Morgandaûr, better known as the Galactic Emperor or the Unknown Entity returns in his new armour, his true form of power and his lust for vengance hasn't been gone since his defeat by Aur'Lodin!

Though no one knows he actually has returned, simply due to the fact he acts as the sorcerer of Carnthedain, hiding in the Space in Beween and always plotting his next move.


Early HistoryEdit

Morgandaûr was created or born in the Chaos Realm as Vulgrat and soon became a servant of Artmyris, serving as his trusted spy and intelligence gatherer.

Vulgrat in the Chaos Realm

However after Artmyris was defeated for the first time and was banished to the Chaos Realm he gave Morgandaûr a special mission, to travel to the mortal world and carry out his following mission.

In his demonic form he was known as Vulgrat, but as soon as he was given the mission to travel to the mortal world he changed his name and appearance to that of Morgandaûr.

Unknown Entity and Galactic EmperorEdit

Around 1500 BQF Morgandaûr, now known as the Unknown Entity arrived in Quadrant 89. There he saw great empires, living apart and at the brink of war, this he saw as an oppertunity for himself andn for his master. And so he began to set things into motion.

Although he did not anticipate the arrivel of Rambo Nation in Quadrant 89 around 26 BQF, he made sure the Rambulan Star Empire made contact with them and slow there expanse in the system. He then personally assisinated the Lizardian Emperor and the Rambulan Emperor and their most loyal captains. What remained of the officers, quickly decided that they better ally with the Unknown Entity, because he showed his might and he promised great things and the conquering of Quadrant 89 and Quadrant 82, the home system of Rambo Nation and the Noble Alliance.

The Unknown Entity

The Great Galactic Emperor

When he learned of the Rambo and there involvement in the Tigris War he contacted the Saurien Sector Coalition around 18 BQF, a nation who betrayed the Rambo and now stood at the brink of desctruction. There leader, pleased by the Unknown Entity's plan, quickly ordered a mass migration to Quadrant 89. And so he proclaimed the Imperial Alliance was formed. But that they had to be careful, so he ordered the War Council to form a plan that would hit Rambo Nation at her crucial point.

He also ordered that they mostly remained quiet and at the back ground, the time to rise and reveal themselves was soon to come.

Morgandaûr kills Rambo Emperor

Morgandaûr kills the Rambo Emperor

Shortly before Morgandaûr would order the Imperial Alliance to wage full war against the Rambo he ordered them to bombard the Rambo Capital. During the battle, Morgandaûr in secret teleported into the throne room and faced the Rambo Emperor. Taken by surprise the Rambo Emperor stood no chance as Morgandaûr killed him with a swift strike, sending blood around the entire chamber. Morgandaûr smiled, now this was how Rambo blood tasted. He then teleported back to Quadrant 89, shortly before the room was destroyed by an exploding bomb. As such, all thought the Rambo Emperor was killed during the bombardment, while in fact the Unknown Entity did it. One could only wonder, if he did not due this, would the noble Emperor still have lived?

When the Galactic War (06 BQF) finally started, Morgandaûr ordered his War Councillors to advance into Rambo space and take over as many systems as possible. He was pleased by the succes of Fleet Captain El'd'Shell and the Lizardian Commander. When the Ramrevera and the Tri-Hoornbo Empire had fallen into Imperial hands, he allies himself with the Tralor Empire and ordered them to take over the Dissia System. He was however, very unpleased and angered with the results of the Siege on the Rambo Capital due to the stubborness of Lizkrahmkyn and the following capture of Saraxvrantrix. He then vowed that someone had to pay for this and send his Regent, Aur'Lodin on a special mision.

This mission turned out a meeting with the Imperialea, and after he sended her too Reien, where she killed Lizardian Commander Lizkrahkyn for his failures. She then returned to the Imperial Capitol and went in conclave with the Emperor. The Emperor than contacted Empress Ramashe of Rambo Nation and made peace with her and Rambo Nation, although that seemed to be a ruse. It was later revealed that the Emperor himself went to the Rambo Empire and allied them to start and plot a new war.

Discovery at Koerband

The discovery at Koerband

Eventually, the war was unleashed in the form of the Second Galactic War (0 BQF) and he oversaw battle strategies during war and had a great influance in it. He settled himself at Impearusqiantia and during the fall and liberation of Rambo Nation he met Empress Ramashe in person. He also accepted the Mortalitas to become members of the Imperial Alliance.
Imperial Alliance End?

Defeated and betrayed by Aur'Lodin!

However, near the end of the war, he suddenly withdrawn all the Imperial Forces from allied space, while they still were going strong, the official reason he claimed that they had to repair there ships and heal there wounds, but in fact it was differant. At the taken colonie of Koerband, after excavation the Imperials discovered something surprising. It was an ancient ship of the Cognatus legacy and religion. As a gift of trust, he gave the ship to the powerful race and the two became allies. Later on, the Imperials destroyed the Resistance as he ordered and used the Krakana Class as a decoy (the ship that was stolen by the Imperials from Rambo Nation) and now that the Intergalactic War has ended, the Emperor plans his next move. Yet he could not exucute his next plan, as he was betrayed by his Regent, Aur'Lodin. She brougth him to a remote section in Imperial space where she simply said sorry to the Emperor. Surprised he wanted to ask her what she was meaning but when three HarbronRsaurien cruisers arrived he turned in anger as they locked weapons. At the same time he fell the sword of Aur'Lodin piercing his body, and turned. A second blow of her sword send the Emperor plummeting to the ground. And at last, what so many individuals hoped for the Emperor was killed onboard his Chancellor Class in 02 AQF. Though he claimed he would return, it remains a mystery if he ever will as the ship he was on was also destroyed. Within days, the dream he had realised soon fell apart and his name and title was send to the history books of the Quadrant Galaxies.

Retreat to the Chaos RealmEdit

Defeated and losing his mortal form Morgandaûr was reduced to his form as Vulgrat, a form he dislikes.
Clahs of the Gods

Salbagrim and Morgandaûr face eachother

He learned of Artmyris his defeat at the hands of the Ultimate God himself, Morgandaûr was left without of purpose. He wandered the Chaos Realm for a while, and had thoughs on perhaps becoming the ruler of it one day. However his demonic rival, the brute known as Salbagrim also expressed his wishes to rule the Choas Realm now Artmyris was gone. Now with him in the game Morgandaûr could forget it, as Salbagrim was more powerful than himself. Even worser, Salbagrim always called Morgandaûr by his former name of Vulgrat.

Choosing to abandon his ideas to rule the Choas Realm he travelled to an ancient portal which would lead again to the mortal world. However Salbagrim knew of the plan and faced him. Morgandaûr managed to open the portal once more due to him having a crystal with energy of Artmyris himself. As the portal opened Salbagrim appeared out of nowhere and simply laughed at Vulgrat, if he thought he could escape the Chaos Realm he was wrong. Vulgrat simply smiled back and from his tail shot an electric charge, halting Sulbagrat and stunning him for a while. As Vulgrat turned his back to Salbagrim he simply told the large demon he was wrong himself, and that Vulgrat was not going to accept the plague of Bubuscus to simply come and overcome the Chaos Realm. With it Vulgrat was gone and the portal closed, leaving a furious Salbagrim to ponder his words.

Return to the mortal worldEdit

Morgandaûr 03

Morgandaûr in his newest appearance

After Morgandaûr returned to the mortal world he took a new appearance, that of a humanoid with black armor with spikes and a evil look. Returning to the mortal world was what Morgandaûr wanted after spending two years in the Chaos Realm, trying to avoid all the other demons out there to hurt him. He first returned to his fortress at Carnthedain, to assemble some troops again before he could plot again. Soon he recieved the newest intelligence over the current state of Rambo Nation, the Imperial Alliance and the United Republic of Cyrannus. Afterwards he began searching for his former servant, Aur'Lodin to bring her to justice and turn her into his slave.

Morgandaûr & Aur'Lodin

Morgandaûr and his newest slave, his former Regent Aur'Lodin

After searching for a few weeks he encountered her at some remote planet, half starving and weakend he soon defeated her and brought her along to Carnthedain. There he tortured her for a while, as punishment for her betrayal which led to the crumbling of the Imperial Alliance. After he managed to break her spirit he gave Aur'Lodin new and revealing cloathing, shoulderpads with sensor arrays and a large and heavy helmet to ensure her endless loyalty to him. He could see Aur'Lodin disliked all of this, which made Morgandaûr even more happier. He then pressed a button at a computer, and Aur'Lodin felt the most a terrible and insufferable pain when various metal pins drilled through her skull straight into her brain, the next moment she felt empty and hollow and Morgandaûr showed her what would happen if she was to disobey him. Electric shocks rocketed her body and agitated her brain and Aur'Lodin could only yell out of the pain. When she fell to her knees Morgandaûr laughed, and when she looked up to him he saw streams of blood slide down her face. She coughed and tears formed in her eyes, but Morgandaûr decided to leave her alone, in the dark and welcomed her to her new destiny.

He then began studying all events of the current time and began planning his next move.

Morgandaûr plot 01

Morgandaûr, Aur'Lodin meet Guolivian

His plot involved a unification of all the Quadrant Galaxies major superpowers and to achieve this he first travelled to Orbispira together with his slave Aur'Lodin to meet with Senator Guolivian, a Basileus who joined the United Republic of Cyrannus. Teleporting straight in front of the senator he was taken by surprise and raised his hand to surrender. Handing over a parchment, containing information about Rambo Nation secrets, like the Angforst, the Wells class and more. Guolivian looked surprise he was given this kind of information, and was especialley surprised by the line containing the information that President Apollo was well informed of this by the Empress of Rambo Nation. When he looked again the armored entity was gone, and Guolivian wondered what he should do with this precious information. Perhaps it could even bring down Apollo?

Morgandaûr plot 02

Encountering Ramordarth

Immediately afterwars Morgandaûr teleported to the capital of the Imperial Remnant, though he left Aur'Lodin at Carnthedain as the high prophet would surely recognise her. Ramodarth, the current ruler of the Remnant stood at his balcony, it was a rainy night and rain was streaming down his helmet, but he liked being in the rain. Somehowe it calmed his mood and made him more happy. When Morgandaûr suddenly teleported in front of him Ramordarth stood at the defensive but the armored entity made no moves to attacked. Surprised Ramordarth asked what he wanted and the entity replied. Handing over a parchment, containg information about the Great Cyrannus War, the Cognatus Remnant joining the Cyrandia Alliance and more made Ramordarth hesitant for the entities intentions. Morgandaûr simply replied he wanted peace for the Quarant Galaxies and that the Remnant would do well to join the Cyrandia Alliance, to improve galactic relations and to improve their economy. Before Ramordarth could reply Morgandaûr was already gone, and wondered what he should do with this information. Perhaps making peace with the Cyrandia was a good thing, after all the Cognatus managed to do the same?

Yet the conclusion of the Great Cyrannus War and the URC reforming in the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus worried Morgandaûr, as it disturbed his own plans and a new threat was looming over Rambo Nation and the Imperial Remnant. After a period of thinkig and plotting Morgandaûr finally found a way to overcome the threat to the Quadrants. He would be unable to remove the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, an alliance between the Imperials and the Rambo was a failed dream and the Cyrandia themselves was fracturing. As such a drastic measure should be taken, so drastic that the Quadrants should be rebuild from the ashes. After the destruction he would rebuild the Quadrants under his guidance, rule and above all, he would be the supreme entity then.

Rise of MorgandaûrEdit

A Ruinous Alliance

Morgandaûr discusses with the Xhoustoe

As such Morgandaûr travelled to the Realm of Forget, home of the dreaded and mysterious Rethex'Kalik, one of the greater demon races of the dreaded Legion of the Deathmarch who inhabited the unknown regions of the Quadrants. Upon the arriving he was greeted by a group of of Xhoustoe and Morgandaûr made his offer. The demons listened with content to his plans and talks about joining forces with the Choas Realm demons to siege the Realms of the Gods, in turn he would allow the Xhoestoe to unleash hell upon the Quadrants. Their leader, Rektethin Xyazkoxos, appeared and negotiated with Morgandaûr himself about the deal and the alliance became official.

Morgandaûr later left the Realm of Forget while the Xhoustoe prepared themselves to aid him in his schemes. At last Morgandaûr entered the Clash of the Gods, though he would need to act fast. He still needed support of one of the greater demons and he would need to find he who could replace the dark lord, as his own essance was storming inside the entity.

Demons unite?

Demon Conspiracy

Morgandaûr later travelled to the Chaos Realm. Upon arriving in his old home Morgandaûr found his home changed, and not for the better. It seemed his rival Salbagrim had allied most of the common demons under his rule, and pledged his loyalty to the Mornûnendur. Angered he travelled to the large crystal cliffs, where he encountered Ruviel and the Guardian in converstion. Interrupting he eplained his means, but both the Guardian and Ruviel were hesitant to believe Morgandaûr, especialley with such dangerous species as the Xhoestoe.

Yet after some talking, and proving that Ruviel and the Guardian could remain in the Choas Realm and return her to her former state, both the Guardian and Ruviel agreed to aid Morgandaûr, they will take care of Salbagrim to prevent further Atlantica interference in the Choas Realm, which angered most demons a lot.

An Unexpected End

Morgandaûr witnessed in horror Tyrómairon' peace treaty with the Atlantica

Afterwards Morgandaûr left, preparing his own forces at Carnthedian and sought a way to get the demons from the Choas Realm back into mortal world, perhaps by creating a portal that Artmyris once use? While awaiting his time and plotting his next move Morgandaûr became aware of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus their victory over Rambo Nation due to the Nim-Glaré Concordat treaty. Troubled he feared that the Empire might disturb his plans if they became aware of his position at Carnthedain.

Later on the plans of Morgandaûr became even more difficult as Tyrómairon made a treaty of peace with the Atlantica. He witnessed the dark lord of the Mornûnendur leave the Realms of the Gods and in secret witnessed the treaty. Angered he retreated back to Carnthedain, he had to find other means for his plan to succeed.


Ramashe is taken hostage by Morgandaûr and Trashnak

Morgandaûr remained at Carnthedain for a while, plotting and multiplying his Goblins and Trolls he amassed a large army of them. When in the 4th month of 02 NE he finally became aware that a young humanoid girl was searching for a powerful artifact Morgandaûr finally saw his chance. The search would be known to others as well- fracturing the Quadrants even more. Morgandaûr called upon his powers and summoned the Paradox creatures to abduct Ramashe and bring her to Carnthedain. Together with Trashnak he welcome Ramashe to Carnthedain and told her his reasons. When Ramashe rejected his idea for uniting the Quadrants under his role and not recognising herself as a member of one of the Great Houses of the Cyrandia Cluster- Morgandaûr hit Ramashe with electric energies, jolting she fell to her knees and was dragged to a detention cell.

Morgandaûr turned and smiled, soon the Quadrants would fight against this Empire and would bring ruin to the Quadrants- and from it's ashes Morgandaûr would rise and unite all of the Quadrants under his banner! Sadly Ramashe escaped from captivity by the Carnthedain Elves, who with her aid vanished from the planet as well. Surprised, Morgandaûr began dark rituals to find out how the future would develop itself. As such he foresaw the arrival of the Suiliagothrond II- the massive battlestation under command of the Rambo operative Claire Rambo. Yet the station arrived a few weeks later, in the third month of 06 AQF/03 NE. As precaution Morgandaûr send his goblins away from his fortress, back into the mountains were they could await their time when needed again.


Morgandaûr strikes at Claire!

Morgandaûr waited inside his fortress until Claire arrived as well. He learned through his dark rituals that she she searched for the Zevian Skull as well. When Claire entered an abandoned hallway, he closed off the section using his dark magics. Sensing Claire her pain from torments by Mortikran and an "interrogation" overseen by Rambas II he influanced her mind and senses. Fooling her biological senses in feeling the pain again Claire fell to her knees, all the while watching to the torments made visual at a wall by Morgandaûr. Increasing her sensebility for the pain, Claire began to cry. Morgandaûr- confident that he had broken her so easily began speaking to her, boosting his abilities to let her re-experience her fears and pain, turning it against her he assured her that she had already lost. Claire, who rose again to her feet never saw Morgandaûr reaching for her from behind, at the same time he charged his other hand with dark energy wich rendered Claire unconscious.


Morgandaûr defeated by Claire!

While she was unconscious he took her to his personal quarters, high atop one of the towers of the Dark Fortress. Giving her a slight electric shock he awoke Claire again who screamed in agony of pain. While Claire raised herself again, she gave Morgandaûr a glare of hatred and anger. Amused, Morgandaûr introduced himself and confessed his knowledge that she as well was searching for the Zevian Skull, a powerful Atlantica artifact. When she replied she did not know what he was talking about, he shot dark energy at Claire who was flung against the stone wall hard. A mere human could not stand against the sorceror of Carnthedain and he launched another bolt of energy at Claire, who narrowly evaded it. Morgandaûr swung his sword arm at Claire, who tried to block it with her shield. The impact was so hard, that it broke Claire her arm, fracturing her right ulna, the bone fracture pierced her flesh and Claire yelled in pain as blood spilled from the wound. Breathing heavily, Morgandaûr moved in for the final blow. The young human girl closed her eyes, knowing her end was near. Towering above her with a sickening smile he raised his arm and prepared to strike. When Morgandaûr's sword cut through Claire her shoulders flesh, a sizzling energy surged the girls body and jolted into Morgandaûr who hissed in anger. Morgandaûr was engulfed in electric charges and a bright red light when his own energies seemed to turn against him. Morgandaûr hissed in anger and pain and suddenly vanished in a flash of light, hissing that he was not yet finished with her.


Morgandaûr finds a mutilated body, left behind by the Virals

Morgandaûr survived the encounter, but was wounded. Something was wrong with the girl, a humanoid should not posses such powers. Morgandaûr remained at Carnthedain for a long while, recovering from his defeat and wounds. During the first month of 07 AQF, Morgandaûr felt a shift in the balance of the universe, hailing from the Atlantica rich artifact world known as Koerband. Teleporting to the planet, he found out that it was overrun with Virals, due to an Outbreak in Installation 05.

Surprised and pleased he decided to return to Carnthedain as well, he didn't want to get bitten by a Viral himself, even for an entity like himself that virus is dangerous when he suddenly felt a presence. Walking to the river he saw the mutilated body of a young girl, feeling sad for the waste of young life he was surprised to discover she was actually still alive, though barely. He took her with him to Carnthedain where he healed the young girl, removed the Viral mutilations as best as he could and upon her awakening he discovered her name, Lana Yrel.

Morgandaûr unleashes his new found weapon!

The girl was scared and wanted to know why she was here and why she was naked under a blanket. Morgandaûr didn't want to spend any words on her in this state of mind and simply placed his hand on her forehead. The girl knew at once what happened, in the process she lowered her mental defenses in shock so an essance of Morgandaûr's shadow could slip into her mind, making the young girl his loyal servant, his own "Fist".

Giving her a new armor, he began training her in the use of her new found powers and in the skills of using an energy sabre. Morgandaûr grew frustrated with the conclusion of the events of the Tormetns of Arcaniox in july 08 AQF. His master plan thwarted by the mortals Corva, Tyronius and Claire Rambo, he send his new pawn to Arcaniox to dispatch the Empress of Rambo Nation, Ramashe to weaken Rambo Nation now that the Tormentor was defeated. Lana Yrel succeeded in her task and left Rambo Nation in chaos now that they lost their prized Empress and one of the Quadrants foremost promoter of peace and cooperation.

In July of 08AQF, Morgandaûr's master plan failed after the crew of the Falcon managed to stop the awakening of the Tormentor during the Tormenting events at Arcaniox. Confused and furious, Morgandaûr remained inside his castle to decide his next move. Shortly after the events at Arcaniox, Morgandaûr was approached by the Phaedric Lord Venatorius who proposed a plan to bring down the lights of Aldár, a beacon of hope and purity within the Cyrandia Cluster. Morgandaûr agreed and besieged the planet though soon found resistance after various individuals were teleported by to the planet from Aecor.

Battle of Light and Dark 05

Du'utahrovin attacks Morgandaûr

Morgandaûr send his minions to deal with the arrivals, amongst them lord Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo, senator Apollo and master Ryen. The battle was fierce, though Morgandaûr managed to destroy most of the temple and planned to take the Zevian Skull for his own, to claim dominance over the Cluster. Morgandaûr dueled both master Ryen and Aenaró, bringing them both down with lightning and aid of Lana Yrel. Before Morgandaûr and his allies to destroy the lights of Aldár, master Du'utahrovin arrived and unleashed his powers against the sorceror. Though taken by surprise, the sorceror managed to defend himself just in time and faced the dragon in personal combat. Using dark energies and lightning he brought down the dragon, preventing him from taking flight Morgandaûr moved in to kill one of the last ancient beacons and defenders of the Light. However, the others came to the aid of the dragon and fired pistols, unleashed their magical abilities against the sorceror as well.

Battle of Light and Dark 08

Morgandaûr defeated by Aoirtae

Distracted and unable to overcome so much power, Morgandaûr's defences fell and threatened to destroy him. With a surge of power he held back all his regained his footing. Though before he could call upon his dark energies to finish all off, the young Aoirtae Valaeris plunged her sword into the sorceror's chest. Unable to halt the attack, Morgandaûr was hit by all directions and fell to his knees. As smoke arose from his body Aoirtae took one last look into the dark eyes of the sorceror before he vanished in a bright light.

The sorceror of Carnthedain, one the most ancient and terrifying enemies of the light has been vanquished by the Order of Light!

Personality and TraitsEdit

Not much is known about Morgandaûr. Though he is known to be very ambitious and believes fully in his owm master plan and abilities. Ït is also known that he takes great honor in introducing himself and to show himself be more kinder than he actually is. In fact he is very cruel against traitors, slaves, and incompetent commanders and to those who dare to oppose him. However, he admires bold commanders and individuals, even from his enemies.

As a demonic servant of the former Artmyris he has a variety of powers given to him. It is even rumored that the Morgandaûr controls a limited ability of time, to slow his opponents. He can also open demonic portal to and from the Chaos Realm to the mortal world and has the power over electricty, shadow energies and telepathic powers.

In one of his forms he had two shields floating around him by some sort of gravital electromagnetic field.


The Unknown Entity 02

Unknown Entity/Galactic Emperor. Morgandaûr used this form when he arrived in the mortal world and began forming the Imperial Alliance. With bright and noble coloring, two rotating shields and a massive swords he began to menance the Quadrants.

Vulgrat 02

Vulgrat, after his defeat by Aur'Lodin Morgandaûr was returned to his original demonic form, that of Vulgrat, his true name and form before he began serving Artmyris. As Vulgrat he is known to the other demons of the Choas Realm as a bringer of chaos and despair and is pretty disliked.

Sorcerer Morgandaûr

Galactic Sorcerer Emperor Morgandaûr, his most favorite form. With dark armor and spikes, a large sword and a humanoid appearance Morgandaûr prefers to be in this form forever!


Allies Edit

Green faceThey are worthy of my trust!

Neutral Edit

Yellow faceWorkable

  • Aur'Lodin - My former Regent, betrayed me, stabbed me and later turned slave. Still I have a weak for her.
  • Tyrómairon - leader of the Mornûnendur.
  • Guolivian - A Cyrannian senator who has proven himself in bringing down Apollo.
  • Lizaconda - A great Imperial officer, yet he led himself captured once by the Rambo, a shame.
  • Rektethin Xyazkoxos - Leader of the Xhoestoe and seemingly ally.

Enemies Edit

Red faceObstacles!

Quotes from othersEdit

A most crual entity, with no remorse to those he considers unworthy. I cannot believe I once served him and pledged my loyalty to him

- Aur'Lodin

The founder of the Imperial Alliance and the one responsible for the war crimes during the Second Galactic War. A fool to believe he could everthink to rule over Rambo Nation

- Empress Ramashe of Rambo Nation

Serve me, Morgandaûr and know victory.

- Tyrómairon


- Kies Kortograa

Aid me and I may think in having mercy of you. However, do anything against my will and ruin shall fall upon you.

- Rektethin Xyazkoxos

One of the most feared and dreaded figures in the Quadrants and Cyrannus alike. The Imperial Alliance is better off without his tyranny.

- Apollo



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