Hail to the fleets, for they shall bring us to our enemies, and conquer all within the vacuum.

- Unknown

The Warpath is the united fleet of the Mendel Pact, designed for combat and exploration.

The Mendel Fleet, named the Warpath, is the fleet of vessels employed by the Big 3 of the Mendel Pact, the Ugandalorians, Walgolorians, and Kodalorians. Designed for many roles, the Pact's fleets are designed to engage and overwhelm enemy forces in space, and then help deploy ground forces to take the enemy planet. The first step towards ground invasion, after the enemy fleet is crushed, is to contact the planet's officials, and demand they surrender and accept the rulership of their new rulers, the Mendel. If they refuse, the Mendel will land forces, setting up a base or 2 in them ore obscure regions of the planet, but close to their major cities, and launch attacks from Guerilla fighters, usually Conscript Auxiliaries. After this, the main Mendel force will move in, as the Fleet launches bombing runs and orbital bombardments.

The Warpath has no trouble "acquiring" new technology, and will send harvester units to take and scavenge from enemy ships that where destroyed in battle. In fact, modified drones will even scavenge even if the ship is active, tearing through armor plating and wires to scavenge from the ship, and brutally kill it's crew-members in the process. The Fleet also has no issue using allied ships. While they prefer Mendel designed ships in the fleet, the Warpath makes use of many useful designs, including the Togunda Stronghold-class, Kaguran Bird of Prey, Orgaat War-Sphere and Nithasaar Boita.

The Warpath prefers surprise when fighting, commonly appearing without warning, attacking quickly and effectively, often targeting the biggest ships. One of their favored tactics is to launch boarding pods right at their enemies loaded with Conscripts and Warriors, so they can board the foe and engage them in open combat, as the Mendel enjoy. This has the added benefit of allowing them to capture enemy ships and equipment.

While the Fleet is venerated, it is still considered second to the ground forces of the Pact.

History[edit | edit source]

Formation[edit | edit source]

The Warpath's formation is tied with the formation of the Mendel Pact. For years, the three Kingdoms, as they where called, of the Ugandalorians, Walgolorians and Kodalorians, each maintained their own fleets, while trading similar or identical designs with one another. It was the fighting against the Drakodominatus Tyranny, that truly cemented the idea of such an alliance between the three, and lead to much talk of what would lead to their unification. Though it was difficult, the Clans of the Mendel people ultimately managed to join their strength together and see to it that their political and military might was combined into one organization. This unifaction would lead to the creation of the two military branches of the Mendel pact; the Warpath, and the War-Guardianship, the Fleets and ground forces of both.

While the unification of the Mendel Legions was mostly seamless, the fleets had more trouble. While the army commanders could square away their disagreements better, the Fleets had a more bitter feud, many arguing over which was better. The High Kings, recognizing this disunity and discord was against the ideals of the Zaraturai and Hoorangiir, personally intervened, the Three Kings announcing they and the Clan Council would choose the next leader of all Fleets and armies, giving them absolute command of everything. While many bristled at this idea, the ultimate choice was Commander Ryaler, who took on the mantle of Supreme Commander, with others filling in below him. Without this disunity, the Mendel could focus on expansion and the cause of bringing unity to all.

With this, the Mendel took many new vessels designs under their banner, including the mighty Togunda Brotherhood vessels, the slow, lumbering Orgaat War-spheres, and the Fast, raider craft of the Kaguran. These Auxiliary vessels yielded advanced technology, such that would come to aid the Pact fleets many times. To celebrate the unity their people had found, a colonial expansion took place in Mirus, as the Mendel Colonial fleets where sent to the Milky Way, and beyond. This would begin what many would call, the Age of Expansion.

First Battle of Venetia[edit | edit source]

First War of Mirusian Coalition[edit | edit source]

Second War of Mirusian Coalition[edit | edit source]

Da Reckoning[edit | edit source]

Neraida War[edit | edit source]

The Mendel where involved heavily in the fighting against the Neraida Gigamatrix during the Neraida War, alongside their New Republic Allies. Convinced of the need to join by the increasingly brutal attacks committed by the Neraida. Regarding them as dishonorable and soulless, the Mendel prepared their warfleets, calling upon many Clans to raise their troops for battle, and their allies, such as the Orgaat and Togunda to boost their numbers further. These forces, large and well-equipped, arrived in Cyrannus under the command of Carchal Nal, who would lead his forces into battle.

Mendel forces would be involved in numerous attacks against the Gigamatrix, using their unconventional strategies and weapons to keep the advantage in their field, to compensate for the sheer volume the Neraida had, as well as their adaptability.

Mendel forces would also take part in the final battle against the Triumvirate of One, attacking the Neraida Core Complex, and playing a hand in destroying the Neraida, by buying time for their allies to release the virus that would cripple the Gigamatrix in total. After some clean-up operations, and declaring their admiration for their allies, left for home to celebrate their victory.

Research and Expansion[edit | edit source]

Following the Neraida War, and the technology looted, or as Mendel command would prefer, "Acquired" during the fighting, the Three High Kings announced their aims to expand their naval forces and to become a force truly respected within the Gigaquadrant. Seeing they had not the respect of other, more advanced nations of the universe, outside of the New Republic, the Pact decided to expand their fleet numbers, as well as ship types, so as to coordinate a more effective naval force worthy of the Mendel Pact.

Research was under way for various designs, including a new frigate named the Void-Destroyer, which fired a focused beam to wipe out other frigates and capital ships, and a new type of Carrier vessel to support their forces, and act as flagships for their most effective leaders. The most astonishing addition, where a series of Motherships, 10 in all, that where built to act as the ultimate force of the fleet. Such ships where the size of small cities, and held vast legions of warriors, ready for any battle.

Later, the reaction to many Intergalactic Supercarrier being built by empires that the Mendel had little patience or trust for, caused them to consider the idea of building supercarriers of their own, based upon designs of the current flagship of the High Kings. However, despite the expansion, the Pact could not support the construction of any at that point, and they would not have the numbers to support it, especially with their normal assault carriers pushing their limits of Pact budget, production materials and personnel.

Until they could truly master the stars, and have their own supercarriers, the High Kings ordered that the scientists and engineers of the Pact ready their blue-prints and the like for future supercarriers, and ordered them to keep these vessel plans a secret until the day the Pact was ready.

Hand of Retribution and Civil War[edit | edit source]

Second Cyrannus War[edit | edit source]

The Second Great Cyrannus War would see the Mendel Pact thrust into war with their allies, New Republic, the Persan and the Waptoria. The Warpath, eager to test out it's weaponry against the Empire, mobilized quickly under Ryaler, one of the Pact's greatest Commanders, and organized over the world of Frenal, the original plan being to begin raiding the border regions of the Empire and distract them from overwhelming the New Republic. However, this did not exactly go according to plan, with the Empire organizing a fleet and sending it to the territory of the Persan and Waptoria right away, sending them on the run into the Pact's territory. While bothered, Ryaler quickly changed plans, and with the help of his allies, quickly turned the area above Frenal into a fortress for the coming battle. When Titus Dromaeo arrived in the system, the Battle that followed proved to be a short but blood affair, and, despite heavy loses, the Pact managed to pull away with a victory.

While a common practice, the Mendel took to evolving their forces much more during this war, especially after an encounter with a single Judicator-class Battleship. This massive vessel carved through even Togunda vessels, who where considered the most advanced members of the Pact when it came to starships. As such, Mendel scientists began devising a way to create their own massive warships that could equal such power, and create an equally durable ship at the same time. While they only damaged the Judicator slightly, the Mendel believed that, given what they saw, they could make a Cruiser that could equal the fire power, size and strength of the Judicator. As such, engineers began to draw up blue prints of a Lia'Shian-class ship, for construction at a later date.

Structure[edit | edit source]

Organization and Logistics[edit | edit source]

Marines[edit | edit source]

  • Use - Piloting fighters, manning gunner stations, vehicle and system repairs
  • Weapon - Plasma Pistol
  • Defense - Flight suit
  • Equipment - Fusion cutter, various repair equipment.
Mendel Pilots are soldiers trained to operate their various starships, fighters, and other weapons of war deep within the vacuum of space, or in the upper atmosphere of a planet. While not armed to the teeth like most Mendel are, Pilots can still do quite a bit of damage, being quite capable of hacking into enemy systems, and launching surgically attuned strikes to important areas of a capital ship, while also repairing their own. When the Mendel launch their fighters at the enemy, it is these brave men and women who man their fighters and bombers, and launch the attack. Trained to handle all fighters used by the Mendel pact, the Pilots are experts with nearly any vehicle in any combat situation, and can effectively hold their own in most situations. When not piloting the weapons that will bring about their enemies' doom, pilots are the crewmen aboard the frigates and other ships who man gunner stations, and coordinate fire upon their foes, while also maintaining ship security and other important aspects. Pilots also patrol the ship, and, when contacted, depending on their area, are sent to a nearby station in need of repair, refuel and resupply. To complete this, Pilots have various repairing gear and equipment on them to repair any system within the ship. In battle, Pilots are not very well armored, their flight suit offering very little protection, but they do receive a Plasma Pistol to take down some targets, though are not a direct combat unit.

  • Use - Ship patrol and enemy boarding.
  • Weapon - Pulse Rifle, various other weapons.
  • Defenses - Battle armor.
Mendel Marines are troops trained and equipped for battle and combat onboard vessels and ships. From boarding dissident pirate vessels, fending off boarding parties, or attacking enemy vessels from their gunships, a Marine is quite a strong foe, being quite useful in many situations once called upon. Due to their equipment, they are not bound to one specific type of fighting, whether it be heavy infantry, frontlines or support, and can fill any role in battle. Usually deployed late in battle, Mendel Marines usually board gunships to begin their attack on enemy ships after much of the fighter-bomber fighting has died down, and they may begin boarding larger vessels at will. After landing, the marines rush out, guns ablazing, killing any crew in the hangars that may prove a hazard. After this, it the Marines' job to move across the vessel, doing as much damage as possible and killing the enemy forces within. If they can take the captain prisoner, then all the better. In some battles, Marines may even deploy via drop pods, being launched from special positions to attach to the enemy and attack once the interior is torn open. Marines also are tasked with fighting foes that manage to board as well, taking up defensive positions around the areas where they land, and setting up gunner positions to shot them down as they advance. Mendel Marines commonly carry a Pulse rifle, usually adapted for the species that uses it. The weapon is designed for ranged combat, and fires plasma pulse rounds at targets at a very high firing rate, though Marines can make use of shotguns, swords, and other weapons, though prefer to avoid using explosives in such cramped conditions. Marines, due to their varied equipment, can be dropped from space via their gunships to lend aid to their battle brothers on the ground when the situation demands it. Marines wear green versions of the armor the species they came from wore, and sealed for the vacuum for up to 20 hours of combat. Trained to be absolutely calm in any battle, a Marine never loses his head or control of his breathing during a fire fight. Their armor is designed for high durability and movement, allowing them to attack, take a beating, then disappear and out distance their enemy.

  • Use - Vacuum warfare and boarding.
  • Weapons - Orgaat Combat rifle, knifes
  • Defenses - Battle armor, adaptations.
Orgaat Vacuum Hunters are a subdivision of the Marines, being specially trained Orgaat with the ability to survive in outer space via the digestion and absorption of traits from unknown creatures, allowing them to have better survivability in the vacuum of space, with the assistance of special armor and tools for their trade. The Vacuum Hunters began with Orgaat, who, using their mysterious new abilities to better survive in the vacuum of space, began using these to patrol their habitation spheres and launching repairs to damaged areas. Of course, as they proved more and more useful, and grew in number, they began saw use as combat units. For their combat roles, Vacuum hunters are outfitted with a special combat suit, which allows them to leap onto enemy ships to begin their combat patrols. They mainly do this after marines begin causing trouble with enemies within, then which Orgaat will, using special launching craft, jump onto the ship, and begin placing charges on certain points in the ship to breach it, either to damage it, or to simply find a way to jump in at an unexpected point. In battle, they, as they did on the ground, usually carry a Combat rifle, though with added blades to act as a close combat weapon, and various knifes and swords to chop up their prey. Orgaat, while they normally don't wear much armor, preferring speed and surprise, wear special armor attuned to their vacuum-hopping abilities, allowing them to survive without air for the better part of a day in battle. This, combined with their new ability to survive in space, and their lungs able to create oxygen, as allowed them to survive in many seemingly precarious situations.

Star Forts and other Space Stations[edit | edit source]

Mendel fleets maintain a number of space stations and space forts across their space, each designed to defend key positions not only above a planet's surface, but also protect important trade routes, conduct espionage, and coordinate fleet movements and communications. Space Stations hold a variety of uses, and, when one enters Mendel space, one can be assured that they are most likely not far from one of the many orbital types out there, even if they cannot see it.

These orbital platforms serve a variety of uses. Fleets commonly connect with these orbital cities to conduct repairs, resupply troops, reinforce loses, give troops some much needed R&R, and train future troops, in case a war is being fought and new recruits need to be sent out into the warzone immediately. Many of them host a civilian population, as, often, the Mendel are often preparing for colonization of outside worlds to expand their borders, and need some civilians ready to move. This also allows orbital platforms to house diplomatic missions from allied nations, and host trade and meetings as well.

The smallest of these military installations are the Orbital Security Platforms, small, defense posts designed to conduct trade and contact, and monitor Mendel borders for activity. When the Mendel establish contact with, and begin trying to monitor an enemy world for inclusion into the Pact, Space Stations will be built to try and keep contact and surveillance over the planet, and keep in contact with the main empire on any goings-on with the planet.

A version of the Orbital Security Platform, is the Mendel Customs Platform, a place where foreigners and alien visitors from offworld have their packages and goods searched, processed and examined for any contraband or illegal goods. Any who possess such material are subject to fines, and the goods themselves often kept.

Rules of Engagement[edit | edit source]

Mendel Fleets must stop all raids and attacks once peace treaties are signed. While the rival can break the peace treaty and be attacked for their hypocritical actions, a Mendel Captain who breaks treaty faces serious punishment from one of his lords, usually the leader he was "born" to. Mendel are not allowed to attack ships that surrender, or are transmitting diplomatic codes. Ships that are carrying injured, or acting in a otherwise non-combat role, like medical personnel transport, are to be left alone.

Invasion Protocol[edit | edit source]

As stated above, Mendel fight their way to the ground quickly, while offering their enemies the chance to surrender and join the Pact. As they fight, they will offer every opportunity for the enemy to forsake their old government, and swear allegiance to the Mendel Lords.

Once the planet becomes under their command, the population that remains is relocated to reeducation camps, as colonists from around the Pact load up to stake their claim on the planet. the old citizens, after reeducation, may return as citizens to their cities and homes, and live alongside Mendel Pact members. In order to properly acclimate them, Mendel often give them better conditions of living then their old empire, or treat with hospitality and respect.

Much care is given into keeping the population with their families, and on planet, as the Mendel wish to see everyone lives happily and healthy in their new role as Mendel. Once conquered, and if the government agrees to joining them, the ruling government is kept, but placed under the command of a ruling leader, usually a Walgolorian Empyreal, and a Military Commander, who becomes Governor-Militant. These 2 make sure their government follows the Pact carefully, and will remove them from office, and hold new elections, if the old council begins manipulating thing so on planet to stir up rebellion, or try and rejoin their old empire.

Artificial Intelligence Assistance[edit | edit source]

Artificial Intelligence are often used to assist the Commanders and Admirals of the fleet and guide their fleets and logistics. AI has always been a part of the Mendel armies and society, but most are limited. Walgolorian AI are limited drones that are used to assist their infantry squads with fire power, shields and target marking, as well as construction and holding data. Ugandalorian built their Vashari to assist their armies and build up their numbers. The Togunda, meanwhile, use basic Drones to mine and extract minerals, and sometimes to guard their ship networks. The AIs that handle logistics and advisory to the admirals and commanders, are, however, a far more advanced and dependable models, designed specifically to be both more organic in thought and attitude, while maintaining AI abilities to handle advanced networking, thought-process and strategy.

Crew men[edit | edit source]

Types[edit | edit source]

Fighters[edit | edit source]

Fighters are the smallest vessels, single or, at most, triple crewed for use in recon, attacking capital ships, and defending their frigates and carriers from enemy attacks. While superior to most other fighters, thanks to Mendel engineering preference, Fighters are rather expensive compared to similar ones, but their maneuverability and strength greatly counters this.

  • Length - 12 meters long
  • Weapons - Plasma Blasters, Buzz Droids.
  • Equipment - Active camouflage, Shields
  • Notes - Based off the Star-Viper from Empire at War

StarSerpent-class fighters are the main fighter squadrons used by the Ugandalorians in most naval engagements. While expensive to produce, the Star-Serpent has much more fire power, and defensive abilities then a standard fighter of it's size. A fast moving, destructive fighter, the Star-Serpent uses many weapons to totally destroy and eradicate other fighters and even corvettes. Their plasma blasters demonstrate the strange ability to not only blast a target, but to "stick" and burn them for 10 seconds longer.

For larger hordes of fighters that have numbers on them, the Star-serpents can deploy buzz droids that chew away at armor and wiring in another fighter's hull and wings. The fighter has strong shielding to protect it, and can deploy active camouflage in order to fly under the radar and actually spy on enemies for a few hours. Due to it's armor and shields, a Star-Serpent can safely hide within asteroid fields without worry.

The Star Serpent is a rather new invention, as one can tell by their cutting edge weapons, and, as such, it has been a part of the Ugandalorian arsenal for only a short period of time, yet has had a huge impact on Ugandalorian naval warfare, allowing them to maintain their position as a lead power within their galaxy, and beyond. Pilots often spend years training in squadrons called "Coil", 5 of them working together for years to learn each other's habits, and to be able to coordinate their attacks and feigns together so that no enemy may separate them or pick them apart.

Star-serpents are the mainstay of the Ugandal fleet, while hard to produce, they represent the Ugandal's core principles, of hard work and perseverance. They are more expensive to produce then similar Starfighters used by their allies in Cyrandia, Plazith Rim or Mirus, but their hardware and weapon systems give them greater punch and staying power compared to similar fighters.

Star Serpent PNG file.

  • Weapons - Laser Canons
  • Defenses - Armor, Shields
  • Equipment - Reflection Shields
  • Notes - Based on the Kom'rk-class Fighter/Transport
The Kor'vrok-class Fighter is a nimble and agile fighter, less durable then other fighter designs used by the Mendel Pact, but it's speed far out-classes any other. Due to this, only the best and most expert pilots may handle and work a Kor'vrok-class in battle, the handling of the ship requiring quick reflex, sharp eyes and almost unnatural reaction times to use. Despite the strength of the fighter's weapons, the ship's existence is controversial at best, as the ships were designed and used heavily by Dead Watch and Ruins Hand factions against the main Mendel Pact. After Kirta's unification of all Mendel subfactions into one empire and the claiming of the Mendel throne, the Kor'vrok came into Mendel possession, though many avoided it in favor of the heavier and more useful StarSerpent Fighter Platform. Kor'vrok-class Fighters are fast, almost blindingly so, and few pilots have the skill to handle one and not crash and destroy themselves. The laser canons mounted on the fighter are rapid fire, highly destructive weapons, used to blast down anything that gets in it's way and leave nothing standing, be it fighters, interceptors or bombers.

  • Length - 17 meters long.
  • Weapons - Plasma Blasters, Ion Torpedoes, Pulse Canon.
  • Equipment - Shields.
  • Notes - Based on the Davaab-type starfighter from Star Wars.

The Kirab-class Fighter is a fighter-bomber used by the Ugandalorians. Derived from their word "To carry out", the Kirab is even older then the Star-serpent, being used since the Ugandals reached space. Used to take down large assault ships, the Kirab has slow firing plasma blasters with similar properties to the Star-Serpent. It also yields high powered Ion torpedoes to disable ship functions and shields.

The gunner has a powerful Pulse Canon, used to destroy large sections of a enemies' hull, or fight off fighters and interceptors. It is reasonably fast, for a bomber, and has been used by the Ugandalorians for centuries before their integration into the Pact. A strong vessel, the Kirab has been modified and refitted several times, and often, is personally modified by it's pilots to use various other weapon and gadgets to boost it's performance. Squadrons, due to their closeness and comradery, will modify their fighter-bombers along similar lines to each other to show their trust, and better coordinate their strikes together.

The Kirab receives moderate shielding and powerful armor. It is also used as a gunship for many Ugandal Bounty Hunters, and often is personalized for their tastes. To pilot one is a mark of pride for the Mendel pilots, who see such vessels as honored relics of a glorious past, and a sign of greatness that the Mendel can aspire to take onto themselves. Time may test the Mendel and see them laid low, but with their alien allies at their side, they can overcome anything that gets in their way.

Kirab PNG file.

  • Length - 20 meters
  • Weapons - Laser Canons, Ion Canon.
  • Defenses - Heavy Armor, Shielding.
The Gladiator-class Fighter is the newest, cutting edge warship of the Mendel, deployed as a heavy fighter-bomber for Mendel forces. Designed to deal with the advancing technology of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, and to counter their Xonexi rivals, the Gladiator-class has many strengths and powers to deploy against any foe it encounters, and was built with fast lightning raids in mind, designed to assault capital ships and other fighters, and get out before the foe can give a reprisal. For this reason, the armor weave built into the frame makes it impossible to detect beyond visual scanning, or more advanced sensor nodes. With all of this in mind, the Mendel are eager to put their newest fighters to the test. Gladiator-class Fighters are meant to resemble a short sword of some sort, thrust through a special scapeboard. The ship's sleek design allowed them to pick up great speeds in atmospheric battles against foes on the ground or in the air, and their advanced engine relay systems allowed for blinding speeds in Zero-Atmosphere conditions. In battle, these ships deploy four heavy laser canons to tear down either other fighters without issue, or even capital ships. To assist, these fighters carry powerful Ion canons, used to quickly remove shielding, disable automated gunnery systems, and briefly cripple a ship before they move in for the kill. The armor of the ship allows it to wade through heavy fire, and even survive a few brushes with anti-fighter gunneries. The armor-weave built into the frame, allows it remain invisible to all but the most advanced sensor systems among their foes, though overlapping sensor systems can pick up on them, as well as more advanced ships deployed by the Xonexi and Galactic Empire. Further they have no stealth mode, meaning visual scanning will of course see them. The ship does boast some of the best shielding in the galaxy, for a fighter of it's size. The Gladiator-class has no Nav Computer or hyperdrive, meaning it often must depend on a carrier vessel to get into battle. Often, Squadrons will deploy Four at a time, and be carried aboard a Pursuer-class Enforcement vessel to deploy, before launching their raids, and then retreating into the Pursuer-class to escape any reprisals.

  • Length - 25 meters
  • Weapons - Heavy Radium Canons, Ion Torpedoes, Proton Torpedoes.
  • Defenses - Heavy Hull armor, Heavy Shielding
Assault Boats are large gunboats and fighter-bombers, used by the Togunda to assist their Citadel and Stronghold-class ships in battle. Most of the time, Assault Boats are usually probe units, piloted by expert Togunda pilots through asteroids and other unsafe conditions to "sneak a peak" at important minerals to mind, and get a grasp on the area they are at now, as well as making sure no other miners are in the other to disrupt their prospecting, and to oversee the recon and data collection in an area. In times of war, Assault Boats find themselves pressed into war, outfitted with advanced weapons and shielding, in order to serve the Mendel as heavy fighter-bombers in battle. Assault Boats carry heavy Radium Canons to easiely melt through enemy fighters that get in their way. Though short ranged compared to other fighter weapons, Assault boats can reduce even a StarSerpent to slag and melted metal with one or two hits from their canons, enabling the Assault Boat to devastate enemy fighter squadrons with ease. As they have the duel Fighter-Bomber role, many carry Ion and Proton torpedo tubes to fire off rounds designed for shield elimination, or to utterly destroy engines and life support with one or two hits. Assault Boats are heavily durable, more then any other Mendel fighter, and though this makes them a bit slow and hard to maneuver in battle, Togunda pilots are trusted veterans, using their skills gained from navigating asteroid fields to get through enemy fighters with ease. Togunda Pilots are experts at prediction, analysis and strategy in real-time, allowing them to predict and overcome even the greatest swarms of enemy ships. Still, Mendle prefer to send support to their squat allies, for while Togunda are trusted, they can be a bit too stubborn for their own good. Their shielding is similar, but on a far smaller scale, then the Citadel and Stronghold Class ships, enabling them to shrug off everything, even enemy torpedoes and missiles meant to take out other fighters.

  • Weapons - Heavy Turbolaser Canons, Proton Torpedo Launchers
  • Defenses - Heavy Armor, Heavy Shielding
  • Equipment - Navigation Computer, Sensor Jammer
  • Notes - Based on the Fang-class Fighter of Star Wars Disney Canon.

Gunships[edit | edit source]

  • Weapons - Twin Laser canons, Ion Canon
  • Defenses - Heavy armor, Military grade shielding.
  • Equipment - Prison Cold Storage.
Pursuers-class Patrol Ships are new ships designed by the Mendel Pact for several purposes, but chief among them is the policing and patrolling of their space and worlds for pirates and other criminal scum. Smaller then a corvette, but larger then most fighters, Pursuer-class have all the strengths of Mendel designed fighters, without many drawbacks. This, combined with it's large hangar and storage facilities, makes it supremely effective for not only storing away criminals to be brought to prison facilities, but also for carrying fighters, finding a strong role in transporting and supporting Gladiator-class fighters. Developed in coordination with the Gladiator, Pursuers were originally built by Mendel Law Enforcement for the transport of criminals, neutralizing of pirate threats, and patrolling their worlds for trouble, and, if they were granted position, helping patrol important allied worlds for pirates and attacks as well. To assist with this, advanced hyperspace computer programming was placed within the Navigation systems, as the Gladiator lacked any, while the ship had large storage facilities within, enabling it high independence from the rest of the fleet. For war, they carry a twin-lined Laser Canon for ending most threats, with even larger vessels fearing their bite, and an Ion Canon for disabling enemy ships for boarding and opening them up for large scale assaults. Defense is handled by heavy hull armor, that still allows for maneuverability, and powerful shielding. Most Mendel brag that a Pursuer can have a planet buster dropped on it and keep going. In law enforcement roles, the ship's large storage facilities are used to keep prisoners onboard, usually in cryo storage, keeping the prisoners in deep sleep, as the guards make sure their vitals and everything scans out as ok. The Pursuer can maintain 5 prisoners at optimal levels, and 2 guards, who are trained to handle any and all attempts at escape.

  • Weapons - Laser Canons, Concussion Warheads, Torpedoes, Seismic Charges.
  • Defenses - Heavy Armor, Shielding
  • Equipment - Tractor Beam.
Despite it's position as a fighter, the Firespray Patrol Fighter is classified as a gunship due to it's purpose and role within the Mendel fleets, often transporting targets for prisons elsewhere, while acting in a heavy fighter role within the rest of the fleet. Due to it's armor and shielding, and massive damage output, the Firespray is feared by the enemies of the Mendel Pact for it's abilities and strengths, and many have come to call it "Hellfire on wings" for the damage it can do to anything from other fighters, to even capital ships. The original Firespray is a memento of the Mendel Clan, Clan Clett, and used by Reago Clett throughout his life and acting as his personal ship, called Ferox 1, stolen from an unknown third party, and all other designs destroyed. After Barda came to own the Ferox 1, he allowed scientists to study it, lead by famous human ship designer of the Clans, Brokk Guverarsson, The Red. Though he blustered and grumbled about the fragile design of the ship and it's weapons, Brokk was impressed with it, and made some upgrades to Ferox 1, while building several copies for the best Mendel pilots to use in battle. Though still rare, the few that do take part in the battles of the Mendel have gained a fearsome reputation. Heavy Laser Canons are their main weapon, and several fighter squadrons have been laid to waste by just one Firespray, while their Concussion Warheads are used to further take down any heavier targets and annihilate enemy fighters, combined with a set of torpedoes for capital ships. It's most fearsome weapon is the ability to drop seismic charges, massive bombs that, after some build up, launch a massive shockwave that can annihilate everything around them, meteors, fighters and anything foolish enough to get near them. Firesprays are often decked out in heavier armor and shielding then most fighters, and combined with their larger profile, is what leads them to have the classification of Gunship rather then fighter. Despite this, they are faster and more agile then a ship of it's size should be capable of, and allows it to out-maneuver and out-pace most other ships in a dog fight.

Corvettes[edit | edit source]

Corvettes are smaller, faster ships then most frigates, and used for a variety of purposes. These range from patrol boats and trade ships, to anti-fighter escort ships, and scout vessels make to range ahead of the main fleet and begin harassment campaigns against Enemy fleets. With limited firepower and small defenses, Corvettes rely on speed and small size to counter more powerful ships.

Frigates[edit | edit source]

Larger vessels, many of the most trusted and venerable Mendel designs are Frigates, and they hold many roles, either patrolling important economic centers and trade routes from attack, leading assaults on less defended worlds, and acting as back-up for the rest of the fleet, forming the bulk of the fleet's offensive and defensive attack power.

Cruisers[edit | edit source]

Cruisers are capital ships that form the centerpiece of the fleet. They are designed for the role of carrier and dreadnought in mind, using sheer size, strength and fire power to ground down targets with little difficulty. Three or so of these vessels usually lead fleets into battle, and the best admirals are given these ships to command in battle.

Dreadnoughts[edit | edit source]

Dreadnoughts are a relatively new class created shortly after the Second Cyrannus War, and the recovery of the Mendel Pact to full strength. The ships where based on the large power-house dreadnoughts the Mendel fought in Cyrannus, and where designed to be the perfect counter to them. While they failed to capture the full might of the vessels of Cyrannus, lacking the full technology, they did make a credible ship class to ensure the Mendel would never be underestimated in combat.

  • Length - 2,100 meters
  • Weapons - Heavy Pulse-Laser weaponry, Ion batteries, Missile batteries, Rail Gun.
  • Defenses - Heavy Armor, Heavy shielding.

Juggernauts[edit | edit source]

  • Length - 35,000 meters
  • Weapons - Turbo Laser and Turbo Ion Canons, Quad Missile Launchers, Concussion Missile Batteries, Tribe-laser Canons, Anti-matter Lasers, Anti-matter Missiles.
  • Equipment - Shields, Camouflage, Energy Drainer, Time Clock.
The Bastion-class Super Dreadnought is the most powerful cruiser in the Ugandal navy, the largest, most advanced, and the flagship of the Ugandalore and his top advisors. It is the pinnacle of Ugandalorian technology, and while used sparingly, it has become a symbol of Ugandalorian might and pride among it's people. It's strength, power and durability makes it a fearsome threat to any who face it, and even if the Mendel do not fully understand much of the weaponry they use, it can still leave fearsome causalities upon their enemies. The Super Dreadnought comes armed with multiple turbo laser and ion canons, as well as Quad missile launchers, pods capable of firing 4 missiles at once, as well as normal concussion missile launchers. The Super Dreadnought also makes use of triple laser canons, like the Fandasio-class, and anti-matter laser weaponry and anti-matter missiles. It has much of the same equipment and illegal tools used by other Mendel vessels, though deployed on a larger and more powerful scale then others. The Dreadnought's shields and weapons are equal to no other ship, and it is capable of advanced camouflage on par with Tier 1 races. To refill it's shields and weapon systems, it can deploy a energy drainer, slowing down targets, sucking out their shields, and bringing them closer. The ship also contains an advanced "Time Clock", capable of slowing time, though at a great tax upon the ship's weapons and shields. During a battle with Zarbanian vessels, the Time Clock was damaged and as yet to be repaired. It is unknown even where the so called "clock" came from. The Super Dreadnought lead the Ugandalorians in the final battle of the Great Deciever, and later, in their quest to liberate their allies from the continuous attacks of the Drakodominatus Tyranny. It also supported the Volver's Ascon Warship in leading the allies in the battle of Manticore and Demogorgon Prime. During the Gigaquadrantic Conflicts, it would be seen as the lead ship of the Unified Aliance of Enlightenment, especially after the Ascon Warship was sabotaged by the rogue Volver group known as the Blood Knights. Later, after the Second War of Mirusian Coalition, the Mendel meet in secret with the leaders of the Zarbanians and Persan, under the gaze of discussing joint military patrols and exercises. Unknown to most of the Pact and the races outside it, the Hand of Retribution planned to construct three more of the powerful vessels, viewing them as the closest thing the Mendel had to Juggernaut-pattern artillery Supercarriers. The three where left mostly completed, though missing the Time-affecting weaponry, possibly due to the Mendel being less advanced then those who built the Time Clock, and unmanned, possibly due to personnel number issues. The Three High Lord, when they took power, found out about their construction, but kept them a secret, wishing to preserve the vessels for a later date. As the ship was now one of four, the original was renamed the Spirit of Vengeance. It serves as the capital ship for the Mendel Rulers during times of war. The Super Dreadnought is the pinnacle of the Ugandal fleet, and it is the only known vessel to have fought off an entire fleet of Alpha Cyber Collective ships and leave mostly unharmed.

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Tal'Gayce Mothership.png
  • Length - 30,000 meters across
  • Weapons - Energy Beam Weapons, varies.
  • Defenses - Armor, shields.
Tel'gayce-Class Mothership are a newly designed warship, built to act as a new generation of heavy, planetary conquering ships, designed with the blue prints and ideas of the various vessels the Pact has designed or absorbed, and rolled and combined into one vessel. The Motherships are the size of small cities, and armed with the armament to take on a city of similar size to themselves. Motherships are accompanied by massive fleets to protect them, adding to their fire power and ability to devastate worlds. Aboard them, are massive crews of warriors and androidic servants ready for whatever purpose is required of them. Due to population issues, the crew mostly consists of Vashari and other droid servants who perform most of the ships' functions, as Mendel either perform important officer duties, or act as onboard warriors to rebel attackers, and launch invasions onto a planet's surface. Motherships have taken a long time to construct, and only recently have they become part of Mendel fleets. Still, their numbers absolutely limited and are rarely risked in operations, either as a show of force against a hated foe, or, morel likely, to absolutely turn the tide of battle at it's most important. The only weapon the Mothership has, across all cases, are a series of Energy Beam weapons designed to burn through armor and building material alike. This fire power is further complimented by weapons added by other commanders, such as Mass Drivers, Radium Canons, Railguns, and other tools of war, giving a Mothership access to a small armada's worth of fire power. The armor and shielding is of excellent quality, making the Mothership an absolute pain to fight, attacks splintering against the powerful shields it uses. Even if these weapons manage to breach the shields and hit the armor, may blows, either from missile or turbo laser fire, are simply turned aside, unable to pierce the hull. The Mothership is further aided by droid crews able to deploy to trouble areas and launch repairs immediately. While materials are currently lacking, the ultimate plan for the Mothership is to not only act as an anchor for assault forces, but also act in major colonization. As ships such as the Crigoa and others would not have to carry colonists onboard, it would allow these ships to fight more, or at least take the strain off the battleships of the fleet. For this purpose, much of the Mothership's design is not only based on the Orgaat Habitation Sphere, which serves a similar, if smaller role, and the Multus Esse Habitat Ship, a far larger design used by their creators.

Science vessels/Exploration[edit | edit source]

  • Weapons - Railgun Batteries, Torpedo Tubes.
  • Defenses - Average Armor and shielding
  • Equipment - Long Range scanning devices, Stealth Field, Other.
The Kar'yce-class, a newer design for the Mendel, a Scientific exploration vessel used to map out the cosmos, research new civilizations and worlds, and conduct diplomatic First Contact Missions with peaceful alien races in order to better facilitate relations between the Pact and the many minor alien powers within the universe, or up and coming upstarts. The Kar'yce is a rather new step for the Mendel, as vessels are usually not designed with science in mind, but rather, how they will fair in battle and defending their space and allies form attack. The Kar'yce is based upon vessels developed by the New Republic and Rambo Nation for similar fields, though, as always, Mendel ships always maintain a powerful, defensive edge that belies their durability and peaceful intentions.

Quotes from others[edit | edit source]

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The Mendel fleet is like the claymores they wield, cutting through the steel, fleshh, and bone of the enemy fleet with devastating cut powered by strength that is moved by will.

- Seraph Gorgro of the Sacred Vanara Empire.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Many of it's vessels are based off those from the Mandalorians, the Zann Consortium and the Tau empire, as well as original designs.
  • The file names for the Citadel and Stronghold vessels are mixed up for one another.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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