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Iz da biggest so Iz da Boss!

- Warboss Vra'ggloka
MLoron Boss
  • Weapons - Big Blasta, Shankaz, varies
  • Defenses - Heavy Armor

The Warboss is the biggest, badest, and most cunnin' and brutal of the Loron within his Tribe or Clan. The largest of the Loron, the Warboss is the strongest of his warriors, and has risen to power by age, experience, and bashing skulls all the way to the top, and, combined with his extreme power, has a strong cunning and strategic ability, for a Loron. A Warboss goes into battle alongside his Boyz and 'Evy Boyz, roaring and screaming into the ranks of their foes with fists, blastaz and shankaz, crushing their foes with whatever they get to choose from their Warband. Seen as living embodiments of war and battle, the Warboss is respected and admired by his boyz, all who seek to either follow him, or seek to take him down so they can call themselves Warboss.

Warbosses carry whatever guns, shankaz and various other weapons and tools for their power and execution of battle and warfare. The Warboss carries the best weapons and tools they can get their hands on, sometimes looted from enemies that are "Ded Fity", sometimes built by their best Tekaniaks to show their status and power, and sometimes built themselves when the Warboss has the knowledge and ability. The Warboss will use whatever he desires, from big blastaz to riddle his foes with bullets, blaster bolts and laser beams during battle. Others will slash and chop down their foes with their Shankaz or Chainsaws they get their claws on. Whatever they get, they will use.

Warboss wear heavy armor, partially cybernetic, partially not. The Warboss is a mighty beast, and even without armor, the Warboss is durable and can shrug off any amount of damage, from bullets and even grenades. Like their weapons, the Warboss can take whatever armor bits and bling they find and steal, and put on themselves, or staple together with the help of the best Tekaniak. Other bites they wear include skull rakes, to carry the heads of their dead foes, a big hat with feathers or skulls decorations, or a big metal helmet with horns and bling mounted upon it.

Overtime, the Warboss and his Gangz will gather some of the best Fighters around, and he will come to be surrounded by the "'Ardest Boyz", most ruthless warbeasts and most skilled Tekaniaks to do his bidding and help enforce his will upon the lower ranking Boyz. The avarice and greed of a Warboss has few equals (He is Warboss, after all), and he will always seek to better and bolster his power and position, and those he controls, through any means needed to accomplish his often short-sighted goals. If a Warboss gets enough gangs, and even begins to command other Warbosses, he has reached the state of a Loron Tyrant.

MLBoss File

Hez da Boss of Bosses. Ye do what he sayz like us, and don't give 'im lip! ya do, and he'll tear yer armz off and eat em before you finish.

- Random Loron Boy
MLoron Tyrant
  • Weapons - Mega Big Blasta, Power Klawz, Power Shankaz, varies
  • Defenses - Heavy Powered armor.

A Warboss to Warbosses, Loron Tyrants are the Mirusian Equivalent of the "Propa Big Boss" of other Loron societies and cultures, though perhaps a little grander. The Tyrants are the biggest, most bellowing, most egocentric Loron among their kind, and, due to their power and position, are considered threats on par with the worst Darkling Incursions, Cyber Collective attacks and other threats across the galaxy. Due to his size, power and position, the Loron Tyrant has fought against most foes in the galaxy at least twice in his time, whether it means beating the Federation's Clone Legions, the Mendel's own hollowing, war-like armies, or the Insanity and crazed madness of the Darkling Hordes. No matter what, the Loron Tyrant must emerge victorious, or his massive crews and tribes will disperse, and with his life, his dreams of greatness.

Tyrants, to reflect their position of power and authority over several Warbosses, often wear massive, heavy suits of armor, quite unlike most Loron, make them all the more difficult to cut down. This massive cybernetic suit can withstand an artillery barrage, and keep going, and often has the skulls of mighty beasts and champions, or the tusks and teeth of horrific beasts, mounted on it to reflect their power and position. With this massive suit of armor, the Tyrant can mount whatever weapons he desires. Massive Blastaz that cover his entire brutal, bloody fist, gigantic claws that can cut open an Alliance Olympian like a tin can, and even duel power shankaz over his wrist that also act as chainsaws are but a few of the weapons a Tyrant is able to afford.

Others prefer their tradition Warboss armor, but built up and with prodigious amounts of bling added to make his stature more appearant. This, combined with the Mirusian Loron obsession with titles, makes these Tyrants often cruel and equally delusional. A Loron Tyrant will add titles based on his victories and wins, his title often becoming longer then any normal Loron can remember, and as such, special slaves are kept to announce his name and full titles when meeting with other Loron leaders and such. A meeting among a group of Tyrants can take hours as announcers try to yell out the name of their boss and all his achievements.

Loron Tyrants are often more then just gang leaders and such like the Warbosses and other leaders. They are near-to Royalty and kingship among the Loron, and their titles, armor and boastful boasting all help drive home the nature of the Tyrant's rule; that he is the greatest Loron since Fre'Kloar himself or any of the other thousands of Loron "heroes" who have slaughtered their way across the universe.

LT File

Subcommand Edit

Serve da boss, yeah, feel da groov! I control, yeah, da way yoo moov!

- Shankachanta Bor'guzzi Edclubba
  • Weapons - Twin Clubs
  • Defenses - Heavy Armor

An important function in Mirus Loron cultur, second only to da Bosses and Tyrantz, the Drumma-Chantaz are unique to da Mirus Boys. They came about due to the obsession of the Mirus Loron with rock'n roll and metal, and generally getting clobbered in the head a few too many times. As a result, Drumma-Chantaz always suffer from a throbbing headache, though this, combined with their own heartbeats pounding within their ears, leads to a unque form of rythm forming in their heads which only they can percieve. All Drumma-Chantaz feel the urge to manifest this rythm for the other Boys to hear, grabbing whatever equipment they can find to start pounding away at whatever thing they can find, be this a war drum, a sheet of metal, or the skull of an unfortunate foe. So consumed by this rythm are they that even stripped bare, they will continue to roffle their fists against their chests, or failing that, slam their feet against the ground. More than one Loron had has their face suddenly bashed by a Drumma-Chanta just because he happened to be the nearest drummable object. Drumma-Chantaz fear no retaliation though, for their rythm enthralls all Loron, these often erupting into spontaneous headbanging and dancing at the Drumma-Chantaz' beat. Drumma-Chantaz, hence, are the closest thing the Mirus Loron have to priests, replacing the Shamans of other culturz, and serving as the prophets of Fre'mik'Vis.

In battle, it is the foes of the Lorons who get their heads bashed in by the Drumma-Chantaz using their twin warclubs, their rythmic beating driving nearby Loron to add to the beat by bashing their own foes all the harder. Likewise, by beating the reverberating Gong Armor of the Rocka Boyz they often surround themselves with, Drumma-Chantaz can rely the orders of their Boss much farther than even Maddok-grafted surgical implants can. The sonic blasts unleashed by weapons of the Rocka Boyz, the warcries of the Lorons, the screams of their enemies, everything amplifies a Drumma-Chantaz' beat. The greatest amongst their numbers know how to use this to their advantage, whipping the Loron into a greater and greater frenzry the longer a battle lasts.

Even outside of battle, the Drumma-Chantaz remain usefull, for their beats attract scattered Loron bands from all over. They thus form a great source of Moovment growth and casualty replacement. Drumma-Chantaz also keep a tenuous public order in Mirus Loron settlements, hitting those who defy the Loron leadership too hard repeatedly in the head until they either pass out or they, too, begin to feel the rythm in their skulls. This way the Drumma-Chantaz spread like wildfire trough the Mirus Loron ever since the first of their number rose many ages ago, and simultaneously wormed themselves into the good graces of most Bosses and Tyrants. As a result, every self-respecting Mirus Loron Boss had at least one Drumma-Chanta at his disposal, and Tyrants usually have more.

Hurhurhurhur! Diz gun I made shootz radioactive peanuts. Fun ennit?

- Tekaniak Var'Tanthin Ironjaw
MLoron Tek
  • Weapons - Big Blasta, Varies
  • Defenses - Heavy Armor
  • Equipment - Varies

The trusted builders of tech and weapons for the Mirusian Loron, the Tekaniak is the Loron equivalent of both the Mekkaz and the Tekkaz from other Loron societies, especially Da Rogue Boyz. Their role is much different, as they not only build and maintain the guns of the Loron, their starships, tanks, jetbikes and Deff Wagons, but also maintain their various instruments, sound blastaz and speakers for use on and off the battlefield, as well as experimenting with creating cyborgs, often using themselves as living test subjects. Given more respect then either Mekkaz or Tekkaz among their equivalent societies, Tekaniaks are seen as "ded ard" and fighty among their Tribal and Clan kindred, for they will often journey to the front to fight on the frontlines with the rest of the boyz, heedless of danger, all in an attempt to "LOOT DA BEST BITZ" from the foe.

The lowest ranking Tekiez are often the Loron Tek-Boyz, who have few cybernetics, have only a few Norol orderlies, slaves and other boyz to boss around, and generally have little to work with, but work to support the smaller formations and units of the Warband, and often have cool, flashy guns and shankaz to use, often preferring "Dakka" over everything else. As they move up, they get access to more gear, technology and others to boss around, and can even gain a few titles of their own, like a Warboss or Tyrant, though many will never get to the ranks of these, due to still being seen as "Geeky".

Tekaniaks, likewise, as they get bigger and harder, and move up in rank, will begin to replace their bodies with cybernetics, sometimes their arms, hands, legs, spines, eyes, and even parts of their heads, as well as adding third and fourth arms to their backs to help them with work and repairing stuff. As they move up, their armor, implanted into their bodies, gets bigger, heavier and more robust, letting them survive much more, and letting them loot the good bits from their foes much easier, as well as survive the worst their foes can throw at them.

These Tekiez, likewise, often carry numerous "Gubbinz" and bits with them to help with repairs, or just to give them the edge against their foes, when they remember to use them at least. Reflective shield generators, teleporter beacons, and pulse shockwave generators are just a few of the many nasty pieces of technology they use in battle against their foes and unleash upon those that annoy them.

Tekaniak File

Wuddat? it wuz yer leg dat needed replacin? meh man ya got a shiny noo arm and sum noo lungz ta boot.

- Maddok Gul'otalh Sawteef
  • Weapons - Varies, usually anything that can be used as makeshift medical equipment
  • Defenses - Heavy Armor
  • Equipment - Varies

A rather rare type of Loron, Maddoks are Loron surgicans, reponsible for getting injured Loron ready enough for another fight. Oftentimes this involves the Maddok just giving his patient a good slap, though at other times more intensive care is needed. This is where the Maddoks truly come into their element. They carry with them a truly astonishing amount of vials with them, these dangling from racks attacked to the maddok's back and filled with combat drugs of the Loron's own making. Maddoks often forget what's in what vial, but operating on patients gives them the perfect opportunity to remember trough trail and error. A Loron with a missing arm operated upon by a Maddok might find his pain to be completely gone and be send on his way just as likely as he might find his intestines suddenly liquified by injected acid. Luckily, Maddoks always have a few replacement spares on hand, whether these be frozen body parts from Loron which just died from an overdose or even harvested Thur brains. Needless to say, a Boy operated upon by a Maddok often leaves somewhat differently than when he entered, even discounting his healed injuries.

With all this, one might expect that Maddoks are feared by the Mirus Loron, when the opposite is often true. Being operated upon by a Maddok is regarded as an experience all by itself, and the change to feel the effects of some now combat drugs before anyone else can. Likewise, the combat drugs concocted by the Maddoks form an essential part of Mirus Loron cultur, and most Maddoks are often assisted by a team of Norol helpers who reign in the worst of the experimentin'. Since they oftentimes are scatterbrained and have little idea what they are doing, Maddoks have been noted to listen more to their Norol assistants than other Loron do to Norol in general. Of course, this doesn't stop them from taking the credit for successful surgeries in a Norol's stead. If she compains too much, after all, the Maddok might just wire her into a Smasha and be done with it, something which they are also responsible for.

Likewise, Maddoks are essential in creating true Rocka Boyz, operating upon them and implanting strange new organs into their throats and lungs, allowing these Lorons to unleash ear-shattering screams upon their foes along the rythm of their sonic weapons. Likewise, Bosses and Tyrants may undergo a similar surgery, allowing them to yell louder, all the way over the din of battle. Mirus Loron Maddoks offer both of these procedure free of charge, and it had been noted they are one of the few things they are actually truly competent at.

In battle, Maddoks fight just using their surgical tools, which often times really isn't anything other than a plasma blasta and a modified shanka. These shankas can split into three parts, akin to a scissor katar, the two outer blades tearing open the flesh of patient and foe alike, and the blade inner coated with poison, which, thanks to the flesh shredded by the outer blades, can enter directly into a foe's bloodstream. Maddoks are also good at operating during battle, and even operating while fighting to a certain extent, often giving injections of combat drugs here and there to other Loron with widely varying results.

Ergh! Wez surrounded by gitz...

  • Weapons - Power Stickz, Heavy Blastaz
  • Defenses - Powered Armor

Weirdoz is the name given by the Mirus Loron to the number of Abominations of Azathoth that came to live amongst them after the Tyranny's fall. They are an isolated group, living on the outskirts of Mirus Loron camps, disliking the common Loron rowdiness and distrusted for it, but powerful beyond many other Loron. While all Loron have an innate connection to the Chronoscopic, and Mirus Loron are connected to Autogenetic Energy besides, no natural Loron is connected enough to harness it. The Abominations of Azathoth are no natural Loron, but freaks of nature shaped by the Dominatus to serve as shock troops in their armies. Heavily tampering with the genome structure of the kidnapped Loron child the Dominatus named Azathoth and mutating him into a grotesque, tentacled Killa Boy, the Dominatus managed to partially unlock his dormant essence abilities, though these remained fundamentally unstable. The Overseers cloned from his altered genome fared little better, only erratically managing to summon their powers, and mostly relying on the fire-and-forget shotguns they were equipped with to get the job done. When they unleashed their powers, the Abominations did so with a raw destructiveness that only the Prophets of Dra'erath could equal, though these Radeon Overseers could control theirs as was their purpose. With the establishment of the Damnatis, the last batches of Abominations finally managed to finally master their essence abilities, though these migrated to the Kraw Loron after the extinction of their Dominatus masters, leaving the Mirus Loron with the unstable earlier batches.

With only the primitive manufacturing facilities of the Mirus Loron to call upon, the advanced weaponry and equipment of these Loron Overseers quickly and terminally degraded, forcing them to make due with what they could find. They plugged up gaps in their armor with powered plating scavenged from dead Rel 'Evy Boyz, ditched their now-useless advanced shotguns for automatic Heavy Blastaz, and bullied low-ranked Tekniaks into welding their broken monomolecular machetes to powered staves. With these, they could once more safely channel their power into the ground or into enemies - most of the time, at least. Despite this, Weirdoes, as the Abominations of Azathoth came to be known to the Mirus Loron, are in no ways masters of the mystic arts, and mostly continue to fight simply using their weapons, fists and massive strength to pummel their foes into oblivion, only discharging their powers out of anger if they feel a foe doesn't die fast enough. Still, they became highly valued if distrusted elements of the richest warbands, as only these could pay the presumtuous amounts of money the Loron Overseers demanded for their services. As a more mercenary force, Weirdoz don't have any loyalty to a particular gang or band, hiring themselves out to other Loron to either directly wreak vengeance upon those responsible for the fall of the Tyranny, or indirecty by furthering the goals of the eldest amongst their number, the Great Old One Nyog'Sothep.

Weirdoz, to the Mirus Loron, are seen as odd, and slightly un-Lorony, due to their strangely placid nature and their insistence on waiting for orders before moving to battle, traits genetically engineered into them by the Dominatus to make them socially and militarily controllable. Likewise, their mutated appearance instills no small degree of unsettlement in the Mirus Loron, with many amongst their number believing the Weirdoz gained such strange appearance after Fre'mik'Vis cursed them for their un-Lorony ways. Still, it is only a foolish Loron who moves aganst a Weirdo because of this superstition, as the surviving spawn of Azathoth are more than happy to unleash their powers upon any Loron to prove who is boss.

Weirdo File

Main Infantry Edit

We iz the best. We iz not dem weedie Skordi or stooped Thurs, we iz well 'ard! An' if anywun sayz we ain't, we iz guna stomp on der edz!

MLoron troopa
  • Weapons - Shankaz, Blastaz
  • Defenses - Scraps of Armor.

Troopaz are the basic grunts of any good Loron invasion. They are the heart and soul of the Loron tribes, from the controlled masses of UNO grunts, to the semi-organized forces of Da Rogue Boyz, to the anarchic masses of the Loron of various other civilizations, such as Mirus and Quadrantian. No matter what empire they swear loyalty to, all Loron are warriors at heart, and all of them seek to find their flame and claim their position within their society and make their way up the social ladder and prove how "'Ard" they are compared to the other Boyz. Although discipline isn't their strength, spirit and veracity is all their Bosses care about, and with spirit they excel, throwing themselves in a chaotic mass of limbs, shankers, guns and teeth into their foes' ranks without regard for any sort of cohesion or the like. Glory and bloodshed is all that matters.

Any Loron worth his weight and muscle, will have Shanka upon him, a stab-heavy melee weapon used to skewer foes and pierce armor and flesh alike. Although they vary from heavy battle swords to primitive knives, all Shankaz in the hands of a good Loron are effective weapons, and it's all about the strength of the Loron, not their weapon, that matters. Even the weakest shanka is deadly weapon in the hands of a good Loron who knows what he's doing. To assist this, many Loron carry sidearms with them, called Blastaz, small pistols used to launch projectiles at their foes at high velocity. Though less effective then the gunz carried by Dakka Boyz and fire-arm focused Loron, the Blastaz used by Troopaz can at least take down a few foes on the charge before the start stabbing "thiccos" with their shankaz.

Troopaz don't care for armor anymore then their kin in Da Rogue Boyz and other groups, finding it restricting and just too posh for their tastes. A few scraps are all that's needed, and can shrug off enough fire easily enough. Likewise, their natural strength and durability can allow them to survive much more then most other, lesser races, or, as they call them "Wankaz", and crush others when other weaklings would've fallen apart.

Loron Troopaz are known for their close bond with their gangz, the Mirusian Clanz and other groups, painting and daubing their insignias onto their armor and bodies to show who they fight for and what gang they're loyal to. These large mobs of Loron will charge and surge through the ranks of their enemies, and try to kill everything in front of them, regardless of the damage.

MLTroop File


MLoron Daka
  • Weapons - Blastaz
  • Defenses - Scraps of Armor.

Dakka Boyz are the teams and masses of Loron who take up the aspect of shooting and gunning up enemy mooks and wankers in battle. They are, much like Troopaz, the basic grunts and help make up the majority of the masses of Loron that do the tough fighting. Unlike the Troopaz, the Dakka Boyz are tough grueling warriors at heart, much similar to those in Da Rogue Boyz and other groups, though Dakka Boyz are slightly more common among the Mirus Loron, who appreciate the loud and proud noise of their guns more then other Loron, which is saying a lot, considering Loron already love this ideal. Blasting enemies apart with bullets and laser bolts and the like, are their greatest joy in life, and something they never shy away from.

Dakka Boyz usually carry boxy, crudely built Blastaz, which are able to spit out anything the Loron likes, based on their personality, what they looted it from, and what their Tekaniak built their Blastaz from. Most of them spit out large caliber, terrifying bullets to tear apart the flesh. Other split the air with laser bolts to pierce and cleanly slice their bodies apart. Others fire off crude plasma rounds to burn down their targets. Whatever heat they're packing, a Loron Dakka Boy is a truly terrifying sight in battle, though, for all the heavy firepower, noise and smoke they produce, aiming is rather secondary in their list of concerns in the heat of battle. Dakka Boyz have very little use for armor, much like the Troopaz, and have very similar scraps of armor and crudely bolted together pieces of metal over their bodies. Their bodies are tough and robust enough to survive most injuries anyway.

Dakka Boyz are a close nit group, like any mob or gang of boyz, and care little for discipline, often just making sure their plates are painted the same, or in matching patterns. Loron Dakka Boyz love to make their foes "dance", though their poor aim means they hit their foes more then anything else. Likewise, they generally have a simple way of looking at things, believing if they hit a target, it was meant to be hit, and if they missed, it wasn't an enemy. This means little to the other Loron who might get in the way of their firing zone, who often end up on the receiving end of a bullet.

DakkaBoy File

Da Wankaz always runnin dey mouthz aboot how smart dey are, how dum we iz, but when we go flyin, they ain't got much to say then. Otha den screamin.

MLoron Jet
  • Weapons - Shankaz, Fists, Bombs
  • Defenses - Scraps of Armor
  • Equipment - Jetpack

Jetpakkaz are Loron with an addiction to flight and jumping into the battlefield through a hail of bullets and laser fire, regardless, heedless of danger that they face. Eager and aggressive, even by Loron standards, Jetpakkaz are considered insane and having a love of death, but are well regarded by their foot-slogging brothers for their lust for battle and desire to get into the fight. Often flying at foes who believe themselves safe from the main Loron horde, Jetpakkaz enjoy the surprise and horror on their foes' face and such, right before they completely eradicate them with well-placed punches, kicks and shanking stabs.

Jetpakkaz often have few weapons they bring to battle. Most expect to jump into the fight immediately, and crush their foes, and any that survive the impact of their attacks will quickly get punched and smashed to death with their bare hands. Some of the smarter ones will carry shankaz with them to stab some idiots, and leave no prisoners. Many of them carry Bommz with them, lobbing them down at enemies to blow them up as they fly overhead. No matter what, all Loron enjoy whatever death and mayhem they cause, even if it means crashing into their foes and exploding.

Jetpakkaz are daring and courageous by Loron standards, and insane and completely lost by other standards. They are lionized and martyred in Loron circles as heroes who died gloriously, smashing into their targets and blowing up to take a lot of "Dumboz" with them. Their rituals are many, and to enter their circles, it requires you survive a test flight, beat a member in a fist fight, and drink a gallon of jetpack fuel without passing out or dying. All of this is done to ensure only the best and hardest enter their ranks.

MLJ File

Support Edit

I love da smell of napalm in da morning'!

MLoron Burn
  • Weapons - Flamethrowaz
  • Defenses - Scraps of Armor

Burny Boyz are completely insane Loron Pyromaniacs, those among the Mirusian Loron who love fire to the point it consumes their entire being. Taking names and grandiose titles like "Lord Explosion Murda" and "King Flame Face", Bunry Boyz are utterly insane and unstable even by the loose standards of the already dangerously unstable Loron. Kept in their own quarters in encampments away from their peers, due to their love of setting things on fire, Burny Boyz are called forth with the promise to see enemies do the "Firy dance" and smell the scent of chard flesh, boiled blood, and melted tanks from their hard work and efforts. Others may see them as insane, but few will deny how well they do their job.

Burny Boyz carry only their large Flamethrowers to shot spouts of white-hot flames at their victims, enough to burn through some metals and armor, though they are focused on fighting infantry. Burny Boyz wear specialized flame-proof armor and gear to protect them from their own stuff, and some protection from bullets and plasma attacks. They use special masks to filter out some of hte smoke they might breath in.

Burny Boyz are considered insane, even by the loose standards of the Loron. They never leave anywhere without their flamethrowers, and often giggle and cackle amongst themselves at the sight of any flame, often spending hours staring at candles and tiny flames in awe, or lighting random objects on fire. As such, Burny Boyz are kept away from the main Loron encampments, least they light everything on fire in their stranger moods.

Burny File


MLoron Boom
  • Weapons - Shankaz, Boomz
  • Defenses - Scraps of Armor

Boomaz are another class of crazed Loron addicted to making large explosives and blowing things up. Often targeting vehicles and fortifications, or just anything that gets in their way, sometimes being useful to clear out tightly packed masses of infantry during battle. Boomaz are uncaring about what explodes, so long as it explodes. If you miss, you weren't supposed to hit it, if you did, you were. And if you happen to blow up from overloading your packback, then you were meant to explode. Loron care little for if their peers explode or make things explode, as either way unleashes ways of endorphins and chemicals that improve their strength and morale.

Boomaz sometimes carry a shanka, but most of their weapons are long explosives. Sometimes they toss grenades, other times they use their rocket launchers to fling explosives at their targets at long range. Other, higher ranked Boomaz use Boom-Hammers to whack a vehicle and make it explode from the melee hit. Their armor is thicker and sturdier then other Loron, making them much more durable.

Mirus Loron often prefer speed and fast attacks over the slow, armored response of the Boomaz, but they cannot be denied to be effective. Afterall, no amount of speedy attacks can counter the sheer durability of a tank or walker. Hence, the Loron need a bunch of crazy, explosive-obsessed madmen to blow through any tough resistance, even if they often don't live to see their rewards.

MLB File

  • Weapons - Sonic Gunz, Guitar Blastaz, Sonic Shriekaz
  • Defenses - Gong Armor

Unique to themselves, Rocka Boyz are one of the centerpieces of the Mirus Loron and their raiding armies. Addicted to sound and rocking out even more then other Loron of their tribes and pirate groups, Rocka Boyz are those who develop such a fierce addiction, they come to use mighty guitar-based weapons of war to destroy their foes without mercy. No matter what shape or type of weapon their guitars are or take, the Rocka Boyz are considered some of the most powerful and destructive of the various Loron types, and few can withstand even a single volley from these savage and crazed music-armed anarchists.

Rocka Boyz are armed with Sonic Gunz, Guitar-shaped guns to fire off blasts of pure sound the liquify targets and break apart rocks and vehicles with pure sound. As they fire off, the Sonic Gunz deliver these sounds and sensations directly into their brains, granting them a high as they kill. Others decided to simply combine their love of music with their love of dakka, turning their guitars into massive machine guns, every strum of the strings and the like firing off a hail of bullets. Most possess Sonic Shriekaz, devices implanted into their throats by a local Maddok, allowing them to yell along with the sound of their own weapons or the rythm of nearby Shankachantaz, whom Rocka Boys naturally congregate towards. Rocka Boyz also wear gong armor, a type of armor unique to them, not differing very much from normal Mirus Loron gear, but with amplifiers designed to reverberate the sound of bullets and blows falling on it, adding to the cacophony and mayhem created by the Rocka Boyz.

Rocka Boyz are considered rather insane, but respected by the Loron, and every warband worth it's position and power will have tons of Rocka Boyz as the core of their elite forces. They hold a rivalry with the Biker Boyz, Bikers being fast moving, brutal close combat units, while Rocka Boyz are long range, heavy firepower units meant to provide heavy support. Both are considered the centerpiece of Mirus Loron military power, and respected above most others.

Stealth Edit

MLoron Sneak
  • Weapons - Snipa Blastaz, Shankaz, Grenades
  • Defenses - Scraps of Armor
  • Equipment - Stealth Gear.

Sneakiez are a relatively new invention to the armies and warbands of the Mirus Loron. While fast lightning raids and attacks are common, few had the idea to even use stealth or misdirection to defeat their foes. Thanks to a recent wave of immigrating Loron from elsewhere after Da Reckoning, the Sneakiez have become part of the Mirusian Loron hordes, and a valued addition, even if the other Loron find them weird and outlandish compared to themselves. They prefer to maintain clean, functional gear, keep a number of specialized jamming, camouflage and other "Sneaky Bitz" on them, and prefer to sneak through the darkness to take out important targets. While looked down upon, most other Loron won't argue they have their purpose, and any enterprising warboss will seek to have at least a Squad with them.

Sneakiez arm themselves with custom "Snipa Blastaz", long range rifles used to deliver powerful rounds into their targets from far away. These precision rifles are custom jobs, as most Loron lack the precision and skill to build one, and must get the best of the best to construct these. Other weapons include various blasters and pistols, shankaz, knives and combat daggers, and various explosives used to trap, overwhelm and quickly destroy targets without resistance. They wear some armor, though it's hardly anything worth writing home about, but can potentially stop a glancing ranged attack from hitting something important.

Sneakiez, while at first unwelcome and disliked by their peers, have grown to have some appreciate their efforts for the various Loron groups that operate in and around Karhala. Though considered sneaky and underhanded, the rest of the Loron can't deny that taking out enemy leadership without any noticing, sabotaging enemy roads and transports, and destroying enemy defenses, makes for an effective attack and strategy before the big brawl that happens after, and makes things much easier for the rest of the Loron grunts.

MLS File

Heavy Infantry Edit

Evy Boy
  • Weapons - Shankaz, Big Blastaz
  • Defenses - Heavy Armor

  • Weapons - Power Klawz, Heavy Blastaz
  • Defenses - Powered Armor

Spesshul Boyz Edit


  • Weapons - Big Snazz Shootaz
  • Defenses - Heavy Armor

Gold Gitz are the richest, most affluent members of the Goldtoofs Warband, rich behind any normal Loron, and having enough bling to fund an entire Massiv Crew on their own, or so they claim. Made arrogant by all the Bling, treasures and money they've looted from others, they have not only covered themselves in fancy armor and bling, but carry the biggest, heaviest guns they can manage, tearing apart infantry and even small vehicles with heavy caliber bullets. When not fighting, they will often walk down the streets, carried by servants, and have richly dressed slaves announce their presence when they enter buildings, talking about their greatest traits and victories in great detail, while the Gold Gitz yell down at any peasant that doubts them.

Gold Gitz arm themselves with Big Snazz Shootaz, gunning down enemies by the hundreds with thousands of massive, high caliber rounds spat at them from far off, their guns blasting with such veracity and sound, that many mistake the sound of these guns going off for a rocket ship blasting off into the heavens. Thier heavy armor makes them slow and cumbersome, and the fact they cover themselves in gaudy levels of bling makes them large, very visible targets.

Gold Gitz are the source of envy and hatred from lesser Loron, and pride from their Warband, as they are the richest Boyz, who have earned their wealth and power through years of experience and battles on the frontlines. Bling does not buy you a spot with the Gold Gits, but service and gaining their attention with you ego, gun-love and savagery will gain them some approval, and working your way upwards to their ranks through your expertise and being able to get a Tekniak to build your Snazz Shootaz.

Their Spesshul Boss is Fra'thurt Blingtooth Da Poshy.

  • Weapons - Large Axes and Two-handed weapons
  • Defenses - Heavy Powered armor

Griim'gagor's Elite Bodyguards and most powerful units, Da Immortulz are taken from the toughest, meanest, nastiest boyz among the various Warbands, and given the heaviest armor and largest choppers to make quick work of anything in their way. Having followed Griim'gagor from his mysterious past in the other galaxies, and journeyed with him into Mirus, Da Immortulz are the most powerful and experienced boyz in battle, and the iron core of Griim'gagor's powerful armies. If another Loron warband rises up, no matter how strong they are, the Immortulz will be able to put down any foe that gets in their way.

Da Immortulz carry large two-handed axes, halberds and chopping weapons, created to recreate Griim'gagor's mighty Axe, Makez-em-Ded. These weapons vary from Immortul to Immortul, but all of them are well-maintained and brutal enough to cleanly slice any Loron, no matter what armor he wears, in two. Their heavy black powered armor is resilient enough to withstand a Thur's vomit, and allows them to hug a grenade to their chest and not die, due to it's insane levels of durability.

Griim'gagor usually leads from the front, and his boyz are always with him, Da Immortulz either forming an iron ring of protection around him, or backing him up against enemy leaders and their bodyguards. Da Immortulz are drilled ceaselessly by Griim'gagor himself and their Spesshul Boss Bor'Gurgol Facebeater. This constant drilling and training, makes them truly feared by other Loron, and Da Immortulz gain their numbers from the best Loron of all Warbands, no matter hte background, even those originally opposed to Griim'gagor. Some even whisper that some of Da Immortulz are taken from Cold and Dark Loron, Griim'gagor not caring for galactic origin, only their skills.

Their Spesshul Boss is Bor'Gurgol Facebeater.

  • Weapons - Power Spears, Big Blastaz
  • Defenses - Armor.

The most gnarly of the Bikaz, the Gang known as the Broken Tusk Boyz are the most deadly and savage of the Bikaz, riding into battle with a lust for blood that almost consumes every aspect of their life. Boiling with rage, the Broken Tuskz will join any group that can not only afford them, but give them a good scrap, as the Broken Tuskz, if hired to a weak fight, will often turn on the Warband that hired them in rage, and take out their remaining hatred on their employers. This ensures only the Best Bosses, and the best fights, attract the Tuskz to action. Few foes can stand before them when they barrage their foes with thousands of bullets, or when they charge home with their power spears, or Pole-Shankaz.

The Broken Tuskz have a strange weapon, a powered Shanka able to piece armor, shielding and flesh without issue, similar to a powersword, while mounting it on a long spear or pole, to pulverize targets upclose and skewer them fully when on the charge. Their Assault bikes still carry heavy Big Shootaz, able to reduce most infantry into a cloud of dust and blood without issue, while every member wears heavy, red armor with yellow lightning and fire patterns along the edges.

Broken Tusk Gangsters provide the most elite of elite assault bike riders among the Loron, and their presence inspires other Loron to get in the thick of things and start slugging it out. If not, then the Broken Tusks have no issue to start stomping, pulverizing, stabbing and shooting gits that act stupid and don't act in a proper Loron fashion. After every battle, the Broken Tusks will take their payment, partially from the broken corpses and bodies, partially from their employers, before stomping and brutalizing the corpses of their foes, getting any lingering aggression out on the dead and dying, before leaving without a word.

Their Spesshul Boss is Dea'Krogg Tuskmasha.

Vehicles Edit

Light Vehicles Edit

  • Weapons - Big Blastaz, Shankaz.
  • Defenses - Armor

The Mirus Loron, above all others, prize their trusted Bikaz above all else, with the Bikaz being an honored and respected group within their society. Loron Bikaz are often amongst richest, most affluent of their warbands, with the most bling, flashy gear, and bikes personally prepared for them by the Tekniaks. Other boyz look at them with jealousy as they ride about their hideouts and enclaves, rubber burning, tires screaming, engines roaring, and desiring to join them as they crash right into their targets, roaring to the Loron Godz and martyred heroes to prepare for a new wave of glory and heroes.

Bikaz use large shankaz, axes and other weapons, while mounting big Blastaz on the front of their bikes, firing them at targets as they charge into them, and, as they get close, smashing, stabbing and wacking away targets as they ride past them, running over any others that can't be stabbed or shot. Bikes are fast, but incredibly well armored, despite their ramshackle appearance. Despite the armor, they still prefer to out-maneuver targets rather then stand and fight them.

Bikaz are treasured by Mirusian Loron society as the height of power, machoism and grandeur, whose every kill and fire of their blastaz is seen as something blessed by the likes of Zr'an'kar himself, and who are as respected as the best Warbosses from across the universe. They themselves are arrogant and hot-blooded, always eager to crush enemies below them and prove their status, and kick around any Loron that gets in their way, warranted or not. Every warband in Mirus has some form of Bikaz, and all of them are in competition to prove themselves the best.

  • Weapons - Big Blastaz
  • Defenses - Armor

Transports Edit

  • Weapons - Big Blastaz
  • Defenses - Armor

Heavy Vehicles Edit

  • Weapons - Big Gun, Big Blastaz
  • Defenses - Heavy Armor

Walkers Edit

  • Weapons - Power Clawz, Fists, Big Blastaz, Missile Lobbaz
  • Defenses - Heavy Armor

Imported designs from Borealis, Smashaz are used by Norol that get too old to reproduce and become grumpy. Mirus Loron implant them within these walkers, granting them immortality and the chance to take out their aggression on anything that gets in their way. Unlike Borealis Loron, Mirusian Smashaz prefer close combat, as simply shooting idiots to death is no where near as fun for them as crushing them up close. Many Smashaz take pride in the thick coats of blood on their armor, and rarely clean it off, the layers of blood being a symbol of pride and experience to younger Smashaz.

As such, many Smashaz are outfitted with buzz saws, Powa Klawz and other close combat weapons to mulch their foes into a pulp and cut them to pieces. The Norol within will commonly giggle with glee as they crush their foes to pieces. Many of them mount ranged weapons onto their new bodies, using the Norol's superior aim to blast away targets with plasma, rockets and even anti-matter grenades.

Smashaz are sometimes looked down upon by other Loron, seeing the Norol as still stupid chiks hardly worthy of joining the battlefield. Many others wisely keep their traps shut, and defer to them and most things. Though a Boss can still give a Smasha a good smacking about, other Boyz know to avoid enraging the grumpy pilot within, least a buzz cleave their body in two. While none rise to a position of power, they are respected , at least for their ability to brutally dismember their victims.

Massiv Vehicles Edit

  • Weapons - Big Canon, Big Blastaz, Missile Lobbaz, Flamethrowers
  • Defenses - Heavy Armor

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