Below details the high ranking leaders and representatives within the Mendel Pact, and it's many racial leaders.

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Sons and Daughters of Ugandalore, we shall march to a glorious future!

Barda LordArmor
  • Name - Barda Clett
  • Position - Ugandalorian Leader
  • Species - Ugandalorian
  • Gender - Male

Barda Clett, or Ugandalore the Untouchable, is current leader of the Ugandalorian Clans, and ruler of their interstellar civilization and all communities spread across the galaxy. A famous ruler, Barda is already descended from another famous ruler, Reago Clett, who also held the title of Ugandalore. While a man of a darker past, Barda has since embraced his culture once more, and is honored by his citizens for his commitment to them and the welfare of the Ugandal state.

One of the 3 rulers in charge of the pact, Barda holds most power in the matters of logistics and planning. However, as is common with the Ugandalore, Barda also displays expert skill in science, diplomacy, and is extremely well cultured.

For Lord Ugandalore!

  • Name - Koriga Maclon
  • Position - Ugandalorian Heir, Military Advisor
  • Species - Ugandalorian
  • Gender - Male

Koriga Codor Maclon is the Supreme Field Marshall of the Ugandalorians, and in charge of mustering their forces for the Mendel Pact, as well as advising his Ugandalore on who to fight, where and when. Koriga was chosen by Ugandalore the Untouchable to be his mighty second-in-command, and placed him in charge of leading his forces and getting Mendel Pact soldiers ready for war. While, officially, the Supreme Field Marshall of Ugandalore has no rank within the star fleet, he is still allowed to lead armies and sometimes, even fleets, with his Lord's permission.

Koriga himself was born on Ugandalore, and spent his life as a bounty hunter, and rival to Barda Clett himself. However, when Barda reaccepted their culture into his life, Koriga, inspired, did the same, and returned to his people, becoming among their most famed warriors, and gained the Title of "Blade Master", a rare honor among the clans of Ugandalore.

Koriga is known for his stoic nature, and complete trust In his men. He studies his officers carefully, so he knows where to deploy them, and against what enemies. Koriga, despite inner passions, such as a hatred towards the Alpha Cyber Collective, keeps his emotions in check, and thinks with his head, not his fists. If he feels he cannot execute a mission without getting emotionally involved, he will have his second-in-command, A Vashari Battle Legionary do so for him.

His Battle Legionary, who he nicked named, Jet, is strangely his closest friend, and programmed to act like Koriga's father.

Do not mince words. We have work to do.

  • Name - Hokon Weynei
  • Position - Military Advisor
  • Species - Ugandalorian
  • Gender - Male

Hokon Weynei is the Current Supreme Fleet Marshall, appointed by Ugandalore the Untouchable to help rally and monitor Mendel fleets and make sure their operating at peek efficiency. Similar to the Field Marshall, Hokon is not allowed to command fleets and armies unless he has permission from his higher ups. Like Koriga Maclon, his main role is advising the leaders of Pact on what path in war to chose.

Hokon is surprisingly old, actually being born before the reign of Ugandalore the Reformer, and was taught by Cadus Clett. However, he was cyrogentically frozen for many years, by unknown forces, and only reawakened just recently. Hokon is dedicated towards finding why he was hidden away, and reawakened now, and for what purpose. Seeing Barda as a descendent of Cadus, he sought to work under him and advise him in honor of his old friend.

Hokon is a man mostly known for his obsession with cleaning. In his mind, he must have no speck of dirt nearby to distract him from his tasks, which he focuses all his energy into. Hokon tends to keep a cold front to any fresh soldiers under his command, though if they gain his trust, he will warm up to them, like he does with his older troops who have served under him for a number of years.

Let's cut some people up!

  • Name - Forbila Clett
  • Position - Military and political advisor
  • Species - Ugandalorian
  • Gender - Female

Forbila Clett is the wife of Lord Ugandalore the Untouchable, and Marshal of the Defenders, being their highest ranked warrior, and strongest warrior. Known for her surprising power and ability, despite having questionable sanity, Forbila has made a name for herself among the Clans of Mendel, both for her tenacity, and her somewhat brutish approach to fighting. Forbila is known for her years of command with Barda Clett as Supreme Field Marshal, the 2 saving each other countless times during their wars together, and growing closer still. During one famous battle, Forbila actually grabed a chainsword from a fallen Grox Follower warrior, and began using it to cut a path of blood shed through her enemies until her clansmates where victorious. Later, she and Barda would marry and sire at least 2 children.

Forbila is known for being a bold and reliable soldier, always trying some new, crazed tactic in war and constantly trying to keep her foes on their toes. Aggressive and savage, Forbila lets no enemy get away with so much as threatening her children and family. She has a very relaxed, very boisterous nature around everyone when not in battle, and is extremely loyal towards any friend in need.

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