Oh, you have guns and various other little weapons. Oh how very adorable. Those will look good next to your head once it mounts my fire place.

- Mentrex

Mentrex, otherwise known as the Demon of Truxn, Drexial slayer, and Mentrex the Clanless is a mysterious warrior, in service to the Mendel Pact, and incredibly powerful. Found on the planet Truxn, without any memory of his past or who he was, other then his name, this did little stop Mentrex is his quest to find shelter, killing the many dangerous beasts living on Truxn. Upon finding a cave, he butchered a whole hive of Drexial, the strongest creatures on Truxn, and made their home his own. Mentrex then eked out an existence on the forgotten cave, trying to survive.

When he was discovered by a Mendel scout group, they, after some disagreements, took in the mighty warrior, and he helped guide them back to Truxn's capital city. WHile hled in mixed regard for his demonic appearance, Mentrex became accepted as an equal, when the city walls where breached, and a Drexiial hive poured in. Mentrex fought them off long enough for the teams to repair the walls, to which he jumped over the wall, with a Drexiial clutched In his claws, before taking it's head. the Mendel Clans on Truxn accepted him as one of their own, and he soon joined the War-Guardianships' Commander Corps. He is currently in charge of all Mendel Cyrannian forces.

Mentrex is noted, that despite his insane and murderous behavior, to care and respect his men, seeing them as links to his new society and culture, and believes that he must first gain their respect before he has the right to command them. Mentrex seeks to inspire his men by fighting alongside them with only his natural armor and claws, as well as any powers he has, to fight his foes.

History Edit

Awakening Edit

Mentrex awakened in the deep jungles of Truxn, many miles away from the capital city of Jurles. Not knowing anything of how he got there, Mentrex only knew his name, and decided to try and find shelter so he could figure things out. Moving across the jungles quickly, Mentrex managed to fight off many of the dangerous beasts living on Truxn for several weeks, before making it to a cave. Wandering inside, Mentrex found a pack of Draxiial, the top predator of Truxn. Fighting them for several hours with nothing but his claws, Mentrex managed to kill each one, and claimed their cave as his own.

Mentrex then settled in, living off the meat of the Draxial, and, once his supplies ran out, moved out at night, when hunting was the most dangerous for any Truxn-native, and found food and wood to keep himself alive.

One day, a squad of Scouts from Truxn, cut off from a force trying to establish an outpost outside the city, where cut off from their group by a pack of fierce Zargals, came across Mentrex's cave. Going inside for shelter, they came across an awakened, and angered, Mentrex. Rising to fight them, the 9 Scout-rookies almost clashed with him until one of them recognized he was sentient. After trying to communicate with him, Mentrex finally articulated his situation to them, and the they agreed to take him with them back to the capital of Truxn.

Leading them through the jungles, the group fought off many Zargals and other beasts that tried to track them through the jungles. Mentrex displayed surprising loyalty, growing close to his newly acquired brothers in arms, and fighting off every beast that attacked them with brutal power.

Finally, as they neared the city walls, the main pack of Zargals attacked in force, killing 3 of the members. Mentrex, in a rage, brutally killed several of them, before seizing telepathic control, and having the Zargals rip eachother apart. The Truxnian Ugandalorians managed to make it out of the city walls to rescue them, and brought them back, but, despite the protests of the remaining scouts, Mentrex was imprisoned for fear of his powers and abilities.

Taken before city leaders, the religious leaders ordered he be executed immediately, claiming him a demon, with several others agreeing with the sentiment. The governor-militant of the city, however, simply waited for the conversation to die down, and asked Mentrex if he really was a demon. Mentrex responded that he did not know, but didn't see how it mattered, as he had helped saved their rookies. Agreeing with the statement, the Governor-Militant ordered Mentrex set free and given home and broad.

Taken in by the leader of the Scouts he had saved, named Captain Harkos Rondarc and his family. Overtime, Mentrex not only gained their already impressive respect for being so humble, but also would work hard with the other Truxn garrison soldiers, his already powerful form building up further and further. However, Mentrex was not recognized as an adult and citizen yet, as he had not yet fought for the service of the Clans. Mentrex would dream of being able to join his brothers off world, and fight the enemies of the Pact. Until then, he was confined to the walls, and treated as a Pariah still by some of the more conservative Truxnians, someone even trying to shoot him in the chest once.

Defending Truxn's city Edit

However, the day finally came when Mentrex could earn his place with the clans. After a breach was reported in the walls around Truxn, Mentrex and Harkos where among the men to answer the call to arms, and reported at the breach, fighting off creatures as repairs began on the walls. Mentrex would, as usual, fight the monstrous beasts with no armor or weapons, as Harkos fought them off with his Sniper Rifle.

However, during the fighting, a Draxial flew through the city, and snatched Harkos, devouring him in front of Mentrex. Driven to extreme rage, Mentrex, ignoring a poisoned arm, and a leg being eaten away by acidic saliva, jumped right at the creature, aided by his telepathy, and grabbed the beast by the throat. The 2 fought on for days, even going outside the walls, then on top.

As the Truxnians pushed out the last creatures, they gathered to watch Mentrex fight the beast, until he ripped it's head off with his bear hands. Impressed as ever by his ferocity in battle, the Governor-militant declared Mentrex a full member of the Mendel Pact. Taking the Draxial's skull, Mentrex would, overtime, add a specimen of every Truxn lifeform to his trophy room, and kept Harkos' armor there, having refurbished and rebuilt it. The armor would remain the center-piece in his collection.

Joining the Commanders Edit

This galaxy. It is full of so much beauty. Beautiful art, planets, aliens. I will jam as much of this beauty into my trophy room as possible.

- Mentrex

not satisfied simply being part of the Truxn's militia force, Mentrex joined the military academy established there to train officers and fleet commanders. Despite it being a small class, and his teachers still not used to his way of doing things, Mentrex would earn top of his class in science, philosophy, and hand-to-hand combat, and would gain near-top ranks in marksmenship and mathematics.

After leaving, Mentrex would be put under the command of the Walgolorian Commodore Jyaudore Uguantai, and would serve with honors, before being promoted to Commodore himself and transferred to the ship he christened "Fury of Darkness". With his new position, Mentrex would have the remaining survivors of the scouts he rescued transferred to work under him, as well as Harkos's brother, Norgo. These 5 would serve as Mentrex's personal retinue, and would fight alongside him in battle, keeping their insane Commodore safe as he charged into battle.

Attero Dominatus Edit

Dominatus? They are already dead!

- Mentrex

Mentrex would fight in the Tyranny Wars with great eagerness, and was recorded as to have killed an Overseer with his bare claws in battle, something not even Olympians could accomplish. Mentrex would be awarded the metal of Cain for his service to the Pact.

Desolation of the Bisitar Edit

Why should I go there? These "accords" have done nothing for us, so they should get no favors. The only fleet I'd be leading there is one of conquest. Those feathered freaks would look nice next to the various other pelts I have

With the invasion of Cyrannus Galaxy by the Bisistar, the Mendel at first only watched and observed through their allies, the Waptoria and the Vanara. To most, it was none of their business, merely war between the members of the Mou'Cyran Accords, and the Bisistar, not something to risk Mendel lives with. However, as the situation seemed more dangerous, the Mendel drew up a plan of action. After all, 2 of their close allies where fighting there, as well as several nations who had assisted them in the Tyranny War.

Mentrex himself remained silent about the events, but when asked if he would agree to go there to assist the Accords, he at first refused. Why lead his troops into another galaxy, and die for races the Mendel did not know? However, Barda Clett, Lord Ugandalore the Untouchable, pointed out that some races in the Accords, like the New Cyrannian Republic and the Mardvaeli, had in fact helped them against the Tyranny in the Attero Dominatus War. Plus, the Bisistar were attacking a defenseless race totally unprovoked, and as such it would be dishonorable to not assist them in their hour of need. Mentrex, however, pointed out that most of those who had helped the Mendel in Tyranny War, were currently not in the Accords, but in the Xonexi Allies, who where now to be considered hostile invaders. At this, Barda quickly ended the argument, stating that if he was truly Mendel, he would at least go and assist in the defense of a nation that was being victimized by a larger, more aggressive power.

Mentrex agreed, hours later, to lead the task force, and for his new efforts, the Council gave Mentrex control over armies made up of Ugandal, Kodalorian, Walgolorian warriors, as well as Kaguran, Kadalian, Kamasid, Orgaat, and Cresakt Auxiliaries. Their primary objective was to establish contact and begin fighting the Bisitar in the worst areas of the galaxy, as requested by his soldiers. Secondary objectives included gaining access to the galaxy, and spreading Mendel ideals. While disgusted with being used as a tool for Mendel propaganda, Mentrex silenced his own doubts, and began prepping his forces for war.


I will go, only because our allies are there. The rest, the empire, republic, whichever, can all rot for all I care

Mentrex would arrive at Mou'Cyran, and just in time, as well. Find his comrades of the Vanara and the Waptoria in the chaos of battle, Mentrex would contact the Vanara commander, Muri, and identify himself and his fleet, before they proceeded forth with a tough, gritty battle, that ended with the Mendel victory, thanks only to their strange mix of technology, odd tactics, and surprise.

Mentrex, afterward, would tell one of his officers, Rally-master Jorgon, to prep forces for a ground invasion, so he may claim a Bisitar for his trophy room. Jorgon, while unnerved, agreed to the sentiment, and Mentrex would lead his fleet to finding the Waptorian lead vessel.

Finding the organic vessel in a strange grapple with another organic vessel belonging to the Bisistar, both snaring and wresting with each other, Mentrex would leave his ship in the trusted hands of Jorgon, and lead some of his forces in a landing party aboard the ship after he received an emergency transmission from one of the Waptorian commanders. Eager to assist a trusted ally, and gain a Bisitar for his trophy room, Mentrex followed through, landing with Miru at the ship, establishing a forward command post, before moving quickly to find the Commander, Zavarak.

Mentrex, however, was disturbed by how easy his forces landed on ship, and just how quiet the whole thing was. While their had been fighting earlier on, Mentrex could find little sign of a struggle. It was as though the ship had almost been abandoned. His forces moved through, joined by the Vanara Commander Miru, and leading three Mendel squads through. With the fear of shape-shifters coming to claim his men, Mentrex ordered his forces to use Mendel tongue to communicate, since the Bisitar would not know such an obscure language.

After arriving at the central zone of the Waptorian ship, Mentrex ordered his forces to open the doors that locked the 2 Waptorian Commanders, Zavarak, a Changeling posing as a Skordi, and S'ara, an Orgaat, once Miru rejoined them. After coming in, Mentrex paid salutations to them, before communicating in Mendel with Zavarak, as Skordi usually knew a little Mendel in their day. When the presumed Skordi knew not a word, Mentrex reacted with violence, killing the Bisistar he really was, before his forces turned on the other shapeshifters. However, more soon arrived, and Mentrex was disappointed to find that Bisitar dissolve once killed. However, hope showed itself once more, when Commander Miru froze one, Mentrex keeping the frozen body as a trophy. After the battle, and substantial causalities, Mentrex ordered 2 of his soldiers to carry the Bisitar corpse ahead of the forces back to the transports, as he and his remaining forces rejoined and went to find the Waptorian commanders, as Miru left to command her ship once more.

They did find Zavarak and S'ara, the real ones, as well as an group of Waptorians carrying their own bounties, ensnared Mur Dooza, and escaped as a horde of Bisistar warriors and their other Mur Dooza warrior-thralls came upon them. As their transports made it back to the Mendel/Waptorian/Vanara/Algolurn ships, and escaped a fresh wave of Bisitar ships coming in fast. Despite some losses, the United Fleet managed to retreat behind the rest of the fleet, before taking any substantial losses, and, more importantly, got the information for the allies on the weakness of the center piece of the Bisitar fleet, the World Eaters. Helping Zavarak deliver the information to Willelmus Cretacea of the Republic star fleet, Mentrex would assist the Mou'Cryan Accords in pushing the Bisitar back.

With a race saved from enslavement and destruction, new allies at his side, and a new trophy to add to his hall, Mentrex retired peacefully, as his fleet took to cleaning up operations.


I must have sinned horribly in some past life. This is the worst assignment in the history of the galaxy. Nothing to kill, maim or generally harm in some permanent manner.

As he was the first Mendel fleet commander in Cyrannus, Mentrex was placed in charge of protecting and overseeing the colonization of the Cyrannus galaxy by Mendel forces, after their joining with the Mou'Cyran Accords, and allying with the New Cyrannian Republic. Mentrex, while at first skeptical, as come to accept it, more out of respect for orders then the actual republic. After the capital of Frenal was established, Mentrex ordered a new suit of armor forged for himself, so he could wear it into future battles. It's believed the armor was designed, and built, more to intimidate outsiders, then anything else, another show of Mentrex's twisted humor towards other, outsider races.

Mentrex also started to use the blades he and his friend used while on Truxn. Many say this was done to Mentrex getting older, however, the Commodore and ground commander merely wanted to change things up and fight differently.

Second Great Cyrannian War Edit

Mentrex was given permeant assignment in Cyrannus, and, as such, his fleet was one of many under the Command of Ryaler and Finn Shesara when in defense of Frenal.

Traits Edit

Personality Edit

Ripping and tearing is what I do best!

Mentrex appears an honorable fighter, though prefers to fight first, be honorable second. He has no qualms with putting his enemies down as quickly and as brutally as possible. However, Mentrex has shown that he hesitates against foes who he believes can't fight back against him, and will hold back, or even ignore them until they get in his way, in which case he'll knock them out quickly. Mentrex seems totally focused on battle, often challenging new soldiers to spar with him. Most believe this is because of a fetish for close-quarters combat, but, in actuality, Mentrex gets to know his troops best when fighting with them, watching all their tics, reactions and emotions during the fight. If he judges the newcomer worthy, he will allow him or her in his forces. If not, he will see them off. This is also when he shows the most emotion, usually appearing apathetic and silent, only complaining of his need to fight and garner another Trophy for his collection.

Mentrex fully trusts the soldiers under his command, as a result of his sparring with them, and would lay down his life for them. So loyal is he to the Mendel, that he commonly fights with only his natural body armor over his skin, and bare-handed, technically fighting on the field naked. He will lead his troops on foot, while coordinating tanks and aircraft telepathically, or entrusting his officers.

Mentrex is also known to be incredibly violent and cruel, stemming from when he saw one of his closest friends on Truxn, eaten by Draxial when the walls of the capital where breached. He chased down the beast through the city, and proceeded to stomp on it's head and body again and again until it stopped moving, before taking it's head as a trophy, the first of many creatures that would adorn his trophy room aboard his flagship. He is actually one of the few Mendel Commanders who actually house trophy rooms of both sapient and non-sapient creatures. Back on point, Mentrex will hunt down any foes he considers dishonorable, and will dispense with any sort of "honor" left in his soul to kill them.

Due to his past with being called a demon and monster by the religious figures of Truxn, Mentrex distrusts chaplains and priests, and few of them can be found in his armies. Mentrex suffers from acute kleptomania, and his acquiring trophies is merely one side of it. Often, when visiting other planets, Mentrex is not above stealing priceless artifacts and important things, or even random trinkets that catch his eye, and adding them to his collect.

Trophies He's acquired over the years Edit

Nothing is escaping my trophy room! Expert warrior? Doubt it. Famous politician? Well, strike a pose for a museum piece. Last of your kind? Better preserve you for future generations!

Mentrex houses many trophies, most of which he acquired from Truxn. However, he displays a cold need to have a trophy of every race in the First Gigaquadrant. Even those extinct. His dreams where almost dashed during the Bisistar Battle, when it was revealed Bisistar melt upon death. However, when one frozen, Mentrex's morale soured once more.

  • 7 Draxial heads, 3 arms, claws included.
  • 10 Zargal hides
  • Dead Watch armor
  • A Grox's cybernetic eye
  • An Anathema of Xenomortis' brain-stem, with some of the brain still attached
  • A Prophet of Dra'Erath's staff and left hand
  • A Blademaster of Hag'mar'ah blades
  • A Phantom of Pathogis' tail
  • A Dragowar's skull
  • A Warrior-Beast's brain
  • A frozen Bisistar kept on a special freezing platform to keep it from dissolving. He nick-named it "Frosty-bugger", and talks to it as though it can respond

Appearance Edit

Mentrex appears as a large, humanoid figure, with long, reptilian jaws, sharp hand claws, and a tail that separates into 2 whip-like structures. Mentrex's flesh is pure, night black in color, and flakes of it come off, which, on closer inspection, reveal he is literally rotting and regenerating at a constant rate, similar to Phase-Hunter. Over this, across his lower arms, chest, abdomen, thighs, and all over his head, is skeletal armor which is diamond hard. He appears to have 2 structures on the back of his shoulders, resembling wings that broke off, and his eyes glow red at a constant rate.

Mentrex's face looks as though it's contorted into a smile at times, and he has bone armor across his shoulders and shins as well as the rest that was aforementioned. He has small horns above his eyes, though appear vestigial at best, and he has 3 spikes on the top of his head forming a straight, horizontal line.

Abilities Edit

Mentrex displays many peculiar and, often frightening abilities. He can change gravity, using it to alter the strength of attacks, both his, and an enemies, and can use various telepathic abilities, including levitation and lifting up objects for limited amounts of time. He can fire focused beams of electricity and another, unknown energy at targets, and can regenerate extremely fast. Mentrex can teleport about the battlefield, though prefers not to use it, and can create illusions in his targets minds focused on fear.

Mentrex displays incredible martial arts expertise, practicing an unknown type. This involves flips, spins, and using backfists and arm-locks to attack foes, as well as using his powerful hands to literally scoop chunks of flesh out of his victims. He often makes use of his gravity-altering powers and telepathy in battle to enhance his attacks.

It should be noted that Mentrex has not yet unlocked all his abilities as of yet.

Speech patterns Edit

Mentrex's voice is a deep, baritone sound, usually accompanied with growls and snarls every so often in his speech. When angered or impatient about something, Mentrex sounds as though there are 3 voices speaking at once, with an echoing, distorted effect. At his highest, his voice can reach 3 octaves.

Equipment Edit

At one point, Mentrex would've been happy to fight in battle with no weapons or armor, other then his natural bone armor and claws. However, after the battle of Ventia, Mentrex decided to honor his Mendel roots more, having the forgers of the Pact create a new suite of armor for him. Going over his natural bone-protrusions and armor, the golden-sliver suit further protects his chest and other vital areas, as well as giving him a new face mask over his own. Opened for his jaws to freely move, as well as openings for his eyes, Mentrex can activate special systems to seal the helm while in space.

His armor is, as stated, sliver-gold in color, but also as multiple badges rapped around his wrists, with his gauntlets fixed over them, and these same bandages around his neck and waist, something that is done by Truxnian Sword-duelists to protect their vitals in battle. Mentrex himself has taken to using his sword, Back-bitter, now more then ever, and also carries the sword used by his late friend, Harkos Rondarc, which was willed to him.

Mentrex did not at first use the blades because he did not feel himself worthy of them. However, discussions with Harkos' mother convinced the Commodore to carry his own, and his friend's blade, into battle once more.

Relationships Edit

Green face Friends Edit

Mentrex the Clanless, at yours service.

  • Barda Clett - I am yours to command.
  • Casio Lwerian'ca - While your kind tend to be preachy, you have my respect.
  • Comacar O'kariin - You are a strong, yet intelligent warrior. Such is rare.
  • Miru - You have my respect, Vanara.
  • Lellay - Learn well, young one. You have much fighting spirit within your soul.
  • Zavarak - A Changeling fighting Bisistarian shape-shifters? How..quaint.
  • S'ara - You're a smart little Orgaat, you have my respect.
  • Phase-Hunter - You are crazy, for sure, but a comrade worthy of respect.

Yellow face Neutral Edit

Adorably pathetic, this one.

  • W'tze - Are your accords really important enough to warrant my men's involvement?
  • Frosty-Bugger - You're a fine friend! Always listening!
  • New Cyrannian Republic - I shall see how useful your group is. I still consider you outsiders.

Orange face Disliked Edit

What are you, stupid? Actually, don't answer. I'm afraid you might answer that for me.

Red face Enemies Edit

You have a place in my heart...And my trophy room.

  • Bisistar Domain - I wonder how your Queen would look in my trophy halls. Or my bed-chambers...
  • Kradik - Oh, so many potential trophies. Head, heat, liver? The list goes on.

Quotes from others Edit

  • Add your own!

A most effective leader of his forces, his presence was most welcome one during my Vector's fight with Bisistar and will continue to be so in further conflict.

- Vanara Vector Commander Miru

Oh, so many potential center-pieces for the collections in my museum. Because you know, dear Mentrex, that fossils of extinct races, and truly rare finds like a frozen Bisitar, must be open for anyone to see, instead of being put away in a private collection. What would be the point of that anyways? Of course it goes without question that you will be still able to visit your frozen friend. We have a deal, yes? No? Then I must exuse myself exuse myself for the absolutely nessecary action that is to take place. Because I will take it upon me personally to to open up your collection by moving it's location a bit. Sorry for the inconvenience. My Web wishes you a good day.

- Tpa'a'jinn, Arch-Concerver of the museum planet Malu'h'a and Node-Orator of the Waptorian Cyrannian Web

Big, violent, disturbing looking, and totally awesome! I just hope he lets me have our enemies brains before he makes them into trophies!

- Lellay

Quotes from others Edit

I am taking that head! Keep struggling, and I'll remove it slower.

I am pitiless!

Suffer, and be broken! It is my will!

Take to the shadows, and begin our hunt.

Another trophy, another dead enemy of the Pact.

I will instruct you in the ways of pain! With my own hands!

Trivia Edit

  • Was based upon the Godzilla character, Monster X, and Lord General "Freddie Mercury" Castor.
  • His martial art was based slightly off Ryuga's from Fist of the North Star.
  • Mentrex Has become one of ZF's favorite characters to write about.
  • theme - Armored Titan Theme - Fits Mentrex best.
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