The Milky Way Galaxy (also known as the Plazith Rim, Vintergatan, among uncountable names) is one of the major galaxies in the Gigaquadrant. Spanning between one hundred thousand and one hundred and ten thousand light years in diameter, the Milky Way is known as one of the most diverse galaxies in the Gigaquadrant, being the home of many civilisations such as the Delpha Coalition of Planets, the various states of Humanity, the Indoctrinate Collective, the Salsetthe Republic and the nations of the Katar Sector, amongst many others. With so many varied civilisations, the history of the galaxy is endless. Only the most ancient civilizations know what had happened millenia ago, but rarely share their memories to the younger races, which are nevertheless growing in their own power and prestige. Up until recently, most extragalactics saw the primary face of the galaxy as the Civilisation, though the dominance of this faction has been questioned in recent decades. Very suddenly, a large empire of Pilgrims have appeared.


The history of the galaxy is vast. Only the most ancient civilizations know what had happened millenia ago, but rarely share their memories. Wars are in bold. Large sections are broken down into sectors and arms, so some information might be repeated where relevant.

Ancient past - Gigayears[]

  • 13,000,000,000 BC - The proto-Milky Way began to form.
  • 12,000,000,000 BC - Far star begins to shine.
  • 10-6,000,000,000 BC - Due to a variety of new elements, complex life started to rise.
  • 9,000,000,000 BC - The First War of Black Fog takes place between Ultraterrestrials, perhaps the first war of the Proto-Milky Way.
The emergence of life
  • 6,000,000,000 BC - The Galactic Core becomes less active until various galactic collisions occur.
    • The first Grox colonists from Ardenta (Andromeda) begin to colonise the Core worlds.
  • 7-3,000,000,000 BC - The systems such as the Sol system and Chilius system that will become the future homeworlds of modern day civilizations begin to form. By now, life is beginning to flourish in the universe, due to the increasing number of stable main-sequence stars and the production of heavier elements.
  • 2,000,000,000 BC - The Xyanxes donate the Milky Way as a wildlife sanctuary and create the living AI planet Fahler, using digital lifeforms to guard it.

100 megayears[]

At some point in this era, the Milky Way's Precursors began to evolve "First Ones", Pseudomorphs and Draconians, joining the ranks of the Ardenta Grox and Xynaxes as rulers of the galaxy (see Plazith Rim Precursors).

  • 75,000,000 BC - The Crys'Irith mysteriously vanish around this point in time, leaving behind several ruins that were kept in shape by cults who worshiped them.
  • 65,000,000 BC - Two asteroids (and other events) caused a mass extinction on Earth, however, a race of Saurians escaped the planet and eventually ascended.
  • 1,000,000 BC - Gablinus-Avis achieve sapience.

Last few millenia[]

  • Orion Spur
    • 200,000 years - The First Samurou evolve on their home world of Arda
    • 100,000 years - The Ashtar, descended from the Denisova hominin, advanced and became the first human species to leave Earth. Homo sapiens were still diverging in Africa. Highly evolved spiritual race, eventually calling themselves, the Ashtar Galactic Command. They built great technologies, such as networks of wormholes and dimensional technology which remained for millions of years as artifacts. The Ashtar made frequent visits to check up on the last few Hominid races of Earth, Homo sapiens, Homo neanderthalensis, Homo erectus and Homo floresiensis.
    • The Alpha Draconians return from their plane of existence as the Ashtar ascend to join the Milky Way's Precursors. Colletively, these races now edging on Tier 0 guided the young races, particularly Humanity.
    • 38,000 years - The Draconid Imperium arrive in the Milky Way. Numerous scientific expeditions are sent out to map the galaxy and study the progress of various developing Milky Way species.
    • 28,000 years - Neanderthals and other Archaeo-humans are saved from extinction by the First Ones by being transplanted on another planet terraformed for their needs. Soon Homo sapiens, after the "Hobbits" floresiensis became extinct in Indonesia, were left as the sole survivors of Earth.
    • 21,000 years - The Kei'Un tribe accidentally unleash the Xhodocto from their monolith they were trapped in billions of years before. They begin the first scourges and formed the Congregation in the Nexus galaxy. The Xhodocto spared humans and Earth, but buried the Eye there. The Krassio declare Earth as the center of the universe.
    • 10,000 years - The declaration had a loophole, as human descendants could reach Earth, and enslaving and transplanting Humans across the Orion Spur and beyond.
  • Carina-Sagittarius Arm, Scutum-Centaurus Arm
    • 170,616 BC - The Kicath ascend to the stars and form the Kicath Empire.
    • 170,000 BC - The meteor containing cellular Agial lands on Orkhan
    • 105,000 BC - The Draekar become interstellar and leave Dreacorra to form the Draekar Empire.
    • 38,000 years - The Draconid Imperium arrive in the Milky Way. Numerous scientific expeditions are sent out to map the galaxy and study the progress of various developing Milky Way species.
    • 27,000 years - Painted hieroglyphs of Entity Unseen is written in cave paintings, first evidence of writing on the Grimbolsaurian homeworld, Mirenton.
    • 12,000 years - The Yoburt, a founding member of the DCP become space-faring.
    • 5000 years - Some of the DCP's allies begin to advance to space. Ancient Radeon missionaries convert the Corgel and Quinels to Spode, future enemies of the Grimbolsaurians.
  • Norma-Outer Arm
  • Perseus Arm
    • 200,000 years - The Perseus Coalition of Worlds propers for a few centuries until the Vex Obliteration.
    • The Krowlan Proclamation wars with the Coalition until they are ultimatley also obliterated by the Vex.
    • 10,000 years ago - The founding members of the Lsjanpodos Commonwealth invent interstellar travel, contacting each other for the first time afterwards.
    • 6995 BC - The United Commonwealth of the Lsjanpodos Union Republic was founded, growing exponentially afterwards.
  • Carina Arm

Last 4,800 years[]

  • Galactic Center (including bulge, core and bar)
    • 200 years - The DCP launches an assault on the Grox, taking control of the Core.
    • 27th century - The Samurou Republic and Empire are formed, they grow hugely in size all the while at war with each other.
    • 28th century - The Human Republic and the the DCP prepare to invade the Grox Remnant in the Milky Way, along with the Defensive Systm's Bloc, Gablinus-Avis, Jovar and BNSC. The Milky Way Grox are forced out of the galaxy.
    • 28th century - The Samurou Non-Aggression pact ends the century long war between the Samurou Republic and the Samurou Empire.
  • Perseus Arm
    • 38,000 years - The Xyntarex' Exna becomes an empire.
    • 2000 years - Hogomoth become spacefaring, becoming a prominent force for peace in the Perseus Arm.
    • 1000 years - The Cephalodians advance enough via their symbiosis with nature to become spacefaring, seeding planets with life and protecting "endangered worlds", as well as teaching their neighbors to embrace nature.
    • 2430s to 2620's - The Xyntarex' Exna's homeplanet gets attacked by the Grox Empire. Factories break and toxic waste gets spilled into seas. Ten years later, Xyntarex' Exna leaves their homeplanet because of over pollution. In 2620s an unknown illness spreads among Xyntarex' Exna's.
    • 300 years - Defensive System's Bloc forms.
    • 200 years (2560's) - War of code The DCP wipe out the Hogomoth to near-extinction for their crime for allying with the Grox, in hopes to convince them to be peaceful. The Hogomoth roam the galaxy in city ships or standalone mercenaries.
    • Recent - War of the Nine continues.
    • 250 years (2950) - The Kiander Dominion is officially found.
  • Norma-Outer Arm
  • Scutum-Centaurus Arm
    • 1000+ years - A faction of the Milky Way Grox empire begins to assimilate instead of destroy, they eventually split to become the Borg Collective. Eventually all the Grox drones within die out, and the Collective opted for larger humanoid queens.
    • 1 BC: The descendants of Emperor Wormulus II with exceptional elemental abilities become the dominant power in the Age of Fire.
    • 2380s - A great nuclear war occurs on Mirenton, however, Emperor Wormulus Ist unites surviving nations on the post-holocaust planet.
    • 2430s - The Grimbolsaurians luckily survived become spacefaring. However, they met a terrible enemy (Wubs), but allied with other Delpha Sector empires, who overwhelmed their foes.
    • 2510s to 2540s - The DCP are at war with the Grox, known as the Grox Resistance who were eventually defeated. The DCP took control of the core (harnessed its energy) which expanded their technology and size extremely quickly, soon, they were dominating the Milky Way in the glorious Golden Age...
    • 2789 - A massive civil war occurs within the Nathierm Imperium, between the races of the Drovar and Haphintadae against the Nathierm and Jicheaha.
    • 2790s - Events in the Katar Sector.
    • 2801 - The Drovar launch a final push towards Asiburba and takes the Nathierm homeworld, ending the war and creating the Plazith League.
    • 28th century - Delpha Coalition of Planets history since the Golden Age. After the annihilation, the Magellanic Sovereignty of Planets were last seen attempting to penetrate the DCP's abandoned territories.
    • Recent:Several Near-Human races in the Milky Way join the Human Republic under threat of annihilation by the Grox.
  • Carina-Sagittarius Arm
    • 1545 BC - The first Slukatian colony is created, birth of the Slukatian Empire
    • 1712 to 1923 - The great Slukatian war takes place, a war in which ennemy Slukatian factions fought and killed billions, it is then stopped by Kleete the Blaster, using a powerful-looking superweapon to intimidate the ennemy Slukatian factions
    • 21st century - The Slukatian Empire masters FTL speeds
    • 186 BC - The Stellar Union is founded by the Fenggeha and the Ciamith
    • 1451 - Occupation of Excaretra ends
    • 1456 - The Salsetthe Republic is formed
    • 1820s - The Stellar Union and the Zagresi wage war, with the Union being victorious
    • 1856 - A short war with the Borg starts and ends
    • 2009 - The Salsetthe Republic begins to observe the progress of Earth after they find that a human had created a facsimile of the Salsetthe's physiology with a computer program
    • 2528 - The Talven Empire is formed on Ancora.
    • 2600s - The Salsetthe Republic starts to contact more empires outside of its region of the galaxy.
    • 2778 - The Taxton ruled a mighty empire as Grox allies until it was never heard from again during the March of the Apocalypse.
    • 2095-2098 - Unknow forces(later proven to be the "Colonial Grox", a ancient rogue grox faction) come out from the R-567 Nebula and attack the Federation of patiens Nations, Initianting the "Grox's Colonies war". The war lasted until 2098 when the Federation's military was able to drive out the enemy forces to the nebula again.
    • 28th century - The Salsetthe fight a hostile extra-universal race known as the Undine with the help of the DCP. They also join in the Imperial Civil War.
    • 2811 - The Stellar Union is introduced to the First Gigaquadrant
  • Orion Spur, Cygnus Arm
    • 9th to 1300's - Some of the first non-Host, transplanted near-humans begin to colonise parts of the Milky Way, in the Orion-Spur and Scutum-Centaurus Arms.
    • 1780s - Atlan humanity from Sirius become interstellar.
    • 2010s - Auridian humanity from Sirius become interstellar.
    • 2080s - Various interhuman wars occurred during this time period.
    • 2161 - European Star Republic establishes its first interstellar colonies.
    • 2200s - Human Colonial Wars
    • 2270 - United Nations reformed into the Orion League.
    • 2280s - Terran Unificationists create the Jovar Empire, who later set out for a quest to find their creators.
    • 2580s - Humans leave Earth to their destiny in the stars, the BNSC and Humanity have a war, before coming to terms and sharing culture.
    • 28th century: Shortly after the war however, the Jovar Empire officially splits into Jovar Socialist Republic and Joran Planet Alliance.
    • Mid-27th Century to early 28th Century - The Bearian Civil War starts in 2653, erupting from peaceful demonstrations into terrorist attacks and finally resulting into nuclear warfare on all BNSC colonies.
    • 2713 - BNSC merges to form the New Eridani Confederation from the ashes of the Bearian, Human and Plazith Kraw (who all evolved from the fallout).
    • 2750s - Allied Terran Republic formed.
    • 2780s - The Rights of Earth are contested.
  • Galactic Halo, Monoceros ring, globular clusters and satellite galaxies
    • 2770 The Samurou Republic scores a huge victory at the "Third battle of Seven Moons", largely crippling the empire.
  • Galactic-scale events
    • 2722 onwards: The founding of the Gigaquadrant - Things became galactic-scale following the foundation of Seven Starr Alliance was founded by the Delpha Coalition of Planets and the Oimonsk, and started exploring intergalactic space, discovering the Quadrant and Tigris galaxies, and eventually, Cyrannus.
    • 2761 - The War of Ages begins.
    • 2764 - The DCP and allies lose, and the Scourge occurs, which wipes out much of the life in the universe. The DCP and allies escape to Universe 66501. However, some stay behind and the Expansion Wedge and other expansion regions are set up when the DCP returned.
    • With the Milky Way now having a huge political interest in the First Gigaquadrant, many extra-galactic civilisations begin to colonise and explore the Milky Way. Including but not limited to the Sylit Republic, the extra-galactic Human empire, Rambo Nation, Capricorn Sector Alliance, Mortalitas, Krassio (Cianju), Radeon, Zazane, Samurou Republic, and the Vartekian empire.
    • 2794 The Samurou Republic join the Seven Starr Alliance.
    • 2769 - The Nanohorde plague begins, who consumed many planets, stars, cities, life and fleets but the DCP and allies eventually stopped them.
    • 2774 - The DCP-Loron war and Second Galactic War begin.
    • 2776 - The DCP collapse into a civil war.
    • 2778 - The Xhodocto become evil once more, and begin their xenocides of the universe. Meanwhile, the DCP also get involved with the Intergalactic War. After nearly half a year, the Onuris Alliance defeat the Xhodocto in the final battle.
    • 2778 - The Cognatus Crusade of the Milky Way begins, as they convert many empires through force, luckily the DCP repelled much of the crusade before it reached more populous zones.
    • 2779 - The Tokzhalan Empire begin the Milky Way campaign, and severely reduce to the Borg Collective in size, allied with the Daleks and united the Near-Human empires (sci-fi empires). Their goal is to wipe out normal empires, or ally the bigger ones, to allow Truly alien life to flourish. Many of the extragalactic civilisations leave the Milky Way as it tumbles into chaos and turmoil.
    • The Singularity - The Milky Way's First Ones leave the galaxy, with instructions for the DCP to found the Milky Way Copperative. The Milky Way Cooperative begins to unite indifferent civilisations. Eventually, the Cooperative began to construct networks of matrioshaka brains, which achieved super-sentience (The Singularity). The new AI's awoke older, more powerful dormant AI's. Although some AI's proved to be not interested or even hostile to life (causing the extinction of the Gablinus-Avis), some became nurturing over life or AI polities over this vast new culture of nano, bio and mechano-intelligences.
    • The Second War of Black Fog and the Cataclysm take place.
    • 2782 - The Xhodocto attack and destroy most of the universe, many empires are extinctted or displaced, various new nations enter Milky Way, from galaxies that were destroyed completely. The reason why the Milky Way was spared was due to the DCP's sacrifice, giving the Vi'Navitum precious time to save the galaxy. However, what wasn't saved was rendered lifeless, but not utterly destroyed. The DCP however, unknown to all but the Apalos, the DCP was not destroyed, but was in fact "downloaded" onto an "Omegapoint", which the now established AI Netspace was processing.
    • The Unified Nation of Ottzello and Third Sovereign Domain enter the newly-made Ottzello Sector of the galaxy, which was made by the Vyro'Narza
    • 2782 - The Salsetthe and Jovar take advantage over the void of power left by the vanished Grox and DCP. Plazith Galactic War begins, a staged war between the Jovar Socialist Republic and Salsetthe Republic.
    • The Fourth Ottzello War occurs, caused by Salsetthe-bugged individuals posing as criminals to spark the conflict, and the Zazane Empire, Unified Nation of Ottzello and the Nuns of Conflict leave the galxay, with the 'official' Ottzello sector now existing in the Borealis Galaxy. The start of this war also is the start of The Purge, which aims to eliminate the presence of most extragalactic powers in the galaxy.
    • The AI Netspace, busy with their unknown project (the Omegapoint) begin to drain power reserves from the Milky Way Cooperative, and a whole star cluster becomes uninhabitable due to high energy cosmic rays. It was in fact discovered that the DCP was contained in a simulated universe, and eventually return slowly to the Milky Way.
    • 2790s: The Dominatus attempt to become the dominant military power through a rapid campaign, but it eventually saw the Dominatus's removal from the galaxy. The DCP-Vermulan War occurs towards the end of the 28th century, which caused the Mantisorac invasion thanks to the war bringing the Milky Way to the attention of the natives in the Large Magellanic Cloud.
    • 2797 - 2798: The Kicathian Republic and Kicath Empire wage war in an event known as the Kicathian Dissension, which resulted in the Kicathian Republic ousting the Empire's influence from the Kicathian territorial expanse in the Milky Way.
    • 2799: The Indoctrinate Collective leaves the galaxy for Borealis using a massive multi-species collaborative effort to move all their star-systems using wormholes, becoming the biggest astroengineering project in recorded history.
    • 2800: The Orion War is fought between the Orion League and Kindred Coalition, who were both proxies for the DCP and Draconid Imperium. The war spirals into a greater, intergalactic war.
    • The Ra'zac appear near the Galactical Core.
    • 2807: The Ulter Empire appear with over 100 colonies in the Carina Arm and they've proclaimed themselves to not to be intent on any offensive towards other empires in their current galactic expansion.



The Milky Way is between 100 and 120 thousand light years across, and contains over 400 billion stars. It is one of the largest and most influential galaxies in the Local group of galaxies (partly because many empires in fiction are within it). The Milky Way completes a full rotation about once every 50 million years. The disk is about 1,000 light years thick and the bulge is about 12,000 light years thick. The halo that surrounds the disk and arms is 180,000 light years thick, and contains mostly old stars and hypervelocity stars that have been kicked out of the galaxy by the Galactic core. The Halo is a very poor place to colonize and contains few planets with life and fewer colonies than the disk. The DCP has colonised Far Star, named after a comet in the Chilius system. The Halo also contains globular clusters and some dwarf galaxies that are getting shredded and absorbed into the Milky Way.


Includes real and fictional locations.

Astronomical Phenomena
Civilizations and cultural constructs

Political Division[]

Arms and supersectors of the Milky Way.

The Milky Way does not have one dominant faction, but does contain very large and powerful empires. The Milky Way is a very big galaxy compared to most, and has over 400 billion stars, so there is lots of room for many, many factions. Because there is so many, it would be very difficult to create one large alliance or even conquer the entire galaxy, although the DCP's territories are expanding more quickly than most. There was an extinct galactic empire that existed millions of years ago known as the Coadunation of Autonomous Beings, but the members such as the Naucean are thought to have ascended.

The Civilisation[]

Due to recent conflicts, some civilizations are joining the "Milky Way" cooperative, neither an alliance or an organization, empires simply combine their efforts to become one Meta-civilization when the need arises, either to gather a new energy source or during a galaxy-wide conflict.


There are over 10,000 civilizations inhabiting the Milky Way (although the majority are Tier 6 to 4, avoid contact or are in the far reaches, and remain unknown). Most are very alien (Tier U), and rarely interact with other empires or are interested in galactic affairs. However, some of the more powerful empires do. Some civilizations don't make it long after their discovery of nuclear energy, this means finding dead radioactive worlds is not too uncommon. The Galactic Core is rather devoid of normal life, due to the intense radiation, with only the harshest of life forms like the Grox surviving, and the Galactic Halo contains mostly low metallicity old stars, meaning life is also less common. Civilizations tend to exist in certain space environments that are calmer, and thus can form quite closely to each other.

Note: When an empire has a line through it, it might be extinct, or presumed extinct/unknown after the Annihilation if the user has not reclaimed it.

To use this scale, add your empire in each arm by order of Tiers, and note their status. If they didn't evolve in that region but have colonies, add colonies to the list. The list below shows the major influencing powers of the galaxy. However, many more exist, including varios Tier Unknown civilizations and Truly Alien life recently discovered.

Galactic Core, bulge & bar
  • Alpha Grox Collective (Tier 2, extragalactic/native) - Various Grox splinter factions who joined together our of fear of the numerous threats of the universe. Remain secretive but begin to gain more power.
  • Grox Followers (Hiding, Tier 2, extragalactic) - A zealous group who worship the Grox as Gods. Their capital is the water world of Darkastral, with islands made totally on top of the water, and stabilized by AI's.
  • Wentals (Recovering, Tier 3, extragalactic) - A small number of Wental Colonies here survived the Mechanization, though they are completely disconnected from the main Wentals Empire. There are 3 planets total and about 150 thousand inhabitants total, as the Mechanization wasn't as severe here as in the main empire.
  • The Pilgrimage (Expanding, Tier U, galactic) - An alien empire close to the core itself, these strange beings serve the One God and are highly alien in their architecture of starships and structures, created in the shape of a kind of bony... 'thing'.
  • Colonies of the: DCP, Salsetthe, Consortium, Kingdom of Agethime
Perseus Arm
  • Defensive System's Bloc (content, Tier 3, native)- A socialist state with ultimate goals and aspirations of the liberation of the Gigaquadrant's working class.
  • Cephalodian Life Guardians (thriving, Tier 4/3, native) - The Cephalodians protect all of the interests of life in the galaxy.
  • Draconid Imperium - (expanding, Tier 2, non-native) - Cosmopolitan empire from the nearby Andromeda Galaxy, recent absorption of the Shellious Imperium and hundreds of joint-ruled TIAF colonies have exponentially increased their extent.
    • The Shellious Imperium (thriving, Tier 2/3, non-native) - The Shellious Imperium is a race of retillian beings from the far second gigaquadrant galaxy of wental. They are currently taking residence in the Crab Nebulae.
  • The Surivorter Empire (Expanding/at war, Tier 2/3, native) - The Surivorter are a collection of related alien species living in the outer edge of the Perseus Arm. They are currently making inroads into other empire's territory by forcibly converting the planets of small, tier 5 civilizations into Surivorter worlds.
  • The Allandium Directorate (Expanding, Tier 4/3 Native) - A empire largely increasing, fueled by its religion. They hold 5700 worlds in the eastern fringes of the Arm.
  • Colonies of the: New Tadpole Empire
Norma-Outer Arm
  • Veatrex Imperial Federation (Tier 3, consolidating) - Known for its heavy military and religious bent and cultural diversity.
  • Doriaca Remnant (unknown, Tier 2, native) - Status unknown.
  • Kerbin Federation of Southern States (Tier 6, native, interplanetary) - Still too busy struggling among themselves to expand.
  • Lavacat Empire (Tier 5, native) - A diplomatic empire that aims to end war.
  • The Kalohris Republic of Miigish Space (nonexpansive, Tier 3, interstellar)
  • Colonies of the: Plazith League
  • Lufarun Alliance (nonexpansive, Tier 4, interstellar) - A coalition formed to guarantee the survival of its member states in the aftermath of the Annihilation. Currently, they are striving to maintain peace and order, as well as foster trade and cooperation amongst its member states.
  • Olkoun Sector
    • Ceinox Empire (Tier U, native)- Strong civilization, formed 8790 Years ago. The Ceinox Empire is a great powerful, and large civilization.
  • JSector
    • JCompany (expanding, Tier 2, native, intergalactic) - actual main organization responsible for maintaining peace and security in the JSector, and main business company operating in the JSector, offering various products and services, from spice trading to engineering, to both civilian to military customers, using trade routes inside and outside JSector. Actually under control of the JOmnivore empire and its leader, Tycoon JOmnivore.
      • JAlliance (recovering, Tier 3-1 Tech gifted, native, interstellar) - one of two former major political factions present in the sector, made by the union of five interstellar empires, and members of two other interstellar empires. Fought the JHorde in the JWar until being merged by the JCompany.
      • JHorde (recovering, Tier 3-1 Tech gifted, native, interstellar) - one of two former major political factions present in the sector, made by the union of five interstellar empires, and members of two other interstellar empires. Fought the JAlliance in the JWar until being merged by the JCompany.
      • JMTV (expanding, Tier 3-1 Tech gifted, native, intergalactic) - main TV channel of all empires in the JSector, recently being able to broadcast to the entire First Gigaquadrant. Actually broadcasted by the JGoofy empire, with its leader Galactic Star JGoofy as host. Actually merged into the JCompany.
Scutum-Centaurus Arm
  • Seven Starr Alliance/DCP allies (growing, Tier 1, extragalactic) - In order to suuport the DCP, several of their allies had a few colonies in the galaxy.
    • Galactic Empire of Cyrannus (thriving, Tier 1, extragalactic) - The Empire is currently growing exponentially.
    • Rambo Nation (thriving, Tier 2, extragalactic) - The Rambo created several embassies for diplomatic means.
  • Plazith League (Expanding, thriving, Tier 2, native) A newer empire, the League brought together many straggling races into a large, powerful, and advanced nation.
  • Soloth Sector
    • Kingdom of Agethime (expanding, Tier 3, native, interstellar) - The Kingdom continues to improve their tech.
    • New Tadpole Empire (expanding, Tier 3, native, intergalatic) - The New Empire is mostly active on Andromeda.
    • The Garrison (Tier 4, native, interstellar) - This pirate gang hopes to, one day, overthrow the Kingdom.
    • Tadfroggy Imperium (Tier U, native, interstellar) - The Imperium is locked into a stalemate with the New Empire. They shifted their attention to the Garrison.
    • Mariposa Society (expanding, Tier 3, native, interstellar) - The Society keeps tabs on their allies' territories on Soloth.
  • Katar Sector
    • Drodo Empire (Tier 3.8, native)-A hardy civilization, just emerged from a Civil War.
    • United Federation of Species (Tier 3, extrauniversal) - Driven from their universe through a relic outer settled in the Milky Way galaxy around the year 2783.
    • Farengeto Trade Coalition (expanding, Tier 4.4, interstellar) - A trade republic seeking to unite the universe through trade.
    • Grand Tarkan Empire (inactive, Tier 4.1, native) - A much-distrusted feudal empire that strikes fear into the rest of the Sector.
    • Aeoneonatrix Empire (Tier 3.9, native, contains alien races)-An extremely young empire of protectors.
    • Mandatory Mardor Empire (Tier 4.2, native)-Once arch-enemies and now forced vassals of the Aeoneoantrix.
    • Miperior-Amphibibot Coalition (growing, Tier 3.6, native) - A recently-liberated empire of inventors and their robots that are vassals of the Aeoneoantrix.
    • The Scientific Combine of Nakeimato (Tier 4.2, native) - An empire of scientists who love nothing more than to create new lifeforms.
    • Maracai Triumvirate (Tier 4.5, native) - An spacefaring tribe, the Maracai show little interest in the outside universe.
    • Jum'Ari Empire (Tier 4.25, native) - A highly territorial civilization who show open hostility to all outsiders.
    • Szor Empire (Tier 4, native) - Another territorial civilisation who highly beleive in order and natural selection.
    • Sindar Dominion (Tier 3.4, native) - Capitalistic slavers, the Sibdar are tolerated by the rst of the sector because they keep the Eagula nebula open.
  • Byzan Sector
  • The Genetithief Swarm (Expanding, Tier 0) A small group of independent colonies of semi-sentient, hive-minded creatures whose only focus is spreading the species and taking in new genetic material.
  • Colonies of the: Waptoria Alliance of Species, Consulate of Paxis, Reformed Hegemony of Exterioris, Purity, Nobi Nations (about 70-80), and Kingdom of Agethime
Carina-Sagittarius Arm
  • Kicathian Republic (expanding, Tier 2.0, native) - Expanding their influence across the Milky Way.
  • Salsetthe Republic (expanding, Tier 2.1, native) - One of the more advanced powers of the Milky Way.
  • Species 8472 (invading, Tier 1, fanfic) - These transdimensional aliens wish to eradicate most life in the galaxy.
  • Galactic Empire of Cyrannus (thriving, Tier 1, extragalactic) - The Empire is currently growing exponentially.
  • Aruna Sector
    • Stellar Union (expanding, Tier 2.6, native) - Building relationships between other empires after their recent introduction to the galactic community.
    • Zagresi Cooperative (expanding, Tier 2.7, native) - Developing military technology and secret relationships with foreign empires.
  • Edict of Harvur (expanding, Tier 2.7, non-native) - A stranger to the First Gigaquadrant, currently expanding.
  • Slukatian Empire (expanding, Tier 3.6, native) - An empire founded by the Slukatians who try to gather as much knowledge as possible about the galaxy, and create positive relationships with other empires;
  • Colonies of the: Human Republic, CoreFed Commonwealth of Taxton, United Federation of Species, Surivorter Empire, Imperium of War, Waptoria Alliance of Species, Kingdom of Agethime, New Tadpole Empire
  • The Medwedian Democratic Federation (Lower Saggitarius Arm, Expanding, Native, Tier 3.5)
    • Various tier 6-4 civilizations that are puppets of the Medwedian Democratic Federation
  • Talven Empire (expanding, Tier 2.7, migrant) - An expanding Empire under the influence of several prominent merchant guilds.
  • Azzinothe Empire (expanding, tier 4.0,) - Recently created.
  • Eldarisian Milky Way Colonies (Expanding, Tier 3.1, Non-Native) - A colony group that belongs to the Eldarisian Empire of the Bunsen Galaxy. Focused mainly on Agriculture and religion, these colonies stay in a much more quiet andisolated area to keep the peace and unwanted attention.
  • Ulter Empire (expanding, tier 3) - A new space empire that is currently growing. They are natives of this galaxy and they want to explore others.
  • United Republic of Grubmolians (stabilizing, tier 3, native) - An ancient civilization that has laid dormant in isolation for tens of thousands of years.
Orion-Cygnus Arm
  • Human Republic/Near-Humans (thriving, Tier 2.5, native/fanfic) - Humans and Near-humans (Klingons, Romulans, Minbari etc) have a long history in the galaxy and have become a major influence. Recently they have united into a Republic. Occasionally, the Wraith attack their weaker systems.
  • Jovar Socialist Republic/Joran Planet Alliance (Tier 2, native) - The Jovar were created by humanity, and look after Earth since humans left it.
  • Waptoria Alliance of Species (active, Tier 2, native/extragalactic) - The Waptoria Alliance of Species were natives of the Milky way, however due to the constant wars, they moved to the more peaceful Mirus Galaxy. They still have quite some influence in the arm. Their Milky way capital is the Vega star system.
  • The Divinarium (active, Tier 2, extragalactic) - The powerful zealot empire holding a large presence in Milky Way, around ~2000 systems scattered across the Orion-Cygnus Arm. The local capital in the Divinarium in Milky Way is Sanctuarium, the lunar ecumenopolis orbitting Alpha Centauri.
  • Colonies of the: Medwedian Democratic Federation*
  • The Wanderers (active, Tier 4, extragalactic) - The Wanderers are a race who left there unknown home galaxy long ago to fulfill an ancient prophecy, they established themselves on there new homeworld and are now expanding.
  • New Eridani Confederation (expanding, Tier 3, Native) - Rebuilt BNSC, also desperate for expansion.
  • Colonies of the: SSA (Sol system), United Federation of Species, Surivorter Empire, Kingdom of Agethime, Plazith League
Galactic Halo, Monoceros ring, globular clusters and satellite galaxies
  • Neanderthal Empire (expanding, Tier 3, native) - Taken by aliens shortly before their extinction, Neanderthals plot about retaking Earth and revenge on humanity.
  • Colonies of the: DCP (Observatories and dark matter detectors), Pirates and Mercenaries, Loron holdings, Surivorter Empire
Extinct Empires
  • Transapient activity (Xyanxes, Xeelee, Naucean etc.) (unknown, possibly left, Tier 0, fanfic) - Activity of the interuniversal Xeelee has been detected near the core, as their mysterious spacetime ships sweep the stars.
  • Grox Empire (expanding, Tier 1.6, extragalactic) - Defeated.
  • Borg Collective (recovering, Tier 2/1, fanfic) - Defeated alongside the Grox
  • Marinox Empire (defeated, Tier 2, native) - Defeated alongside the Grox
  • The Marinoxidiz (destroyed, Tier U, native) - Demonic successors of the Marinox, destroyed by the union of several empires.
  • CoreFed Commonwealth (disappeared, Tier 1, extragalactic) - vanished.
  • Asgard (left, Tier 1.3, fanfic) - The Asgard became extinct centuries ago due to mass suicide. However, their extragalactic cousins returned to research them. During the Imperial Civil War, they left. The Asgard have helped the galaxy in many ways, protecting human, building advanced technology, help in defeating the Ori invasions and the Replicators which would have destroyed the galaxy.
  • Last Goa'uld System Lord (defeated, Tier 3, fanfic) - Nearly all of the Goa'uld had been destroyed centuries before, however, the might of the Grox was enough to defeat the last hiding the shadows. The only symbionts now are the Tokra, and a few confined on their homeworld.
  • Reckzo (unknown, Tier 4/3, native) - The Reckzo were a promising empire, and had just begun to collect star energy.
  • New Dalek Empire (unknown, Tier 1.3, fanfic) - The Daleks are now gripped in a devastating war with Species 8472. For reasons unknown they fled through time...
  • Covenant (extinct, Tier 3, fanfic) - A fanatical empire which caused problems until the Daleks eradicated them in a day.
  • Galactic Empire (left, Tier 1, fanfic) - Came frome a mysterious galaxy but then left again during the Imperial Civil War.
  • Cognatus Alliance (disappeared, Tier 1, extragalactic) - Controlled many systems on the edge of the galaxy, but then disappeared.
  • Gablinus-Avis (destroyed, Tier 2, native) - The Gablinus Avis were a powerful nation, however, they were destroyed by an AI.
  • Hogomoth Refuge city ships (fleeing, Tier 3 (once), native) - Hunted across the galaxy.
  • Delpha Coalition of Planets (disappeared, Tier 1.7, native) - The DCP was one the most powerful residents, but disappeared after the Xhodocto destroyed the universe.
  • House of the Krassio (ascended, Tier 1.6, extragalactic) - The Krassio watched for Xhodocto activity. They have since then ascended into the Xol'Etra.
  • Royal Forion Galactic Senate (unknown, Tier 3, extragalactic)
  • The Consortium (unknown, Tier 3, native) - A consortium of [Maxis] empires, which were in a cold war with the DCP during its first galactic expansion. They failed. It is unknown if they survived the Annihilation.
  • Dominion (extinct, Tier 3, fanfic) - Now extinct when they plunged into a civil war.
  • United Veatrex Federation (steady, Tier 3/2, extragalactic)
  • Jarquvix Federation (thriving, Tier U/3, native) - Own a tightly packed empire. Not interested in expansion.
  • Spinker Empire (reformed, Tier 3, native) - Once a thriving empire, was absorbed into the Dracogonarious Empire.
  • Bonio Republic (reformed, Tier 3, native) - Absorbed into the Dracogonarious Empire.
  • Ernai Empire (destroyed, Tier 5, native) - An empire of fanatic zealots, destroyed by the Spinker Empire.
  • Unified Nation of Ottzello (growing, Tier 2, extragalactic) - Removed, see Plazith Galactic War
  • First Ones (moved, Tier 1, fanfic) - The Culture, Forerunners, Vorlon, Shadows, Walkers of Sigma-957, Time Lords, Sphere Builders, Naucean & Xynaxes were ancient races billions of years and unimaginingly powerful. Many had left or ascended, or had become extinct leaving only relics, while some stayed to guide the young races. In the Imperial Civil War, they left beyond the Rim in gave the DCP the responsibility of the galaxy.
  • The Terdiatlans (expanding but in military crisis, native) - The Terdiatlans are expanding there, but recent disasters like destruction of Auridia and revolt of dark Terdiatlans are weakening them alot.
  • Dragonisk (unknown, Tier 4, native) - A small but hostile empire.
  • Vida'Rra (ascended, Tier U, native) - Ascended to defeat the demon Shu'rimrodir.
  • Arachnid Imperium (extinct, Tier 2, native) - Self-destroyed due to superweapon misuse.
  • Arkit Council Empire (presumably extinct, Tier 5, native) - A small Empire that was destroyed by an unknown force.
  • Bearian Nations Space Command (extinct, Tier 3, native) - The BNSC merged with a rebel faction to create the NEC.
  • Crys'Irith (preumably extinct, Tier 1, native) - A powerful race of essence masters, they died out approximately 75 million years ago due to unknown reasons. A few of their members still exist, however.




A Cyrannian, an Andromedan, and a Milky Wayan walk into a bar. After a few hours, the Milky Wayan puked all over the floor. The janitor started to cry, but the Cyrannian said "Don't cry over spilled milk." Thus the Earthman saying.

- An old Quixid joke

This galaxy became our legacy, and soon we shall reclaim the center for the Old Grox, and destroy our organic enemies for the Ascending.

- Overmaster Grell of the Omega Hive