"Avarice has preyed upon many. Few resist its claws, and even fewer banish it from their land. Avarice leaves little left in its wake, and avarice is enough to turn even the most good spirited individual to evil.

I pray this never happens to my brothers"

-Drakan Ki'Chukamis, founder of the Draekar Empire

"One cannot have peace without war, and war without peace."

-Ancient Xilic Proverb

"One day we will stand united with our enemies... But today, I know, is not that day. War breeds hatred. Hatred breeds war. But the cycle will falter... one day."

- High General Kek'vo of Sulsua

Introducing Factions[]

Draekar Remnant - A long time standing member of Andromeda, existing for over 100,000 years since the colonization by the Demakians of the Four Races of Dreacorra. Their leader is Thel'Vimicelnes, a charismatic Draekar who has lead his nation for over 700 years through dark and good times. The Draekar Remnant entered this conflict because they were looking for materials. Thel'Vimicelnes ordered the naval forces to find and colonize systems rich in rare minerals. The most needed, rarest, and valuable metal that was sought out is Kiridium, a purple metal lighter and far stronger than steel. Kiridium has a honeycomb shape molecular structure which makes it hold together better than other metals or elements. Kiridium is used to make a sakrousium-kiridium lattice-like structure for armor, which is used only by the Iliad Guard and the Promethean Agents. Thel'Vimicelnes wanted more of this metal since outfitting a quarter of his military with the lattice-style armor would blow his budget 10 times over due to his current supply. However, this metal was only found in Xilic and Mithadorn controlled space, who didn't sell the systems or make agreements to the Draekar Remnant. Hostilities quickly accelerated from there.

United Councils of Xiliaan /Andromeda Xilics - Native to the Borealis Galaxy, the United Councils of Xiliaan is the name for the collective territories and sectors of the Xilic race. Known for their skill in biological and genetic engineering, the Councils were mostly independent from other civilizations in the Borealis due to the Galaxy's turmoil. The UCX had landed colonists in the Andromeda several years before the war in the interest of mining valuable minerals and resources not found in the Borealis. Unknowingly, the colonists had settled on Mithadorn-controlled territory, but refused to relocate once they had been informed of the fact. Given the Xilic's "We found it, so it's ours" mindset at the time, relations deteriorated quickly. When attacks on Xilic colonies began, the United Councils instructed the Xilic Navy to intervene and stop the attacks. When the fleet arrived in the Andromeda, the conflict grew in intensity and soon broke into all-out war.

The Mithadorn Republic (and Allies)- The Republican Mithadorn people, charicterized by their black scales, boney head, and four eyes, were the local forces in the Wild Space region of Andromeda. Living within the Exterioris Segmentum, they peacefully coincided with their Teyan neighbours and the immigrating Ankoran people. When the Xilics were discovered invading their space and stealing their resources, the Mithadorn were largely sent into a fury, with the leading government unanimously deciding to push the invading aliens from their space. With the aid of their two allies they quickly began their campaign, and begun the development of a new robotic army to fight for them, knowing that their military, though highly elite, were largely outnumbered, with a standing army less than the population of Terra.


The war between the Mithadorn, Xilics, and the Four Dreacorran Races, (Known at it's start as the Mithadorn-Xilic Resource War, though later became known as the Mithadorn-Xilic-Dreacorran war, when the battles began to involve the Draekar forces), began during the years of 2765 on the intergalactic galactic calender. The war was fought largely over the resources and territory that, (technically), belonged to the Mithadorn Republic, which the Xilics were unaware of. The Mithadorn discovered the Xilic ships extracting ore from asterioids and small moons in one of the Mithadorn's outer mining colonies and quickly reacted with hostility, defending their territory and resources with zealous passion.

This one small skirmish in the orbit of Jes'tu soon escalated into a fullscale war, with the Mithadorn and Xilic forces attacking each other nearly at all hours, somewhere within each other's territories. As the war then escalated, the two space-faring factions brought their allies into the war, dragging the Teyan Imperium of Andromeda and the Andromedian Ankoran Empire to their sides, increasing both the scale, and cost of battles. As the expense of fighting increased, along side the forces involved in most battles, the number of invasions and assaults began to slowly dwindle. Most invasions were minor assaults, though there were several major battles throughout the many years of senseless violence.

The Beginning of the War[]

One of the first engagements of the war is known as the "Vil Convoy Incident", and is often regarded as the first true hostilities between the Xilic and Mithadorn empires. The incident took place when a Xilic supply convoy was travelling through the Vil System and was torpedoed by Mithadorn warships, destroying three cargo ships and damaging four others. The convoy escorts returned fire, but did not aggressively pursue the Mithadorn vessels once the threat had passed.

This encounter, however, sparked the entire, long war, with much of the Mithadorn navy chasing after, and actively hunting Xilic ships, quickly increasing hostile encounters between the two empires, to the point where the Mithadorn ultimately declared war on the Xilic people, stating that since they would not willingly move out of Mithadorn territory, that they would force them out, or annilate them.

Battle of Tel'kara[]

Tel'kara was one of the earliest major conflicts in the war, with Mithadorn forces fighting with the Xilics over the resource-rich desert planet. The world was dotted with rivers, seas and mountains, yet lifeless... The planet was uninhabitable. It's toxic atmosphere and hot temperatures made it unable to be settled by Mithadorn and Xilic alike. Probes from the Draekar Remnant long before the war indicated little materials of use to theem, and its atmosphere and water was made of hydrogen sulfide, an extremely toxic substance.

Yet despite how harsh this world was, the Mithadorn chose to attempt founding a colony on the lifeless world, creating an underground complex to live in. As they set up defenses, they built their mines, extracting spice from under the surface, along with precious gemstones and rare metals, such as Kiridium, deep in the ground. Yet as they built their colony, they were quickly set upon by their foes.

Several weeks after the Mithadorn settlement of Tel'kara, a Xilic battlegroup entered orbit above the planet, hoping to dislodge the Mithadorn mining operations on the planet. The Xilics began operations by initiating an orbital bombardment of the planet's surface, aiming to destroy the Mithadorn without having to land troops. Despite several days of continuous heavy bombardment, the Mithadorn remained safe in their underground shelters, and were largely unaffected.

After detecting Mithadorn operation after the bombardment, the Xilic Naval Command gave the go-ahead to take the planet by land invasion. Outfitted with special breathing gear, Xilic Biotics landed on the planet's scorched and glassed surface and began the destruction of mines and foundries using a combination of artillery and orbital strikes.

Yet their attacks seemed ineffective, as the majority of the complexes were much deeper underground that the Xilics could have ever expected, and their defenses much more advanced than what would likely have been used to defend the entrances to simple caves... What the Xilics did had neary no effect to their targets, which weren't even real! And then, suddenly, as the bombardment continued, the Mithadorn struct back, a wave of strangely-clad Mithadorn soldiers rushing out onto the field of battle in a type of armor never seen before. It seemed the Mithadorn had figured out a use for the before-undiscovered veins of Kiridium. For both armor and weapons.

The Mithadorn ambush was met with shock and suprise from the Xilic commanders. Their handheld weapons highly ineffective against the Kiridium, the Biotics were quickly overwhelmed and evacuated off of the planet. Having been ready to fire, the Xilic cruisers in orbit were given the order to execute Combat Order C-88, which meant bombarding the planet's surface into molten slag and destroying everything on the planet's surface. The "glassing" of the planet began almost immediately, destroying above-ground structures and collapsing the exits of underground buildings. Only those in deep-crust survival bunkers were likely to survive the bombardment.

The Mithadorn ultimately lost the battle, and, as revenge, turned on Xilic civilian worlds, always leaving a message of vengence and justice behind. Tel'kara had been a civilan world, and thus, the Mithadorn belived their attacks justified.

Invasion of Nekuru[]

The prairie-covered planet of Nekuru, located in the outer expanses of Xilic territory, had been settled on by Xilic colonists several years before the war. The oxygen-rich atmosphere and high amount of minerals in the crust made it an ideal spot for mining colonies. Due to it's Xilic alligence, and their mining operationgs, it was quickly targeted by the Mithadorn Republic, who, upon the war begining, began to send assault fleets to blockade the space around Nekuru, blocking all trade with the system, and collecting debris for their own use. They targeted military ships first, yet would always send ships after any Xilic transports. Not even civilan ships were let leave the planet.

As this happened, the Mithadorn prepared for a full-scale invasion of the surface, equiping their troops with minimally destructive weapons, and powerful armor. They planned to capture the settlements and mines on the planet - not destory them - though it was certain that no Xilic would survive if they suceeded in their attack. Due to the oxygen-rich atmosphere, the Mithadorn were highly vunerable targets, and thus stayed mostly within light tanks, or safely within other combat vehicles, though many fought on the surface during the assaults, using protective breathing equipment to survive. Though the gaspipes became easy targets for defenders.

The center for Xilic activity on Nekura was the capital city of Exir, a large colony which doubled as a spaceport for off-world freighters. When the attack on Nekura began, the colonist military deemed the city to be a vital target that was not to fall. However, the colonosts lacked Biotic support from the Xilic Navy, and were forced to defend with common infantry weapons and Xilic soldiers. The city's borders were strengthened, and the city was turned into a fortress in an attempt to prevent the capture of itself and the surrounding mining sites.

Though as night fell on Exir, the Mithadorn military forces, alongside their two allies, began their seige of the capital, forming a blockade using anti-air guns and heavy artilery. Though the republican tanks did not shell the city, they were used to annilate any form of aid from other Xilic cities, blasting supply freighters and caravans alike to oblivion. The assault, led by a Teyan captain known as Karids, and the Mithadorn General Kasan'Doro, lasted weeks as the invading forces continued their attempts to starve the city. Growing impatient, however, the Mithadorn eventually decided to turn their heavy guns on Exir's walls, demanding that they surrender the city, or have it reduced to rubble.

The Xilic colonists, exhausted from weeks of supply shortages and shellfire, knew that fleeing the planet was not an option. Most of the city's artillery emplacements had been destroyed, and the surviving defenders were short on weapons and ammunition. The city's inhabitants, who at that point were composed of stubborn civilians and soldiers who hadn't already fled the city, refused surrender. The Mithadorn general promptly began ordering the city reduced to ashes by sundown the following day. And so, quite quickly, the Mithadorn cannons and tanks tore through the wall, and forces spilled into the city in heavy vehicles, ripping buildings and forces utterly to shreds, and winning the invasion.

As the planet was uninhabitable by the Mithadorn, the planet was given to the Teyan as thanks for their aid in the seige. Within mere days the rest of Nekuru was annexed by the red-scaled Teyan people. The Xilic colonists that remained on the planet either surrendered to the Teyan or went into hiding. Small-scale partisan movements continued for a few weeks after the fall of Exir, but quickly fell silent once supplies had been depleted and most Xilic civilians had been removed from the planet.

Invasion of Kul'Kalik[]

Kul'Kalik is a lush planet, full of wildlife, sakrousium and gold veins, and it would obviously have made a good planet to control. Kul'Kalik held the base of the Dreacorran Combinates economy, and capturing it would provide a chokehold against the Draekar Remnant, as Kul'Kalik provided a direct pathway to internal trade routes between planets. Kul'Kalik was heavily defended but it was worth the casualties if it was captured.

Ultimately the Mithadorn struck Kul'kalik, launching a massive military campagin to take the planet in hopes to use it as a rallying point to attack Xilic worlds. The invasion lasted four month, with the Mithadorn ultimately being defeated and pulling back, unable to take the world from the Dreacorrans, who they simply regarded as casulaites of war. Ultimately this defeat cost them much more than they belived they would have taken, and thus they began the development with the Mithadorn Robotics Company, aiming to create a powerful droid army to fight in their stead, hoping to never lose so many living soldiers again.

Reveling in their victory, the Fleetmasters who defended Kul'Kalik celebrated and threw parties for their troops. This left one unexpected consequence, where Ahsim Fuir took the temporary advantage of the limited troop numbers and attacked Kul'Kalik. Their attacks consisted of blowing up and sabotaging needed government buildings and assassinating government officials. This lasted for 2 months before the troops came back and killed the terrorists. After this short and terrifying incident, it was discovered that Ahsim Fuir destroyed caravens, cargo ships, and other sources of income across the Dreacorran Combinate. Planets were starting to starve because the cargo ships which carried it were plundered, and production was slowing. Despite being possibly the most powerful faction in this war, the terror attacks weakened it considerably to the point of being overwhelmed by the other 2 factions.

Despite being short, the terror attacks knocked around the economy of the Draekar Remnant, weakening it and forcing them to call of most of their military during the war. Despite the consequence (Which Ahsim Fuir wanted to happen), the Draekar Remnant continued to strike at the heart of MIthadorn and Xilic nations, before reaching the Mithadorn capital of Sulsua.

Captain's Incident[]

On the tropical plains of Dakelon, orbiting the binary stars Hud'ku-A and B, a small Mithadorn spying post was being contructed within the reach of both Xilic and Dreacorran worlds. They were quickly detected, unfortunatley for the Mithadorn, and a three way battle began. Two Mithadorn captains had been sent to aid the efforts in securing the planet, but as their enemies launched attacks from multiple directions, the defence turned into a bloody massacre on all sides, with the small elite Mithadorn force pitted against both the Xilic and Draekar Remnant.

Several Xilic cruisers appeared in orbit and dispatched landing shuttles to the planet's surface. The small detachment of several hundred Biotic soldiers, under the command of Biotic Field Commander BI-22714 "Sear". The detachment landed a fair distance away from the spying post, not wishing to bring the attention that comes will landing frigates on the planet. "Sear" was a Xilic Infantry Biotic who had served since before the war, and had attained the rank of Biotic Field Commander (BFC) for his excellence in battle. Due to his high rank, Sear was implaneted with a speak synthesizer, allowing him to speak normally without needed to speak in the Biotic langauge, and had blue markings to distinguish him from regular Biotics. His troops had massed in the plains around the post, awaiting the order to attack.

Several Bulwarks and Praetorians appeared from cross-dimensional hyperspace. Their commander, Agent V X-30-12-64, was more than willing to fight both sides. Despite X-30s rather unsettling record, he was given position of Kalim D'alikas for the skrimish. X-30 was the strongest Promethean in service, able to shatter sakrousium in a single punch, although shattering his arms when doing so. The Bulwark he was commanding, the Xanatos' Fire, was one of the more powerful ships in service. X-30 was known for his trainings in the planet Diarch, known to be the most brutal and terrifying place to be in the Draekar Remnant. X-30s mission was to capture a nearby planet that would act as a base against both Mithadorn and Xilic ground troops. Redirecting his forces and unleashing his numerable squadrons of frigates, destroyers, and fighters, X-30 prepared his forces for combat. He grabbed his various weapons and put them inside of his body. Agent Vs and the rumored Agent VIIs can put weapons inside of their bodies. X-30 grabbed his liquid coolant tanks and plugged several wires into his body. A blue, ethereal liquid dripped through the wires and entered his body. It was a dilatant coolant, made to cool down starship engines, which produced biblical amounts of heat. Agent V fusion cores generated similar amounts, so it is required for them to get refilled with the coolant periodically.

It seemed, however, that the spying post's scanners had indeed caught wind of both invading forces, scrammbling to their unready defenses to prepare for combat. Snipers sat within the thick walls of the bunker which made up the post's primary construction, while automatic turrents were set up by engineers. Troops in the mere hundreds prepared for combat, knowing many more would likely come to snuff them out of existance. If the battle was to go as they expected, they would be dying in a blaze of glory, surround on all sides by their foes. Many had even taken up mounts from the local creatures, clading them in armor and preparing to fight.

Both the commanders, also prepared for combat, both ready to fight to the bitter end in the kiridium equipment that had been mined and crafted on Tel'kara.

The battle began as each side approched the Mithadorn outpost, both sides caught by hidden security camera's as they both began their advances on eachother and their enemy in between. The Mithadorn were quick to start a large fire across the jungles and plains of the tropical world, retreating back to the fire-proof bunker they had created.

Attempting to avoid the flames, the Xilic detachment broke up into squads, each tasked with taking out a section of the base. Infantry Biotics ducked through the brush, laying down fire while the Sharpshooter Biotics took out targets of opportunity from long range.

The Mithadorn retaliated quickly to the sniperfire raining down on them, returning fire with the automated defenses. There were already casualties on both sides, with the Mithadorn medical chambers deeper into the bunker quickly filling with the injured from the initial assault. The highly elite soldiers training barely saved half of their forces from the brunt of the assault. The Biotics pressed onwards, with Sear leading the troops on the front line. In a swift assault, the Biotics reached the perimeter of the facillity and stormed buildings, more concerned with destroying the spying equipment than killing enemy soldiers. Near the center of the base, Sear and most of his troops sustained fire and held their positions, awaiting orders to take the rest of the facility.

Sear was suddenly fired upon by two distunguishably Mithadorn fighters, one a male, the other female. They looked to be releated, and stood in a way that would allow them to easily defend each other. It was the two mercenary siblings leading the opertion to spy on their enemy. He directed his troops to supress the twins as his groups moved into defensive positions. Overhead, the Xilic Gunship Unit assigned to Sear's group began to open fire on exposed Mithadorn troops. While the gunship provided suppresive fire, the Biotic troops pushed towards the compound's center courtyard. The Xilic gunship fired smoke rockets around the area, creating a large smokescreen that settled over most of the base. Blinded and confused, all three side's troops charged into the courtyard in an attempt to take advantage of the situation. However, the smoke was thick enough that anybody on the ground could only see a few feet in front of them, so opposing and allied troops had difficulty finding each other. Several large winds gusts from an approaching storm began to clear the smoke, and the troops found themselves in an awkward situation.

The Xilic troops stood in one large, coagulated group that had somehow stayed together in the smoke. The Biotics were mere feet away from the Mithadorn line. The opposing troops aimed their weapons, but did not fire. The soldiers shouted and commanded in their respective languages for the enemy troops to drop their weapons, and stood ready to fire despite the other's sides refusal to disarm. The Mithadorn soldiers were doing the same, barking orders and commands above the growing sound of the storm, their weapons aimed at their enemies defensively, clearly alert, weary, and frightened for their lives. If fighting broke out again, they'd be fighting with an untold fury rarely ever seen on any battlefield. Quite suddenly a transmission broke through on all channels, with a single order. They were to stand down. Everyone of them.

The battle was to end. The leading forces of the Mithadorn wanted to talk - for once - and so Vexx'ene tilted his translator down to his mouth, and attempted to solve the tension with a diplomatic solution, though he kept his guns ready, just incase the situation devolved back into agressive negotitaions. Sear, who had also recieved the transmission, attempted contact with the Xilic cruiser orbiting the planet. The base's jammers made surface to ship communication impossible, so the Biotics were on their own. Keeping his blaster arm ready to fire, Sear emerged from cover and moved to Vexx'ene's position to negotiate a solution. He stated that the Biotics had orders to silence the facility, not necessarily destroy it. Sear would not deviate from his orders, but would cease the attack and withdrawl if the Mithadorn agreed to abandon, or at least remove the spying capibillty of the facility. The Biotic gunship patrolled the perimeter, keeping watch on the Mithadorn soldiers from the air. Several Sharpshooter Biotics had the two commanders in their sights. Sear offered to allow the facility to remain if the facility's inhabitants would agree to operate the spying equipment for the United Councils of Xiliaan, eavesdropping on Mithadorn comms and reporting the findings to the UCX. The Biotics made no other offers, and would eliminate the facility by force if it continued operations against the UCX. The response Sear was given was that they would not turn their base on their own people, but would agree to shut down spying equipment - or at least turn them away from the Xilics - if they left the facility alone, and left some medical supplies behind to heal wounded soldiers. The Biotic commander accepted the terms, and the troops returned to thier shuttles and dropped off medical supplies before returning to the cruiser in orbit.

Taking the temporary advantage to the battle, X-30s fleet warped in around 3-4 minutes after the deal. The fleet was around the same number as the Mithadorns, and were comprised of Warlords, Firelances, Osiris-Mythrans, and Bulwarks. The entire fighter caste were made of Voidfires and Thunder fighter-bombers. Reacting swiftly, the recouperating Mithadorn special forces mounted a desperate defence, though their weakend fighters unable to put up anything sturdy. They simply fired into orbit, hoping to shoot down and destroy the invading space craft, while their fleet attempted to drop supplies below, while simultaniously defending themselves from the unexpected attackers. While the planet fired back, damaging many ships, X-30 called in Avalon class battlecruisers. The Avalons generated protective shielding over the Draekar fleet, while X-30 ordered thousands upon millions of soldiers to orbital drop towards Dakelon. Making sure they made it, X-30 ordered Warlords and Avalons to protect the dropping soldiers. X-30 appointed another Agent V, X-39, to act as a commander in his stead. X-30 dropped towards the planet to aid his troopers and help secure vital areas.

When they landed, the found the planet scorched, and the base completely locked, the turrets damaged beyond repair, and the door sealed shut. Within the Mithadorn hid, realizing themselves hopelessly outgunned, out of supplies, and already near-death. It seemed hopeless for them. The spying dish has been smashed, already. The base looked abandoned. A facade by the survivors, desperate for their lives. A message had beem left, stating the base was destroyed and that the very few surviors had abandoned the post and fled into the jungles.

It was a lie.

Confused, the Draekar Remnant soldiers started to glass certain areas, attempting to drive out remaining pockets of resistance. Agents began to gas large areas of land with hydrocarbon and sarin gases. From orbit, Bulwarks fired upon the remaining bases from orbit. X-30 knew that there were still military commanders on the planet, but he couldn't quite find them.

In response to the glassing, the Mithadorn simply went deeper into their bunkers, hoping to avoid he glassing of the surface above. During this time they prepared for an emergancy evacuation, launching escape pods into the atmosphere and fleeing for Mithadorn territory.

The Draekar fleet spared the Mithadorn ships. Meanwhile, remaining bunkers were being stormed by Thralls, their aim being capturing Mithadorn and killing those who attempted to fight back. Yet there was no one left to kill or capture. Corpses already littered the floors of the few bunkers on the surface. Drakaran forces swiftly took over the planet.

Invasion of Sulsua[]

After the terror attacks on Kul'Kalik, the Draekar Remnant seemed too weak to effectively carry on. Despite protests on further fighting, the Council of Eight sent a rather large fleet towards Sulsua. They appointed a Racheara, whose name was Taph'Kalim Masadare. Upon reaching Sulsua, Masadare ordered the Mithadorn and Teyan forces to evacuate Sulsua and surrender. The massive fleet composed of Praetorians, Bulwarks, Firelances, and Osiris-Mythrans quickly surrounded Sulsua.

The Mithadorn goverment, outraged and offended by the orders proceeded to call back the bulk of their military forces, under the orders of Grand Chancellor Hend'kandon, claiming that they would be to escort the locals to their new homes. Instead, however, the returning fleets, which doubled that of the Draekar Remneant's own opened fire on the invaders, quickly causing a massive battle in orbit above the Mithadorn homeworld. Despite the Mithadorn ships doubling the number of their foe's own fleet, they were severly less powerful, and taking a beating, though not without causing the Draekar heavy loses of their own. Ultimately the Mithadorn flagship, a beheamoth of a creation called The Oblivion, which dwarfed almost every ship in battle was called in to aid the local defenders, tearing though most of the Draekar invaders, and forcing them to launch an ill-prepared ground assault to have any hope of capturing Sulsua.

While his forces blew up, collapsed, and crashed into other ships, Masadare called in a prototype Catastrophe class alongside more Bulwarks to defend it. Since the Bulwarks and the Osiris-Mythrans had the greatest chance of survival against the Oblivion. He commanded the ships to open fire, and huge golden bolts shot out of their main cannons at the Oblivion. The Oblivion consequently fired back using highly powerful energy-based ammuntion, tearing though the defending Bulwarks around the Catastrophe class ships quickly leaving the much larger ship defenseless. Though the Oblivion was critically damaged in the attack, and ultimately became inoperable. The crew abandoned vessel, and the two massive ships crashed into one another, both being utterly destroyed.

The surviving Osiris-Mythrans and Firelance classes descended down to the surface. Despite their severe damage from the Oblivion and their inoperability in the atmosphere, they, without hesitation, entered the atmosphere towards the Fardoor Heights, the largest moutain range on Sulsua, made almost exculsively of plateaus. While in the atmosphere, the Firelances deployed their immense numbers of Voidfire fighters, while the Osiris-Mythrans deployed their C-13 carriers. Moments later, the remaining destroyers crashed into the mountainsides, creating an audible boom and a large flash. Because of the Draekar Remnants superior crash-absorbtion technology, nearly 80% of each starships crew survived, allowing the ships to be more than capable of groundside combat.

But they were quickly set upon by the local defenders, who had brought in bombing ships, heavy tanks and nearly a million armed soldiers into battle, charging in and engaging in a three-hour conflict covering the mountain plateaus. Thanks to the Mithadorn being so well acquainted with their homeworld, they were easily able to use the land to their advantage, and largely surround and destroy the Draekar forces. The battle ultimately was costly for both sides, though the defending Mithadorn suceeded in holding onto the control of their precious motherland.

The immense loss of Draekar forces punched the breath out of Masadare. He quickly retreated with his surviving frigates and destroyers before the Mithadorn forces fell upon them. The loss had Masadare kicked out of the military and forced the Draekar to redirect all their forces to the capital of the Dreacorran Combinate, Dreacorra Prime for defense in case if any of the factions took hold of the oppurtunity.

Sulsua's Revenge[]

In response to the Draekar Remnant's failed attempt at capturing Sulsua, the Mithadorn, now thrown into a blind fury at the invaders directed their entire navy, along with their allies, whom quickly agreed to help the Mithadorn take revenge. They completely forgot about their war with the Xilics, for the time being, and began the largest invasion in the history of the Mithadorn Republic, attempting to wash over Dreacorra Prime as a wave of destruction. Their attempt wasn't as sucsessful as they expected, but they were quick in their staging and ultimately were dropping forces on the ground before the Draekar even knew they were attacking, while simultaniously bombarding them from space.

The Draekar Remnant, sensing the impending danger, rallied the forces of the Cyrannian Draekar Colonies, the Plazith League, and the Raquan Dominion, and set them up in a mighty barricade. The Golden Spire of Dreacorra Prime was quickly barricaded around to defend from the invaders, while the planetary shield initialized to defend the planet. Osiris-Mythrans, Kaeshiiks, Praetorians, Firelances, and others from the other Provinces entered into view and fired with unbridled fury upon the Mithadorn ships. 3 Cataclysms came into view alongside the others and fired their exa-lasers onto the larger Mithadorn ships.

With this set off two battles, one in orbit, and one on the ground. In orbit the battle quickly spiraled out of control, turning the invasion into a blooded mess of senselss carnage. Ships fired upon one another as dogfights raged around cruisers and frigates alike. The only way it could be trully describe was as pure chaos unleashed.

On the ground, meanwhile, the Mithadorn had launched a fullscale campaign on the surface, tanks and other such vehicles of war to completely wash over smaller settlements, crushing them with ease due to their advantage of surprise on the small cities and towns. But when they ultimately faced a larger city, had to lay seige for months to get anywhere, though managed to, eventually, bring the city down. After that, however, they found themselves unable to adavance, their enemies growing too strong for their slowly dwindling force to defeat. Through attrition the Mithadorn and their allies fell, taking countless enemy lives with them.

When the Mithadorns finally managed to get to the Andromedan Golden Spire, they were met with ferocious resistance. Tanks, mechanical walkers, strike craft, and atrmopsheric-capable starships all opened fire upon the invading forces. House-sized shells fell upon the invaders, devastating many. Due to already having been largely weakened over the course of their invasion, the Mithadorn forces were completely destroyed upon reaching the Golden Spire, unable to fight back any longer. Their space fleet were also, finally repelled, in shambles.

Surviving Osiris-Mythrans chased the remaining Mithadorn forces across space, finally in their element. The QLE engines of the Osiris-Mythrans made sure the Mithadorns couldn't use their more high-powered weaponry on the Osris-Mythrans, while they bombarded the Mithadorn ships with terrifying precision as they made their escape. Of the full invasion force, only twenty ships survived, though one of each fleet had managed to escape. The fleets were quickly rebuilt after the devestating defeat. Over one hundred thousand ships assaulted the Draekar forces, and only twenty returned.

The Mithadorn Robotics Company[]

With the war having taken its heavy toll on the Mithadorn they had been developing a new robotic army, funded by the Republic's government, and built by the top engineers and scientists of the Mithadorn Robotics Company, who had often been regarded as the best robotic's designers known to the Mithadorn and thier allies. With the disaterous conflicts having taken place since the projects conception, the new droid army were finally ready for battle.

Swarms of completley emotionless killing machines marched to the war, ready to follow any order to the exact, without question. Though the droid army at first was found to be an incoherent mess of violence and carnage, they soon evolved with new models and upgrades, becoming a powerful, organised military force, easily replacing the living soldiers fighting for the Mithadorn Republic. Though they were still not invincible, as later battles would prove - yet such a feat was supposedly impossible to ever create with purely robotic fighters.

Draekar Reformation[]

After the failed and humiliating defeat at the invasion of Sulsua, the Lordas-Kalims of Andromeda proposed a new operation. They gathered hundreds of thousands of their ships and sent them towards the Xilic and Mithadorn capitals in one, final bid for dominance. Since Sulsua was a failure, the military headed over to the economic capital of the Mithadorn republic, Un'ko. The same went for the other half of the military, where they went to Rir. These fleets were composed of thousands of Bulwarks, Praetorians, Firelances, and Osiris-Mythrans. Legacy and Hawkshot classes were present in the near hundred thousands as well in both armies. Even Cataclysms numbered in the thousands. Clearly, these battles would become the wars largest and would ultimately decide the Draekar Remnants place as winner or loser of this conflict. Nanobullets and gasser rounds replaced the standard Sakrousium-loaded rifles and shotguns of the infantry, and Augmented, Talons, Agent VIs, and Seraphs came by the hundreds of thousands. Thralls swarmed the decks and carriers of the military in the several billions. Each race of the Plazith League and the Dreacorran Combinate were plentiful. Racheara, Davardo, Thiekrusians, and the Ciaroc commanded several small 'miny fleets', and each one was overseen by an Omega Drovar, making the fleets strategically superior. The entire fleet was augmented with French, Draconid, and TIAF technology bought through the Xonexi Allies. This was truly advanced. This was one of the largest invasion forces ever heralded in the Draekar Remnant, and it would bring change, death, and anarchy upon the Xilics and the Mithadorn.

Yet when the Draekar Remnant's reached the Mithadorn's economic capital, they found no defenses set up while a scan of the planet revealed it to be lifeless. The Mithadorn had entirely abandoned the world, so it seemed. But the Mithadorn Robotics Company had just formed less than a year ago, spawning a seemingly endless army of robotic fighters.

As the Draekar arrived in Un'ko's airspace, they found themselves suddenly under attack. A fleet half the size of theirs had just arrived from warp-space, and were quickly bombarding the weaker ships. This attack seemed suicidal - and it was - yet still no lifeforms could be detected. It was their droid army! And they were attempting to board the larger Draekar ships, which due to their small, nimble frames, they easily managed to reach. They cut holes in the roof of the ships, especially the Omega Drovar's, and entered to fight. No Mithadorn would die in the battle, but their robot fighters would certainly determine their future.

The superior physical prowess of the Plazith League races, along with their rather terrifying high-powered weaponry, quickly set upon the robotic army. EMP grenades and ion-phasers were commonly used in this battle, and ripped through the army. Hawkshots were rather distant from the battle, and their osmium-sakrousium latticed 4D rounds easily destroyed the Mithadorns ships from far away. The Legacy classes charged into the fray, blasting away as many ships as they could as if it was a sport. Biocosmics and Warlords were the most devastating. Their EMP and ion-based weapon systems easily destroyed and disabled the robotic ships. Talons and Seraphs quickly shot into the other ships in boarding pods, where they quickly hopped out and gunned down as many robotic fighters as posssible. The Draekar Remnant was not without casualties however, as the robots took over certain Warlords and crashed them into other ships. Ultimately, after the end of this rather costly battle, the Draekar Remnant came out on top. The atmospheric-capable Warlords and Biocosmics entered the surface and dumped out millions of troops systematically. The soldiers then proceeded to as many abandoned towns and cities as possible, and burned them down.

Mithadorn civilians soon returned to the ashes of their home to rebuild only weeks after.

Meanwhile, on the Andromeda Xilic's capital planet of Rir, the cricket race had gathered the remnants of the Andromedan Navy and established a multi-layer defence perimeter around the capital world. The remnants of the 5th Biotic Planetside Division had been dug into the planet's surface and prepared the defence of the planet. The Xilic Navy had it's last remaining cruisers and fighter squadrons dedicated to the defence of the planet. The planet had been turned into a fortress, with all hands tasked with defending it. Ambushes were placed at every city block, artillery pieces were concealed in the countryside, and no square inch of the planet's surface was out of range of a gun. To the Xilics, it was the final stand where defeat was not possible...much less acceptable.

Several hundred thousand ships appeared in the space above Rir. Hawkshots quickly positioned themselves and fired onto the planet with their shells. Biocosmics and Warlords descended down to the planet with the escort help of 3 Cataclysms and several hundred Bulwarks. The Firelance and Legacy classes charged headstrong into the battle, firing their rounds onto the Xilic ships before they knew what hit them.

Having quickly recovered from the initial shock of the strike, the Xilics unleashed all firepower with the intent of not allowing any Draekar to reach the planet's surface. Conventional military tactics became nonexistent as each soldier, ship, and stronghold fended for itself. Naval ships resorted to tactics such as ramming, boarding, and close-in combat while ground troops diregarded all ideas of organized fighting as they clawed for every inch of soil on the planet. Xilic cruisers slugged it out with Draekar Bulwarks while interceptors swarmed around landing craft and enemy fighters. Nothing but victory mattered.

Angelfire missiles soared through the space. They numbered by the millions, but kept missing their targets. Those who were hit by the Angelfires quickly blew up from the 4D hyperspace capabilities of the missiles. Hawkshots and Cataclyms kept firing upon the planet, destroying hundreds of settlements before being set upon by the larger Xilic vessels. The solid rounds hitting the Bulwarks simply bounced off the hull of the ships, and the Osiris-Mythrans chased after the largest and heaviest ships. A large tear in space apepared, and a gigantic super-dreadnought, the Arcadians Vengeance, appeared. It was carrying the Omega Drovar commander. The 4D railguns of the Arcadians Vengeance ripped through any ship it fired at, since the said rounds ignore all armor and shields of the victim.

While the Navy was being decimated in orbit, the Xilic troops had it no better. Cities were fought over by the building, and the once-beautiful countryside was destroyed by shellfire. Having gained information about the Arcadians Vengeance and it's shields, the ground forces assembled their few but precious heavy warp cannons. Capable of penetrating the juggernaut's shields, the large weapons were fired into orbit from the ground while the conflict continued to rage. Despite the powerful weapons, they were too few and far in-between, and had concentrate on one singular target to even hope to destroy it. A stray Angelfire hit the deck of the Arcadians Vengeance and knocked off a large sheet of metal, revealing one of its antimatter-matter fusion reactors. A shield quickly regenerated around it to protect it. Since the Navy had lost ground contact, the warp cannons had to fire using visual sorces alone. While the cannons continued to be destroyed after their locations were revealed, the surviving guns concentrated on the Vengeance. A lucky few shots scored a direct hit on the breach in the ship's hull, hitting one of the antimatter reactors. A large and bright yellow light appeared where the reactor was hit, then a sudden BOOM was heard on the surface. A large wave of energy resulting from the uncontained antimatter reacting with matter spread out from the ship, annihilating it. The wave continued throughout the battle, annihilating most of both fleets. The Draekar fleet retreated to Dreacorra Prime, while the remaining Biocosmics and Warlords in the air proceeded to the ground. When they hit the ground, each one deployed hundreds of thousands of soldiers.

As night fell over Rir, Thralls, Seraphs, Talons, Agent VIs, and Augmented stormed the scene. Despite breaking through the line and having been able to reach the ground, the Xilics and Biotics had prepared for the inevitable landing of Draekar troops. As soon as shuttles dipped below the cloud banks, they were opened up on by Xilic antiaircraft guns, creating a hail of flak and shells. Agents, Talons, and Augmented were spared from this bombard. The superior sakrousium-arkoral armor of the Talons, and the immensely more superior osmium-sakrousium armor of the Agents easily stopped the flak and cannon bombardment. Warlords, after deploying their rather massive amounts of troops, hung back into the air and provided support from low-orbit.

The Draekar landing sites came under fierce counterattack, being struck with concealed artillery pieces, sniperfire, and a few land-based Xilic bombers. Often reciting traditional Xilic war cries, the Xilic and Biotic troops kept unrelenting fire on the disembarking troops and used networks of tunnels and caves connected to their underground cities to maneuver. The Dreacorran soldiers started mindlessly chanting ancient war cries in their native tongues as well. Troop reinforcements from the Plazith League and the Raquan Dominion fought alongside the Plazith League. Plasma and quark-gluon bolts zoomed through the air, killing any soldier that they hit and burning any they missed. The extremely intense heat of the quark-gluon bolts allowed the Draekar to completely ignore any shield and armor the Xilics put up, but the extremely small amount of special forces wielding the quark-gluon guns were being quickly gunned down by Xilic Biotics. The drop zones of the Plazith League troops, while numerous, were usually surrounded and cut-off from one another. Most Xilic naval ships had either been destroyed, disabled, or disoriented by the explosion of the Arcadians Vengeance, leaving the planetside defenders without widespread orbital air and artillery support. Xilic airpower on Rir was limited to troop shuttles, land-based interceptors and bombers, and a few Xilic Retractor-class frigates that happened to be in the atmosphere when the Vengeance exploded. Rir's grasslands offered both superb landing sites for larger ships and killing grounds for artillery and airstrikes, making battlefield movement slow and close to the ground. The cities that dotted the planet's surface became strongholds to whoever owned them at that time, dominating the land around them with tall spires connected to underground cities.

Finally, once making it to the capital of Rir, the bloodied and weakened Draekar army marched forwards across the walls of Rir. The strength of Drakan's Fire had waned considerably as they waded through foreign lands, but they simply couldn't last any longer. Carnage was considerable, Xilics and Draekar Remnant bodies were littered across the planet. As the Draekar retreated, a cheer went up through Biotic and Xilic alike. The ground troops reorganized themselves and began clean-up efforts on the scarred surface. What few Xilic ships remained limped into drydocks to receive repair and rearming. The Battle of Rir was over, and the colonist's capital planet had been spared.

Battle for Gadir[]

Gadir was a large, watery moon, in orbit around an inhospitable world with a toxic, corrosive atmosphere. The moon was built mostly as a civilan and mining world, though it also hosted one of the largest fleet construction yards in the Mithadorn Republic. With a large combat-ready fleet of star cruisers already in orbit, as well as medical stations for military forces, it was a prime target for both enemies of the Rebublic to besiege. Battlegroup 4-1 of the Xilic Imperial Navy had been reinforced and reorganized shortly after the Battle of Rir, and was eager for revenge for Nekuru. The fleet dropped out of hyperspace in a wide orbit around the system. The ships deployed their formations of Rongeur-class strike bombers escorted by Scalpel-class interceptors tasked with both an attack on Gadir's surface, and the bombing of Mithadorn ships. This was to be the Imperial Xilic Navy's largest naval battle to date.

The Mithadorn and their two allies quickly sprung into action, noticing the sudden emergence of the Xilic fleet. Their own fleets equaled in size and force, with many other fleets currently present for repairs, leaving around a third of the Mithadorn Republic navy, along side the Teyan and Ankoran's own sizable fleets to take positions around the medical station. A transmission reached the Xilic fleet, warning them, very simply, to back off, or be destroyed. The Mithadorn would not tolerate the further destruction of further civilian worlds. And they especially would not tolerate an attack of a medical center. Suprisingly, the message went through, and the Xilic navy ceased the bombing of planetside targets, not including military installations. Battlegroup 4-1 did, however, continue the attacks on the Mithadorn Republic Navy, hoping to break the defence and claim the numerous shipyards on the planet's surface. The ships of Battlegroup 4-1 kept their distance from the Mithadorn ships, relying on bombers and long-range turbolasers to destroy enemy ships. The fleet sent a transmission to the Mithadorn, stating that they have three days to evacuate the civilians and wounded from Gadir before the Xilics would need to begin bombardment.

The Mithadorn refused, instead opting to return fire, military installations on the surface launching Anti-Air assaults, primarily through the use of land-based Railguns on a huge scale, launching highly explosive rounds into the enemy ships. Quickly taking to battle, the fleets engaged from both a long, and close range, heavier, stronger ships moving in far closer to annihilate the Xilic battle-cruisers. From afar, weaker ships with a further range would focus on the smaller ships they faced, working in co-ordination almost like a sniper picking off their enemy one by one with utterly leathal bombardments.

To note, the Mithadorn Warclan, Warclan Tu'kuu, had been present, using their own personal cunning to attack their enemy from Gadir's rings, using tanks and air-tighter walker suits to ambush their unknowing foe. The Xilic fleet began to take losses, but was by no means repelled. The UCX fleet began a steady push towards the planet, tightening the noose. The superior frontal armor and deflector shields of the Imperial Navy's Bonesaw-class heavy cruisers proved an advantage, both repelling gunfire and protecting the ships in uncommon ramming attacks. The Xilic's goal was to get enough cruisers in range of Gadir to begin the glassing of the planet's surface. The squadrons of Xilic interceptors and bombers worked in unison to keep the Mithadorn ships from getting close to the Bonesaw-class ships, while bombers attacking the planet used their unusual dive sirens to scare and demoralize troops on the planet. Using shock tactics, the insectoid race hoped to put the Mithadorn under increasing military and psychological stress, and ultimately break the Mithadorn's will to fight.

The tactic failed, and the Mithadorn were only resolved even further to push the invaders away, their efforts trippled by the renewed threat to what was, for the most part, a purely civilian world with a simple shipyard in orbit. The Bonesaw-class cruisers did prove troubling at first, though the Mithadorn's allies proved far too cunning to let the heavier frontal armor defeat them. Two Hunter-class strike cruisers under Teyan command manovered around the battle silently, unnoticed the invaders until it was too late. Heavy strike weapons bombarded the Bonesaw's from behind, where the armor was weaker. The powerful ion batteries blew holes deep into their enemies, obliterating enough ships to severely dent the Xilic offensive. Another message was given. The Xilic would be destroyed for their incursion now. The Mithadorn were fed up of mercy, returning to the offensive with newer, experimental, and dangerous ships designs. The UCX fleet began to take losses. While the formations of bombers continued the offensive, the fleet's momentum was slowing. The Xilic's heavy cruiser's heavy warp cannons were effective against nearly every type of deflector shields, but too few ships were outfitted with these guns to make a worthwhile difference. Shuttles buzzed about, resuing survivors from disabled cruisers who had fallen victim to the Mithadorn's flanking attacks. Several bomber squadrons were retasked with destroying the Hunter-class cruisers that had punched through the Xilic line. The formations destroyed one of the enemy crusiers and badly damaged the other. Several Xilic frigates moved to provide anti-fighter support and to seal the gap in the Xilic advance. By this time, the Imperial Fleet had come within range of Gadir, and opened fire on it's orbiting shipyard. If they could not capture the shipyard, they were to destroy it and subdue Gadir as a military base.

The Mithadorn were finally left desperate at the attack, the shipyard becoming critically damaged. They opened fire with Antimatter weapons, hoping to simply be done with the fight. The Imperial Fleet reacted to antimatter weapons with alarm, and the Xilic ships swerved to avoid the incoming projectiles. The cruiser's close-in weapon systems opened fire on the missiles, destroying most of the rounds. Several others detonated, however, and several cruisers were disabled, leading to the derelict ships to be evacuated. The Xilic line of advance held still, and pressed on towards the planet. The fleet prepared for a planetary invasion, and sent a transmission to the Mithadorn and Teyan. The transmission stated that if the Mithadorn surrendered peacefully, the planet would not be attacked and the damaged shipyards left alone. The message also stated that no honor would be lost on the Mithadorn's part if they stood down.

The Mithadorn response was clear; they would not hand over a heavily-populated, rich, civilian world. They continued their bombardment releantlessly, firing whatever weapons they had towards the Xilic fleet, while further ships from other close-by systems arrived to aid the remaining, recovering fleets. Even the ships from the other half of the star-system were ariving now, whom had been unwilling to jump with FTL tech for such a short distance. Taking notice of the increased aggression, the Xilic fleet regrouped and began to withdraw from the system, knowing that their objective of disabling the shipyard complete. The Xilic battlegroup was to now retreat onto the UCX-Mithadorn border and establish a defensive line and prevent a Mithadorn incursion. The fleet backed out of the system and formulated a defensive line on the border, awaiting the attack. The Mithadorn near the boarders, however, made no attempt at pushing their territory further into the Xilics. If anything, they were sick of the now-pointless war, with no need to take Xilic space. They had increased in size since the war began, and knew that they would be taking a pointless risk. So they did not attack again. After several weeks of inactivity, the UCX and Mithadorn leaders decided to seize the chance and take action is ending the war.

War's End[]

The War between the Mithadorn and Xilics was coming to an end, at last, and the Draekar Remnant would soon also come to see the end of the battles between the three warring factions. The signing of a peace treaty was agreed upon the Mithadorn capital of Sulua, within the chambers of the Capital Senate, under the armed guard of soldiers from both sides in the conflict. The Mithadorn's current High Channelor, Hukan-dour met within the heavily guarded chambers on Sulusa, escorted by a Teyan Juggernaut, and the leader of Sulsua's own Warclan, Juuk. The leader of theThe Black Angels was a brutish example of a Mithadorn, bound from head to hoof in black, seamless armor. He glared at the Xilic representative with hatred and anger. Yet he made no hostile move. The four UCX representatives, adorned in formal exo-atmospheric suits and escorted by five Infantry Biotics, were respectful to the Mithadorn even if they were not well-liked, keeping with formal Xilic traditions. They arrived prepared for negotiations. Thel'Vimicelnes, the Draekar leader, simply sat down at the negotiating table. He towered over the Mithadorn, at 5 meters tall and clad in imposing armor. Two figures sat by him, clad in ornate golden armor and seemingly robotic. They stood nearly as tall as the Drakan, and their gaze seemed to pierce the very souls of whoever met their eyes - Iliad guards.

The first demand was simple, and given in a non-threating manner, the Mithadorn wanted one hundred million Sporebucks from the Xilics, so they could afford to repair the hefty damage the war with their insectoid enemies had caused. After discussion between themselves, the UCX senators offered twenty million Sporebucks along with five million worth construction and repair equipment. The Mithadorn countered with a slightly different demand. The twenty million offered, and ten planets with a high economic value to their name. The UCX senators considered the offer, and agreed to it in in exchange for the return of all captured Xilic vessels, POWs, and captured scientific assets.

After a moment of brief consideration, the Grand Chancellor of the Mithadorn Republic agreed to the demands of the Xilic ambassadors, on condition that the Xilics returned their own plunder from the Mithadorn, Teyan, and Ankoran people. The Xilic senators accepted the terms. Next, the Grand Chancellor brought forward a scroll made of hide from one of Sulsua's native beasts. On it read the agreed terms and conditions for breaking the treaty. Hukan-dour first signed the agreement, before handing the scroll to the Xilics. The four senators signed it accordingly.

And then there was peace between the two races. Yet not with the Draekar just yet. Hukan-dour turned to the Draekar leader expeactanty, but was surprised by what he was told.

Thel'Vimicelnes offered no demands, as he won what he desired in the war already. Instead, he just demanded a peace treaty between the two nations. He offered to send aid to rebuild Mithadorn worlds, as the commander he assigned caused far more damage than what he wanted. The situation was highly desireable, leaving the Mithadorn to immediately agree..


Mithadorn Republic (and Allies) - With the war's end, the Mithadorn and their close allies seemed to grow much closer than they had before, now working with a truly united military army of their new robotic soldiers. Although the government was severely weakened by the conflict, and many doubts had been raised since the war's start, the republican species stood proud of their supposed victory. They had survived, though instability now plauged them.

United Councils of Xiliaan/Andromeda Xilics - Termination of large-scale mining operations in the Andromeda by the UCX government. The remnants of Battlegroup 4-1 and Sector A-13 Planetary Overwatch are regrouped and redeployed to act as a defending force for the Xilic territory. The United Councils continue to develop settlements in the Andromeda, but do not claim much further land from what they ended the war with. The Councils set their sights on colonizing other galaxies in the future, and aim to prevent another war resulting from Xilic colonization.