I am a shadow, a ghost seen only in the darkest corners of the universe, and I know every one of your dirty little secrets...

- Mentracus

The Mentracus (Real name unknown, High Dracid: Supervisor) is the shadowy and mysterious leader of the Draconid Imperium's Royal Intelligence Agency (RCD). Almost nothing is known about their identity, what is known is that Mentracus has the resources of the entire RCD at his disposal.

Appearence and personality[]

Mentracus is famous for never showing his/her face and will always use audio connections to speak to people. The deals (s)he makes are usually conducted through a third party or an operative in their place. When speaking the voice heard is normally distorted and modified, not sounding like any known race yet still clear and informative. (s)he rarely speaks using contractions and is frequently vague about whatever is being discussed, leaving only a few clues as to what (s)he refers to.

What stops him/her from abusing this is a near-unshakeable loyalty to the Imperium and to the senate. However despite this it is common for him to engage in certain acts behind the Seante's back as long as he believes it will benefit the Imperium in the long-run. Such acts include installing agents in neutral empires, planting forged documents, and even keeping tabs on the most powerful of Gigaquadrant powers.


Aside from having the Imperium's entire intelligence network at their disposal Mentracus is highly charismatic and considers all situations like a game of chess, laying out plans that are difficult to unravel. Because (s)he serves the Imperium without question these plans mostly involve making sure his/her agents stay undetected and occasionaly will use these intricate plans to pull off convincing assassinations and sabotages.

Due to his nature Mentracus always works behind the scenes, leaving the true work to countless agents scattered throughout Imperial space and beyond. He is seemingly omnisicient due to the vast network of intelligence agents under his command however access to infomation is varied and more typically the reliability of his souces comes from both ease of access to alien databases and the competence of his own agents.


It is unknown were Mentracus comes throm and many wild theories circulate to explain his ability and apparent immortality. Very few believe that he is just one man (or woman) and most accept several theories, however wild or outlandish, including that (s)he is:

  • A quantium A.I.
  • multiple people
  • genetically enginerred
  • Residing in a tank of nutient liquid
  • A collective intelligence
  • A creation of the RCD's Executive Board

It is said that when somone is chosen to become Mentracus they are erased form all records. While this would look suspicious to any outsider this is normal for RCD agents who are declared KIA (who normally have their names and identities classified). The only certainty is that, whoever (s)he is, the name dates back to the origins of the birth of the imperium - making Mentracus one of the oldest creatures in Imperial history.


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What a fool.

- Emperor Kies of the Kraw

I may have worked with this guy. Or one of his agents. Or maybe it was completely unrelated to him. Hard to tell due to all the secrecy...

- Captain Torrent

So you are... a partner of mine, in some way. So be it.

- Exarch Laurinn Ma'fest


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