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Mortikran is a Mortalitas who served both the Confederacy and the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Dreaded, brutal and ruthless he is a capable officer and commander of both army and naval forces.

During his carreer he found his arc enemy into Claire Rambo, a female Rambo sergeant. After some events, Mortikran found himself serving under her for a limited period of time. This act made Mortikran unpredictable, and he wouldn't hesitate to kill her at any change given.

Mortikran is a Mortalitas who is fiercly loyal to his queen, but has a perserve interesst in humanoid females, as he likes them to dance for him in revealing outfits. A trait often questioned by other individuals.


Early History[]

Mortikran was born at the Mortalitas homeworld Moreuse in the Mortoi Supercluster. When the Mortalitas allied and later on even joined the Imperial Alliance in Quadrant 89 Mortikran decided to join the Imperial Navy.

During his training he learned many things about warfare and how to engage the URC and Rambo with various tactics and differant kind of Imperial vessels. However shortly after the disastrous defeat during the Fornaeria Campaign the Regent of the Alliance, Aur'Lodin killed the Galactic Emperor and the Alliance was disolved and the Mortalitas left and fully joined the newly formed Confederacy of Allied Systems in the Cyrannus Galaxy.

Confederate service[]

Though fresh from Imperial Acadamy Mortikran was soon promoted to Confederate Commander upon the start of the Great Cyrannus War. With the most belovent and famous Supreme Commander Zillum the Mortalitas began open war against the URC. During the early stage of the war he soon proved to be ruthless but a capable commander, making use of his enemies overconfidence or tactics to ensure his own victories. Taking command of the Emperico Class Mortalitan Bastion he patrolled Confederate borders during the first two years of the war and wasn't seen in battle.

Facing Claire and Muunithrond at Nosiso

However in the third he was assigned to the fleet protecitng Nosiso and Mortikran became stationed at Nosiso during the Purity Crisis and second battle of Nosiso During the battle he managed to capture Claire Rambo and unleash a Secoolian upon her. He also managed to destroy a convoy of advancing Rambo Nation ships due to bombarding various stone bridges. Later on he manged to capture Claire Rambo and took her as a hostage. Confronting her he told her he tasted her fear of him when he licked his her neck, but was stopped by Senator Muunithrond when he entered the chamber. Opening fire at the commander Claire was able to escape and Mortikran bite the senator his throat in anger and vengeance. Furious he ordered his Nosiso troopers to search for Claire and ordered his other officers to launch the new plasma/energy cannons, which incernated the majority of the Rambo fleet in orbit.

Mortikran faces a captured Claire

Later on, escaping the battle Mortikran was assigned to patrol the borders in the Unknown Region of the Cyrannus Galaxy. Hating patrol duties, he was bored when reading his sensor report, only the kitchen' stock seemed to have problems, but nothing major. When Mortikran his forces discovered Claire as a stowaway he was pleased to see her again and went to her holding cell, though first he ordered her uniform to be taken off, as he liked humanoids in exotic cloathes. Claire on the other hand felt really affraid of it, and cold. When he told Claire he would have fun with her a Mortalitas trooper disturbed him and asked him if he was to take her honor. In anger he turned and grabbed the trooper his head, and with a show of his tremendous force he ripped of the head of the unfortunate trooper. Mortikran then turned his attention to the other trooper, and asked him if he too thought Mortikran was going to take her honor. When the guard replied with a no Mortikran turned his attention at Claire again. The girl, who looked really affraid said nothing, though she screamed when Mortikran pushed a button.

USS Goddard vs Mortalitan Bastion

The girl was suddenly rocketed by electricity, yelling in pain she hit the ground hard, with spasms over her whole body she slowly got her breath again and tears rolled down her cheek. Mortikran had fun, he liked torturing people for fun! When the girl asked why he did this, he simply laughed and continued electrocuting the girl for another 125 minutes, until she finally lost her conscious. Mortikran then left for the bridge, waiting for another session.

A few days later (and many torturing sessions later) the Mortalitan Bastion came under attack by the Rambo ship the USS Goddard. Decloacking it surprised Mortikran his crew and managed to disable both the engines and the shields. Able to send a recon party to save Claire, the Mortalitan Bastion was able to damage the USS Goddard but Mortikran's forces were unable to prevent the saving and loss of Claire Rambo. Stranded in the unknown regions of the Cyrannus Galaxy Mortikran asked for aid of the Confederacy, as his ship was unable to use their hyperdrive. Mortikran vowed revenge on Claire!

Yet his revenge had to wait as both the URC and CAS were reformed into the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, under rule of the evil and dreaded Emperor Tyrómairon.

In service of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus[]

Battle of New Ramhall begins

Shortly after the forming of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus (often reffered as Cyrannians) Mortikran was assigned to the Angelic under command of Captain Pierea to invade the Rambo colony of New Ramhall, as the Empire wanted all extra-galactic empire away from Cyrannus.

Hunting Claire Rambo at New Ramhall

As the two fleets engaged most of Pierea his fleet was destroyed and the Angelic almost chrashed in the swamps of New Ramhall. Luckily it didn't and Mortikran led his forces against the Rambo Nation troopers stationed at New Ramhall. After heavy battles in the swamp Mortikran eventually managed to lay siege to the capital city and conquered her. After rounding up most of the Rambo troopers he send his troopers to execute one of the Rambo commanders, Sergeant Master Sephis for his incompetence. While he himself began hunting down Claire Rambo, who he dispises so much. He eventually found her and took her captive and brought her to a holding cell.

Moranonúgur prepares to leave, with Mortikran and Claire as goodbye party!

Yet he didn't had time to torture or question her as the Rambo fleet in orbit was pressing her attack at the reinforcements send by the Cyrannians. Soon Mortikran found out that a massive ship under command of fleet captain Mjärt was secretly aiding the Rambo fleet from behind a moon. He dispatched three ships to engage the ship and Mjärt was forced to withdraw.

Happily his mood soon changed as Moranon'ungur, an Mornûnendur Acolyte and servant of the Emperor would arrive at New Ramhall to recuit Claire Rambo into his service. Annoyed he welcome the dark messenger and brought him to Claire Rambo her holding cell. There the dark messenger gave Claire a new uniform (she first refused but after giving the option of chancing her uniform herself or with help of troopers she made the choice of doing it herself, much to his dismay). With her new uniform and helmet Moranonúngur preshed a button at his arm and he heard Claire scream as a thin needle went through her skull, shutting down all emetions and personality from her as she now was a loyal servant of the Emperor. More to his surprise she was made Moranonúngur his Hand and was now higher in rank than Mortikran.

Engaging the Last Hope above Nex

Upon the dark messenger his leave, both Mortikran and Claire were assigned to hunt down former URC president Apollo by all means. The Venator star destroyer Obliberator was given for Claire and Mortikran to command. While Claire gave the commander the honor of hunting down the former president of the URC Mortikran had no idea where to search, since the area he could travel to was immense. Luckily Mortikran was contacted by the Praetor of Nex. Smiling he began forming his plan and upon Apollo's escape to orbit (the Preator failed to keep him into custody) Mortikran and three other ships dropped out of hyperspace to engage Apollo his fleet.

With aid of a interdiction frigate Mortikran managed to prevent the Last Hope of escaping, though most of the civilian fleet did escape. None the less Apollo was his target and two Imperial star destroyers began engaging the Last Hope. Yet Mortikran his plan was thwarted by Cretacea, as he targeted the interdiction frigate and managed to disable her gravity well, allowing the Last Hope to jump into hyperspace. Mortikran slammed his fist at the command chair, Apollo had escaped him!

After the attack he was ordered by Claire to persue Apollo while she travelled to an area known as the Space in Between, a small area of space between the Quadrants and Cyrannus which holds a second gate way into Quadrant 82. As the battle of Angforst showed the Empire that only the Quadrant82-Cyrannus wormhole was not enough to maintain power over the Rambo.

Mortikran then began a ruthless assault for the remaining of the year but was always behind Apollo, facing the same problems as finding enough water and food supplies. Luckily while still in Empire space Mortikran could claim these goods in name of the Empire from member planets. Near the end of 01 NE, when Apollo his fleet encountered the Basileus the Republic Remnant- Mortikran was mere lightyears away and pressed his fleet to capture the fleet as fast as possible.

The Obliberator attacks Colonial One.

Only a few weeks later, Mortikran came across the Republic Remnant yet again, causing the Republic's fleet to escape. Nevertheless, he managed to disable the engines of Apollo's flagship, Colonial One, which eventually managed to escape as well. Enraged by this failure, Mortikran decided to kill Apollo if it was the last thing he did.

Obliberator attacked by a Cube

Mortikran relentlessly persued Apollo to no avail. Venturing further into the into the Unknown Regions Mortikran grew uneasy- he didn't like these parts as there were terrible rumors about them. Suddenly the sensors of the Obliberator detected a strange signal. The viewscreen showed nothing, and Mortikran ordered to use heat-detecting scanners which showed a Neraida Cube. Suddenly a transmission was recieved, which showed an assimilated Libertus to Mortikran' surprise. When the individual identified himself as Apollo all couldn't believe there eyes. All of a sudden the Cube attacked the Obliberator and dealt heavy damage to the Venator-class. During the battle Commandant Khuenaten teleported onboard and roared at Mortikran. Mortikran had difficulties preventing Khuenaten from killing him but narrowly managed to evade the Commandant and used an escape pod to escape the battle.

Looking back he saw his precious Obliberator being assimilated and vowed to report this event to the Emperor himself. Eventually he arrived at Obispira and informed the Emperor about the event. Confident the Republic Remnant was destroyed as well- the Emperor dismissed Mortikran who was left furious and not content with the Emperor' decision.

Empire takes back the K-7 station from the Hutters

Near the end of the 3rd month, after recieving command of the Secutor-class star dreadnought Infernal- Mortikran was contacted by Grand Mandator Garlboz, and old acquintance. Mortikran travelled to Quadrant 89 where two Ifrit-class star destroyers joined the Infernal. Meanwhile Garlboz also came onboard and ordered him to advance to the K-7 station.

Mortikran was pleased, at last he would see battle again since his recent loss against the Neraida. For that matter, he wasn't so sure the Republic Remnant was destroyed. While they approached the fleet Mortikran also wondered how his arch enemy, Claire was doing? Mortikran was awakened from his thoughts by Garlboz who asked a status report. He replied that all was ready and Garlboz gave the order to attack. The battle was fierce but short, the Infernal overpowered the Hutter fleet though they managed to destroy one of the Ifrit-class star destroyers. After the Hutters retreated Mortikran joined Garlboz while they set a course to the Rambo Capital.

Attacking the Resistance at Kreeta

Staying at the Capital for a while, Mortikran recieved another mission by Garlboz. An investigation mission- much to the annoyance of Mortikran. It later turned out that around Kreeta a New Rambo Resistance fleet was stationed and Mortikran took a fleet of 5 Venator-class star destroyers, as well as his own ship to engage this Resistance. During the battle his fleet easily overpowered the fleet of the Resistance and began a ground invasion of Kreeta. Sending the Resistance on the run, killing many troopers he eventually encountered Claire Rambo and a few of her new "friends". Wanting to kill Claire he launched himself upon her but before getting hold of her- Claire did a back-kick right into his face, staggering Mortikran. Seconds later a Venator-class was destroyed in low orbit and the falling debris prevented Mortikran from persuing Claire. He witnessed her escape but was still happy that the Resistance had been dealt with and reported back to Garlboz who seemed to be pleased.

Trabl and Mortikran promise to aid eachother!

Afterwards, he began a long period of border patrols, much to the dismay of Mortikran himself who wanted to still his lust for battle and blood. When the Empire supported the forming of the New Cyranian Republic during the Cyrandia Conference he grew disatisfied with the Empire.

A few months after the Conference, in the fourth month of 03 NE/06 AQF he recieved a request of aid from Rambo fleet captain Trabl. Surprised that a Rambo officer would ask aid from an Imperial, he travelled to Yudumarth and met with Trabl. There the fleet captain explained he needed Mortikran and his forces aid to hunt down and root out a rebellion at the planet the Rambo just occupated.

Mortikran' forces leave no survivors!

Pleased to have some action again, Mortikran began deploying his forces and was promised to have no interference in hunting down the rebellion from Rambo forces. Plus, as an advance he would get the pupper ruler, Aayilah as an escort and personal advisor on the matter. The young Yudimaran female didn't like it, but Mortikran did. He soon deployed a part of his ground forces and began his march towards Yudumarth City, the largest and strongest stronghold of the remaining Yudimaran rebels.

Mortikran oversees the march to Yudumarth City

Reaching the outer bridges of the city, Mortikran and his forces encountered resistance, various Yudimaran soldiers and tanks opened fire at the Imperial forces. Unimpressed, Mortikran ordered his forces to return fire and after a few hours the Yudimaran soldiers signaled their surrender with wavering a white flag. Unwilling to accept it, Mortikran ordered his forces to continue firing and slaughtered all of the remaining rebels, much to the joy of Mortikran. His forces later approached Yudumarth City and with little resistance easily conquered the second major city of Yudumarth.

Rise and downfal of Mortikran[]

Mortikran grew bored by the pleas of Syria, the easy victories and the lack of contact with fleet captain Trabl. After the city was secured, he took a shuttle back to his ship, it was time he contacted Trabl about his victory.

Infernal crippled

Before he could arrive onboard his ship he send a shuttle with injured personal and damaged equipment back to the Infernal. He didn't knew the rebels altered the damaged walker with bombs and shortly before his own arrival, he witnessed the Infernal being hit by internal explosions, crippling the massive and impressive vessel. Angered, he demanded medical aid for his crew and an immedate pullback for repairs. When the Rambo officers neglected to tug his ship to the nearest space station, as none of their own could tug a ship that size he grew even more furious as his precious flagship was hovering drifless in orbit of Yudumarth.

Garlboz, Mortikran and Rambarth forge a plot against the Empire

After reaching rumors of the apparent arrest of Zillum, the greatest of all Mortalitas- Mortikran grew dissatisfied with Empire matters, believing that the Libertus were trying to take over the vital roles from the Mortalitas. As such Mortikran began developing plans to perhaps leave the Empire, while onboard the Infernal in orbit of Yudumarth, perhaps Rambo Nation or the Mortalitas could need a capable and strick governor for this dust ball. In the 12th month of 06 AQF, Mortirkan set his plans into motion as he wished to serve under Zillum once more. These events take place during the Ortum a Dynastia and the New Cyrandia Wars, where he started with a visit with Hand of the Monarch, Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo to confront Grand Mandator Garlboz. Talking about the possibilty to support Rambo's upcoming request to lift the "protectrate" status, while in secret switching sides and pledge loyalty to the Cyrannian Imperial State and to act against the emperor and the Libertus domination. At first hesistant, Mortikran convinced Galrboz it could be done, if he himself would use his ship to take control over Lianna-station and the wormhole nearby, Garlboz could send Angforst to blockade the Q82-Cyrannus wormhole. After Garlboz failed and was apprehended by Rambo forces, Mortikran went into hiding.

Encountering James Rambo at Gaskhan

During the 12th month of 06 AQF, Mortikran encountered James Rambo at the homeworld of the Gaskhan, after killing a crewmember he spoke with James Rambo and warned him not to hunt him down or he would destroy any Rambo ship that followed him. In truth he had downloaded the most recent date from the Rambo shuttle so he could plot a route to him homeworld while hiding at the Unclaimed Territories for a while. Further more he wanted to know where Claire Rambo was, claiming to capture her would redeem his honor as well as having a nice price to bring before his supreme commander, Zillum.

Battle and loss of the Infernal

To get to Zillum, Mortikran needed to travel to one of the wormholes leading to the Cyrannus Galaxy, but that would mean to travel to either Rambo Nation or Galactic Empire of Cyrannus territory and leaving the safety of the Unclaimed Territories behind, something he didn't want at all. Sadly for Mortikran, the choice was made for him when a Hutter Kingdom and Lianna Initiative fleet engaged his flagship, the Infernal. Overpowered and taken by surprise Mortikran was forced to abandon his prized ship and crew and managed to escape using an escape pod.

Lizaconda and Mortikran in discussion at Galvarus

After the battle the Initiative fleet was unable to track down Mortikran, but he was placed on the wanted list of Rambo Natin for crimes commited against them. He eventually found his way to Galvarus, a Lizardian superstructure where he found refuge under the protective wings of his friend, Lizaconda. Over time however the two grew increasingly at odds about the course both their races were taking. Mortikran felt little for a peaceful co-excistence with the Rambo or the New Republic. Instead he desired for another conflict to bring back the glory days of their warrior races. Asking aid from Zillum didn't even change the mind of Lizaconda and as a result the events of the Fury of Galvarus unfold. Sieging the weapon he broke the arm of Lizaconda and ripped out an eye before killing the unfortunate Lizardian. Afterwards he launched the weapon upon the Rambo Capital, destroying its three moons before reporting back to Zillum.

In october of 20 AQF the Mortikran led a fleet of Lizardians to attempt to siege the Interdimensional Warp Gate during the Crossing Line-incident. He failed and retreated after the construct was destroyed by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. He did manage to take one of the disabled star destroyers of the Hegemony.

Personality and Traits[]


Mortikran is a ruthless and mean person, not hesitating to sacrifice his own troops or ships if needed. Further more he is described as sadistic, as he likes to torture his preys or enemies by very painfull means, especialley if they first defy his will. Mortikran has proven himself to be a capable commander, using the overconfidence of his enemies to ensure his own victories. However when enraged, Mortikran looses all senses and will do everything for revenge, until he has calmed again he is making tactics again. This trait makes him a bit unpredictable, to both his allies and foes.

Mortikran wears a decorated helmet and armor, given to him by the Imperial Alliance in past times.

Another strange trait of Mortikran is his fondness for female humanoids, as he likes to see them in revealing outfits. The reasons for this even Mortikran himself doesn't understand, as he dislikes humanoids in general and sees Mortalitas as the most supreme creatures of all. Mortikran himself reasoned that this trait of himself probably gave him the feeling of supremecy over others.

His ego on the other hand was greatly hurt after the loss of the Infernal and him being placed as "Wanted" by the Rambo authorities, already making his unstable mental status even more questionable.



Green face.pngThey are worthy to stand beside me!

  • Tyrómairon - My Emperor, the Dark Lord of the Mornûnendur!
  • Moch-Na - My royal Empress of all Mortalitas, I will serve you well M'Lady.
  • Galactic Emperor - The former Imperial Emperor, who brougth the Mortalitas to new heights!
  • Zillum - The greatest of all Mortalitas!


Yellow face.pngI can work with these!


Red face.pngAnnoyances

  • Apollo - It doesn't matter to me if you are a Libertus or an assimilated one, you will die either way!
  • Aur'Lodin - The former Regent of the Imperial Alliance, responsible for the fall of the great Alliance.
  • Claire Rambo - A stupid humanoid, my arc enemy I now have to serve?
  • Decimius - Blah, Libertus disgrace and Imperial officer
  • Khuenaten - Filthy Grox garbage!
  • Moranonúngur - Servant of the Dark Lord, who took the fun away from my arc enemy!
  • Rambas II - Captain in service of Rambo Nation, one of the commanders of the FoR and responsible for my defeat at Nosisio.



The Mortalitan Bastion is a Mortalitas/Confederate Emporicó-class. Her task is simple, ship to ship combat, overwhelming the enemy forces with her quad turbolaser batteries, dual laser cannons and heavy ion cannons. Her shields are strong, one of the strongest seen in the Confederate navy. Other roles the ship could execute were orbital bombardments and the class is vital in blockades. Launched during the Great Cyrannus War Mortikran recieved command of the Mortalitan Bastion upon his entrence into Confederate service. Commanding one of the largest Confederate ships in active service, Mortikran was send to Nosisio, to set up the defenses of the planet holding the most important Confederate weapon factories.

Upon his entrance into Cyrannian service he abandoned the ship for the Obliberator.

The Mortalitan Bastion had a size of 5000 meters.

Imperial Venator.png

The Venator class star destroyer Obliberator is a star destroyer that saw active service during the Great Cyrannus War. It survived the Great Cyrannus War and took part during the Battle of New Ramhall in 01 NE and took little damage from the Rambo blockade. As such upon Moranonúngur arrival he assigned both Claire and Mortikran to the Venator class to hunt down former URC president Apollo by all means.

The Obliberator is 1,500 meters long, larger than most Cyrannian vessels and yet small enough to be underestimated by a weaker enemy. The size of the Obliberator makes her capable of landing at a planet's surface safely to unload troopers for battle.

The Obliberator is equipped with various heavy dual turbolaser turrets and many more powerful weapons, capable of tearing apart enemy ships.

The Obliberator was destroyed in 02 NE by a Neraida Cube under command of an assimilated Apollo.


The Infernal is the third ship under command of Mortikran. The Infernal is a 7,550 meter long prototype Bellator-class Star Dreadnought. Equipped with heavy turbolaser cannons, Heavy ion cannons, Tractor beam projectors, Medium and light turbolasers, Vortex Torpedoes and Hyperspace Missile Launchers it is one of the more powerful vessels of the Imperial Navy. The Infernal is equipped with strong shields and her fire power can easily overpower Rambo ships, and even Imperial-class star destroyers would have a hard time surviving an encounter with the star dreadnought.

The Infernal was launched in the 3rd month of 02 NE, and her maiden voyage was travelling to Quadrant 89 and engaging the Hutters at the Rambo K-7 station. During the battle she did not recieve any significant damage and returned back to Quadrant 82.

Her appearance is one of a few, as the new Bellator-class recieved a much more differant and more powerful appearance.


Quotes from others[]

A perv and ruthless person

- Claire Rambo of Rambo Nation

I hope your... interests aren't affecting your performance in battle.

- Zillum

Touch my body and you are DEAD.

- Agnassana

Why must Tyrómairon have such unsavory characters in his ranks?

- Tyton Sialis



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