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Mind Over Matter is a short story depicting the first contact between the Krassio and the Virgonian Civilization, being a collaboration between The Valader and Spluff5. Additionnally, it is meant to serve as a continuation for Master Bel's overarching story in The Valader's fiction and to expand Spluff's great fiction through narrative means.


The Krassio, mighty and shinning beacon of hope, balance and protection against the forces of Chaos. Their recent reappareance in modern universal matters has shaken the very foundation of the First Gigaquadrant's new civilizations and races. However, as old as they may be considered, there is much more for them to learn, for they have just begun to grasp a true and more legitimate claim on their heritage, particularly through the works of a certain Civatron, Master Bel, who relentlessly searches for a newer purpose in the existence of her race through the annals of history long-forgotten.

Now, a window of opportunity finally arises when a torch lit decades ago shines and arrives at the doorstep of the godly beings that control all aspects of Psionic essence, giving the Civatron warrior a chance at uncovering yet more insights about the object of her obsession: the Krass. However, large is the universe and many are its inhabitants, some perhaps possessing even older ancestry and tenure in the Universe, for this beacon of knowledge lies at the heart of the incessant experiments fulfilled by the Virgonians, co-inhabitants of the universe for the Krass and other precursor species long gone. It will be up to Bel to attain this knowledge no matter the cost.

But what would the Virgonians' price may be? That is uncertain.


In the vastness of space, delicate but clear streams of gleaming blue light traversed the black void splashed in a plethora of azure-colored clouds. Flickering dots of light blinked in the background. Even closer, ethereal yet visible beings floated and swam through this psychedelic cosmos harmoniously and around the centerpiece of it all, they sought to frantically impress. In the midst of this showcase of starlight and psionic linings across the fabric of the universe lied Singul'Aren, idle yet very much aware of all praise and honor this host of psionic spirits. His body may have been frozen, but his eyes and tendrils across his head burned with divine fire, as his mind, the strongest of all, observed, processed, reached out, and touched the lives of scores of followers. The Allfather's head lied lifted as his body rotated on itself, taking the stance of a fetus. There was a perfect balance.

Suddenly, his eyes turned from their usual observations, transfixed now in something that had disturbed Singul'Aren. His incessant search for psionic minds to touch and influence, to balance, had sensed something he had never felt during his reign. He acquired a more erected pose, sending all his choir of worshippers away in the process, and focused more of his power in this new sight to behold.

It took several hours for him to finally see with his spiritual eyes, giving him a clue of just how far that new arrival had been. When his eyes could clear picture, he saw an orb of raging light shinning through vast darkness, beginning psionic life where it had never been. How was this possible? Had life truly achieved psionic sentience in the middle of nowhere? Was his mighty reach still left wanting in its range? No. No psionic escaped his sight, he was the Allfather, bearer of all his children's light. He refused to believe unruly children had somehow awakened beyond his power. He needed to fully grasp the situation, assess it and ultimately brings balance to this incident. 

As he decidedly prepared to go meet this beacon personally, an afterthought held him where he was, unable to move. He saw the countless spirits still roaming at a distance, waiting to continue their relentless praise for him. He knew that the moment he budged, the entire Iluvii Realm would be shaken. Even his brother and sister, Kroc and Ynur'Vae, would sense the commotion of his flight like hurricane winds. His direct contact with these newcomers could overcharge their consciousness as they would feel the pressure of his realms' inhabitants pouring from all sides and touching its virgin power. Above his desire to have everything and everyone under his psionic wing, he wished to preserve the frailty and originality of a mind's awakening, so Singul'Aren refused to move, finally deciding his inaction would be a better approach.

Instead, his mind reached out to higher forms of psionic consciousness. 

"Brother. Sister." His thoughts launched like projectiles towards the void like a crushing echo. "I summon you, for I need your assistance."

Almost immediately, two figures as divine and as powerful materialized before them, followed by their own courtship and followers, who tuned their songs with SIngul'Aren's choir not to sing to a single being anymore, but to lift praise and honor to the Trinity.

"Allfather, I salute you." both of them said. 

"I welcome you, my siblings." Singul'Aren greeted them. "There is something I would like to discuss with you, for there has been a new vergence in our realm."  

Chapter 1Edit

 With a swift gesture with her hand, Bel cleaned the foul demonic blood that had splashed in her armor. The demon before her gave in and dissipated. Perhaps the greatest aspect of the moment was the fact that the monstruous servant of Chaos towered over the female Civatron a few dozen feet. Regardless, she now stood triumphant over its head, which displayed a deep burnt stab, perhaps performed surgically by the masked Civatron's blade.

She glared at the horde of demons still running amok in the area. They were minor in size to the defeated beast, and as they saw their champion swiftly gone, they abandoned their ill-intended task of burning that world to ash and retreated from the stalwart warrior before them.

"Hunters, an enemy pack is changing sectors, bearing close to your positions, hunt them down and leave none alive."

Bel had become the skilled huntress, with her tribe now on the direct fight for the fate of the universe, this world was but the tiniest fraction of the large scale war delivered across the cosmos. A cosmic war of unmeasurable size.

More importantly, she slew and slew the enemies of all creation with a stoic heart, a soul that had been forced to this destructive conflict when her life lied elsewhere. She reminisced of the past, when she used to dig ruins and study civilizations of a time long forgotten.

There she stood, idle on a crevice as she saw the demonic mob flee in hopeless abandon.

"You have done well, apprentice"

Bel did not turn but remained unfazed. The voice did not come from any point in her surroundings as it was more of an echo within her head that resonated in the heart.

"Master, what is thy bidding?"

"One more planet has been freed from the corrupting influence of Inferno, all thanks to your steady advance across this wretched sector."

"The Sons of Caiman opened a way for these foul critters to enter the universe, I will not rest until every single one of these traitors is either dead or redeemed."

"Virtuous as always, child. However, it is at this moment that I must ask you to retreat from this sector for now."

"May I ask why?"

"You are needed elsewhere, in the far reaches of the Gigaquadrant, where the light of psionic fire has ignited well beyond our influence in the supercluster, where the rest of the universe begins."

"Why must I go so far from home?" 

"I am sending you not because of your martial prowess, which is admirable beyond words. I am sending you because of your fondness over archeology."

Bel could not hide her surprise. She turned towards the opposite side of the horde, which had begun to be massacred by an assault of both Civatron warriors and Iluvii spirits.

"What kind of archeology?"

"The Kroc Egismugal will arrive at your location shortly, dismissing you of your charge here so that you may proceed with the new mission. The master in charge will brief you on your first destination for your long journey."

Bel held unto the thought that communed with her.

"It is Krass, isn't it? The light?"


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