We are the Sons of Mendel! Blessed by the Mother-goddess to help protect Mou'Cyran Accords! Let our blades strike through any who threaten it!

- Mendel Mantra

The Cyrannian Mendel Colonies where established after the formation of the Mou'Cyran Accords, and the unification of the Mendel Pact, after the Battle of Venetia. With their membership into the Accords, and their alliance with the New Cyrannian Republic, the Mendel colonized the Cyrannian Galaxy in a massive colonization wave, centered around the planet of Frenal, and from there, begin colonization elsewhere.

The Cyrannian Mendel are very passionate about protecting the Mou'cyran accords and it's ideals, most specifically the planet of Venetia and it's inhabitants, having sworn an oath to protect all on the planet from the insidious Bisistar and help the New Cyrannian Republic in any endeavor. Even with their growing distrust towards outside powers because of recent actions under taken against them, the Mendel maintain a strong alliance with the New Republic, seeing them as one of the few outside powers that shows them any modicum of respect.

History Edit

Battle of Venetia Edit

The Mendel first made their appearance in the Cyrannus Galaxy during the Battle of Venetia, to assist their allies in the Mou'Cyran Accords, the Waptoria Alliance and the Vanara Empire, and the other members of the Accords against the Bisistar and their forces. Arriving just in time to save their allies, and reinforce the ground zone, the Mendel where instrumental in pushing back the Bisistar and their World Eaters, and, upon opening negotiations with the New Cyrannian Republic, became allies and full members of the Accords, many of their clans and warrior-tribes swearing upon their ancestors and clan-linage to continue the fight for the New Republic where ever it was needed, no matter the foe.

While their actions where limited in future conflicts, with the Mendel busy colonizing and staking claim on a number of worlds, starting with the harsh jungle planet of Frenal, the Mendel now gather their forces in Cyrannus for the coming attacks against the Bisistar in their home galaxy of Cyranai Galaxy, and plan to deliver the killing blow for one final effort.

Neraida War Edit

When the Mendel people where informed of the Neraida War, the Council, under Docarrick Beroya, thought quickly of their options and decided to assign Carchal Nal command of the Mendel Warpath Fleets that would operate in Cyrannus, alongside their New Republic/Persan/Waptoria Allies, among other aliens. Carchal selected his troops carefully, chosing to operate under him, would be the famed Orgaat Shifter, O'Cari, a famed Shifter who had breed her warriors to resist high levels of radiation through the consuming of unknown creatures. Joining them was the Togunda Warchief Belgar Stone-brow. This fearsome force, massive by Mendel standards, and quite capable of doing ungodly amounts of damage to their foes. But Carchal knew this power had to be directed intelligently, for his Neraida foes, as soulless as they where, were fierce foes all the same.

Their first battle would be in the Viridescent Nebula, leading the Mendel fleets, and using their lumbering fire power and strength to blunt much of the Neraida assault, and meet them head on. Although his Mendel ships could not match the Neraida's advanced technology, the Togunda certainly could, and, with the help of the lumbering Orgaat, helped the allies greatly in their battle.

Carchal would lead his warriors in many great running battles with the Neraida, using superior speed and maneuverability to try and flank and leave them behind. Still, he knew the Neraida would sooner or later, most likely sooner, move against his forces and evolve to counter them. As such, he hoped his allies could find a way to defeat them soon enough, placing his faith in his New Republic allies.

Indeed, the New Republic would return to their comrades, a "cure" for the Neraida in hand, and prepared their last fight, one that would see them face the core matrix itself, and bring an final end to the insidious Gigamatrix. Carchal eagerly organized his troops, prepared to finally help end this war.

The Mendel arrived in the core, and although bothered by the presence of the Bisistar, brought their all, everything from their Vengeance-class Frigates, to their Togunda Citadel vessels clashing with the Bisistar in a historic battle. Ultimately, Carchal, with 8 of his best Super-Commandos, would board the cube of the Neraida to offer a distraction to the main team, despite Carchal wishing to be in front of the action. He was joined by several Orgaat packs, as well as the famous Cogsangui Voro Acetenus, and his own warriors, as well as Persan warrior Forterra and the Precore Dragon, Bloodfire. Their battle was hard, many Orgaat valiantly dying to give the Super-Commandos and others a chance to survive the battle, one Cogsangui giving his life to save Carchal's own. Despite, their gambit worked, and the allies celebrated, the virus the New Republic had developed claiming every drone, from the high Triumvirate that ruled them, to the lowest drone. For their sacrifice, Carchal swore he would name his children after those that fell for this victory, before returning to Frenal.

There, he and his warriors returned, celebrated by the Mendel people, Carchal leading his troops in a great celebration. Although it had been hard, Docarrick Beroya, leader of the Mendel Cyrannian Colonies, came to celebrate and congratulate his comrade, informing him that he had preserved the future for not just the Mendel, but for all Cyrannus. The Draiiud, solemnly, gathered the names of the fallen Mendel, Persan, New Republic, Cognatus, and others, promising to erect a great stone to celebrate their sacrifice.

Second Great Cyrannus War Edit

If we are to ever see peace again, we must make war with all our hearts! No matter how distant, the souls of our ancestors and fallen brothers light our paths. Fight like the warriors I know you are, and retribution will be ours! My Life for Mou'Cyran!

- Docarrick Beroya rallying his Clans for war.

When the Second Great War started, the Mendel had already been preparing their forces to engage for many months. Finn Shesara and his Clan had been organizing a number of forces to assist the Cyrandia Resistance in their war, and lend the strength of his clan against the Empire, when the Mou'Cyran Cataclysm occurred. Using the Cyrannic Battlestation, the Empire destroyed Mou'Cyran, destroying several embassies, and annihilating much of the Pax Infinitus Armada. Nearly every Mendel citizen reacted as though it had been their holy homeworlds destroyed. For them, Mou'Cyran represented respect and brotherhood from one of the few other empires that actually respected them, and to see it destroyed, rubbed salt deep in the wounds for a people that had gone through much upheaval because of foreigners.

The Clans of Cyrannus prepared their forces, as the rest of the Empire organized a massive force to partake in the battle. Finn halted his forces, and waited as Commander Ryaler himself came to back up Finn's forces. Joining their Clan Warriors, where several Orgaat auxiliaries, Togunda Brotherhood forces and other Mendel warriors, ready to fight. The Waptoria and Persan prepared for an attack as well, and Ryaler spoke with Finn and the Clan lords of rallying them for raids on the Empire's galactic south, in order to take tech, supplies, and open a second front for the Empire on Mendel terms. Unfortunately, the Empire knew full well what the Mendel planned, and sent one of their best and brightest, Titus Dromaeo to annihilate Mendel resistance and end them before they could become a threat.

His first move was to attack the Persan capital of Shaher, and, overwhelm it's Militia forces. After routing their forces, and securing their worlds, he swept through the Waptoria territory and attacked Malu'h'a, Capital of the Waptoria Cyrannus colonies. After this, these forces pulled back to Frenal, in order to gain aid from the Mendel. Ryaler and his Clan Chieftains where angered. It appeared the Empire was going to open a second front, but on their terms now. Chaos briefly arose among the Clans of what to do, when Ryaler, jamming his sword into a table to get their attention, and demanding they prepare their forces for war. He would organize their war efforts and make the Empire regret every rearing their heads and facing the Warriors of Hoorangiir!

After weeks of organizing his forces and the Clans, the Mendel and their allies had turned Frenal into a fortress world, ready for any assault. But it would not be easy, even with all their defenses and allies, would face an overwhelming Imperial task force. Thousands of Star Destroyers, millions of Stormtroopers, and a relentless commander. Ryaler was ready. He had crushed the Dominatus and Loron before, and many other threats to Mendel prosperity, and this would be no different. When Titus arrived, the Persan and Waptoria began hitting the foe and disappearing, as the mighty hammer of the Mendel fleet rumbled forward like a tank, hitting the Imperial fleet head on. Imperator-class Star Destroyers clashed with Koridalbe-class Battleships, their massive gun systems and defensive arrays arranged against one another.

Togunda forces deployed on the Imperial flank, their superior fire power, beyond even that of the Empire, cut through the Imperials, as Titus countered back by deploying reinforcements from hyperspace to counter flank them, damaging the Togunda severely. Ryaler rallied his forces, and from the nearby Kol'var system, he sent a message, summoning six Orgaat War-Spheres into battle behind the enemy counter-attack. This force, while not armed enough to pierce the hull of the foe, did manage to disgorge significant boarding crews onto the enemy vessels, sending hordes of hungry Orgaat onto the ships, in search for more meals.

Meanwhile, Docarrick Beroya lead the ground defensive, meeting the Imperial Armies on the grounds near the Capital city of Aran. He resolved to not let them take one segment of his peoples' city, and stood defiant with his troops. As the Imperial forces marched through the jungle, taking Waptorian sniper fire all the way, they finally meet the Mendel and Persan forces, who charged right into the fray, closing with the Stormtroopers of the Empire with sword and blaster in hand, as Walgolorian Warriors exchanged fire with sniper teams. Imperial Wardroids teleported into battle, tearing through many Mendel Warriors that attempted to engage them, and did considerable damage, as Candarro Assault Tanks rumbled forward, using their mass drivers to destroy Scout Walkers, and a few Assault Walkers. Persan forces deployed their own walkers to counter the Empire's own, as well as their own flanking forces.

Finally, after a pitched battle, the Mendel broke apart the biggest chunk of the Imperial forces, and routed them into the jungles of Frenal. There, Orgaat forces lay in wait, their jaws dripping with saliva and ready for a feast. The Orgaat began their own battle by removing the Scouts of the Empire, carving up their bodies and hanging them from trees. After the Empire began to push through, their troops where meet with the unnerving sight of their dead, half-eaten scouts. After this, the Orgaat launched their attacks, either going afoot, bonding alongside their Hounds, or mounted on Orgaatox, and smashed into Imperial lines, assisted further by Waptorian forces. After destroying quite a few segments of the Imperial forces, and capturing several (Both alive or dead), the Orgaat celebrated their victory.

However, Captain Titus managed to bring his fleet into low orbit, making a short hyper space jump past Ryaler and his troops, and bombarding the surface of the world, burning much of it's jungles, as they covered the retreat of the Imperial forces. After securing his forces, Titus fell back, secure that he could still defeat the Mirusians, and the Persan. Despite the Mendel's attempts, most of his fleet, and the majority of his army was still intact. The Mendel meanwhile, swore upon their ancestors and gods for revenge, promising to destroy Titus and his forces for the damage they had done to glorious Frenal. Their wrath would be felt by the Empire in full. Until then, Ryaler and Beroya took to repairing what damage they could, and began organizing Mendel forces. They would not let Titus escape so quickly after dishonoring their Clans.

Traits Edit

Culture Edit

The Mendel of the Cyrannian colonies are the "closest" as far as species bonds go, due to the fact the galaxy was colonized after their unification. Due to the fact the colonies started as military bases originally, the Mendel here have a very military-centric culture, more so then others. The Mendel are noted for their devotion and dedication to their alliance with the New Cyrannian Republic and their other allies.

Of all the colonies, be they in the home galaxy or otherwise, the Mendel here are regarded as the most eager and hot-blooded of their kin, having waited out a few wars, and now wanting to throw their weight behind any foe that could threaten the Republic, and prove their honor and skill in battle.

They yield are great amount of respect for the Republic and her people, and, while they are not warriors by blood like the Mendel, they still view them as just as honorable and worthy as any warrior of the Pact. However, recent events, had lead to the Mendel growing to absolutely despise the Cyrannian Empire.

It is a common insult there to call a Mendel a sell-sword for the Empire, and commonly results in one getting his or her skull cracked. Mendel find the Empire a soulless hulk, and unworthy of their time. While at one time simply apathetic, the rise of the Avalôtur Covenant has reopened a number of old wounds within Mendel ranks, and has caused no end of anger within the Clans. But, as always, they keep the cold air of embittered dislike, hiding just how hot the fires of hatred burn.

Society Edit

The Mendel of the Cyrannian colonies are noticeably, despite their more war-like nature, less barbaric. Where's Mendel of other colonies embrace their barbaric image, with great pelts of slayed beasts, runes and sigils of their clans, and iconography of their nation, the Cyrannian colonies are much more "Clean-cut" in comparison, and have raised claims that they are becoming "civilized" by the Libertus and their High-Culture. Despite this claim, the Cyrannian Mendel still hold to their culture and ways above all else, not inclined to let it change too drastically.

Despite this, the Mendel here are more prune to listening to the opera and music of the Cyrannian civilizations, and the practicing in the same art and poetry style when teaching their young warriors, commonly mixing together Cyrannian/Mendel poetry styling's.

While still mercenaries, at times working for other powers for money, and mostly to test their strength, no Mendel would truly work for the Empire at any point, viewing such as dishonorable and weak, and seeing the Empire as lowly cowards and lick-spittles. Many in fact have even contemplated joining resistance cells. While not willing to move against the Empire, the creation of the Avalôtur Covenant has lead them to believe such action might be needed in the future.

Koatria, for whatever reason, are weaker in the Cyrannus Galaxy, making them more reliant of team work, and "true Warfare" over their essence powers.

Religion Edit

The Mendel still follow the traditional religious system of their kind, believing in Zaraturai, and the other Mendel gods, such as Kadaii Hoorangiir, the War-god of Ruin and evolution, as well as deities form their allies, such as the Volver, Vanara, and Waptoria Alliance. Some within their government have voiced the opinion of allowing Cyrannian deities into their pantheon as well.

Species Edit

The Cyrannian Mendel colonies are made up of all species within the Pact, with large concentrations of the three Mendel species, Iscalbros, Orgaat, Mendel-humans, Kaguran and Kadalian, as well as a number of Togunda Brotherhoods and Trade-Guilds that followed their allies into the galaxy under their banner. The Mendel are welcome to all Cyrannians races, even those not of the Republic.

Species native to the Galaxy Edit

Astrology Edit

The Mendel have 100 colonies within the galaxy, as, of course, they are limited by the excretion of power by both their allies the New Republic, and the Galactic Empire. Despite their eager nature and war-like attitude, war with the Empire is something they wish to avoid at all costs, and, for now, keep themselves quiet and isolated from the empire as a safety precaution, though, of course, are very open to their allies in the Republic, and any member of the Accords that they meet.

Since the creation of the Avalôtur Covenant, the Pact ahs become increasingly critical and passive-aggressive towards the Empire as a whole. While they do not plan on open conflict soon, they trust in the presidency of Nexarón Valkistair, as they believe the Empire will not play nice with words, and action will be needed. As such, Dorcarrick Beroya and other Mendel Chieftains supported the rise of the president, believing he would have the answers, and help bring the Empire in line.

Noted Worlds
  • Frenal - Capital World. A hostile jungle world, that, while not as hostile as Antemurale still provides a world "challenging enough" for the colonists to live in, while still proving an effective ship producing, trade, and economic center for the Pact here.
  • Kol'Var - A world inhabited mostly by Orgaat, this desert world provides plentiful quary and food for their ravenous colonizers. During the prepartion for the battle of Frenal, Kol'var prepared Six Warsphers to assist in the battle, and Ryaler had them carefully drop out of hyperspace to ambush Titus Dromaeo's forces.

Military Edit

Ground Forces Edit

The Pact in Cryannus is still protected by the military force of the War-Guardianship. A military order of highly trained warriors, it is the duty of the War-Guardianship to wage war on planets, space stations and in ship-to-ship boarding action. Duty-bound and honorable, the Mendel, due to their believes in honor and duty, are highly dedicated to the cause, and some would say zealous, and yet balance it with a strong sense of virtue and respect for their enemies, except for the most nefarious of them.

The Pact's Warriors are all trained from a young age, be they the savage Orgaat Packs, or the knightly Ugandalorians. Each members fills a role in the Pact, as befitting their coalition, and each covers the weakness of another race. As such, the main Mendel races prefer high fire power and concentrated use of traps and luring in enemies to be torn apart by their energy weapons, while races such as the Kadalians, Orgaat and other emphasis jungle and close combat warfare, focusing heavily on ambushes and guerilla tactics.

Most races serve, with few caring about whatever species or gender one has, each member serving equally, with the exception of some of the weaker, less able races, usually helping with recon and scientific advancement. In the Mendel's eyes, everyone does their part, no matter if they truly fight or not.

After the Great Mou'Cyran cataclysm, the Mendel forces in Cyrannus, and later across their space, took up the battle cry "My Life for Mou'Cyran", to symbolize their willingness to sacrifice their lives for the memory of the New Republic leaders, and to show their devotion to ending the threat of the Galactic Empire and create peace once more.

Space Fleet Edit

The Pact still relies upon the collection of ships known as the Warpath to oversee their space combat and transportation needs, such as defending their planets, assaulting enemy bases and stations, scouting new areas, or conducting trade and establishing market areas.

Due to the nomadic nature of many of the Pact's members, from the Ugandalorian, and especially among the Orgaat, the fleet is in many ways both a means of transport and a place of residence, many being born, and in fact, dying on the vessels they live on and serve with. While the Fleet is not looked upon with as much favor as the ground forces with most Pact colonies, the Cyrannian colonies seem to show as much respect and dignity towards their Fleet warrior as as those on the ground, possibly due to the importance of a fleet in Cyrannian warfare.

Pact forces generally serve the same roles they do in ground combat, with Orgaat War-spheres work in ambushing enemy fleets and acting as vanguard for Mendel advances. Ugandalorian/Kodalorian designs are very general purpose and able to fill any tactical role required of them, and Walgolorian vessels are armed with advanced long ranged and powerful weapon systems.

Cybernet Legion Edit

The Cybernetic forces of the Iscalbros Mendel are present on at least 5 worlds under Pact control, and from here, assist other land forces in chosen battles, and act in the defense of important scientific research facilities. Their role is much the same as the main Pact. They are rarely seen compared to the other military forces within the Pact, and indeed, are only seen the few times the Pact made attempts to study Precursor artifacts in Cyrannus, which they have limited themselves, as they do not feels is their right, as Cyrannus is not their galaxy. The Cybernet Legion maintains much of the same equipment and cybernetic upgrades as it's parent branch, though forgoes painting and decorating their armor, preferring a more "normal" uniform look to itself.

One thing they are curious about is the group called The "Neriada". While somewhat hostile, they also show a disturbing fascination with their technology, and the Mendel are currently making attempts to limit their ability to get their hands on it, feeling such is dangerous, especially from a group of life-forms they know next to nothing about.

Auxiliaries Edit

Like the main Pact, the Mendel deploy forces of Auxiliaries from other nations who may have knowledge they lack, such as Waptorian and Persan warriors alongside their own. Such groups offer them greater tactical flexibility and prowess in certain environments, and always them to grow closer with their allies. So far, Auxiliaries from other Cyrannian civilizations have not been spotted.

Individuals Edit

The Pact and Republic stand together. The gods have willed it!

  • Name - Docarrick Beroya
  • Species - Ugandalorian
  • Position - Supreme Leader of the Mendel colonies in Cyrannus

Docarrick Beroya is the Supreme Chieftain of the Mendel Clans in Cyrannus, and regarded as the chief leader among the Clan Patriarchs and Matriarchs, Walgolorian Empyreals and the various Councilors of the Pact that guide it's government. Docarrick is a senior member of the Pact, and some say a warrior past his prime. Intelligent, discreet, and equally ambitious as he is loyal, Docarrick Beroya is one of the top leaders of the Pact, and acts with a certainty and passion that equals that of many of his Ugandal kin.

Docarrick has always had a high position within his Clan, the Family of Beroya, and has maintained his position through hard work and success in warfare. Docarrick, for his actions in battle as the Commander of the Fleet of Yawning Hatred, gained the attention of Pact leaders, soon rising to the rank of Patriarch of his clan and leading in politics. Docarrick, when the time came to settle Cyrannus, volunteered whole-heartedly, believing there to be much glory in the colonization of a new galaxy, and believed whole heartedly in helping the New Republic in whatever it needed, seeing them as true honest people, much like the Pact's own member races, and happy to help them anyway he could.

Despite his great ambitions and pride, Docarrick is more concerned with helping others, willing to put his own ambitions aside in order to help others along, having been recorded several times helping bandage and care for his wounded troops while a field commander. Despite his appearance as a savage warrior, evidenced by his bloodied armor and amount of skulls he carries on him, Docarrick is extremely smart, regarded as one of the highest minds among his people, and a perfect choice in a new galaxy full of potential alliances and enemies. Despite this often barbaric look, Docarrick is guided by strong morals, looking upon anything that involves cruelty or torture as savage.

Welcome to the feast, Enemies of the Accords! Who among you shall be the first course?

  • Name - G'ork
  • Species - Orgaat
  • Position - Supreme leader of the Orgaat in Cyrannus.

G'ork is an Orgaat Elder Shifter, who was chosen by the Pact to lead Orgaat warriors colonists in Cyrannus and fight for the Accords. A powerful but wise warrior, G'ork is respected by his kin and allies for his pragmatic, fair nature, yet still a stern and commanding figure. G'ork has fougth in many battles, and it shows on his self, as he is covered head to toe in scars, and shows them off, both to intimidate his foes, and impress the other warriors of the Pact.

G'ork was born in the Web of the Shadowed Eyes, a major Orgaat clan operating in the Plazith Rim, as mercenaries and warriors for both the Pact, and whoever could earn their respect. G'ork long marked himself as an effective leader, as during the Battle of Javal, the Mendel Colony was almost consumed by a Bio-Morphling Horde infestation. Arriving on the scene, G'ork quickly gathered his warriors and hunted down the flesh-eaters, burning their forms, and keeping many of his kindred from eating the meat from the creatures. After leading them underground, they discovered the main body of the infestation, and destroyed it, before hunting down anyone who had been infected by the Morphling plague.

When the Colonies in Cyrannus where being established, G'ork traveled to Cyrannus with his Clan, bringing with him a small fleet of Orgaat Warspheres and Transports, and established himself as the lead Orgaat in charge. After defeating a number of younger rivals in an honor duel, G'ork took command of all Webs in Cyrannus, making him responsible for who they fought, and what (and who) they ate, as well as advising Docarrick Beroya.

G'ork is, like many of his kin, pragmatic and realistic in his goals. While not as spiritual as the rest of his kind, he still holds the believe that the consummation of enemy meat will join the souls of the enemy with his Kin's own, and strengthen their kin. G'ork prefers to avoid contact with outsiders, believing that the Cyrannians will never understand the Orgaat and their culture, and already worries of the barbaric image his people may already have thanks to the Battle of Venetia and their "Victory Celebrations". Still he is welcoming and joyful around outsiders who wish to whole-heartedly understand Orgaat ways.

Not as tough as they thought!

  • Name - Tanga Ara
  • Species - Togunda
  • Position - Cyrannus Togunda Leader.

Ragatora Tanga Ara is the supreme leader of the Togunda who have chosen to settle within Cyrannus, and make it their home. Chosen by the Living Ancestors and other shamans, Tanga proved himself a capable leader through his knowledge of trade and warfare, proving both skills countless times in Cyrannus. His father, Aketo Ara, would die during the Battle of Venetia, fighting the Bisistar, and leave command of the Brotherhoods under his control to Tanga. After settling his father's affairs, Tanga was welcomed as ruler, and other Brotherhood lords gladly accepted him as their leader. Once chosen, Tanga made the journey to the Peaks of the Ancestors, the closest approximation of a homeworld the Togunda had, and spoke with the High King Nogiri for many days. Once done, Nogiri accepted his claim as Cyrannus leader, and Tanga swore an oath of loyalty to Nogiri.

Upon his return to Cyrannus, the Togunda drank deeply and celebrated, and Tanga set out with exploration and trade on his mind, eager to find new trade partners and allies for the Pact. His exploration was cut short by the Neraida War, which he and his fellow Clan-members would join to see the Neraida Gigamatrix brought to an end. For his bravery and skill in battle, the other Brotherhood Lords gladly declared him a worthy successor, his success in battle prove of his worth to continue what his father had started.

Tanga Ara is a rather boastful, proud figure, eager to prove his worth to his people, and honor his word with his allies in the Pact and other nations. He is, however, also very curious of other cultures, and finds some of their habits odd, such as the Libertus' lack of an honor code or warrior-type culture, wondering how they have survived for so long without it, and how they could be so strong without one. His befuddlement has yet to be answered, though he is always eager to find the answers through more trade and research.

What a lovely head! It will look better removed.

  • Name - Mentrex
  • Species - Unknown
  • Position - High Commander.

  • Name - Volti Shir'otez
  • Species - Walgolorian
  • Position - Supreme Empyreal of Cyrannian Mendel colonies.

Volti Shir'otez is Supreme Empyreal of the Cyrannian Mendel colonies, sent by the Walgolorian in the Pact to represent their needs and to advise Docarrick Beroya and guide their efforts. A wise member of the ever mysterious Empyreal caste, Volti is a close friend and confidant of Supreme Empyreal Ord Acaya and the Walgolorian Supreme King, Casio Lwerian'ca. Like any of his position, he seems aware of things without any others knowing, and is considered just as mysterious as he is wise.

Volti was first noted for his governmental leadership abilities in the colony of Kurchar'mal, turning the backwater world into a thriving colony and assisting the War-Guardianship's leaders and high command in effectively planning resistance when Alpha Cyber Collective forces arrived from the core to try and consume the planet and all it's inhabitants for their growing fleets. Volti's abilities, noted by Ord Acaya, prompted his promotion, and, once colonies in Cyrannus where established and created, Volti was placed there by the Empyreals directly.

Volti is rarely seen by the other government leaders of the Pact colonies in Cyrannus, most likely because he prefers this, allowing him to manage his affairs and to keep tabs on everyone, while learning all he can about the politics of Cyrannus. What he plans to do with this knowledge is unknown, but many have noted Volti's extreme ambition, and many believe he plans for a greater expansion of Pact political power in the galaxy. In this regard, he shares Doccarick's views on assisting the push into Cyranai, all for the supposed "glory" of the Pact.

  • Name - Carchal Nal
  • Species - Ugandalorian
  • Position - Commander

  • Name - Finn Shesara
  • Species - Ugandalorian
  • Position - Clan Lord, Commander

  • Name - Korbi Daalis
  • Species - Human
  • Position - Clan Lord

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We walk the path!

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Our blades as one!

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You stand at our side, we stand at yours.

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What is your purpose?

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How wonderful it must be, to have a mind un-burdened by thought.

Red face Enemies Edit

The Blades of Mendel thirst for blood!

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There is not a soul in the New Republic that can deny the honour, dignity and resolve of the Mendel Pact. With the aid of their Cyrannian Colonies, we hope that we can together restore peace, order and prosperity to the cosmos.

- President Apaltar

Notes Edit

  • Many of the characters within the Cyrannian Colonies are based on the Mandalorian Protectors/True Mandalorians from Star Wars Legends, due to their close relations with the rebellion, and coordination against the Empire.
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