The Mortalitas are an infamous race of mosasaurians native to the mysterious and unexplored starcluster of Mortiol in the out lying regions of the Cyrannus galaxy.

The Mortalitas are known to have large swaths of space in the Quadrant Galaxies and the Cyrannus Galaxy, where tensions have risen in the last century, mainly between the nations of the Libertus. They are members in the Confederacy of Allied Systems, however they have a huge degree of independence.


Early BeginningsEdit

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Mortalitas citizens during the Empire's early years.

The Mortalitas Empire’s origins can be traced back over 11,000 years, during their civilization stage. The Mortalitas Homeworld originally was home to many city-states, which constantly battled one another for the control of the planet’s limited resources. Nations that attempted to be peaceful, and share their resources were quickly crushed.

The world was on the brink of total anarchy. Citizens took up arms against their leaders, and the planet loomed over a dark era.

However, then the day came when a new leader arose. Emperor Zilonan, a charismatic young Mortalitas strived to bring chaos to order. Using his political skills, he united two warring city states, and founded the United Morta Empire, the beginning of the shape of things to come.

Zilonan knew that in order to advance the Mortalitas species he would need to be relentless and be open to new ideas. Quickly and decisively, he shut down all religious establishments and imposed strict laws against the use of religion in public. He knew that science and a large military was the way forward. Pouring trillions of Moras (Currency) into the fields of national defence, education and science, he hoped to create the most powerful nation on the planet, with all others bowing to his feet.

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Military service was, in the early years of the United Morta Empire, compulsory.

The citizens of the United Morta Empire were ruled upon fairly, so long as they keep to the rules of the Emperor, if they failed to comply to the laws, the result would be strict and fatal.

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Rival Mortalitas dying in a nuclear attack.

Emperor Zilonan then turned his attention to foreign relations. All around his great empire, smaller nations bickered and fought from everything, weapons, food and even water, which was in short supply on the cold planet.

Disgusted, and yet happy, Zilonan launched a full scale invasion of the neighbouring countries, quickly conquering them. Those who caused problems were destroyed with nuclear weapons. During this period, space was first being explored, however not for peaceful reasons, the UME set up orbital bombardment stations in orbit, which could quickly crush defiant nations.

When the entire planet was under control, Zilonan unexpectedly died, he was followed up by his daughter, Empress Moioum who had to bear the brunt of her father excessive use of nuclear weapons, and the ice caps of the Mortalitas Homeworld melted dramatically, completely submerging the planet (Which was mostly low laying continents).

The Empress led her people to the seas, and over time their very physiology changed. They became more streamlined and became equally at home in water as on land. In their submarine lairs, the Mortalitas advanced at huge rates, experimenting with new technologies and sciences. In this era of rebirth, Moioum led her people into space, colonizing moons, planets and eventually the entire star system.

Over time, FTL (Faster than Light) drives were built, and the Mortalitas ruthlessly expanded their empire to over 50 well defended colonies within two years. Upon encountering a new empire, they would destroy it, and assimilate the planet and its resources.

Over a period of thousands of years, the newly formed Mortalitas Empire grew to control the entire galactic arm, and eventually, the entire Mortiol Galaxy itself. The Empire of the Mortalitas was indeed an immensely powerful empire. A few years after the Mortalitas reached control of the galaxy, a splinter rebel group used the newly invented Intergalactic Engines to flee from the empire. They were last seen heading in the direction of galaxy M101...Cyrannus.

Mortalitas War

This was the first major conflict in the history of the CSA. It began when Mortalitas Capital Ships attacked the Capricyránae colony of Fiins. Former President Gua-Long quickly declared war. The conflict was long and bloody and after years of bloodshed the CSA invaded the Mortalitas homeworld in Cyrannus. The battle was won quickly as the Mortalitas retreated to the core. Sector wide celebrations followed. But this was only the beginning, as this was not the main Mortalitas Empire, but a small and weak off shoot.

Trucinex War
Trucinex Contact with Mortalitas

General Zillum makes contact with the Trucinex Imperium, and agrees to help them in the war.

The Nex Prophet realised that he would also need allies in order to turn the tide. His research led him the an empire known as the Mortalitas, whom after a defeat by the CSA, were colonising the galaxy near Trucinex space. A Trucinex Captain was sent to make contact with this new empire. The captain was located by an individual known as Zillum, a towering individual who had an air of authority, the two discussed for a long time, and eventually an alliance was formed.

Mortalitas Attack

The Mortalitas attack two CSA ships.

The Trucinex coordinated with the Mortalitas in order to organize attacks upon the CSA. General Zillum was tasked with coordinating the attacks, and the first one, conducted over a known CSA trade route was deemed to be the first target. Jumping out of hyperspace, the Mortalitas warships completely surprised the two CSA destroyers and destroyed them within moments. Zillum smiled, the CSA would fear him.

Age of the Imperial Alliance Edit

Second Galactic War
Battle of Tuacio

Battle of Tuacio

Only a few days after the Capricorn Sector Alliance joined the war, The Fleet of Retribution was formed. This massive fleet is one of the most elite fighting forces in Cyrannus and the Quadrants, and President Inviere and Empress Ramashe couldn't wait to use the fleet to take revenge on the Imperial Alliance.

However, unbeknownst to the allies, a great threat was stirring on the planet Tuacio, the infamous Mortalitas Empire! Recently, the Imperial Captain Lizrawn arrived at the planet, his orders to ally with the Mortalitas. However, an allied invasion fleet arrived first and started attacking the Mortalitas Fleet in orbit. Angered, Lizrawn ordered his Star Destroyer, Labyrinth to aid his new found allies.

However, the battle began to grow sour, the most famous admiral of the CSA, Willelmus Cretacea arrived at the battle and broke throw the blockade, damaging several Imperial ships on the way, the Imperial/Mortalitas Fleet began to break apart and Lizrawn ordered a retreat. The allies had won this battle, but at a dreadful cost...


Zillum meets with Lizrawn, the Mortalitas join the Imperial Alliance.

Lizrawn met with one of the leaders of the Mortalitas, a huge figure clad in gold armour, he sent a vibe of authority down Lizrawn’s neck. The Mortalitas, simply smiled and introduced himself as General Zillum, Supreme Commander of the Mortalitas Armada. The two talked and eventually, Zillum agreed that the Mortalitas should join the Imperials, it was a dark day for the allies, a day that has ripples in the Quadrants even to this day...

Loose End 01

The Imperial Alliance betrays the Rambo Resistance.

As the Galactic Emperor conquered the Rambo Nation Capitol much later in the war, and shorlty after his transmission to the allies of the fallen Rambo, he ordered some Mortalitas and Imperial vessels to attack the Rambo Resistance, the Resistance taken by surprise were watching in awe as there former allies destroyed the remainder of the Resistance Fleet.

Happy, the Mortalitas became respected and feared across the Imperial Alliance.

In the aftermath of the Second Galactic War, the Mortalitas grew impatient with the Galactic Emperor and secretly began constructing a secret confederacy that will one day oppose the mighty Empire.


Apollo stuns Zillum near the end of the Intergalactic War.

General Zillum was involved in many secret missions during the Intergalactic War, when the Mortalitas appeared to have disappeared from sight, causing many in the URC to worry that they have been preparing to strike against the Cyrannus Republic while they have been busy against the Cognatus Alliance.

Near the end of the war, the Galactic Emperor allied with the Cognatus, and conspired with them against the URC, however, the Galactic Emperor knew all too well that the Cognatus would not honour the alliance. In anticipation for a betrayal, he sent Zillum to try to destabilize the Cognatus, who despite being very powerful, where ignorant and boastful of their power.

Before he could act however, he was sent to the Calithilaen System of the URC as part of the huge final battle, his personal mission; to find and capture President Apollo. When Zillum found Apollo, the two exchanged insults, and just as Zillum was about to make his move, Apollo shot a stun blast at him, temporarily stopping him. Angered, he took the Imperial Fleet and returned to the Empire’s space.

Age of the Confederacy Edit


Mortalitas exterminating Asgord during the short battle.

The Mortalitas became the founding members of the Confederacy of Allied Systems, a huge alliance of many likeminded empires. However, they also experienced a drawback, the fall of the Imperial Alliance, the death of the Galactic Emperor and the betrayal of his hand. Yet, this proved to be a blessing for the Mortalitas, who under the influence of the more peaceful races in the Confederacy, became much more peaceful, yet still ,very aggressive.

They grew the genuine urge to liberate the galaxy from the influence of the seemingly corrupt Republic. During the Great Cyrannus Wars, the Mortalitas became the fleet and shipmasters of the Confederacy.

They joined the Asgord Genocide at the end of 1 ATC, without support from the other members of the CAS. Nevertheless, they sent a large fleet to conquer as many Asgord planets as possible. The first of these was Ekotanes, a large colony in the Kraw Galaxy, Mortalitas Warriors beamed down in the center of a city, cutting up Asgord and crushing them under their feet. True to their Asgordian ways, the government of the planet sent a delegation to greet the new arrivals, but when the delegation attempted to hug the invaders, the Mortalitas quickly exterminated them, and the majority of the Asgord on the planet. The Confederate Senate was not informed of this.

They were later rescued by an unknown force when the Xhodocto scourged the universe, destroying their home galaxy of Mortiol. They now inhabited Cyrannus and continued to wage war on the URC and its allies.

Relationships Edit


Green faceThese empires will help us restore unity and prosperity to the cosmos.


Red faceThese empires shall be overthrown. They are corrupt and mire the universe with their presence!

Quotes from other EmpiresEdit

These monsters have been plaguing us for countless years, every time we defeat them, they come back more deadly then before!

- Apollo, President of the United Republic of Cyrannus

Can I pet you?

- Diplomat Lezia of the FRA

Anyone enemies with our allies are also our enemies!

- Captain Jerkon of the Dracogonarious

Are trusted allies, admirable for their strength and courage in battle, I trust their allegiance will be most beneficial

- Admiral Votarah

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