The Multitude of Iar'ota is an ancient Civilization that lied dormant in Mirus, Andromeda and the Milky Way. Due to Recent Events, however, the Iar'ota have been accidentally awakened by the Void Eye Empire.

History Edit

Not much is known about the Multitude, save for the fact that they lay dormant since before their discovery.

Abandoned Planets Edit

The Multitude possesses a lot of Systems, but even more of the Systems close to them were abandoned by them long ago. Be careful when approaching Abandoned Iar'ota Planets, most of them were abandoned in a Great War, and thus defend aggressively against unidentified Fleets.

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Oh dear. That's a lot of... Abandoned colonies.

(Sploodle, how do I buy colonies from a defunct empire?)

- Tyrolox attempting to take some of their abandoned colonies as territory.

Minor Offense Detected. Further Offenses will be countered with increased Hostility. You have been Warned.

- Iar'ota Territory-Wide Automatic Defense System


(Sploodle, how do I gift an empire enough sporebucks for them to forgive me?)

- Tyrolox, surprised that their defense droids are still running.