This is a database for the Mirus galaxy's native races.

Regnum ArmEdit

Traish SectorEdit

The Traish sector is almost under complete Tralor control. The Traish sector is noted in being one of the most prosperous, safest, and oppressed sectors in the whole galaxy due to the firm hand of the ULE.


The Mirus Galaxy is under our rule. Don't ever forget that.

Tralor are the most politically influential and famous of all the Mirus races. They are known for being skilled warriors, stubborn traditionalist, and at times fierce conquerors. Due to the Tralor's brutal fighting style and past alliances they often get wrote off as simple minded brutes but that is hardly the case. Tralor are a surprising philosophical race with a deep respect for the arts.

Tartarus ArmEdit

Dominatem SectorEdit

The Dominai Sector is a large sector located at the westernmost part of the Tartarus arm. It contains the Acheron Region, which is completely controlled by the Drakodominatus Tyranny. However, not all parts of this sector are part of the Acheron Region. This sector is completely controlled by the Dominatus who also have significant holdings in the adjoining sectors. The Khilia Empire mainly lives in this "free" part of the sector, though they are just used and manipulated by the Tyranny as meatshields none the less.


We will dominate, for the Tyranny!

The Drakodominatus were an highly territorial species, hailing from Demogorgon Prime, and noatble for being the founders of their dreaded empire, the Drakodominatus Tyranny, with quickly began to enslave all in it's path. They were reowned for their physical strenth and cunning intellect, but were unable to master positive and neutral essences, and had extreme difficulty to master the negative ones.

Currently, they are considered extinct, as one of their own science projects evolved some into the Dominatus and killed off the rest in a gruesome manner, as they effectively turned inside out.

Dominatus (gift)

The little being try to assault us soo foolishly. They will soon learn their lesson. That is, this galaxy. is. OURS!

The Dominatus are the evolution of the Drakodominatus and are both the strongest, most intelligent, and by far the least numerous species in Mirus. They have many subspecies, with include Alpha, Beta, Omega and Psi. Each subspecies has it's own unique powers such as extreme strength, intellect and essence, and the ability to negate essence.

The Dominatus are not only feared and hated thorough the Mirus Galaxy, but thourough the whole universe as well, ruling the Tyranny with an iron fist.

We are Volver, servants of the Void-Lords. And we do not care who you are. Nor do we tolerate trespassers in our space.

  • Homeworld: Kavous
  • Affiliation: - The Volver Empire of Mirus

The Volver are an artifical race, created by an ancient and enigmatic race knwon as the Nyarqaeshu, and are extremely simmilar in body shape to the Drakodominatus, with some sholars believing the species to be closely related. Unlike their brethren in the Plazithian Volver Empire, the Mirusian Volver developped a bellicose culture, not unlike the one of the Drakodominatus themselves. They expanded through the Archaro region, quickly meeting the flegding Tyranny. The first contact went to add, but to the Volver seeminly posessing an hatred for the Drakodominatus on a genetical level, the meeting soon erupted into violence. The fleets of the Drakodominatus moved in on the Mirusian Volver, and quickly eredicated them, absorbing their territory. Even since them, the Nyarqaeshu have gained an interst in the Tyranny, plotting to out-deceive the master-deceivers for their own uses.

The Mirusian Volver were even closer to the Drakodominatus than their Plazithian brethen, having a black/red color sheme, more muscled limbs, raptoroid feet, their single eye being scaled.

CRE Khila-0eff969d ful

Do not get on our bad side. As long as you aren't our enemy, we will treat you fairly. If you do, however...

The Khilai are a relatively young species. The Khilai wear plate battle armour made from an incredibly robust alloy called Netorium which is created by placing several of the ores found on the planet under high pressure and then imediately exposing them to focused void energy (the Khilai's main power source). The Khilai are territorial warriors, but won't attack unless provoked.

Bellatos SectorEdit

The Bellatos sector is always locked in eternal war. This is because the Imperium of War constantly set up species against each other for their own amusement. The Imperium of War has it's headquarters here, controlling the sector. Large slabs of space formerly belonged to the Drakodominatus Tyranny, gifted to them by the Imperium as a sign of trust.

CRE Dragowar Legionair-0eff9692 ful


The Dragowar are the leaders of the Imperium of War. They are a highly aggressive species, and always in a constant rage. They are psysically the strongest species of Mirus, having even greater strength then the late Drakodominatus Alpha, though are not as strong as the current Dominatus Alpha.

Aka-Nui SectorEdit

This small sector was dominated by the Akalian Empire. However, the empire was destroyed by the neighbor empires for religious disagreements, so now their remains reside on Akalia. Soon, however, their heirs of the Akalian Federation will reclaim the Aka-Nui sector once they defeat the Last God.

Akalian Male

Long life to the Aka-Nuians and their divine wisdom!

The Akalians were the original owners of this sector. However, after their exile, they were forced to retreat to Krakoia, now known as Akalia II. They worshipped eight individuals of their own species that had reached immortality, known as the Aka-Nui. However, most of them are extinct, and the survivors evolved into the four Akalian races.

Maorian Male

Our weapons are the words. Not the blades.

The Maorians are the Toad-Folk of the evolutive branch of the Akalians. They are amphibious, although they can't truly breathe water, they are excellent swimmers. However, they are considered the weakest race of the four, thus they exploit their diplomat skills to the maximum.

Ragnakian Male

May the wind guide us!

The Ragnakians are the Lizard-Folk of the evolutive branch of the Akalians. They are the toughest race, and as such, they are warriors by nature. They are used to cold environments, and they worship the wind, as they think that it has a will of it's own and it's course may have different interpretations.

Grogian Male

Wealth is power.

The Grogians are the Mole-Folk of the evolutive branch of the Akalians. They usually lived underground and developed a crystalline natural armor. They are the most greedy race of the federation, and they dedicate their lives to increase their wealth for the benefit of the empire.

Numidan Male

You may behold the nature's beauty, but should you destroy it, we'll bring the destruction back to you!

The Numidans are the Insect-Folk of the evolutive branch of the Akalians. They were the sworn protectors of the forests they lived on, and thus never refused their tribal ways. Despite that, they welcome change and discovery, and will fight for the Federation if they have to.

Golarius ArmEdit

Rivalling the Regnum arm in terms of prosperity, the Golarius Arm is, for most parts, unified by the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment, with is the main influence here. The sectors of the arm are as diverse as it's many inhabitants, teeming with life thanks to the Multus Esse, a group of precusors who hailed from this arm and once ruled Mirus safe for the core.

Zelitio SectorEdit

The sector in the Golarius arm the closest to the core. Once, one empire, called the Greater Mirusian Church of Spode, ruled this area. Today, they are gone, their members evolved into various other species, found in the Cult of Attzerry, Unified Nations of Spode and the Brotherhood of Spode. The Unified Nations of Spode and the Brotherhood work together, but the Cult and the Conferderaty against Spode Worship contantly try to conquer this area.

Nuiata SectorEdit

This sector is mainly inhabited by the races of the Unified Federation of Glory. It is made up of two subsectors: the Samilus Subsector, with is home to most of the species in the Federation and the most densely inhabitated, and the Ughandal Subsector, with is home to the races that make up the Federation's most important member state: The Mendel Pact. Ughandorains, their genetic cousins, and most of their protectorates, hail from this subsector. Most of the Togunda call the Ughandal Subsector home too. The Ughandal Subsector is batter defended than the Samilus Subsector, but less inhabitated, and as such feels quite "empty" compared to the sector's other subsector.

Samilus Subsector Edit


Us? Tiny? We might be tiny, yes, but you'll be surprised what this tiny race can do.

The Spikron are a race of intelligent, stubborn builders, born of the swampy world of Maldwis, and expert weapons and starship engineers. Having a history of rising against slavers, the weak, but tenacious Spikron never give up, no matter the loses or the enemy, and are close allies of the Kulaung, and central members of the Federation.

The Spikron would be attacked an enslaved by a variety of races, always rising against them and conquering their empires, and enslaving them in return. The Spikron would later abandon this practice, and become more democratic, abandoning their reactionary, war-like attitudes entirely.

Spikron are experts in careful weapons construction and starship production, producing most of the weapons and supplies for the UAE's army ad fleet, and helping design others.


We have been through much war, ruin and death. We have been made stronger.

Carelish were once a tribal species that inhabited Jek, before alien invaders began to enslave them for labor and war material. The Federation, hearing of this, could not allow it, and rallied to war, attacking the invaders, and giving the Carelish weapons to fight back with. Though weary of more aliens in their space, the Carelish fought savagely and loyally to get their kin back, and after the war, were left in a strange position. They could either return to their tribal existence, and try to forget what they had seen, or join the Federation.

The Carelish decided to join, and were given technology and medical tech to survive better on their world and other colonies within the Federation. Though a large number of Clans have become rich merchants and traders among the Federation, others prefer to serve in the military and armed forces as scouts and pathfinders.

Carelish are strong, perspective and silent, used to moving quickly and quietly across the hot desert sands, either to hunt or fight. They are loyal to their allies, and highly prone to inviting other alien friends to take meals with them back home as a sign of devotion and respect. They have many traditions and ways of life that have remained unchanged, even now.

We can all attain a state of Spode.

We shall do our duty.

  • Name - Zackan
  • Homeworld - Zaros

The Zackan are a small, spindly race, known for being very fast and very careful all circumstances. While not very strong, Zackan are very intelligent, and accomplished scientists. The Zackan developed on the Zaros, at the edge of the Samilus Subsector, creating their own empire. When contacted by the Federation, the Zackan, surprised to find aliens, carefully watched their group, before joining. The Zackan have since served the Federation as scientists, and, have found a enact for sniping.

Zackan appear an aloof race, and are very careful towards outsiders. They are not very strong warriors, however, and rely heavily upon assistance from others when their planet is invaded.

Our foes dare to despoil our honor with their little slaving operations. They will bear the price.

The Goorkiens are a race of large, powerful beings native to the swamp planet of Goorchana. Long enslaved by countless races, the Goorkiens found refuge under the protection of the Federation, and later, the Alliance. Uplifted by the Multus Esse long ago, the Goorkiens, while not direct creations, still hold the Multus in near god-like regard.

The Goorkiens, while often the target for slaver operations, are fierce foes, with only the most dedicated and fierce hunter daring to go head-to-head with the brutish warriors, who can literally dismember enemies with their bare hands.

A deeply spiritual people, Goorkiens often wear little armor or clothing, as they feel it interrupts their connection to nature and her elements. They prefer to be barefoot, as they believe since they where spawned from earth, they must retain contact with it to survive, or else they will loose their souls forever.

Albion Subsector Edit

Kul dressed
  • Affiliation - Mendel Pact
  • Homeworld - The Three Homeworlds.

The Kulaung are the ancestors of the three Mendel species of the Ugandalorians, Kodalorians and Walgolorians, and have recently returned thanks to the efforts of the Multus Esse to revive the race. Once fearsome conquerors who ruled much of Mirus with an Iron fist, the Kulaung traveled to numerous galaxies and other areas of space, waging war as they liked, before a figure known as the Golden Prince revolutionized their government. After the arrival of nomadic conquerors from the void, the Kulaung vanished into history.

After the Mendel Schism and the unification of numerous Mendel splinter factions, the Multus Esse managed to upgrade the biologics of the three Mendel and return to them to their Kulaung forms. Such has inspired the modern Kulaung to try and find relics of the past and answers to what became of their ancient ancestors.

The Kulaung are a vibrant people, prone to war as often as they are forging beautiful artifacts and treasures to decorate their bodies. They, despite their warrior nature, are prone to loving democracy, nearly every leadership position ovted for, even their Kings and Queens,, managers and bosses, and government leaders and constables.

We are a literal people. We are literally the best builders around.

  • Affiliation - Mendel Pact
  • Homeworld - Asteroid Kar'i'koi

The Karpine are a race of insectoids, and close allies of the Ugandalorians. While at first rather Hive-minded, an solar flare induced electric storm caused their drones to have more freedom. This event, called the Quickening, also caused an explosion in population growth, and pushed the Karpine to reach space, as they where creating more drones then their planet could hold.

Settling on asteroids and other mineral rich worlds, the Karpine became builders and miners, building machines and weapons for other societies and becoming rather rich. When the Ugandals encountered them, 2 years after the events of the Quickening, they where at first unimpressed with the fragile Karpine. However, they displayed infiltration and building abilities that endured the insects to the Crusaders. Since the Karpine where not warriors, the Ugandals merely accepted they where embracing perfection in other fields.

The Karpine built many guns and ships for the Ugandalorians, and later, the Mendel Pact. They also became famous spies and, found they also had a great talent as snipers.

The Karpine seem by many aloof, and snobby, and sometimes arrogant over their abilities, but are a well-meaning race. It's believed during the Quickening, a Grox ship visited their world, and destroyed one of their hive Queens. This caused their society to develop a great sense of love for life. While Hive-Queens give birth to new members, the Karpine's society is ruled by a holy council, who work with the Clan council of the Ugandalorians to govern territory.


We are the rulers of the hunt.

Kaguran are a highly adaptable race of felines native to Kagura, near Ugandalore. When the Ugandalorians began expanding, and including races such as the Kadalians into their ranks, the Kaguran where found, and the Ugandals thought them a divided race. When they tried to land and colonize the area, in hopes of uplifting them, the Kaguran tribes united and attacked the Ugandal-Kadalian force. While a fierce fight, the situation was calmed down by the invention of Ugandalore the Reformer and High King Margis, who, after working out a peace agreement, agreed to work together, and the Kaguran became members of the Ugandalorian Empire.

When the Ugandalorians found others of their kind scattered among the stars, and created the Mendel pact, the Kaguran joined under their current high king, Fenrik.

The Kagurans, while adept at most things, such as being warriors, like most members of the Pact, are extremely effective scholars. This is due to the fact that Kagurans, once they reach a certain age, are immune to aging and it's effects. They can heal most injuries instantly, and as such, spend their lives either gathering knowledge, or fighting alongside their Mendel Brothers. Kagurans are one of the few races, other then the Kadalian Giants, allowed to wear Ugandal armor.

Hahaha! Welcome friends, what would you like first? To spar or to drink?


Kadalian Giants are a race of gigantic warriors, with phenomenal strength and durability, related to the . Discovered by the Ugandalorians long ago, the Giants earned their respect for surviving an assault on their world with little difficulty. The Ugandals, impressed as ever, absorbed them into their empire, and the remain strong members of the Mendel Pact.

Kadalian Giants are native to Kadal, a savage world of violent, gigantic beasts, dangerous planets, and flesh eating diseases. Even the Ugandals, usually stubborn about colonizing planets, where weary of this world after only a few days. The Kadalians, obliviously, proved strong enough to survive and build a civilization from the planet.

Kadalians welcome other warriors, and often love to spare with strong races like themselves one on one, always enjoying a challenge, and respecting their foes who can survive with them. Kadalians are generally gentle giants, however, building great statues that are the craze of the empire, and one of their main exports. Kadalians consider their strength a responsibility, and never go full force on weaker races, though can still extract great damage on them. They can consider other races that overpower other beings unworthy of their strength, and take care to hurt said races as much as possible for being "bullies" in their eyes.

Kadalians also serve as police in many Mendel planets, their sheer size used to discourage criminals.


Blessed are the Creators.

Largotz Dragons are a race of dragon-like beasts, native to an half-ecumenopolis, built of various cities, interconnected by various tube stations, which allow near instant travel between them. The Ugandalorians found them, and enslaved them. Their race de-evolved into savagery and became wild monsters. The Ugandals used them to ride into battle as elite warriors.

Largotz however, where found to still have some intelligence, and the Ugandals allowed them to fully redevelop their intelligence, making them full members. The Largotz, as such, became engineers and warriors, allowing the Ugandals to keep using them as battle mounts.

The Largotz that fight with the Ugandalorian Knights develop a hive-mind with them, and as such, when they get closer, fight and heal better. The Largotz are capable of great engineering, despite their brutal power. While powerful warriors, they are very intelligent, and form a diplomatic block within the Pact. However, their species favors war, wanting to appease the Ugandals, who they see as gods, through fighting with them. The Ugandals and other members, however, are encouraging them to take more a diplomatic tide.

While the Largotz are extremely loyal to the Ugandalorians, believing them gods. The Ugandals do not support the idea of the Largotz worshipping them, and try to shun it.

We stand with the Mendel.

The Sicorséach are humans who were settled in the Sector and around Mirus by the Multus Esse centuries ago. Taken from the British Isles, across Asia and Europe, Africa, and America, the Sicorséach have largely interbred, leading to many strange appearances, but the most common is red or silver hair amongst their kin. Found by the Mendel long ago, the fiery and stubborn humans tried to resist the alien conquerors, but were conquered and integrated into the Mendel's various empires and kingdoms.

Though conquest might breed hatred or resolve in people, the humans were allowed their freedom and to partake in the democratic process of choosing leaders, like other species, and came to welcome their alien brothers, fighting alongside them often.

Sicorséach is in fact, a Mendel term for human, and they wear it with pride. They, due to both tribal origins, and their own alliances with the Kulaung, are just as fierce fighters and much stronger then the average human, thanks to upgrades made to their flesh and bodies that make them more durable and more long lived then the average human.

Waptoria SectorEdit

The Waptoria sector is mostly under control of the Waptoria Alliance of Species. Allies of the Waptoria are often allowed to set up colonies here. It also serves home for the Walagorian Dominion of the Mendel. Furthermore, a Waptoria rebel fraction, called the Unitech Citadel of Sentients, holds a minor amount of bases here, near the borders with the Dvaarthar Sector. Strange, green stars and fluidic space exist in this Sector, most likely because the sector is covered in an essence field.

The Waptoria Sector is devided into four subsectors: the Walagia Sector, with borders the Ughandal Subsector and is home to the Walagorian, Kodalorian, Fermenrik, Orgaat and Kamasid of the Mendel Pact. Next is the Raptoria Subsector, home to the Raptorians and their genetic descendants, including the Raptoraneans. It also holds small amounts of colonies of the Waptoria's closest allies who were permitted or even invited to colonize here as a sign of trust. In the middle of the Waptoria Sector, were the amount of fluidic space is the greatest, lies the Axisia Sibsector, home to the Liev, Leafel, Popper and Unikaw. This subsector is generally considered the heart of the Waptoria Alliance, and is as such the most defended. Bordering the Dvaarthar Sector is the Euchadia Sector, home to the Euchanda and their uplifted creations, including the Voracha, Runen, Krysorik, as well as containing the home of the savage Skordi, Zakaz.

Walagia Subsector Edit

Orgaat Creature

Such exquisite DNA you have...

The Orgaat are a race of reptilian creatures, with some avian features, that have the strange ability to absorb DNA by biting, stabbing with their claws, and eating. How they gained such traits is unknown, but the Orgaat have developed into a strong, brutally powerful race. Living near the Walgolorian Dominion, they joined, becoming useful in close combat, something their allies lacked in ability in.

When the Mendel Pact was formed, the Orgaat joined, eager to put their skills to use for the Pact.

The Orgaat begin life as a liquid substance, before an unknown DNA sample is feed to them. It is unknown what this is, though it is extremely important to the Orgaat, and known as the Raw Substance, which they say gave them sentience. Once this happens, the Orgaat take on a squid like form. This Form is extremely vulnerable, not only for being soft and squishy, but for the fact the Orgaat cannot breath in this state. It's skin must harden quickly, or it will die. After this, they take on their reptilian features.

Orgaat live in Clan groups similar to the Ugandals, called Webs, which work more like tribes. Each one is ruled by a Web-Controller, who directs the Web. Beneath her are Shifters, those who decide what certain members need for DNA based off combat and environmental conditions.

It should be noted that Orgaat have no genders. They find the concept intriguing, but reproduce Asexually. However, they can develop gender personalities, based off DNA they consume. Absorbing male donors causing them to develop male personalities, while those who consume female develop female-centered personalities.

Orgaat generally are race focused on knowledge, and gathering it from their hosts. They prefer to peacefully extract DNA, from willing targets, but when in battle, they feel, as victors of a fight, that they have full right to extract DNA from their recently dead hosts so as keep their legacy and memories alive. All Orgaat donate others memories into a massive computer, which stores everything about the deceased.

For the Swarm and all that stuff! HAAHAHA!


The Kamasid are a hive of mantis-like warriors, notable for a strange quirk in their hive-mind. While hive-minded, like all insects, their ruling monarchs, who guided their personalities, where struck with illness. When they returned to activity, they had developed less controlled personalities. As such, the Hive became a more wild place, and less restricted. Gaining a fierce, protective nature of their kin, however, the Kamasid joined the Walgolorians in their quest to unite races under the Abiding Truth.

When the Dominion joined the Mendel Pact, the Kamaside joined as well.

While fierce warriors, and bale to sense each other and the like through their hive-mind, the Kamasid are notable for their fun-loving, adventurous nature, actively exploring new worlds for their allies, while at times fighting in the skies to assist the other servants of the Abiding Truth. Kamasid, as such, also seem active in running brothels, taverns, and other sources of entertainment and fun, and, as such, Kodalorians and Ugandalorians get along well with them.

Kamasid commonly appear insane and twisted, though this is just their strange hive-mind causing them to act out in wild manners.

Kamasid are divided into 9 Hives, each ruled by a Queen. They can told apart by shell color and combat style, as well as speech pattern, such as how high they talk, or how fast.

Raptoria Subsector Edit

CRE Raptoranean-0e6dc9b3 ful

Emotions are the fuel of life. Let them run free.

Originally from the Milky Way, after the War of Ages the Raptoraneans moved to Mirus, merging with the Mirus-native Raptorians and calling Mirus their new home. They live on sunlight, and their inner biology is said to be rather plantlike. Because of that, and the fact they have a built-in Taychon drive, they can fly, survive in the vaccuum and even learn languages by touching a native speaker of that language. Very emotional yet peaceful, they are commonly regarded as hippies.

CRE Psiteon-0e6de20b ful

Silence! We are experimenting!

Like the Raptoraneans, the Psiteon come from the Milky Way. They were originally a race of cruel scientists who liked to experiment on sapient beings, often resulting in that being's death. After their homeworld was ruined by a Gravitation Wave, the species died out. Yet after arriving in Mirus the Waptoria Alliance brought them back to life, using insectoid DNA. Now calmed down, they are the chief scientists of the Alliance, however they are also the leading race in the Unitech Citadel.

Axisia Subsector Edit

CRE Liev-0e6de20d ful

We will ensure Mirus' wildlife survives forever.

The Liev are a species of sentient plants native to the Waptoria Sector. Having the largest empire in the secor pre-Waptorian unification, their original territories are still seen as the core of those in the Alliance in Mirus. All they care for is that Mirus' wildlife continues to exist. Liev will risk their own life to save that of a friend.

Euchadia Subsector Edit

CRE Runen-0e6dc9b6 ful

Although in the Waptoria Alliance, we have advanced tech, we are happy with our wooden tools.

The Runen are a tribal species found by the Waptoria Alliance. After being uplifed by the Alliance, they joined them. They are stubborn traditionalists, not wanting to give up their tribal culture. Often found meditating, they believe that all life is linked to each other, and as such, are quite peaceful. They are great users of essence, life energy in particular.

The Skordi are among the most physically powerful and brutal races in Mirus, savage barbarians, mercenaries and looters, prone to fighting others and each other for power and sport, though quite frequently working for the other powers to enforce order and act for more undesirable powers. Evolving on the hostile world of Skorkaz, the Skordi came about from editions made to their forms and bodies by the Darklings, who desired obedient shock troops and soldiers. They did not expect how violent and willful the Skordi were, and they soon rebelled and began their rampage across the galaxy.

The Skordi, since then, have been a nuisance and even massive threat to the other powers of Mirus, depending on their level of development. Several attempts have been made by the Darklings, and other powers, to sterilize or limit their reproduction rates, but none have proven successful, the Skordi too adaptive and immune to disease.

Skordi, no matter what form, are large, brutally strong beasts, able to tear a man apart with ease, and more then a match for Zarbanians, Kulaung or other militant members of Mirus. They are used to hostile worlds, and can live in anywhere, from ice worlds, to lava planets, without difficulty, adapting to each with ease.

Dvaarthar SectorEdit

Bordering the Waptoria Sector, the Dvaarthar Sector is located near the tip of the Golarius Arm. It is often seen as the chaotic, dark counterpact of the Waptoria Secor, being covered in the same essence field and fluidic space, but being much more chaotic, with storms of essence being not uncommon. From here, the Hive Of Mirus has expanded to the very tip of the arm, and is expanding towards the border with the Waptoria Sector. However, other perils exist as well, such as the VineClaw Clan, a Hermicee clan and their Botana, being driven back to this sector after losing a conflict to the Waptoria Alliance. Last but not least, the Unitech Citadel of Sentients has a lot of bases here, near the most violent storms, were neither the Waptoria or the Hive of Mirus can reach them. From here, they launch attacks on all others in both the Waptoria and Dvaarthar sectors, trying to capture as many prisoners as possible for their gruesome experiments.


For the King! For the Exiled One!

The Àtzokotl, known as the Àtzalèkotl-Lina-Ek by the Waptoria Alliance of Species and some species aligned to them, hail from another universe. Those who didn't join the Waptoria Alliance of Species formed their own empire in this sector, more precisely on the planet Sarthver, which proceeded to stretch down to the very edge of the Golarius Arm. This empire is ruled solely by Kadnig Zelekè.

500902309049 lrg-1-

We'll serve the King, even if it means getting the pulp beaten out of us!

Like the Àtzokotl, the Exiled Flesh are from another universe, and also have a population in the Waptoria Alliance Of Species as well as the Hive Of Mirus. They can take on multiple forms in minutes, and have skin and flesh similar in substance to wood. As they reproduce by spores, just one can generate an entire army within hours, making them dangerous foes.



Although they were a precursor species of the Àtzokotl, they went extinct in both universes, but Exiled Flesh have a special tertiary form that, via a method of injection, allows a member of any species to be genetically converted into an Exiled Zealot. Due to this, prisoners of war captured by the Àtzokotl are turned into these. All Exiled Zealots created in this way are male, and there are no longer any living females of this species, but nevertheless, each Exiled Zealot is made infertile afterwards, as a precaution against the creation of hybrids between the Hive's two insectoid species.

Marmilia ArmEdit

Quix'ii SectorEdit

This sector was quickly dominated by the Quixid Federation, due to their high amount of resources and ships.In fact, the name "Quix'ii" even means "of the Quixids".


Quote...quote...nah, can't think of anything good. Come back to us tomorrow.

The Quixid race is the only sentient race in the Quix'ii sector, and probably the only sentient race in the whole Marmilia arm. They are humanoid fish that can breathe both water and air.

Forsai ArmEdit

Zarbania SectorEdit

Lying on the desolate part of the Forsai Arm, this sector is the home of the Zarbanians, Zarcosians, Ci-Hunters, Zoiaoid and Scimat'akar. Formerly a sector infamous for it's piracy, since the Zarbania Power's reforms, it has become more orderly, though raids are not uncommon.

Zar 1

Our blood, is that of the empire!

Zarbanians are the dominate species within the sector, and across the entire Forsai Arm, and a strange race, having insect, reptilian, bird and fish-like features, though are mostly warm-blooded saurian. Incredibly aggressive, thanks to a history of violence dealt to them by the Mendel Pact, the Zarbanians once waged war on others alongside the Imperium of War, to try and get revenge for the sins of the Mendel. Their history stretches back even further, however, and they even once challenged the mighty Multus Esse to war, before losing.

Since those days, the Zarbanians have turned from their past, joining the rest of the powers of Miurs when the Imperium of War rampaged across the galaxy to try and sack and render it an anarchistic hellish realm of blood and war. The Zarbanians, tired of the constant war and death, betrayed their allies and assisted the rest of Mirus.

Since then, the Zarbanians have acted in consort with the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment and their former enemies to try and stabilize and bring structure and order to the galaxy, wishing to bringan era of peace and justice to all.


We are the fury of the Powers personified.

Scimat'akar are known for their spartan-like way of living. Weak children are killed. Scimat'akar woman are walking egg sacks, much like termite Queens. Their only function is to give birth to children. Since Females are so low in number compared to males, they often have multiple mates, and can immediately be impregnated following birth, or inject their offspring into another female, via "Face-hugging".

Scimat'akar, like the space Pirates, are willing to do anything to achieve better soldiers, even if it means destroying their own bodies. They are proud, dis-honorable warriors, who see honor as for something outside of battle. They are some of the highest ranking members.

Scimat'akar have brains located in their chest, abdomen, and head, making them have impossibly fast reflexes and agility, and also giving them incredible intelligence and memory. This also allows them to survive and regenerate form shots to the head that would be fatal to most others.


Grux are a genetic offshoot of the Grox, evolved from experiments done on the world of Dathu, and evolved into a physically powerful, but very even-temperament people, known for their patience and wisdom, and an attitude that centered around "going with the flow" and not allowing anger and rage to seep into their hearts and make them lash out at others. As such, they did not join the Zarbanians mindlessly, but after the revelation of their genetic forefathers, the Grux found the Zarbanians were the only ones to accept them. Though they did not wish to seek war, they would do so with their comrades regardless, though acted mostly as diplomats for Zarbania.

The Grux do not make hasty decisions, and are careful in everything they do. Likewise, they often seek to avoid conflict with others and usually try to find the peaceful solution to things. This is not to say they are, however, complete pacifists. Once roused or angered, or their children and loved ones attacked, they will lash out and go to war without question.

Grux are possessed of great strength and durability, but are rather slow. They can survive in even the most hostile environments and thrive in the worst conditions without issue, though even they have limits, unlike their cybernetic, "lesser" kin, and must stay away from worlds without atmospheres or any smoke or gases.


We will fight till none stand in our path!

Zarcosians are a savage race, related to the Space Pirates, and the Zarbanians. Living on the planet Zarcosia, and the same sector as the planet, Zarbania, which the Powers are named for, the Zarcosians where found to be quite brutish and powerful, and the original Alliance struggled to control them. Years later, with advancements in technology, and some mind-control by some of the High Lords of the Powers, the Zarcosians are a savage, brutish member, enforcing the will of their masters. They act only in war as frontal assault troopers, and simply crave battle above all else. They known to only get stronger as they age, and have pincer-like hands, with natural blasters built in.

Green Ci

We are ready for the kill!

The Ci-Hunters are a race of insects who settled onto the world of Zarbania, after their peers were bombed by the Mendel. They arrived shortly after, offering assistance, and putting their workers and resources to work to help the Zarbanians recover and bounce back into a position of galactic power. With their help, the Zarbanians managed to maintain their position, without sacrificing too many colonies or forward bases. Though mysterious and closely guarding their secrets, the Ci-Hunters have at least admitted to being from another galaxy entirely.

Ruled by King Ci-Hunters, the majority of the species of are female, who do most of the fighting and gathering, while the kings supply only genetic material for reproduction, and honey for the larva within their massive nests. Female workers and warriors do most of the fighting, defense, and communicating with outsiders, the Kings barely considered sentient compared to their intelligent and cunning female peers.


The Catharhinii are a species of ape-like beings, native to the world of Jamouk, and their place within Zarbanian space making them valuable allies to Federation efforts here, even in times of peace with the Zarbanians. The Catharhinii fought off a Zarbanian invasion here long ago, showing their savagery and brutality when threatened. The Federation were impressed, but resisted giving them membership, before the leaders of the Multus Esse meet and convinced Federation officials to give them the chance to join and bring their own culture and strengths to the Federation.

Though they have a strong, vibrant culture, the Catharhinii mostly denote their strong, able-bodied members into the Legions of the Federation, to see battle on multiple fronts against multiple enemies that threaten Federation ideals. They are heavy drinkers, and prone to entering rages when their people and way of life are threatened, leading to a bad stereotype of savage brutes, but in reality, are far more reserved and disciplined then what must give them credit for.

Falith Sector Edit

The Falith Sector is a center of crime and rampant piracy here. Run by the Blackstar Cartel, Mirus' most powerful crime organization, this sector has few areas safe for others, and any attempts by Federation, Mendel, Zarbanian and other forces to bring order here have failed.

Umbra Sector Edit

A dark, shadowy region, difficult to navigate, and prone to special anomalies and fissures in the fabric of space and time. The Umbra Sector is inhabited by few races, but all of them fall under the banner of the enigmatic Darklings, who use any races here to help carry out their war effort against the rest of the galaxy.

Core of DeathEdit

Inner CoreEdit

The inner core was once completely controlled by the Meeno Grox. While the ULE has tried to colonize this region, and partially succeed, the majority of the inner core still remains in the mechanical hands of the Meeno. While most of the Alpha Cyber Collective lives in the Mid core, the Alpha Grox themselves live here.

A Grox

Mid CoreEdit

Once controlled by the Meeno Grox before they retreated back into the inner core. Now, the ULE has colonies here. Most of the Alpha Cyber Collective lives here, as well as the Grox Followers. The Bachyeon also have some colonies here.

Outer CoreEdit

This region of the core is almost completely free from Grox, so other lifeforms could evolve here. Many of these are now part of the Cult of Attzerry, a Grox worshipping cult. The ULE has a lot of colonies in this region, controlling half of it.

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