In unity there is strength. In the Mendel Pact, there is protection. Together, there is solace in the stars.

- Diplomatic Meditation piece.

The Taidhleoir are the Mendel members in charge of integrating new alien races within the Pact, and open lanes of communication, diplomacy, and unification with these races they come in contact with speak with. Though made up many members of the Mendel species, from Ugandalorians, Kodalorians, and a majority of Walgolorian, many members make up this cadre of diplomats and interpreters. They stand opposite of their warrior-kin, commonly more calm and temperate in disposition, and prone to seeking to work with others. This still fits with Mendel ideals, specifically embracing challenge and evolving, as they believe that by coming in contact with outside races, they grow, evolve and become smarter, as their god Hoorangiir so wishes.

The Taidhleoir's job is not only to see to maintaining relations with the alien allies of the Pact and their members, or integration into the wider Pact as a whole, but also to see to it that the Pact continues to operate at 100% efficiency. Overseeing markets, keeping the bureaucracy in working order, and making sure regiments and military forces get their supplies are all within the Taidhleoir's work ethos.

When working with other races, it is common for Taidhleoir to dress, speak and carry themselves in the same fashion as their alien comrades, commonly even integrating cultural ideals onto themselves so as to better work with their comrades and make things more comfortable, slowly working towards possible integration within the Pact. The Taidhleoir also oversee other things, such as an alien powers' integration into the government, as well as even the setting up and running of re-education camps so as to integrate alien members of military or civilian populations into the pact.

The Taidhleoir, despite what one would think of the Mendel being a barbaric people, prone to answering any slight with their axe or sword, are subtle, tricky beings, capable of manipulation and using beings of lesser intelligence for their goals and bending them to their will.

History Edit

Formation Edit

The Taidhleoir where formed long ago by the unification of the Mendel Pact, formed as a diplomatic wing of the government to carry contact, trade and diplomacy with other races and establish good relations with them, and hopefully, integrate them into the Pact. This process varied from subject to subject, though many races willing joined the Pact due to the work of the Taidhleoir and their diligent work and charisma. Their ranks are made up of a variety of members, mostly of the Mendel race.

For the Ugandalorians and Kodalorians, a special sect of the Draiiud serve the role as diplomats, these incredibly wise and strong leaders having trained specifically to handle diplomacy and delicate matters with outside races, and it this wisdom, clarity, and inner-strength that allows them to attract the attention of leaders and representatives no matter the race. They are further joined by young members that are not drawn by the rush of battle and bloodshed, but instead seek to test their inner strength and conviction to the Clan by working with other aliens and finding common ground with them. This is a struggle, for they cannot join the rush and rage of battle like their Clan kindred, and must always be aware that while their path has benefits for the Pact, there will always be a certain amount of self-loathing over not fighting, for whatever reason. While the rest of their kin bear no ill will, the fact they do not fight, for whatever reasons, weighs heavily on them, being born and raised in a culture of fighting and proving oneself through physical might.

The next are chosen from the Walgolorian, a group of average Walgolorian chosen from the Clans by the Empyreal Caste long ago to serve as diplomats, and work to understand other races and their ideals. These where the true, first Taidhleoir, and the ones that would be what all other diplomatic groups within the Mendel Pact where based on. Ugandalorians and Kodalorians, despite their skill at diplomacy, ultimately sought the Walgolorian out, seeking to understand just what made the Walgolorian have such great report with other races in the Western Sphere of Mirus. When the three branches where unified, they took the Walgolorian name for diplomat to symbolize the fact the Walgolorian where the true leaders of this branch of the government and nation.

Traits Edit

Governmental Jobs Edit

A number of Taidhleoir find themselves in government positions. While this is not usual for most diplomats, being more involved in the discourse with other races and nations then working on internal politics, a number of Taidhleoir have been tasked, thanks to their skills and scores within the civil service exams, with overseeing certain government properties and work. Their jobs are many and detailed, each one overseen by others to make sure everything is maintained at peak efficiency, and every action and order is understood fully before it is carried out. These members are charged with running of supplies to certain colonies, each colony receiving it's own cadre of Taidhleoir to manage supplies, munitions and colonial planning.

When supplies, such as food, alcohol, and recreational drugs, are needed, Taidhleoir will contact the closest colony, and ask for these supplies. The colony that receives will give their answer, giving the amount of each of what the questioner asked, and, if they do not have enough on surplus to give, the Taihleoir will go to the next closest colony in question, and begin the process again, until they have the exact amount they need.

Military assistance and re-education camps Edit

A number of Taidhleoir handle the running, maintenance and actions within a Military re-education camp, as well as the gathering of intelligence on enemy forces, the strength of their forces, and cultural values that could targeted or exploited to ensure victory. These Taidhleoir accompany the military commander and act as advisors to him on how best to approach the foe, and what likely strategies they will employ. From here, the Commander will compile and prepare his strategies and develop the method through which to best crush his foe.

As part of their attachment to the Military powers of the Pact, Taidhleoir also manage and run the re-education camps set up by Mendel forces to hold prisoners of war and those of empires defeated by the Pact. Here, they set up the labor hours based on the biology of the species in question, set up food rations for them, medical care, and see to it they are properly educated on the values of the Pact, and what part they can play. As part of the latter, they carefully study the history and values of the races within the re-education camps, playing to national heroes, villains and ideals within their nation, race or ancestry, and make sure to know and understand each race. Even if the Taidhleoir in charge, named Ambassador, does not fully grasp the history of certain cultures, his Sub-Diplomats and Magisters, while handle such affairs for him, certain ones chosen for their grasp on certain things. These Camps are not handled by warriors of the main army, least their biases and grudges distract from guarding and "protecting" the "flocks" who require aid. Instead, Taidhleoir employ special guards, made up of Mendel warriors specifically trained to keep those in the camp in check, and keep out those would try and free them.

After a military victory over a planet, these Taidhleoir manage the Departments of Re-Education and Doctrine experience, places set up that the newly conquered are required to go, so they can learn their place within the Pact. As the Mendel do not wish to destroy any cultures in their path of unity and duty, these diplomats carefully study all to make sure they can be peacefully integrated without the destruction of the culture in general, though will "Trim away" undesirable parts to make things more stream-lined. Taidhleoir also intercede with the puppet governments on these newly conquered worlds, and monitor them for their activities and ideas, reviewing all decisions they make, with the Ambassador in charge reviewing it, before sending it to his Magisters for their final word. The Ambassador in question will technically be the one in charge of the planet, but cannot make major decisions, only approve of them. He or she is charged with reviewing the public order, resistance to invaders and other doctrines that would affect the Pact's own newly arrived citizens, and approve of their admission as a full System within the Pact, and the approval of citizenship into the Pact for the planet's inhabitants.

IF the population cannot be brought to heel, the Taidhleoir may make the weighty decision to temporarily curb the re-productive abilities of the inhabitants. Such is avoided at all costs, but will be done if the population refuses to integrate peacefully.

Allied or Alien integration Edit

Often confused with the Taidhleoir who assist the military, the Taidhleoir in charge of alien integration are wholly different, though still deeply connected. These diplomats are the ones to make first contact, the Primary Ambassador making contact and speaking with the ambassadors and government of the world, and learning of them, while the Secondary Ambassador assists him, and takes notes of their culture, military ideals and application and other important details, in case a military response is needed.

However, the Primary Ambassador will spend their days with the aliens in question, along with his Ministers and Magisters, and learn all he can from their culture, and begin calculating how best to integrated such figures within Mendel culture. To assist in getting to know them, the diplomat will commonly dress in the alien's own style, learn their language (Which many have said they learn with remarkable quickness), and learn to pick up the slightest changes in tone and body language, surprising many who encounter them with how fast they learn. If such beings can integrated, and appear willing, the Ambassador will begin to speak of the Pact, and slowly but surely plant the seeds of joining within the minds of the group he or she speaks with. Over the course of many months, the Ambassador will slowly begin to weave in the ideals of integration further and further, until their alien compatriots are ready to accept membership into the Pact.

IF such a concordance cannot be found, as it often happens, the Mendel are instead happy to trade with the race in question. Hopefully, trade will make joining a more presentable ideal. This is most notable in a minor alien faction called the Rokii States, who instead choose to remain outside the Pact, and trade with it, but remain generally outside of it's sphere of influence. Such a system is also employed with allies of the Pact. If they wish to join, they are welcomed, but no programs are in place to sway whole worlds to the Pact.

A special subset is responsible for paying and charging alien auxiliaries with certain missions. Orgaat, Togunda, Nithasaar, Lagorthene and Kaguran to a lesser extent, are considered auxiliaries within the Mendel armies, and manage their own militaries outside of it, mostly fleet forces. As such, these diplomats are charged with giving them missions outside of battle to perform, such as raids on enemy worlds and trade lanes, or to blockade important worlds for brief periods of time, or provide recon on enemy forces. Once part of a full Mendel fleet, they fall under the jurisdiction of the Commander in charge of the armies and fleets. These diplomats commonly understand the culture and habits of their comrades, and have the greatest understanding of their verbal and body language. Despite this, most diplomats do not like being assigned to the Lagorthene, and while some will volunteer to speak with the likes of the cannibalistic Orgaat or stubborn and quarrelsome Togunda, Diplomats attached to Lagorthene fleets and forces will usually be assigned, and keep their contact to a minimum.

Diplomats do not stay with their alien auxiliary compatriots, and will only contact them to inform them of coming wars and battles, and to give them any missions involving piracy, raids or blockades. After, they will meet, celebrate with their compatriots, and execute payment and the like, before leaving.

Stances on Major political movements and players at large Edit

  • Note that much of this ties into their diplomatic relations, and, like the latter, is entirely based off an in fiction personal opinion of the Mendel, not of the user himself.

Mou'Cyran Accords Edit

The Accords have been the bedrock of our expansion and our advancement up the Gigaquadrantic food chain. Without them, we would not be in so many galaxies, trading with alien powers beyond our imagination. For that, we should forever be grateful, and assist the New Republic and it's allies and whatever is needed.

United Gigaquadrantic Alliance Edit

Peace is often equated to stagnation and weakness among our people, and yet, by embracing the ideals of others through peace, we still evolve as Lord Hoorangiir sees fit. The UGA will, like the MCA, enable us to further our power and position, and work with others, teaching them the values and importance of our message and nation. Despite having some...questionable members, this will withstand the test of time.

Xonexi Allies Edit

Manipulators without equal. And they say that Shape-shifters are the ones that should be watched for deceit. These beings disturbed the peace, and make war upon the DCP. Fine enough, but they feel the compulsive need to include us in their petty conflict, and include some disgusting savages within their ranks. Their a condescending band of manipulators, happy to take from our clans. They disturb the gods, they take what is ours, blood-kin, wives, children, land, even our right to rule our own galaxy. This tyranny will be brought down.

The Mendel have much reason to dislike the Xonexi. Their first battles with them would become the stuff of legend, many bards and sages telling sagas for years to come of the First War, and the Mendel's glorious victory over the likes of the Draconid, Tybunsen and other Xonexi powers. Such stood as a testament to the Sons of Hoorangiir and their ability to survive, as well as their ability to put aside old rivalries with such groups as the Zarbanians. To the Mendel, it represented the strength of the Mirusian Coalition, that old enemies could turn aside the sword and work together.

Despite crossing blades with the Xonexi, after the first war, the Mendel held some respect for the Xonexi, especially the Draconis. They had fought honorable and with skill and passion, something the Mendel had not expected, believing the Draconis would merely hide behind their auxiliary legions and fleets, and not have the stomach for true warfare. This respect did not extend to all members. After the Hegemony's war crimes against The UAE, and the Eldarisian's own brand of genocide, the Mendel started to wonder how much better the Xonexi really where when compared to the DCP.

Any respect they had left for the Xonexi, quickly turned into annoyance when the French and Eldarisian, stubbornly refused to back out of the fighting, and continue the war, despite the Mendel and their allies having already won a hard fought battle. Why did they feel the need to continue fighting? The Mendel mobilized, and quickly grew angrier and angrier with the Xonexi. Though the French soldiery displayed great bravery, the Mendel quickly grew embittered, the Imperium turning on everyone for power, and the Tybunsen's "Rogue Fleet" marauding through Mirusian Coalition territory. The defeat, and the Mendel being forced to give into the Covenant of Mirus, did not improve their mood.

All the talks of the Xonexi, and how they would promote and "Equal and free" Mirus, merely angered the Mendel further. Where they truly free if they had no true say in the Covenant. True, they still had their sovereignty, but the Covenant sought to create a Mirusian government, in which the Xonexi would ultimately, always get something of an upper hand. Even if the Natives got their freedom and independence, it would always be at a great cost to themselves, and to the betterment of the Xonexi.

When a cold war between the Draconid Imperium and the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus began to play out, the Mendel stood by hoping that it would escalate, that the two would wipe each other out and destroy one another, and the Draconid would bring in the other Xonexi powers to fall with them. Where's most would see the Galactic Empire has the more evil force, and the Imperium the better of the two, the Mendel thought the two the same.

Covenant of Mirus Edit

An Xonexi puppet state we must abide by. The gods surely test us, or, worse, frown upon us for our weakness this day. Our Clan-sisters and brothers spend their lives, and we repay them with allowing ourselves chained as slaves. Gods above help us, for we do not have the strength to fight back yet. But soon, we will. They see us as an unruly dog, but we will show them we are wolves! And wolves will bite and claw for their freedom! Let them try and rule our galaxy with us as their little slaves! It will topple!

The Mendel, based off how the Covenant was formed, and their being forced into it, as left many of them ruefully denouncing it. From some thinking it nothing more then an empty promise, to others outright calling it a veiled attempt to enslave them. All of them can agree that it not what they want.

The Taidhleoir have worked without end with various powers in the Mirusian Triumvirate to see the Covenant undone. Relations have been brought closer with the Persan and Greater Mirusian Church of Spode to see this Covenant weakened and brought down, and, considered the greatest achievement of the Pact, the Zarbanian Powers have ultimately become a much closer power, giving the Pact their support and vice a versa, and the two working closely to see the Covenant rendered null and void. This is in stark contrast to the hundreds of years spent at each other's throats and in perpetual cold war, using brush fire conflicts to try and out do the other.

However, their position is not entirely sound. The Waptoria believe they can use the Covenant as a means of bringing the UAE back, and making it stronger then it ever was. Many within Triumvirate, from Zarbania to the Mendel themselves, find this position naïve. The Xonexi will not allow such a thing unless it benefits the Xonexi. The Mirusian powers will never be able to stand on equal footings in their own galaxy, unless the Xonexi, France especially, has the upper-hand in affairs. For this reason, the Mendel believe the Waptoria are selling independence and freedom, for peace and forgetting the soldiers sacrificed and lost in the fighting.

Another point of contention, is the existence of the Eldarisian Empire. While they may hold a grudge against France and the other Xonexi powers, this looks almost temperate compared to their hatred for the Eldarisian. Much like their Persan allies, the life of a child is sacred above all else, and to see the Eldarisian willingly kill women and children, has enraged the Mendel to no end. The fact that they continue to throw their weight around and push the Mendel about, is causing a great anger to boil further within them. While it originally started as disgust and distrust with the Eldarisian, it has grown to an almost xenophobic hatred, that any from the Eldarisian can and will murder your children if not watched.

Though France has voiced, and acted, against the Eldarisians, does not completely mollify the Mendel's anger. The fact, they continue to stand with, and allow the Eldarisian to remain unmolested in Mirus, stands as a clear message that, no matter what they may say, they are still willing to stand with the Eldarisian. The fact the Eldarisian commonly work against whatever the Mendel and their allies do in the Covenant, as also lead to them seeing the Covenant as the "Covenant of Xonexi-controlled Mirus", rather then a true Covenant for Mirus. As a side effect, it has caused the Zarbanians and Mendel to work even closer together. After all, while one cannot stand before the Eldarisian in the Covenant senate and meetings, two certainly can.

Ultimately, despite having signed an agreement to join, the Mendel, of all colonies and races, do not consider themselves members at all. Many a Clansmen has swore upon their gods, clans, and ancestors to see the Covenant dead.

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