Morg, a Crockagator native to the Argoroth Setctor of the Endless Space is well travelled and knows quite a bit about the sector and seems to have studied the feared Mandabit. Eventually stranding on Boronia as an inn holder where he lived among the Boronia.


In de seventh month of 04 AQF, Morg among some Boronian dignitaries met with captain Lassai Chiakian onboard the USS Elgorodaurl when it approached Boronia as part of a delegation.


Morg meest Evaana and Corbar on Boronia

Morg was one of the first to trust the travelers from beyond the Endless Space and offered them a tour. A few days later, he met with Corbar and Lassa Evaana Penaeli in the inn he owned when the dreaded Mandabit arrived. He chronicled the story of the Mandabit and claimed they were harvesters of life and planets. Both Evaana and Corbar took the shaken Crockagator to their shuttle while they headed for the Elgorodaurl. While onboard, Morg hided in the mess hall while the Elgorodaurl faced the Mandabit-cruiser in orbit, though had to retreat when it overwhelmed the defenses of the Rambo vessel. Leaving Boronia behind, Morg decided to remain onboard and became the chef.

In august of 04 AQF, the crew of the Elgorodaurl encountered Cognatus in the Argoroth-sector. During their invasion of the ship, Morg put up a valiantly defense of his mess hall but was eventually forced to surrender though returned to his duties shortly afterwards.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Like most of his species, Morg the Crockagator can be dangerous and lethal when threatened though like others of his kind if far more studied and gentler. With a cunning mind he managed to settle himself among the Boronia while he in secret continued his studies and records of the dreaded Mandabit, hoping a way to find a solution against their harvesting behavior.

Morg is physical strong and has a dangerous bit, though his snout is a bit shorter than most of his kind. He is often found welcoming others and shows an open attitude to tell about Boronia and its customs though is rather secretive of his own personal affairs.



Blue faceGreetings


Orange faceNot fond of you! Begone!



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