You won't see us until it's far too late. There's nothing that's outside our reach. So long as we exist, we will always be among you, and be extension, the Pact will have some measure of control over you.

- The message left by an escaped spy, shortly before the planet was conquered by Mendel forces.

Throughout the Mendel Pact, are the secret police/spying system used to infiltrate and watch enemy movements and positions. Their job is simply to blend into enemy society, often before an invasion of a planet or colony, and send information and intelligence back to MONARCH and Commanders before the true invasion starts, often waiting years in advance, not being told when an invasion will go down until moments before it starts, so as to save any information the spy could leak if caught.

Spies come in all species, who have joined the Pact, being able to come up with fake documents and other details so as to sneak into society. Nations that are generally at odds with the Pact, or at war, usually have spies stationed at their border colonies and planets, who slowly encroach closer and closer to their home worlds and core colonies as Mendel invasions sweep through. As the Mendel armies advance, Spies will flee with refugees, beginning the process on the next important world they land in.

Along with diplomats, Spies are charged with stirring up the population. Arriving in usually groups of five at different points and times, often as sleeper agents, Spies will begin to stir the population up with propaganda, even sabotage, and use Mendel ideals and such to cause revolts and unrest, making the planet easier to conquer. Spies also work to take control of the criminal elements and other unwanteds of a planet, rallying them and controlling cartels and the like, so as to work closer to weakening the government.

Within newly conquered settlements and established colonies, Spies work as secret police within their homes, watching for other spies and infiltrators, and delivering a swift judgment upon them. This includes, leaking false or even damaging (to the other side) information, and slowly working them into a position they cannot win.

Spies are a separate organization from MONARCH, yet still answer to both them and the Central Command and logistics staff of the Pact.

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The Mendel Pact's Spy Network dates back to the very origins of it's many member states. Originally, the Ugandalorians, and the Kodalorians to a lesser extent, had a very closed-fisted, brute-force orientated system of taking worlds. It was upon finding the Walgolorian, however, did they find that more subtle measures yielded better results. While they usually balked at the idea of doing things "dishonorably", upon training their agents extensively, they found they made many planetary conquests easier to handle.

For years, the Pact would work hard to better their field agents and the like, recruiting from a wider pool of races, using their most experienced spies to lay the ground work for the up and coming members and helping establish their holds in colonies and the like, as well as get them acclimated to alien societies.

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While Mendel easily assimilate new races and ideas, it was found their communal nature also lent itself well to the ways of spying. Mendel spies could enter colonies and disappear the moment they got past space port security, if they even had to go through them. Soon, however, the Pact found that spies could be used for other things other then reporting enemy units, positions and commanders within a colony. They could be used to spread propaganda, and take control of underground organizations with the right skills.

Spies thus began receiving training to be able to spread propaganda and lies amongst an enemy populations, and not just pro-Pact, just so long as it damaged their enemies' ability to hold onto the systems and create anti-government sentiment on planet. As such, The Network also worked to stager their spies arrival, so as not to create obvious patterns in the system of uprising and propaganda spreading. Right before invasions go down, propaganda missions will change, beginning to churn out more Pro-Mendel ideals onto the unwitting population, and, hopefully, make the transition smoother for Mendel conquest.

Spies work not to merely blend into their societies, but to totally disappear, allowing them to assume multiple lives across a colony, even allowing them to wrest control of criminal cartels. With assistance from other spies and assassins, spies will work to make sure certain "important" criminals disappear, as spies take over these cartels, switching their operations to target and harass government more, and turn them into pro-Mendel militia forces. These cartels, when a planet is conquered, are often the first turned into Conscript auxiliaries, already having fire arms experience, and requiring little reeducation to turn them.

As the Mendel expand, spies have been infiltrating "Hot Button nations", who could potentially threat Pact interests, or allied interests, ultimately setting them up for conquest by Mendel War forces years in advance.

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Spies come armed with a variety of pass ports, documents, and false identification to allow them to blend in and disappear into another civilization, often having multiple documents on them and in other areas, so in case they believe on identity is at risk, they can merely disappear and take on a new identity. Their abilities are unparalleled, and even Super-Commandos, Black Ops units and elite warriors, are impressed by their skill in infiltration.

Many other rumors abound about the Pact's spies, such as they can disappear into shadows, shape shift, and gain power from the moon. Such rumors are not readily dispelled, thanks to the spies wanting to use such rumors to keep their enemies or potential rivals on their toes. While many look down upon them for not having the Warrior spirit, few will argue they are not effective at bringing results.

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  • Where based off the Spies in the Total War series.
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