The Plazith Rim Precursors (also referred collectively to as the Ancients or the First Ones) was a collection of loosely interacting races that once walked the galaxy, long before the recent years of the inter-related politics of the Gigaquadrant. Two of the Milky Way ancients were not really part of this group, but are often referred at Precursors:

The most ancient race of the Milky Way was in fact Ultraterrestrial; known as the Xyanxes and had left the galaxy long before the ancestors of the Plazith Rim Precursors had even evolved. There was few worlds with carbon-based life, although nuclear chemistry and plasmazoan lifeforms were prevalent, thus the Xyanxes created wildlife sanctuaries. The Xyanxes were thought to have been brought into existence not long after the Big Bang, and had spread throughout the universe. It is unknown if they still persist, but their relics of galactic engineering, cube worlds with pink geodes and machine planets still do...

Six gigayears before the rise of the Gigaquadrant, early forms of what is now the Grox traveled from the Ardenta galaxy after a deadly conflict. They colonised the Galactic Core to protect it from threatening the Meta-Emperor's power, and staying inside it's extreme gravitational well, aged more slowly than the rest of the galaxy, occasionally returning in cycles to reap havoc on the denizens of the galaxy.

Unlike many other Ultraterrestrials including the Xyanxes, the Plazith Rim Precursors often interacted with younger inhabitants, often in enigmatic ways.

Races of Precursor Edit

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Mysterious ships and objects fighting over DCP worlds in the Imperial Civil War.

Each section mentions the actions, legacies and possible relations to precursors of Cyrannus and Andromeda. By descending age:

Ataien Edit

Legend has it that the Ataien were billions of years in age, but that is unlikely. The Ataien were actually built up of four insectoid races, which may not have been carbon-based. All four races possessed exceedingly advanced technology (though organic in appearance), but they also had very alien mentality, with goals being an enigma.

  • Penumbra/Shadow-form - Notable for leading other species down dark paths, perhaps related to the Eola'Nar.
  • Plasmazoan-form - Partial ascension, notable psychic abilities, perceived benevolence.
  • Orion-form - The fourth race is xenophobic and appears to be crystalline-based, and live in the Orion Spur. Highly isolationist. They appear to be the least advanced and possibly youngest Ataien race.

The Ataien are notable for guiding younger races in the galaxy. However, the different goals of the Ataiens often created devastating conflicts. Despite their advanced technology, their empires were typically small. The Ataiens left the Orion Spur (except the youngest) in the 22nd century after an uprising of subject humanoids. It was not until the 28th century, during the Imperial Civil War, the Ataiens left the Milky Way with all other Precursors to join the Ultraterrestrials and prepare for the oncoming annihilation.

Chitauri Edit

The Chitauri, also known as the Alpha Draconians hail from Earth, leaving it 65 million years ago. It is unknown if they naturally evolved on Earth or were actually artificially selected, possibly by the Oikoumene or Ataiens, and so might share something in common with the Capricornian races of the Cyrannus galaxy.

The Chitauri split into several saurian races in the Milky Way, but the main branch followed a dark path of elemental energy, and might be related to the Eola'Nar. The descended Chitauri returned to the galaxy as humans evolved on Earth, and found they could feed off human greed, and yet envious of Humanity in owning Earth. The Chitauri have infiltrated human institutions up until the 28th century, often using parasitic symbionts or by creating synthetic people, this was discovered by humans and by the 22nd century they had been eradicated. But the Chitauri persisted, changed tactics and returned in the 28th century by manipulating another human species.

It is unknown where the Chitauri domain exists when not infiltrating and manipulating humanity, whether they use technology or essence.

Psuedomorphs Edit

There are many Psuedomorph colonies in the Gigaquadrant, many seem to be the same, ancient species.

Ashtar Edit

Homo sapiens were not the first group of humans to leave the Earth. The Denisova hominin, advanced to become the first human species to leave Earth as Homo sapiens were still travelling across Africa, as the final glacial period threatened their civilisation.

Known by many names such as the Ashtar, Annunaki, Ancients, Pleidians and so on, the Ashtar achieved a level of technology rivalling the Ataiens, including time travel, dimensional transcendence, and vast wormhole networks. A highly spiritual race, they ascended. But they were not beyond problems, they had the Chitauri to deal with, who were now enslaving humans by proclaiming themselves as Gods of Earth. The Ashtar transplanted humans, and other species across the galaxy to safeguard them.

The Ashtar left behind great legacies, such as zero-point energy devices, hyperspatial wormhole drives and transphasic torpedoes, which have now become staple technologies in the Gigaquadrant, especially after Operation: Tokzhalan in the Imperial Civil War. The Ashtar left the galaxy with the others, and it was the Ashtar who inspired the Delpha Coalition of Planets to establish a new order of the galaxy, in the form of the Milky Way Cooperative.

An Ashtar representative named Vrillon sent a transmission to Earth in 1977, which was only picked up by a television station in the United Kingdom. The message warned that humanity had to destroy their weapons of evil (nuclear weaponry) in order to join them. The message, though, was viewed as a hoax perpetrated by an individual protesting the Mutual Assured Destruction doctrine between the United States and the Soviet Union in the event of a global nuclear war.

Greys Edit

The Greys, also known as Asgard are the Ashtar who couldn't ascend, they did however technologically tweak their bodies to have a huge brain capacity with as much as 3100cc and simplified bodily functions. Their skin acted like clothing, and they had no digestive or reproductive system, instead feeding on slurry.

  • Orion-type Greys - Less malevolent than most other Greys, and still have certain vestigal features such as the pronounced nose, standing nine feet tall like the Ashtar races.
  • Tall Greys - Similar in size to the Orion type, and are often seen as advisers over other Greys.
  • Zeta Reticulan and Bellatrax Greys - Most common Grey, came several colourations, most often other than grey orange, but light blue and green have also been seen. Possibly under the control of the Chitauri.

The Greys were either be benevolent or malevolent. Unfortunately they suffered from genetic weaknesses caused by faults in rapid technological evolution, and the malevolent members of their kind abducted humans and other races to conduct invasive genetic sampling. The other benevolent Greys, in fact helped the Ashtar safeguarding the galaxy (and possibly with the help of the Draconis and Krass). Greys were last seen during the middle of the 21st century.

One ship of Greys crashed in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. The United States government covered up the incident by claiming it was a wayward weather balloon, but many conspiracy theorists rightfully called their bluff.

The Greys had a lack of any aesthetic sense; their ships were small and geometric, although they had the ability to shape-shift, not unlike the Apalos. It is likely some of the ancient members of the AI Netspace were created by the Greys, although some are far older, being Ataien or Xyanxen in origin.

Legendary Naucean and Screeble Edit

There is no evidence the Naucean or Screeble existed, other than being featured in legends of unknown origin, side from the Screeble Column. Sporehenge was later proven to be a Xyanxen artifact.

Trivia Edit

The Precursors were inspired by various sources. Credit goes to the Xeelee Sequence by Stephen Baxter, which some some elements of the Xyanxes were based on. The Ataiens are partially based on the First Ones (Babylon 5) and the Ashtar were inspired by the Alterans (Stargate) and Ancient Humanoids (Star Trek), and the Ancient Astronauts hypothesis.

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