Major Bosses/Tyrants[edit | edit source]

Griim'gagor[edit | edit source]


I neva needz all da boyz, jus must of dem, to secure me ruliness.

  • Name - Griim'gagor
  • Position - Big Tyrant, leader of the Big Shankaz

Griim'gagor is the leader of the Big Shankaz Warband, and by extension, the most powerful Loron Tyrant in Mirus. His words shake all the worlds under Loron occupation, and while he does not directly rule over them like Boss Fre'Kloar or other, similar figures, Griim'gagor does not actually need to rule a united Mirusian Loron crew, but simply uses the strength of his Loron to keep the others in line, and make sure they follow his rule, at least nominally. Indeed, this actually benefits Griim'gagor greatly, for while he may be the strongest Loron in Mirus, his style is much less brutal then one would expect. He prefers to play Loron clans and gangs against each other, planting evidence and other, more basic manipulation, to turn certain rivals against each other.

Griim'gagor's early history is largely unknown, though he is one of the oldest Loron within Mirus, and lead his Warband to the Mirusian Loron world of Karhala, their technical capital. His arrival, and his butchery of most of the major Loron warlords there, broke the status quo and disunited the Loron, whose Warbands fractured more then ever before, and left them struggling amongst themselves. Griim'gagor forced them all into compliance, and allowed them to squabble amongst themselves, so long as they remained loyal to him.

As such, he technically had all the Loron under his thumb, but kept them weakened and at each other's throats, keeping them from ever uniting and posing a threat to him. The Crewz with stronger militaries were sent to the outer Loron territories to conduct piracy and raids, thus keeping them busy, keeping new tech looted and coming in, but also distracting them from ever fighting him, as well as keeping enemies from invading Loron territory. If they do, Taan will be sure to intimidate the others into following him to battle.

Griim'gagor is rather stoic for a Loron, calm and rather reasonable, even willing to employ alien mercenaries and others to accomplish Loron goals and maintain his rulership and power. Griim, if he so wished, could unite the various Loron in his favor and lead them against the other powers, but prefers not to. In his mind, the Loron shall remain eternal, and ever-lasting threat, if they remain in the shadows, for now, raiding and pillaging as they like, but staying out of the way of the other powers.

Recently, a few years after Fre'kloar's great war against the universe, Griim'gagor has became a more active leader, as the Loron become more aggressive. He has held back on using his power to put the Loron against each other, and instead has had them focus on raiding and fighting others. Many whisper he may seek to finally unite hte Mirusian Loron into an actual empire, with the other Bosses and Tyrants helping him.

Nyog'sothep[edit | edit source]


You cannot possibly comprehend the horror of my existence.

  • Name - Nyog'sothep
  • Position - Tyrant

Nyog'sothep is something of an oddity amongst the Mirus Loron. He is a Loron, that much is certain, but standing larger, with well-developped wings and a mouth covered with many writhing tentacles which in smaller form weave themselves together to form the hideously pulsing mass that is his skin. For while Nyog'sothep is a Loron, he is also an Overseer of the Abominations of Azathoth. Though created relatively early on in the Overseer program, as chance would have it Nyog'sothep never left the Mirusian holdings of the Drakodominatus Tyranny, though he repeatedly proved his worth to his makers by helping secure the Tyranny's eastern Mirusian border. Partially because of his skill and partially because of the ludicrously high casualty rate suffered by the Abominations, Nyog'sothep rose to third-in-command of the whole Overseer Legion, after Nyarlathotep and of course, Azathoth himself.

Both Nyog'sothep and Nyarlathotep survived the collapse of the Drakodominatus Tyranny, working together with fourth-in-command Yog'Sothoth to lead a large portion of surviving Abominations to relative safety. The greatest threat would come not from without but from within however, as Nyog'sothep wanted to lead the Abominations further into Mirus in the hopes of taking over the Mirus Loron, Nyarlathotep desired to lead them into the Loron homelands in the Otzello Sector, and Yog'Sothoth demanded they follow him into Kraw instead, where he wanted to join up with the surviving Beholders of Oculon, their Dynast and the Kraw Loron to serve as shock troops for the Kraw Aligned Fortress. Nyog'sothep set aside his differences in vision with Yog'Sothoth long enough kill Nyarlathotep, before the two turned onto each other and their forces, further thinning out the ranks of the Abominations. In the end, Yog'Sothoth left for Kraw with a small contingent of the more elite Abominations, while Nyog'sothep arrived with his larger contingent of earlier-cloned Abominations in Da Big Scary Boom Place. No matter the toll their infighting had on their numbers, a group of Overseers is still a force to be reckoned with, and so Nyog'sothep and his forces successfully took over the scrap-ecumenopolis of Namistseelsm. Rather than selling out the services of himself and his Overseers to other Loron Warbosses, Nyog'sothep instead integrated the conquered Mirus Loron into his own forces, starting up his own gang, which quickly grew in power and prestige to be the only one capable of rivalling Griim'gagor's own. That he has not moved against the Big Tyrant yet is simply because he has no desire to.

Much like Griim'gagor, Nyog'sothep does not want to rule directly and rather seeks the continued survival of the Abominations, gladly sacrificing entire crews of Mirus Loron to accomplish this if needed. He sees them as little more than baseline beasts, though with the potential to become something great and dreaded as the Abominations of Azathoth. That he cannot have the Loron attain such a higher state after the fall of the Tyranny pains him a great deal, and caused him to lose all hope in the future. As a result, Nyog'sothep is surpemely nihilistic, loathing his continued existence at times, though he knows full well that he cannot throw his own life away, endangered as the Abominations already are. Through nothing more but highly advanced technology, Nyog'sothep has conviced many Mirus Loron that he is capable of "magik", which combined with his enhanced physical and mental prowess make him both respected and feared amongst the Mirus Loron. He has archieved boogeymen status in their culture and has been nicknamed "da naamles mist", used to frighten Loron runts into relatively accepted behavior. Of course, this has caused many of said runts to misbehave on purpose with the hopes that Nyog'sothep comes to snatch them up. When dealing with non-Loron however, Nyog'sothep prefers to work behind the scenes and even goes so far as to use holographic technology to disguise himself as a legular Mirus Loron, all to keep his existence as a surviving Overseer a secret.

Not much concering himself with the plans of Griim'gagor, Nyog'sothep plots to assault Waptoria itself, for the Waptorians, trough carefully watching the Draconid Imperium and their own mastery of the biological, have managed to reverse-engineer the Dominatus' dreaded Ultima serums to prove themselves on equal footing with the Xonexi Allies, even if they have no one to use it on. This, Nyog'sothep wishes to change, supplying Griim'gagor with a new generation of Abominations and thus cementing own his position amongst the Mirus Loron for all time.

Vlar'Eedecci[edit | edit source]


Evry tiem I cloz my eyez, I wak up feelin' ANGRY!!

Vlar'Edecci is a Loron Tyrant, of unknown background and origin, who arrived at an unknown time to the ice world of Orcolos, came to kill the Bosses there, and declared himself tyrant of the world, turning his forces on a group of Federation Troops and the Darkling forces there to take the world for himself. After a long and grueling battle, Vlar'Eedecci took the world, and turned it into his capital and center of warfare production against the Non-Loron of the Galaxy, and even other Loron. For his part, Vlar'Edecci has risen to become a fearsome and brutal ruler, but commands the absolute loyalty from his Boyz and underlings, due to his success and ability to understand to cut his losses and leave before things go bad.

Vlar'Eedecci hides most of his past from others, simply arriving on Orcolos and fighting his way to the top. He is covered in scars, including a non-function right eye from a past injury, and numerous trophies mounted on his armor, including Mendel helmets, Multus Esse skulls, and armor pieces from other races. Further, his body is riddled with cybernetics, his right arm completely turned into massive crusher claw that he can shoot out to crush enemies or pull them towards himself, and his left arm carries a massive gun, he named "Masta Blasta".

Vlar'Eedecci, despite his loud, brutal temperament, is considered a great boss by his boys. He is quite caring, for a Loron, giving Boyz and minor bosses and crews rewards from his personal stash to reward them for their service and good work ethic. While this makes them loyal, he also maintains discipline by being more then willing to execute and brutally beat those that step out of line, "givin them da SMAK" to keep them in line.

Vlar'Eedecci seems unusually clam and loyal to Griim'gagor, despite lack of contact, making many believe the two are in cahoots together for some grand Loronly plan. Likewise, outside of Jiborr himself and Nyog'sothep, Vlar'Eedecci is one of the three most powerful Loron Tyrants in existence, and considered one of the most deadly fighters in existence.

Gor'Brakith[edit | edit source]

If it movz, Iz fought it.

  • Name - Gor'Brakith
  • Position - Mercenary Boss.

Gor'brakith, The Killer-Slaughter Empire Stomping King Crusher Warboss of the West, is a mercenary Warboss and resourceful fighter among the Loron. A veteran of nearly 60 years of constant warfare, Gor'Brakith has boasted many times that, if it breathes, he's fought it at some point, and, of all the Loron, he is the one who has seen the most of Mirus and what is has to offer, mostly what it has to stomp on. Originally just a normal Boss, Gor'Brakith left his Massiv Crew, and took a number of Boyz with, angering his Warboss, but leaving to fight alongside others for money and loot, mostly against the Hermicce Legions. After fighting beside a number of Orgaat and Togunda warbands, and gaining their thanks, as well as receiving a number of precious jewels, gold and diamonds, and other baubles, Gor'Brakith and his band of boyz began to fight more and more for other powers, rather then fight against them.

Though a mere Boss, without any territory to call his own, he soon gained a long enough title to be worthy of a Tyrant. His boys also gained the propensity to dress and style themselves after the races they fought or fought alongside, impressing even Gor'Brakith himself. This unsettled a number of the more conservative Loron Tyrants and Warbosses, for they felt there was nothing to learn from the outsiders and "Tossaz", and felt that Gor'Brakith's boyz were a screw loose. This was actively disproven when they fought alongside other Loron, using their strange skills and gear to turn the tide of many battles.

Gor'Brakith's actions have inspired numerous young Loron who seek to emulate him and his boyz, and become mercenaries, and unofficially members of his band. Gor'Brakith does not care what these striplings do, so long as they give him their caught of loot when he demands it, and don't ask questions of his leadership. Gor'Brakith might be easy going and the least stern of Bosses, but he will not stand to be questioned.

Gor'Brakith is a master strategist and leader, able to coordinate his fractious and motely band of mercenaries together without difficulty, being much more cool-headed then most other Loron. Though less a fighter then other Loron, in fights, he prefers to use the terrain around him, and his own natural wits to out-do his enemies. Many see the Loron Boss, bristling with spikes and skulls, and think him a brute. He prefers this, as not only does it intimidate willy clients into paying on time, but it also fools potential foes.

Clru'Brokka[edit | edit source]

No 'Unes gonna tak me ride, Iz gonna brek da speed o sond. No 'Unes gonna take me girl, she'll driv em straight into the grond.

  • Name - Clru'Brokka
  • Position - Warboss

Clru'Brokka is a Loron Warboss, famous for his extreme skill, and many would say insanity, revolving around his motorbike Da Devoura. He has roared across countless battlefields since he first arrived in Mirus, and fought alongside countless Warbands against the Hermicce. His abilities caused many to view him as a living legend, and the arrival of his bike upon a world, with its loud, deafening engine roar, has caused Loron in even losing battles to rally around him and turn the battle around. Clru'Brokka has sped into battle countless times, his bike constantly destroyed, only to be rebuilt. It is said Clru'Brokka never goes to the same Mekka/Tekka twice, so as to keep Da Devoura loaded with new tricks each time.

Clru'Brokka is considered the greater biker and one of the mightiest Warbosses in all of Mirus, commonly speeding along and crushing anything under his tires, loaded with spikes, as he brings the fight to everything from Zarbanians, to Mendel, to Tarmealox, anyone who gets in his way. "Da Devoura" carries twin heavy machine guns mounted on its front, and rattling all over its surface are various skulls and trinkets taken from his enemies, just about anything that catches his fancy. As such, one will often hear Clru'brokka's ride and his rage-screaming before they ever seen him, which is rare considering how bright and colorful he is, between his massive form, striking jacket-armor, spikes, and his gas-gosling, smoke-pouring assault bike.

Clru'Brokka is insane, even by Loron standards, loving to speed along and smash through his foes, and even other Loron in battle. While other Loron will rally around him and fight at his side, are just as much a target for him and his simmering rage as their enemies. Clru'brokka despises just about everyone, as they get in the way of his ride and his need for speed. He will commonly join other Loron warbands, rather then leading his own, becoming a Warboss for hire that will help them, if only to indulge his lust for speed and the rush of battle.

Azh'Troka[edit | edit source]

Slaughter your boyz, rain blood upon the skies, and burn worlds to death. Bring their corpses to me!
Crown, I sayz ta shut it! Weez killin' Mendy boyz, nawt doin your weird ritualz.

  • Name - Azh'Troka
  • Position - Warboss.

Azh'Troka is a Warboss who came from the Milky Way after years as pirate, looting and pillaging as he went, until he found an artifact from a strange temple. Taking it for himself, he had it made into a "Speshul Crown", and placed it on his head, but was immediately bombarded with psychic screams, threats and demands, but Azh'troka ignored it, and powered through it. The crown has lead him to Mirus, and seems interested in enacting a strange ritual, but Azh'troka has yet to actually follow through, focusing on securing the position of Tyrant among the Mirus Loron, and rising within it's ranks. For this, he has accepted the patronage of Griim'gagor, and worked with Nyon'sothep, even though the latter has warned him that the crown is "Nawt Rite".

Azh'Troka has proven an ingenious warleader and chieftain of the Loron under his command. Although more insane then most, due to the Crown's influence on him, his boyz won't question or back-talk him, staying with him and following him regardless. The crown often demands he finish their rituals and return to the "origin point", which Azh'troka took to mean putting pointy bits all over his armor and bling. The crown grants him increased intelligence and strategic power, and even some Autogenetic power, but argues with him constantly. Despite Nyon'sothep and others warning him of it's influence, he keeps it, saying "Wotz betta den one voice in me head? Two voices!". Such flawless thinking cannot be argued by most other Loron leaders and philosophers, and his reasoning is considered sound.

Lesser Bosses[edit | edit source]

Jukir'Maffa the B.I.G[edit | edit source]

  • Name - Jukir'Maffa
  • Position - Boss under Vlar'Eedecci

Jukir'Maffa, known by his title of "The B.I.G", "The L.A.R.G.E" and other similar names, is a Loron Boss under Vlar'Eedecci, and one of his most trusted "doods" and fighters. Jukkir'Maffa was one of the Bosses on Orcolos, when Vlar'Eedecci arrived on the planet. Though confused and at first aggressive towards the newcomer, Jukir'Maffa became impressed with Vlar'Eedecci's strength and bravery, gladly declared his loyalty to the newly christened Tyrant of Orcolos, and helped organize his fleets and armies for the coming raids against the other races.

Jukir'Maffa has proven himself to be a competent, powerful second-in-command of the Loron forces under Vlar'Eedecci, coordinating massive raids among the Bika Boyz, pirate fleets and other forces under their command. Jukir'Maffa is always quick to change and adapt his attacks and lines against whatever the Loron face, regardless of the complaints by his boyz about it. Whether it's using a more fire-power focus against Mendel and Zarbanian forces, or using more close quarters attacks against Federation forces, Jukir'Maffa is a quick thinking Loron Commander.

Jukir'Maffa is one of the few Mirus Loron who still enjoys Rap and considered "chill as fukk" by other Loron, due to the fact he rarely, if ever, raises his voice or shouts at them. Despite this, he not one to accept any back talk or disobedience from the lesser boyz, gladly shanking or shooting them out right with his large sword, or using his favored gun, "Da Executiony Gun".

Lower ranks/Others[edit | edit source]

Tsu'kraul[edit | edit source]

Fukk yo Couch!

  • Name - Tsu'Kraul
  • Position - Boss of the Warped Gitz.

Bor'Gurgol[edit | edit source]

For Griim'Gagor!

  • Name - Griim'Gagor
  • Position - Boss of Da Immortaluz

Bor'Gurgol is the Boss of Da Immortaluz, the bodyguards of Griim'gagor and his technical second in command. Loyal beyond word, and dedicated to the will of his Tyrant and boss Griim'Gagor, Bor'Gurgol is an intense, focused figure, completely unwavering in his execution of war and battle, and throwing himself into the line of battle no matter the cause. Bor'Gurgol often brags that he's fought in every major Loron war since he was born, claiming he has scars from Demons in Borealis, Blaster wounds from Grimblosaurian troopers, and a thousand other stories. No one is sure if he is right, but he is a battle-scared Loron for certain.

Bor'Gurgol helps Griim'gagor keep his boys in line and organized, and though the younger and more rowdy boys will often start bickering and fighting, Bor'Gurgol is always there to give some a smack and make sure they know to keep themselves in line. The others look up to Bor'Gurgol especially, seeing him as a larger then life badass who can fight any foe and come out on top.

Bor'Gurgol is armed with a large two-handed Axe-Choppa that he uses to butcher weaklings, but when he encounters strong foes that prove worthy, he will use his bear hands, and always seeks to challenge himself in battle, throwing any deceit and trickery aside to test his wits and power against a worthy foe.

Fra'thurt[edit | edit source]


  • Name - Fra'thurt
  • Position - Boss of the Gold Gitz
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