The Mimidian Carancis Edavis Terenus (sign: Mimidian Credit.png, code MCET, High Dracid: Economic Exchange Article [object]), or "Mimidian Credit" is the de facto form of currency of the Draconid Imperium. Although it is the most widely-used, the creit is in fact a representative form of currency, and is used to streamline the process of foreign currency exchange.


The core of the Imperium's Pax Draconica policy is the preservation of cultural and governmental identity under the banner of the Imperium, one of the results of this pledge is the non-interference in the way a province's economy functions, primarily what is used as a standard form. The differences in economic scales between provinces can make exchange of different curriencies problematic. The Mimidian Credit exists as a representetive value based on a large variety of factors thoughout the Imperium's territories. As an abstract representation, its value is carefully monitored by members of the Imperium's Commerce Council and the figure itself is designed to "average out" the differences in values between the various currencies used in the provinces. The credit is also used in international exchanges between Imperial states and various foreign powers.

The use of the mimidian credit has expanded considerably since the foundation of the Gigaquadrantic Intergalactic Trade Organization spread the Draconid Impwrium's economic reach. Although suffering a drop in value alongside other currencies, it remainedo ne of the few dominant reserve currencies after the 2802 GITO Financial Crash, which saw the severe devaluation of the Orion gilo and Drodoian Colonial Dollar.


The Mimidian credit as used and traded as a form of quantum-encrypted digital currency. WHen portable, Credit values are stored on dispensable microchips (colloqually called "quantum chips", "Q-chips" or "credit chips") that encode the value as a fluctuating binary series where each value is both 0 and 1 at the same time. Uantum encryption provides the benefit that attempts to copy the quantum-coded data results in a fixed value withi nthe copy that is worthless, thus huindering attempts at duplication. Most legally-registered cardreaders can register and transfer the values on credit chips without disturbing the quantum fluctuation.

The value on any given chip is not fixed and can vary between billions of credits to a single sub-credit, and are often used to store a portable amount where convenient, or are given as from of economic exchange similar as ot how more solid currencies are passed around. Chipholders in wallets and on transfer machines can freely modify the amount of credits stored within slotted credit chips. While even the cheapest chips can easily hold tens of thousands of mimidian credits, circulating the market are higher-grade chips that utilise more powerful digital storage units in order to hold more credits at a time and are popular where large volumes of money are transferred form person to person.


In contemporary times the mimidian credit is a fully-digital currency measured using a base-ten decimal system. Whole numbers are referred to as "credits" while partial-values are referred to as sub-credits. When a combination is used (eg. 108.74), "credit" is the usual term used (e.g. "I have one-hundred-and-eight-point-seven-four credits"). Sub-credits can be measured to any number of decimal places depending on the situation but when transaction involves physical coin-based currency or a material standard, figures that are too small to be recognised by the physical coinage is rounded up to the nearest eligible decimal.


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