The snake folk of the desert and the ones who live under them always bring precious gems and other things which they never seen to run out of. Their quality weapons and armory makes them fearsome sometimes, but they are in fact friendly and welcoming, if not slightly too pushy about getting us to trade with them. It makes me wonder if they do it out of profit or out of pleasure. Beastmen are a curious lot after all.

- Nefelein Pridesun, Aynach noble

The Merovar Dynasty is a large empire hailing from Koldenwelt's Sea of Sand which serves as the primary government of the Merovar race. Predominantly an empire of traders and merchants, the Dynasty possesses great influence across the world due to their extensive trade routes which pass by many civilizations from the desert to the west, to the east and to the south of the world's eastern continent, only not having any presence in the cold far north.

With an extensive history, rich resources and potent military, the Merovar Dynasty is a major faction in international affairs who are always aware of the current important events of the world thanks to their great sphere of influence. And while they are often stereotyped as being smooth-talking, cowardly snakes, the Dynasty is by no means weak for their warriors are feared for their multi-species nature, their great physical strength and their unique battle techniques involve dual-wielding their weapons.



The Merovar Dynasty was formed around 1,350 years in the past in the east part of the Sea of Sand. Their first major populated area, Sohitaria, was built around the ruins of a Sohet city which once existed in the region before it was destroyed by the Idkin. Living in a region with abundant resources such as water and gold, the Merovar developed a culture centered around trading. The first leader of the Merovar was Sultan Marigrax I, widely seen as the greatest sultan in the empire's history. Since their origins, the Merovar lived under constant threat of the Cult of the Eclipse.

The Sandstorm Enmity[]

Around 860 BNA, the Merovar developed working relations with the major power of the desert, the Khaepsha-ultan, who relied on the Merovar to help them survive near their territory, opening themselves to trading deals and restricting their raiding activities. During this time, the Dynasty would come under the rule of the sultan widely known as Karnak the Hedonist, a cruel, maniacal and disrespectful ruler who would become notorious on their history for his many atrocities. The Khaepsha-ultan would suffer economic problems due to internal conflicts at the time as well as battles against the Idkin and the Khahurnim Elves, which led to them developing debts with the Merovar as well as beginning to raid their territory in an attempt to recover themselves, claiming attacks on the Dynasty were made by rebels though Karnak was able to tell through their lies. Later, Karnak also found the Ankhor attempting to make the Merovar kneel before their wishes as well as suffered attempts by their people to intrude into Sohitaria in order to gather ancient Sohet relics. This ultimately led to the conflict known as the Sandstorm Enmity, when the Dynasty declared war on Khaepsha-ultan.

The Dynasty found itself severely damaged by the much more ancient and advanced power of the Khaepsha, which led to the destruction of great part of their original lands while the Ankhor suffered minor losses in comparison. Aid would come to the Dynasty in the form of the Drifting Tribes and the Mivtzar city-state, both which opposed the Khaepsha-ultan and eventually led to the Merovar obtaining Khahurnim Elf citizens after they were rescued from conquered Ankhor settlements. The Dynasty was also able to loot magitech from the Khaep which was used to combat them and eventually allowed the Merovar to reach their current technological status. The war lasted for a total of three and a half decades, nearly causing the complete destruction of the Dynasty until the interference of Almonohuim, the Colossus of Sand, who became infuriated with both factions for damaging the desert with their war and ordered them to cease it, devouring Sultan Karnak alive in the process. The Merovar survived the war with Khahurnim allies but took many decades to repair the damage, while the Khaep were pushed out of their lands due to not being able to survive by themselves in it, and to the modern age, the two factions remain bitter enemies with small-scale conflicts still ensuing through the desert.

Odyssey of the Desert[]

A new war against Khaepsha-ultan ensued in the New Age in the form of the Odyssey of the Desert. The Ankhor allied themselves with the Sand Drakes under Asemath and the legions of Wranploer under Volim the Greedy against the Merovar Dynasty and the empires of the Khahurnim Elves, the latter joining up into an allied offensive against Khaepsha-ultan's plans. In order to deal with Pharaoh Khyannarith, the Dynasty contacted a number of the heroes of Dar-Nahalant and asked them to kill him while they prepared an offensive against the enemy before they had the chance to attack first.

What followed as the loss of many Dynasty cities, primarily to Wranploer raiders, before the Merovar, the Khahurnim and the Man-Serpents of the central deserts marched into Khaepsha-ultan's lands, assaulting their capital of Khaepsharathas. Pharaoh Khyannarith was ultimately defeated by Earath and the war came to an end, with the Merovar Dynasy agreeing to give a chance to the Ankhor if their behavior improved under the rule of the new Pharaoh Khyanneif. Following the end of this war, the Dynasty also pledged their support in the war against the Legion of Shiarchon during the Eschaton, where their soldiers travelled to the Archipelago to stop the corrupted elves from obtaining the Eye.




The Merovar Dynasty is a hereditary monarchy led by a Sultan who passes the title to their oldest son or daughter upon death. The Sultan may be either a male or female, but they are exclusively Merovar. The sons and daughters of the Sultan are known as Prince-Governors, and are tasked with maintaining the empire's provinces in each region of Koldenwelt. Aiding the Sultan are the individuals known as Satraps, individual members of each race in the Dynasty who serve as advisors for the royal family and as governors of their own people inside the Dynasty's borders. The method of choice for each satrap depends on the individual species' culture. The current leaders of the Merovar Dynasty are:

The Sultan


Life in the Merovar Dynasty depends widely upon the individual success of the individual. The cities of the Merovar tend to be heavily populated, with the nobility and the rich living at the central parts of colonies while the lesser classes live around them, closer to the cities' walls. Because of their great affinity with commerce, all the cities of the Dynasty have great trade plazas where merchants and citizens meet to do business with one another. Individuals who do not occupy at least a small role in society are often shunned on and chased out of cities, being forced to live outside the protection of the walls and therefore be vulnerable to bandits and raiders.

As the namesake race of the Dynasty, the Merovar hold the most power and influence of all species in the empire, which leads to a great portion of the nobility and bourgeoisie to be composed of Merovar. However, this does not mean the other races in the Dynasty hold no power, for they also possess great influence and often excel at some roles which the Merovar do not, such as military and international diplomacy. The royal family of the Dynasty is aware and is not afraid to claim the empire would not have gotten this far without the aid of their allies and fellow member races.


Regarding technology, the Merovar Dynasty is considered above the average of the rest of Koldenwelt. While lacking the clockwork marvels of the Klaxxa or the engineering of humankind, the Dynasty is nonetheless able of create great artifacts by using a combination of smithing and magical enhancements such as the ones used by elvenkind. The Dynasty's lands, especially their home lands in the desert, are extremely rich in natural resources such as stone, copper, iron and bronze, which the Dynasty uses to create great feats of architecture and equipment. The empire has also a limited knowledge of gunpowder, obtained from trade routes with the Klaxxa, which is used primarily to use cannons, more often in ships. Gunpowder for infantry use is nonexistent.

The Dynasty's equipment is very often of high quality, and regarding the military, the empire is well known for having all infantry be trained in dual-wielding weapons, most commonly a straight sword and a curved sword. Cavalry is common, with the Dynasty making use of beasts ranging from war horses to tamed giant scorpions, and ranged infantry is primarily composed of crossbow users and mages, with the latter often being arcane magicians or practitioners of sand magic. Heavier, stronger weapons such as battleaxes, halberds, glaives and greathammers are also present, but usually restricted to stronger races such as Orcs or Skeltadraskeli. Regarding armor, the Merovar prefer durable but flexible designs, made to evade hits rather than endure them, which leads to the Dynasty putting a low emphasis on shields.


The Merovar Dynasty is a deeply religious empire whose main, official deity is the Colossus of Sand Almonohuim, who is referred to in Merovar religion as the "Great Cobra King". According to the teachings of the Dynasty, the Merovar were born from the shed skin of the Colossus after he breathed the sand which created the Great Desert. Additionally, the Sohet are also present in the religion of the Dynasty, worshipped mainly by the Merovar and the Arkora who refer to them as the "Old Sand Sages", who were advisors of Almonohuim and created the Arkora race before disappearing in the depths of the desert's sands. The imagery of Sand Drakes is also greatly present across the Dynasty, often associated with war, determination and valour.

Temples dedicated to Almonohuim are scattered across the Merovar Dynasty's provinces are considered holy ground, to be left untouched by conflict and where all individuals are equal, being considered safe grounds for the persecuted or the poor who were shunned away by the rich. Additionally, commerce is notably forbidden inside temples. They are often decorated by great marble statues of Almonohuim surrounded by statues of the Sohet, or at least the closest the Dynasty can make out of them due to their only records of the race being the imagery present at the ruins of Sohitaria. The underground tunnels of the Sohet are also subject of religious worship, which has led to various conflicts with the Ankhor over control of them.


Royal Family[]

Sultan Megrovaz II.png

May the Dynasty live forever. Or at least, enough to outlive the Khaepsha.

Megrovaz II is the current Sultan, and by extension, the supreme leader of the Merovar Dynasty. A former rebellious young man who joined the military in an attempt to not have to rule, he holds a deep grudge for the Khaepsha-ultan afte rhe was wounded and forced to retire. Megrovaz II is deeply committed to making the Dynasty as efficient as possible due to his predecessor's mistakes, and is also a deeply religious man, believing that his family tree was destined to become rulers by Almonohuim. Megrovaz II rules the capital region surrounding the city of Sohitalia, sending his children to rule the other regions where the Dynasty has influence.

Prince-Governor Rultanex.png

The Dynasty will be eternal. It is our job to ensure that.

  • Name - Rultanex
  • Role - Governor of the Sea of Sand territory
  • Status - Active

Prince-Governor Rultanex is the oldest of Sultan Megrovaz II's sons, the political leader of the Merovar Dynasty's territories of the Sea of Sand and officially the next in line for the throne of the Dynasty. Displaying a great discipline and urge to lead from a young age, Rultanex grew to become governor of the Sea of Sand territory to aid his father in leading the region, and since then, he has made himself notable as the most successful of the governors. Rultanex leads with efficiency in mind, and Megrovaz II always talks of him with great pride.

Princess-Governor Meryptah.png

Ooh, you elves are just the prettiest things.

  • Name - Meryptah
  • Role - Governor of the Western Forests territory
  • Status - Active

Princess-Governor Meryptah is the second oldest of Sultan Megrovaz II's children and the political leader of the Merovar Dynasty's territories of the Western Forests. The first daughter of Megrovaz II who was born a few months after Rultanex, Meryptah was given control over the west part of the Dynasty where she has become the Merovar's main link with the Sovereignty of Dryada. Meryptah notably shows hedonistic traits, enjoying living her life to its fullest by making her as glamorous, pleased and pleasured possible. Her leadership is considered very good and she has successfully made multiple benefitial deals with the Dryadali Sovereign, though many elves do not enjoy the way she looks at them and their bodies.

Prince-Governor Khentimeresh.png

From the blood of dragons we emerged, and through the blood of dragons we will conquer!

  • Name - Khentimeresh
  • Role - Governor of the Eastern Plains territory
  • Status - Active

Prince-Governor Khentimeresh is the middle child of Sultan Megrovaz II and the political leader of the Merovar Dynasty's territories of the Eastern Plains. The second male son of the Sultan, since an young age, Khentimeresh showed an immense fascination for the Sand Drakes and most notably Asemath, growing to believe that the Merovar people were children of these dragons and were destined to one day become as powerful as them. The most militant of Megrovaz II's children, likely out of reaction from eastern nations such as the Empire of Man, Khentimeresh believes that one day, he will become as grand as Asemath, and will rule over as much as him, if not more.

Princess-Governor Khamarli.png

Brrr! It's cold in here! I need a hug to get me warm.

  • Name - Khamarli
  • Role - Governor of the Kame Isles territory
  • Status - Active

Princess-Governor Khamarli is the second youngest of Sultan Megrovaz II's sons and the political leader of the Merovar Dynasty's territories of the Kame Isles. Always considered loving and innocent both by her father and her siblings, Khamarli nonetheless wished to prove herself useful to her family until Megrovaz II agreed to have her lead the Dynasty's colony at the Kame Isles. Khamarli has grown very fond of Min Lagosi, and she is often seen trying to learn more about them and their culture. Khamarli is the only one of Megrovaz II's children to who can endure Prince-Governor Khensu's attitude, finding his little brother more cute than annoying.

Prince-Governor Khensu.png

Does it look like I care for your opinion? Leave me be, I got more important things to do!

  • Name - Khensu
  • Role - Governor of the Tropical Lands territory
  • Status - Active

Prince-Governor Khensu is the youngest of Sultan Megrovaz II's sons and the political leader of the Merovar Dynasty's territories of the Tropical Lands and Sprak Island. A spoiled child since birth, Khensu has grown to be an unfriendly, bratty manchild who nonetheless was still given the power to do what he wishes with the Dynasty cities of the Tropical Lands. Khensu has little empathy for his subjects and wishes for nothing but to make himself richer and more influent, even if it means blackmailing other nations or even his own siblings, with the exception of his dear sister Khamarli. His reputation and attitude have made him the most hated of the Dynasty's leaders, with some giving him the crude nickname of Karnak the Second. Mention of this nickname to Khensu is enough for him to cause a tantrum.

The Sultan.png

From my design, the Merovar will rise, and from our collective efforts, a great empire will be born. One which will last for all eternity, endure the storms of sand, ward off all foes who thirst for its blood, embrace those who welcome it and stand the tests of time. Such is the word of the Great Cobra King, and such is the word of the Sultan.

  • Name - Marigrax I
  • Role - First sultan, founder of the Dynasty
  • Status - Deceased

Sultan Marigrax I, Our Founder, Our Father, Our Patron is the name and full title of the founder of the Merovar Dynasty and the very first leader of the empire. Born at 1,400 BNA, he was the charismatic figure who united the wild tribes of the Merovar people and created the Dynasty to serve as their unified government. To this day, Marigrax I is widely seen as the greatest ruler in the empire's history, with tales of his great feats being common across Merovar territory and many religious figures seeing him as a possible avatar of Almonohuim himself sent to the Merovar to unify them, which leads to him being revered in the Dynasty as not only a hero but as a demigod. Marigrax I's family comes all the way to the modern age, with Megrovaz II and his children being his latest blood descendants.


General Alerad.png

I will not tolerate failure in my army!

  • Name - Alerad Jurrgha
  • Role - Highest military authority, satrap of the Merovar
  • Status - Active

General Alerad is the military leader of the Merovar Dynasty. A strict, hot-blooded and rigorous woman, Alerad is the highest authority in the Dynasty when it comes to war, after the Sultan himself. The daughter of an influential noble family, she joined the military at the age of 16 and rose through its ranks through severe training and determination. She obtained the title of General at the age of 30, and has been leading the Merovar's armies for three decades since. Alerad is an exceptional scimitar user and has been in numerous battles, where she has fought up-close against Khaepsha-ultan forces, Lympharians and even Sand Drakes. Her voice by itself sends chills down the spines of even the richest nobles of the Dynasty, as they are well aware of the consequences of irritating her.

Arch-Mage Benares.png

I'm in charge of magic around here, much to the Khaepsha's dismay, and my humour.

  • Name - Bhenhares shi Mashav-Qusai
  • Role - Arch-Mage, satrap of the Khahurnim Elves
  • Status - Active

Arch-Mage Bhenhares shi Mashav-Qusai is the current Arch-Mage of the Merovar Dynasty and the leader of his species in the council of satraps. One of the very few Khahurnim born with Source powers, he was born during the Khaepsha-Merovar War and his strange attributes caused him to be mistreated more than other Khahurnim during his childhood. During the war, the Merovar Dynasty conquered Bhenhares' home city and freed the Khahurnim in it, and decided to employ the young Bhenhares, making a better use of his powers. His magic allowed him to outlive the usual Khahurnim lifespan and with time, he was elevated to the rank of Arch-Mage of the entire Dynasty, having lived to see many sultans rise and fall. Being the Arch-Mage, Bhenhares is a close advisor to Sultan Megrovaz II and the highest authority regarding magic in the Dynasty after the Sultan himself. He is the oldest and most powerful wizard in the Dynasty, and wishes to spread his magical knowledge to his people and the rest of the empire's races, who are for the most part magically inept. Bhenhares holds a deep grudge toward the Ankhor and wishes to one day see all Khahurnim under the protection of the Merovar.


Word doesn't run on water and food around here. It runs on coin. And every coin runs through me and I get every last word I can out of it.

  • Name - Isuskidar Qyendissat
  • Role - Information broker, satrap of the Skeltadraskeli
  • Status - Active

Paragon Isuskidar is the most influential information broker in the Merovar Dynasty, and the current leader of the Skeltadraskeli people across the Sea of Sand. A particularly capricious character, Isuskidar embodies the stereotype of the Skeltadraskeli; treacherous, silver-tongued and very tight-fisted. Much of the foreign contacts between the Merovar Dynasty and their trade partners are managed by Isuskidar, though his management is often very slick. Those who know of Isuskidar's workings tend to avoid it as much as possible, though his efficiency as such an information broker has made him one of the richest individuals in the sultanate.

Shahbanu Jamila Rubystone.png

The Dynasty is like a most beauteous necklace. It is held together by gold. Or silver. No, definitely gold! We are a most wealthy nation, after all. It is filigreed. Very gracefully wrought, with big chains, and there are a few large plates of gold to make place for some calligraphy. And what is written on these plates? Why yes, Fraternity, Piety, Business. In the Taralakh script. There's a big diamond in the middle - that's the Merovar, our illustrious Sultan, peace be upon him. Around it is a ring of smaller diamonds - that is to say, his royal family, again, peace be upon them. Then there are rubies - ten, I think. The peoples of the Dynasty. How many are there? Twelve? Eight? One way or another, the reddest ruby is us! ...Actually, I want that necklace now. Yes.

  • Name - Jamila Rubystone
  • Role - Satrap of the Dynastic humans
  • Status - Active

Shahbanu Jamila Rubystone is the latest in the ancient line of the Shahs of Khainabad, one of the twelve great citadels of Alhassal that centuries ago was claimed by the Merovar as their own and accepted the Sultan over the Padishah as their sovereign. Formerly the favourite wife of the famously dim Shah Hakim-Alim Rubystone, when Jamila took the throne after his untimely death, all of the city's nobles prepared to scheme for influence under the new monarch, believing her to be inept and easy to manipulate. Indeed, Jamila seemed to be ignorant of the world beyond the royal harem, rarely spoke sensible things, and was apparently only interested in beautiful dresses, belly dancing and, after having mourned her husband, handsome men. They were wrong. Though outwardly unintelligent, the pretty exterior of the Shahbanu actually concealed a brilliant manipulative mind, which she used to pit the nobles against one another so as to retain her own supremacy in the Khainabadi court and gain influence in the Dynasty as a whole. Though not holding an official administrative title in the Merovar society besides her rank of Satrap, the important strategical position of Khainabad gives her a say in the matters of foreign relationships and military intelligence, which places her quite close to the Sultan.

Lord Onouphrios.png

One thousand, one hundred and twelve okes of gold. Hundred and twenty for the needs of the royals, two hundred and one for external trade with the Empire and the Sovereign, fifty five to purchase the flying machine from the Sky Empire for the Sultan's daughter. Another two hundred and one to satisfy the needs of the army, one hundred and twelve to pay the civil servants - not counting the payment in grain, of course. The rest... goes in the coifers of the Dynasty. That of the rest which does not go to me, of course.

  • Name - Onouphrios Serapion
  • Role - Satrap fof the Gryphosphinxes, Grand Treasurer
  • Status - Active

One of the more peaceful Gryphosphynx chieftains that agreed to join the Merovar Dynasty, Onouphrios rose to prominence amongst other leaders of his kind through his cleverness, efficiency and fastidiousness in all things. He is known as a stern, no-nonsense person and a natural organiser, intelligent even by his people's standards, and, most importantly, peerless in all things that one way or another involve numbers: all these skills eventually led him to become the Dynasty's Grand Treasurer. He is the one who manages the Dynasty's vast riches and keeps account of its every economical transaction, making sure order is preserved in the Merovar economy and noone benefits from the Great Treasury more than he should. That being said, despite his meticulouslness, he is still a Gryphosphinx, and thus is often prone to accidentally make a mistake or two in calculations just so that certain riches would mysteriously vanish - and somehow end up in his own house.

Zabghat Zaraugug.png

There is little point in life if you do not enjoy the good things in it. Or fight to get to these good things. You get it.

  • Name - Zabghat Zaraugug
  • Role - Cultural advisor, satrap of the Growlthal Orcs
  • Status - Active

Chieftain Zabghat is the leader of the Growlthal Orcs and a descendant of their royal families back when they possessed a kingdom. Famed for his skills in diplomacy, Zabghat serves as the Dynasty's voice in international affairs when the Sultan is too preoccupied. He also serves as a cultural advisor who takes responsibility in assuring that all cultures within the Dynasty are treated fairly and that no cultural oppression happens. Zabghat holds resentment for Asemath for his destruction of the Growlthal Orcs' original home, and hopes that the Dynasty will bring him down one day.



Green face.pngPleased to do business with you.

Trading Partners[]

Blue face.pngThis is the beginning of a long friendship, we're sure of it.


Yellow face.pngGreetings. Would you like to trade?

  • Vermin Kingdom - Yick. You're awful at commerce.
  • Empire of Man - They go from bearable to as bad as the Khaep very quickly.
  • Undine Sphere - Why are you all so gloomy and clingy? That makes business difficult.
  • Khaepsha-ultan - We hope to see an improvement under Khyanneif's rule.


Orange face.pngNo deal. Go away for our patience is limited.

  • Nightshade Clan - We don't allow bloodsucking monsters in our lands, even more after the attack on Sohitaria.
  • Duergar Empire - We lost a few good caravans because of those folks.


Red face.pngFeel our blades in the name of the Sultan!

  • Cult of the Eclipse - We'll made gems out of your bodies!
  • Exosubstratal - Disgusting flesh plague. Keep away from our lands!
  • Legion of Shiarchon - The world is not yours to meddle with.


They could become an excellent dominion under our Empire...

- Arken-Lak

I always enjoy walking through the Dynasty. I don't get weird looks mainly because of those Skelta-things and they always like the extra muscle on trading caravans.

- Ndrhthryr


- Javina Desertsun

I have heard bad things about the merchants of the Merovar and those other races that live under their banner. But I know better than to trust the words of their enemies and their jealous rivals. Without the Dynasty, the great trade routes of the East would surely have failed long ago: with the only nearby path between the tropics and the poles being that which skirts the Southern Mountains, the Shiarchon could have severed the vital links between north and south and our world would surely have been lost the moment they chose to raise their blackened swords against us.

- Mala Aurorum