanara to be the perfect instruments for this. However, they where considered weak, and, as such, the Path of Sarko'nai and the Persacron found Ava, and sent her into the mysterious realm of Accel Space, where she would mate with the Stitch Jura. After this, the Vanara where produced, stronger then ever. The Vanara, the Persacron, Precore Dragons, and Ocenia and Orcisis, two rogue Eitren, joined the Warrior Caste, and launched an all-out assault against the Eitren, slaying most of them, and leaving the rest to be reborn as the monstrous Scelus.

Meanwhile, a group of rogue Lightlings, an elder race contacted to the unification of the Multus, saw the Vanara as a threat, and sought to destroy them. Taking the Eitren's favored creations, the Affonire, and massacring the Presacron, the Lightlings sought to imprison the Vanara on a planet, and keep them there, so they could not develop into a threat. However, their mother, Ava made sure to counter their attempts, and she and Jura devastated the Affonire, reducing them to one planet, as the Lightlings escaped, unwilling to cross blades with Ava and Jura.

War with THEM Edit

War with the Zarbanian Imperium Edit

During their time as guardians of the Mirus, they created many races, and helped to guid others to sentience. One day, their sensors detected a Life on a previously uninhabited planet. Investigating, they found it was home to 3 savage races, the Zarbanians, The Duetzalanian, and the Ci-Hunters. They, at first, did not know what to make of the races, but a warp portal opened, and a savage Empire, The Zarbanian Imperium, arrived. Intent on enslaving the galaxy, the collection of races, the 3 mentioned above, the Scimat'akar, Grux, and Sra uplifted races like the Fregg and others to fight with them. Their leaders, the Dreaded Zarbanian Dragons, crushed entire armies. In order to fight the Zarbanian Dragons better, the Locrin-Noth were forced to have the Alimbinics turn the Proto-dragoar into the savage dragon race they are today. The Dragowar were born.

The war was long, but two brave Cassinras, Kossi'valicar and his brother Pridar, successfully defeated them. The Zarban Drakes took their remaining forces and left Gridlock, and his forces, behind to deal with the Multus Esse. The Duetzalanian, Zarbanians, Ci-Hunters and many others where reduced to tribal life. The Locrin-Noth tried to devolve the Dragowar back into their original forms, but this failed, due to the intervention of a mysterious force. As a result, the Dragowar lost their intelligence, becoming even more savage than they had already become since their forced evolution. Thus, as the Dragowar turned out to be too strong to control, they were quarantined away on Warminz, a planet far from Multus territory, were they could not cause further harm to them or their creations. The Multus then asked the young nation in charge of the sector, the Sublime Draekar Dominion, to watch over their errant creations. Two overseers, Nostroma and Belligerator, were placed on Zarbania and Warminz, respectively. Unbeknownst to the Multus, both would later become rogue and adopt the mindset of those they were mean to watch over.

The Portal was closed. It's unknown if the Zarbanian Imperium still exsists, if it died out, or if the entire empire was reduced to Tribal life.

At a point later in their cycle, they came across a race of parasitic beings that could mimic other life forms seamlessly, almost to the same extent as Bio-Morphlings, but to a much worse degree. They seemed immune to most weapons, could phase through solid objects and armor, and immediately attack the immune system of their victims and mimic their bodies, but mutated to a horrific degree. The archives do not address this monstrosity of a race, but do list the counter the Multus Esse developed based on their studies, a strange weapon called either the ultimate weapon or "The Ultimate Warrior", these creatures becoming called Xomorphic Parasites. After the strange race was dealt with, the Multus quarantined this weapon, keeping it in bases and facilities out of reach of their creations.

In the case the Xonomorphs ever went out of control, another group of Multus Esse created the Demonica, who, with their undead nature, could not be attacked in the same way and have their life energy absorbed. The Demonica where placed in the Milky Way, where they could be called upon in case the Xomorphs ever went out of control and needed to be culled.

Sometime after, the Multus Esse encountered the Mechanical droids of the place called Sky-City, and modified their bodies to improve their collective intellect and strength, and gave them the task of studying the universe. The Droids world became known as the Elysians, their world, Elysia, and would join the Federation and Alliance, providing technology and scientific expertise, in exchange for the military protection and strength of the Federation and Alliance.

Rise of the Proditkar Movement Edit

At some point in their past, a group of Multus Esse broke off and left the Alliance for unknown reasons, pursuing unknown goals and ideals of their own. After several fleets attempted to bring them back, they attacked and destroyed these fleets, going about some unknown, mysterious goal of their own, often destroying whole worlds. For 10 years, they pursued their own mysterious, often malevolent goals, before suddenly disappearing. The Multus Esse Council could not find these mysterious warriors, and despite the Sarko'nai and other Caste's attempts, could find no record of them or any sign of were they had disappeared to. Though weary, the Multus went about repairing the damage, and trying to restabilize the regions the Proditkar Movement had damaged.

Much later, the Multus Esse would contact another race, the Oikoumene, of Cyrannus. The two precursors became ingratiated with each other, and trade much in the way of science, ideals and other relics and artifacts, the Multus Esse studying the ideals and pathways of the Oikoumene, seeing them as wise teachers to learn from. Over the years, diplomats, government workers, shamans and Warriors would be sent to the Oikoumene to learn everything they could from them, and, even giving a few Oikoumene tips of their own.

To cement their respect, the Multus Esse scientists asked for permission to edit a Cyrandian race, the Corthrinus, and edit them to become protectors of the galaxy and its peoples. The Oikoumene accepted, and allowed Multus scientists to take a few specimens and began crafting a new race. The race that would come about, was the Khanornusi, a large race of brutish reptilians who, despite their ferocious appearance, would become one of the most stalwart defenders of planetary ecologies and their ecosystems, even if the Khanornusi were not very welcoming towards outsiders as a whole. The Multus and Oikoumene, after the completion of the Khanornusi would leave behind multiple artifacts and relics, which the young race would come to worship and honor, in a manner similar to the Cogsangui or Bygorian.

War with the Alpha Parasite Edit

Ugandal Creation

The creation of the Ugandalorians marked a revolutionary step for the Multus Esse.

However, soon the Grox turned their eyes on the Mirus. They sent King Mortox I to conquer the enitre galaxy. The Multus, hearing of the Conquest of Grox, swarming from the Andromeda, soon found 2 groups of synthetics, The Alpha Grox and the Bachyeon. They where weakened and dieing from lack of planets and resources, and so where taken by the ones and strengthened. When the Grox themselves invaded, the Multus and the Alpha worked together to fight them back, and seemed victorious.

Little they did know their "victory" was mostly because the Grox were unwilling to fight their Alpha Cousins. The day came when the Multus, thanks to Mortox' manipulations, framed the savior of the Alpha and the Bachyeon, Kasshrin'rishas, for the crime of treason. He was executed before the council of elders could look into the case.

The Alpha leader, enraged, became rampant, and ordered the Alpha to exterminate the Multus Esse and assimilate their creations. The Bachyeon joined their Alpha brethren, beginning a purge of Multus and their Creations alike, hoping to wipe the galaxy clean so other species could evolve naturally and be easier to control. The Mirus Grox, having regained strength, joined, and, unlike the Bachyeon, assimilated the Multus Esse to act as elite commanders, but saved them for millennia. It was then that the Multus hurried to finish their latest, and most powerful creation, the Ugandalorians, who they had worked upon for eons. They then encoded onto them a biologic need to kill, hoping to use them as advanced warriors to kill the Grox in one fell swoop. However, their Elder-Visionaries reported that nothing could be done to stop the Grox, and attacking would merely throw lives away. Some did not listen, where lost to the yawning maw of the Alpha. Others, however, took to their vast star ships, the Habitat Worlds, and journeyed out, to find planets to hibernate on before they where totally killed off.

MG War 1

A group of Sarko'nai Disciples prepare to give their lives for the cause against the Grox.

Finally, the Multus hide their races inside vast ships, and put them in a pocket dimension. They then activated a sonic pulse, that managed to severely injure all the synthetics in the galaxy. The Grox and Bachyeon retreated into other places, to recover, and before this, Kossi' managed to injure the Alpha Leader, who implanted his mind into a vast Super-computer/War-ship.

The Multus Esse disappeared, their name forgotten, simply becoming known as the Enightened Ones after would pass and their creations would reach out for the stars themselves. The AI's of their creation resumed monitoring their creations and races they had guided. They re-seeded the Ugandalorians and the like, and Observers where put on the planets, to monitor the races and see how they would turn out. Some would scavenge off their artifacts and devices left behind, others, would use them to build up their empire. The Ugandalorians, in fact, where the first of their creations to rise, thanks to Multus Esse technology left for them.

Many maintained small communities across the galaxy to become one with nature. They either ascended to a higher plane of existence, evolved into new races with no memories of their past, moved to other galaxies to avoid the Alpha Parasite, or died out due to their advanced age, infertility, and loosing genetic diversity. Many of these communities still exist, living with a mixture of both tribal clan-societies, and precursor tech.

Resurgences Edit

Not all precursors are cursed for death.

- Koss'Valicar

The Enlightened Ones, in a shocking turn of events, turned out to be alive. It was revealed they hide in massive motherships, and hide in on the planets of their creations, and Zarbania. They waited in pods for millions of years, and, when the Dead Watchers accidently activated their ships, they where re-born. The Motherships converged on Ugandalore, and, although there where intentionally misunderstandings, managed to get along with their creations.

They helped to drive the Alpha off Ugandalore, and then aided in stopping the relentless assaults of the Kashriinox, Bachyeons and Grox on the worlds of their creators. Eventually, they defeated the leaders of the Proditkar Movement, and then attacked and purged the Kashriinox Base, killing Kashii'Rishas for good. After this, they united most of their creations in the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment.

While important members, they realize, that, being Precursors, they are on burrowed time, and, as such, let their creations lead themselves, more then happy to see how far they have come, but more importantly, regulate themselves to seeing the potential futures that awaited the alliance. With their advanced psychic gifts, the Multus could gaze into possible alternate time lines, and would use this to assist the alliance, while also providing their troops for tough battles against the most dangerous foes.

The Multus of today are nomads, traveling between worlds on vast Habitat Ships, and forced into nomadic life by the savage attacks by the Alpha Cyber Collective, fearful of any planets being damaged because of their hubris and settling down. The most elite and important of their number stay on the city-ship of Matrukoris, helping aid the Alliance. While helping the alliance advance and thrive further, the Multus have also taken to traveling between galaxies in quests for the artifacts of other precursors, often taking them from life forms deemed "Savage" and "Deviant". What effects this will have on other races and their views of the Multus have yet to be seen.

Attero Dominatus Edit

We sacrifice our past and present for your future.

- Unknown Multus Esse Sarko'nai Commander to the ADC, before their assault on the Abaddon-class ships

Gigaquadrantic Conflicts Edit

Mirus Edit

Battle for Alastor Edit

The children of Perascron are rising to fill their father's shoes! Are we to stand idly by and not allow them some assistance. Brothers of the Habitat Worlds, and the few remaining planets, I ask you, raise your forces. The future is in jeopardy, and the Persacron children shall help keep it safe!

- Kossi'Valicar

Eldarisian-Multus Conflict Edit

Formation of the Covenant of Mirus Edit

The Multus where strangely absent from the Wars of the Mirusian Coalition, though supported it fully. When the Second War ended in the defeat of the Mirusian Coalition, and the formation of the Covenant of Mirus, the Multus where absent from everything. The formation, the agreements, only arriving later to support the Triumvirate of Mirus when it's stance changed from outright oppisition to something more akin to a watch dog. Even now, however, the Multus are silent, their Habitat ships strangely entering isolation, and refusing contact with anyone. Most assume they see a Xonexi-led Covenant as a source of further problems, though even when the Waptoria took over, the Multus did not renew contact. They have closed themselves off to their creations as well, causing many questions to come up between them about what the Multus are doing and planning. Those creations that wish the Covenant fail see them as clearly helping counter it and it's goals, while those creations that support it see their isolation as a way to observe the Covenant's actions more clearly from afar. What is obvious is that the Multus have already long taken their stance, though for good or ill, no one can say. However, all their creations, whether in support of the Covenant or against it, trust that, whatever action the Multus will take, it shall be the right one.

Members Edit

The Multus Esse had many members, all precursors, at different levels. It was thought they all died at first, but recent events may change that theory.

Creations Edit

These creations are used to oversee their biologic, technologic, and other needs. They where very rarely used, as they liked to do things themselves. They became more useful near the end of Multus Esse's existence.

The Observers Edit

  • Task - Monitor creations and/or life forms of interest.
  • Notable facts - The UAE's Aurora Units are based off them, though at a vastly inferior scale.

The Observers are the smartest of their creations. used to monitor their creations, 5 important ones include 216 Nestroma, 1296 Trencormi, 60466176 Lei'lith, 362797056 Oecolojiya, and 05 Zarmoldras, of Zarbania, Ugandalore, Raptoranea, Viel, and Alastor respectively. They appear as gaint brain-like super computers, with techno-organic features. Various members of the race also where seen on installations through the Multus Esse's territories in the Milky Way and Mirus. Some of these are found to be slightly mad, due to the time spent alone and without company. The most famous, 216 Nostroma, for example, has turned the Zarbanian empire into her personal force.

Now that the Multus Esse have returned, the Observers now serve on Project:Aurora, which acts as a defense system for the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment. The group is constantly informed of incoming attacks and possible invasions, and communicate with a central Observer, whose name is unknown, and coordinate with the Alliance Military Fleet for invasion protocol.

The Observers and their respective races are as follows.

  • 05 Zarmoldras - Alastor
  • 216 Nostroma - Zarbania
  • 899 Grey Voice - P-4666
  • 1296 Trencormi - Ugandalore
  • 7776 Prismoin - Maldwis
  • 46656 Gorrosive - Blarene
  • 279936 Tentative - Gaulsisrac
  • 1679616 Servo - Palchev 5
  • 10077696 Venator - Cradosa
  • 60466176 Lei'lith - Raptoranea
  • 362797056 Oecolojiya - Viel
  • 2176782336 Belligerator - Warminz

Monitors Edit

  • Task - Monitor creations and/or life forms of interest.
  • Notable facts - Decommissioned, sealed away, and replaced by Observers.

The Monitors were the Multus Esse's first attempted at creating entities to watch over their creations. They were living elemental forces manifested as kaiju-sized Avatars of elemental power, stone, and flesh. The Monitors were created to be innocent beings that could not be corrupted, however, this had consequences. The Monitors could barely recognize the smaller beings beneath them and attempted to expand their elemental influence to consume the entire planet. They could not understand how this was wrong since it benefited them so much and allowed them to better "monitor" the planet. Thus the Multus Esse were forced to destroy their avatars and seal their essence away. There were six known Monitors, and possibly a seventh.

  • Element - Fire
  • Avatar - A Phoenix
  • Planet - Alastor

Culture Edit

Society Edit

Enemies surround us. Our comrades are all gone, the light snuffed out. Our creations stand against a tide of darkness that threatens to envelop the galaxy and tear it asunder. Though we are low in number, and our greatest weapons gone, we will keep fighting. So long as one of us draws breath, we fight. So long as we fight, we win. So long as we win, the galaxy is safe.

- Unknown

The Multus are the result of several advanced, but still very violent, precursors, banding together to rule the galaxy. While they have pacified themselves over the years, their violent edge still remains, causing them to still be expert warriors on the field, those, who are born to the Caste of Sarko'nai. Following a strict code of ethics, the Multus control their own behavior with great zeal, never straying from the path they are given in life. Their alliance, despite their advanced age, still follows a religion, being a deeply spiritual race.

Currently, it is unknown what their standing was with other Precursors of the First Gigaquadrant.

Since their awakening, the Multus normally work behind the scenes, preventing attacks on major population centers, observing new empires flourishing, and other tasks that the Alliance barely notices. Other then the intervention of Kossi'Valicar, and the remaining high council, few even notice the Multus Esse in every day life. The Multus have also retired from their creation of new races, either a loss of materials, or simply waiting till the Alpha parasite is destroyed.

Within the Multus Esse, marriage does not exist, similar to their creations in the Kodalorians, instead, females will chose their males for the mating season, and, after a clutch of eggs are laid, the male will provide until the next mating cycle. Alimbic, unlike the other 2 members, do not limit themselves as much as their comrades, choosing to keep their mates year round.

Government Edit

Each Multus Habitat World maintains it's own government, lead by an Elder Council of Visionaries. The Visionaries are elite psychic warriors, trained to lead their people through a mixture of strategy and visions of the future, as well as psychically monitoring enemies to best preserve the Multus Habitat ship and protect it's inhabitants. Leading them is a Chosen Elder-Visionary, a Warrior-scholar who has ascended among the Seers of the Ship to lead his people. Ordained by the Council of Visionaries, the Elder-Visionary leads his people into important operations and acts as supportive commander, strengthening his allies through use of psychic influence and essence powers.

As such, each Elder-Visionary meets on Matrukoris for important events, the Council of the Elder-Visionaries headed by Kossi'Valicar. These beings will discuss important political events in the modern times, and discuss the Multus Esse's rule in the current time, and whether to act or not.

In emergency situations, such as the War against the Drakodomiantus Tyranny, the Multus Council meet together, and each Habitat ship sent large troops to fight alongside the other forces, acting as a razor edge to the final assault. Habitat Ships, however, usually only maintain some contact, as each one handles defense of the era of space around them, and work to keep Alliance members safe. When a threat becomes large enough, like the Tyranny or the Imperium of War at the peak of their power, or when an extremely large Alpha Cyber Collective invasion force appears, the Multus send all of their troops into battle to finish the foe off quickly.

Technology Edit

The Multus where extremely advanced, armed with faster then light travel, and machines that could slowly alter a being's perception, so to make it their own. Their Military was very advanced, often using Bioweapons, Battle Droids and Machines to agument their forces. It is noted their weapons were organic, and that they linked up with the EO's nerve system if wielded by them. Their organic technology formed the basis of the technology of WAoS, who improved on it in some fields and augmented it for their own use.

All members could control Light and Dark matter, and they could create similar matter from nothing. While they themselves could not use such Dark Matter shielding, due to being of a "Lesser state" mentally, the races of the GMSC managed to replicate much of it with their powered armor and shields built into their armor.

One thing they also had the ability to create where Star Engines, buildings that gathered surrounding energy from the universe and channeled it into energy and materials the Multus could use. As such, it allowed them to build cities and weapons from nothing it seemed, and could channel their vast psychic power to speed up this process.

For extremely fast stravel, they used the so-called "Webway Portals". This webway is, in fact, the strings of Order lying in Chaos. This method of travelling is even faster than hyperspace travel, but also quite dangerous for pilots lacking essence abilities, since they cannot use their inner essence to navigate trough it, having a chance to fly "out" the webway, instantely finding themselves in an extremely hostile environnement. The Multus could also use Quantum Relays to teleport to whatever other relay in their territory. This is slower than hyperspace and webway travel, but extremely accurate and a lot safer.

The Celestial Archives Edit

The Celestial Archives, including Matrukoris' archives sector, held the entire knowledge of the Multus across their territory, detailing their history, technological advances, and other key events and events that may prove useful later.

The Multus guarded these archives jealously, as they held deep reference for the past and all it held. However, with the help of the Observors, many of the Multus Esse's creations, such as the Euchada, Gardeili, and the Ugandalorians, managed to unlock many of the technologies used. Even other races, such as the Dragowar and Zarbanian-races, also managed to unlock the secrets, though it took them much longer and with more difficulty. Due to it's importance, the Multus Esse do not give easy access to just any race, and their AI are programed to approach each race with varying degrees of suspicion, even the creations' access limited, and, as such, leads their technology to be less effective then that of the Multus themselves, with when given access.

The archives detail everything, from the creatures created or modified by the Multus, those that where transported to Mirus, their encounters with other advanced alien life forms and Precursors like themselves, life forms documented and cataloged, and weapons and starships development. The Archives are modified to constantly fight off hacking attempts by the Alpha Cyber Collective and Leviathan Hive-Mind, though such defenses where not ready for the Eldarisian during their short confrontation with the Multus.

The archives are currently being used by the Alliance to further their scientific knowledge and technology.

Essence Edit

The Multus, being of such a high levels mentally and physically, could control essence to an amazing degree, mostly using it's powers and gifts to see into the future and look into the possibilities of the next day. This was not all they could do however. Many of their most powerful members could summon storms and psychic bolts, as well as wage a battle of minds with their foe as they fought on the battlefield.

One of the things all members learn is the power of Light and Dark matter. For the Multus, light and dark are not matters of good and evil, but rather simply states of existence. Once they have mastered their powers, they can gain several new abilities corresponding to the "state" they enter in battle.

It should be noted, that when members switch to dark or light, their members must all switch to such states, as both powers are "Extremely" volatile when together or when they make contact. As such, a telepathic signal is sent out warning all Multus within a certain area to change their state.

Of all races the Locrin'noth have mastered their light/dark matter connection best. The Ycalla and Ne'kron races have only mastered one of the states, but are incapable of learning both, thus limiting their abilities.

The Observed Edit

Every so often among the UAE and the Multus Esse's creations, individuals are born, or even created, who are said to yield the key to advancing their race further, leading their kin through turbulent times, or are said to "of Higher existence" then others. Such individuals are watched and code-named "The Observed". Such beings, if their destinies are a bon to the Multus, are watched over by a secret cadre of guards of the most elite warriors, without them even realizing it, or at least are monitored by an advanced AI of some sort.

As these individuals are said to be able to alter the course of history for the UAE and their creators, the Multus guard these individuals with great vigor and watch over them for much of their life, protecting them from any threats, though never making themselves known by their protectorates. If they cannot reach said individual, it causes much discord among the Warriors sent to protect them, and if said individual dies, causes many of the warriors to seek ritual suicide for their failure.

Currently, the growing conflict on Vanara Hive-ship leviathan, as caused a stir among the Multus, as three of the most powerful individuals of the "Observed" may very well converge on one location, Ibari, Rei'th, and Rexsuta. While the last 2 are known, on some level, to be gods of some sort among their creations brought to flesh, what Ibari's role in this is unknown. What role she plays is uncertain, and the Multus Council of Visionaries has not even told their Warriors who watch over her, a rare thing to occur, as each is always told what role an individual plays, and why it is important they guard them.

  • Name - Takanius Clett
  • Species - Ugandalorian
  • Relevance - Koatria of Light

  • Name - Rei'th
  • Species - Raptoranean
  • Relevance - Avatar of Rei'lith/Xa'Hal Reborn

Good Grief. You idiots really are pathetic.

  • Name - Rexsuta
  • Species - Ugandalorian/Kodalorian hybrid
  • Relevance? - Hoorangiir Reborn

Considered among the most important Observed, Rexsuta is the son of Warrior-Hunter pilots Gordaoh and Rythia, fathered shortly before her death. Ashamed of his failure to guard the people most important to him, first his brother, Tuiko, then his lover Rythia and her adopted brother Saghal, Gordaoh instead left the young lad under the care of one of Gordaoh's surviving brothers, Juden, with clear instructions; When Gordaoh died, Rexsuta would become a Warrior-Hunter, and only to teach him the basics of their martial art, Vior'nas'cen. It was with this ideal that Rexsuta sought to strengthen his son, and allow him to grow stronger then his father. Since then, Rexsuta has become a registered rookie, though Juden has kept his heritage a secret.

What role Rexsuta will play is unknown, but his appearance has caused a stir among the Priests of Mendel society. Like his father, he has bright golden eyes, though burn like embers at times when angered or excited. His scales are a deep brown, but what's strange is his birth mark, a halberd like symbol across his chest, as well as his parents, have caused some to say he is Kadaii Hoorangiir reborn once more to protect the Mendel people.

Whatever the case, the Multus have taken to watching over him. While Gordaoh has done everything he can to cover up his teenaged son's existence, the Multus still know, but say nothing. Whatever destiny awaits him, they cannot say, but will watch over him, and guide him, if possible.

Rexsuta shares much in common with his father, and uncles Kenvash and Juden, being a very silent, gruff fellow of few words. Constantly pushing himself to excel, it is said his ambition may match, or even exceed his father's own, and yet, he is also known for his great kindness, protecting others weaker then himself, and sacrificing so others may live comfortably. He has inherited his uncle Juden's sense of humor, being very sarcastic and often condescending towards anyone he fights or simply doesn't like, and even enjoying pulling pranks on others for his own enjoyment. If Rexsuta is a God reborn, it is difficult to see him as Kadaii Hoorangiir of all things.

I won't let anyone I care about come to harm, I don't care how hopeless things get.

  • Name - Seerkar
  • Species - Vanara
  • Relevance - Jura's Avatar

Seerkar is the third stage Vanara Warrior of the Vanara Six, boosting incredible speed and the ability to wield total control over his bodily functions. He is also capable of generating a 25 meter tall dragon like form around himself with essence reflecting abilities that are frankly terrifying to speak of, these abilities may have something to do with his ability to convert the essence of Darkling Torackix into a replacement arm for the one she severed that can morph into a sword.

However his greatest power may be sheer willpower and the kindness he posses. Being willing to give his sadistic mate a place to belong despite her blood soaked past and changing her for the better. However Seerkar is by no means soft, but a hardened warrior who fights with all he has to protect what he cares about and with little to no mercy for those who would threaten that. A skilled mechanic of genius levels, Seerkar prefers to simply help out where he can, doing odd jobs or more recently has taken up Freelancing leading the Elemental Hunters Freelancer Company.

Seerkar has yet to realize the power that resides with in him as Jura's Avatar and the Fire Dragon appears to be waiting until he is able to handle the power of He Who Burns Heaven and Earth, as even a fraction of Jura's power unleashed into Real Space from Accel Space is known to cause entire cities to go up in flames. The only thing the Multus have as a clue to Seerkar's role is a text stating that the Dragon of the Stars and his Bloody Priestess would bring retribution. Whatever that may mean many Multus fear the power Seerkar would unleash as a fully awakened Jura's Avatar, especially considering his Ryu Form went head to head with Kossi'Valicar and there was no clear winner.

  • Name - Niyra
  • Species - Vanara
  • Relevance - First Radiation Koatria

  • Name - Ibari
  • Species - Vanara
  • Relevance - Unknown

  • Name - Brygon Ta'raron
  • Species - Volver/Soldarian (Known to have Ugandalorian and Raptoranean Ancestors)
  • Relevance - Valishar A Mis Taur ("King of Mixed Blood" in Asconian)

King Brygon Ta'raron caught the attention of the Multus Esse, primarily Kossi'Valicar, through his striking similarity to a figure described in ancient Volver tomes and even a few Nyarqaeshian relics that the Spoxid had in their possession before their demise. The Texts translated by many scholars and partially by a few Spoxid librarians of old:

"A new king with mixed blood will rise after the Rouge Pawn is captured by the King before him. This new King will end a plague with the help of Vell'Ushmaven (The Hunter) and the Friend of Worlds. He he later halt the flow of Corrupted Blood, while also battling the Ones who failed to see. He will face those who commanded the past, those of which who will by then serve the one that abandoned us. The King will avenge those of the past by striking down the The Empty Walker. Though he would then accept the force from wince his kind came. With the power of his creation, he would destroy."

They noticed Brygon was the king that was foretold in these texts. Entries in the future depict a mirror image of the King, though it seems to be without emotion and without mercy. The mirror image breaks away from what appears to be the King as well. One image even depicts the Mirrored King destroying what appears to be a sacred sphere.

The Multus Esse have been observing Brygon's actions, taking heed to the warnings of these texts. Brygon however, has proven himself to be a strong and caring man. Some believe that he might bring an end to violence. Though others believe that he might bring the end to everything.

Habitat Edit

While many Multus Esse live in cities created by their creations, or at least on the laboratories they used to create them on-planet, most live in massive worldships called Habitat Ships. These Habitat Ships are used to transport Multus across the galaxy and beyond as they rebuild their race and continue their scientific studies.

Abilities Edit

The Enlightened Ones possess the ability to become Ascended, and to disable any of their creations' essences abilities, as well as most modern races today. Only God races, some ascended, and other Precursor and Ultraterrastrial races have the power to resist this. All members, despite their frail looks at times, are incredibly strong, and could break must races in a direct confrontation with no effort. All had essence abilities, though few could access Ugandal Elemental Energy, these exceptions include Locrin-Ti, A Locrin-Noth, and Kossi'Valicar, a Chassin'ra. Most Locrin'noth had powers over Light and Dark matter, non-elemental versions of Light/Dark Elemental energy.

All members can appear invisible at will, and the most powerful of their number could freeze temporal space.

Due to their highly psychic nature, Multus could feel emotions much more strongly then other races, causing them to feel pleasure and anger much more then others. As such, special training is used to keep their abilities in check, as the powers under every Multus' control could become unstable or dangerous to others if their emotions are not in check.

Caste System Edit

The castes, where the predestined path a Multus had in their life. In order to find their "Mark" or "mask", the Multus had to go upon a spiritual and psychical journey to find themselves and their path. One could or could not repeat their parents' "mark", depending on their destiny.

Warriors are the lowest ranking, due to the toil of going to war, and the believe that in order to yield the Mark of prosperity, the mantle they believe allows one to rule the galaxy, that one must never take a life.

Due to differences in Habitat Worlds, some Castes are allowed to interbreed, other strictly regulate who mates with who, and so forth.

Religion Edit

The Multus worship many Gods and Goddesses, Cults spread across the many thousands of fleets of their people and their few tiny enclave worlds. These figures and Gods range from inhumanoid creatures beyond understanding, to simple beings that hold power over ideals of the mortal ideals. Al of these figures hold the common ideal that they are centered around the ideals of giving to the greater whole, and assisting those that require it, and fighting for life as a whole within the universe.

The Multus often have images in their temples and archives, alluding to a mysterious being referred to as "The Bringer of Terror, The One who is Many, The Storm King, and the Planet Eater". What this creature is, they refuse to say, and speak of it as the worst threat to the galaxy, worse then any Parasite enemy or the Alpha Cyber Collective, and believe it worse then the horrid Darklings. They claim that, although shattered, The Primordial will return to end all with his wrath.

Reverence Edit

The Multus Esse, being a precursor race, are known by many for their influence and wide-ranging connections to other races. Among their creations, such as the Waptoria and Ugandalorians, they are seen as guardians and peacebringers. They are even worshipped among their creations of the Greater Mirusian Church of Spode. Among the beings of the Confederacy against Spode they called the "Mighty Elders", and see them as rivals, and that they themselves could potentially outdo them. Alpha Cyber Collective refer to them as gods, and believe they have outdone them. The Bachyeon and Bio-Morphlings hold similar beliefs.

The Zarbania Powers hold strange type of relation, both envying and hateing them for rebelling the Zarbanian Imperium, and yet respecting them as well, seeing their vast achievements outside of the battlefield. The strangest relation is the Imperium of War, who hate the Multus for turning them into what they are, yet also revere the Multus for creating them, and do not wish to wipe them out, simply wishing them to be indoctrinated into their culture.

Individuals Edit

Multus loyalists Edit

Leadership is what I was destined for.

  • Name - Unknown
  • Age - Unknown
  • Type - Queen
  • Status - Inactive
  • Species - Chassin'ra Ascendant

The Queen of the Multus Esse was the god-like ruler of the Multus Esse, and kept the name Alkea, meaning "She who Enlightens". Chosen among the Multus after the death of the last Queen, the next one is a Chassin'ra Ascendant, a female Chassin'ra, but one born with all the powers of the other races, such as Dark/Light matter, and extreme telepathy.

The current Queen, Alkea the 57th, was crowned just after the Grox invasion, and, despite her best leadership, was unable to turn back the Grox. While many believed she died, it turned out later her City-ship was diverted, and forced to land elsewhere, cutting her off from the signal that awakened her kind. It's believed that many Multus, are in fact are out of range of the signal, many more then first thought. The Multus are currently searching for her and any cut off from them that could become targets of the Alpha Grox.

Alkea 57th was wise and compassionate towards all life, and objected to killing even the parasitic Grox if they could not fight back.

As with other Queens, she is not allowed to directly fight enemies, though could wipe beings in certain radius to her from existence. She yields all the abilities of a Alimibic Telepath.

I fight for the greatest thing on can fight for. I fight for freedom.

  • Name - Kossi'Valicar
  • Age - 17,500
  • Type - Supreme Elder Seer.
  • Status - Active
  • Species - Chassin'ra

Kossi'Valicar is the Lord-Supreme of the Remnant's military, de-facto leader of the Multus Esse as of now, and their strongest warrior to exist. Born n a time of great turmoil, Kossi was among many of the strongest warriors recruited and trained by the Multus to protect their creations, scientists, and colonists across the universe. Kossi quickly worked his way up through the military, alongside his brother, Pridar'Valicar.

Kossi would lead the Multus' military hand throughout the universe, fighting against such foes as the Zarbanian Imperium, the Alpha/Meeno Grox, and finally, against his own brother, Pridar.

However, at the end of the Grox-Multus War, Kossi and the survivors disappeared, believed by many to have gone extinct. However, like many of the Multus, he has reappeared in modern times, and continues to help the creations of his kind battle against the darkest powers.

Kossi is a wise, honored being, even among his own kind. Held with god-like respect by his creations, Kossi is still a humble, caring being, who wishes to end the conflict in the world, and bring about peace.

Through war, destruction, through peace, preservation.

  • Name - Aki-nix
  • Age - 54,000
  • Type - Military Leader
  • Status - Active
  • Species - Alimbic

Ali-nix is the leader of the Alimbic within the Multus Esse, and a former military commander. A hero among his people, Ali-nix was said to not only have driven off an ancient foe of the Multus Esse, called "The Shadowed Undeath", but also estaplished the first Celestial Archerives within the Empire. After the Alpha began their revolt, Ali-nix created special viruses to perserve the Celestial Archieves and keep the Alpha and Meeno Grox Forces out. Later, Observors under his telepathiac command freed the archieves from the temperoray virus.

Ali-Nix was later reawakened on the High Sanctuary, the capital asteroid-ship of the Brotherhood of Spode, soon to become the capital of the whole Greater Mirusian Church of Spode. He awoke in the main temple of the city were a massive sermon of worship was taking place. As he cimbed out of the sacred catacombs, Spodists falling to his knees in reverance, a small Alpha Grox force invaded the asteriod-ship, hoping to prevent his waking. Leading the defenders to eredicate the strike force, Ali-Nix would soon leave, to meet up with Kossi'Valicar, and help bring the Multus back together.

Ali-nix is an observant, inquistitive leader, who, while a warrior, prefers matters of spirit, state and science over simply fighting. He is deeply regretful for his past wars, and it's believed he blames himself for his past soldiers' deaths for some reason.

There is still much we need to do.

  • Name - A-Ros
  • Age - Unknown
  • Type - Scientist
  • Status - Active
  • Species - Locrin'noth

A-Ros is political leader of the Locrin'noth within the Multus Esse, and one of Kossi'Valicar's advisors. A former soldier, A-ros became a scientist, creating and devising new lifeforms and other creations for Multus' goal of populating the galaxy. A-ros was among the Multus who fled during Project:Red Star, and hid away on the Carelish homeworld. After the signal was launched, A-Ros lead his people to drive away the Alpha and make contact with the creations.

After the Kasshriinox, a group of Multus Esse turned Grox servants, where defeated, A-ros became one of the remaining political leaders of the remaining Multus Esse.

A-ros is a religious, political-minded being. His goals, working with Kossi, are to advance the race through peaceful means, how to avoid wars and the like. Still, when problems hit the Alliance, A-ros uses his political skill to help guide it economically and politically, and is one of the most intelligent of the Multus Esse.

From the shadows comes pain.

  • Name - Charro'kun
  • Age - 87,000
  • Type - Waramster of all Multus Esse Forces
  • Status - Active
  • Species - Chassin'ra

Charro'kun is a Chassin'ra Lord of the Multus Esse, and one of it's highest ranking military leaders. While much of his past is shrouded in mystery, the Celestial Archives tell that his family was dishonored somehow, and he took the title of Voa'cali, used by warriors seeking to regain their honor. Charro'kun seeks to reclaim his family's honor, and at the same achieve fame among his people as a hero.

Charro'Kun was later reawakened on the Ugandalorian planet Truxn. After helping the natives in numberous ways, he evntually found his way back to Kossi'Valicar, and once again stands at his side ever since.

As Voa'cali, or Warmaster, Charro'kun uses the original blade used by the others that came before him. The weapons is said to burn hotter then the hottest suns, and is used to channel his powers. He does no use a standard arm canon, like many of his brethren, but instead prefers to get up close and personal, as is the tradition of Voa'Cali.

Charro'kun is proud, posh, and a military-man by nature, but follows Kossi's orders closely, despite being older and more experienced. Charro'kun generally doesn't like to be around primitives, but will not insult them or the like.

  • Name - Tandaris
  • Age - Unkown
  • Type - last surviving Persacron
  • Status - Active
  • Species - Persacron

The last surviving Persacron of the now extinct race, Tandaris joined after his species was wiped out by the bio-plague unleashed by an opposing Persacron faction as a form of revenge. Standing a massive 180 meters tall, Tandaris is an imposing figure who will crush the enemies of the Multus without remorse. However he is highly compassionate towards the members of younger races and will go out of his way to help them if he sees fit. He is something of a Knight in Sour Armor, being deeply cynical, but also caring and believes in doing the right thing even if he finds it unrewarding.

His favorite weapon is the Staff of Disruption, blue crystal that generates a staff of glowing blue energy that generates waves that sever subatomic bonds of any matter it strikes. This causes an intense amount of heat to be generated, causing waves of plasma to be thrown off at an even longer range. He also wields The Sacred Blades of the Death God, which home in on targets, and the Horror Star, which drives foes insane by making them live out their greatest fears in their head.

  • Name - Kyozusi
  • Age - 16,500
  • Type - Warrior, Protector of Observed
  • Status - Active
  • Species - Chassin'ra

Kyozusi is Multus warrior with a particular talent for controlling the element of fire. By far one of the youngest among the Multus he still only vaguely remembers the fall of the Multus to the Alpha Cyber Collective. Still he is none the less a very capable Warrior, potent enough to be put in charge of the Warrors guarding one of the Observed.

Despite his role in Multus Esse society Kyozusi rarely acts like the powerful warrior he is. Always acting layed back and with a perpetual smile on his face Kyozusi has been known to threaten enemies with death, all while never dropping his perpetual grin. He also enjoys philosophizing and exploring theories he finds interesting before strangely dismissing them with wave of his hand confusing others as to what he actually believes and what his real opinions are on a subject. Despite his relaxed attitude his job does cause him much stress and he can be very passive aggressive when he wants something done.

As of recently he was sent to Worldship Leviathan to continue Observing Warrior-Hunter pilot Ibari, who posses the ability to create and rewrite data. While others wish to keep Ibari's powers hidden from her believing she would abuse them, Kyozusi thinks otherwise and has even made contact with Kryunn, the person Ibari is the closest to.

Species Progenitors Edit

  • Name - Thasmos'Taaros
  • Age - 12000
  • Species created - Ugandalorian
  • Status - Active
  • Species - Chassin'ra

  • Name - T-ros
  • Species created - Spikron
  • Status - Active
  • Species - Locrin'noth

  • Name - A-wot
  • Species created - Carelish
  • Status - Active
  • Species - Locrin'noth

Proditkar Movement Edit

Independent Edit

Military Edit

The Multus Esse where indeed a race of scientist and uplifters, though based on both modern interactions, and evidence within the Celestial Achieves, the Multus where more like a force of nature when released upon their enemies, quickly destroying them, and attempting to re-educate the population under their ideals.

Their military force struck like a hammer, first launching air strikes, orbital bombardments and the like, then sending in heavy vehicles, before infantry crushed any remaining resistance fighters.

All Multus have a special suit inter-connected to their body, which they could summon at will, and keep active through concentration. These suits made use of a powerful Reflex Arm canon, which fired plasma and missiles at targets, though others could be upgraded to fire other weapons.

Pridar'Valicar's suit, for example, was upgraded to have a more crab-like shape, with pincer-like claws, 4 spiked limbs, and a cannon placed around the "mouth".

The military was, and is still, not allowed to use full force on a less advanced race unless permitted. Most commanders preferred peace and civilized discussions over war.

Their military forms an elite division within the Alliance's own, called the "Hand of Riinas". The Hand is tasked with everything from elite ground force work, covert insurrections, and intelligence and counter-intelligence.

Fleets Edit

The ships of the Enlightened Ones were notably Organic in use, with only a few mechanical parts. Adapted versions of these ships, without the organic parts are now used by the Kashriinox Collective.

  • Name - Luguzt-class
  • Weapons - Laser Cannon, Plasma Missiles

Luguzt-class fighters, named after the first Emperor of the Multus Esse Alliance, are the swarm fighters of the Multus Esse battle fleet. Far stronger then most fighters, the Luguzt-class puts others of today to shame with it's strength, durability, and fire power. Luguzt are the most durable small craft used by the Multus Esse, being far stronger than their small size would suggest.

The fighter has, and needs, only 2 weapons. It's laser canons, which fire sub-Spacial rounds of energy at their targets, which ignore shielding, the shields of ships only reducing these rounds and their damage. Their plasma Missiles use special guided technology to strike at their targets, traveling through sub-space to strike their targets, gaining more power as they travel.

The Luguzt-class is powerful for a fighter, and merely puts most other fighters to shame. However, compared to the other vehicles used by the EO, these ships are barely anything special.

  • Name - Speerar-class Bomber
  • Weapons - Wave Pulse Cannon, Ion and Plasma Torpedoes

Speerar-class bombers are fast, heavily armored bomber craft used to attack enemy positions. The ship is a speed demon, and the pilots of this vessel are often speed-obsessed, some to the point of arrogance, dropping bombs overhead and vashinhing before a foe even realizeq what just happened.

It's main weapons are wave pulse canons, used to defend it against other fighters, which can travel through solid objects to hit targets. They often can hit the insides of a ship using this technology. They have two types of Torpedoes, being plasma, used to destroy solid targets, and ion, to disable shields, weapons, and engines.

Speerar are often deployed in squadrons of 3, and joined by 2 squadrons of Luguzt-fighters when performing bombing runs. The Speerar are fast, for a bomber, and useful for bombarding enemy ground positions and damaging frigates and cruisers.

  • Name - Laghada-class
  • Weapons - Plasma Canons, Wave Beam Lasers, Plasma Missiles, Ion laser canons, Disruptor Canons, Hyperluminal Wave Missiles

Laghada-class frigate is the main vessel of the Multus Esse, commonly used to transport both settlers/colonists, and soldiers alike. The Laghada is a general purpose frigate, without any real major weaknesses. The Laghada is a large vessel, even for a frigate, and while slow, like most ships of the size, and has excellent shielding and armor. The Laghada is mostly used to carry troops from place to place, and back up assaults on planets.

The Laghada has many standard weapons for ancient civilizations, include wave beam lasers, which, like with the Speerar, can pierce through solid objects. It's high power disruptor canons and Hyperluminal wave missiles, and are near the level of a Ultraterrestrial race.

The Laghada is a general purpose frigate. It is preferred by the Multus Esse remnant, for it's size and strength is easier to produce then the larger frigates, thanks to the dent in their population. It is still a respected vessel by all members of the Alliance.

  • Name - Galoorir-class
  • Weapons - Mega Particle Beam, Plasma Pulse Beams, Wave Pulse Cannons, Hyperluminal Laser Cannons, Ion Laser Cannons, Disruptor Batteries, Pulse Missiles

Galoorir-class Cruisers are massive assault ships, which, with a sacrifice in shielding, have much more fire power then the Laghada-class. It still has the efficient armor of the Laghada, and while sacrificing some shielding, is still a durable star vessel.

Galoorir-class cruisers are a moderately rare sight, though are somewhat common in Alliance home space, most of them used for defense, until the Alliance can build more of them. The ship's weapons are the same as the Laghada-class's, but far more powerful and destructive.

The Galoorir is a massive vessel, and the most effective in the Alliance's fight against the Alpha Cyber Collective, the Collective trying with difficulty to produce ships that can counter the monster.

  • Name - Karakar-class
  • Weapons - Mega Particle Beam, Plasma Pulse Beams, Wave Pulse Cannons, Hyperluminal Laser Cannons, Ion Laser Cannons, Disruptor Batteries, Pulse missiles, Missile Pods

The infamously rare Karakar-class Juggernaut, is one of the most feared, but among the rarest of the ship types. The Karakar is used for massive scale assaults, being able to devastate entire sectors of space by itself with ease, as it's technology reaches a low end of an Ultraterrestrials tech. Truly massive, these ships where used by the Multus Esse for much of their war against the Zarbanian Imperium and the younger Alpha Grox Collective.

Many of these vessels where lost against the Alpha, yet about 20 survived, being used to help send the Alpha Cyber Collective crawling back to their space. The ships where repaired, and used to guard major alliance strongholds across the first gigaquadrant, while scientists of all race tried to recreate them, with Multus Esse help.

  • Name - Krookar
  • Weapons - Mega Particle Beam, Plasma Pulse Beams, Wave Pulse Cannons, Hyperluminal Laser Cannons, Ion Laser Cannons, Disruptor Batteries, Pulse Missiles, Missile Pods, Hyperluminal Missiles

Krookar-class Dreadnoughts are the single largest Multus Esse vessels, and the largest vessels used by the Alliance. The most powerful ships, these are better known as the Enlightened One's Motherships, with one stationed at every planet the Multus Esse had creations, except for Warminz. These vessels fought, but mostly negotiated their way out of their sometimes hostile creations' planet. The largest one, at 60,000 meters long, was stationed at Ugandalore, and held the most important figures in their history.

These dreadnoughts helped smash through Alpha resistance, and had no difficulty crushing other races' ships. Often carrying 3-4 Laghada-class Frigates within it, in case it encounters enemies, the Krookar-class is rightfully named after the Multus God of War. This ship, if used properly could conquer medium sized empires with ease, and then some.

The Alliance keeps these in a secrete research/military out-post, to protect these powerful vessels, and only one or two where dished out for the Attero Domiantus campaign, the rest kept safe from harm.

Relations Edit

Green face Creations Edit

Our Grand Creations!

  • Unified Alliance of Enlightenment - We will prosper together.
    • Federation of Glory - Formed of many races, some not even our own, but none the less out to restore the galaxy to something better.
    • Mendel Pact - Filled with pride and willingness to fight for those smaller, the Mendel are destined to change the cosmos for the better.
    • Waptoria Alliance of Species - The Waptoria are the heart and soul of Mirus, filled with love and curiosity towards nature, and a respect for all life.
    • Mirusian Theocratic Congregation - Though once lead into waging war against non-believers, the Church now stands to make amends and to protect all faiths, even though they would scorn. Such is a sign of great personal strength.
  • Xomorphic Parasites - The Ultimate Weapon.

Blue face Allies Edit

Your existence is a gift to the universe.

  • Volver - While they where made for a darker purpose, they have defied their creators, and chosen their destiny.
  • Persacron - The first of our Brothers and sisters we meet. The fist of our siblings to fall.
  • United Persan Descendants - Just as the Mendel, Waptoria and Church rise to fulfill our legacy, so do the children of Perascron. Remain strong, and walk the path.
  • Togunda - It is good to see our old friends of the Holds.
  • Elysian Steam-Bot - You have followed our path.

Yellow face Neutral Edit

What is your business here?

  • Pseudopath - Our relations did not start off well. We hope that you may join the rest of your brother-creations in helping maintain peace.
  • Eldarisian Empire - You tread on dangerous ground.
  • The Zarbania Powers - Perhaps you are not as deceitful as first thought.
  • Tybusen Federation - The spirit of adventure is strong in you. We trust, however, will be harder to find.
  • Draconid Imperium - You are worthy of our respect. Though you crossed blades with our creations, we hope to find a renewed area of peace.
  • French Colonial Empire - ...

Orange face Annoyed Edit

Learn your place, youngsters.

Red face Enemies Edit

Your destruction is not merely a threat, it is a fact we have forseen.

Quotes from others Edit

  • add Your own!

Powerful in every regard, I can't find the words need to describe our connection, our devotion and love for our creators. So, we will honor them with action, the action of doing as we where built for.

- Barda Clett

We owe them so much. If they didn't exist, we wouldn't exist either.

- W'tze of the Waptoria Alliance of Species

Religion is not something the Volver emphasize on, but your creations have aided us in many tough times. You have our respect.

- King Brygon of the Volver Empire

The Great Messengers of Spode and our Creators, all hail them!

- Ajaar'agmos

They are the first empire to truly outmatch us in combat back in our prime. You have my hatred, yet you also have my respect.

- Xizothano Ada, Overseer of the Nyarqaeshu

A powerful race who created many of our greatest allies, funny thing is I feel as though I know them from somewhere, hmmm.

- Empress Besta of the Vanara Empire

There is nothing that can be done to save us and nothing that you are to blame for, I only wish things had turned out better.

- Mithralar Persacron Ezraal's last words to the Multus Esse

They knew our creators and watched them fall. All I can do is thank them for preserving their memory until we awakened to carry the burden as is our birth right

- Exarch Zuki of the United Persan Descendants

We have been enemies for too long, oh creators. But now perhaps we may find peace and coexistence.

- Vertigo of the Pseudopath.

That idiot Vertigo may have made peace, but that will not stop us. We will never forgive your genocide!

- Krill of Níl An Tsíocháin Inghlactha

Despite creating the races that see us as rivals, the Multus Esse impress me as a people and their determination to restore their nation leaves me in awe. I just wish that things would be different between Eldarisia and their creations.

- Elka Cloden.

Glory to the Primogenitors, hail the to the ones who's creations allowed the construction of our civilization!

- Shlan'ak Phur'an

Trivia Edit

  • Where inpired by the 3 major races of metroid, Chozo, Luminoth, and Alimbics, and the Great Beings from Bionicle.
    • Multus Esse is Latin for Great Being.
  • The Locrin-Noth tech, ships and Seeker Swarms were inspired by those of the Collectors from Mass Effect.
    • Locrin-noth Light/Dark matter comes from the Massari from Universe at War, and the Luminoth's Light/Dark suits.
  • The Alimbinic tech, ships and Bioweapons were inspired by those of the Yuuzhan Vong from Star Wars.
  • Their Observers where based upon Mother Brain of Metroid and the Monitors of Halo. 216 came from multiplying 6 three times, then the rest came from 216 being multiplyed by 6 to get the next one's number, then repeated.
  • These Multus Esse possess an Aoshtai counterpart of the same name, but more malevolent in action.

Themes Edit

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