Remember, always, the safety of the people, no matter their race, gender, sexuality, or world of origin, is what matters most.

- Grand Chancellor Nai'kuron

The Mithadorn Republic is a space faring democracy local to the Andromeda Galaxy, native to the pirate-infested Exterioris Segmentum. Recently, colonization efforts have however begun in Segmentum Umbra, and Segmentum Ignotum, as their home territories were lost to the The Grand Teyan Empire.

Formed over ten thousand years ago, the empire has been very slow expanding it's grasp, with such long lifespans ranging up to and over five hundred years, it has not been a priority. The Republic is reclusive, with only two major allies, and little interaction with other empires in the local sector of the Exterioris Segmentum. They have not been outwardly hostile, however, and continue to attempt to foster positive relations with the galaxy.


The Mithadorn are a reclusive, defensive race, though not xenophobic, and are welcoming to any aliens that are able to prove themselves to be friendly to the people of the republic. The harsh, lawless lands of the Andromeda's Wild Space has given the republic trouble, and forced them into this distrusting ideology.

The Mithadorn that live outside of the republic's territory are often exploring deeper into Wild Space, as mercenaries and explorers, or into the space of the Pan-Andromedan Ecumene, working at whatever jobs they can get to stay in the more peaceful area of the Galaxy.


Pre-Mithadorn-Xilic-Dreacorran War[]


The Mithadorn united with the festival of the Great Harvest, where the Mithadorn would collect their crops. The four standing nations had, coincidentally, been discussing an alliance with each other, and agreed to unity in the interests of their people. They then began their space program to explore and colonise their home system.

Early Exploration[]

After ten years the Mithadorn finally landed down on a planet other than their own, landing on the planet Saljan, exploring the surface and begin to colonize the planet.

Ninety years after landing on Saljan for the first time, the Mithadorn managed to establish civilisations on every moon and planet in their home system, including a planet wide cityscape covering the entire surface of the desert planet Hakkaeto, which many of the newly-established space-faring species previously thought impossible.

By this time, the republic had also began exploration into the stars beyond their own, however found themselves largely unable to inhabit any worlds they found. The search was long, and hard for the species, though eventually they came across the planet they named Anderthorn, a lush world with an atmosphere they could breathe in.

New Allies[]

During this period of Mithadorn history, the republic encountered the Teyan of Andromeda, a group of Teyan who had come from the Milkyway Galaxy, their last nation extinct. While they were weak, and would be easy to push aside, the public demanded to give aid to their new neighbours, and the two races became allies, very quickly.

They Teyan spoke of their other allies, the Ankoran, a democratic society like the Mithadorn. Soon this resulted meeting led to prospering trade and close ties with the other species, with a combined military and colonies built within the same systems - some even on the same planets.

It was eons before anything of note were to happen next...


Mithadorn-Xilic-Dreacorran War[]

The war between the Mithadorn, Xilics, and the Draekar Remnants, was known at it's start as the Mithadorn-Xilic Resource War, though later became known as the Mithadorn-Xilic-Dreacorran war, when the battles began to involve the Draekar forces. It began due largely over the resources and territory that, technically, belonged to the Mithadorn Republic, which the Xilics were unaware of when they settled there. The Mithadorn discovered the Xilic ships extracting ore from asteroids and small moons in one of the Mithadorn's outer mining colonies, and quickly reacted with hostility, defending their territory, and resources, with zealous passion.

They soon attacked Dreakar colonies, attempting to use the worlds as staging grounds, and dragging the third race into the war, and only causing added tension to the situation already spiralling out of control..

Ultimately the war ended on peaceful terms, leaving the Mithadorn government to rebuild with the aid of their allies.

Post-Mithadorn-Xilic-Dreacorran War[]

Colonisation of Rythe[]

With the previous conflict over at last, the Mithadorn began efforts to re-colonise lost worlds and expand onto new ones. The republic discovered the star system Rythe, and began colonization efforts immediately. The system was bountiful, rich with tradeable minerals, plenty of food, and huge masses of land for construction.

Three of the six worlds were quickly built upon, establishing several cities and beginning mining operations. The republic economy boomed in response, and the Rythe system became the economic center of the republic.

The colonization efforts marked the start of a new expansion period.

New Expansions[]

It was on Sulsua, where the Foreign Minister of French Andromeda met with their escort, toured around the capital city of the capital world. Key'Tara and Vey'Kunla, two leaders of the War Clans in the Mithadorn military protecting the diplomat. Hustle and bustle had been expected, and crowds gathered around to either interview the hyperpower's minister, or even to simply see what was going on. The senate met with the diplomat, while a separate area of government spoke with several French Andromedan andasium firms for mining rights and use of Mithadorn Infrastructure.

Meanwhile, other discussions went on. Military discussions to aid with the pirate problems so well-known to the segmentum that the Mithadorn capital resided. The French Andromedan military was requested to aid the Mithadorn's own in clearing out the many pirate gangs, raiding strongholds and blowing pirate vessels from orbit. The deal was struck, and mining rights were given to the French Andromedan companies, in exchange for rent paid to the Republic.

The funding acquired through this event led to a new expansionist period in Mithadorn history, leading on to the founding of new colonies in the Segmentums Umbra and Ignotum, with major developments in building a secure method of travel between the larger network of Mithadorn-controlled worlds and these new areas of Mithadorn habitation. Wormholes used for travel have since been fortified, though work on forging new alliances has yet to be undertaken.

Dual Wars[]

The Mithadorn-NTO War, also known as The New Order-Mithadorn War began during the new expansionist phase underway, triggered by Mithadorn colonies being established in space the New Terran Order viewed as their own territory. Whether the war could have been avoided through diplomatic means became irrelevant, after the NTO assaulted several Mithadorn colonies within Umbra.

At this time, conflicts have also arisen with The Grand Teyan Empire, with skirmishes between various fleets of both factions devolving into all-out warfare within the Segmentum Exteriors.

War with the Grand Teyan Empire escalated heavily on Kaer, after a ferocious battle for the planet.

Teyan Blitz[]

The Mithadorn-GTE conflict soon spiraled out of control after The Battle of Kaer, inducing a Blitz-like campaign that quickly reduced world after world under Republic control to oblivion. Use of super-weapons, overwhelming numbers, and guerrilla tactics combined led to a quick and crushing defeat, reducing the Republic from a powerful local power to a network of ruined planets, incapable of supporting life.

Though the Republic responded as best it could to the threat through their own guerrilla warfare, and one-time use of a Gravitational Wave superweapon, the loss of critical worlds, including Sulsua, Kaer, and Avai-Sulosi brought the Republic in Exteroris to its knees, and destruction. Surviving bands of Mithadorn continued to harass the GTE fleets, before ultimately fleeing to the Umbra and Ignotum-based colonies.

Economically and militarily devastated by the Teyan Blitz, the Republic have turned to others to support them for a counter-assault to retake their homeworld and territories. This event marked the end of the Mithadorn Republic, and the birth of the Mithadorn Remnants.


Culture varies from world to world within the Mithadorn republic, though notable trends often are found spread across hundreds to thousands of the planets and moons under the Republic's banner.

As a carnivorous race, Mithadorn agricultural worlds often farm large supplies of crop which can be fed to their livestock, which ranges from the herbivores brought in by their Ankoran allies such as the Robira Beast and Kaler, two utterly massive herbivores brought when the Ankoran split in two. Additional creatures are also farmed for their luxurious flesh, which the Mithadorn dine on regularly. Beasts are also hunted for sport across the Republic, on authorised worlds reserved for such behaviour. These worlds would typically boast a few space ports, and security to assure hunters have a license.

Many other Mithadorn activities include sports such as Gravitonga, and mounted-racing. Though many other sports are not uncommon, often brought in by travellers witnessing alien activities during long-awaited vacations.

Religion and the occult[]

The Mithadorn, generally, are not religious. Over ninety percent of their entire population are atheistic. With most surveys revealing only two percent of the population are actually religious. Of this two percent, most follow the Ankoran religion of Spode-Worship, with estimates suggesting just over half of the very minor religious population follow the Ankoran belief system. The other half of the religious population fall into minor religions from elsewhere in Andromeda, introduced through interstellar tourism. This has also introduced minor and major cults into Mithadorn society... Some more frowned upon than others.

One such example are the cults worshiping the four gods of chaos, that has caused strife within Mithadorn society for the past thousands of years. Where worshipers of Angazhar are often seen as violent terrorists (for very good reason), others such as the worshipers of Draguros are generally let be because of their seeming complacent behavior outside of private sermons in worship of the Xhodocto. Worshipers of Santorakh are quickly swept of the street by peacekeepers, hoping to keep the madmen out of trouble. Lastly there are the worshipers of Krathazhrukhal, whom are often being wrenched out of power or controlling positions for the Republic's safety, and out of heavy distrust of the cults.

It is noted that the rogue War Clan are under the sway of Angazhar, which has led to further distrust and hate of these cults, despite the laws stating prosecution due to following one of these cults is illegal. Despite this many Xhodocto worshiping cultists are still put on trial in court on charges of terrorism and causing major social unrest.

Social Structure[]

The carnivorous Mithadorn have a long-standing social structure within families and groups based on their old tribal eras, which have remained a prominent, instinctual part of their society for the millennium, working off a pack-like mentality. The largest, oldest, or strongest will lead the group, whether it is within a circle of friends, the immediate family, or in mercenary organisations. This mentality can often be seen in the Warclans of the military, though is not uncommon elsewhere in life.

Infighting is rare inside these social groups, and the leaders, unless disliked by the majority, tend to lead without serious discontent or otherwise unwilling responses from their peers. The social hierarchy is often stable, though those at the bottom are never a sole individual, but all those who are not the leader.


The Mithadorn political scene is one of one-party rule, under the Democratic Republic of the Mithadorn People, a large parliamentary senate. Senators are elected on the basis of the star-system they represent, in global election campaigns of upwards of five billion voters per world. These representatives last for five years in the senate before being reshuffled and replaced by new nominees, whom will again be replaced five years later. The senate will agree on a new Grand Chancellor every fifteen years, though these high-ranking politicians will often be voted into office multiple times, as has been the case on several occasions, including Goe'Suun, Alae'Kami, and Antus'Nores.


Due to the hostile nature of the surrounding space that the Mithadorn inhabit, a defensive military has existed as long as the Mithadorn have been space-faring. Paid by the taxed citizen, and generally seen by the populace as a necessity, the armed forces are generally seen in a favourable light. Large and expansive, the interstellar nation often celebrates its defenders as heroes.


The armies of the Mithadorn Republic are primarily built up from the several-thousand unique War Clans, each with a unique culture, style of combat, and technologies. The variations between the clans is immense, and though their armours are equally protective and weapons are all equally as lethal, they are all fashioned with their own quirks, ranging from the plasma-based fire-arms of the Iron Wolves, to the incendiary-based flamethrowers and rail-rifles of the Red Devils.

Additionally, the robotic hordes of soldiers fashioned by the Mithadorn Robotics Company, commissioned by the ruling senate, acts as a support for the entire military, controlled by highly-advanced AI, able to make strategic calculations to increase the odds of victory, and capable of making risky assaults without the risk of life, they are inferior as fighters, though capable as support for the living soldiers that control them.

Naval Fleets[]

The Mithadorn Republic hosts a smaller than average naval fleet for the size of its territory, and population, owning around thirty fleets, which patrol the republic's territory of three thousand, five hundred systems. As such, their navy is spread thin, and they must rely on FTL technologies to respond to invasion, or rebellion. Much of their hyperspatial navigation technology comes from Talva engineers, acquired through trade.

Originally, the Mithadorn's military fleets were made up of fifty ships each, made up of four major models. Though with the culmination of the Mithadorn-Xilic-Draecorran War, the entire Republic Navy was redesigned using Draecorran naval technologies, won during the war. Mithadorn fleets traverse through traditional Hyperspace through the use of Transwarp Drives and networks of the Krasnikov tubes between major sectors of home-space at FTL speeds. Many ships are however beginning to incorporate Teyan methods of traveling outside of traditional reality as a way of quickly moving around the galaxy. This is especially true in the colonies of Umbra and Ignotum.

A Mithadorn Battleship

Battleships, immense, and devastating in combat. The largest ships in the Mithadorn's navy, save for the Flagships, Titan's Mercy, and The Oblivion mk II, Battleships make up the bulk of fleets, housing dog-fighting ships, ground-assault vehicles, and the majority of fleet fire-power. They are almost always escorted by smaller ships in the fleet, protecting the 'king' of the fleet. Often deployed in groups of ten, they bombard their enemies to oblivion.

Every Battleship requires it's own Admiral, with the leading vessel housing the Grand Admiral of the fleet.

A Mithadorn Arcadian

Arcadians are used in the Mithadorn navy as heavy-bombardment and Battleship-support vessels in Mithadorn fleets. Armed with torrents of missiles, and heavy-duty forward cannons, they often sit in the middle of fleets, with the slightly-larger Battleships. They typically work on wearing down enemy cruisers, blasting them to obliteration through ceaseless barges of heavy artillery.

A Mithadorn Strike Cruiser

Strike Cruiser's serve as ships specifically for destroying enemy ships. Armed as heavily as an Arcadian, though much smaller in build. Cheap and efficient, they serve as assault vessels, sitting at the front to create a deadly wall of firepower.

A Mithadorn Support Craft

Support Ships act as simple frigates, defending the larger cruisers in combat. Unspecified in role, they tend to shadow major vessels, assaulting enemy vessels that veer too near to the Mithadorn fleets. They often house ground-assault forces en-mass, boasting almost enough in terms of crew-capacity as some planet-side cities!

A Mithadorn Piercer

Piercer-class cruisers are designed like sniper-rifles. Sitting at the back of fleets, they take aim at lesser ships in enemy fleets, taking them down from a distance. Powered using nuclear fusion drives the cannons fire intense, radioactive bolts from their internal cannons. Using uranium, with tungsten-tipped caps as ammunition, they're more than capable of piercing enemy hulls, and irradiating the insides of the vessel (hence the name).

The cannons are capable of shooting at up to 5% the sped of light, though most commonly, rounds are fired at only 1% the speed of light, as to not waste their radioactivity, by becoming lodged in enemy hulls.



Green face.png - "Friends until the end."

  • Ankoran Empire - "Our cultures could not be so different, yet our alliance yet stands the test of time."

On good terms[]

Blue face.png - "The galaxy needs more like you."


Yellow face.png - "Carry on."

  • Talven Empire - "Even with a galaxy between us, a relation like ours only proves that distance is no limit - it's whether or not you're willing to travel it."

On poor terms[]

Orange face.png - "Watch your back."


Red face.png - "The might of our people will end you!"

Notable Mithadorn[]

There are several Mithadorn who have become notable in the Mithadorn Republic, whether for good reasons or bad.

High General Key'Tara: High General of the Red Devils Warclan. Notable for several victories in the span of three years against pirate threats, and participation in the Mithadorn-Xilic-Dreacorran War.

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