- Isperiona

Isperiona Fernhio is one of the important Mali'Nar, a former Lequian scientist from the planet Satalkis. A terrible bringer of despair, she cloaked herself in mystery.


Isperiona's final moments before her rebirth.

Isperiona was not always an insane plaguemistress like she is now, originally being a humble scientist on planet Satalkis. A biologist prodigy, she quickly became famous among her classmates and the whole world, showing extreme skills in developing new species via peculiar genetical technics, starting with small bacteria and ending with new plants and animals. Such talent could not be left untamed and Isperiona's family decided to send her to study on the core world of DSB fairly close to Votch. She was pleased with her new homeworld as she could expand her skills even more, but shortly after she earned her title of a doctor, War of the Blocs erupted, and her planet was invaded.

As dreaded Felequians stormed the world, Isperiona rushed to her university and laboratory, ready to protect her creations and her comrades. Setting creatures made by her loose she started a fierce and mad last stand against the Iron Bloc. However, she was no match for the powerful warmachine of Felequians, who have unleashed deadly gas to kill off the rest of the defenders. Coughing blood, Isperiona fell, in absolute despair, in absolute horror...

Her death wasn't final, however. In the last moments of her life, she heard a voice. The voice was promising vengeance for the Iron Bloc, feeding on her despair. This voice was, of course, the terrific Sanktanaar Divin-Ra who wanted to make yet another ascended servant. Empowering the broken soul of Isperiona with dark energies, the now-corrupted Lequian rose and destroyed the Felequian forces in a single burst with her new psychic plague she mastered.

After the battle, Isperiona vanished, still serving Divin-Ra. It is unknown where shall she strike next.



Isperiona's appearance represents her state just before her death. She appears as a rotting, skeletal Lequian female with shining blue eyes surrounded by aura of darkness. More often, however, she lacks any physical form at all, being a terrifying, destructive plaguemist that hunts the living in its waked.


Isperiona has little traces of curious, knowledge-seeking scientist she was before now. Corrupted by despair and thirst for revenge, she is a heartless and soulless servant of Divin-Ra, with no morality or emotions left. She just follows her goal of destroying mortals, with neither happiness nor mercy from her dark crusade. She does, however, retains some curiosity and she toys with plagues and diseases in order to perfect her prime weapon.


Like all Mali'Nar, Isperiona has some control over the reality's fabrics. Her favourite weapons, however, are viruses and creatures she created in her life and continued to perfect in her undeath. Further empowering her creations with arcane energies, her abominations of dark science and ancient sorcery are terrifying and deadly, bringing about horror and despair.


Isperiona lacks need for equipment.



Yellow face.pngI obey.


Yellow face.pngI work with you.


Yellow face.png...


Yellow face.pngI destroy.

Quotes from others[]

Destroy... my... enemies!

- Sanktanaar Divin-Ra

She seems so indifferent toward everything, it's almost boring.

- Shu'suvreca
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