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I know there are some among you who think this is some hopeless final stand, one last burst of light in a sea of encroaching darkness. I know there are some among you who think this is just about hiding in the shadows and building a peaceful haven from the hell that rages outside our walls. But there are also some of you who know that we won't just survive these trying times, that we are going to rise up and become greater than any of us alone was before. Together, we can push back the Grand Teyan Empire and bring this Segmentum a future of light and prosperity! It is here, in this hidden city, that we will not make our last stand, but from which we will launch our first strike, our first cry that we will not fall, we will not run, and we will not let the forces of tyranny and injustice throttle the galaxy we call home! It is here, today, that the Resistance is born, and we the people of Exterioris, of Muara, take back our future!

- Chancellor Anima Lux

The Muaran Resistance is a united collective of military remnants and exiled governments working against The Grand Teyan Empire, with the end goal of breaking Teyan dominance of their former territories. Alongside their Mithadorn and Ankoran allies, as well as the Teyan Imperium of Andromeda, they are currently engaged in a sustained guerilla war with the Empire.

The hidden city of Muara on Aeolla serves as the Resistance's base of operations, as well as a large refugee camp for those fleeing Teyan subjugation of their homeworlds. Chancellor Anima Lux is the effective leader of the Resistance, though it is officially headed by a council of military, political, and scientific leaders.


Early Resistance[]

During the Teyan Blitz, Muara was a stronghold for defenders in the Loenxi system. Formerly contained within a joint-occupation zone of the Yphreli and Belphrim, soldiers from both races often fell back to the subterranean base, eventually choosing to simply wait out the assault when they saw hope was lost for the system. Gathering what civilians they could—mostly researchers and pilgrims to nearby Psal'Jinnai-related sites—they bunkered down in the hidden mountain-fortress and waited for the blitz to be over.

The first scouts to leave the city reported back the dismal state of the entire Segmentum. Hyperlanes were fractured, and the civilizations they had once called home were gone. Gradually, said scouts began to pick up survivors of the Blitz—Mithadorn, Ankoran, Zozer, Psari, and others—and bring them back to the relative safety of Muara. The influx of refugess resulted in numerous expansion projects, creating the early districts that now mark Muara with it's unique and unusual layout. Refugees from different species and civlizations found themselves settling in distinct districts, though some overlap would occur along district borders and in the heart of the city.

Naturally, internal strife was hardly absent from the refugee city in its early days, and with the threat of raiding Saviki from the Winter and Dusk combines, as well as the ever-present threat of the Grand Teyan Empire looming overhead, those who could fight often took up watch along the exterior of the city, and what ships could be scavenged and repurposed sent to patrol the upper atmosphere of Aeolla. The Battalion of the Pale and military remnants of the Romanian Commonwealth both participated significantly to the city's protection, but soon they began demanding power in return. However, the refugee governments of the Yphreli, Belphrim, and Tchuol were reluctant to fork over their administrative power to such militaristic factions, who could easily -and would likely- become tyrannical and dictorial if given the chance.

With the Commonwealth and Battalion holding the threat of leaving Muara to its own devices over the heads of its inhabitants, the Belphrim refugee and diplomat Sadál Ud Oono stepped in to resolve the dispute. A master of mediation, he proposed a binding contract allowing the Battalion and Commonwealth to send liaisons to the other factions to advise them in making both administrative and military decisions. The factions agreed, and relative peace returned to the city, though now there were individuals calling for a true unified government for the city and her protectors.

Founding the Consensus[]

Anima Lux, a refugee from the former Romanian Commonwealth living in the city of Muara, was instrumental in the founding of the modern Resistance, having begun a push for greater unity between the refugee factions shortly after her arrival. Though she and her supporters slowly began gaining momentum in this goal, such growth was still slow. Yet when the Ankoran naval commander Kavaat entered the city, and managed to wrestle military control and begin standardising the military, his support allowed Anima far greater power, influence, and support within the fragmented governments. However, Colonel Zhulshla'lk Chvipe'ex, leader of the Battalion of the Pale, remained reluctant to pledge total loyalty to a politician and an outsider.

The Battle of the Wreath, fought between Muaran forces and marauding Dusk Saviki, contributed significantly to rallying support for a unified government. When word reached Muara of an attack on the Wreath—a refugee hideout composed of loosely joined asteroids and sections of space stations, located on the edge of the Loenxi star system—Kavaat rallied what ships they had and set out to help defend it. Such an act done not out of defense, but altruism, put the potential power of a united Muara on full display, as the Saviki ships were routed within a spanse of several hours, a feat that may never have been possible without the united command. This managed to be the final deciding factor for Chvipe'ex and other doubtful leaders, who agreed to convene with Anima in order to discuss setting up a new, united government. Ultimately, a state in which the factions (now branded sectae) retained some administrative and military authority, while appointing delegates to a leading Consensus, was agreed upon, with Anima being elected as the first Chancellor of the Resistance.

Teyan Subjugation War[]

With Anima now heading the Resistance government, and Kavaat holding command of the rebel fleets, the Muaran Resistance was at a point where it could wage a guerrilla war across Segmentum Exterioris in order to combat the Grand Teyan Empire's merciless advance across the galaxy, and potentially even halt their genocidal march into the segmentum. After nearly three years of organized but scattered guerrilla fighting, Anima's attempts to reach out to the rest of the galaxy showed success, securing the aid of the Draconid Imperium in time for the Battle of Kaer. With the Imperium's support, Kavaat and the allied fleet descended on fleet guarding the already contested planet, breaking the occupation and allowing the Resistance to establish a firmer hold on two entire systems.


There is a large technological disparity between civilian and military sectors of the Muaran Resistance; civilian technology is salvaged and scavenged from the former empires and civilisations of the local region, whereas the military technology, while by no means standardised, stands nearly a century ahead of the poor quality equipment commonly seen across refugee camps.

Civilian Technology[]

Perhaps most important to civilian infrastructure is Yphreli habitat module hardware, much of it salavaged from research outposts across Segmentum Exterioris. With many of Muara's refugee-citizens relying on completely different environments, the versatile and easily customizable nature of Yphreli outpost technology allows civilians to have housing units of completely different atomspheric natures side-by-side, though outside these, many must wear a body-glove or some kind of respirator to survive Aeolla's methane-dominated atmosphere, though efforts are always underway to allow easier access between bio-habitats of a similar nature, such as the winding halls of the Sulsuan District, where most Mithadorn are housed, or the Tel-Tura District, housing both a population of Humans, Ankoran, and non-Empire Teyan.

Military Hardware[]

A good example of the Muaran Resistance's outdated technologies compared to the rest of Andromeda, is the TX-Series tanks. These weapons of war, while not scrap-metal boxes with a pistol taped on, are antiquated and ill-effective at war. Now manufactured by the Orios Engineering Firm, a variety of different models in the series are commonly seen across Exterioris as the Resistance attempts to update and improve upon their adopted hardware from the ruined military bases littering the planets that the Grand Teyan Empire have crushed.

The Muaran Razorwing is an outdated craft, but still effective in combat.

Other major military technologies include the Orios Engineering personal fightercraft, the Razorwing Dogfighter, and the Ankoran naval fleets, serving as the backbone of the Resistance navy, and being few of the ships built for purpose, rather than being refitted civilian transports. Vessels such as the Revelation-Class Battleship, while not able to take on a GTE fleet alone, are capable of putting up a strong fight while supported by the rag-tag vessels that make up the bulk of Resistance fleets.

Reverse-engineered Symmetric technology has also proved useful in military applications, though most often as extremely valuable assets as opposed to standardized equipment. Naturally, recovery of potentially usable precursor tech is often a high priority, with the hopes it may provide any advantage over the Grand Teyan Empire leading to numerous expeditions underway in the Antecedent Sector. Many salavaged Romanian, Belphrim, and Yphreli assets are also known to occasionally incorporate Psal'Jinnai tech and weaponry, with glasma and antilithium ammunition being common in armories and vessels formerly owned by these three civilizations.

Government and Politics[]

The Muaran Resistance is headed by a Consensus, made up of several members with varying roles. Each of the government and military remnants (deemed Sectae) grouped under the Resistance appoints one scientific, one administrative, one diplomatic, and one military representative to the Consensus, using whatever methods suit their form of government best. The Belphrim Republic remnants, for instance, elect all four officials by popular vote of their refugee citizens. This system ensures that all species and factions receive equal representation.

Furthermore, all decisions taken by the Consensus are deemed either Scientific, Administrative, Diplomatic, or Military in nature, and only the corresponding representatives may vote on such matters, though the others may provide advice and counsel. Scientific decisions often revolve around prioritization of certain research paths, with improvement of military technology almost always being the endgame. Administrative decisions concern the governance of all Muaran refugees. Diplomatic decisions concern peaceful interaction with allies such as the Teyan Imperium of Andromeda and Ankoran Empire. Finally, Military decisions, as the name implies, concern the management of the Resistance military and war effort against the Grand Teyan Empire, and much like Scientific decisions are often matters of prioritization. The entire Consensus also elects a Chief Scientist, Chief Administrator, Chief Diplomat, Chief Admiral, and Chief General to oversee each of the four representative groups, advise the Chancellor, and make rapid-response decisions that the Chancellor cannot if necessary.

The effective leader of the Resistance is a Chancellor elected by delegates from each secta, with one vote being granted to each. Anima Lux is both the first and current Chancellor, with her term extending until either her death or removal should enough of the Sectae agree to a Special Convention and vote to remove her.

Consensus Sectae[]

There are currently eight Sectae represented in the Consenus.

The Belphrim Republic is one of the most prominent and influential factions. Headed by an elected Senate, it has no central leader, though Sadal Ud Oono, Chief Diplomat of the Resistance, has emerged as a leader of the Belphrim as a people. Senators are elected by various sub-districts within the Republic's district of Muara. Secretaries of various bureaucratic departments are elected by the Senate from a list of eligible volunteers, as are representatives in the Consensus.

The Romanian Commonwealth is also an increasingly prominent member of the Consensus, as well as the most populous. Formerly one of the many human nation-states, with a relatively small controlled territory in both the Milky Way and Andromeda, it is headed by a Parliament and executive President, with Dragos Rosetti serving as the latter. Due to the current state of the Commonwealth, the Continuity Party currently holds a majority in Parliament, and prioritizes both military and welfare policy to ensure the continuity of the Romanian population, regardless of species. This has also made it one of the more independent Sectae, with the highest quantity of private forces in the Resistance. Cabinet members and Consensus representatives are nominated by the President-appointed Prime Minister and confirmed by the President.

An urban section of Muara's interior.

The Yphreli Glaciation is the unitary theo-scientocratic government of the Yphreli, led by a trio of Hierarchs who make decisions and pass laws based on scientific methodology. While not enforced, a pantheistic belief system is supported and encouraged by the Glaciation government, with disregard for the scientific method being viewed similarly to heresy—though, again, it is not strictly enforced. Due to its nature, the Glaciation is one of the most significant contributors to Resistance technology, with the city of Muara functioning due to advanced Yphreli habitat module hardware, without which most of its inhabitants would have trouble living in Aeolla's hydrocarbon-dominated atmosphere.

The Battalion of the Pale is a former paramilitary regiment originally led by Zhulshla'lk Chvipe'ex, who is now Chief General of the Resistance forces. Colonel Tachem Fo Fedrizel leads the Battalion now, which is largely comprised of soldiers, engineers, and medics and is rarely concerned with much other than warfare, due to its nature as a PMC. Despite no longer being officially led by Chvipe'ex, Battalion troopers have been permanently lent to serve as his bodyguards. Consensus representatives are appointed by the Colonel, and are generally honorable individuals no longer fit for active combat roles.

The Truth is a highly selective and political cult that developed after the establishment of the Resistance, and the smallest of the Sectae.

The Teyan-Ankoran-Mithadorn Council are the sixth Sectae, and one of the most influential, backed by two still-standing empires, and consisting of three major Resistance species. Though internally an ever-shifting set of personal alliances mean that tracking the leadership of the Sectae is difficult, it is generally considered to be headed by Kavaat, and his advisory council, as he is one of the most influential individuals in the Resistance navy, and has the power to veto any action by simply grounding Resistance fleets under the Sectae's control. It is furthermore one of the least concerned groups in the Resistance leadership when it comes to Psal'Jinnai technology.

The minor remnants of the Hegemony who refused to bow to the reborn Marius Yecron have generally also joined the Resistance as a united Secta. To avoid tensions with the Reformed Hegemony under Marius -now called the Comptroller- they have gone unrepresented, though hold significant sway in the military. The Secta, organised as a military junta, is headed by the former admiral Khamul Tarno, though former Head Commando Otto Skorezny is also noted to be of importance. It is generally unconcered with Psal'Jinnai technology and content to provide Operatives, artillery and heavy armor for the Resistance.


The seal of Muaran High Command


The Resistance posses a ramshackle standing army, comprised of both civilian volunteers, and the former military organisations of states subjugated by the Grand Teyan Empire. With soldiers from all walks of life, and all races within the Resistance, it is not uncommon to see an Ankoran, Human, and Belphrim soldiers standing shoulder to shoulder with whatever weapons can be scrounged up, wearing whatever armour can be scavenged.

While it is true that many battalions are armed and dressed in standardised equipment from their former nations, this does not translate to the entire Resistance army. Militia groups are especially under equipped for combat, though all still fight with a zealous desire for freedom.

Command Structure in the Resistance Military is simple: At the bottom are the grunts: Volunteers or foot-soldiers from the various nations comprising the Resistance, organised into Tactical Squads. Ten men make a Tactical Squad, lead by a Team Commander. Ten Squads make a Battalion, lead by a General, and ten Battalions comprise a Legion: led by a corresponding High General, all of whom fall under the jurisdiction of Zhulshla'lk Chvipe'ex, the current ranking Chief General, whom commands the entire ground army.


The diverse fleet of Vice Admiral Jjuna'ome Kes'tani, one of the more formidable naval assets the Resistance wields.

The Resistance Navy is far more standardised and holds a much higher organisation than the Army, being lead by Kavaat Sus, a Fleet Admiral within the Ankoran Navy, and Chief Admiral of the Resistance. Each naval fleet is under the technical justification of the nation in which it originates, with its own internal command system, adopted from the parent empire, though each fleet ultimately must obey the order of Kavaat and other high-ranking navy officers appointed by Anima Lux.

With a diverse fleet of ships ranging from the lowly VT-27 Razorwing to the highly advanced (in comparison to most Resistance technology) Apostasy-Class Star Destroyer, the Resistance fleet's are comprised of Ankoran, Teyan (Imperium), Mithadorn, Romanian, and Belphrim vessels, amongst the donations of their other allies and member states. It is not uncommon to see a Resistance fleet with no two ships from the same nation, though equally common to see fleets comprised entirely from a single nation under Resistance command.

Special Operations[]

A smaller sector of the Resistance military that falls under the Chief Admiral's command, Special Operations includes a number of more exceptionally skilled and specialized Operatives who are fielded for tasks ranging from covert to explicitly destructive. Most of the time, Operatives are attached to conventional units to provide the support of experienced and hyper-lethal soldiers. Training takes place on a largely personal level: most who are now Special Operatives were skilled enough to hold their own against daunting odds even before the war. The former Head Commando of the Hegemony, Otto Skorezny, is one of the most skilled and infamous Operatives of the Muaran Resistance.

Society and Culture[]

Member Species[]

The Muaran Resistance is a collection of a variety of species from the Exterioris Segmentum and beyond. This loose coalition of splintered nations thus boasts warriors from more than one species.

Prominent member races include, but are not limited to:




Green face.pngTogether, we will rise.


Blue face.pngThe Consensus is grateful.



Yellow face.pngThe Consensus is uncertain.


Yellow face.pngWe will tread carefully.

  • Symmetric Regents


Poor Terms

Orange face.pngYou are making a great mistake.

  • Winter Combine
  • Dusk Combine
At War

Crossed Swords.pngFor those who have fallen and those who yet live in fear, we will break you!


I've always found the ability to, even when the days have turned dark and sour, push onward and fight for what we hold dearest to be one of the most extraordinary and captivating qualities of all sapients. Nothing makes a life more worthwhile than taking up a sword, or pen, or the spoken word and using every ounce of strength you have to defend what is meaningful to you. And even if you falter or find yourself running, as long as you stand up again and continue your fight you cannot be faulted for it. I may hate you, I may be disgusted by you, I may even want to see you fail, but as long as you have something to stand for, to fight for, to die for, then I can still respect you, even if you never find the strength to do the same for me.

- Chancellor Anima Lux


  • The Triumph and Nightcore - 21 Guns serves as the Resistance's unofficial themes.
  • While initially created and owned by Parazrael, the Resistance became a shared faction upon Groxkiller98's return due to the extent it was interwoven with the GTE.
  • The Muaran Resistance shares a number of traits with the Guardians and Last City government of the Destiny franchise, as well as the Rebel Alliance from Star Wars.
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