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The Mirusian Triumvirate is a secret faction created the the Mendel Pact, The Zarbania Powers, and United Persan Descendants in the aftermath of the Second War of Mirusian Coalition. The Triumvirate was created by it's three involved powers, due to them feeling that the Covenant of Mirus had dishonored them and the soldiers who had lost their lives taking land that had just been taken from them. They also believed that the Covenant had been forced upon the native Mirusians on unequal ground and would blatantly favor the Xonexi Allies and other Extra-Galactic powers on matters of disagreement and conflict. However, unlike what was claimed of the Sovereign Mirusian Coalition before it, the Triumvirate is not anti-extragalactic, the Persan being extragalactics themselves. They wish to establish a galactic government for Mirus on equal ground and ensure that Mirusian natives, and their allies, hold the most power in their home galaxy. As of currently, the Triumvirate has yet to reveal their existence, instead working within the Covenant of Mirus as a matter of convenience until the Imperium of War is defeated at which point they plan to split from the Covenant and show their opposition.

The Mirusian Triumvitare hides most of it's military developments in the Milky Way, in the Persan Expanse and the Tyris sector, as to conceal it from the prying eyes of the Xonexi in Mirus.

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Goals Edit

  • Defeat the Imperium of War.
  • Oppose the Covenant of Mirus's claim of galactic governance over Mirus.
    • Help restore the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment and establish it as the legitimate Galactic Mirusian Government.
    • Assure that Mirusian Natives and their extragalactic allies hold primary power.
  • Develop forms of and counters to Xonexi and War-Imperial Hyperspacial weaponry.
    • Aid Greater Mirusian Church development into this direction.
    • Secretely aid in the evolution of a Waptoria Riftfire Titan.
  • Develop forms of and counters to Xonexi Void Hunters.
    • Secretely aid Federation research into this direction.
  • Develop forms of and counters to Xonexi and War-Imperial Supercarriers.
    • Secretely help auto-evolve the Waptoria Whale-class carrier Gargantuan into this direction.
  • Further the development of Persan Accel Space Weaponry.
    • Potentially develop an Accel Space-based Hyperspace counter - most likely impossible.
  • Vengeance against the Hegemony (Koatria focused)

History Edit

Formation in Secret Edit

This unholy Covenant would shackle us to the will of outlanders and extragalactic slavers and tell us how to run our own galaxy. Many of the other nations are weakened from the war, so right now, we are the only three with the ability to resist. This could make the difference between a Mirus for Mirusians, and their allies, or a Mirus ruled by the Xonexi tyrants.

- Emperor Gridlock to Barda Clett and Empress Zuki

The Triumvirate was formed weeks after the peace treaty that ended the Second War of Mirusian Coalition, from the general discord among the many of the natives, including the Zarbania Powers, Mendel Pact, and Persan Descendants. Resentful of the loss, all three had some warrior nature in their culture, and, all where upset by the loss of any territory, feeling their troops and peoples' lives had been thrown away for a reward that went to another.

While all three felt the dissent somewhat, neither would act, until Emperor Gridlock contacted Barda Clett, under the assumption of "military exercises". When the Ugandalore arrived, Gridlock instead wished to discuss a way to resist the Covenant of Mirus that had just been formed. Barda himself offered to call in Exarch Zuki of the Persan. While Gridlock was leery towards letting any others in, for fear of a leak in intelligence, Barda soothed his doubts and said that Zuki herself could be trusted. Accepting, the Persan Exarch was also brought into to discuss these "exercises".

The conversations, with only Bisarko as a witness, went for many hours, talking of the Covenant of Mirus, the peace treaty, and many other things. Obviously, the first thing addressed was the distrust between the Pact and Descendants, and the Powers, which Gridlock said that, the time for distrust between the 3 was over, and now was the time to band together. Barda agreed, and discussions went on.

The three agreed that, while the Waptoria, Federation, and Church of Spode could not help, they could certainly be propped up to ensure aid to the Triumvirate, while keeping the Triumvirate's true goals a secret to them. Barda also revealed that the Multus Esse where helping to break down the barriers towards gaining Hyperspace weapons for the Alliance, and it would be wise to invest serious attention to it. Emperor Gridlock revealed he had two allied nations on his side, that had rarely been seen. When the war with the Imperium of War ended, their forces, fresh and unscathed by the conflicts, would act as serious boost to the 3.

Ultimately, all three agreed to support the Covenant of Mirus, if only to deal with the current situations gripping the galaxy, and, once the conflicts where over, work towards finally ending the insidious Xonexi influence in their galaxy was and for.

Breaking from the Covenant Edit

And so, the dice is cast, and the greatest of gambles has truly begun.

- Unknown

Marinus' Rebellion Edit

The Talven certainly are ambitious, and with them on our side, we are one valuable asset richer.

- Iron Councillor Bisarko vun Milaros

The Hand of Retribution Edit

Ladies and gentlemen, the lesson is this: We can defeat the Xonexi, rather easily so, but only if we act as a simple entity. France is asleep and reliant on it's allies to cow us. But we will not be cowed, not by people we know, and I suggest we act rather soon, before the sleeping giant wakes.

- Emperor Ridanax to Domivere Des Sandis and Kirta Clett

Mirus Divided Edit

This abomination must not get control! Are you with us?

Aye. Forget the Hand of Retribution. This is it. The time has come! For Mirus! For freedom!

Operation: Reclaimer Edit

So, Ridanax? What will you do?

Military Edit

Roles and Aspects Edit

While all being well rounded and effective fighting forces in all fields, the various members do have various aspects that make the better at some jobs than others. The soldiers of the UPD are generally considered to be individually more powerful through a combination of intense training, intensive cybernetic and genetic enchantment, and highly advanced tech, as well as very self-reliant. However their numbers are limited and not as large as the Mendel Pact and Zarbania Powers. In general the UPD handles military operations involving small strike teams rather than mass pitched battles - in which they take more of a support role, or any fight were logistics may be a problem. Their skill at cyber-warfare also has them spear heading this role.

The Pact are considered second to the Persan in terms of physical ability, mostly because of their intense warrior nature and harsh training from a young age. Their style is more aggressive, assaulting enemies with fast moving, heavy armored units, highly trained heavy infantry, and brutal scout units. They could be very well considered the executioners of the Triumvirate, willing to, and even relishing, the opportunity to fight and spill blood, so long as they find a foe worthy of respect. Mendel are masters of special operations, however, spear heading this as the Persan spear head cyber warfare and guerilla tactics, Mendel Super-Commandos being mastered of subversion, subterfuge, and misdirection, all the while being the most capable of warriors.

Zarbanians are regarded as the "base-line" force, and the backbone of the Triumvirate. They don't specialize too well in one direction, being good at guerilla warfare, spec ops, but are masters of logistics, being able to supply troops better and faster then most other enemies. Their troops train hard to be the best, especially in large numbers, being known for cracking off more shots then other infantry, being generally better tank drivers, and having the best artillery to break a city among the Mirusians. It is this general purpose nature that actually gives them a great edge. Indeed, they could be seen as the opposites of the Persan. Where's the UPD focuses on small teams, TZP deploy large platoons and tank squadrons to quickly crush any opposition with overwhelming firepower and numbers.

Military Assets Edit

Aiwass Omnifighter Full
  • Wingspan - 10 Meters
  • Max Speed - Mach 25
  • Weapons - 6 Hard points.
    • Persan Variant - Beam Claws, Progressive Teeth, 4 Positron Beam Cannons, 2 Helical Railguns
    • Mendel Variant -
    • Zarbanian -
  • Defenses
    • Persan - Vehicle Fold Armor, AEC, Cloaking Device
    • Mendel -
    • Zarbania -

The Aiwass was originally unveiled not long after the Second War of Mirusian Coalition, having been the one thing that they had managed to squeeze out of the Tyranny Factories.

The Aiwass was developed as a joint venture between Defiance Industrial and Badavic Productions. It was designed around the abandoned concept of aircraft capable of engaging in melee as well as being put together with the idea of an aircraft capable of fighting in both atmosphere and space, coined an OmniFighter. A viscous array of long range weapons mounted on seven hard points was built to complement the dragon-like craft's savage melee armament. Trial flights proved highly successful though more armor and bigger engines had to be added to maintain aerospace capabilities and survive high speed impacts.

The Aiwass was also designed as an ornithropter jet hybrid, using it's wingbeats and fusion engine to power it's high speed flights capable of reaching atmospheric escape velocity. This initially caused balanced problems which result in the desgin having to go through several renovations until twenty workable models were successfully created.

Though the many of the Tyranny factories were lost due to being ceded to the Xonexi after the Mirusian defeat after the second war set production back, the Aiwass's production would eventually pick back up and have it put on the front lines against the Imperium of War.

Aiwass OmniFighter

  • Height - 40 ft.
  • Max Speed - 50 Km/h (Walking)
  • Weapons - 2 Hard points.
    • Mendel Variant - 2 Pulse sub-munitions launchers.
    • Persan Variant - 2 Proton Cannons
    • Zarbanian -
  • Defenses
    • Mendel - Bescar'dermis plating
    • Persan - Vehicle Fold Armor
    • Zarbania - Heavy Kadium Armor.

The Kal'Ryana Battlesuit has been in construction since the beginnings of the First War of Mirusian Coalition, on the grim world of Kai'Shes. When originally put to construction, the Battlesuits proved too expensive to at first create, needing too many resources to build effectively. The disgruntled engineer of the Suits, Kartara Melkore, demanded from the Council more resources to complete her project, believing they could turn the tide of future wars in the Mendel's favor all the faster. However, she was ignored, as the Primarch-class battlesuit began to show promising results in field tests in Cyrannus, and the Council wished to focus on these, and more advanced stealth suit designs.

Kai'shes, as such reserved direction to build more advanced stealth units, but their engineers in secret, continued production of the Kal'Ryana, having developed a stubborn, downright churlish nature due to the constant sieges their world found itself in. By time of the Second War, a Bio-Morphling ship, in the chaos of the war, landed on Kai'shes, and sought to enslave the planet. Kartara, directing her 3 completed battle suits, one still considered a prototype, from the command post, and both she and the forces of Kai'shes watched in awe as the 3 suits laid to waste the entire bio-engineered horde, including the Death-Lord leading the hive.

Since then the Council has re-evaluated the use of such a suit, putting production ahead of schedule, and asking Kartara to continue improving designs on it, even after the loss of the war, and production stayed on planet, mostly due to Kai'shes' isolation, and the fact they are acutely xenophobic. Due to this, and the evidence of the Kal'Ryana being used against Bio-Morphlings, the Council has continued to production, using the Morphling infestation as evidence to support the building of the suit. With the alliance with the Persan, and Zarbania, the Mendel sent modified designs to them to improve their own armies.

The Kal'ryana is a heavy assault monster, able to lay down punishing round after round of plasma fire tearing the heaviest armors to pieces once lined up. Despite it's limited weapons options, the Kal'Ryana is often outfitted with the weapons needed to put any foe to rest, no matter who he is. Be it the berserking legions of Dragowar or the slithering hordes of Bio-Morphlings, few can withstand the concentrated power of a Kal'Ryana.

Schrodinger Void Hunter
  • Length - 305 Meters
  • Propulsion - Conventional drive/Accel Drive, Pseudo Accel Drive
  • Weapons - 4x FTL Missile/Torpedo Launchers, 7x Extra Weapon Hard Points, ECM, ECCM
    • Persan Variant - 2 Graviton Torpedo Tubes, 2 Nightmare Torpedo Tubes, 3 Electron Beams, 3 Proton Cannons, 1 Positron Cannon
    • Mendel Variant -
    • Zarbania Variant -
  • Defenses
    • Persan Variant - Ship Fold Out Armor, AEC, Cloaking Device
    • Mendel Variant -
    • Zarbania Variant -

Build by the the Mirusian Triumvirate as a their own form of Hyperspacial Stealth Craft. The Schrodinger applies the Closed Circle effect of Persan Accel Space Drives to stealth the ship further by making it seem as though the ship inhabits it's own space time. To any sensor that did pick it up a Schrodinger it would seem as though the ship both existed and did not exist at the same time. Schrodingers are armed with 4 FTL Missile/Torpedo Launchers, 8 hard points for extra weapons of variable kinds, a ECM, and ECCM. The Persan do not use it for Hyperspacial warfare as they do not make no use of Hyperspace, but the use is still about the same.

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Planets and Supply Bases Edit

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Hyperspace Weaponry Edit

Hyperspace Weaponry Counter Measures Edit

Void Hunter Development Edit

The Zarbanians, of all the races, where hit hardest by the French Void-Hunter strikes. Their military was, overall, the most sensitive to attacks on it's industry and supplies, and this meticulous balance needed to be maintained in order to keep their troops up and running and constantly on the move against their enemies. As such, when the war ended, the Zarbanians eagerly devoured any intel they could get on the Void-Hunter deployment, attack patterns and designs. When the Triumvirate was formed, the Zarbanians had shared what little designs they had come up with, with the other members as a sign of trust. They found it had actually helped, the three groups managing to piece together their designs based off intel the others had.

As such, the three, with Zarbania spear-heading it's advancement, have made leaps and bounds ahead of schedule, but still need to time to develop an effective weapon for battle.

Supercarrier Development Edit

Accel Space Weaponry Edit

Accel Space weaponry is a new development by the UPD that came into use during the Second War of Mirusian Coalition in the form of the Accel Motion Cannon. Accel Motion Cannons work by firing of concentrated streams of the "Special Data" Accel Space is composed of. Traveling through both Accel Space and Real space simultaneously these data beams travel well past light speed and can hit the target from many lightyears away. When the beam strikes a ship the data attempts to process the matter. However as the two are incompatible it attempts to adapt itself and the matter it interacts with into a compatible form, energy. The end result is a massive and explosive conversion to pure energy.

The next stage was developing missiles and torpedoes capable of Accel Space travel. The trick was not only shrinking down an Accel Drive, but also keeping the missile stable enough to not be destroyed by Accel Space Data trying to reprogram it. Initial results were promising and it wasn't long before working prototypes were generated for UPD Graviton and Nightmare Torpedoes, and eventually fully implemented.

Trans Accel-Hyperspace Weaponry Edit

While initial results with Accel Space missile weaponry have been promising, attempts to created Trans Accel-Hyperspace weaponry has proven less then successful. The major problem being the massive energy requirements needed to make the jump from Accel Space to Real Space to Hyperspace, as well as the incredibly complex targeting system that would require. Another problem is the fact that any object that enters Accel Space inhabits it's own isolated space meaning hitting a target in Accel Space would be impossible. So far nothing has come the attempts, meaning it has not been explored very seriously.

However tests on weapons combing Hypermatter and Special Data has proven promising. This Chaos Bolt Weaponry as it has been called generates such powerful explosions that it could very well serve as a form of super weapon once implemented.

Quotes Edit

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Mirus is in shackles. But sooner or later, shackles rust and weaken. And when that happens, slaves find their strength, and break free. Let the Xonexi believe they've won. A punch always hits just a bit harder when one does not expect it.

- Barda Clett

We are in full support of their operations. We will shield them from the Covenant if we have to. We will not allow heathens from another galaxy dictate the affairs of our allies.

- King Brygon
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