Captain Mjärt is a Rambo Nation and Cyrandia captain and friend of Empress Ramashe, Princess Ramtilsae and Captain Rambam. She is experienced in combat and is a diplomat and very friendly to her crew and friends. She later became very close friends with the Empress and she sees her as one of her closest friends.

During her carreer she was a Cyrandia captain until the formation of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, after the declaration she was promoted to fleet captain of the Rambo Nation Cyrannus Sector. Around 15 AQF, Mjärt was promoted to rear-admiral and was assigned to the Rambo Clone Trooper department.


Cyrandia Service[]

Mjärt was born at an unknown planet in Quadrant 82 around 24 BQF, there she was raised and soon pledged herself a skilled warrior and tactician. Though not a native of Rambo Nation, she was allowed by Rambo Command to study at the Rambo Acadamy, to improve relations between the Rambo and the Feolhviaeri. Upon her recommendation to Captain and graduating from the Rambo Acadamy the Cyrandia Senate appointed her to the Spirit of the Serindia, a Cyrandia vessel in service of the grand alliance. As such she began acting as the personal captain of Ramtilsae and advisor to the Empress.

Colonel Chodecra and Mjärt at the War Room

When in 03 AQF the Fornaeria Campaign occured she participated in the turning point battle. She transported the empress and the Advanced Mobile Suite into battle, while substaining considerable damage to her ship. Near the end of the battle the Treaty of Fornaeria was signed and her people offically joined the Nation. After the battle she used the Spirit of the Serindia to promote the Cyrandia Alliance and did various diplomatic visits at behalf of the Cyrandia Alliance. Around 04 AQF, shortly after the disturbing blockade of Ivalaë and the incidents of the Rambo Senate she was called to a remote and secured area within Rambo Nation borders. During her travel there she was informed of the URC and Confederacy war and wondered what it will bring. Upon arriving she witnessed the Suiliagothrond Battlestation and was surprised by this secret and classified project. As a friend of Ramashe she questioned her to why she never told her before but she refused to comment on that matter. After showing her around she and Colonel Chodecra soon were in disagreement at the war room, as Mjärt doubted that the URC or the Hutters for that matter would like that Rambo Nation had such a weapon at there disposal. Chodecra soon found her overeacted and planned, whether with her or without her, a testing side for the weapon.

Mjärt arrives with Vice-Admiral Rambas his fleet at Cyroenia

She later on left the station before the Battle of Yadumarth began. Later on she was seen as part of the Rambo Nation fleet coming to aid the URC during the battle of Cyroenia, being under command of Vice-Admiral Rambas II. She survived the battle and remained at Cyroenia for a while before she continued her duties. In the 4th month of both the Quadrantia Disorder and Great Cyrannus War the Confederate Admiral Lizaconda attacked Karzhamahri Nui, a planet in the Mid-Colonial Sector.

Battle of Karzhamahri-Nui

Asking aid of Captain Rambam of the USS Venture they tried to push back the confederate forces. However, as the space fleet was defeated of Rambo Nation, Mjärt was forced to withdraw her deployed troopers. Her troopers managed to resque both the Director of the Cooperation and Senator Chuinaylia. She then headed to Anummiae, the 2nd moon of Dinoman82, the capital planet of Rambo Nation.

There Mjärt remained for the remaining of the Great Cyrannus War, as she was unable to aid any other battles as the Empress wanted her nearby to protect the capital together with Admiral Ramaxar. However when in 05 AQF the URC was reformed into the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus her Cyrandia service had ended and Mjärt was assigned to a new ship, together with a promotion to Fleet Captain.

Fleet Captain of Rambo Nation[]

Upon her promotion in the Rambo Navy, she was given the newly launched USS Zalera to command, which turned out to be a massive Hecatoncheir Class, a new superweapon of Rambo Nation. With it, she was assigned to the Rambo Nation Cyrannus Sector, to protect her from a possible invasion from the Empire, and as such she began supplying the various planets, fleets and troopers in the sector.

USS Zalera under siege!

Though Mjärt was grim, what would happen if the Empire would find out the Rambo had such a massive ship in the sector? Eventuall the Cyrannians attacked New Ramhall, turning it into a battlefield. During the initial assault by the Cyrannians Mjärt supplied the planet with weapons, medical aid and food. However after the ground forces of Rambo Nation were defeated at New Ramhall, the Cyrannians under command of Mortikran learned of the excistence and location of the USS Zalera. With three Venator Star Destroyers reinforcements approaching the USS Zalera Mjärt recieved a new order by Rambo Command, she was to withdraw back to Rambo space. Furious she first objected, but soon followed orders after she was overruled. The three Cyrannian ships engaged the USS Zalera and the massive ship substained light damage.

Battle of Angforst

When having a clear approach Mjärt ordered her crew to activate the Transwarp tower and coils, and a transwarp tunnel opened in front of the ship. Within minutes the ship was back in Rambo Space in Quadrant 82 and the tunnel closed before any Venator class ship was able to follow. Mjärt then awaited orders, and what she recieved were surprising. She was to act as back-up for the Rambo fleet which would attack the Cyrannian colonies in Quadrant 82 near the end of the the second month of 01 NE. Yet the attack never happened as Rambo Command called back her fleet. As such Mjärt was exploring the ship and deployed various new tactics with the massive ship, trying to learn and feel more about the ship and let the crew get used to such a massive ship. When in the third month of 01 NE the URC colonies of Quadrant 82 attacked the Angforst Mjärt rushed to the Quadrantia-Cyrannus worhole and aided the Rambo fleet. During the battle she destroyed various Venator class star destroyers with the many torpedo launch bays of the USS Zalera.

Battle near Rambo Prime (06 AQF)

Later on she recieved news that Empress Ramashe had signed the Nim-Glaré Concordat which held the terms of Rambo Nation her surrender to the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Unsure what to do Mjärt decided to remain loyal to the Empress. In the 12th month of 06 AQF, Mjärt participated in the Battle near Rambo Prime, where they engaged defected Grand Mandator Garlboz and ensured that Angforst was back in control of Rambo Nation.

A tactical conversation onboard Angforst

Returning to her patrol durties near Aecor, Mjärt rendevouzed with the Angforst in the first month of 07 AQF when it was commandeered by vice-admiral Ramtainus Ramveral to aid the Chavelli against a threat known as the mystical Quashowan. During the briefing she was informed by Ramtainus she had to inform Rambo Command that he took the Angforst to combat the threat and send her back to the Rambo Capital. Surprised she followed her new orders, albeit under protest. She was later informed of the devastation and the destruction of Angforst.

Rambo Nation joins the Mou'Cyran fleet against the Bisistar

During the fourth month of 07 AQF fleet-captain Mjärt participated, together with captain Chianwe Apanoida, among others in the Great Battle against the Bisistar. Within the Cyrannus Galaxy, a new front of the Wars began in Coru Secundus when the enigmatic Bisistar Domain launched what seemed to be an unprovoked attack against the New Republic world of Venetia, new homeworld of the Republican Ermitant.

USS Zalera in the midst of battle

Rallying the forces of the newly formed Mou'Cyran Accords, including Rambo Nation as well as many other allies including those from both sides of the ongoing schism outside the Cyrandia Cluster in the defence of the innocent world. In what is considered by many to have been as large as many of the titanic battles of the Great Cyrannus War, the allies fought bravely to defend Venetia, ultimately emerging victorious despite massive allied losses. In an apparent gesture of goodwill, the Galactic Empire agreed to lend some resources to aid the Republic's reconstruction of Venetia, with many in the Republic considering it a measure to ensure the Republic's neutrality in the ongoing insurrection in the Outer Rim and a measure to ensure the Protectrate's loyalty to the Empire as well.

During the battle the USS Zalera took heavy damage when it was outflanked and needed protection. During one of the battles she joined other capital ships and managed to punch a hole in the defenses of the Bisistar. After the battle was won, Mjärt returned to the Quadrant Galaxies.


Around 15 AQF, Mjärt was promoted to rear-admiral and assigned to the Rambo Command Trooper Department (RCTD), a popular and highly wanted position within Rambo Command as it allowed you to work closely with many Rambo Command Department and the High King, Rambert Ramveral himself.

Personality and Traits[]

Captain Mjärt

As a Feolhviaeri, Mjärt has very good hearing and is very agile and dislikes hard sounds. Mjärt is often described as a kind and noble person, not fearing away from giving her personal opinion to superior officers, though she also knows when to listen instead of speaking.

Mjärt further more is loyal to the Crown, and would gladly sacrifice her life if needed. She is also a gifted tactician, though not as good as Rambas or Ramcard. None the less the crew serving under he find it an honor, and refuse to speak any bad of the female captain. However some say the captain is somewhat odd in one thing, they whisper that she can sense disturbances in the balance of the Universe, sometimes even to the point she coud loose her temper. Some also accusse her of being a patriot.

Yet her life of captain meant she remained single, having no time for settling down or starting a family, this is something Mjärt misses a lot.



Green face.pngMy duty is to the Crown!


Red face.pngSurrender to the authorities of Rambo Nation!

  • Imperial Emperor - The dreaded person responsible for the forming of the Imperial Alliance and the following wars, luckily reports tell us he perished, but I am not so sure.
  • Tyrómairon - The new Emperor of the Cyrannus Galaxy, declared us enemies!


USS Zalera[]


The USS Zalera is the first Hecatoncheir Class launched in service of Rambo Nation. This Rambo Nation superweapon is a mobile militairy base. With a lenght of 7,845 meters the ship holds everything a militairy base also has, operational chambers, hangar bays, superior sensors and more classified stuff (even labs for experiments).

Further more, not only acting as a mobile militairy base the ship also acts a (massive) support ship for invasion by Rambo Nation, or to supply planet and fleets under siege. However due to her massive size, she stays out of battle and instead hides in another sector to prevent destruction. An odd design for Rambo Nation standards, the ship was launched in 05 AQF, and came with various towers, holding massive transwarp core, together with 15 engines to prevent overload of the systems, the ship is an impressive sight to behold.

The towers on the ship also hold various sensors, massive shield generators and more. Equipped with photon cannons, photon and quantem torpedoes and even some phaser banks, the ship is well capable to defend herself when needed. The ship also has large hangar bays, filled with fighters, transport vessels for troopers and even has a small drydock inside her to provide quick repairs to ships (ships have to dock near the massive cilinder).


Spirit of the Serindia

Spirit of the Serindia I (retired)

Spirit of the Serindia II (retired)

The Spirit of the Serindia is a Cyrandia vessel, resembling the URC Hunter Class. As such the Krakana Class has an interesting origin, as the first class was constructed by Rambo Nation during the reign of Empress Ramashe her late father, Dino Le Rambo at the Shipyards of Rowar. But it was stolen by the Imperial Alliance during the Second Galactic War. Shorlty after the Intergalactic war, Empress Ramashe ordered the expansion of the Rambo militairy and ordered the mass production of this class, together with aid of the URC the ship became a joined Cyrandia vessel. The class is now mostly commanded by Rambo and Capricyránae captains. The ship is equipped with URC and Rambo technology and is now mostly used as troop transportation, fighter carrier and support ship. She is equipped with photon cannons, URC batteries and shields and is able to use hyperdrive. Shortly before the Great Cyrannus War the ship was refitted and given a new design and coloration.

The Spirit of Serinida has fought during the Fornaeria Campaign and the Great Cyrannus War before she was withdrawn to the museum.


A great captain, loyal to the Crown and the Flag she is an officer Nation can depend on

- Empress Ramashe



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