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Some secrets should remain secrets.

As the New Cyrannian Republic began to grow into a superpower of its own, the search for a homeworld became a must for the Republic's government and military. At the forefront of this search is the famed captain Helo Roslia, recently returned from a future timeline during which he encountered a future incarnation of the Cyrandia Alliance inhabiting a world known as Mou'Cyran. When he returned from the future, he led the New Republic to this new home in the hopes of starting a new life for his people. However, Mou'Cyran holds many secrets, some of which should remain secrets for the good of the Republic and perhaps for the galaxy at large...



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The Fleet arrives at Mou'Cyran.

In the months after the formation of the New Cyrannian Republic, the Republic's government including the president and the provisional senate remained on the planet Apatalore in the Quadrant Galaxies, former capital of the Republic in Exile. However, it was a priority for this new government to establish a true homeworld in the Cyrannus Galaxy, one that could symbolise a new birth for Quadrantians and Cyrannians alike. At Fleet Command on Apatalore, officers such as Captain Tohon, Walter and Shavalera were sent into the Odysseia Region of Cyrannus in the hopes of finding a new homeworld. Though Captain Walter learnt the hard way that the region was also home to several aggressive factions.

However, when Helo Roslia returned from his adventure in the future timeline, he sent Command coordinates for a world in Odysseia that could possibly suit the New Republic's needs. Two weeks after his return, the CRS Aeolus, Roslia's new flagship was the first to drop out of hyperspace over the new planet.

  • Sevine - Captain Roslia, we have entered standard orbit around the planet.
  • Roslia - Very good commander. Scan for lifesigns.

Sevine interacted with some of her consoles.

  • Sevine - The surface of the planet is teeming with life. However, I am detecting high radiation levels and ruins of an ancient civilisation on the planet's northern continent. Obviously something catastrophic happened here millennia ago. The planet's upper crust appears to be honeycombed with tunnels and caverns, my sensors are unable to penetrate it, but so far I'm not detecting any sentient life on the planet.

Helo fiddled with his feathers on head, with a satisfied smirk on his face.

  • Roslia - I can see this world becoming the marvel we saw in the future timelin-

Suddenly, he was interrupted by Commander Trebob.

  • Trebob - Captain, I am detecting a vessel on the far side of the planet.
  • Roslia - Hail them.
  • Trebob - No response... Wait, it's gone.
  • Sevine - That can't be possible, I'm not detecting any hyperspace jumps or wormholes.
  • Ateloz - Perhaps it was merely your imagination commander.

Trebob sighs.

  • Trebob - I don't think so, the energy readings were off the charts. Not any known signatures that I am aware of.

Roslia raised his brow and began to pace.

  • Roslia - I'll record the event in my logs. However, I see no reason not to go ahead with colonisation. Signal the fleet. Today marks a new beginning.

Trebob interacted with his display, sending out a signal to the New Republic Fleet, which began to drop out of hyperspace all around the Aeolus. Captain Roslia looked at the flotilla with pride. It consisted of dozens of Nova-class and Ares-class Frigates, Odyssey and Intrepid-class exploratory ships along with both Phoebus and Venator-class Star Destroyers. Undocking from one of the Venators was Respublica One, flagship of the President and the Senate. On the viewscreen of the Aeolus, the smiling face of President Apaltar appeared with Proconsul Apollo standing behind him.

  • Apaltar - Today marks a new day for us all. Today we create a new life for both Quadrantians and Cyrannians who desire to join us. Thanks to the bravery of Captain Roslia and his crew, we now have a new place to call home. As such, I believe it is only right for us to celebrate this bravery by having the captain christian our new world. Captain?

Helo suddenly found himself the focus of the entire fleet. Suddenly, the soothing voice of his messenger sounded in his ear.

  • Sonja - Ooh, the chance to name an entire planet. We are moving up in the world, aren't we? How about "Happy-fun-magic land"?

Helo tried to contain his laughter as he tried to keep his composure. Suddenly, he smiled when he decided.

  • Helo - People of the fleet, it is an honour to give a name to our new home. Today, we will begin the future right here, on Mou'Cyran!

On Republica One, Apaltar and Apollo cheered and shook hands.

  • Apollo - Mou'Cyran. Old Capricaerónn for "New Cyrannus"? A suitable name Captain Roslia! With a bit of care and dedication, we will turn Mou'Cyran into a home we can be proud to call home.
  • Apaltar - Indeed. Captain, begin landing preparations. I will oversee the construction of Mou'Cyran city.

The two leaders ended the transmission.

  • Sonja - Mou'Cyran? The capital of the Republic in the future timeline we visited. Now, not only do we have a ship from the future we have also established a colony that we already visi-
  • Helo - It's best not to think about it.

Trebob looks up from his console.

  • Trebob - I'm sorry, what did you say captain?
  • Helo - Uhh... nothing. Begin landing procedures, commander.
  • Trebob - Yes, sir.

As the Aeolus began to land on the planet, the entire fleet soon followed and by the end of the next day, the new capital city began construction. Mou'Cyran was coming to life, but as it would soon become clear, the planet also had dark secrets...

Chapter One: Groundbreaking Ceremony[]

Apollo begins the colonisation of Mou'Cyran.

The first ship to land supplies on Mou'Cyran was the Aeolus, flagship of Helo Roslia. The ship sent out landing parties to ensure that there were no immediate threats to the famous figures who began landing on the planet a few hours later. President Apaltar was joined by Proconsul Apollo and Empress Ramashe (along with Laoi, Kara, Gorf and Adjunct) for the ground breaking ceremony later that day. The President's shuttle soon arrived on the shores of Mou'Cyran's great northern ocean on the slopes of a great alpine mountain range, the sky gleaming in the violet sunrise. Apollo, his children, Apaltar, Ramashe, Senator Ilas-Shei, Ambassador Eviran and the DCP Ambassador Ponona disembarked from the shuttle as people from across the Gigaquadrant watched on. Helo and Commander Sevine represented the crew of the Aeolus while Commander Trebob commanded the ship in orbit. As a gesture of a new life, Helo handed Apollo a shovel which the Proconsul preceded to stick in the ground, symbolically beginning the colonisation of Mou'Cyran.

  • Apollo - Today, we claim this planet as our own. A refuge in the darkness of space from which we will cast off the shackles of the past and look up into the stars above confident of the new era of peace we have embarked upon. On this site, we will build a new city that will function as the nucleus of our civilisation. However, there is still much we can learn from it. Who lived here eons ago? What became of them? What new worlds and civilisations await us beyond the atmosphere? Together, I hope we can discover the answers of these questions and begin a new life. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Captain Helo Roslia and his crew for locating this new world, we are all truly in your debt Captain.

Captain Roslia thanked Apollo, while the crowd applauded the Proconsul's words. When his speech ended, Apollo dug into the ground with the shovel a second time before handing it to a colonial administrator. Apollo walked over to Ramashe and his children with a smile on his face. The Empress wore a casual dress adorned with a stylish hat, indicating that she attended the ceremony in an unofficial capacity as a member of the Apollo's family. Ramashe beamed when Apollo approached an gave him a tender kiss on the cheek, surprising Laoi, Kara and Gorf.

  • Ramashe - What a lovely speech, Aedanius.
  • Kara - Do you think so? Was it not too short?
  • Laoi - Quality over quantity. Besides, it's Apaltar's turn to make all the big speeches.

Kara scoffed.

  • Kara - Right. I can't wait to see what Mister Big Hat comes up with.

Ramashe raised her brow and adjusted her hat.

  • Ramashe - And what's wrong with big hats?
  • Kara - Uhh... Nothing at all...

Apollo laughed and placed an arm around Ramashe's shoulder while Helo and Sonja watched on from the distance.

  • Sonja - It's taking all my strength not to comment on the implausible sexual tension between the dreamy presidential widower and the flamboyantly dressed queen of the birds.
  • Helo - Whatever floats your boat, that's what I say.

Meanwhile, the Adjunct scanned the planet, happily humming along to a tune.The ancient AI was so distracted that he didn't notice Gorf approaching from behind.

  • Gorf - What you doing, floaty thing?
  • Adjunct - Ah, Greetings Thoi Themek Lifeform! That designation is incorrect. I am Adjunct, caretaker of Amemoriam. I am in the process of scanning this world. Curious. Most curious. No evidence of my creator's influence. I believe it existed outside their domain, illogical considering its terrascore as well as its relative astrological proximity to the center of their civilisation.
  • Gorf - Maybe other old guys lived here.
  • Adjunct - A distinct possibility. However, more research is needed before ascertaining the true reason.

Gorf yawned and sat in the grass, absentmindedly fiddling with a nearby stick. Back at the center of the future city, a Republic trooper ran up to the President with a distressed look on her face.

  • Trooper - Sir! A fleet just dropped out of hyperspace in orbit!
  • Apaltar - What is their affiliation?!
  • Trooper - Visuals from the flagship identify their ships as belonging to the Regellis Star Empire.

A red light suddenly appeared on the trooper's wrist pad.

  • Trooper - Sir, they are charging weapons!

Chapter Two: Standoff[]

Tai'Rex observes the Republic Fleet.

Onboard the Regellis flagship, the RWS Palpa'han, Admiral Tai'Rex stood with a frown creeping across her face. On her main viewscreen lay an entire fleet of New Republic vessels led by a single Venator-class Star Destroyer.

  • Tai'Rex - They have no right to lay claim to this planet. Charge disruptors and raise shields.
  • Tactical Officer - Yes admiral.
  • Tai'Rex - There are intelligent lifeform regions coming from the northern continent. Aim at it and await my order to fire.
  • Helm Officer - Sir, we are being hailed!

Tai'Rex rolled her eyes.

  • Tai'Rex - Onscreen.

The image of a frowning reptilian clad in formal attire adorned with a large, flamboant hat appeared onscreen.

  • Apaltar - I am President Apaltar of the New Cyrannian Republic. We have claimed this planet for our own in accordance with the Treaty of Concordia. State your intentions.
  • Tai'Rex - The Regellis Star Empire does not recognise nor does it condone your treaty or your occupation of this planet. For all we know, you'll use this planet as a hub to spy on our Cyrannian colonies.
  • Apaltar - I assure you, we have no intention of doing that. Our goals in this region of space are purely peaceful.
  • Tai'Rex - So you say reptile. Explain your warships if your goals are so benevolent.
  • Apaltar - The protection of our citizens of course. This planet is now our sovereign territory. I recommend that you leave before causing a diplomatic incident.

Tai'Rex scowled and closed the communication.

  • Tai'Rex - I will not have a reptile tell me what to do. Open fire.
  • Tactical Officer - Wait Admiral! We are getting a communication from the Empress!
  • Tai'Rex - What?!

The image of Empress Minarela appeared, prompting the bridge crew to kneel.

  • Minarela - Get up , idiots.

The crew jumped to their feet. Minarela raised her eyebrow and smiled at Tai'Rex. Though it was quite obviously insincere.

  • Minarela - Hi Tai'Rex, I was just about to go to sleep when one of my advisers told me that you were planning on attacking this planet. And I thought, "But that can't be right because everyone knows that a Regellian captain never attacks when the enemy defends." So what is up with that?

Tai'Rex felt her sweat drip down her forehead. She knew of the Empress' odd personality, but she never expected to be on the receiving end of it.

  • Tai'Rex - Errm...
  • Minarela - Are you an idiot, admiral? That’s not a rhetorical question, I literally want you to tell me if you're mentally slow so I can be sure I can raise the standards for new recruits.
  • Tai'Rex - My apologies, Empress. I will withdraw the fleet.
  • Minarela - I'm super pleased. If I hear about you pulling something like this again, punch yourself in the face so I don't have to.

When the Empress disappeared from the viewscreen. Tai'Rex caught sight of one of her officers sniggering. Snarling, the admiral took out her handgun and shot him in the face.

  • Tai'Rex - Clean up the mess and withdraw the fleet back to Regellian space.

Back on the surface of the planet, Apaltar sighed once he heard about the enemy fleet departing the planet.

  • Apollo - That's one crisis over.
  • Apaltar - Captain Roslia will be coordinating the fleet in orbit while we begin the construction of the city. You are welcome to stay, Proconsul. I hear that a statue bearing your image will watch over the city.

Apollo was taken aback.

  • Apollo - A statue? Is that really necessary?
  • Apaltar - Do not underestimate how much you have given these people. Liberty and freedom. You are the forefather of this nation, much as you were the forefather of the URC. Your name will go down in history.
  • Apollo - I'm merely a figurehead, it is the people that should go down in history. Without them, none of this would be possible. I would love to stay, but unfortunately I have business back in the Quadrants. Kalos Mercu.
  • Apaltar - Kalos Mercu, Proconsul.

Apollo, along with Ramashe, Gorf, the Adjunct and the children boarded a shuttle and departed for the Quadrants. However, the trials of Mou'Cyran had only just begun.

Chapter Three: The Lacertian Alliance[]

Apaltar and Harucarm in Mou'Cyran City.

Two weeks after the standoff between the Regellians and the Republic over Mou'Cyran, construction of the planet's capital city was nearing completion. In the centre of the governmental district of Mou'Cyran city, President Apaltar waited for a Lacertian shuttle to land. The Lacertians made first contact with the Republic many months ago and relations have been increasing ever since. Suddenly, the buzzing sound of a shuttle whizzed through the air before landing near Apaltar. The leader of the Lacertian Federation, Chancellor Horucarm stepped out. She walked over to Apaltar and bowed.

  • Harucarm - Greetings. I am Harucarm of the Lacertian Federation. It is a pleasure to finally meet you President Apaltar.
  • Apaltar: "Greetings Chancellor. I welcome you at Mou'Cyran, the new capital of the New Republic!"
  • Harucarm: It is such a beautiful city. It is difficult to believe that you have constructed such a wonder in such a short space of time.
  • Apaltar: "My people are remarkable in their resolve Chancellor. It truly is a pleasure to meet you. Please let me show you around the city."
  • Harucarm: "I would be honoured, Mister President.

Apaltar dismissed his guards and walked with Harucarm through the city streets. Though the people went about their daily lives, many stopped to pay their respects to the visiting leader. On a nearby hill, Harucarm caught sight of a statue of Apollo being constructed, gleaming against the rising sun. When the tour ended, Apaltar invited Harucarm into the Presidential Chateau, where they sat down to discuss business.

  • Harucarm: "Your civilisation is both diverse and grand, Mr. President. My people have voted and if the senate agrees, we would be honoured to join the New Republic."

Apaltar, taken by surprise expressed his thanks and bowed slightly for Harucarm.

  • Harucarm: It would be logical, Mr. President. We control a large swath of space relatively near to the Republic in an area of space you have not yet explored.
  • Apaltar: "True, true. Well such good news deserves a toast. Would you join me for some nice and sweet Apatalorian Red Sangria?"
  • Harucarm - Gladly!

Harucarm lifted her glass and toasted to Apaltar and the New Republic before taking a sip of the sangria. Apaltar smiled, even with current disagreements with the Rambo and the Empire, the Republic still found new friends and allies. Two days later, Harucarm spoke before the New Republic Senate, informing them of their people's intention on joining the Republic. At the end of her speech, most of the senators applauded, prompting Consul Vemer to put the motion to a vote. If it passed, the Lacertians would join, if it failed, they would not.

When the vote came through, Harucarm and Apaltar watched with glee as most senators voted to allow the Lacertians to join while others voted against, fearing Imperial vengeance should they gain space close to the Empire. Despite this, the vote passed, giving the Republic a new and powerful member. However, in the shadows of the mysterious planet, unforgiving eyes began to put their plot in motion...

Chapter Four: Icolian Plot[]

Maengmum in the Icolian Base.

In a cavern deep within the volcanic netherworld of Mou'Cyran, a massive installation dominated the underground landscape. It was vaguely web-like, with dozens of tendrils spoking off in every direction. This was the lair of the Icolians. The temperature within the facility was kept unbearably high for any non-Icolian species, thus deterring potential invaders. Deep within the facility, a massive Icolian stood watch over his underlings. Maengmum, the leader of the Icolian Assemblege. A smaller minion scuttled over to his master. The two spoke in sharp, clicking tones.

  • Maengmum - You are 0.4 minutes late for your hourly report.
  • Worker - Unavoidable.
  • Maengmum - Elaborate.
  • Worker - Artefacts are indeed located at multiple points across the planet. We have located several. However, the new natives are infringing on many of these locations. There is a 74% probability that they'll recover an artefact within the next four standard days.
  • Maengmum - Irrelevant. They are reptiles and are easily distracted. We will attack their new space station in sector 48102. That will draw their attention away. Meanwhile, you will discover this technology and determine its origin.
  • Worker - Affirmative. I calculate an 88% chance of success.

Meanwhile, thousands of kilometres above the surface of Mou'Cyran, Helo Roslia sat in his command chair. A transmission from the planet indicated that someone was trying to communicate with them. Instead of seeing President Apaltar as he expected, instead it was the face of Consul Vemer, the leader of the Republic Senate.

  • Helo - Consul Vemer. This is an unexpected pleasure. What can the crew of the Aeolus do for you today?
  • Vemer - Greetings Captain Roslia. This is an informal request, and one that might seem odd to the crew of such a renowned starship. As you may know, we are not the first to colonise this world. The planet is literally teeming with ancient artefacts. There is one of particular interest. In our excavations of the capital city, we detected underground caverns that could be home to a great relic. We want you and an away team to return this relic to the surface.

Helo beamed.

  • Helo - Sounds fun! We'd be happy to assist you in this matter, Consul. Kalos mercu.

Vemer bowed, ending the transmission. Helo turned to Commanders Sevine and Trebob.

  • Helo - Meet me in the hanger, we are taking a ride down to the surface.

Chapter Five: Broken Allies[]

Saxhleel Station comes under attack!

Near the newly discovered wormhole leading the the Quadrant Galaxies, the New Cyrannian Republic completed the construction of Saxhleel Station, a space station created to monitor space traffic from the Quadrants. On the other side of the wormhole, Rambo Nation had established Lianna Station in a move that was looked upon with distrust among many in the New Republic, facilitating the need for a counterpart on the other end of the wormhole. The Station was also home to a small escort fleet of Republic Navy vessels under the command of Captain Uthastyr of the Provocateur. On the bridge of the Provocateur, Uthastyr paced on his bridge. It was rather small and cramped, at least compared to the mighty Star Destroyers. Uthastyr ran his talons through his head feathers before turning to his first officer, a middle aged Libertus known as Thractovian.

  • Uthastry - Report, Commander Thractovian.
  • Thractovian - Nothing to report captain. If I may speak off the record however.
  • Uthastry - Granted.
  • Thractovian - I was under the impression that Proconsul Apollo solved our differences with the Nation. Why would they so blatantly insult us by claiming the other end of the wormhole? We discovered it after all.
  • Uthastry - Hmph. The days of the Cyrandia Alliance are over, Commander. They are Imperials now. Nothing more.

Thractovian contemplated his captain's words and returned to his duties. Suddenly, a ship shot out of the wormhole. Uthastry frowned when he saw it. It's distinctive design made it clear that it was a Rambo design.

  • Uthastry - Hail them commander. What business do they have?
  • Thractovian - No response captain. However, its registry indicates that it is the USS Juno, an Excelsior-class.

Thractovian's eyes widened when he saw four smaller Rambo ships drop out of the wormhole. One of these Miranda-class vessels fired a photon torpedo which exploded against the hull of a nearby Venator-class Star Destroyer.

  • Uthastry - What the frak?! They're attacking! Shields up and arm forward turbolaser cannons, launch squadrons one through four!

All around Saxhleel Station, the New Republic ships returned fire on the swift Rambo vessels which managed to destroy a small frigate while the Guarlara, a large Venator-class Star Destroyer was crippled in space. After ten minutes of battle, as soon as the Rambo ships had arrived, they disappeared back into the wormhole. On the bridge of the Provocateur, Uthastry nursed an injury on his head. As blood trickled down his snout, he turned to Thractovian.

  • Uthastry - Hail command. This is an act of war.

On the bridge of one of the "Rambo ships", Maengmum tilted its head slightly. Its mission was accomplished.

Chapter Six: Summit on Lianna[]

Part I: Diplomacy[]

The diplomats argue.

Several weeks after the devastating Rambo attack on the New Republic space station Saxhleel, Proconsul Apollo managed to convince the Senate to send a diplomatic party to Lianne Station in the Quadrants in order to sort the growing tension out. Flying out of the wormhole, a Republic Transport ship emerged from the hanger bay of the massive new flagship of the Republic, the Republica. As the shuttle approached the station, with the proper clearance codes, the ship was permitted to dock. When the ship docked, three figures walked onto the hanger of the station, Admiral Willelmus Cretacea, Diplomat Araya and Captain Uthastry, a veteren of the battle on Space Station Saxhleel. The three were greated by a Rambo delegacy, consisting out of captain Rambas and two Seven Star Serindia Soldiers.

  • Rambas: "Dignitaries of the New Republic! Welcome onboard Lianna station! I am glad that in these times and after those dreadful news that we can still conduct diplomacy instead of firing weapons first."

Admiral Cretacea shook Rambas' hand fondly, as it had been many years since the friends saw one another. Jania, a beautiful young Ausare with a soothing voice nodded in agreement.

  • Araya: My thoughts exactly, Captain Rambas. Let's hope that we can sort this mess out before things turn nasty.

Rambas noddded and smiled at Cretacea. It was a long time since he saw his friend, and much has changed. Rambas beckoned to follow him to the meeting room. As the party moved on the two Serindia soldiers acted as escort to the important delegacy. Upon entering the meeting room, a small buffet was served with various snacks and drinks. Meanwhile in the chamber itself sat another figure, who watched the party with suspicion.

  • Adar: "Greetings New Republicans! I am senator Adar, sent to represent the Rambo Senate in this matter."

Rambas sighed, he hoped that someone else could be present from the senator, preferably someone like Chuinaylia or Ram'Lindilia, who were more friendly towards the New Republic instead of the sceptical Adar.

  • Cretacea: Senator, you honour us with your presence. I am Fleet Admiral Willelmus Cretacea, this is our diplomat Araya T'Lour and Captain Uthastry, commander of the Provocateur.
  • Adar: "I am well aware of whom you are admiral, father of proconsul Apollo. Well, let's get started. You requested the meeting after all?"
  • Rambas: "Please, forgive the senator, he had a long travel from Borealis. Please have seat and take a snack or a drink as we begin!"
  • Araya: Thank you Captain Rambas.

The trio sat at the table. Jania sipped at some Serindia wine while Cretacea and Uthastry didn't eat anything. Adar crossed his arm before his chest and waited till one of the Republicans began speaking. Rambas, at discontent that the Senate was in control of this meeting rather would have met with just Cretacea and the dignitaries, and nodded towards Cretacea.

  • Cretacea: The reason why we are here is because Saxhleel Station, which lies just across the wormhole from here was attacked by ships matching those in use by Rambo Nation. Our senate is in uproar over the event with many irate senators demanding that we counterattack. Luckily my son managed to organise this meeting so we can get to the bottom of this dreadful event.
  • Jiarn: "Yes, those awful lies by some of your warmongering senators. You dare to accuse of us such cowardly and illogical attack!"
  • Rambas: "Senator, please!"

Uthastry rose to his feet and pointed his finger accusingly at the senator.

  • Uthastry: How dare you?! I watched ships with Rambo signatures, armed with Rambo weapons fire on innocent starships! My own helms officer died! And you call that a lie? Why not tell that to the families of those killed!

Senator Adar raised his snout in arrogance and waved his hand in disgust.

  • Adar: "They were probably falsified. Rambo Command never gave an order to attack Saxhleel Station. Why would we attack a station in Cyrannus? We have no ground or holdings there. Except those under Imperial Protectorate after you kin betrayed us! And forced us to sign the Concordat!

Suddenly Rambas rose from his chair and offered a timeout while he asked if he could speak to Cretacea in private for a moment.

  • Cretacea: Certainly.

As Rambas and Cretacea watch the senators and Uthastry left the room Rambas looked at Cretacea.

Part II: Revelations[]

Cretacea and Rambas learn the truth from Dr. Laskmer.

  • Rambas: "My friend, we aren't getting anywhere with those bickering senators like children over candy"
  • Cretacea: Agreed, my old friend. For the record, I do not believe that you attacked us. It must be an enemy capable of mimicking ship designs.
  • Rambas: "I was afraid you would said that Willelmus. Argh, how can we convince those politicians of it? Off the record as well, I was given instruction by Rambo Command that if negotiations would fail, and if your fleet would not remove itself I was to detain you and close the wormhole, something of course that won't happen due to some malfunction of this old station.Off the record of course."
  • Cretacea: I don't hold anything against you, old friend. I have a scientist on my new flagship, the Republica who is researching the attack. Perhaps he has some answers.
  • Rambas: "I hope so, can you contact him?"

Cretacea interacted with a holographic display and the face of a Hipaca scientist appeared, with what appeared to be a smile on his face.

  • Cretacea: Good news doctor?
  • Dr. Laskmer: Indeed, Admiral. I was taking a look at images from the battle that appeared to show that the USS Juno was involved. Though the Juno is an Excelsior-class in reality, during the battle it was an Excelsior-Refit. This intrigued me. So I looked further at the Juno and I detected an Icolian energy signature.
  • Rambas: "Icolian?"
  • Laskmer: There is a faction of Icolian that live in the Odysseia Region, yes. But why they would try something like this is beyond me. Usually they don't venture beyond their borders.
  • Rambas: "You lost me, there are Icolian in Cyrannus as well? I though they only ventured in Quadrant 21? What business do they have in Cyrannus? And why try to set up a conflict between us? Normally they are very territorial and isolated but keep themselves out of Cyrannia events"
  • Laskmer: I have no idea, captain. Though we have known of the Cyrannian Icolian Assemblage for quite a while. They appear to be linked, but independent from the Icolians of Quadrant 21.

Rambas raised on eyebrow and looked at Cretacea.

  • Cretacea: Thank you Doctor Laskmer. That'll be all for now.

The image of Doctor Laskmer disappeared and Cretacea returned Rambas' gaze.

  • Cretacea: At least we now know who's responsible. We may have a new enemy, but I'm relieved that this mess has been sorted out.
  • Rambas: "I agree on that, but Willelmus, this is not good at all. If someone is after a war between us they are almost succeeding in it. Now we have to show these findings to the senators and hope that Rambo command and your senate don't act stupidly. I will inform Rambo Command that I offer Lianna station's resources and means to aid the NEw Republic in finding out this new threat!"
  • Cretacea: I agree! That was too close for comfort.

As Rambas and Cretacea called the senators back in, Cretacea showed Dr. Laskmer's results towards the others. A deadly silence fell upon the room.

  • Araya: Well then... at least we now know that you weren't responsible.
  • Adar: "I think I owe you an apoligise"
  • Uthastry: I also owe you an apology, senator.

Senator Adar nodded and handed the datepad back to Rambas. Looking concerned, Adar gave permission for Rambas to aid the New Republic in finding out more about this new threat. The resources of Lianna station stood at the disposal of the Rambo fleet and the New Republic. Cretacea thanked Senator Adar and pledged any support that the New Republic could offer to Rambo Nation.

  • Rambas: "Well if we have a new threat, and it seems we are willing to help each other identify it and find out it's purpose for doing it. Where do we start?"
  • Cretacea: I will send spy ships to patrol the borders of Icolian space. If even a single ship leaves their borders, we'll know about it.

Rambas agreed and informed the others that the sensors of Lianna station will sweep every few hours to detect Icolian presence and inform the Republic Navy. With tensions eased considerably, Cretacea again shook Rambas' hand and the New Republicans headed back to their shuttle, with plans to inform the President and the Senate of the truth behind the attack on Saxheel Station.

Chapter Seven: Lair of the Icolians[]

Helo and his team land outside the mysterious cave.

A Republic Shuttle glided above the trees of one of Mou'Cyran's tropical zones, the sounds of its engines muffled by the calls of wildlife below the canipie. When the shuttle touched down in a small clearing, Helo Roslia stepped out, followed by Commander Sevine and Commander Trebob. Sevine held a tricorder into the sky, gathering information about the immediate vicinity.

  • Sevine: Captain, Republic City is located about twelve kilometres to the north. According to the information provided by Consul Vemer, an entrance to the cave system containing artefacts of interest is just up ahead.

Helo nodded and motioned to Trebob and Sevine to follow him. The cave in front of them was overgrown with green foliage, the only signs of civilisation being the distant noises of the city and a small tent located beside the entrance to the cave. Standing outside the tent was a young Ausare, who approached the away team with a look of apprehension on her charming face.

  • Helo: Good morning, ms...?
  • Crusia: Crusia. I've been expecting you Captain Roslia. I was appointed by the Senate to lead the excavation of this cave which contains numerous artefacts relating to the sentients that evolved on this world hundreds of thousands of years ago.
  • Sevine: That's an awfully difficult task for a single archaeologist.

Sadness crept upon Crusia's face.

  • Crusia: Oh, I was not alone. My team consisted of seven scientists who ventured into the cave yesterday morning. I can't seem to contact them. I know this is too much to ask captain, but when you are in the cave could you search for them? They don't deserve to die in that cold, dark abyss.

Helo placed a hand on Crusia's shoulder.

  • Helo: Don't worry. We'll find them.

Crusia gathered herself and smiled weakly.

  • Crusia: Thank you captain, I'll remain here. Good luck.

As they walked into the cave, what immediately struck Helo was the humidity of the air as well as the increasingly high temperatures as they descended deeper and deeper into the cave. For ten minutes, Helo, Sevine and Trebob proceeded into the cave until they reached a curious statue lying on the ground.

  • Trebob: This must be one of those artefacts that the Consul mentioned.

Sevine studied the statue with keen interest in her eyes.

  • Sevine: Must be. I'd guess that it is at least three hundred thousand years old. Perhaps it depicts the original Mou'Cyrannians?
  • Helo: Beam it back to the ship for study, we should look for those scientists.

The cave's bioluminescent vegetation lit the way for Helo and his team, leading them straight towards a highly advanced door, outlined by glowing red symbols and a nearby computer terminal.

  • Sevine: Curious. This door shouldn't be here. I'll try and open it.

Helo cocked his weapon.

  • Helo: Shields up and weapons at the ready. Just to be safe.

Helo comes face to face with the Icolians.

Working her magic, Sevine managed to open the door but was blasted backwards by the intense heat that escaped the room, burning the nearby plants and frying the team's shields. Gathering himself, Helo heard alarmed clicking noises emanating from the room which was filled with huge spider-like beings surrounding what looked like highly advanced cages containing the missing scientists.

  • Trebob: Icolians!

The Icolians fired their tetryon-based weapons at the newly arrived intruders, narrowly missing Trebob as he ducked for cover, firing his pistol at the sinister insectoids, blasting off chunks of the crystal-like substance that covered them. In the centre of the room, Maengmum, the leader of the Icolians on Mou'Cyran fired lobes of pure energy at the group, punching a hole through Trebob's chest, who fell to the ground limply.

  • Sevine: Captain! Trebob was shot!
  • Helo: Continue firing!

Emboldened from his first officer's sacrifice, Helo jumped from behind cover using his pistol to blast at the attacking Icolians. Five well aimed shots later and Maengmum stood alone surrounded by the carapaces of its dead comrades. Helo aimed his weapon.

  • Helo: Stand down and answer for your crimes, Icolian.

Hissing violently, Maengmum disappeared into thin air, escaping to his phased flagship in orbit. Sheathing his weapon, Helo rushed over to Trebob. Sevine closed his eyes and sighed.

  • Sevine: There's nothing I can do, Captain.

Appearing from behind an Icolian terminal, Sonja sadly walked towards Trebob's corpse, placing a hand on Helo's shoulder.

  • Sonja: I'm sorry, Helo. I'll miss his awkwardness.

Helo wiped a single tear from his face and got to his feet, turning his attention to the mysterious Icolian laboratory, which was filled with ancient artefacts and modern computer terminals. The captured scientists appeared to be in stasis.

  • Helo: Sevine, free the prisoners from their cages and open a channel to the Aeolus. Ask for a science team to download information from these terminals. Who knows what the Icolians have in store for us...

Chapter Eight: Bane of the Republic[]

The Star Empire meets the Icolians.

Drifting through space, a massive Regellis cruiser hung silently against the darkness, patrolling the region against any incursions from one of the Star Empire's many enemies. On the bridge, Admiral Tai'Rex gazed out into space, her keen eyes darting from star to star, naming each of them in her head from memory. From the corner of her eye, she saw a flashing light on a nearby holo-projector, indicating that someone was attempting to contact them. Irritated by the fact that the communication officer was too busy talking with another crewmen, the Admiral bellowed so loudly that the officer jumped to his feet.

  • Tai'Rex: Are you going to answer that, Subcommander? Or should I?!

Reacting quickly, the officer sat back at his station and activated the holo-display, which transferred an image of a massive orange insectoid to the main viewscreen. Tai'Rex suppressed the urge to scream in the sight of such a disgusting creature but nonetheless maintained a calm exposure.

  • Tai'Rex: Engage translator so we can understand our... Icolian friend.

When the communication officer did so, the creature twitched its mandibles and began to speak. It's voice was sharp and accompanied with disgusting clicking noises that sent shivers down Tai'Rex's spine.

  • Maengmum: Mammals. I am Maengmum of the Icolian Assemblage. We have a common enemy. New Cyrannian Republic. Proposal: A unified attack on planet X-000 is likely to succeed. Response?

Tai'Rex considered the Icolian's request. Her last attack on Mou'Cyran was met with a response from the Empress that left Tai'Rex humiliated in front of her crew, and yet as a Rihanae, she cared little for the opinion of a far-away monarch in the Quadrant Galaxies, coupled with the fact that her people have long desired the secrets buried beneath the soil of Mou'Cyran.

  • Tai'Rex: Very well, Icolian. However, in return for our help we demand a share of the treasures found on the planet. We will not tolerate deceit on your part.
  • Maengmum: Unfounded fear. I expect no less from mammal fleet.

And with that, the transmission was closed. Tai'Rex knew that she stood on a turning point of her career. Would she succeed and be hailed a war-hero? Or would she fail and become a historical laughing stock? All would be revealed in the next few days...

Chapter Nine: Prelude to War[]

The joint Regellis/Icolian fleet prepare for their attack on Mou'Cyran.

Admiral Tai'Rex sat alone in her ready room. She was waiting patiently. And she hated it. Every moment. The next few hours would determine her legacy; would she be hailed as a maverick willing to defy the insane commands of Empress Minerala and lead the Star Empire to greatness? Or would she fail and be regarded as a disgrace to her empire? Ever since she was contacted by Maengmum, who proposed a united strike against Mou'Cyran in the hopes of removing the New Republic from the planet, her mind was in a constant state of hyperactivity. Though she was initially worried about the outcome, as the time to strike approached she grew more confident and awaited the moment the Icolians would send confirmation signals with great anticipation.

Sitting with her arms folded, gazing out into the gulf of space, her heart jumped a beat when she saw the Icolian fleet drop out of hyperspace all around her flagship. One by one, the frightening vessels materialised from the nothingness until a grand total of fifty Icolian ships, including multi-kilometre long dreadnoughts joined the already substantial Regellian fleet under the direction of Tai'Rex and the RWS Palpa'han.

Pressing her combadge, Tai'Rex contacted her first officer.

  • Tai'Rex: "Commander Terex, I notice we have company. Are they ready to begin our assault?"
  • Terex: "Receiving confirmation codes now Admiral. But tell me, Tai'Rex, what is so important about Mou'Cyran? Surely it pales in comparison to our worlds."

Tai'Rex smiled slightly.

  • Tai'Rex: "Well, I suppose I should tell you, my loyal friend. Things lie dormant under the sands of that world. Things that even the Oikoumene knew nothing about. Our... insectoid allies have informed me that they conducted experiments on gateways to another universe and even discovered an ancient lifeform, billions of years old but as potent as ever. We mustn't allow reptilian filth get their claws on these treasures. They will propel Regellian kind to universal dominance!"
  • Terex: "For the empire! We are ready to jump into hyperspace on your orders, Admiral. Today, we make history!"

Smiling broadly now, Tai'Rex transmitted a message to the entire fleet.

  • Tai'Rex: "Icolians and Regellians! This is Admiral Tai'Rex. All ships, engage hyperdrives! Mou'Cyran's treasures shall be ours!"

One by one, Regellian and Icolian ships ripped into hyperspace, hurtling towards the unsuspecting Republic capital...

Chapter Ten: Uninvited Guests[]

Sevine and Helo observe the new arrivals.

The skies darkened over Mou'Cyran. The birds fell silent and the quiet din of the cities were replaced by screams of terror as one by one strange alien ships burst free from the netherworld of hyperspace into orbit over the peaceful planet. In the military bases on and above the planet Republic military officers and soldiers prepared for combat against their new visitors while the Mou'Cyran Home Fleet moved into position to protect the planet and those who call it home. On the bridge of the Aeolus, Helo straightened his uniform, his expression grim but otherwise emotionless. He knew this day would come eventually. Interacting with a holographic display console, the figures of Captain Hakovon of the Intrepid, Captain Temer of the Phoebus and Admiral Teremeda of the Triumph appeared, their holograms glowing faintly.

  • Helo Roslia: "I've been expecting this day since the Regellians initially found this planet and when we ousted the Icolians from their underground lair. Admiral Teremeda, with your permission, I want the Aeolus to lead the charge against these aggressors."

Admiral Teremeda, a female Libertus responded with a smile.

  • Teremeda: "By all means captain. After all, you discovered this world and it's only fitting that you should lead the charge in protecting it against these warmongers.

Her hologram turned to face an offscreen bridge officer.

  • Teremeda: "Subcommander, coordinate our attacks with the Aeolus' tactical officer. They will help us punch through the Regellian and Icolian positions."

Turning back to face Captain Roslia, she nodded and one by one the holographic images of the Republic captains disappeared as they began to prepare their ship for battle. Helo turned to face his senior officers, many of whom were with him since their days onboard the Avenger, fighting and exploring in adventures such as when they travelled to the distant future.

  • Roslia: "Don't worry. We'll get through this. We always do. Action stations!"

Chapter Eleven: Battle of Mou'Cyran[]

The Battle of Mou'Cyran rages in orbit.

All across the Aeolus, the crew prepared for battle as the mighty Star Destroyer zoomed up from the lower atmosphere and toward the enemy fleet. As he sat on his chair, Helo gave the order to engage filling the surrounding space with the bright colours of turbolaser lances and all manner of torpedoes which burnt across space before impacting violently against the enemy vessels, some of which exploded while others remained sturdy thanks to the power of their shields.

Zooming past the larger Aeolus, the swift Intrepid under Captain Hakovon easily evaded the Regellian plasma torpedoes but found itself entrapped in an Icolian web, which slowly began to contract around the defenseless ship. Just as the web was about to crush in upon the Intrepid, a vortex torpedo from the nearby Phoebus destroyed the Icolian dreadnought that cast it, freeing the Intrepid.

On the bridge of her flagship, Tai'Rex's eyes darted from viewscreen to viewscreen, coordinating her fleet with utmost precision. Catching a Republic frigate in her tractor beam, Tai'Rex unleashed a volley of plasma at her prey, dissecting the unfortunate ship and dooming what remained of its crew to die of asphyxiation. Smiling for a brief second, Tai'Rex watched the battle unfold from the main viewscreen. The green hulled Regellian vessels darted like angry wasps around the larger Republic cruisers while the massive and alien-looking Icolian Dreadnoughts blasted chunks of hull from once mighty battleships which burned as they entered the planet's atmosphere.

Tai'Rex is arrested.

However, they had underestimated the resolve of the Republic to protect their new home. Though the hull of the Aeolus was battered and bruised by disruptor and tetryon weapons, it still led the Republic flotilla valiantly against the invaders. One by one, Regellian vessels either exploded under constant Republic fire or were captured by boarding parties. The Icolians on the other hand fought to the bitter end, using their highly advanced technology to banish thousands of lives to the abyss of cold space. However, after several hours of fighting, even they were forced to retreat.

On her bridge, Tai'Rex watched in horror as Maengmum and his fleet broke off their attack on the planet and as her own fleet began to fall apart. Her flagship was now losing power quickly, though to her fury the damaged viewscreen showed three Republic vessels surround her ship. Before she could abandon ship, three saurians transported themselves onto the bridge and raised their weapons.

  • Helo Roslia: "You're under arrest."


The Battle of Mou'Cyran was over, though at a devastating cost. Over one thousand Republic personnel lost their lives in the battle to defend their new home. The CRS Bravery, CRS Gold and the CRS Antares were destroyed, their crews hailed as heroes. In the brig of the CRS Aeolus, Captain Roslia approached the captured Tai'Rex's cell, his expression stern and hiding a cold fury within. The Regellian Admiral stood with her hands behind her back.

  • Tai'Rex: "Have you come to torture me for information? You will be disappointed."
  • Helo Roslia: "We don't torture our prisoners. No matter how disgusting they are. I have a single question; What are you after? What could possibly be worth all the lives you just sacrificed?"
  • Tai'Rex: "I have watched your kind grow and expand into space rightfully owned by the Rihanae people. You have no business here tampering with the powers that lie below."

Captain Roslia narrowed his eyes.

  • Helo Roslia: "What powers? You mean what the Icolians were after?"

Tai'Rex scoffed and turned her back. Helo raised his voice.

A secret below Mou'Cyran is revealed.

  • Helo Roslia: "Answer me and there's a small chance you'll see your people again. Ignore me, and you'll spend the rest of your live in a cell!"

A single tear falling from her eye, Tai'Rex sighed and gave the captain a set of coordinates deep under the planet's surface. Before she could ask to be released, Captain Roslia spun on his heels and walked briskly away, leaving the Admiral to wallow in regret. Quickly scanning the site of the coordinates, Commander Sevine informed him that there was a massive system of underground tunnels stretching for kilometres beneath the surface of the southern continent. Bringing the Sevine with him, Helo made his way to the shuttle craft, which lifted off from the hangar deck of the Aeolus and sped towards the atmosphere, where it touched down near an entry to the cave system. For hours, they trekked through the darkness until finally they made their way into an easily missed antechamber. What they saw sent shivers down their spine.

A lone being hovered silently above the ground beyond a highly advanced energy field, it's large bulbous head tilting slightly in the direction of the new arrivals, it's black eyes piercing into their very souls.

  • Sevine: "Sir... Is that...?"
  • Helo Roslia: "Xeranbha".

Both Sevine and Helo drew their weapons and pointed it towards the Xeranbha, whose eerie voice sounded in their head.

  • Xeranbha: "Most unacceptable."

With a gesture of its hand, their weapons short-circuited.

  • Xeranbha: "I am the prize that so many have fought for. I am Xeranbha. I am Overseer. Look upon me and gaze at that which will herald unto this universe eternal perfection."

Helo stood forward, defiantly facing the Overseer.

  • Helo Roslia: "I don't care who you are. I helped repel your kind in the future, and I'll do it again here!"

Staring the Overseer directly in its alien face, Helo noticed that it appeared unnerved about him for a brief second. He suddenly felt a gentle hand brush against his shoulder. His messenger; Sonja.

  • Sonja: "The big nasty Overseer is frightened of a puny little Libertus. I told you Helo, you're special."

Before they could react, two more figures entered the chamber. They appeared to be Libertus garbed in an all-black uniform. Aiming a device at the Overseer, one of the Libertus shot a stasis field around the Xeranbha, rendering him immobile.

  • Sevine: "What the?! Who are you people?"

As his partner prepared the Xeranbha for beam-out, one of the newly arrived agents turned to Helo and Sevine.

  • Agent: "We're with Majestic. You have both done well, though the agency will take care of things from here. I assure you both that this world is now safe from this creature and we will take the necessary precautions to ensure its termination."
  • Helo Roslia: "Termination? You have no idea what you're dealing with!"

Nonchalantly, the agent turned away from them.

  • Agent: "I assure you sir. We do."

With that, the Overseer was transported away, followed immediately by the mysterious agents in black. Though still unnerved by what happened, Helo and Sevine turned back towards where their shuttle was landed, confident that Mou'Cyran was now safe to develop as a proud capital world of the New Cyrannian Republic, the beacon of hope of the universe.

As Helo and Sevine walked out of the empty chamber, a lone female figure emerged from the shadows, her black eyes darting across the room. Smiling deviously to herself, she activated a hidden console, revealing an ancient gateway built into the rock.

  • D'anna: "Ah, just where we left it."



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