Through the cold of the night, I shall endure. Through the fires of death, I will grow stronger. Through the struggle of war, I shall be made a warrior. Through the glory of battle, I will raise my Clan to glory.

- Ugandalorian proverb.

The War-Guardianship is the land military of the Mendel Pact.

Composed of the many warrior-nations that joined them, the Mendel Pact is headed by the Ugandalorians, followed by their Walgolorian and Kodalorian allies. However, they also make use of many other beings in their fights, from the feared Largotz War Dragons, the insane Kamasid, and the odd Orgaat, The War-Guardianship is meant to fight enemies on land, as well as assist in ship boarding and infiltration.

Most members of the Mendel Pact shun cybernetic and biologic upgrades, due to how "unnecessary" it is to them. For them, no amount of Cybernetics can replace good training and dedication to your craft. It is, in their minds, somewhat dishonorable to go to cybernetics right off to enhance oneself, instead of training through and strengthen your body the natural way. However, they do support cybernetics on some level, as some forms of it are seen as badges of honor, showing how long a warrior has fought in battle.

The War-Guardians rely mostly on skill in arms and quality of armor to carry them through. Even a Walgolorian Militia Trooper has fine armor, despite being the most fragile unit of the Mendel Pact. The Mendel Pact, when acting defensively, rely on knowledge of the terrain, and using traps to weaken their foes. Mendel Pact members, especially Ugandals, prefer straight infantry on infantry fights, and will use their traps to weaken their foes' infantry, and trap and destroy vehicles.

When on offensive, the Pact changes, deploying vehicles, some battle suits, and walkers to match the enemy head on, while elite black ops forces take out important targets. It should be noted that Ugandalorian Super Commandos and the like receive no enhancements. They are simply, extremely, highly trained warriors, who compensate their lack of cybernetics and other fancy upgrades with iron will, and ruthless dedication to the cause.

Traits Edit

Rules of Engagement Edit

The Battles and Wars of today are rising and falling fortunes, constantly on the move as Udo Tarrack would have it. Even if one loses, the overall repayment will be in strategy for the next 10 years, not in small acts of vengeance done in the next 10 hours.

- Ugandalorian military saying.

The War-guardianship follows a strict code of war developed in the Super Commando Codex. The Codex names their main strategies and ways of executing war. Of course, attacking civilians who pose no threat is out-lawed, as is piracy, thieving, and most forms of torture.

The Mendel when fighting enemies, will constantly ask their target to surrender and join them in the Pact as members. If the enemies still refuse, the Mendel will engage without mercy, taking prisoners, but constantly launching attacks against their foes by any means needed. Mendel commonly fight with androids to assist them, due to their low fighting number, though all members are effectively one-man armies, with years of battle under their command.

Mendel, once they capture enemies, will begin to use drugs, Psionic-sensitive Ugandalorians, and other forms of mind-control to bring their enemies under their command, if said enemy has not already joined them. This allows the Mendel to capitalize on every victory, or even every capture of an enemy troop.

Practices Edit

Go to rest, dear brother, and may your soul rise to the Great Oversoul with our ancestors. May you find the Great Beyond that our ancestors spoke of and that our Chieftains Sing of. May you be reborn from the wound of the End times. Peace brother.

- Epithet given to dying warriors by their friends or relatives before passing on, giving a glimpse into their races' religious believes.

Battle preparation Edit

Typically, Mendel observe times of silence before they go to battle, considered strange for such a hearty people. But before battle, they sit and meditate and quiet areas with others of their squad, silently reflecting on life, praying to Kadaii Hoorangiir and Zaraturai to carry them from battle, and give thanks to their ancestors. After, they drink Special "Spurveen" Tea, made to focus their minds for battle. After, they will paint and tattoo their chests, arms, and faces with special war-paint, before strapping on their armor, and going to battle. After this, when they load into their transports, their Rally-Masters or Marshals will give speeches, praising their troops and preparing them for battle, while religious leaders begin chants among their troops right before they drop off into battle.

In Victory Edit

After victory, the Mendel will search the area, seeking out survivors, rounding them up for either ransom back to their empire and prisoner exchange, or sending them to re-education camps, in the hopes they will join the Pact. After this, the Pact's warriors will meet in the Great Halls back home or in their ships, passing around drinks such as Nuta'gal. The First will be drank totally in silence, so as to cormorant the dead and fallen. The next, they will laugh and celebrate in full, gathering up trophies and displaying new battle scars and the like to show to others to impress them, commonly un-nerving their less-bloody allies who join them. Orgaat themselves commonly go in small packs to be alone so they can begin to tinker with new DNA they have absorbed, and return to their friends to show off their genetic enhancements, again, unnerving the less bloodied allies among them. At the end of their celebrations, they will make a prayer, thanking Hoorangiir and Zarautarai for carrying them to victory and letting them live another day, and hoping their fallen brothers and sisters have joined the Great Oversoul.

Throughout the drinking, bards and others will gather their instruments and perform great ballads to celebrate the victory of the Mendel, as their elder priests recite the sagas and poems of old to honor the ancestors and the gods for their victory. It is common for warriors listening to remain in complete silence, and others nearby quiet down so the Elders can recite the old tales and inspire their kin once more.

In Defeat Edit

In defeat, the Mendel will round up survivors, and pull out quickly, to minimize losses. Afterward, the Mendel will return home, to share 3 drinks in remembrance of lost allies and brothers-in-arms, and before returning home. Often, Mendel warriors will paint a shoulder pad, gauntlet or boots black with white scarring, to show they are on a path to avenge a lost brother or sister in the field. Once they feel they have avenged their brother, they will replace the painted part of their armor with the same part used by their comrade.

When winning a victory, and allies from other nations decide to join the Pact in their celebration, The Mendel commonly adopt and perform blood-rights with them as part of their cultural believes, adding their new-found Battle-brothers to their Clan, and imparting onto them a ceremonial weapon of some sort to signify they are a member of one of the Mendel Clans.

Promotion Edit

After a very rough battle, Marshalls will gather their troops around, and ask who among their brothers is most worthy of promotion, based off a combination of skill, tactical knowledge, and the amount of kills he had against the enemy, as well as other things. When Rally-Masters send forth the lists of troopers who served honorably, the Marshals will take this into account, and, upon contact with the rest of the Command Staff, put in their selected troops for promotion based off their actions in the past.

Tattoos, scars and war paint Edit

Mendel typically add new tattoos to their bodies to represent various things in life. Tattoo designs can represent all sorts of things, from the symbols of the gods, the Clan they are a part of, ancestors and historic and religious figures they wish to honor, and various other things important to them. Other symbols include markings representing avenging a lost love, an important child and other such things.

Scarification is rare after battle, though Mendel warriors show honor and respect towards those who gain a large amount of scars from battle across their bodies. Very few other races engage in ritual scarification, with the exception of the Jrekalian and certain Orgaat tribes. Scarification itself is looked down upon slightly, as they see it as artificial. Some, if they feels they have made a massive, terrible mistake that shames their family, will have a Mark branded on their face, either willingly or forced, to symbolize what they have done wrong, such as killing a friend, a child or bringing harm to a civilian.

War paint is usually applied to parts of the body and armor before battle, mostly the face and chest. The colors usually change from individual to individual, such as blue or green, and each Clan has their own colors and patterns. This paint is usually washed off after battle, though certain warriors opt to keep their face paint on all their life, similar to the tattoos on the rest of their body. The paint on their chest is designed to ascent their tattoos and not mask them, as they see masking them as a disgrace.

Some Vashari droids sometimes engage in painting and tattooing their armored bodies.

Treatment of Commanders and their troops Edit

Treat your men like blood, and they will bear any toil. Treat your men like your own brothers, and they will march into any war. Treat your men as though they are your own sons, and they will stand in the darkest tunnels for you, even if they may never leave.

- Excerpt from the Codex of Honor

As every soldiers serving in the War-Guardianship is part of a Clan, many of their commanders are childhood friends or even relatives, who have earned their position through merit and hard work. Being of such close-ties with one another, it is difficult to find the spirit of brotherhood stronger in any then the Mendel. Even the most distant commanders are taught never to throw away troops or waste lives on holding ground. The more compassionate ones fight at their troops' side, or eat with them in the Grand Halls upon victory.

Commanders who, in a rare moment, do not display affection or treat their troops with respect, are commonly left behind and must do not want to even think of trying to save them. Many others are "accidently" killed before or after a battle.

Tactics Edit

Do not have qualms using an idea or a piece of technology merely because it is not your own.

- Kodalorian military Maxim

The War-guardian ship focuses on infantry-to-infantry warfare, specializing in personal and 1-on-many fighting. Many of their members, from the Ugandalorians, Kadalians, and Orgaat, are experts on melee combat and martial arts. As such, these race often handle standard combat and melee. To support them at range, are the Walgolorians, who use advanced plasma weapons to attack at extremely long range.

The Pact changes in it's combat style based on what planet it is on, though in most assaults, it goes right for the kill, and attempts to take any major cities that it can so that the pact can end the battles there far quicker. However, as far as strategic assets go, the pact will only grab them if deemed important. Otherwise, they seek to directly attack, and kill, the enemy, before they deal with anything else.

The Pact is always prepared for invasion of some sort on all planets, as all citizens are trained military combat, and for the Ugandalorians, Kodalorians, and many others, all adults have full military training. As such, citizens are dangerous foes, as they are either always armed with a blaster and Claymore, or know how to kill an attacker in 50 different ways in cornered.

The Mendel prefer to take prisoners, and have a special caste of Psionic Ultra Commandos. While Ultra Commandos are important, a number are taken from the academies for use with the Mendel when taking prisoners. These special soldiers are assigned to Re-education camps, and oversee the assimilation of captives into allies. This comes from their powers, allowing them to slowly alter and re-calibrate the enemies' perception of reality to suite the Mendel better. As such, a once loyal soldier, can, in a matter of days, can believe his old emperor was a lie, and that the Mendel have freed him from his chains.

Religious leaders often accompany the soldiers during their battles. From the Ugandal Reverends, to the mighty Empyreal Caste of the Walgolorian, these offer spiritual and battlefield support to the warriors of the Pact, as well as helping them deal with feelings of lose, hopelessness, and depression. The Empyreal Caste is especially influential, as it's believed they exude some pheromone mixed with telepathy to not mind-control, but "empower" their wards. Soldiers of any species, but mostly of Mendel origin, feel greatly enhanced and ready when near these wise teachers.

Since fighting so often leaves the Mendel without sufficient numbers to fight an all-out war with most larger empires who have expanded longer then they, the Pact has developed several drone machines to fight for them, such as Vashari Battle Legionaries or Walgolorian Security Drones. These units help compensate the Mendel for their lower then normal population.

Many of their tactics and codes of honor are detailed in the Codex of Honor.

Weapons and Equipment Edit

Recruitment and Training Edit

Remember, my sons, even if the world is crashing down around you, keep your eyes focused as the blind suffer and fall. We are the Princes of the Multus Esse, Inheritors of Mirus. Clarity will be your weapon, and remember the sagas of old as you find strength to not only win the battle, but survive.

- A Wise Ugandal teacher to his squad of neophytes.
Mendel Duel

Ugandalorian and Kodalorian neophytes practice-duel under the watchful eye of A Kadalian Rally-Master.

Typically, all members are highly organized, and highly fit for service. Training in military arts begins for Ugandalorians and Kodalorians, at a very young age, as does the warriors of the Walgolorian. The other races also maintain strong military training and tradition. Typically, most Mendel do not need actual training at an academy, but, if their superior believes them worthy of a command position, they are sent to be trained in the arts of command and logistics.

Conscripts are commonly taught Mendel culture as well, so they may have a chance to earn their way into Mendel society and become full members. As such, they are commonly taught Mendel fighting techniques and weapons, so they may prove more effective in battle. Both young Militia and up-and-coming Conscripts are commonly taken and trained by an elder warrior to be trained by them and learn their techniques. These beings become known as Toragii, and teach their young wards everything they know so as to mold them into effective warriors.

Typically, Mendel do not organize in large armies unless their leaders call a Crusade on a race they believe threatens their culture and ideals. When this occurs, Rally-Masters go from door to door, bringing it the attention of others, and telling them where to report in to receive their regiment and, in rare cases, receive weapons if they cannot afford them. When not on crusades or at war with major powers, Mendel will file in with a mercenary company and join them for money.

Ranks Edit

  • Name - Rank - Coloration
  • Vard'ike - Private - Blue
  • Alur'oos - Corporal - Blue with green shoulder, helmet, and chest markings
  • Roos'alor - Sargent - Red
  • Var'alor - Lieuntant - Red with maroon shoulder, helmet and chest markings.
  • Alur'Ade - Captain - Red with gold markings
  • Al'varde - Commander - Gold
  • Al'Varde'aloor - General - Silver

Units Edit

Command Units Edit

To marshal their forces, the Mendel rely on various commanders from their races to oversee the operations of battle across multiple worlds. Ranging from the heavily armored and armed Walgolorian, to the fierce and barbaric Orgaat, each and every race fills their own niche in the Pact, and ultimately, the battlefield. No race that joins the Pact's military is without a Commander, even sub-commanders, as even the best of Mendel commanders sometimes need help in understanding another, new races', way of doing things.

Mendel Chief
  • Weapons - Varies
  • Defenses - Heavy Battle Armor, Battlesuit.
  • Species - All.

Commanders, otherwise identified as Marshalls, War Chieftains and other positions, are the leaders of the armies and warbands deployed by the Mendel Pact, these figures chosen by their armies for their experience, age and ability to command respect and admiration from their troops. These warriors all answer to the great High Kings and Clan Council. Commanders are experts in battle, having risen from the ranks of the Warriors and other lower ranks to finally become the leaders of their brothers. Unless otherwise stated, and only under extreme circumstances, do the Commanders move away from their original army to command other troops, due to the Mendel believing in the close comradery forged from years of battle and honorable conflict.

Commanders are aggressive and eager, and many of them carry the best weapons their Clan can afford and give to them, as well as changing them to fight in specific environments and combat fields. Some carry heavy blasters and plasma Pulsers, missile launchers, while others use heavy combat swords, wrist blades and axes. Their heavy armor, known as the Mantle of Light, is a heavy, expertly crafted combat suit forged by the greatest blacksmiths in Togunda and Mendel circles.

The Commanders of the Mendel will generally gather together, and elect the greatest among them to lead. The Warriors below them trust and venerate their leaders, due to their position as former leaders, and for often putting themselves at risk to lead their troops, while also ensuring they do not sacrifice their troops in useless attacks. For Commanders that cannot follow these ideals, they will either step down, or be dethroned by a rival who is also elected in their place.

Kul Chief File

  • Weapons - Sword, Pulse Rifle, Grenades
  • Defenses - Heavy Armor
  • Species - Most

War-Heralds are the seasoned veterans of the Mendel Armies and legions, drawn from veterans of dozens of conflicts across the many years of battle the Pact has endured and survived. Assigned to positions under the Commanders and Marshalls that lead their armies, War-Heralds are a steady presence in the firing line, directly leading squadrons of soldiers in battles and skirmishes on the front, where their abilities and expertise can be of greatest help to the soldiers under their command. Such grizzled veterans are masters of battle and crushing their foes, no matter what shape or organization they are. Be it hordes of Loron barbarians, or the Legions of the Draconid, a War-Herald's direction can break most foes.

Armed with a Pulse Rifle, War-Heralds carry various blades with taken from defeated in battle and duels to demonstrate their skills and abilities. All of them carry a special sword known as the Fire Blade to mark their position, often hoisting it over their head when commanding their forces, or using it strike down their foes in battle. Most of the race of the time, they use modified Pulse Rifles with enhance scanning and crosshair devices to target and remove targets with precision accuracy.

War-Heralds are responsible for whipping the troops into shape, no matter their experience levels, and ensuring they are seasoned and prepared, especially the new recruits, as well as guarding against sabotage, advising and directing new commanders with their experience and abilities, and directing troops on the frontlines. Due to their position, they are treated as honored teachers, and obeyed for their experience and abilities throughout the campaign.

Kul Priest
  • Weapons - Staff, Sickles
  • Defenses - Light Armor
  • Species - Kulaung.

The Draiothe Elders or Truthsayers, are the priests, wisemen and shamans of Mendel and Kulaung society, wise and respected leaders who assist in advising the Tribal councils that head each Clan and Town, and act as lawyers, judges and medical experts outside of those in the more secular circles. Due to Kulaung ideals, Draiothe leaders are elected by their religious flock to see to the ideals of their people, such as attending to the will of the Gods, healing and minding the sick, and advising their rulers on the best path to take. Draiothe rarely enter battle, as they view bloodshed and war as beneath the will of Zaraturai and the Gods, and only come to provide support and morale to their troops.

Draiothe Elders carry large Staffs as symbols of their office, using to direct their flock and believers. Each staff is unique to the Draiothe in question, and when they pass on, the Draiothe are ritually burned and cremated with their hung above their funeral urns within the temples. Some members carry ritual Sickles to carve up their sacrifices, and to slice through the meat of their enemies in battle. Such is less for an effective weapon, and more a last ditch self-defense move used to intimidate enemies and buy time for their guards to arrive.

Draiothe Elders are responsible not only for the preaching of their ideals and the words of the Gods to their warriors in battle, but further bless and sanctify the Cybernetic walkers used by their most trusted and powerful warriors. They further, are used in every Clan, with each Draiothe able to recite and memorize the great tales and histories of their people with ease, using this knowledge to teach and inspire their kin in times of woe. It is rare for them to retreat too long into their temples, and many will stay outside, working jobs alongside the rest, and, on breaks, read and study their history and texts.

Every army and Navy is advised by a Draiothe Elder, whose presence increases morale, and whose death can throw the entire fighting force into a berserk fury, as the Mendel will go to great lengths to find and butcher the killer in question.

  • Weapons - Pulse Rifle, Sacrificial Knives
  • Defenses - Some Armor

  • Weapons - Staff, Essence Powers
  • Defenses - Some Armor.

Honor Guard Units Edit

  • Weapons - Power Staffs, Swords, varies
  • Defenses - Heavy Armor.
  • Species - Any

Frontline Infantry Edit

Mendel Trooper
  • Use - Main Combat.
  • Weapons - Pulse Rifles, Pulse Carbine, Claymore, Power claws, Wrist Rockets.
  • Defenses - Standard plate armor
  • Equipment - Jetpack
  • Species - Kulaung, Kaguran, Human.

The main Infantry unit of the War-Guardianship, the Warrior are the main protectors of the Mendel Clans, and the frontline fighters that see to the breaking of their enemies. Made up of highly trained warriors from most of the Mendel Clans, be it Kulaung, Human, or Kaguran, the Warriors are trained to the highest standards in communally owned barracks belonging to their Clans, each overseen by their elders, the Rally-Masters. They live most of their lives as farmers, stone-carvers, factory-workers and the like, but when duty calls, everyone of them is more then capable of shouldering their rifles and marching to war.

Their weapons vary, but most prefer the trusty and ubiquitous Pulse Rifle to lay down barrage after barrage of heavy plasma fire upon their foes. Their wrist armor, or Vabraces, house many weapons, including wrist rockets, sonic disruptors and other tools, to assist them in combat, but their most trusty weapon, is a heavy claymore, a mighty, two-handed sword that the Mendel will use to hack and cut through their targets. Their armor is weighty and heavy, forged from a special metal only the Mendel have knowledge of bending and using to their will, and it allows for a slow plodding nature, but makes them difficult to put down.

Mendel, by their nature, are bloody and vengeful in war. While peaceful and delighting in simpler times, such as heavy drinks, hearty meals with their kin and allies, or tests of strength, once insulted or roused to war, the Warriors strike with a dark, brooding fury that can disturb their more civilized allies, such as those in the New Republic, and strike a cold fear into the hearts and minds of their foes who dare face them.

  • Ranged Skill - Gold-starGold-starGold-starGold-star
  • Melee Skill - Gold-starGold-starGold-starGold-star
  • Armor - Gold-starGold-starGold-starGold-star
  • Morale - Gold-starGold-starGold-starGold-star
Other Races and Officers

Mendel Breacher
  • Use - Aggressive, frontal assault forces, tight quarters combat.
  • Weapons - Pulse Shotguns, claymores
  • Defenses - Heavy Armor.

More suited to close combat, the Breacher teams, are Warriors who have received and undergo specialized training to see to the eradication of their foes in close quarters. While all Mendel delight in the chance to use their Claymores to hack an unruly foe apart, Breachers specialize in entering building, clearing bunkers, and boarding vehicles, receiving training to handle any situation they may encounter in battle, and react with cold fury.

Armed with Pulse Shotguns, the Breachers are capable of destroying most infantry unit within one or two shots without much resistance, while still capable of using their heavy claymores to cut them down. Their composite is sturdier and more durable then that used by the Warriors of other teams.

Breachers are more aggressive, even by the standards of the Mendel. They will be sent into hazardous zones to clear out targets, and counter the charge of more aggressive, and barbaric empires and races, like their rivals, the brutal Skallin raiders, or the brutal and unrelenting Skordi and their scrapped-together forces, keeping them away from their peers who may be lightly armored or less protected.

  • Ranged Skill - Gold-starGold-starGold-starGold-star
  • Melee Skill - Gold-starGold-starGold-starGold-star
  • Armor - Gold-starGold-starGold-starGold-star
  • Morale - Gold-starGold-starGold-starGold-starGold-star

Orgaat Carni
  • Use - General Combat.
  • Weapons - Claws, genetic absorbing, pole arm, Bolt-action Rifles.
  • Defenses - Some armor, thick armored hide.

The tribal infantry of the Orgaat Carnivores are the most common allied auxiliary units of the Mendel Pact, deployed by their allies in large numbers, as the Orgaat are sworn to their Mendel allies by a number of tribal oaths and agreements to come to each other's aid in times of need. In exchange for the meat and corpses of their foes in battle, the Orgaat bring their skill in ambushing, and their self-sufficiency and fieldcraft, into play against their foes. Eager for more flesh to add to their gene-pool, and to further improve themselves in battle, Orgaat make eager comrades for their Mendel Brothers.

Though their claws and teeth can make quick work of any foe, they make use of specialized Rifles that look like primitive bolt-action weapons, deploying them to fire pulse round bullets into their foes, giving them range and punch they wouldn't have, with blades affixed to them to use as a pole-arm type weapon, replicating an ancient martial art among their forces.

They wear only some armor scraps on their shoulders, preferring animal hides and their own frames to protect from attacks, using ambushing and surprise to overwhelm their foes in battle. Due to their savage nature, many enemies, such as the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, spread propaganda of the Orgaat and their feasting on children, but, despite this, Orgaat would never let the thought cross their minds, being far too loyal to their ideals and beliefs to dar harm children.

  • Ranged Skill - Gold-starGold-starGold-star
  • Melee Skill - Gold-starGold-starGold-starGold-star
  • Armor - Gold-starGold-star
  • Morale - Gold-starGold-starGold-star

  • Use - Long range, anti-armor support fire.
  • Weapons - Shatter Rifle, Shatter Guns
  • Defenses - Armor, natural exoskeleton

The Karpine are usually workers and engineers at heart, delighting in the simple pleasure of consturction and testing their field work. However, raids on their population, have taught them the need for protection, and to lend aid to their Mendel allies. As such, a Warrior Caste was developed, using their advanced genetic manipulation knowledge and engineering to bring about a group that could handle the rigors of battle better then any other Karpine, as their people are usually fragile and less sturdy then even humans.

Armed with the advanced Shatter Guns and Shatter Rifles of the Karpine, the Warrior Caste can deliver long range, armor penetrating rounds onto their targets with ruthless efficiency. Few can withstand even the first few shots of these guns, as armor is immediately pierced, and bones are, as the name states "Shattered". Their bodies are genetically modified and adapted to be more durable and dependable, with an armor suit over it to offer further protections from injury.

The Warrior Caste is breed from cloning chambers, and breed to be sterile, unlike most Karpine. The Warrior Caste are aggressive, brutal and loyal in battle, and will fight to the end ot protect their hives. If more are needed, it is not difficult for their hives to produce more of them.

  • Ranged Skill - Gold-starGold-starGold-star
  • Melee Skill - Gold-starGold-starGold-star
  • Armor - Gold-starGold-starGold-starGold-star
  • Morale - Gold-starGold-starGold-starGold-star

Togun Warrior
  • Use - Heavy infantry
  • Weapons - Radium Rifles
  • Defenses - Heavy armor.

'Togunda Warriors are the frontline troops and main protectors of the Togunda ships and holds, raised from their disparate Clans and families to protect themselves from pirates and to provide aid to their allies in the Mendel Pact, thanks to oaths of honor and loyalty between the two. Togunda are miners and architects at heart, but once roused to war, these stout, doughty warriors can break apart even warships, given enough time and patience to play their part.

They are slow to march, their short, stout frames not suited to fast movement, but each carries a Radium Rifle, delivering horrific, focused radiation bursts of energy upon their foes, each round hitting like a storm or axe upon an unprotected foe, with even armor doing little to protect them. Their robust, muscled frames are further complimented by heavy armor, forged from generations past, and rarely touched unless refits are needed. In most Koro and Fleets, every Togunda Warrior is expected to appear with his own armor and weapons, though this is no issue, as every Togunda treats these as treasured family heirlooms.

Togunda may delight in carving stone, weaving intricate jewels and showing their skill at other tasks and mercantile pursuits, but the Togunda, once roused to war, can become violent and vengeful to those who have wronged them, the further back the betrayal, the harsher and more brutal they become, until many see them often as little better then the Skallin.

  • Ranged Skill - Gold-starGold-starGold-starGold-star
  • Melee Skill - Gold-starGold-starGold-starGold-star
  • Armor - Gold-starGold-starGold-starGold-starGold-star
  • Morale - Gold-starGold-starGold-starGold-starGold-star

Support Infantry Edit

  • Weapons - Sniper Rifles, Rifles
  • Defenses - Light Armor
  • Equipment - Scanning Equipment, Sensor Dart.

Pathfinders are members of the Clans that feel the most drawn to isolation and frontier living, preferring to be away from others rather then being with comrades of the Clans and barracks. Preferring isolation, contemplation and misdirection over direct force and valor, the Pathfinders are descendants of the Hunters and frontiersmen that once made up the ranks of the archers and such of Mendel tribes, now reorganized and redirected as snipers and forward scouts for the Mendel armies.

Pathfinders carry Sniper Rifles, to make clean and efficient kills against their targets, while others will carry rifles to support their infantry counterparts in battle and give suppressive fire against their targets. Outside their light combat armor, they carry scanning equipment to see the structural integrity of buildings, sensor darts to keep track of where targets move, and marker lights, to make targets visible to their comrades. Light recon armor is their only protect, causing them to need to move fast and quick over terrain.

Pathfinders are stubborn and hardy troops, often regarded by the rest of their Clan as not being "quite right". Often, when protecting the colonies, as is often their role, they will use the natural terrain and wild beasts to do most of their work for them. Pathfinders may be intelligent and able to use the terrain to their advantage, but few Clans ever give them the respect they deserve. They prefer it this way, as most Pathfinders prefer being alone to spending time partying and drinking with their Clan-mates.

  • Ranged Skill - Gold-starGold-starGold-starGold-starGold-star
  • Melee Skill - Gold-starGold-starGold-starGold-star
  • Armor - Gold-starGold-starGold-star
  • Morale - Gold-starGold-starGold-starGold-starGold-star

  • Uses - Snipers, Scouts
  • Weapons - Hunting Rifle, knifes
  • Defenses - Light armor, Tough hides.

Hunters are forward scouts of the Orgaat tribes and clans, often forging ahead of the main army to pick off targets and distract enemies, hoping to separate them, weaken them and disperse them before they engage the main armies of Orgaat and Mendel. As part of their shifting and genetic breeding, they are smaller and more nimble then other Orgaat, and blessed with the ability to blend in to any region or underbrush, thanks to selective breeding and the feasting of certain stealthy creatures with chameleon abilities.

Hunters carry hunting rifles, versions of the Orgaat Rifles used to deliver quick, punishing pulse rounds into their targets at long range. To get the proper angle and penetration against targets, Hunters will commonly outfit their rifles with range finders and scopes taken from other races, and further use high terrain to get a vantage point. All Orgaat carry a set of hunting knives to deliver quick, butchering cuts to their targets, while light armor and tough hides adorn their frames for some protection.

Hunters are the first to deploy with other Snipers and such from the Mendel War Legions, assisting them in scouting and recon, and helping pick off targets before the battle begins. Hunters regard the rest of their kin as somewhat irritating at times, but are more then happy to return to their nests and hearth-homes to speak of their tales and adventures. Many Hunters will journey into the most dangerous territories to hunt the most savage creatures, and bring their hides and flesh back to their Tribes to prepare the succulent meat.

  • Ranged Skill - Gold-starGold-starGold-starGold-starGold-star
  • Melee Skill - Gold-starGold-starGold-starGold-star
  • Armor - Gold-starGold-star
  • Morale - Gold-starGold-starGold-star

Togun Miner
  • Use - Anti-Vehicle Warfare, sapping.
  • Weapons - Ion Cutters, Radium Shotguns, explosives, pick-axes
  • Defenses - Armor.

The Togunda Miners are the militia and younger forces of the Togunda realms who are brought forth and rallied to support warriors and bring down structures and others to help the Mendel forces in battle, and gain experience before they join the other Warriors and more veteran forces. Every Hold and Clan worth their gold will have a large and capable group of Miners within their borders and holdings, expert at reading the caverns and mines they man, and knowing how best to use their explosives in both excavation and warfare. As they move up the ranks and spend years in the mines and asteroid excavation of their kind, they learn more and more how to read the stones around and beneath them, and know where to strike to excavate walls and break up tunnels, and how to shatter the ground to cause cave-ins.

Miners usually carry large Pick-Axes, designed to carve the stone and rock with every blow, and even penetrate armor with enough hits. Though the standard weapon, due to their pride in their positions and jobs, many carry Radium Shotguns to plaster their foes with round upon round if they get too close, and to deal with other forces. Their other ranged weapon, is the Ion Cutter, a specialized device that, though limited in range, will fire burst of Ion particles to melt through vehicle armor and even flesh. With this, they also throw various explosives at anything that may annoy them, explosives designed to blow apart infantry, destroy vehicles, and clear out areas beneath ground.

Miners are dedicated, productive fighters, respected by the various Mendel Clans for their work and hard, dedicated labor on behalf of the Pact. When they take to fight, they are just as loyal and dedicated as the other warriors, even if they lack the various weapons and devices of others, or hte experience and skill, simply using their abilities to dig through the under-cities of their foes' worlds, so their troops can move quickly and undetected from enemy forces, launching attacks from any direction, or weakening the support bindings and sewers under a city to cause collapses and damage formations.

  • Ranged Skill - Gold-starGold-starGold-star
  • Melee Skill - Gold-starGold-starGold-star
  • Armor - Gold-starGold-starGold-starGold-star
  • Morale - Gold-starGold-starGold-starGold-starGold-star

  • Use - Light Infantry
  • Weapons - Blaster Rifle, grenades
  • Defenses - Light armor.

Deployed from captured forces, descendants of captured forces and other troops, Auxiliaries are often deployed by the Mendel to back up their teams of warriors and offer light support fire to their forces, guard important locations, and garrison their forts and watch-towers in backwater and frontier worlds. Though not given the same quality of weapons and armor as the Warriors and others, they entrusted with fighting alongside the other forces of the Mendel, even against their former comrades and citizens of their former empire. Auxiliary Troopers are temporary fighters, every four years, given a chance to become part of a Clan, or create their own after education in the Mendel Tribal Laws and ways.

Armed with Blaster Rifles to support the Warriors, Auxiliaries receive weapons bought from Cyrannus, and deployed to engage enemy forces in a support fire role with the Mendel, often, the most trusted given Pulse Rifles and trusted Mendel weapons to give them better stopping power in battle. Their light Flak armor is designed after that which their original empire made, combined with Mendel designs, to get the Auxiliaries comfortable in their new homes and place in the Pact.

Auxiliaries often have a troubled place within their new empire. Due to tactical blunders, lost battles, and other mistakes, they are often left behind in Mendel territory and fed "tactical mistruths" about what will happen if they attempt to return to their empire, or their empire reconquers the territory. Others are defectors who seek to find a new way of life away from their former empire. Whatever the case, they become a respected part of many Cadres and regiments in battle.

After four years, an Auxiliary may be given the chance to become a fully fledged member of the Clans, and join one, being given a Claymore Sword, suit of Armor and a chance to retire to whatever job they so desire. Many will often choose to stay in the Auxiliary, becoming a sergeant and leading squads of their own troops alongside specifically chosen Rally-Masters.

  • Ranged Skill - Gold-starGold-starGold-star
  • Melee Skill - Gold-starGold-starGold-star
  • Armor - Gold-starGold-starGold-star
  • Morale - Gold-starGold-starGold-starGold-star

Races that are Conscripts include

  • Raptoranean
  • Cathonian
  • Soldarian
  • Volver
  • Mudwort
  • Moorah
  • Zarbanian
  • Scimat'akar
  • Grux
  • Dragowar (some)
  • More possibly coming due to Xonexi Conflict.

Togun Clanless
  • Use - Shock Troopers, berserkers
  • Weapons - Twin Axes
  • Defenses - None.
  • Ranged Skill - Gold-starGold-star
  • Melee Skill - Gold-starGold-starGold-starGold-starGold-star
  • Armor - Gold-star
  • Morale - Gold-starGold-starGold-starGold-starGold-star

Orgaat Vulture
  • Weapons - Rifles, Spears, Knives
  • Defenses - Light Armor, Flight.

Mendel Maruader
  • Use - Assassin
  • Weapons - Blades, knifes, swords
  • Defenses - Stealth armor

Mendel Marauders are descendants of the ancient Mendel hunters of old, warriors who staked more honor on fighting beasts of nature with simple blades and their martial arts, then using fire arms or spears. Such figures became rare, as the Mendel disdain trophy hunting as dishonorable, while these figures gradually changed and focused their ideals and combat abilities and training towards fighting and combating others through stealth, speed and the strength of their ideals. These figures are inspiring, seen as brave and ferocious fighters in battle.

Armed only with swords, knives and various wrist mounted blades on their vabraces, Marauders deploy stealth gear and jamming devices to block snesors and stay out of mostvisual and audio detection systems, while undergoing extreme mental training to block their thoughts from psychic foes and hide their intents from the mind readers and psionic users, while their stealth armor, though lighter and less durable, offers great protection and some chance of deflecting blaster rounds and the like, but their role is ambushing, ot upfront fighting.

Marauders are seen as tireless hunters, and follow the aspects of the goddess Scathla, and her martial arts abilities. Others, in their time as mercenaries and hunters, follow thier example, and seek to replicate their tireless abilities to track and bring down any foe in melee, and Marauders themselves occupy a high niche within the army, above even the famed Rally-Masters.

  • Ranged Skill - Gold-starGold-starGold-star
  • Melee Skill - Gold-starGold-starGold-starGold-star
  • Armor - Gold-starGold-starGold-star
  • Morale - Gold-starGold-starGold-starGold-star
Other Races and Officers

  • Use - Long ranged snipers
  • Weapons - Rifles, Frag Grenades
  • Defenses - Light armor, Hides.
  • Ranged Skill - Gold-starGold-starGold-starGold-star
  • Melee Skill - Gold-starGold-starGold-star
  • Armor - Gold-starGold-star
  • Morale - Gold-starGold-starGold-star

Heavy Infantry Edit

Mendel Shock Troop
  • Use - shock troopers, Elite warriors
  • Weapons - Combat Rifles, Heavy weapons.
  • Defenses - Heavy armor.

Shock Troopers are the elite fighting force and troopers of the Mendel, made up of mostly Kulaung, combined with other elites absorbed from other fighters of the factions they've absorbed. Taken from among the best fighters, Shock Troopers are trained by the Super Commandos to use similar assault tactics and powerful weapons against their foes. Fast-moving, heavily armored, and quick to react and counter any surprises that come to them, the Shock Troopers answer to the Marshall of War, the Second in Command of Mendel armies, putting them under the High King in their missions.

Shock Troopers are armed with heavy Combat Rifles and other heavy weapons, deployed to assault heavily fortified locations and areas of difficulty with their mobile and powerful siege and powerhouse weapons. Their heavy, powerful armor is sealed from the vacuum, providing protection and allowing them to survive worse then other Warriors and fighters among the Clans.

Shock Troopers are trained to board and capture enemy vessels, prepared and trained to fight and battle in unknown and dangerous conditions that might be unstable for other warriors, and are trained to adapt and overcome these conditions and center their strategies and techniques against other forces. In other conditions, they will break lines, be the first to land and engage the foe, and back-up other warriors in battle.

  • Ranged Skill - Gold-starGold-starGold-starGold-starGold-star
  • Melee Skill - Gold-starGold-starGold-starGold-star
  • Armor - Gold-starGold-starGold-starGold-star
  • Morale - Gold-starGold-starGold-starGold-starGold-star

Kadal Warrior
  • Use - Heavy anti-infantry Troops
  • Weapons - Ripper Rifle, their own fists, swords.
  • Defenses - Heavy armor, naturally resistant hide.

Kadalian Warriors are large, brutish frontline fighters of the Kadalian people, rallied as auxiliaries to the cause of their Mendel brothers, gathering in small numbers within every army to fight on the frontlines and crush targets beneath their fists and blades, eager to prove their worth, and use their massive strength to break open lines in enemy formations to assist the Mendel in battle. Trained in many martial arts from a young age, and expert with many different sword and blade types, the Kadalians are forceful and used to often counter and bash through more brutish aliens such as the Skordi and the Loron who would threaten the gunlines and such of other species within the Pact.

Many Kadalians, as a symbol of their strength and dedication, carry only large slashing blades, swords and combat knives (though a knife for them is still large by any other races' standards), to charge and cut down their foes in glorious melee combat. Among the races of the Mendel, they are among the few that still maintain the time honored tradition of engaging in melee combat, seen as the highest and purest form of combat amongst their people. Others, however, carry large Ripper Rifles, cumbersome guns meant to fire high-speed projectiles meant to smash through armor, pulverize flesh, and tear straight through power shields. Though larger then most guns, Kadalians carry them like pistols or small rifles.

  • Ranged Skill - Gold-starGold-starGold-star
  • Melee Skill - Gold-starGold-starGold-starGold-star
  • Armor - Gold-starGold-starGold-starGold-star
  • Morale - Gold-starGold-starGold-starGold-star

Orgaat Headhunter
  • Use - Assault forces.
  • Weapons - Claws, brute force, blades, rifles, Acidic Spit.
  • Defenses - Some armor, reinforced hide.
  • Ranged Skill - Gold-starGold-starGold-star
  • Melee Skill - Gold-starGold-starGold-starGold-star
  • Armor - Gold-starGold-star
  • Morale - Gold-starGold-starGold-star

  • Use - Infantry
  • Weapons - Rending blades, Spike Gauntlets, Blasters.
  • Defenses - Natural and Carapace armor.
  • Ranged Skill - Gold-starGold-starGold-star
  • Melee Skill - Gold-starGold-starGold-starGold-star
  • Armor - Gold-starGold-starGold-star
  • Morale - Gold-starGold-starGold-star

Hoiaa Warrior
  • Use - Elite shock troops
  • Weapons - Great Axes.
  • Defenses - Heavy armor and power shielding.
  • Ranged Skill - Gold-starGold-starGold-star
  • Melee Skill - Gold-starGold-starGold-starGold-star
  • Armor - Gold-starGold-starGold-starGold-star
  • Morale - Gold-starGold-starGold-starGold-star

Whaitirii Warrior
  • Use - Elite ranged infantry and fire support
  • Weapons - Heavy weaponry
  • Defenses - Heavy armor.
  • Ranged Skill - Gold-starGold-starGold-star
  • Melee Skill - Gold-starGold-starGold-starGold-star
  • Armor - Gold-starGold-starGold-starGold-star
  • Morale - Gold-starGold-starGold-starGold-star

Elite Infantry Edit

Kul SuperCommando
  • Use - Elite Warriors, Black Ops.
  • Weapons - Heavy weapons.
  • Defenses - Heavy armor.

Super-Commandos are the elite of the elite, descendants of the Ancient Orders of Knights, the first ones to accept the reforms of their people under Torscka Nitrocon and other leaders. The Super-Commandos are hardened, elite warriors, drawn from the powerful and veteran warriors taken in and trained in the shrines of the Super-Commandos, dedicating themselves as both powerful Black Ops warriors, and Warrior-Priests of Hoorangiir himself, dedicating their lives to him, and training to replicate his strengths and hopes in the Kulaung and those that follow Mendel allies to do their greatest efforts in battle for him.

  • Ranged Skill - Gold-starGold-starGold-starGold-starGold-star
  • Melee Skill - Gold-starGold-starGold-starGold-star
  • Armor - Gold-starGold-starGold-starGold-starGold-star
  • Morale - Gold-starGold-starGold-starGold-starGold-star

  • Use - Elite soldiers
  • Weapons - Advanced weapons.
  • Defenses - Powered Exoskeleton.

Aspect Warriors Edit

Aspect Warriors are Mendel warriors who seek to channel the might and personality of one of their gods. Usually residing in War-shrines, these warriors join the main army when requested or if their Shrine-world is located in a nearby system. As such, these warriors, while designed only for a single task, prove exceptionally powerful when deployed on the field, and commonly find themselves against particularly advanced or powerful warriors.

  • Weapons - Swords, Catapult Rifle
  • Defenses - Armor.
  • Equipment - Power Shields, flashbangs, teleportation device.

Among the Mendel, females have almost always, throughout their history, held equal positions of power and authority to men. Be it as Tribal Chieftains, Clan Matriarchs and shamans, females have always held an important role within their tribal society and Clans. It mostly stems from the idea that, since Zaraturai, the Great Mother, is strong enough to lead the Gods, then so too must the females of a Clan. They have rarely regarded this as some great achievement for progress and women's rights, merely seeing it as the way of things, and laughing in the face of other races who have greater trouble finding equality. One of their most feared Goddesses, in fact, was Scathal. A dark fearsome deity, Scathal would hunt through the darkness, and her followers, called the Teachers of Scathal, where just as fearsome, occupying a feared and respected position within the Clans of the Mendel.

Legends circulate to this day about their abilities. While certainly stealthy and strong, many say they can blend into shadows, teleport and walk on water during battles. While most of these are fictionalized, either by outsiders, or by the Teachers themselves to make sure no one truly knows their abilities, there is some kernel of truth to their abilities within the myths. Teachers are focused on stealth, and this allows them to seemingly disappear at a moment's notice, though this is not due to any magical power on their part. The Teachers are trained, instead, to be expert planners and strategists, coming up with back-up plans and escape routs that their opponents will not notice, thus giving them the appearance as though they suddenly disappeared.

In battle, the Teachers of Scathal yield Catapult rifles, mid-ranged combat rifles based on the standard Mendel battle rifles used by standard infantry men. These rifles have been designed, to sacrifice range, in exchange for a little more damage output and to be completely silent, other then a loud pop when they fire. Like all Mendel Warriors, they carry fearsome blades to hack away their foes in melee combat.

The teachers are most noted for painting their armor dull blue, black and dark green, so as to blend in with their surroundings, and painted in great curving patterns meant to invoke the great sagas and tales centering around Scathal and her most prized students. For, while a powerful warrior and Clan leader, Scathal was also a wise teacher, and, it is said, taught the first six Koatria not only the power of stealth and strategy in battle, but also taught them their strength in their unity. If one is fluent in the sacred Runes of the Mendel Shamans and priests, they can see these stories written on the bodies and armor of the warriors, though few can truly look at these runes closely, as most Teachers of Scathal will cut them down before they get the chance.

Teachers of Scathal are stealth forces, considered even better at approaching stealthily then their Marauder kinsmen, as it's said they can move completely silent in full armor, and can maintain a long march and run further then their kinsmen, due to their extensive training. They, to help with their stealth operations, carry a variety of Flash Bangs to stun their foes, as well as teleportation devices to move from one area to the other, and keep their foes on their feet.

Those warriors are mostly female, and are not only effective stealth units designed to take out the worst foes that even Marauders cannot handle, but also instruct other Mendel in the Martial Arts of battle. It is common for young warriors, both men and women, to learn under these savage teachers and devotes to Scathal, before either going back to their Clans with what they have learned, or staying with their teachers and assisting them in lessons and in battle. Outside of battle, The Teachers form an advisory position within the Clans and Tribes of the Mendel, assisting their lords and helping them guard them during war.

  • Weapons - Axes, Pistols
  • Defense - Powered Plate armor.
  • Equipment - Power Drain, deployable shields.

Followers of Morrigu are the powerful warriors who rally under the ideals of the Phantom Queen and Goddess of warfare and death, Morrigu. It is said that she and her three "aspects" appear to those on the battlefield, to gather their souls and prepare them for either a life in the Oversoul, damnation outside of it, or to ride alongside Hoorangiir himself and prepare for Krongorak, or The End Times. Her followers are regarded as a bloody cult, a group of warriors who throw themselves at the worst foes, in a grim parody of Skallin Berserkers and other Darkling worshippers of Tibrix. As though this where not enough, they even gather the skulls of their foes, causing great fear and distrust in their alien allies outside the Pact, believing them corrupted on a spiritual level, and their cult, a dangerous sect the Mendel should do away with.

Despite, the Mendel regard the followers of Morrigu as strong, capable warriors, worthy of respect, and brave beyond measure. They are known to throw themselves into the thick of battle, and fight no matter the odds. Many of their foes say they are over-taken with berserker rage and bloodlust, but, in actuality, no Mendel would succumb to such barbaric practices, even if their ways are more "traditional" then other races. These warriors are feared for the damage they can cause with their axes, hacking away at their foes with ruthless abandon, and leaving no survivors, not stopping until the foe either dies, or surrenders to them.

Their style is strange and varied, though their armor and flesh is commonly painted white, black and red, the colors of Morrigu and, when painted together, represent death in Mendel culture. Their helmet appears to be a stylized skull, though if they choose to not wear one, they commonly adorn their faces in a skull-like painted design to intimidate their foes. Upon their belts and shoulders rest the skulls and heads of their fallen comrades, the most powerful of their kindred and Clan-Brothers and Sisters, who the Followers of Morrigu wished to harness. Since the Mendel believe the head is the resting place of the soul, by having their comrades' heads with them, they can temporarily call upon their comrades to guide their actions and increase their strength in battle.

Followers of Morrigu are known, after fighting, to find the strongest and most powerful of their warriors who have fallen in battle, as well as those of their foes, and take their heads off, to collect Morrigu's "acorn crop". Since the head is the resting place of the soul, there is a special way to prepare the head. To just simply cut it off dishonors the soul and desecrates the individual, and means they can never fully join the Oversoul. The first step, is that Draiiuds dedicated to Morrigu bless the warrior's body and head, dripping oils upon it to prepare it, as they wash and groom it. Next, one warrior, as he recites a prayer to Morrigu, will prepare to take his or her head off, and, after doing so, will offer a prayer to the fallen warrior, thanking them for their strength and tenacity in battle. After this is done, the flesh is entirely removed from the skull, and then bathed in special metal, which, once it cools and hardens, will make the skull last forever more. It is then painted with special runes of Morrigu to bless it and it's soul further.

Outsiders regard them as a savage group, and prove enough the Mendel are a barbaric, brutal people in need of spiritual and cultural guidance, but the Mendel ignore them. If they are not keen enough to understand their ways and why they do what they do, then they can volunteer their warriors for the next acorn crop, and join their skulls upon the rakes.

To take or damage the head of a Mendel warrior without these conditions being meet drives the Followers of Morrigu into a frenzy, and they will viciously hunt down any who desecrate their fallen comrades' heads. They have a special hatred for their Skallin Rivals that follow Tibrix, who also collect the skulls of their foes and throw themselves into berserker rages for their supposed god. Followers of Morrigu are said to be the only ones that can match their strength and brutality in battle.

  • Use - Anti-Vehicle, anti-building units.
  • Weapons - Fusion Pike.
  • Defense - Heavy Armor.

Mendel Fire Dragons are a new military unit in the War-Guardianship, derived from the believe in the Vanara Holy-beast known as Jura, and his adaptation into their religion. As such, Fire Dragons represent the Vanara beast in all his power, revealing in the destruction and mayhem they cause in his name. As such, their combat style focuses on the art on destruction of vehicles and building, reducing them to molten slag in seconds with their advanced technology. However, they also follow Jura by protecting those weaker then themselves and defending with all the courage in their heart. Fire dragons seek to replicate Jura in all fields of life and war, just as their cousins seek to replicate the other gods in battle and life. Like all Ugandalorians, however, all must beware of these fearsome beings, even if one believes himself protected on foot, and their guns are not designed for specifically destroying enemy infantry, they can still melt limbs and body parts easily.

Fire Dragons come from a famed Super Commando, Fuerogon O'Nitrcon'kad, a famed student of the Lord of Super Commandos, and a worshipper of the Cult of Jura. Wanting to capture the art of destruction he so worshipped in Jura, Fuerogon studied under multiple Vanara military commanders and religious monks, gleaning as much knowledge as he could form their tactics, and how to integrate them with Ugandalorian ones. After years of study, Fuerogon formed the Fire Dragons, modifying his Super Commando armor from Black, to bright crimson, adding new accessories to better distinguish himself. Traveling among the Clans, Fuerogon taught his ways to many recruits from Shock Trooper, Defender and some Super Commando units. When he was done, Fuerogon had created a Sect of warriors known as "Jura'Akiin'K'ler", or "Jura's Merciless Rage".

Fuerogon's teaching focus mostly on using a heavy weapon he and Mendel black smiths designed, called a Fusion pike, to deliver a hot stream of Plasma, focused in a more liquid state. Incredibly hot, and cutting edge in terms of technology, the Fusion Pike is used to melt through armor and machinery in seconds. Fire Dragons are commonly deployed in battle against vehicles and buildings, and can be repurposed to fight against infantry, with devastating results.

Fire Dragons wear heavy, sealed armor, based on that of Super Commando units. However, it is far stiffer and more resilient to damage, as their weapons have shorter range, and, to maximize their devastating fire power, Fire Dragons most close quickly with the enemy, or rely on surprised tactics in battle. Their armor is commonly outfitted with large wing-like structures and horns, so as to mimic the appearance of Jura as much as possible, as well as small spines across their jet packs and back armor, another feature that nods towards Jura.

Fire Dragons fight in teams of 6, and can be lead by a Sergeant, named Jura's Fist.

Vehicles Edit

Tanks Edit

Assault Tank Mk1
  • Weapons - Single Railgun/Mass Driver
  • Defenses - Armor

The Candarro Assault Tank MK1 is the first of it's kind built, a steady and dependable design meant to crush foes and provide heavy support for troops. Though outclassed by modern designs, the Tank's abilities are still useful enough to make it a strong addition to any Mendel army deploying against their enemies. Though by now reduced to an auxiliary role and support part of the army, a MK1 Assault Tank is still a fearsome adversary to face on the open battlefield for the majority of vehicles and infantry, even with it's less then stellar weaponry.

The Candarro Mk1 has a single Mass Driver or Railgun, used to target enemy vehicles or infantry that attack that get near it. Sometimes, though the Mass Driver is effective against all targets, it's accelerated canister rounds able to splatter infantry as well as smash through armor, some Mendel will trade in the Mass Driver for a Railgun, in order to effectively counter enemy vehicles, blasting holes through tanks and other vehicles with sound barrier-breaking shots to leave clean, blasted holes through enemy armor.

Candarro Mk1 Tanks use their heavy armor for defense. Though quite effective at resisting rocket and laser fire, it is somewhat outdated compared to the armor and shielding of other Assault Tanks.

Overall, the Tanks have less shielding then other Mendel Tanks that have come about, and has less speed in battle, and less mobility. Despite all of this, when paired with the MK2 and Mk3's, the Mk1 makes an effective and passable support fire tank and siege weapon to use against other vehicles and such with the other two styles of tanks.

AT1 File

Assault Tank
  • Weapons - Mass Driver canons, beam canon.
  • Defenses - Shielding, heavy armor.

The Candarro Assault Tank is the main line battle tank used by the Mendel Pact and is fielded by many of their military forces, including the War-guardianship, Cybernet Legion, and even law enforcement when the situation demands it. A highly advanced repulsorlift tank, the Candarro Assault Tank is made to be a fast moving, durable attack vehicle that performs well as the basic ground vehicle in their legions. Armed with 180 millimeter thick hull armor, and advanced shielding, the Candarro is a moving wall that, almost silently skims the ground and above water as it tracks it's prey.

The Candarro garners it's name from the first High King of United Ugandalore, Candarro Ordes, who was said to be the first being to unify the Ugandalorians into a untied empire. Known for his fierce loyalty in battle and iron hard will, the tank is said to personify these features in battle, being highly durable, and having a bite to match. The Tank has twin Mass Drivers, powerful guns that fire accelerated particle canisters at high speeds at their targets, ignoring shields as they smash and explode into their target. Near the rear flank of the tank is 2 small Pulse Guns for secondary fire, and it's co-pilot can fire a Beam canon at infantry or secondary targets to allow multiple avenues of fire.

The Candarro is outfitted with far thick hull armor all around, it's only weak points being it's underbelly, near the repulsorlift beds that allow the Candarro to move off the ground, equivalent to a less advanced tank's treads. As such, the tank is outfitted with advanced sensor relays allowing it to spot mine fields, the most dangerous foe for any tank, but even worse for the Candarro, as the shielding is weakest under the repulsorlift beds.

The Candarro, due to it's speed and mobility, as well as it's adaptability, is the most common tank in the Mendel Pact, and commonly, it's chassis is modified to house different weapons and equipment to fill many more roles. Even as the Mendel advances further, the Candarro will doubtlessly remain their main tank choice, a dependable rock upon which many of their armies and assaults rely on.

Known Chassis types
  • Candarro Basilisk-pattern - A Candarro outfitted for transport, sacrificing it's Mass Drivers for 2 heavy Turbolaser canons, and forgoing it's beam canon, instead allowing it to transport 3 infantry units at a time, who can fire out of the tank.
  • Candarro Wyvern-Pattern - Heavy siege pattern. Trading in it's Mass Drivers for a Heavy Plasma gun, the Tank barely resembles it's predecessor at this point, but retains much of it's speed, despite the Plasma Canon's bulk, and all of it's durability. The Canon is, while slow firing, used to destroy enemy defenses and vehicles, with some anti-personnel ability, though it is too slow firing to be much of a threat.
Candarro Assault Tank

Assault Tank Mk3
  • Weapons - Twin Railguns
  • Defenses - Heavy armor, Shielding

The Candarro MK3 Tank is the latest updated model of the Candarro, designed to be an update to the Candaroo tanks, and the latest cutting edge of Mendel tank designs. Built and designed after the Battle of Venetia, the Mk3 Assault Tank was designed after certain Cyrannian vehicles and tanks, but mixed with Mendel designs, believing in the idea of combing the best of both galaxies. The Mendel take great pride in their newest design, and see it as paving the way forward for greater battles and victories to come. During the Second Great Cyrannus War, the Mk3 tanks were deployed in large numbers to secure victory, marking the first war that these designs saw action in. As new crews could not be found to work them in time, the best Mk2 and Mk1 pilots received the Mk3s as rewards and "promotions" for their bravery.

The Mk3 Tank, rather then the Rapid Fire Mass Drivers that the Mk2 and Mk1 are famous for, instead uses twin Railguns designed by W'alor Industries, and used to counter both infantry and vehicles, though the projectiles are focused more on the infantry side of things. They fire numerous, fast projectiles at high speed against their targets, the bullet-like object heated up and launched at high speed to rip through even heavily armored infantry like a canon ball, or punch through vehicles, through not with the same force as a mass driver.

The Mk3 features armor slightly below the standards of a Mk2, but it's main draw is it's heavier shield, which has been modified to resist plasma and blaster rounds more, even Turbolaser rounds, and cause solid projectiles to suddenly bounce off of it at random points. The Candarro Mk3, as such, is a difficult beast to counter for many in other military forces, as many have come to rely on the heavy laser canons and other batteries of the militaries of today.

AT2 File

Koroan Battle Tank
  • Weapons - Pulse Canon, machine gunneries.
  • Defenses - Heavy armor, shielding.

Koroan Battle Tank is a large, Kodalorian armored assault tank, used to assault infantry, but mostly has a defensive role, due to how slow moving the weapon platform is. Often, the tanks will be set up, and enemies lured to within range of the tank. Setting up traps and coordinating strikes with other tanks and infantry makes the vehicle truly fearsome, and allows it to make use of the Kodalorian's expert skill at combined arms warfare that few others could match.

The Koroan Tank has a main pulse canon, and 2 machine gunneries to attack most targets. Usually, the Pulse Canon attacks the biggest target, while the 2 gunners take down infantry and other targets. The slow speed in which the gun heats up, then fires, makes it situational, and often, tank squadrons will coordinate their fire to maximize damage and to make sure their comrades are not caught undefended. The long range and power of the Pulse Tank also allows it to effectively bash away enemy fortifications as a proxy for artillery, giving it a duel role in battle.

While the Koroan is a powerful weapon, it's use is limited, due to it's gun not be rotatory. When the gunner wants to aim at something new, he must turn the entire tank around to face the target. Otherwise, the Koroan-class features heavy shielding, and good quality armor.

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Artillery Edit

  • Weapons - Siege-designed mortar pods.
  • Defenses - Heavy armor, shields.

Mobile Battle Platforms are heavy artillery tanks, rolled into battle to bombard enemies at long range. Used to soften up enemy defensive turrets, or destroy enemy vehicles and fortifications, Mobile Battle Platforms are an instrumental and powerful force in the Ugandalorians' crusades. Originally built for long ranged support in battle and warfare, the Mendel came to align with the Togunda as allies, who were experts at siege and grinding warfare that few could equal them. The Mendel decided to allow their comrades to upgrade their artillery to improve and advance it further then before.

It's main weapon are 5 Mortar Pods used to launch flaming projectiles at targets that go straight through shielding, and explode on impact. These projectiles are built and based on the designs and engineering of the Togunda, and built for the heavy sieging and warfare the Mendel would need. As Mendel forces are not good at static, stationary warfare, the upgrades and updates to the Mobile Battle Plateforms have allowed the weapon to hold it's own, despite a rough design choice.

The massive vehicles are used to transport troops around the field, and, when attacked by other vehicles and infantry, will deploy it's internal infantry squads for defense, as it has no weapons other then long range mortar pods, which are ineffective at medium range. The choice to double as a platform was made back when the artillery piece was first designed, and felt the artillery piece was too weak to grind down foes before they could get close to damage the artillery piece.

It has extremely heavy armor and shields, but is very slow.

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Transports Edit

Cragoa Carrier
  • Weapons - Repeating Canons.
  • Defenses - Armor.

The Cragoa Assault Carrier is a Kodalorian-designed, used-by-all races assault weapon, used to transport squadrons of infantry into battle. An armored vehicle, the Cragoa-class is fast moving and used to move it's warriors across the field safely, as well as offering some fire support during a battle, though the Cragoa will not be destroying any major enemies, merely being another set of guns for the Mendel to unleash on their foes.

The Cragoa has little weaponry, other then 4 repeater canons mounted on the top, firing anti-infantry plasma rounds at target, as they deploy their contents onto the field. The Cragoa is designed, not to cut down enemies, but merley offer fire support to it's troops on the field. 3 Squads of infantry can deploy, bring their weapons to bear, and unload road after road of punishing plasma, Karpine projectiles and other powerful tools of war.

The Cragoa has heavy armor, but otherwise is not useful for direct combat, being mostly used to reduce infantry causalities, and assist allies in killing enemies. The Cragoa relies on it's heavy armor to blunt most enemy assaults and attacks against it. Even missile and rocket fire cannot pierce it easily, and mines can generally be rolled over without worry. Due to magnetic and repulsorlift fields and bedding on it's bottom, are able to keep the carrier on the ground, and help it right itself if it is flipped over by an explosion or outside force.

Cragoa File

Speeders Edit

Assault Walkers Edit

Assault Walkers are a new invention by the Mendel, designed based around the idea of the Contemptor Walkers used by Olympians. The ideal is similar, to take the heavily injured warriors of the army, and hook them into a powerful walker to keep fighting for the Pact. These walkers are more light weight, and the process to integrate into them is less painful then the Olympian variant. Instead of being used as a multi-purpose melee-oriented fighting machine like the Contemptor, Assault Walkers are used to support infantry, commonly mounted with heavy weaponry and shielding to support their troops. These Walkers are usually kept in special shrines within a Clan Hold or ship, and awakened in times of strive. They also act as teachers, guiding the younger warriors in battle, with experience that often goes back centuries.

Kor'tan Walker
  • Weapons - Photon Canon
  • Defenses - Heavy armor, Phasic Shields

The Kor'tan-class Assault Walker is a new class of Assault Walker developed by the Mendel a few years after their battles with the Loron during Da Reckoning. The idea was to create fast moving, siege walkers that could lay waste to enemy defenses and vehicles with little effort. Their designs where based on the Olympian Contemptor Walkers used to keep Olympian super soldiers on life support and keep them fighting, but at a much smaller scale. Studies had shown that normal, unaltered warriors could not survive the process needed to be interned into a Contemptor, and as such, the idea of doing the same for mortal warriors was scraped.

However, advanced made in weapons designs and the ability to input fallen warriors into machines where made greatly during the times of the Xonexi Wars and the Loron Wars allowed the Mendel to develop the Kor'tan Walker. Based on Kodalorian designs, the Kor'tan Walker is a strong and sturdy machine, it's shell and chassis strong enough to withstand the worst hteir foes can throw at the Walker and keep going. The Walker also projects specialized Phasic Shields that can withstand even the most grueling of punishment. As such, the warrior inside is kept safe even as he wades through concentrated fire.

The warrior in question is usually a veteran of some sort who has suffered critical injuries during battle, and is interned within a specialized sac of sterilized liquid to keep his form intact, and stop infections and the like. Modules hock into his body to not only allow control of the machine that serves as his body now, but also feed him nutrients to keep his body as healthy as possible, even in his sorry state.

The Kor'tan has a Photon Canon mounted atop it, which it uses to lop charged bolts of energy at targets at a distance, usually done when said target is within a barrier of some sort, or to break down defenses and armored targets. The mechanics of this weapon work similar to a catapult, meaning the projectile is flown through the air, and then falls upon it's target. The modules within the eyes of the Kor'tan pilot allow him to time the angel and rate of his fire so he can always hit his target, no matter how fast they are moving.

Kor'tan, outside of battle, are kept in a specialized shrine dedicated to their maintenance and repairs, keeping their armor in condition, replacing one of the four damaged limbs used to propel the walker along, or going about the careful task of refilling the nutrient sack and restoring the "food" supply the individual will need. All of these are handled by specialized engineers trained thoroughly in handling and caring for their elders. Other warriors frequently look to the pilots of the Kor'tan Walkers as wise and enlightened elders, and follow their guidance carefully. The pilots within are wise indeed, and often use their experience to improve the abilities of their kindred on foot. While in the shrine, most Kor'tan pilots remain in suspended animation. Some of the Greater Clans can afford to maintain shrines on their own Clan Keeps, and regularly go to their elders within the Shrine for advice.

Kor'tan File

Durotsuum Walker
  • Weapons - Siege Canons
  • Defenses - Heavy armor, Phasic Shields.

The Durotsuum-class Heavy Walker is a stronger, more powerful and advanced version of the Kor'tan Walker. These walkers are used for heavier assaults, as one can tell by their advanced armor and shields, and used to break through solid lines of enemy tanks and artillery in battle. The Durotsuum stems from the Kor'tan Walker, and bares a superficial resemblance to the smaller, more nimble walker. However, it is larger, far more armored and built, and armed far differently.

The Durotsuum is prepared much the same way as the Kor'tan Walker, with an injured warrior taken, and, placed within a nutrient sack to keep him healthy and alive within the machine, as well as feed nutrients into him to keep his body healthy, and connect his nerves to the controls of the walker, so he can control it like he would his arm or leg. When preparing his body, the Warrior and his walker are sanctified in the name of the High Kings that came before, and died for their people in battle, such as Torscka Nitrocon of Ugandalore. Such is done to remember those that gave their lives and helped give others a fighting chance. The nutrient sack they are placed in regulates their core temperature, brain activity, heart rate and using microscopic nanomachines to protect the flesh and repair any diseased tissue, in the case of a hull breach.

Durotsuum Walker is armed with Twin Siege Canons, used to blast through enemy defenses and heavily armored targets and fortifications. These weapons are similar in use and structure to the Mass Drivers used by Candarro Assault Tanks and other heavy weapons in the Mendel arsenal. These walkers fire more focused, smaller rounds with high amounts of penetration and ability to shatter armor, where's Candarro Tank Mass Drivers can blast through a large area, and more focus on explosive power. These Walkers are covered in heavy, allowing them to shrug off attacks from most caliber hand weapons, and even explosives used by rockets and tank fire. In the case the Walker takes damage from a particularly powerful weapon, the walker can activate Phasic Shielding to absorb any turbolaser weaponry or other weapons thrown at it for a short period of time.

Like the smaller Kor'tan Walker, Durotsuum walkers are used for warriors who have fallen in battle, and are kept and maintained in specialized Shrines dedicated to the Fallen Elders. While often put in the same shrines, Durotsuum often have specialized areas to themselves, due to their heavier equipment, armor and other load outs.

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Other Edit

  • Weapons - Claws, multiple energy projecting laser canons, eye beams.
  • Defenses - Biomechanical hide, energy shields.

Tahriko Basilisk-pattern Battle Mounts are creatures of unknown original, from an unknown race. Biomechanical in nature, the beasts' organic muscle tissues keep it's armored parts together, while it rampages across the field. Tamed by the Ugandalorians, Tahriko have become identified as a symbol of the race's power and strength. The Tahriko are used by high ranking members, such as the Ugandalore, to ride into battle, even from outer space.

The Tahriko uses it's powerful claws to slice through tanks and infantry, as well as it's spiked tail to stab targets of equal size. Around it's head and it's mane of spikes, are several powerful laser canons that can tear through most buildings. It's eyes have been upgraded to fire laser rounds. The Tahriko's armor and shielding allows it to directly fly through the void, and Ugandalorians commonly jump from star ships right into planet-side battles to get the jump on their foes. As such, Tahriko can double as star fighters in battle, their claws being used to tear open enemy cock pits in dog fights.

Tahriko are beloved by their masters, and are cared for almost like a real pet. The rider and mount seem to form a powerful hive-mind, that makes each stronger as they get closer to each other. Ultra Commandos who use Tahriko often find their mounts develop similar elemental powers of their own. Only the highest ranking veterans may ride Tahriko into battle. It's been found that the Largotz actually created the Tahriko long ago, but have forgotten how to create them. The Tech-cults of Elysia still search for the secrets to create pure Tahriko-Basilisk mounts. They have come close, producing a sub-variant known as the Wyvern-pattern. While weaker, and more primitive, they do still pack quite the punch when used in battle. As it is such a high honor to ride one, only the best Ugandalorians may receive one, and those riders are commonly seen with similar respect as Walgolorian Battlesuit drivers.

The most powerful and oldest Tahriko, Alo'von'tari, has been passed from one Ugandalore to the next, and is used for when the ruler wants to ride into important battlefields. Ugandalore the Untouchable rode the great machine into battle many times during the Dominatus Wars. Another, "Bane's Edge", is a modified Tahriko rode into battle by the Artiko on certain missions.

Due to the nature of Tahriko, they are not considered cavalry units.

  • Weapons - Rifle, Swords
  • Defenses - Light armor.

A key stone in Mendel warfare, the Chariot has long been favored by Ugandalorians and Walgolorian, due to it's speed and strength in many fields. While the intervention of the tank and other such vehicles, it would seem the Chariot would be rendered obsolete, and too primitive to be in use even today. However, recent scientific advances, and knowledge gained from trade with such races as the Drodo Empire, as allowed the Mendel to return to many of their ancestral roots. As they are a rather conservative people when it comes to warfare, still using Claymores for example after thousands of years, the return of the Chariot is seen as a high honor for the people, and gives them a slight element of surprise against their foes.

The Cyber-Chariot is pulled by two robotic war-horses, programmed to be aggressive and fast, and built to be just as durable as they are quick. These robotic steeds can shrug off most enemy fire and can keep galloping right into the heart of the enemy. The carriage they pull is a sturdy, metal frame, designed to act as a shock absorber, being comfortable for both riders while charging into battle. This frame is also very durable, and produces a shield that protects riders from enemy ranged attacks, forcing foes to confront them in melee, just as the riders wish. The wheels themselves also act as weapons, have special blades sticking out that will cut and slash down enemy infantry and other units that get to close.

The driver controls the horses through impulse gauntlets, special gloves that link to a chip in the horses' "brains" and allows him to direct them with motions, gestures and thoughts as he guides them toward the enemy. The Co-pilot, the warrior who does the killing, rides beside him, armed with a Plasma Carbine or other long ranged rifle, allowing the warrior to pick off targets at range. Due to the stability of the chariot platform, he can remain moving and not throw off his aim as he fires. Once ammo is expended, or the rest of the Chariot wing decides to, they will pull out Claymores and ride right into enemy formations, hacking and cutting down enemy infantry left and right.

Cyber-Chariots are usually a surprise to enemies who encounter them, as they do not expect such primitive tools to be deployed by their enemies. The sight of these troops cutting down enemies with blaster and sword alike, as well as shrugging off most damage, makes them a fearsome sights on the battlefield. Once the occupants are lost, there is a grand burial ritual for the chariot and it's drivers, the burial attended to by friends, family members, and members of the Chariot wing. It is unknown what happens during this ritual, as it forbidden to speak with outsiders about it, but it is one of the most important burial rituals among the Mendel.

Air Craft Edit

Gunships Edit

Cavalry Edit

  • Use - Assault
  • Weapons - Power Lance, Power Saber
  • Defense - Heavy Armor.

Ugandalorian Knights ride into battle atop fearsome Largotz War Dragons, originally bestial and unintelligent slaves of the Ugandalorians, who where allowed to have their own culture. For this, the War Dragons pledged their forces to their "Gods" for eternity, with most Ugandalorians being uncomfortable with using them. Others, however, form an elite order of warriors who seek to work with the Largotz so as to temper their spirit and make them more approachable.

Knights often fight atop their mounts, who, through a series of cybernetics unique to each warrior and mount, the 2 share telepathic hive mind with each other, and, as they get closer to each other, the better they fight. A dragon is armed with his or her claws, fire breath, durability, as well as flight and some armor placed upon them, fitted to their preference like their masters. The rider is armed with heavy plated and mailed armor, and an energy shield gauntlet and Power lance. The lance is capable of sending enemy infantry flying with one stab.

The preferred tactic amongst Knight riders is to wait on hills and cliff-tops, and leap down to smash upon their foes, and crush them under the Dragon's weight, before ripping through any units that get within reach. As such, Knights commonly are used to tie-up enemy artillery and other dedicated ranged units who would have no defense against such things on their own.

Knights are heavily armed, and truly the most elite. Low in number, but extremely powerful, Knights are often used to finish off their enemies in battle, as infantry are mopping them up.

  • Use - Heavy Assault
  • Weapons - Power lance, Power Sabers
  • Defense - Heavy powered armor.

Kataprotias are heavily armed versions of Knights, but with more training, experience, and ferocity in their hearts and minds. Used to lead squadrons of knights, and to guard the Ugandalore, Kataprotias are a corp forged by valor and bravery in the face of adversity. Due to their skill and experience, Kataprotias will charge into the enemy first, taking out the most foes, or the most dangerous ones, as Knights follow suite to clear away any lesser targets.

Kataprotias Rider's armored is completely plated, and much more protective then their Knight-cousins. The Dragon also receives extremely powerful, but light-weight armor. The Dragon can now shrug off artillery rounds with general ease, while still flying and moving with great speed. Both Rider and dragon use the same weapons as Knights, though yield them with higher skill. It should be noted that some Kataprotias Dragons actually yield Claymores of their own.

The Kataprotias often are tasked to lead 4 other Knights into battle in squadrons of Dragon-riders. Knights who prove their worth, a difficult task, are promoted to Kataprotias. The son or daughter of a Kataprotias often receives the rank once their parent finishes training them.

A Kataprotias is roughly equivalent in rank to a Ugandalorian Marshal or Walgolorian Sub-Commander.

  • Use - Flight-based attacks.
  • Weapons - Claws, teeth, Power Lances.
  • Defenses - Natural armor.

Native to the homeworld of Kaguria, Mor'shag Riders are the chosen warriors who ride the famous Mor'shag beasts into battle. Long ago, the Kaguran's ancestors, who began to settle the desert plains and forests, came across the Mor'shag, who, through a mutual predator in the large Ral'keshiin, managed to come together, with Mor'shag soon letting Kaguran ride them as beasts of transport and war. When the Ugandalorians briefly clashed with the Kaguran natives, Largotz Dragon riders, and Mor'shag Flyers briefly meet in fantastic air battles above the mountains. When peace was reached however, the Lords of Kaguria gave Ugandalore the Indomitable 5 Mor'shag beasts as a gift.

While smaller, and far less intelligent then the Largotz, the Mor'shag are still brutal and cunning beasts, guided into soft targets by their riders, and taking down infantry in their rampages. Mor'shag rider commonly carry power lances and spears into battle, as their mounts use their claws and teeth to tear apart enemy forces. Mor'shag have the unique ability to track enemies via their saliva, and will patiently track their victims for miles to come, never giving up until their victim is finally found.

Mor'shag, despite being more fragile then Largotz, are still fairly durable in battle, but also covered in a series of armored plates to protect them in combat.

Mor'shag are commonly deployed in desert environments, where they will wait on hills and cliffs to drop down on patrolling enemies and foes on the move, or their allies will lead the foe to a kill zone to be eradicated, when the Mor'shag jump down upon them. Despite having access to Tahriko Battle Mounts and Largotz, many Kaguran still prefer Mor'shag mounts, due to their tribal traditions and culture.

  • Use - Fast attack.
  • Weapons - Claws, teeth, rider's weapons.
  • Defenses - thick hide, regenerative abilities.

Ornaloc are Orgaat whose ancestors, long ago, consumed the meat of the largest, fastest predators on the planet. As such, their ability to mutate themselves resulted in the acquisition of their traits, such as longer, slightly thinner body built, larger muscle and leg mass, shorter hands, and smaller hand claws. Their body build similar to raptors, Ornaloc are breed to act as mounts and steeds for Orgaat, and are the preferred method of travel in peace time. Yet, in war, Ornaloc are repurposed to act as mounts and heavy cavalry for their Orgaat masters.

Ornaloc commonly use their claws and teeth to rip apart their enemies and anything that their riders order them to kill. Their masters commonly carry the traditional pole arms of their kind, as well as spears and long blades to hack down targets that their mounts miss to attack. In battle, Ornaloc are used to track down and attack fleeing enemies and attack heavy weapons positions before the foe even knows there are beasts upon them. Ornaloc also commonly are used to scout and map terrain, both for battle, and in colonization efforts on planet. Some Ornaloc, in battle, have special gunner positions mounted on their backs, allowing their rider to fire while the beast bounds forward.

Ornaloc Riders commonly paint their creatures like themselves, identifying themselves with Web markings and other symbols to identify their mounts. Ornaloc are further decorated with bones, skulls and other trinkets taken and stolen from their enemies. Ornaloc have thick hides, naturally armored, and capable of regeneration. The riders are honored figures in their society, a good, obedient Ornaloc Mount considered the sign of a good warrior.

War hounds Edit

  • Use - Hunting/guard hounds.

The Skarill are pets of the Ugandalorians, and loyal companions and hunting animals. The Skarill where tamed by the Ugandalorians for use as hunting hounds and companions. The creatures, despite their considered ugly appearance, and grouchy disposition, or perhaps because of it, endured many Mendel to their lovable, repugnant pets. The creatures, in fact, produce a pheromone that is considered heinous in scent to a male, but are ignored by females. This comes from the creatures' hermaphroditic nature, which also registered in an extreme protective nature over pregnant females and children. Despite this, many male owners love their pets, and seem to ignore the scent.

In combat, Skarills find use as patrol hounds and guard dogs. A very loyal race, Skarill are easy to train, and, as such, obey their owners' command when needed, or will maintain their position. Skarills have thick, leathery hides, making them quite resilient, and are quite known for their sharp claws and teeth. Skarill where almost hunted to extinction by the ferocious Nerosaurs that rampaged through Ugandalore, until the brutes where brought down. Since then, Skarills have lived well in Ugandalorian clans, and, due to similar Biology, in Orgaat webs. Since the creatures are so long lived, they tend to be passed from owner to owner. It is considered a high honor to be chosen for to inherit the Skarill of a past owner.

Skarill, in warfare, either attack their foes on the flanks, taking down scouts and isolated infantry, while their owners cut down others with their swords, both Skarill and Mendel Warriors eager for blood once they close. Other Skarill fight alongside a Chieftain, helping protect him and attacking anyone who tries to get close to their master.

If they have one weakness, the creatures are prone to brain tumors, causing them much pain and irrational aggression towards even their owners, especially once they reach an advanced age, and force their owners to put them down.

  • Use - Essence Hunters.

Karnskyr are hunting hounds native to a dangerous world unknown to many other races. This planet has a notable dislike for essence. The Karnskyr for, example have the ability to hunt down extremely strong essence users using their own powers. When the Ugandalorians first arrived, the Karnskyr attacked them in mass groups. The Ugandalorians killed off many of them, but took their pups in. Since then, they are trained to ignore Ugandalorians and their allies, despite any essence power that some can activate. It's believed that they are actually sentient, and can recognize friend from foe. This was tested when locked in a room with an Ultra Commando, and the Karnskyr, despite the beings' Essence powers, ignored them.

Karnskyr are not as naturally nice as Skarill, being apprehensive towards new comers, and, until they are exposed to them, will not welcome them, threatening them.

Karnskyr are used to hunt down powerful essence users and the like, the Mendel hating "magic" users and their existence on the field, believing them cursed, pawns of demons and other such things that threaten their existence. The Karnskyr are handled by special handlers, due to their aggression and ferocity, those who train to handle them, and who have few Essence abilities or talent for it.

  • Use - Heavy attack hounds.

In the jungle-homeworld of Tohoch, Orgaat commonly fill all niches within the ecosystem, their ancestors long ago managing to fill most roles through manipulation of their genetics and dietary patterns. As such, a number, wishing to take on the form of the carnivorous wolf-like beasts of their homelands, devoured their flesh, though where reduced to barely-sentient beasts, and became pets for the rest of the Orgaat Webs. Commonly, in their fights with others across the universe, Orgaat Hounds are taken with to track prey.

In battle, Hounds will commonly run down prey and attack them with their jaws and claws, and, using their agility and surprising strength and durability, can make quick work of enemies once they attack. However, they are very bad-tempered and grouchy, and their handlers are trained with them since they are pups in order to properly take care of them. It is not unheard of for Hounds to devour their owners should they prove abusive, though prove almost suicidal-level loyal if their owner treats them well. These hounds are held in some distaste by other members of the Mendel Pact, who find them to be somewhat repugnant. Despite this, most other members tolerate them.

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The great Mendel war machine rolls ever onward, grinding it's enemies into the dust. Forged by unity, drive by duty, and destine for victory. Oh look at me getting all poetic.

- Legion Commander Miru.

Notes Edit

  • Much of the Military of the Pact was based on that of the Mandalorians, Tau, and the (Manly) Celtic Tribes of old.
  • ZF once contemplated including Bag-pipes as part of their military practice off the field.
  • Victory Theme - ten no Ryuu
  • Defeat Theme - Sad Man's theme
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