The Monument of the Cleared Fog is a landmark located at the central district of Realitia, the capital of the Indoctrinate Collective on the planet of New Draka, made in celebration to the end of the Second War of Black Fog.


The Monument of the Cleared Fog is a marble sculpture towering six meters in height, depicting a Dracogonarious, a Spinker and a Bonio lifting the Milky Way Galaxy over their heads. Holographic images around the sculpture show these individuals radiating in light while a dark fog is dispelled around them; the light representing Dream Energy and the dark fog Nightmare Energy. The monument is so called due to the armies of the Corruptus being known as the "Black Fog", symbolizing their defeat by having said fog cleared. The sculpture was commissioned by the Indoctrinate government shortly after the war ended, being authored by famed Dracogovaesis artist Kelvas Drolted.

Beyond the sculpture itself, at the base of the monument lies an engraving which reads as follows:

This monument serves to honor all those who pledged their lives to protect Plazith Rim from the forces of darkness. Many have lost their lives to see it done, though now the galaxy rests easy thanks to the sacrifice of these brave souls.

The heroes listed below are those whose efforts led to the ultimate victory over the shadow, and who shall never be forgotten for their valiant efforts:

Commandant Jerkon Charil of the Dracogonarious
Admiral Koluap Cardoni of the Spinkers
Admiral Gavakar Karamul of the Dracogodasimer
Chieftain Macin Xermilin of the Klamb
Warlord Titanozor of the Grimbolsaurians
Agent Commander Sigma of the Kicath
Agent Commander Mu of the Kicath
Agent Commander Nu of the Kicath
The Emperor of the Kralgon
Great Chief Tuolog of the Ioketa
Emperor Tyraz Breek of the Zazane
Grand Minister Keldar Teiran of the Zazane
Warchief Kagu'sai of the Artharons
Executive Admiral Leondias Drevex of the Draconis
Senior Inquisitor Kelsos of the Draconis
High Ordinator Luphercæl Qavassar of the Radeons
General Sesoka of the Tenerensis
"Mac" of the Taldar
Thea'Nhirara and Mimi of the Thoi'olerthae
Herquie Lhern of the Bonio
And Laminoula'Fuerq, the one who shined our path through the black fog

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