- Propa Big Scary Boss-Tyrant Griim'gagor

The Mirus Loron are Loron from the Mirus Galaxy, who are in various factions, and led by various bosses, which use mostly the same boss system as ordinary Loron. A heavy difference is their preference for metal and rock music rather then rap, screaming along the lyrics and songs as they raid, fight and go about their daily lives. This music finds its way into their every culture, from how they fight, dress themselves, and generally carry about their other ideals. Even their very weapons are influenced by their massive love for heavy metal, from their shankaz, to their blastaz, to their greatest boomz and flamethrowers. These all lead to a massive amount of weapons, styles and sounds when they go to war.

These Loron are divided into a number of factions, unlike the more united and directed Loron of similar factions, such as Da Rogue Boyz, various Clans, tribes, warbands and gangs scattered around the galaxy, but centered around the star systems called "Da Big Scary Boom Place", a system of dying stars, scattered asteroids and belts, and other hazards that no sane person would enter. Although the Warbands within fight constantly for supremacy, in times of peril, when attacked by outsiders, such as Zarbanian, Mendel and other Fleets, will band together to kill and destroy the "wankaz" who need to learn their place. After this temporary ceasefire, the Loron will simply go back to killing, destroying and generally making a mess of things both within Da Big Scary Boom Place and outside of it.



The Mirus Loron do not keep too many complex records and books about their history, and, as such, when they arrived in the galaxy is generally unknown and ambiguous to the rest of the galaxy that has to deal with them. Loron are well known for traveling from galaxy to galaxy when they migrate, and it stands to reason that, just as Andromeda, Cyrannus and Borealis became the home of some Loron, so to would Mirus. These Loron have spent such time away from the other Loron, that much of their ideals have changed, though not noticeable to outsiders. They are still rough, brutish and savage towards any who get in the way of what they want, but differences appear, some discernable to outsiders, somethings so unimportant only an outsider Loron would think to speak of it and think of it as important.

Whatever the case, the Loron who arrived here were lead by various Bosses and lords seeking fun and action away from the destruction in Ottzello. Some came around the time of the wars with the Delpha coalition, some during the time of the New Kralgon Empire, and others much later, each new wave bolstering the ranks of the Loron already living there. The Mirus Loron would spend much of their time fighting amongst themselves, and conducting raids and assaults on less defended worlds elsewhere to take what they needed, be it bling, weapons or scrap for their Tekkaz and Mekkaz. This raiding life style not only lead them to organize in large fleets, making uniting them more difficult, but also caused them to develop a love for high speed vehicles, such as carriers, speeders and Warbikes more then other Loron. This lead to the Loron, unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at things, to start driving their bikes and other vehicles everywhere, even on small errands, to gain a rush of speed and more often then not, crash into each other and random "Foot-sloggaz" on the way to their errands and meetings. Most Loron do not mind, feeling a fiery crash and subsequent death a good way to go, survivors often hailed as great heroes and daredevils.

The Loron would soon come into conflict with a similar race, called the Hermicce. These massive crab-like beasts lumber into war with scraped together armor and weapons, and looted tech similar to the Loron. Though the Loron were slightly stronger, the Hermicce could reproduce much faster. This forced the Loron to evolve to reproduce faster themselves, to match their numbers, but lead to them taking longer to reach certain stages in life slower then other Loron. The wave upon waves of Hermicce forced the Loron to take refuge in one of the few places the Hermicce had trouble reaching them; the sector of dying stars, abandoned stations and asteroid belts that the Loron would christen "Da Big Scary Boom Place", due to witnessing an number of stars go super nova, and, luckily destroy a great many Hermicce fleets, as well as some Loron ships. The Loron would stay there for a number of years, the asteroids and nebulas creating a natural defense against the Hermicce, and any other power that sought to exterminate the Loron.

Though their lightning raids weakened the Hermicce, especially in a time when the Waptoria, Mendel, Zarbania and others were pushing them back, the Loron would still remain largely isolated, unaware that their hateful rivals were finally and truly killed off.

At some point in their history, the Loron began to drift away from rap music as a signature part of their culture, and began to include more metal and rock & Roll music in their everyday lives, screaming along with it as they raid, ride or fight their foes in battle. While at first only a musical styling they choose to hail their arrival and to show off their strength with great music, the splintering of styles and ways of playing rock and roll lead to a strange development in the various Loron Clans and Tribes, some emphasizing more of the performance and sound of Metal, others going for showmanship and bombast then anything else, using great flashy lights and other tricks to wow and amaze their comrades and victims alike, or, more likely, blind their victims.

Whatever the case, these changes, while slow, have slowly shifted the Mirus Loron into acting just a tad bit different from the other Loron, helped along by the fact that, strangely, they are rather isolationist. Where's Da Rogue Boyz have fought battles with their UNO kin and the Legion of Badmanz, the Mirus Loron have had little contact, largely ignorant of what their kin do in the other galaxies, and being ignored, in turn, though still being notorious raiders in some parts of the galaxy. One of these, was the Zarbanian province of Solberg.

Destruction of Solberg[]

Destruction of the Drakodominatus Tyranny[]

The Mirus Loron had little contact with the Dominatus and their Tyranny, though did fight them shortly after the conception of the Overseer Program. As part of this program, the Dominatus sought out infants from warrior races to mutate and clone into reliable shock troops, as the culling of their own kind had left them with numbers too low to fulfill this role themselves. The Loron, while agruably not a martial race by any means, where warlike, well-known, and well-feared. As such, Dominatus High Command went ahead with the plan to kidnap a Loron infant and enhance him, despite objections from numerous Dominatis Omegas concerned with the intelligence of the race. The Mirus Loron where chosen because they where the closest to the Dominatus' core territories, also in Mirus, and a Dominatus Sovereign Executioner was dispatched to get the infant. Whereas the retrieval of the other Overseers relied either on the slaughter of an isolated couple or the blackmail of client races, the Loron kept their Norol and infants behind their lines, looking down upon the former and ignoring the latter until they where able to stand their ground. It was thus descided that a ground assault would be necessary. The Dominatus Sovereign Executioner thus simply dispatched swarms of disposable Myrmidons upon the world below, keeping the Loron distracted as he snuck into the camp. There he observed a single runt already intimidating his peers despite its young age and struck, taking the child and killing all Norol trying to stop him. The runt was given the Ultima Servilis serum and enhanced, and given the Dominatus name Azathoth. His clones would come to form the Overseer legions known as the Abominations of Azathoth and be given the chaotic world of Khaios as their Overseer Citadel. Azathoth as well as his Abominations would soon be send to the Kraw Galaxy, their mission to conquer a piece of the Kraw Empire for the Tyranny to use as colonies in that galaxy. Together with the Kraw Overseer Oculon and his Beholders as well as the Zazane Overseer Nosferatu Hexus and his Nocturnal Legionaires, Azathoth and his Abominations did their duties well, the Legions forming a dark mirror to the Kraw, Kraw Zazane and Kraw Loron which made up the Kraw Empire. With the slave revolt againt the Tyranny however, the Dominatus would choose to abandon the galaxy completely, relocating Azathoth to the Borealis Galaxy to fight the Junction, a campaign he came out of alive only barely. Azathoth was present for the Battle of Khaios during the push against the Dominatus in Mirus where he went missing in action. In the aftermath of the the Battle of Demogorgon Prime, the surviving Abominations, as with all Overseers, where rounded up for trial and eventually pardoned.

With the empire they where created to serve now gone, the surviving Abominations went looking for their Dynast, though quickly gave up from boredom after a lack of results. Whereas those Overseer Legions who weren't remade into special force units simply founded their own empires to rule, the Abominations, being Loron, where too dim-witted to do this. So they wandered around aimlessly, many serving as bouncers and hitmen in the criminal underworld of Mirus for a while, though after numerous breaches of contract and the like, most would eventually gravitate towards Da Big Scary Boom Place, where the Loron accepted them into their ranks, feeling there was something distinctly "Lorony" about the Abominations, despite their mutated appearance. Still, they would remain a disorganised force until the arrival of Nyog'sothep, a member of the Abominations Supreme Elechon of Great Old Ones and the third-in-command of the Abominations overall. He had just killed the second-in-command of the Legion and parted ways with the fourth. One way in which the Abominations differed from baseline Loron was their almost absolute deference to the military hierarchy, and as the only member of the Great Old Ones still in Mirus, Nyog'sothep quickly gained their allegiance. He claimed a Mirus Lororn world for his own and remade it into a new Khaios, while turning the Abominations of Azathoth once more into a somewhat organised fighting force and integrating them fully into the Mirus Loron.

Later, after Da Reckoning, a new wave of Loron invaders from Borealis would settle with the Mirus Loron, adding new classes and tactics to their arsenal. The recent actions of Da Rogue Boyz, in their attempts to invade the entirety of the known first gigaquadrant, may have had an effect, however distant upon their kin, many noting that, even after the Rogue Boyz' defeat, the Mirus Loron pirate bands have been growing increasingly active, growing more and more bold, and, more worryingly, more organized with every raid. Many of these Loron would grow to learn that the Hermicce were gone, leading many to make their way home, to spread word that the Loron's time, may have finally come.

The Ironjawz Horde[]

Formed shortly after several insurrections by the newly formed Ultima Singularity and Darkling Cults, the Ironjawz came about when Tyrant Griim'gagor realized his people could not survive on their own, and began to accelerate his plans with Nyog'Sothep and Vlar'Eedecci, as well as his other cronies. It was time for the Loron in Mirus to be feared and respected. It was time to remind the other powers in the galaxy who would be ruling it, not just as pirates and marauders, but real warlords and emperors. He as such, issued a challenge to the other Tyrants; face him in battle, or bow and accept his position. Without fail, each one arrived to fight him, and within minutes, Griim'gagor had killed them all, proving his worth. With them united, he declared that his new empire would become the Ironjawz Horde. T defeat the other powers in Mirus, he would need more minions. With that, he set out for the Skordi territories, and expected a brutal brawl with the tribes there. Instead, the Skordi were so amazed by his power and weaponry, all Tribes immediately bowed to him and and accepted Griim'gagor as their leader.

With this, Griim'gagor merely waited, building up his forces and waiting for the chance to strike again, his dreams of becoming as legendary as Fre'kloar and the others all the closer...



Mirus Loron, in many ways, are just about the same as their kindred in the Quadrants, Borealis/Ottzello Sector, Andromeda and elsewhere. Their strength, power and resilience is largely the same, and, just like their Quadrantia and Rogue Boyz kin, are stronger thanks in part to the exposure of chemicals and radiation common in their dying star system enclaves and on their horribly unsafe ships and those they loot from others. Their rivalry and war with the Hermicce Legions in the past has caused them to be able to reproduce much faster then other Loron, though leads them to taking a longer time to reach their Betta and Sicka boyz stages, while, based on the few encountered, this evens out to them reaching the Killa boy stage at the same rate as other Loron.

As a result of breeding and exposure to loud metal music, these Loron have a natural resilience to loud noise and sound that even their cousins could not ignore. Sounds that would deafen any other race, are seen as only slight annoyances to a Mirus Loron, and many others demonstrate a resistance to bright lights and flashy spectacle, more resistant to this then other Loron, thanks again to both selective breeding and them being used to such loud displays in their everyday life.


Mirus Loron are much the same as their standard Loron cousins' attitude in regards to war and social interaction, but much more bombastic and showy in their attitude. Every action is done to upstage their kin, their rivals and their last accomplishments. This leads to them being more hot-blooded, passionate and direct in their approach to everything. Many of them take to painting themselves with war paint and tattoos to show off how "hard" they are, and to show their loyalty to their Boss, tribe or warband.


The Loron of Mirus are just as strong, brutal and strong as other Loron, helped by their exposure to various types of Radiation, chemicals and various drugs. Thanks to their life style, they are more resilient to high degrees of intense lights and noise, being able to shrug off things that would be too much for their extra-galactic kind.


Mirus Loron are considered to live on the edge. Everything is always about being on the verge of death and coming out on top, or, going out gloriously. Loron who crash in a grand explosion that "Shakes da whol world!" and destroys much of their foes, or who fight off 50 enemies with their warbike as a club, are considered the greatest heroes in their culture, immortalized in awesome and grand rock ballads that will be performed on the anniversary of when the Loron in question died, or whenever the Loron's leaders feel like it. Loron are prone to living in massive fleets and hollowed out asteroids and scraped together and looted space stations. Be it gigantic ships, asteroid, space stations or worlds, every place they inhabit is always blasting with music, broadcasting their "music" across the stars as they travel, fight and party. On raids, they will try and silence this music, unless launching an all-out invasion.

When attacking all-out, not raiding and pillaging like they usually do, Loron will make sure to blast their music even louder, both when on public channels, and from their tanks and other vehicles. With raids, everything is done quick and efficiently, or as efficient as a Loron can manage. In an all-out assault, Loron can cut lose and reveal in their music and power as they butcher their foes.

They rely on the same Boss system, though, another title exists within their warbands, of those who control massive empires of their own, who call themselves Tyrants. Loron Tyrants commonly give themselves multiple grandiose titles (Often not knowing what half their titles and words mean), and adding more and more as they gain renown and become more famous among their kin (or infamous among others). The god Zr'an'kar is said to have the longest of titles in the whole universe, though in actuality, it is rather normal sized, the Loron who attempt to read it all forgetting what they were trying to do and going off to fight, rock out or eat pizza.

Slaves taken in their raids are common, but the most lauded and respected of the slaves are those who gain the honor of proclaiming the local Tyrant's name and all of his titles for outsiders to hear. As Loron Tyrants are rather fond of such slaves, most Loron with more then three brain cells are smart enough not to abuse such slaves, and they often have as much as authority as a low-level Boss, when they are not at the beck and call of their Lords. When a Announcer, as they are called, dies, either from the poor conditions or from accidently getting a "slap" too hard, it is common for the Tyrant to bake their body into a pizza to eat in remembrance of their Announcer.

As stated above, they worship Zr'an'kar and many of the other Loron gods, such as Roz'tah'flok, though have one other. As rap is less common in their societies, some outright hating it as "Old skool trash", the Mirus Loron invented one God of their own, named "Fre'mik'Vis da Rokka, Guitar-king of all, Masta of de Ooniverse's Guitars, face-melta Supreme, Skull-basha, Gut-rippa, Demon-Killa, Most Awesome Son of Zr'an'kar that ever existed period". Fre'mik'vis was born when the Gods got into an argument, and, Roz'tah'flok, angered, took Zr'an'kar, and used him as a blunt instrument on Tra'Kol'Zuhr, God of Raps, to demonstrate his bossiness to all. From this mess of divine glory and fractured skulls and broken arms, was somehow born a new god, Fre'mik'vis, God of Metal and all that was glorious of Rock & Roll. With his mighty guitar in hand, he would smash whole planets in two, and play music so amazing and mind blowing, the Gods of other races' faces would melt away, even the Xhodocto sacred to tangle with such powerful, cacophonous glory. Many of the greatest Loron performers seek to recreate the grand spectacle of his songs, going for as much sound, visual and power as they can, but many ultimately dying, often blowing themselves up with sonic blasts or haywire explosions from their pyrotechnic displays.

Still, such pursuits to honor Fre'mik'vis is seen as a worthy end, and it said that those that die in such pursuits will ride with his band "Da Face Crushaz of da Ooniverse", and play with him eternal in the afterlife, while fighting anyone who looks at them funny, or anyone period. Those who somehow succeed in this endeavor, are said to be taken by Fre'mik'vis, and made into another Loron god, though none have come close to capturing the power and majesty, and pure ear-destruction, that Da Rokka Guitar-king of All has.


Mirus Loron live just about everywhere, from old hollowed out asteroids, planets, space stations, free-moving starships, abandoned precursor stations and other areas, even in hostile regions that could not possibly support anyone, such as Lava, Ice and Desert death worlds. The Loron view just about everything as a challenge, and if a planet is too hostile, it's because Roz'tah'flok wants to challenge them and see how "Ard" they are. If they have to be challenged, then they will conquer said challenge, with fists if they must, even if they have to punch the whole world to show their strength, the whole universe even!

Even when not on death worlds, these places are massively dangerous, but the stations and ships used by the Loron are even more so, often be swathed in radioactive materials from the energy core, weapons and other sources, or exposed to various chemicals that give them their phenomenal resilience. On top of that, is their practice of taking drugs, taking amounts even other Loron would balk at. This all leads to many Loron, if they do not crash in a fiery explosion, to OD. Many Loron will "to share the glory", will pump these drugs into the air ducts of their ships to share with their mates, resulting in the air being filled with not just unsafe chemicals and radiation, but powerful drugs.



Loron use the same tanks, carriers and other such vehicles as other Loron, more or less, with their own modifications. Of course, massive stereos can always be found on or within the tank or carrier or warjeep, used to blast off their music for the whole planet to hear. It is common for Bosses and Tyrants to get stereos bigger then their Boys so their music will play louder. This is not only to intimidate their foes, and signify their dominance over the Boys of the Warband or crew, but also as a tactical way of allowing Boyz, no matter how far they travel to fight and kill, to find their way back to the Tyrant or Boss.

A common thing for the Loron is to ride into a fight on warbikes, racing ahead of the armor and smashing into enemy lines, outfitting their bikes with reinforced shields on the front to block enemy fire, and clear out bodies that get in the way, guns for them to shot at the foe as they charge, and extra fuel tanks to boost speed (or blow everything up when they crash). These bikes, like everything, are loaded with stereos, which the Loron will blast as they ride, screaming along with their songs as they charge along.

Any Tyrant worth his meat and shankaz will, at the centerpiece of his invasion force, have what is called a "Deff Wagon", often larger then his own personal rig, and used to show the off the wealth of the Warband or Clan in question. A Deff Wagon commonly has a specifically chosen Loron performer who, with guitar in hand, will shred to his heart's content, blasting along as the warband travels, fights and kills. These Deff Wagons are loaded with speakers, loudspeakers and other means to project their sound, so that, when they gather for a right and proper war, the sound of the Deff Wagon is always heard, filling the hearts of the Loron with pride and further bloodlust (if such a thing were possible) and intimidating their foes. A Tyrant would rather die then see his personal Deff Wagon fall, either to a rival tribe, or destroyed by the foe, and will send as many of his boyz as he can to protect it.


Loron commonly use the same devices as other Loron, though have invented a machine that will play music into their ears and skull as they fight, almost like a personal, computer-brain chip Ipod, but, of course, far more dangerous. The chip is added by Tekkaz and Mekkaz, and often will have it surgically implanted into their head to play their own personal music. Such is dangerous, as many Loron have died to achieve such a thing. Many Loron often end up with brain damage at best, or blowing their own heads up at worse.

Other devices include Nitrus Oxide and other drug injectors that hook into their backs, and vocal modifications that, when used by the "singers" of their groups, can project screams loud enough to destroy anything in range, though forcing these Loron to live lives unable to talk without causing major damage to their friends and the area they live.


Mirus Loron use largely the same weapons, though make heavy use of flamethrowers, as well as building guns and other weapons into guitars and other instruments as they play, such as a flamethrower and guitar, or a machine gun and a Bass in one. Such weapons are seen as the best possible thing, as they combine the love of metal with the love of destruction Mirusian Loron so love.



The Loron of Mirus are not only divided into a number of Clans (Clans relating less to close blood relations, and more to a bunch of Loron with common interests bound under a Tyrant, Boss or Chief), Warbands and Pirate groups, all of which have their own modus operandi with war, and styles of fighting and diplomacy, or as close as they can manage. The larger Pirate Groupings and Warbands commonly have mixes of all sorts of Loron within their ranks, though always have preference for some over others.

Another sub-group, are the Loron who operate based off a certain style of Rock, refered to as Clams. Mirusian Loron love their metal, and each shows this in a variety of ways. Some, mix orchestral "influence" with their jams to create a grandiose, bombastic sound that puts more emphasis on sounding good, as best as Loron can manage anyway, over simple sound and fury. Others prefer to emphasis style, dressing and styling themselves in grand foppish displays and wear garish clothing and even make-up, and playing their music in a similar style, blasting off sound, and putting on grand displays with grand guitar solos, blasting drums and pyrotechnics to "melt da Wankaz faces!". These Loron are commonly influenced by their music to take different approaches in a fight, doing different styles to reflect their music.


  • Leader - Propa Big Tyrant Griim'gagor The Biggest Big Boss of all Big Bosses, Lord of Slaughter, Beast of the Karhala System, Crusher of the 10 Hermicce Giants of Tak.

The Big Shankaz Warband is one of the most powerful Warbands of Loron in existence right now, and one of the largest of their race. Favoring the "traditional" ways of slaughtering peepz, with a Shanka or melee weapon in one hand, and a gun in the other. For them, there is no better way to kill a weakling then with a good melee weapon of some sort. Swords, Shankaz, and, especially favored by this Warband, are Axes and cleavers. Their favored strategy remains largely unchanged, merely getting as many boyz as they can inside their carriers and transports, and flying right into the battle, the driver gunning down as many as possible, before the boyz either decide to get out and fight, or the vehicle crashes and they are ejected from their ride.

The founder of this tribe, is Griim'gagor, one of the oldest and strongest Loron in Mirus, and a master tactician and warlord within the Loron warbands, and the dominate power-player of the Loron in Mirus. His Warband has set up shop at Karhala, the center piece of the Mirus Loron holdings, and technical capital of their world. Karhala has been the capital of the Mirus Loron for thousands of years, being the first world they set up shop in after being driven there by the Hermicce Legions. Since then, all the Warbands, Crews, tribes and Clans have visited or held some territory in Karhala. While all hold some small part of Karhala, the Big Shankaz are the major power here, and the world acts as their central hub, keeping the others in a position subservient to them. While they often fight, this is more to flex their muscle, then to gain territory, as Griim'gagor is more then happy with the status quo as it is now. As the other groups raid, the Big Shankaz commonly collect payment and tribute form them in exchange for maintaining a position of power in Karhala.

The Big Shankaz commonly maintain the status quo on Karhala and within Mirus Loron holdings, making sure all of the factions within behave and maintain the current power structure, so that the other Loron groups can act as distractions for the Big Shankaz, so they never get their hands dirty with fighting unimportant threats, focused only on the most important and dangerous foes to Mirusian Loron existence. The others can raid and pillage, and the Big Shankaz will collect a fraction of this as tribute for payment. No one would dare say no, least the Big Shankaz wipe them out or take some of their territory, or the other Crews move against them, least the status quo be disturbed, and Griim'gagor grow angered.

  • Leader - Tyrant Kar'Beriik Da Grandest Tyrant of the 10 Stars of Kol'era Systems, Master of Dakka, Biggest of the Big shootaz, Butcher-Basher of the Serpent-bitaz.

The Golden Teef Warband are the Loron warband native to the northern regions of Mirusian Loron, and one of the richer Warbands within the Mirusian Loron community. While still prone to raiding and pillaging like any Loron warband in Da Big Scary Boom Place, they are frequently spotted just as often acting as merchants and traders with other factions, mostly seeking out others for their "Shiny Bitz", such as gold, silver and other jewels and the like, and guns and weapons. This, combined with their position on several mining worlds and outposts, has given them access to "bling" that few other Warbands could ever dream of having. Ever Loron in their group dresses sharply, and adorned with all sorts of piercings, necklaces, rings and other gobbins to show off to other Loron, commonly resulting in them getting robbed by other Loron eager for some bling.

The Golden Teefs gained their position after fighting off another Loron tribe, the Serpent Bitaz, a group of more tribal Loron who felt "Da Old wayz da best". They were known to inject serpent venom into their bodies to make themselves tougher, and onto their weapons to kill the weaker boyz. Kar'Beriik, Future Tyrant of the Golden Teefs would win great renown for his bravery and ferocity in these battles.

The Golden Teefs are given to grand displays of wealth and opulent shows of strength and richness among other Loron. This Warband gains its name for their habit of either removing their teeth form their jaws, coating their fangs in gold, or getting grills with the letters of their name forged into the surface. The other Tribes and warbands find them to be a bunch of show offs and stuck ups with little to show for it, but a Gold Toof would love nothing more then to show them how wrong they are. Golden Teef are one of the toughest warbands around, even if they are not the largest in number or have the strongest, most brutal members. Their strength lies instead in their advanced vehicles, and in the advanced fire arms they produce.

Due to their riches, the Loron of Golden Teefs are able to afford to buy the best guns off their rivals, or "convince" other groupings to give up their guns. Other times, they can afford to employ the best Tekkaz and Mekkaz to make their guns, or buy discarded guns off their rivals. As such, this enables them to pump out bullets, plasma bolts and other projectiles at greater qualities then their rivals in other tribes. They may still have terrible aim, but they do love to fire their guns, and having so many means they are far more likely to hit the target then most.

The Golden Teef provide something of the banker/merchant class within Loron society, roviding loans in the form of bling and weapons to prospective buyers among the Loron, with the deal that if they don't repay them, with interest, there will be hell to pay. The Golden Teef do not like those that owe them money running off and stiffing them on the bill, and are known to be very violent in this regard.

  • Leader - Tyrant Oka'Temik Da Walkin Refrigerator, Lord of Tanks, Killer of Mendel Peepz, Clan-Butcher, the House-splitta, and Planet-krakka.

The Iron Raidaz are the third most powerful of the Loron Warbands that operate in their region of space, and strong rivals with the Big Shankaz Warband. Bitter and contemptuous of the Big Shankaz and their followers, the Loron of the Iron Raidaz have long sought to get back their position of power over the other Loron, and finally gain the respect they deserve for their strength and leadership. The Big Shankaz are keen to keep them down, and have assigned the act of protecting the Valtrix Stars, a fringe region to the East that is frequented by Alpha Cyber Collective attacks, in order to keep the Iron Raidaz and their leaders busy with unimportant assignments, and unable to challenge the ascendancy of the Tyrant Griim'gagor. Oka'Temik is well aware of this practice, and although quite successful in war, has been unable to change this.

The Iron Raidaz were the original leaders of the Mirusian Loron crews, and enjoyed quite a strong position, even with the threat of the Hermicce legions. They once conducted a Raid on the Mendel territories that earned Oka'Temik his various titles, including Killer of Mendel Peepz, Clan-Butcher and House-Splitta, for his slaughter of many Mendel warriors, the destruction 3 entire Clans, and the destruction of their hillforts that they fought out of. His reign was ended by the arrival of the Griim'gagor and his crew, who had recently arrived from a stint in Milky Way, and fought the Iron Raidaz. After defeating their legions, Griim'gagor, to maintain his leadership of Karhala, sent the Iron Raidaz to the Valtrix Stars, to keep them from having any power what so over, and hopefully, get them killed sooner or later.

The Iron Raidaz, however, rebuilt their Tribe, working slowly but surely to rebuild their numbers, and, to compensate their low numbers, armored each and every Loron with the best armor they could find, sheathing each warrior, from the lowest Boy to the richest Boss, with good, strong armor, far better then anything their rivals could make. Combined with this, was their reliance on Tanks and heavy vehicles, using powerful canons mounted on their trukks and tanks to blast away the foe, before closing in with their troopaz and others and finishing off what remained.

The Iron Raidaz are also very successful pirates. Due to how they have been hamstrung by Alpha Cyber Collective predations, their pirate bands are used to operating in small but organized crews, and knowing were to go to take what they need for their Boss. Their ships are also loaded with heavy armor and weapons for good long range attacks. Since the weakening of the Alpha Cyber Collective by the Covenant of Mirus, the Iron Raidaz have been able to go out and raid more and more, gaining more wealth and power from it. So far, they have managed to fake evidence of more attacks by the Collective, so as to keep the Big Shankaz none the wiser.

  • Leader - Boss Vul'jeek the Biggest Eata of Big Eataz, da Tank an Jeep Devoura, da Boom Crusha, Da Star-Slappa-Planet-Puncha Boss.

The Steelgutz Tribe are a Tribe of Loron warriors native to the southern reaches of Da Big Scary Boom Place, and one of the two gateaways out of Loron territory, and into the wider galaxy that are under the control of a one complete tribe or crew, rather then several. This allows the Steelgutz to tax their rivals when they enter or leave the reaches of the Southern Kal'thibex Asteroid Belt, named after the Tribe's founder, and who cleared a way for his tribe to settle it, by ramming his krooza right into the biggest asteroid, and blowing part of it up. In memory of his awesome sacrifice, the Loron built their settlement right into the large asteroid's crater, and named the belt after him.

The Steelgutz declare themselves the best chefs in all of Loron history, and, the grandest and most deluded, even declare their skills the best in all of Mirus. No Pizza is made better then in the Steelgutz, no thicco body better prepared then those baked and readied by the Steelgutz chefs. While part of this is true, their food being very good, the truth is most of the time the Steelgutz do things that even other Loron slightly shudder at. They have a tendency to eat things like plastic, metal and bling that they either find, loot from their foes, or eat in competitions with their mates. They feels that this toughens their guts and makes them even stronger then their rival tribes. To symbolize their strength, The warriors of the Steelgutz tribe often wear large plates over their stomachs to protect their stomachs, while their chest is often bear. To destroy a Loron's Gutplate is seen as a grave insult to their honor, and often results in the foe being burned rather then eaten, not even worthy of feeding a Norol.

Due to their tendency to eat random objects to show off to one another, they often leave actual food lying around, often for their Norol to eat, unintentionally treating them the best of all the Mirusian Loron Warbands that operate within the Da Scary Boom Place. It isn't much, but its better then what most other Loron do.

In war, these Loron frequently have the biggest, toughest, strongest boys in their armies, able to bash heads harder and better then most other boyz in other tribes and warbands, and easily able to over power them. The fact that they actually feed their Norol something also leads to them having more then enough boys to fight their wars, though many times they may eat a few of their smaller, younger comrades to show off their strength, somewhat balancing it out.

Their leader, Vul'Jeek is famous among his warband for his appetite, being able to devour other Loron that challenge him, warriors in battle, and even once ate an enemy tank on a dare. When captured by other Loron, he escaped by eating his captors and their jeep. Such shows that he, and his guts, are favored by Roz'tah'flok, and his Loron follow him as much as a Boss as they do a religious figure chosen by Da Godz.

  • Leader - Gor'Graathen

  • Leader - Quel'Craanith The Greasy, the bestest Sneaky of all Sneakiez, the Back-stabba, Deemun-killa, Neck-Snappa, Triple Stabba Supreme, The Shoota-king.

The Shadowclawz Tribe are one of the smaller Loron bands, though never the less maintain a great degree of importance among the Loron of Mirus for their stealth operations and skills. This is essential, as the Loron Clans with their love of Heavy Metal and Rock music, and the standard Loron's general attitude of wanting to rush into battle in a gigantic war-rig and crash into their enemies in a fiery display of glory. The Shadowclawz are about the only ones capable of actual long term strategy and being sneaky, which, while would normally be looked down upon by the other Loron, is needed here, to keep their operations going and maintain an advantage over their enemies.

The Shadowclawz are mostly isolated from other Loron, mostly asking for scrap to build new ships and vehicles, but keeping to themselves. They are the calmest of the Loron Tribes, though unlike the Golden Teef Band, do not conduct trade with others. Despite their silent, calm edge, they are arguably the most hateful and xenophobic of Loron, not even liking their peers from other galaxies, feeling them "wrong" on some level. As such, when they deploy in their missions, the are more then happy to put some knives in their backs, and some silencers against their skulls. Its the only thing non-Loron scum deserve, after all.

They often hire out some of their boyz to act as field scouts and assassins for the other warbands, while keeping tabs on them, and, if need be, sabotaging some of their efforts so that they may not threaten the Shadowclawz. None of the other Tribes are aware of this, but if they where, the territory of the Shadowclawz would be easily invaded and divided up, their sneakiez being horribly out-numbered by the other Loron tribes.

The Shadowclawz are the only Loron to encounter the Brotherhood of Darklings, under their leader Quel'craanith, who earned the name "Deemun-killa" and Triple Stabba Supreme from the battle. Not sure what exactly they had seen during the fight, the Shadowclawz left the area they encountered them on, and bombarded the world from orbit, leaving it a molten waste land.

  • Leader - Freth'Jurik Warboss 4 life, Guide of the First Great Dakka Revolution of the Propa Loron's Korgrabb-Volkex Massiv Crew, Da Greatest Crazy.

The Stone Maw Warband are another major Warband that operate in Da Big Scary Boom Place, and owners of the one of the only ways out of the region, the Western Expanse. While other Tribes can squabble over exit regions, only the Stone Maw and Steelgutz Tribes can claim ownership completely over a region. Much like the Steelgutz, they also exercise a tax and tariff over those that want to use their routes, demanding a fraction of their pay and riches from every raid and attack they make. The Stone Maws are more lax with this, usually going easy on the smaller bands, though they are considered rather untrustworthy, as one day they will go easy on these bands, and the next, demand large sums of money to user their routes. Few wish to tangle with them, due to the size of their grand navies.

The Stone Maws have access to a number of mineral and material mining systems, allowing them to bring together grand navies and star fleets to enforce their will. Their territory is not actually that large, but due to their fleet size, they have intimidated a number of the smaller tribes and warbands in their area to serve under Freth'Jurik, a power mad tyrant even by Loron standards, who always demands that those visiting his court in person use his full title. This was not always the case. In the distant past, Freth'Jurik was a Miner Boy, often scoping up minerals to use for building starships. As a young Loron, he dreamed of commanding his own ship, and claimed that Roz'tah'flok told him he would one day in a dream, saying he would free all his mates from the Boss and lead a better tomorrow. Freth'jurik would get his chance after a slave revolt was instigated, and he and his boyz gained control, after killing the actual rebel leader. After organizing the boys, he killed the Boss in question, and took his titles for himself.

Mad with power, Freth'jurik took on a new aspect, that of a power mad tyrant, lording over countless Loron, and considered a threat to all other Loron in the sector. The only thing that keeps him in check is his own delusional belief he is somehow the most powerful Loron in Mirus, and believes that anything to the contrary are lies and propaganda spread by his rivals to discredit him. If he ever does figure out he is not as powerful as he thinks, he might just start a massive war to make his dreams a reality, no matter how many of his boyz it gets killed.

  • Leader - Jou'Mekkith, The Eternal Boss, Lord of the Radioactive pits, Fire-Smacka, Titan Steala, Da Raisa of Starz, Immortal-King of the Debased Loron of Angelaz, The Silver-Chrome King of Karhala.

The Whitesnakez Warband is another of the major Warbands, a group of exiles and almost feral Loron who have been brought to heel by the exiled Lord Jou'Mekkith. Exiled from his old band for his ruthlessness and delusions of being chosen by the Loron Gods, who found the planet of Angelaz, just outside of Mirusian Loron territory. There a group of warriors had settled long ago and gone forgotten, their ships destroyed by a Hermicce force years earlier, though the Hermicce themselves became lost on the world as well. There, they had waged a never ending war on the desert plains and radioactive pits of the planet, breeding constant numbers to fight in increasingly violent Road Wars to feed the fractured empires on both planets.

Jou'Mekkith arrived on the world fleeing the other Loron who sought to kill him and skin him, and hide on the world, which they quickly overlooked. After fighting off a number of raiders from both species. The Loron tribes that witnessed his power and abilities, bowed before him, many of the Loron shamans saying that one day the Gods would send a "Propa Sikk Eternal Boss" to unite them and kill all the Hermicce. Feeding into his delusions, Jou'Mekkith crafted his personality to further match the "Eternal Boss" and make sure the other Loron knew he was the prophecies hero of their legends, to ensure their fanatical loyalty to him.

At the same time, a Hermicce arose who united is own people, and two launched an all-out assault against each other. Although both races were known for being brutish and unthinking, the two coordinated their "boys" to levels unseen in either races, with a few exceptions, and the massive Road Kill of The Century began, a Legendary battle on foot, with vehicles, jeeps, tanks and cars smashing across the battlefield. After countless dead on both sides, the two crashed their Glorious War Machines into each other, and tow fought. Though difficult, Jou'Mekkith won, crushing the Hermicce leader's head in his hands, and ordering his Mekkaz and Tekkaz, after the battle, to reforge his broken shell into a suit of armor to honor the foe that had almost killed him, even carrying the Hermicce battle Hammer with him as a sign of his power.

Using looted technology, he managed to organize his forces and take to the stars, leaving the radioactive world his capital, but one of many available for his boyz to colonize. Since that day, The Eternal Boss has set his sights on Karhala, eager to live up to his title of "The Silver Chrome King of Karhala" and seize it for himself, and become the Lord of all Loron within Mirus.


Glamy Boyz are Loron that push the limits when it comes to Loron ideals of dress and stylings. They are prone to wearing bright coloration and flamboyant styles, even cross-dressing and wearing other garish, downright foppish clothing, causing other Loron to look down on them as losers and deriding them as "Chik-Boyz", referring to their style of dress and carrying themselves as being too much like a chik and not manly enough like other Loron. Glamies carry this mark with pride and use it to mock their detractors even further. Everything for them is about show and performance. Even their basic Shankaz and Guns are rigged to produce a shower of pyrotechnics, or to spark with all sorts of colors when a foe is hit. Everything is a grand show to upstage both their rivals, and their last antics.

These Loron stick out from their kin, for their complete lack of dressing anything like Loron. Many choose to dress in bright, glittery suits and pants, often leaving their chests bear, some even dressing in drag and other outrageous styles to get attention and infuriate their peers. Most other Loron dislike the Glamies for their dress styles and attitudes, but, due to their abilities and general competence in war, rarely bother with them, though Glamy Boyz are careful never to push their rivals' buttons outside of battle, least they start a fight they can't win. Some Loron of this group even choose to wear make-up and piercings to further the glam aesthetic.

These Loron are tolerated for their capabilities in war and abilities in war. They are known to use all sorts of weird and outlandish weapons and strategies, constantly throwing their opponents off. They have no issue inventing new weapons and tools of their own, often attracting a number of outlandish Tekkaz and Mekkaz into their ranks, who have a knack for helping them achieve new tools, or loot and repurpose enemy designs.

In battle, Glamy Loron are commonly the first ones in, rushing in a blur of color and display. Everything is a performance in their minds. Their Shankaz are loaded with electrical and power fields to produce sparks and small explosions with every stab, their guns and boomz loaded more explosions, or depleted uranium and other materials to cause larger explosions when they hit the target. The Glamy Boyz are the ones who invented the Sonic Guitar and Ripper Guitar. One uses concentrated sound waves to rip apart their enemies with pure sound at range, while the other, with every strum of the strings showers the foe with bullets. While adopted by other Boyz, none can quite play these weapons with the same skill as the inventors, who yield such weapons with pride.

Loron of the Psychideli Boyz are those that have a particular love for the feel of drugs and the effects on it, and after a deep study and practice with their guitars and sounds, have managed to produce a sound that, while still loud and bombastic as with any Loron rock style, produces a disorienting effect, as though one were on drugs such as LSD or acid. The intent is not only to disorient and confuse their listeners, but to leave their foes off balance and leave them confused with every move the Loron make. Distorted guitar effects, amplified sounds, or modified vocals, either from advanced recording tech or from a particularly crazed Loron having his vocals modified, lead to the strange and otherworldly effects and sounds of their rock.

To fit with their psychedelic ideals, these Loron commonly dress in an outlandish fashion. While no where near as strange and garish as the Glamy Boyz, Pschideliz instead go for a otherworldly, strange look, often having the Norol of their Clans and groupings give them make-up and face modifications so that they never quite look right at a distance, doing everything they can to trip up and confused friends, rivals and enemies alike. Those that perform their songs or follow them, commonly load up with more drugs then other Mirusian Loron in order to gain a much greater experience and appreciation for their outlandish sound.

In War, the Psychideli Boyz commonly hook their sonic guitars directly into their brains so as to maximize the otherworldly feel of their songs, and gain new perspective on it. They most commonly hook various drugs into specialized back-packs to breath in during battle, and load it up with more then just drugs. Nitros Oxide, paint, gasoline and other materials are commonly breathed in during a battle, and many Loron, when they take hostages, will ground up the bodies to make a special drug form their blood and bones. They favor the use of specialized armored Carrierz, load with special grenade launchers that fire Drug-laced bombs that, when they hit the ground, will explode, launching hallucinagetics into the air, and, when breathed in by their enemies, will drive them insane and destroy all morale, causing them to break ranks and flee. Without proper filtration systems or a strong telepath of some sort, an army can be broken in just a few moments, even if the drugs' effects are not that long compared to others.


The Mirus Loron are a fractured, disunited race, even more so then other Loron factions. While the Propa Big-Bad Tyrant-Warboss Griim'gagor is technical leader of all Loron, he is more then content to let them fight amongst themselves, gladly playing them against each other for his benefit. There are a variety of Mirusian Loron, ranging from pirates, mercenaries, rock stars (the rare, non-violent variant among them), and various other roles that suite them.

Unlike most others, Mirus Loron are willing to employ Non-Loron into their ranks, mostly Skordi outlaws and pirates, Orgaat mercenaries, and even the odd surviving Hermicce.


Again, unlike the Loron of Andromeda, Borealis and elsewhere, the Loron of Mirus employ a wide range of cohorts and minions of other, equally brutish races that share the Loron's love of destruction, savagery and feasting on the flesh of the weak. Due to this, many species help bulk up Loron forces, and give them certain advantages over the other Loron factions of the galaxy. Despite this, only Loron may hold the position of Warboss, though a few do work their way up to Boss.


All Loron organize into special gangs and the like that operate within all Loron factions, providing goods and services, and helping smuggle in extra armaments and weapons for them to use. The most notable example of this group, is the Loron mercenary group called "The Killa-Slaughtera Empire-Stompin King-Crusha Boyz", named after their technical founder Gor'Brakith The Killer-Slaughter Empire Stomping King Crusher Warboss of the West, a mercenary who became favored by many Lords of Mirus for his abilities. His habits, and those of his followers, became mimicked, and lead to a number of Loron operating under the "Killa-Slaughtera Boyz".

The The Killa-Slaughtera Empire-Stompin King-Crusha Boyz are a group of Mercenaries that have found work for themselves all around the galaxy, fighting for all sorts of powers in their many quests. While Loron are often unremittingly violent, love stomping anything weaker then themselves and enjoy fighting, many are born of a pragmatic mind to known that, there is often more reward to fighting for another power, such as money, loot and kills, both for the rush of a fight, and for meals for later. The first of these boyz formed belonged to a Mercenary band formed by the famous Mirusian Loron Warbos Gor'Brakith The Killer-Slaughter Empire Stomping King Crusher Warboss of the West. His Band, rather then fighting others, instead offered their services to many, Gor'brakith having an eye for the long term.

At that time, the Hermicce were rampant across the galaxy, and Gor'Brakith believed that, if the Loron could stop fighting the other powers, and team up with them, they could destroy the Hermicce. Then Gor'Brakith and his peepz could kill them latter with less difficulty, of course. His band was hugely successful, working for all sorts of powers, and began to take after their basic habits and ideals. Those who fought alongside the Mendel, began bolting heavy plates onto themselves, painting their bodies with blue and other paints, and using jet packs to slam into their foes. Those who fought for Zarbania dressed in heavy black coats and armors, and used gas masks to suck in various drugs as they fought, and made heavy use of tanks in their battles. Those who fought alongside Orgaat began discarding armor, and using war beasts to carry them into battle, often using melee-weapons in battle, and wearing little protection.

Gor'Brakith's practices inspired other Loron to imitate such ideals, much like how his boyz had imitated the other Mirusian powers. As such, many boyz run about, declaring themselves part of the Killa-Slaughtera Empire-Stompin King-Crusha Boyz, whether they actually are or not. Gor'brakith and his original band members care little, for, in the end, whether they officially join or not matters little to him, as he still one of the richest Loron alive in Mirus, and one of their most feared warriors. If a few young, spirited Loron want to copy him, there's no harm in that, so long as they know not to cross him.

Although considered weird and outlandish for their strange styles and means of warfare, when a group of Killa-Slaughtera Empire-Stompin King-Crusha Boyz arrives, many Loron Bosses and Tyrants are eager to pay for their services and have them serve in their army, as they bring with them tactics and abilities no normal Loron could possibly have, and use strange gadgets and weapons to gain the edge over their targets.


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  • The Mirus Loron were an idea by Technobliterator to add to Mirus, which Techno saw as a galaxy developing well but gradually. In November of 2017,
took over the fiction after gaining approval from the community.
  • When working on the Mirus Loron, ZF listened to various rock themes, such as Anarchy in the UK by Sex Pistols, Speed King and Highway Star by Deep Purple, as well as the behavior of rock stars and their fans in the 80's and 90's.
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