The Merchant Fleets are a semi-political and corporate entity residing within the Borealis Galaxy that was founded by various reformed factions and clans of Borealis Zazane in the aftermath of their downfall into innumerable warbands and pirate kingdoms that had plagued the galaxy throughout its history, with the predecessor-states of the Merchant Fleets officially founding the modern Merchant Fleets in 28,000 AD. The Merchant Fleets are a conglomerate of corporate warrior-clans that sell and offer service to various recognised sovereign states throughout the galaxy while retaining their own patriotic sovereignty, with rules and laws governing the practices of the Merchant Fleets so as to remain a reputable and beneficial galactic presence; the Merchant Fleets trade for resources and mutual protection in exchange for privatized military and paramilitary support, including terrestrial and naval assets.

The Merchant Fleets, while loosely-connected territorially, are governed by the Directorate of Lords - patriarchs and matriarchs of the most influential clans of each fleet - who each are sworn fealty to by a collection of lesser families and clans, with the more influential lineages being represented and governed by Liege Subordinates; the private armed forces of each Merchant Fleet are collectively known as the Private Regiments and the Private Squadrons, which are both contributed to by major and lesser families through varying practices - either through voluntary service or conscription. The Merchant Fleets, due to their nomadic nature and tendencies, rarely claim ownership of worlds although the recognised mutual homeworld of their organisation is Tendeilis.


Early History[]

The earliest history of the Merchant Fleets is unknown although it is claimed that the Merchant Fleets initially began as various sects of Borealis Zazane factions, both imperial and corporate, that sought to protect fledgeling interstellar societies from the various dominions of Zazane and other species that had traversed across the expanse of the Borealis Galaxy in exchange for profits and also mutual protection from larger and more prominent sovereign and corporate entities while residing within or on the border of the territories of their clients; it was the efforts of Khalir Ghielon, a prominent pirate-prince who once served on the court of a powerful pirate-lord, and Qhalaron Ayaisar, the mutual representative of various smaller Borealis Zazane kingdoms, states, and war-bands, whom formalized the Merchant Fleets as its own semi-political and corporate entity within the galaxy, with the rebellious faction that Khalir had led against the Borealis pirate-lords and the alliance of Borealis Zazane mercenaries becoming collectively known as the Reformed States. Following their foundation, the Reformed States would decimate Zazane pirates and raiders and absorb their numbers into their nomadic fleets, allowing them shelter and the opportunity to prosper in a wealthy and structured society.

As the Merchant Fleets grew, the Directorate of Lords - a collection of powerful clan heads whom each held notable significance amongst the Merchant Fleets - was founded in order to retain in contact with one another despite their assets being spread across the galactic expanse. Throughout their history the Merchant Fleets were known to have settled permanent contracts with the likes of significant sovereign states, such as the Zoles Imperium, while combating threats such as the Empire of Vijaha - later the Wranploer Legion -, the Kvargo Empire, Old Niaka Order, and the Seagon Empire, amongst other tyrannical and disorderly states - including other Borealis Zazane pirate-kingdoms, both independent and affiliated with the Wranploer. The Merchant Fleets would hold some prominence as allies of the Zoles during the First Borealis Galactic War while having a significant part in the defence of lesser nations and states from more prominent and powerful entities.




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