This is the Miperiors Empire that existed prior to the Great Tyranny War. For the Tarkan vassal state that existed up to 1995, the Kingdom of Miperiors, see here. For the current state, the Miperior-Amphibibot Coalition, see here.
Greetings, strange creature! You can contact us right over here.

The Miperiors Empire (Individual creatures: Miperior (mai-pee-ree-or) Plural: Miperiors (mai-pee-ree-ors)) was a fairly new empire made up entirely of reddish creatures known as Miperiors. It was an oligarchy and a free trade system, with Gmfk the Great and the Grand Engineers being its final rulers.

Miperiors Empire

An average Miperiors Empire citizen.

Appearance and Anatomy Edit

The Miperiors are a race of two-legged, two-armed, bulgy creatures. Their tail curves upward, making up half their height. Their spine curves at the tail as well. At the end of the tail is an organ which shoots out excrement as a raw, green-tinted gas-releasing orb.

Quite curiously, many of the bones and muscles that make up their body are either partly or completely robotized. This slows down the aging process and additionally provides physical advantages to these creatures. They can lift approximately a half ton due to this, and their dragon-like wings flap at a twice as fast rate as normal.

The reason why Miperiors are made up of some robotic parts are unknown. Some rumor about an experiment gone wild, others state that Miperiors were born this way. Because of the complete lack of ancient writings, few information is known about their origins. The reason their bodies are like this, as well as their origins, are anyone's guess as of now.

Mental Capacity and Aging Edit

A Miperior can live approximately 1000 orbits (MMM). The reason of this unusually high life expectancy is due to the fact that their brain, as well as many other parts of the body, is partly robotic. While the organic parts slowly decay, the machinery keeps on going until the damage done by aging is so great the body cannot live only on the mechanical parts.

The most curious thing about a Miperior's brain, however, is its abnormal spherical bulge in the organic brain area. The most common theory why this is so is that the abnormality is a dominant allele which spread like wildfire across the Miperior population.

This bulge gives Miperiors a distinct quality-their ability and need to invent. That area facilitates invention and discovery as well as stimulates their imagination. However, it also gives Miperiors a physical need to invent. A Miperior will invent things approximately every week. The satisfaction they receive from this in their brain's reward lobe is similar to the relief one experiences after eating food once hungry.

If a Miperior cannot invent at all in its circumstances, it flies into a mad rage. Its adrenaline levels will shoot through the roof, and its physical abilities (strength, jump height, etc.) will increase almost tenfold. The rage lasts until conditions are good for it to invent, with all obstacles and threats eliminated. If these conditions are not met soon, the Miperior will slowly begin to lose conciousness and eventually die. No case of this has actually happened to date, however, simulations show the results of what might happen.

Due to a freak accident with combustible fruit, Miperiors are extremely flammable... and explosive.

Miperior Government Edit

The governing body of the Miperior Empire is known as G.R.E.A.T.(Grand Realistic Engineer Association Team) which is pronounced as mip-mip-mip (short i) in quick succession in Miplish. (This is interesting, as mip and mip-mip are used to describe articles and people. The pronunciation of G.R.E.A.T. in Miplish shows that the people of the Miperiors Empire think of their government as a person the same way they are.)

Originally, G.R.E.A.T. was composed of a bunch of ordinary citizens with little to no idea what they were doing. However, due to Gmfk the Great's bravery during the Miperior Great War, he was appointed as leader of G.R.E.A.T. approximately 30 years after its creation.

Nowadays, G.R.E.A.T. is composed of Gmfk the Great as head of the organization and the Grand Engineers. The Grand Engineers are chosen by Gmfk and removed by Gmfk at his will. Him and the engineers determine the (few) laws and bans imposed by G.R.E.A.T.

The Miperior Code Edit

The Miperior Code (Mip Mipay in Miplish) is a short saying which outlines G.R.E.A.T.'s policy in using deadly Miperior citizen-made weapons against alien empires.

In Miplish: Mip-mip muhp muhp-mip-mip mipey meeyoup muhp-mip mip-mip meeyoup.

In English: We Miperiors vow never to use deadly inventions on other planets unless they are dangerous to our existence.

This rule applies to all alien empires, even if they are at war with the Miperiors. The only exception is alien empires that are a threat to the Empire itself. Later on, it was decided that deadly weapons could be sold to other planets, provided that they were allies with the Miperiors Empire.

The Miperior Great War Edit

The Miperior Great War spanned three years. It started when the Miperior Empire declared war on a Zealot empire. Audio logs from the war mention the enemy as 'Moop Muhp-Mip Mimip', which roughly translates into 'Bad Other Alien'. While the name is not given, we do know that they were aggressive towards the Mipiters and often taunted them.

The war itself started by mistake. The Mipiters estimated the Bad Other Alien had two star systems, determined him as weak, and because they needed as many star systems as they could get their hands on, began to attack. This guess was completely incorrect-B.O.A. had eight. During the war, inventions and supplies were all used up- the military had no access to the weapon technology developed by other Miperiors. Brave Gmfk the Great attacked the first two star systems head-on. After destroying them, the B.O.A. fought back, sending massive fleets attacking Miperia and a Miperior colony.

Gmfk sent his troops to defend Miperia and the colony. Alone, he went into each and every B.O.A. planet and defeated them one by one. Just as his ship was about to be destroyed in the B.O.A. homeworld, the fleet he sent to Miperia returned and helped him fight back. Eventually the B.O.A. empire surrendered and fled into space.

However, the Miperior colony attacked by the B.O.A. empire was destroyed. Although it has been searched time and time again, nobody knows what happened to its citizens or the fleet that attempted to save it.

The end of the Miperior Great War also ended any other empire's control of the cluster of stars close to Miperia. From now on, Miperiors dominated the territory.

The Combustible Fruit Incident Edit

Miperiors are the first known race to have actually invented combustible fruit. While combustible fruit continues to sell hot on the Miperior Market today, it's partner, the combustible fruit cannon, was taken off shelves before it even became popular.

The first testing of the combustible fruit worked perfectly. However, the combustible fruit cannon didn't-it shot combustible fruit far, far off into space. The fruit made a direct collision with the sun, sending out dangerous radiation to planet Miperia. The Miperiors who were affected by the radiation were altered by it. Miperiors became extremely flammable-and contact with fire will cause them to burst into a relatively large explosion.

Thought about a massive bomb using Miperiors on a larger scale has been often considered, but never been spoken about. Because of the danger, G.R.E.A.T. has banned use of fire in any shape, form, or way throughout all of the Miperior colonies.

Interplanetary Miperior Coalition Edit

BADGERS Progress Terminal

An I.M.C. terminal.

G.R.E.A.T. and many other citizens blamed the loss of the now-ruined colony during The Miperior Great War on the lack of technology accessible to the citizens of it.

In an initiative to prevent this from happening again in the future, the I.M.C. (Interplanetary Miperior Coalition) was founded.

I.M.C. is a large network of computer systems dedicated to supplying weapon technology to Miperior colonies and their allies. Each city has one I.M.C. terminal, where technology can be purchased and teleported directly to the buyer.

Not only is I.M.C. beneficial to the colonies, but also to Miperiors in general-Miperior technology sells at high prices on alien markets. Since I.M.C's foundation, profits have increased twofold despite the fact that only Miperior allies have access to I.M.C. terminals.

Invention History Edit

The following is a list of the most important G.R.E.A.T. approved inventions that are or have once been for sale at Interplanetary Miperior Coalition stores.

Invention #1-Robo-Jeeves

Robo-Jeeves (1)

A fully equipped Robo-Jeeves.

Robo-Jeeves is widely accredited for being the first invention that was so good, it was G.R.E.A.T. approved. Robot Jeeves was a personal servant to Miperiors. It was built and programmed specifically to not be able to fight, thus eliminating any possibilities of a robot takeover.

Invention #2-Robot Rob

Robot Rob (1)

A Robot Rob in its final stage of development.

Tailing the success of Robo-Jeeves, Robot Rob was meant to be a battling robot that would be friends with its buyer. Robot Rob was determined to be a 'deadly weapon' by G.R.E.A.T. and in accordance to The Miperior Code, its use was banned on other planets which were not owned by Miperiors or their allies. This stirred up anger in the Miperior community, as their Rob friends could not travel with them. However, Robot Rob continues to be a bestseller in I.M.C. stores.

Invention #36-Defentries

The Defentry

A Defentry in motion.

Due to the massive demand for inventions, many Miperiors began to steal from others and take their inventions. They also smuggled these technologies to alien planets. Defentries use recently-discovered psychological technology to be able to read peoples' minds and judge if they have malicious intentions. If they do, the Defentry shoots a beam that paralyzes the person and alerts G.R.E.A.T. authorities. Alternatively, G.R.E.A.T. could have just made stealing illegal, but this just seemed like the more fun alternative. Crime rate reduced by 97% after the widespread use of Defentries by G.R.E.A.T. government.

Invention #132-Can-it Cannons

This weapon was created by a Miperior desperate to stop his mother-in-law's incessant chatter. It soon became an I.M.C. bestseller, and is commonly used by the Miperiors military today. A Can-it Cannon shoots a grenade which, upon exploding, launches a neurotoxin that nulls an enemy's senses, paralyzes him, and disables his ability to speak. This effect lasts about an hour.

Invention #250-Teleport-a-Potty

Teleportation technology was discovered by Miperiors several years ago. Pollution caused by Miperior feces was causing Miperia to deteriorate. As a result, Teleport-a-Potties were invented. They work as a toilet and they teleport matter put into it to some random part in a radius of a few light years away. The inventor claims the place they are teleported to is randomized every time - however, they have been accounts of the matter being directly teleported several times into people's living rooms.

Invention #675-Miperium

Dismarzo (4)

An adult Dismarzo specimen.

Scientists carefully studied Miperiors DNA for centuries before synthetically creating this element. With an atomic number in the thousands, Miperium turns other nearby elements, compounds, and mixtures into more Miperium. Miperium also gives a substance it is introduced to extreme flammability and explosiveness, similar to what can be found in Miperiors. Miperium is used by citizens nowadays to blow small things up. The military has possible uses for it, however, the Miperior Code does not allow its use in war unless it is necessary for survival.

Invention #1346-Dismarzoes

Miperiors have very recently developed rudimentary genetic life form-creating technology. The first (and so far only) creature made by Miperiors, Dismarzoes (Dismarzo, singular) have several eyes, deer-like antlers, and arms and legs. They are intelligent, and many Miperiors use them as lab assistants and calculators. Dismarzoes' internal clock helps them tell the time wherever they are. They mark the first clock made by Miperiors. Now, a Miperior did not have to stand in the middle of every town counting the time every second of the day.

Invention #5372-SaBOTeur


A SaBOTeur's magnified image.

SaBOTeurs were created once the effects of the leaking of the Creature Controller were fully understood. In order to prevent criminals from using that weapon against Miperiors and allies, SaBOTeurs were made. These robots about a centimeter in size have a prime directive to drill a hole in enemy weapons, get inside of them, wreak havoc (done by the robots' abilities to understand machinery operation) and exit without being discovered. They are highly effective at taking out enemy weapons from afar.

Tachyon-based Inventions Edit

Lately, many Miperiors have been using tachyons to make prototypical yet cutting-edge technology. As a result, tachyons generated from interstellar travel with FTL drives fetch high prices on Miperior stores, some shops even being dedicated entirely to selling tachyons.

Miperior scientist Krem Gibalt revolutionized this field of inventions and set the stage for many new tachyon inventions to take place.

Invention #2500-TTSD

The TTSD, or Tachyon-Teleporter Shield Device, works by using tachyons and teleporters together. Using tachyons' ability to bend time and space, two teleporters facing opposite directions are placed on the exact same spot on the front of a shield. When a projectile hits the front part of the shield, it is teleported with the same velocity right back at the one who launched it. Due to it not technically being a deadly weapon, G.R.E.A.T. allowed its use on other planets, however, the technology is quite rudimentary and in order to prevent anomalies from occuring, the shield shuts down after 10 deflections.

Invention #2525-Invinci-Ball

Tachyons can successfully erase certain particles from space and time. Invinci-Balls are essentially giant balls that people can get in and roll around inside of. However, the ball uses tachyons to erase it and its user from space, but not time. Because time and space interweave, the person still exists in the time stream and can go around successfully breaking the laws of physics. A person inside the Invinci-Ball can go through solid objects and cannot be harmed. However, the user and the ball are slowly being erased from the time stream while in use. If the deletion process finishes, both the user and the ball will no longer exist. Invinci-Balls serve many military purposes, but they have not yet been used because of their instability.

Invention #3001-Tachyon Launcher

A Tachyon Launcher is a projectile-based weapon which fires only tachyons. These tachyons travel normally until a collision with an object. At that point, the tachyon disintegrates and the collision with the object itself occurs anywhere between 15 minutes in the past or 15 minutes in the future. This cannot be controlled as of Version 1.3.4 of the TL, and it is considered a deadly weapon by G.R.E.A.T. However, it might prove useful in the future as it can destroy an object in the past, making it so that its actions in the present never happened.

Ally Inventions Edit

These inventions were made specifically for the Empire's allies. However, these are also used by Miperiors if and when they are necessary.

Invention #4,352-Creature Controller The aptly-titled Creature Controller was made specifically for the Aeoneonatrix Empire. It is currently a slightly unstable prototype. It has 4 functions. Gmfk the Great described the weapon to Lingur as this:

"It looks, works, and shoots just like your average pistol. If you look on the side of it, there's a knob. Setting 1 is the default setting. Take aim and fire at an aggressive creature (it doesn't work on neutral ones) and the closer you shoot to the head, the better. If the creature is successfully hit, it changes allegiance to your team for a good 30 minutes. Keep in mind that the weapon takes about 1 minute to recharge after each shot. I would suggest you to aim well. Do NOT shoot an already "hypnotized" creature again. Its brain will likely explode cataclysmically.

Setting 2 works as the opposite of setting 1. Shooting a "hypnotized" creature with it will turn it to normal. It can then be shot again with setting 1 without suffering any ill effects.

Setting 4 (we did this just because we could) makes a creature drop everything and start uncontrollably dancing. As opposed to setting 1, 4's effects last for a whole 24 hours. To reverse its effects, shoot it with setting 2.

And as per the accursed setting 3... well, whatever you do, don't use it. Originally it was meant to inject Miperium into the enemy's brain, making it much more explosive. But as it turns out, Miperium mixed with Aeo brain cells (we used them in the weapon to change the enemy's way of thinking) causes a highly dangerous substance-so dangerous, in fact, that removing setting 3 from the weapon would put organic life on planets at risk. So, in other words, don't turn the dial to 3."

The weapon was taken off the market temporarily after an incident with the Drodo Empire, however, testing and bug-fixing is still occuring on Miperior worlds.

Military Edit

The Airship

The most commonly used Miperior military ship, the Airship.

The Miperiors Empire's military consists entirely of a militia. Because of a large amount of inventors, almost every citizen has at least one spaceship per household. At their will, they are allowed to go out and attack star systems that the Miperiors Empire has determined as hostile. There have been accounts of Miperiors attacking innocent planets. For this reason, G.R.E.A.T. officers patrol the outer border of star systems owned by Miperiors, checking on Miperiors that leave the system.

Gmfk has been known to select military heroes to be part of the Grand Engineers. It is estimated that about 60% of people in G.R.E.A.T. have been selected this way.

Language Edit

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History/Timeline Edit

Main article: History/Timeline

Foreign Relations Edit

The Miperiors Empire tends to be friendly to empires that are friendly back to them. They are also hostile to those who oppose them. It is because of this that G.R.E.A.T. has adopted its policy, "Those who refuse change shall be eliminated-those who embrace it will benefit greatly."

Their alignment is neutral good as opposed to lawful good because when they need land, they sometimes attack weaker empires in the area. However, they establish that it is "nothing personal, just business" and they always allow the citizens of those colonies to escape.

The Miperiors Empire's goal is to create a completely peaceful universe, where trade and commerce can flow freely between all empires. Miperiors believe that they are the ones who can bring this change, hence G.R.E.A.T.'s policy.

Allies, Enemies, and More Edit

Green face Allies Edit

People we will always help out and be helped by in times of need.

Blue face Friends Edit

While we might not be allies, we can count on them to get a job done.

  • United Hegemony of Exterioris - Took our side in the Drodo trade embargo and tried to rope us into an alliance. A pity they've become a lot more hostile since the formation of the KSA...
  • Tadpole Empire - Friendly and valuable trade partners!

File:Yellowe face.png Curious Edit

What are you, friend or foe? Do tell, it makes all the difference in what way we'll show off our newest gadgets.

  • Waptoria Alliance of Species - Quite friendly, but we lost contact. Might also have snitched on us to the Drodo.
  • Troodontid Empire - They have deluded themselves that their technology is superior to that of everyone else. It isn't.

Orange face Angry With Edit

Don't push your luck.

  • Gargator Empire - How about you stick to your own space?
  • Jum'Ari Empire - Yeah no, we're not gonna go there. Have you seen the ship graveyards littering their borders?
  • Imperium of War - They've had plenty of time to reconsider their allegiances...

Red face Enemies Edit

The very scourge of the galaxy.

Quotes from Others Edit

Got something to say? Insert quote here.

A pity they went along with the Katar Sector Alliance. We would have been able to offer them the protection the KSA could not. Ah well, we can always smuggle in weapons for our mutual benefit.

- Commander Marius of the Hegemony

Trivia Edit

  • The Miperiors are from an actual Spore savegame, not from an editor. Many of the characteristics of Miperiors are displayed in my save file.
  • The Miperiors Empire's currency is every currency out there - in order to facilitate trading, they began accepting every single currency.
  • As opposed to most oligarchies, the Miperiors Empire's citizens have many freedoms.
  • The Miperiors Empire first invention recorded ever was actually a kind of top made out of sticks tied together with blades of grass.
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