We are united in our hopes for a better future.

- Apollo

The Mou'Cyran Accords is an intergovernmental organisation formed to promote cooperation and peace in the First Gigaquadrant, particularly in the aftermath of the fall of the Seven Starr Alliance. Pioneered by Apollo of the New Cyrannian Republic, the Accords were ultimately signed in Republic City on Mou'Cyran, the planet which gave the new organisation its name. Members of the Accords are often very different from each other, though have united in their opposition to the degradation of diplomatic relations in the aftermath of the Halcyon Incident.

Initially, the Accords were signed by representatives of the New Cyrannian Republic, Rambo Nation, the Indoctrinate Collective, the Polar Crystal Alliance, the Brood of War, The Divinarium, the New Tertamian Alliance, The Coalition, the Liberated Zarni Sodality and the Waptoria Alliance of Species, though an open declaration was made welcoming other civilisations to join, allowing for the alliance to spread throughout the Gigaquadrant. Later members of the Accords include the Apalos, the Allied Terran Republic and the Kingdom of Agethime.

Though rejected by some as an overly idealistic conglomeration, few can deny the popularity or power of the Accords, which through its members holds great influence in all three clusters of the Gigaquadrant. Members can alter the parameters of their membership and can thus choose to opt out of certain aspects of the Alliance, such as the shared infrastructure projects, joint military and exploratory missions and the creation of individual alliances between members. The Accords work closely with the Universal Trading Union to facilitate the continuation of trade.




Apollo, Ramashe, Iovera IX, Tyraz, Maryah and others on Mou'Cyran during the signing of the Accords.

After the Halcyon Incident began the Gigaquadrantic Conflicts, significant portions of the Intergalactic Community remained out of the hostilities while others stood in shock that events had deteriorated so badly. Visiting and contacting several leaders from all corners of the Gigaquadrant, Proconsul Apollo and Empress Ramashe gathered several political leaders on the New Republic Capital of Mou'Cyran, where the Accords were signed by representatives of the New Cyrannian Republic, Rambo Nation, the Indoctrinate Collective, the Polar Crystal Alliance, the Brood of War, The Divinarium, the New Tertamian Alliance, The Coalition, the Liberated Zarni Sodality, and the Waptoria Alliance of Species.

Early HistoryEdit

A week later, the Troodontid Empire, one of the architects of the alliance formally joined. Shortly after the Troodontid Empire joined, the Republic of Cirith Beleg of Andromeda joined the Accords. Around the same time, the Algolurn Popular Republic and Vanara of the Milky Way Galaxy joined the accords as well, ushered by their shared ally and co-founding member that was the Waptoria Alliance. Several weeks later, the Salsetthe Republic chose to become a member of the Accords. They were followed up by the "true-democratic" confederation Naakji prior to the ending of the Southern Rim Campaign.

The Accords also agreed to remain neutral in an address to both the Xonexi Allies and the Delpha Coalition of Planets, coming to an agreement originally proposed by the Allies that ensured non-intervention with both sides in the conflict. A section of this non-aggression pact, spearheaded by the New Republic and Rambo Nation prevented any conflict within the Cyrandia Cluster while the Polar Crystal Alliance spearheaded a similar ban on conflict within the Borealis Galaxy.

Desolation of the Bisistar 02

A fleet made up mostly of MCA members and some non-aligned powers rally in Venetia's defence.

The Waptoria are currently trying to forge closer bonds between the Mou'Cyran Accords and another organisation they are the founders of; the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment, partially because the two organizations have similar goals - upholding peace and culture respectively - and partially because the Waptoria want a safe haven for their allies if their involvement in the Conflicts gets out of hand to the point were their allied governments get crippled or collapse altogether. In the weeks prior to the Great Battle, the scientific and highly diplomatic Adaisical Technocracy joined the Accords.

United AllianceEdit

Defence against the Corruptus and the Bisistar

We, the united fleet of the Mou'Cyran Accords and the allies of the New Cyrannian Republic are united under the principles of peace, order and stability; principles that the Bisistar spit upon. They will not grant you any mercy, and thus you should give none.

- Willelmus Cretacea

The Mou'Cyran Accords would face its first true test when the enigmatic Bisistar Domain launched a massive attack on the New Republic planet of Venetia, laying siege to the world and provoking the Republic and its allies to launch a counterattack in an attempt to liberate the planet. In an emergency meeting of the Council of the Mou'Cyran Accords, nations from across the Gigaquadrant agreed to rally in Venetia's defence, emerging from hyperspace to fight the Bisistar on both the ground and in space above the planet.

Though the battle would be long, arduous and bloody, the forces of the Accords and their allies eventually managed to drive the Bisistar from Venetia and begin the long process of reconstruction. In the weeks after the battle, the Mendel Pact, a combatant in the Battle of Venetia joined the Accords. While early in the next year the newly revealed United Republic of Nations hailing from the Mirus Galaxy joined the alliance. Soon after the United Republic of Nations joined the Accords, the Allied Terran Republic, a powerful Plazithian superpower decided to apply for membership. As strong allies to the Cyrannian Republic, the Terrans were graciously accepted to the alliance, as was the honourable and venerable Defensive System's Bloc soon afterwards.


Aeresius contacts the Mou'Cyran Accords.

Several weeks later, the Cataclysm in the Neutral Zone once again rallied the Allied Fleets, as well as those from various other allies such as the Delpha Coalition of Planets. The battle was notable in that it saw Imperial forces fight alongside the MCA while combatants on both sides the Xonexian Schism also fight alongside one another united in their opposition to the demonic Corruptus. When the battle ended, the survivors were given a hero's welcome. Meanwhile, the Andromedan Campaign of the Great Xonexian Schism saw several Andromedan members of the MCA join the conflict on the side of the Xonexian Allies in opposition to the imperialist gains of the Delpha Coalition of Planets.

Project Exodus and the Calamity of Usmilia

Even civilisations which may seem small can change the course of the galaxy. The Accords provide hope for trillions across the Gigaquadrant. We would be honoured if you would join us.

- President Apaltar speaking with Applon Antaous

In the Milky Way Galaxy, the government of the Indoctrinate Collective decided to undertake one of the largest astroengineering projects in Gigaquadrantic history by moving the entirety of their Plazithian-based empire to the Borealis Galaxy by way of wormholes. As a member of the Accords, the Collective was aided in this colossal endeavour by many fellow members such as the New Cyrannian Republic, the Divinarium, the Polar Crystal Alliance and the Unified Order of Cognalorilos. Several months later in the Cyrannus Galaxy, the aftermath of the Calamity of Usmilia brought the peaceful and democratic Bastnliues Republic into Accord membership. Several months later, the Mariposa Society, the Dilanian Interstellar Empire and the Draekar Remnant followed suit.


The criteria for membership in the Mou'Cyran Accords are relatively broad compared to other alliances, though a single unifying factor is the promotion of peace and prosperity throughout the Gigaquadrant. Though with good reason, the organisation is largely seen as being in opposition to the Great Xonexian Schism, members of both the Xonexi Allies and the Civilisation are counted amongst its ranks, operating cooperatively in many respects. However, though this could be used by either side to gain information on the other, contact with these elements of the alliance tend to be kept to a minimum. Often these civilisations participate in the Schism to protect their own interests, most clearly seen in the Andromedan Campaign, which saw direct involvement by the New Tertamian Alliance and the Coalition on the side of the Xonexian allies in opposition to Delpha Coalition of Planets imperialism in Andromeda.

Upon joining, members are free to pick and choose the characteristics of their membership, with some states choosing to benefit from all the alliance has to offer while others may choose to forego the joint-military exercises. Members of the Accord can also benefit from incentives such as free trade and joint infrastructure projects, such as the maintenance of the UTU Wormhole Network.

Current MembersEdit


A meeting with some MCA members.

Flag State Capital Government Current Leader Galaxy
Adaisical Flag
Adaisical Technocracy Sagacia Democratic Technocracy Titus Ridley Cyrannus Galaxy
Algolurn Popular Republic
Algolurn Popular Republic Kevalve Technocracy C.C. Krasna Vostok Milky Way Galaxy
Allied Terran Republic Terrae Federal Presidential Republic President Elethien Milky Way Galaxy
Girdo Flag
Apalos N/A Collective Consciousness N/A Milky Way Galaxy
Bastnliues Republic Usmilia Constitutional Republic Lord Applon Anatous Cyrannus Galaxy
BoW Flag
Brood of War Daedalus Kratocracy Tyraz Andromeda Galaxy
Coalition Sigil
Coalition of the Twilight Sector Karathon Autocracy Emperor Reta'nyan Andromeda Galaxy
Unified Order of Cognalorilos Cognethril Meritocratic timocracy Voro Acetenus Cyrannus Galaxy
Defensive System's Bloc Votch Federal Parliamentary Republic Premier Ismios Milky Way Galaxy
Spore 2016-01-16 20-14-23 Dilanian Interstellar Empire Dilania Constitutional Monarchy Congress of Dilania Cyrannus Galaxy
Lesser Divinarium Emblem
Divinarium Сrepusculum Theocratic ethnocratic semi-constutional monarchy Iovera IX Andromeda Galaxy
Draekar Remnant New Dreacorra Constitutional Monarchy Drakan Thel'Vimicelnes Mirus Galaxy
Space Stage Unlocked
Federation of Caroha Darwis Representative Democracy Conçelo Milky Way Galaxy
Glistennaen National Republics Glisten-Home Authoritarian Democracy Pouv'ahx Cean' Borealis Galaxy
Indoctrinate Collective New Draka Absolute monarchy Queen Maryah Borealis Galaxy
Kicathian Republic Paclernos Constitutional Republic President Vanlirasan Milky Way Galaxy
Kingdom of Agethime Agethime Constitutional Monarchy/Federal Democracy King Hapte Milky Way Galaxy
Kliaak Resurrection Achem Representative Democracy Kliaak High Commission Cyrannus Galaxy
Liberated Zarni Sodality Calyuphr Federal Parliamentary Republic Chairman Czyealoik Milky Way Galaxy
Mariposa Society Agethime Hereditary Father Sor Milky Way Galaxy
Ugandal Flag
Mendel Pact Ugandalore Meritocracy The High Lords Mirus Galaxy
Naakjian Confederation Aailli Representative Direct Democracy Naakjian Council Andromeda Galaxy
New Cyrannian Republic Mou'Cyran Federal Republic President Apaltar Cyrannus Galaxy
New Idosian Republic
New Idosian Republic Terran V Representative Democracy Derrentius II Milky Way Galaxy
NTA Flag
New Tertamian Alliance Il'larion Semi-presidential Republic President S'Nar Andromeda Galaxy
Polar Insignia
Polar Crystal Alliance Hyperborea Democratic Alliance Polar Crystal Council Borealis Galaxy
Rambo Nation Rambo Capital Constitutional Monarchy Empress Ramashe Quadrant Galaxies
Republic of Cirith Beleg New Cirith Belegia Republic (Member of the New Republic) Vacant Andromeda Galaxy
Salsetthe Flag
Salsetthe Republic Excaretra Isocracy Unknown Milky Way Galaxy
Troodontid Empire2
Troodontid Empire Raptura Constitutional Democracy President Draikon Cyrannus Galaxy
Unified Nation of Ottzello (Membership through the PCA) Grenzaar Authoritarian Democracy UNOL Borealis Galaxy
United Republic of Nations Uan'Bhei Republic Protector Ahes Merren Cyrannus Galaxy
United Mirus Council Nur Confederation Grand Chancellor Kimolt Mirus Galaxy
United Persan Descendants Alastor Democratic Stratocracy Caucus of the United Persan Descendants Milky Way Galaxy
Waptoria Alliance of Species Viel Direct Consensus Democracy Council of Life Mirus Galaxy



Mou'Cyran - AccordsSecretariat

The elaborate Secretariat Building in Republic City on Mou'Cyran.

Member states that signed the Accords often send diplomats to Mou'Cyran to discuss the direction of the alliance. Though they often travel through wormholes from their homeworlds, the Republic government has offered incentives for diplomats to reside in Republic City, an option that many have chosen to accept. Though the alliance has regional headquarters throughout the Gigaquadrant, the primary headquarters is located in the Secretariat Building in Republic City on Mou'Cyran, which is built on a complex considered to be international territory. It is in this building that many of the decisions of the MCA are made.


Members of the Mou'Cyran Accords have the option to benefit from membership in the Accords by shared technology exchanges, free trade between members and joint construction operations both with regard to rebuilding damaged planets from the various conflicts its members find themselves in or the establishment of new colonies. Some members of the Accords also work closely with the Universal Trading Union and authorities at Station Halcyon in working to map the Gigaquadrant and explore unknown regions of space.


A joint fleet made up of ships from various members over Mou'Cyran.

Due to the vast extent of the Accords across most of the Gigaquadrant, these infrastructure projects are colossal undertaking aimed at ensuring the continuation of prosperity and peace in areas of the universe unaffected by the Conflicts.

Pax Infinitus ArmadaEdit

Despite being an organisation devoted to peace, the Mou'Cyran Accords fields vast joint fleets between contributing members aimed as a projection of power against those who would seek to draw them into conflict and disorder. This force, flying under the banner of the Pax Infinitus Armada serves to protect the member civilisations that signed the Accords and innocent states with no power to protect themselves against a superior force. These antagonist factions range from the Dominion of the Xhodocto, fought during the Fall of Cirith Beleg and the Cataclysm in the Neutral Zone, and the Bisistar Domain during the Great Battle of Venetia. The Pax Infinitus Armada first became visible to the Gigaquadrantic community when it united a vast fleet of both members and non-members to rally in the defence of the peaceful Ermitant planet of Venetia from the claws of the Bisistar Domain. Though it faced heavy causalities, the strength and valour of the Accords won the day.

Several months later, joint-operations amongst the member nations of the Pax Infinitus Armada led to the development of hybrid ship designs which are free to use by the members of the Accords. The most notable of these projects was the Presidio-class Star Cruiser, designed using technology from the New Republic, the Apalos and many other organisations. The success of the design led to many other similar ships of peace, war and exploration to be designed by technicians employed by the Armada. High ranking individuals in the Armada's chain of command include Gavakar, Tvrae Saeihr, Toberek and T'Aloren.

Major Figures


A glimmer of sanity in the Gigaquadrant.

- Apaltar

I respect their motives, but the Empire will choose their own path.

- Guolivian

Personally, I support membership. Though I will defer to the judgement of the Grand Council.

- Aidan Collins

Something needs to be done when the rest of the Gigaquadrant has suddenly gone mad and waged war on itself for the sole sake of waging war.

- Maryah

Neutrality is the best form of compromise.

- Naakji Diplomat

While we participate in the Conflicts unlike most members of the Accords, who do not and prefer to isolate themselves instead, we still share the same goal: that is, to restore peace to the gigaquadrant and usher in a new age of exploration.

- W'tze of the Waptoria Alliance of Species

Laughable. And how exactly do you expect this to work?

- The general opinion of the Imperium of War, one of the most active participants in the Gigaquadrantic Conflicts, on the Accords

Peace will not come easy, it will not come soon, it may not come at all, and it sure won't come within my life time, but by joining these accords I hope that the chance that we will attain this will become even greater than it ever was.

- Empress Besta of the Vanara Empire

While our paths shall most certainly be fraught with danger and such, I hope we have crafted a way of life that will make things safer for my children, and my grand children for generations to come.

- Ugandalore the Un-touchable of the Mendel Pact

Your goal shall never be reached, there shall always be distrust, alienation and ultimately war. But there also shall always be corruption and the misuse of power, something I point at you.

- Sylo Ethland of the Eldarisian Empire



  • The creator of this multi-user alliance is Cyrannian.
  • Please leave a message on the talk-page if you wish to join.

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