I'd suggest you ignore the grumbling of the some of the Clans. Their lords and chiefs complain and grumble about a lot of things, but ultimately it's just their way of relieving stress. If they really didn't want outsiders here, they would not be talking, but...acting on it.

- Kirta Clett during a state visit from a number of allies.

Clans are among the central authority within Mendel society. It through them territory is divided, armies raised, and the colonies of the Pact run and managed. These Clans are a hold over from the feudal days of Mendel society for such races as the Ugandalorians, Walgolorian and Kodalorian, and each one rules their own territory through a system of minor lords and chieftains that manage sections of their holdings in their name. This system changes slightly for the Orgaat and Togunda that inhabit the Pact, their Clan system slightly different compared to that of the other Mendel species.

Orgaat Clans are a strange affair, as the asexual nature of the Orgaat makes it difficult for them to intermarry and have bloodlines. Instead, Clans are organized as various individuals that claim patronage and descent from one famous Orgaat, and follow his teachings, and these various kindred's come together in a number of Clans, with several Clans making up a Tribe, which can then evolve into a Web based on their dietary habits. Webs are considered a Great Clan in the Mendel registry, and each one, allow with leaders of a tribe, gather to govern themselves on the world of Tohoch. Like Mendel Clans, Orgaat Tribes and Webs are given freedom to move and operate outside of Mendel laws and accordances, due to their nomadic nature and need to always acquire more DNA. To stop this could doom their race.

Togunda Koro are a tribe of Togunda Lords gathered under a number of wise men and medicine shamans, who act as Clans to the Togunda. Similar to the Mendel, Koro are organized based on a number of vassal Koro, called Hopii, that take the last name of the ruler of the Koro to show their loyalty and where they come from. It becomes difficult to map, however, because Togunda will often change what Hopii and Koro they are descended from based on location, current events, and holidays, due to the fluid nature of Names and Clan heritage, though no Togunda worth his mead would forget any of his ancestors, big or small, no matter what. Due to their nomadic nature, Koro are given freedom to do as they wish, mostly because there is no way the Mendel could stop them if they tried.

The Nithasaar have Clans as well, but, due to their nomadic and highly isolated nature, next to nothing is known of them, other then they organize in their elegant Yacht-like ships.

For any individual among the Mendel Clans who is declared outlawed and exiled from their ancient Clans, is often too much to bear due to their extremely close and familial nature. They will often be stripped of their name, and their armor and body bleached off any sigils and markings that identify the Clan in question. Many will choose death over being exiled from their Clan, whatever the offense was. But for those that survive, there is always the chance to rejoin, no matter what. While the chances of them rejoining their old clan are most certainly gone, they have a high chance of fighting alongside and joining a new Clan, taking on their name and sigil, and starting a new life, their sins forgotten and forgiven. For crimes that are extremely serious in nature, Clans will often try to hunt down and kill the sinner in question. For an outsider or Mendel to insult a member's Clan is considered a capital offense, and death is not unheard of. To kill someone over an insult to a Clan is considered natural, and little attention paid to what happened. The fool should've known better then insult one's ancestry.

Holdings Edit

Each Clan holds a Hold or Keep under their command, a fortress that protects it's members, and where the rulers of the Clan stay. Here, the work of the Clan is done, taxes levied to the members of the Clan, and it's vassals, trade conducted, diplomats of other Clans and outsiders meet with and celebrationed held, and management of Clan settlements under their command conducted. Every Clan has their own hold, Vassal Clans usually having smaller, less grand Hill Forts to call their own, these always located close to the main Keep.

The most important Clans are given rights and territorial holdings based on their importance to the High Kings, and their position within the Pact. The Clans of most importance often having Clan Keeps on Ugandalore, Kodalon 5 and W'alor to show their position, and these forts are often grandiose, powerful forts, capable of withstanding the worst an enemy can throw at them. The lesser Clans usually dote decreasingly important worlds, with more important Clans establishing holds in the more important colony worlds like Vior'tal and Truxn. Often, the least important worlds are run by one or two Clans in consort, usually three per world.

Major cities are considered neutral ground, and home to either members of a Clan who have jobs elsewhere and cannot stay in the forts, or those travelling from other worlds who need a place to stay, and those that travel from their holds to conduct trade and acquisition of new materials for the Clan, basically, shopping. Each Clan donates money and work crews to keep their cities in working order, and if any Clan refuses, they risk being blacklisted by the others for being lazy, these Clans usually refusing to help as protest over bad treatment.

When the Clan of Clans is chosen, the High King will remove himself from his hold, and he and his immediate Clan will move into the Palace of Ugandalore, Hall of Great Kings of Kodalon, or the Empyreal Palace on W'alor, the extended family of the Clan Lord will take over running his Keep. As he is now ruler of all Clans, he sacrificing ruling his Clan personally to promote the unity of all Clans, and not show favoritism towards his own Clan. After another High King or High Queen is elected, the last Clan will move back into his old Hold or Keep.

Armies Edit

Clans manage their own armies and fleets, each Clan a small kingdom in their own right, and able to enforce their word of law and protection of trade partners through force of arms when needed. As such, due to the Mendel's nature, Clans are often allowed certain freedoms in peace times, and each Clan manages it's holding independently of the other, though open warfare is strictly outlawed unless one Clan violates the edicts of the Codex of Honor, in which the High King is allowed to marshal other Clans to deal with the usurper or violator. Each Clan also commands various vassal-sub Clans, their warriors and chieftains sworn to their ruler by bonds of brotherhood and mutual protection in exchange for service. Due to the system, few Clans are willing to part ways out of respect for their ancestors, but sometimes, the ruling Clan will allow a vassal the honor of forming their own "Great Clan", so they can rule themselves.

Each Clan joins their armies together, though Regiments within a Legion tend to be made up of Warriors from a Clan, with a few of the most important regiments mixing Clans together, so that all their skills may gel together. As such, squads of Troops are made up of members of a Clan that are under the command of their elder Rally-Masters, and those answer to the high ranking lords of the Clans, who command the regiments, and ultimately, leads up the to Chieftain of the Clan himself, if he leads the army, or the Commander of the Legion in question.

Clan fleets are organized the same way, the leader of the Clan's fleet usually leading his force of various cruisers, frigates and corvettes into battle, and answers to the Fleet-Master or Commander in question. The Commander will usually have his own flagship and small flotilla of vessels, and these are reinforced by the Clans that join his forces in battle. During battle, each Clan-Fleet will be given a section of the battle to cover and fight across, based on their talents and experience.

Since Clans are tied by bonds of brotherhood, blood, ancestors and Oaths, it is considered impossible for any warrior to betray his Clan. This system ultimately ties every Clan to the High Kings, and keeps every warrior loyal. If they are not loyal to the High Kings 100%, then their bonds of brotherhood with their fellow warriors will keep them grounded and together.

For war, every Clan is expected to donate a portion of their forces to a war effort. The drive to gain higher positions within the Clan governments and Council Chambers, gain renown for their leadership, and to demonstrate their loyalty causes many Clans to donate significant amounts of their forces to the war effort, least they be found wanting. They retain a large number of warriors to defend their own keeps and holds during the war, so they cannot be taken unawares by the enemy.

Government Edit

Every Clan is ruled by a Patriarch or Matriarch, who earns the position through merit, and the votes of the other lords and chiefs, before the current one dies, so that the Clan will not fall into in-fighting. Once he or she takes command of the Clan, another election is held, so that their heir can be chosen and selected. This system is repeated across the Pact to chose their High Kings, each Clan of that respective race holding the election to decide which member will become the future High King. This system is known as Tanistry, which was started to prevent infighting between Clans over who became the successor, and, as such, one was prepared incase the High King died in battle or was struck down by illness.

Vassal Clans follow the same system, but they are ruled by what are called Thanes, these warriors leading the Vassal Clans alongside the main Clan.

The ruler is chosen based on a number of criteria, such as their devotion to their kinsmen, their believes in respecting others' culture and faith, while maintaining their own, the goal to constantly strive for more success and progress among the Clan, and the ability to lead the Clans to many successes in war and peace. The minor Lords and Thanes of the Clan will join the Draiothe and wisemen to look over the Lord in question, and his decisions, mistakes, short-comings, moral character and other things to decide if the man or woman in question is truly worthy of leading the Clan, and can handle the pressure and represent the Clan as best he or she can in the Council chambers. These high ranking leaders will speak with the other members of the Clan, telling of each candidate, and trying to give an honest, decent picture of the candidates in equal measure (However, Mendel are still mortal, and bias do tend to creep into their ideals still, despite viewing their voting system as superior to those of Terra).

In the voting system, every member of the Clan has one equal voice, and each member of the Clan will vote for the candidate they believe is best.

Clanless Edit

For the Mendel, their oaths of blood, kinship and brotherhood are binding at all times, a representation of honoring the gods and the ancestors and sparing no expense to help fellow Clansmen or Clan-Allies and the like. Just as the Mendel are fanatically devoted to their galactic allies, like the Waptoria, and their extra-galactic comrades like the Volver, Persan/Vanara and the New Cyrannian Republic, so too are the various Clans tied together by oath and blood, each willing to help their allies and work together, all under the guidance of the High King. To betray these oaths is to reap a serious punishment upon one's head, one that is not easily forgiven.

Many Mendel willing leave their Clans. Many seek out adventure in the wider universe as treasure hunters, wild-life tour guides, Bounty Hunters or members in a foreign army of some sort. This wonder-lust and need to step away from the Clans often leads to trouble, and, sooner or later, these youngsters should return to Clan and settle down with the rest of their kin, commonly trading what they have learned from other races with their brothers and sisters. These Clanless are not looked down upon for the most part. But, for those that dishonor themselves, there is no reward other then to be expelled from the Clan and face a death sentence.

These figures go by all sorts of names, from, Dishonored, Kor'Mendel, Aruntii, or, most commonly, as Bad Bloods. These Bad Bloods often perform acts considered to go against everything the Mendel stand for. Terrorism, murdering of children and civilians and other, earn them the ire of their kindred. After committing whatever action, they will be marked, and have a death sentence placed on them. Due to not abiding by rules any longer, these Bad Bloods commonly escape, though many do not get far. For those that do, the quickly earn a reputation throughout the universe as truly "Bad blooded", dishonorable warriors, willing to do whatever they can to defeat their foes and stay alive another day.

Kor'Mendel commonly become criminal enforcers and bounty Hunters, using their talents to brutally enforce the will of their masters upon the less skilled and less able. Mendel Clans commonly send their best warriors out to find Bad Bloods, as they are incredibly dangerous, and give the Warrior-Clans a bad name. Even so, these warriors commonly have difficulty tracking them down, as they are not above using alien technology or cheap tactics to sunder their foes to pieces. At this point, Bad Bloods act less like True Mendel, and more like Dragowar, throwing themselves into a fight and fighting only for the sake of slaughter and death, not to honor ancestors and Clan, or preserve the lives of innocents.

True Mendel, once they have captured their brother, will demand three times that he admit to his crimes, believing he will reclaim his honor if he or she does. If they do, a Draiothe will bless their head with sacred oils and give a prayer as the Kor'Mendel is executed, preserving his soul for the Oversoul. If he refuses three times, he will be brutally executed by the highest lord present who presided over the attempt at confession. It is not uncommon for them to burn his armor plating to liquid metal and for his body to be dumped in the wilderness for scavengers to pick apart. His head will be taken, skinned, and hung upon the halls of the Clan Citadel for others to see.

Clan Clett's citadel, for example, as 10 heads from various Bad Bloods throughout their history still hanging within their Great Hall.

Ugandalorian Clans Edit

Disloyalty cannot be found in men with full bellies.

- Ancient Clan motto
  • Clan Matriarch - Kirta Clett
  • Capital Hold - Ugandalore

Clan Clett is among the most powerful and affluent clans of the Ugandalorians. Originally composed of farmers and fisher men, The Clan was rallied together by Jondaro Clett, who turned them into warriors capable of fighting back against anything that threatened them. Under Jondaro, The Clan began trading farming and fish resources for other materials with the various clans. Due to this, Clan Clett, despite not being the very best of warriors compared to other clans, could still hold it's own politically. While most others could produce fearsome warriors, Clan Clett could feed a much larger force, with only slightly less skill at arms. These numbers made them a fearsome foe, and while never ones to send troops into a meatgrinder, it is difficult for even the most skilled warrior to fight 10 others at a time.

Due to Clan Clett's position as a farming nation-state, few of the minor clans had any difficulties in dealing with them. Although regarded as temperamental and conservative by many, Clan Clett has maintained a high standing, even if it's territories and holdings where greatly damaged by the Mendel Civil War. Many Clans attempted to raid and pillage the farming potential of Clan Clett, only to be killed with brutal force and reaction, showing that, although a farming nation, no trespass would go unanswered. Even today, man Clans still greatly respect Clan Clett's power.

There is also the fact the Clan has proven to produce powerful warriors and leaders, respected and admired by their peers without question. Starting with the Field Marshal Cadus Clett, and moving down to his son High King Reago, and Grandson High King Barda, the Clan's legacy continues even today, with Barda's children Kirta Clett acting as current High Queen and Takanius Clett acting as a famed Koatria, and the first Koatria of Light. It is said by the Draiiuds that Clan Clett's bloodline is destined to always achieve greatness, no matter where they go.

Clan clett is centered around the core colonies near and on Ugandalore. The Clan is moderately sized, and spread across the core colonies that surround Ugandalore.

After the Mednel Schism and the death of their Cheiftain, The Clan of Clans came under the rulership of Forbila Clett, as her daughter became ruler of all Mendel.

One can conquer more with words then with a blade

- Ancient Clan Motto
  • Clan Patriarch - Gendo Nitrocon
  • Capital - Ugandalore

Clan Nitrocon is one of the strongest clans and considered the founders of modern Ugandalorian culture and traditions. Originally native to the western islands off the coast of the main northern continent, the Clan traveled to the main land seeking refuge and resources. At first finding hostility from the native clans, Nitrocon's Chieftain, Karo Nitrocon, began trading with the other clans and using skillful diplomacy, growing the power of the Nitrocon Clan. They soon became the most powerful Clan in traditional Ugandal culture.

For this reason, Clan Nitrocon has managed to maintain power, and, similar to their kin in Clett Clan, have used this to keep warriors, who, while not the best, certainly have the stability to wage war longer then their more warlike kin. It is also this nature that made them more approachable among weaker Clans, but also made them vulnerable to attacks during the bloody civil wars of Ugandalore.

One of their most famous moves was in the war against the sea-people, a group of deviant Ugandals, Clan Nitrocon built a large fort to hold them off around their river-town, and gathered the other Clan there to fight with them. They won against the Sea-people, and drove their remaining number off. This site would later become the city that would evolve into Koridelable.

Their most famous leader, Torscka Nitrocon, was High King for many years, and lead to the Ugandalorians to an area of brilliance and greatness that has yet to be matched. He was a strong ruler, and one who loyally fought alongside future High King, and his successor, Barda Clett, forming a close friendship with the younger warrior, and teaching him to accept Mendel ideals within himself once more. Their friendship unintentionally recreates the age old alliance between Clans Nitrocon and Clett, and has remained all the stronger for many years.

Their current leader is Jaster Nitrocon.

The Heavens beckon. Like the sea, we traverse the unknown in search of glory

  • Clan Patriarch - Kastor Darius
  • Capital Hold - Daimyo

Clan Darius are the members of the traditional sea-faring Clan Darius, and where commonly seen as ship captains. This is due to, being in the north-western island of Ugandalore, where they needed sea travel to get to their allies on the main land, and, as such, developed sea traveling skills better then most. This continues even today, with many members of Clan Darius being part of the Starfleets of the Federation, Pact and Alliance. While other members aspire to whatever military position they can get, members of direct lineage are expected at all times to achieve the rank of Admiral or Commodore, something of high class and position. A lowly captain is merely a transitional rank.

The Clan of Darius, unlike most Ugandalorians, places honor on sea faring, and today, void faring, where's most see being on the ground and in combat as true glory, where's ships and "boats" separate warriors from truly "knowing" each other. Darius, however, has passed their skill from father to son for generations. To them, there is as much honor in leading great fleets as leading great armies. This seems to come with an almost sixth sense of how to navigate both the space and the seas. When it comes time to investigate the unknown regions of a galaxy, or seek out new galaxies entirely to trade and possibly conquer, it is the goal of Clan Darius to always be at the forefront.

Clan Darius was one of the main Clans involved in fighting the Sea-people, and traditionally, was always a close ally to Clan Nitrocon.

Their Current leader is Kastor Darius.

The Blade is simply metal. The man yielding it is the danger.

  • Clan Matriarch - Raav Braaykor
  • Capital - Truxn

Clan Braaykor is another of the major Clans of Ugandalore. A highly traditional people, the warriors of Braaykor are all masters of the sword and blade, using these weapons before they learn any other. In fact, if they learn any other weapon, it mostly so they can learn to effectively counter and neutralize it for their swords and similar weapons to do their brutal work. The Clan itself hails from a sparse region of Ugandalore, isolated from many Clans, but considered more forward thinking then most others, always believing in scientific advancements, even if they distrusted outsiders.

Among the Clans, the warriors of Braaylor are considered to have the worst temperament, being more aggressive and warlike even when compared to the others. This has also caused them to be slightly xenophobic towards outsiders, and as such, it much harder for foreigners to gain their trust and join their ranks. Even if their trust is gained, it is hard for them to keep it towards outsiders. Members of the Clan tend to judge others by their skill at sword, knife or various other bladed weapons.

Clan Braaykor is a close ally of Clan Clett, as the poor resources on their homelands forced them to adopt a trade-friendly approach to their dealings with The People of Clett. In military attacks on one, the other would immediately back the other up. They are known for having a love of science, and will commonly barter and trade for resources so as to allow them to continue their scientific research and advancement, for the benefit of all.

In others' hands, it is a stick. In our Hands, a tool of death, in 1000 ways.

  • Clan Patriarch - Colir Maclon
  • Position -

Clan Maclon is another major Clan among the Clan-states of Ugandalore, founded many years ago on the very beaches of the southern continent. Clan Maclon has always had a large population of warriors and loyaltists, and it shows in their history. Long have they marched to battle, either under their banner, or that of the Lord Ugandalores that commanded the Clans. Among their most famous attributes is loyalty, and not one Member of Clan Maclon has ever buckled when commanded by his High King.

Being surrounded by enemies since their inception has done much to toughen and embitter the members of Clan Maclon. As their rival Clans always surrounded and besieged them, the Clan developed a strategy of training forces based off survival in battle. Veterans would become fully initiated warriors, with Claymore and the like, while Militia would march into battle with pike and glaive. This way of war effected other Clans when they came into contact, developing a system of militia as trainees and allowing them to progress in rank as they earned experience. While Squires and the like existed in other Clans, Maclon was the first to deploy them for separate tactics other then more warriors to throw at the meat grinder, deploying them in complex, advanced spear formations.

Clan Maclon, of all the Clans, generally had a more pragmatic and at the same time militant outlook. Due to being constantly besieged by enemies, it has given them a rough, gritty look at the world, which many still maintain to this day, due to Maclon being the Clan that has colonized, and fought on, more worlds then any other. Despite this, Maclon has managed to tame the others that threatened it, forcing them into the position of vassal states.

Clan Maclon is regarded as the Third most powerful Clan in Ugandalorian politics, beside Clett and Nitrocon, and maintains deep respect and relations with both, possibly because of the fact both clans have produced High Kings, and, at times, on multiple occasions.

In war there is beauty, in death, apotheosis.

Clan Bevarik is one of the Clans native to Ugandalore, among the more diplomatic of the major Clans in politics. Clan Bevarik's skill has always come from helping others grow used to Ugandalorian way of life and bringing them into the Clan peacefully. Many aliens call Clan Bevarik home, due to their boisterous, welcoming nature. It is said in ancient history, that Clan Bevarik had no enemies, being too diplomatic and outgoing to attract the negative attention of other Clan-States.

Bevarik forged, early on, the positive trade relationship with Clan Clett and Nitrocon that continues today. This trade occurred when the farms under Bevarik command experienced a poor season, causing them to become desperate for resources. Knowing such men eyed Clan Clett and Nitrocon as raiding targets, the leaders of both Clans offered to send food and supplies to help Bevarik out until they could get back on their feet. Bevarik accepted, and their people rejoiced when the first supply carts arrived from their new allies.

For this aid, Clan Bevarik is noted to be an extremely loyal Clan in politics, always fighting for their allies no matter what, and never giving in. This reflects in battle, where members of Clan Bevarik will refuse to retreat until all their friends are safe. They are noted for their poetic views on war, glorifying it the most above Clans.

Clan Bevarik is regarded as adhering closest to Mendel teachings in most regards, with the exception of their religious ways. This Clan, surprisingly, has little Draiiuds, and few of it's members are devoutly religious, most of them agnostic, or even atheist in stance. Despite this break from tradition, Bevarik is still respected, though there are some that raise their eyebrow at their attitudes.

Those who look to the skies never see the threat in front of them.

- Clan Motto

Clan Tarka is another of major Clans, noted for it's strong roots in diplomacy and trade, and having connections with multiple Clans via the trade routes that dominated their ancestral lands. Putting aside the usual aggression found in their race, Clan Tarka has long valued making money, and friendship, over the way of conquest and bloodshed. While tied with Clan Clett and Bevarik, it notably had something of a rivalry with Clan Nitrocon, due to the strong trade/diplomatic tradition within their ranks, the two commonly competing for trade in other markets and the like. Still, many Clans have learned it better not to cross blades with Clan Tarka, for they defend their trade with savage ferocity.

Clan Tarka has, today, little interest in Clan Politics, mainly approving of trade with races they deem worth it, and denouncing those that need to be blocked and censored. Tarka Clansmen, however, are commonly found in the lands of aliens, their ties going deep into Gardeili Nation-States, Waptorian territories, the Persan Hive-Ships, and into Cyrannus and other Galaxies. As such, they have a rather open view of aliens, though not to the extent of Clan Bevarik. They have recently formed an alliance with the great Clan Sawiny, due to shared interests and ideals.

Clan Tarka values technology and knowledge on the battlefield. While they are scientists by nature, they do employ a large science force, and have connections with Clans who are known for it. As such, Tarka can supply it's troops with much fire power and devices to give them an edge. Tarka also has a strong tradition in Swordsmanship, many of it's members being famous duelists. Many of these swordsmen can trace their decsent back to a group of nomads who interbreed into the Clan, out of both trade interests, and to protect their allies.

These nomadic links make the members of Clan Tarka seem easy to pack up their stuff and go, and it is believed this is what allows them to move around and adapt to new societies so easily. Still, though willing to connect with aliens, they still hold their believes as most important, and will not stand to see them insulted.

Devotion to blood will be paid when it comes time for fire

Clan Sawiny is a major Clan of Ugandalore, and an ally of Clan Tarka, this alliance established in the modern age just recently, due to friendship between many of it's young members, though, at a glance, neither seem alike in any sense. Clan Sawiny, more then any Clan, is noted for it's fierce pride and patriotism towards the Ugandalorian way, meaning it's ideals often rob alien members the wrong way. Clan Sawiny, however, is rather defensive, believing whole hardily in alien members, but simply having grown with a strong believe in their own people. In fact, when Dead Watch and it's Clans asked Clan Sawiny to join them, believing them nationalists who hated aliens, Clan Sawiny flatly refused, fighting alongside aliens that most thought they hated.

Clan Sawiny has, however, respect for one alien race in particular; Humanity. For whatever reason, humans are the only races that make up a large percentage in their Clan, most being rather small in comparison, and, although most other Clans despise French leadership, Clan Sawiny shows a healthy respect towards all Frenchmen, not just their warriors. They still take their ancestry and heritage seriously, however, and do not trust the French. Clan Sawiny, due to this "Humano-philia", has many holdings in the Milky Way galaxy. The fact their people refer to Kadaii Hoorangiir as Kaskar Hargeth, the human name for the deity, speaks volumes of their culture as a whole.

Due to a number of minor human Clans that joined them, the Clan Sawiny is more prone towards more "barbaric" methods of fighting, preferring Claymores, Axes and other melee weapons over blasters, simply carrying them to protect themselves at range, but gladly using their jet packs to close and engage.

Clan Sawiny is considered rather isolated, however, thanks to some distrust from aliens. Though Clan Sawiny has never supported xenophobia, their rhetoric tends to rub people the wrong way, and with the exception of some human clans, it has few aliens, though, also has few enemies that trouble it's business, their ability to make friends seen best in Clan Tarka's alliance with them.

All lives are equal in Zaraturai's eyes.

Clan Travic was once one of the minor Clans, now having grown strong and into a major Clan under the leadership of their leader, Kal Travic, a temperamental and dutiful man, with a strong sense of right and wrong, believing mercenary work degrading, and a proponent of the Mendel-First movement, to stop being sell-swords, even if it is for the sake of getting stronger in battle, and testing their wits. Clan Travic, while controversially, especially among the Orgaat Clans, still maintains a strong alliance with Clan Beverick and Clan Waus. The latter, while at many points the rival and even foe of Clan Travic, has since become one of it's greatest allies, thanks to their shared interests and histories together.

Clan Travic has always believed that one should only fight for the Pact and it's allies, and not throw their lives away as bunch of mercs and sell swords, fighting for cowards who cannot fight their own battles. Indeed, Clan Travic believes fighting only for allies, and not accepting payment (unless one needs to eat), or for the Orgaat, so they can feed their genetic evolution further. Clan Travic's stance has always been one of controversy, many Mendel believing they do not fight for money, but rather to gather strength and sharpen their skills, though Clan Travic counters that this ideal will become twisted sooner or later. Clan Travic also spear-headed efforts to get Clones citizenship rights and other benefits for their fighting for the alliance, something no other Alliance organization had done yet.

The Clan, in fact, has a large number of Clone Warriors who have joined the Clan, either through familial bonds to it's Patriarch, or through simply believing them to be the best option. Clan Travic, as such, has become something of a center for what many would deem outcastes. Aliens, clones, and Mendel rube shoulders all the time, and work together for the Clan. They are noted for their passionate and hot-headed nature, which commonly get them in trouble with Clans who do not share their fiery disposition or temperament. Even aggressive Clans are prone to finding Clan Travic annoying. The Clan is very stubborn in it's ideals, and will not buckle when argued with, but this also makes them fine allies.

Clan Travic is noted for their preference for knives and short blades, all members commonly carrying them around on their person during war and in private. Each knife is carried with their Claymore, and represents one becoming a full member of the Clan. While Claymores represent passing the test into adulthood, these specialized knives represent one becoming a full member of the Clan, considered a much harder test.

Cold steel and cold tempers lead to survival in war.

Clan Waus is another of the growing Clans among the Ugandalorians. At first a minor player in Clan politics, Clan Waus has grown slowly but surely over the years, attracting many aliens from other civilizations, including those that could trace their lineage back to royal families. Either escaping a system they did not like, abusive parents who had become delusional with time, power and inbreeding, or simply seeking adventure, Clan Waus found it's holdings growing rich from not just the riches these royals brought, but also inundated with new members. While many mockingly called them the "Soft-bellied Royal Clan", Clan Waus cared little for the jibbing of their kinsmen, believing their new members had earned their place with hard work, and deserved respect. Though once at odds with Clan Travic, the fact that Clones also joined Clan Waus lead to them becoming close allies, their Clan Kings becoming close friends.

Clan Waus is regarded as cold and largely apathetic towards others. Their warriors march with cold resolution and a seemingly uncaring attitude towards their foes. It is said, in ancient tales told by the Clans' Shamans, that one day, the Clan-Queen of Clan Waus saw her foes using artillery, and, merely sighed and said to close with the cravens. This tale seems to reflect on the entire Clan, who share the icy nature with their supposed ancestor. Despite their distant, cold nature, the Clan is noted for it's close bonds with friends. It is commonly said Clan Waus has few friends, but to those friends, it will march to hell and back for them. This is especially true of Clan Travic, who was once one of Clan Waus' great rivals, before their similar cultures allowed them to work together.

Clan Waus has links to many great civilizations in the Gigaquadrant, mostly through the many exiled nobles that call themselves Waus and their families. This allows Clan Waus to establish trade and connections with a host of other races, and even carry themselves similar to the people they trade with, mimicking certain cultures and races tat-for-tit, and relaxing the distrust some feel toward them. They do not exactly like working with some of the softer races in the gigaquadrant, but some things must be done to keep the Clan strong.

Clan Waus does not have a preferred weapon, but is noted for it's cold, logical approach to warfare, their members make use of tactics and traps, commonly using their nature as hot-blooded warriors to fool their enemies into traps and situations that benefit them. Many members are quite effective with the use of deductive reasoning and skillful use of the terrain around them to further their killing power. Avalanches, tree collapsing's, and other "accidents" are far more prone to happening with Clan Waus.

Blood onto Blood

- Clan Motto

Clan Kerban is one of the major Ugandalorian Clans, identified by it's shared red color scheme, and it's symbol, a bloody black saber across a white circle. This, indeed, symbolizes one of the most important aspects of their Clan, that blood shared on the field is a bond that cannot be separated, and demands respect from all involved. As such, Clan Kerban is very serious about the alliances it makes, especially those that where forged on the battlefield. To betray these bounds is a serious offense, and often leads to blood, terrible wars on Clan Kerban's part. They will go through hell and back to see their foes destroyed who slander their allies, and go further to destroy an ally that betrays them.

Even though the Mendel hold their alliances and bonds seriously, Clan Kerban is considered the most zealous, and often insane, about maintaining, causing many to regard them as slightly "not right". Despite this, they are respected by their long time allies and friends, who have come through every time they needed Clan Kerban's assistance in anything, from food shortages, to an enemy attack on their holdings. As such, once betrayed, it takes much to re-earn Clan Kerban's trust again, and it is said that, even today, they have not forgotten the slights and broken promises of the other Clans made against them.

In most cases they appear surprisingly impassive and uncaring towards strangers, and yet, towards allies, they become spirited and friendly, happily exchanging news, gossip and ideals with them, and as they discuss the goings-on between the Clan and their ally. The opposite, however, becomes evident when they encounter enemies or those who have slighted their clan in the smallest way possible, quickly becoming aggressive, rude and bellicose until the trespasser somehow makes amends, or leaves their sight.

Clan Kerban prefers to fight with swords of all kinds, from elegant officer sabers, to the brutal Claymores, to short stabbing blades. Clan Kerban will often mark their alliances by slicing the hand of their leader, as the allied leader in question does the same, and exchange their blood, intermingling it to signify their alliance as a whole. Leaders of Clan Kerban commonly have deep scars running across their hands from the many deals they have made, a source of pride and joy in their Clan, and leading them to be called "Scar-handed Ones" by their peers.

Tread lightly, least we have to tread upon thy throats.

Clan Tarad is a rather infamous Clan, known for their aggressive demeanor and behavior. Many Clans still resent and dislike Tarad for their betrayals and piracy, and many are not eager to forgive them. The Clan has calmed down, but still remains a hot-headed group, even by Mendel standards of warfare and society. In ancient history, their large size, combined with their aggression, lead to them raiding and pillaging other Clans as sport and attacking them for resources, spoils and combat practice. Even though they have stepped away from this, Clan Tarad is still not welcomed in many worlds and Clan holds, and out right hated by some for their violent demeanor.

Clan Tarad is known to encourage it's newest members to go through grueling training in order to prove themselves worthy, and those that fail commonly end up either as sparing practice or, at worst, hunting targets for the youngsters, both so they learn to kill and learn the price of failure and weakness. So violent are they, that Clan Tarad was once worried of going to Dead Watch, and betraying the others, but remained loyal none the less. Their Chieftain, Marix, is considered less then a "Warrior-Beast foaming at the mouth" by High King Barda Clett, despite his loyalty.

Clan Tarad is almost started a number of wars with their actions, known for stepping on the toys of members of the Waptoria Alliance and Persan with their actions, probing their defenses in search of a challenge, but are kept from battle, not only because of the strong armed approach both have taken towards the unruly Clan, and also because of the watchful eye of their High King. They have, on a number of occasions, raided former enemy territory in lightning raids, especially targeting Xonexi territory, though mostly avoiding the French, Clan Tarad seeing them as worthy foes and equals on the field.

Clan Tarad is known for it's vast supply of ships that make up it's Clan-Fleet. They have a massive amount of Koridelable-class Battleships and Crigoa Frigates, giving them much attack power and capabilities. Their navigators are known for their ability to ride the solar winds and find their way to a new target to fight and hunt, having a seemingly sixth sense about these sort of things. Due to this, Clan Tarad has a strong rivalry with Clan Darius, the two unable to stand the sight of each other, and commonly engaging in short, bitter fire fights when they do meet up.

Clan Tarad, despite being loyal, as ties to both Dead Watch, Ruins Hand and even the elusive Tul'Kaarin, helping them in raids against other races, and being among the few that know of the Tul'Kaarin's existence. Despite the alliance between they and the Ruins Hand, Clan Tarad does not know the coordinates of Death City, though have tried numerous times to find it so they could sack it for the glory of the Clan.

Rokanar hunts like the panther, unseen and unheard, until it is too late.

Clan Rokanar is another major Clan of Ugandalore, based in the snowy foothills, highlands and mountains, though based on the icy world of Kalliun, where they spent much of their time focusing their minds of the hunt and for stealth, as well as preparing themselves for the bitter, unrelenting cold. This has made Clan Rokanar stockier and heartier of build then those of the other Clans, though gives them less tolerance for high temperatures. The most notable aspect of Clan Rokanar, however, are their pets. Clan Rokanar keeps a large number of Ashkeull Panthers to use in hunting and tracking, domesticating the beasts when they first colonized Kalliun. The Mendel Warriors grew to respect the courage and fearlessness of the beasts, and began implementing their iconography more into the Clan.

As such Rokanar's Warriors commonly color their armor the same black-white-teal of the panthers they breed and train with, as well as wearing their pelts as status symbols, and wearing their skulls on their shoulder and helmet armor, and modeling their own helmets after the panthers themselves. Many warriors seek to emulate the Panthers in battle, being totally fearless and utterly loyal to their kindred, and never giving up in the face of their foes. Clan Rokanar, also like their pets, trains to move quickly and silently across the snowy hills and highlands they inhabit, never making a sound as they move between the hill forts their Clan owns.

Clan Rokanar is known for it's penchant for hunting, tracking and stalking prey. It is said that, if an entire area where covered in dry, fall leaves, they could still find a way to surprise their foes and attack with little trace of their coming or going. For this reason, Clan Rokanar has some of the best Snipers, scouts and Marauder teams, able to track down their foes and attack with few things able to detect them, outside of those who happen to possess psychic power of some sort.

Clan Rokanar has little contact with outsiders, mostly keeping to themselves, though will help other Clans when they need it. Outside of this, Clan Rokanar prefers to solve it's problems itself, rather then risk others learning of these issues, feeling they must take care of themselves always.

All wisdom cane be found in the works of the ancients.

Clan Deska is a Ugandalorian Clan, noted for it's scientists and engineers, who have famously achieved much success in understanding, studying and reverse engineering technologies by the Multus Esse and other advanced alien races. Clan Deska, in fact, was one of the Clans responsible for bringing the Mendel space travel and advanced weaponry, like Mass Drivers and Ripper Guns, to name a few. Their technological know how and expertise with weapons make them respected across Mendel space, and are always at the center of new weapons and device research organized by the Pact. They are also famous for their close ties to the Multus Esse, their scientists almost constantly meeting the ancient creators to try and understand more and more.

Clan Deska was the first Clan to invent and use gun powder in battle, inventing muskets and field rifles, before going further and further, their research aided by the fact that their location put them within arms' reach of the Multus Esse research site that their creators first used to monitor the world. Frequenting the site, they slowly began to develop and quicken their research, not only giving them advanced weapons, but also giving them strong medical and day-to-day technology. Clan Deska developed a close relationship with Clan Clett, who traded them food in exchange for technology, and Clan Tarka, due to similar scientific interests.

Clan Deska's warriors march into battle with very advanced weapons and technology, always field testing their new inventions themselves, before giving them and selling them to their allies within other Clans, sometimes even giving prototypes to their comrades in Clan Tarka, so they have fresh perspectives on their inventions. However, if these prototypes run awry, Clan Deska prefers to field the brunt of the punishment themselves, not wishing for other Clans to risk themselves on Clan Deska's pig-headedness. Clan Deska yields a smaller then normal Clan Fleet, but this fleet is highly advanced and able to hold it's own against any foe that crosses them, boasting they could take on two or three other Clan-fleets.

Deska holds a string of territories across Mirus, Milky Way and Cyrannus, using their position to excavate and research more Precursor technology. Be it their creators, or the ancients of other galaxies, Clan Deska believes that wisdom and knowledge can come from any source, and are willing to stake anything to understand more of the universe around them. This research is always done respectfully and carefully however, as shown in their ancient history when Deska collected Multus technology piecemeal, rather then greedily taking it all at once. Like all Mendel, they believe that advancement must be paced so that they may never go too far with their research. Advancement made to the detriment of society is not beneficial to anyone, after all.

Clan Kadra is a small, independent Clan that has recently come into a position of power thanks to their masterful scouting and tracking abilities. They are noted for, not only their tracking and scouting abilities, but also their one-time revolt against the High King Torscka Nitrocon, lead by their former chieftain, Jilcon Kadra, who felt Torscka was too weak to lead the Ugandalorian Clans in war, pointing to the rebellion by Clan Cano and their follower-clans. Clan Kadra's revolt was quickly crushed, and it was believed Jilcon was killed, though he actually escaped and used a body double to hide his death from the world.

When the Clan came under the control of his son, Torin, the Clan was in a difficult position, having lost much territory to it's rivals, and many of their vassal-Clans had splintered off. Under the edicts of the other Clans for peace, Clan Kadra could not regain it's territory or holdings without a repartition from Torin. Finding edivence that his father had actually faked his death, Torin announced to the minor chiefs of Clan Kadra his intention to capture his father and bring him to justice.

It was difficult, by Torin, after a long and difficult journey, found Jilcon, and after a battle, demanded his father explain himself. After explaining why he revolted and his reasoning for it, Torin had his father flash frozen, and, brought him to Ugandalore for the authorities to handle. Such a feat impressed Torscka, who allowed Clan Kadra to retake much of their lost land and territory, as well as showing Jilcon mercy and letting him leave as a member of the dishonored, now that his Clan had abandoned him.

Clan Kadra has earned the respect of many of the other Clans. Despite the shadow of treachery hanging over them when Torin took control, Clan Kadra has earned both Torscka and Barda Clett's respect for their loyalty to Ugandalore and their attempts to make up for the past. Their loyalty has come at a price, however. Clan Kadra has lost many of it's youth, both in the war against Torscka Nitrocon, and for he and Barda Clett. They act as scouts and snipers for the Ugandalorian forces, but their need to fight for the High Kings and Queens has lead to high causality rates. This has been referred to as the blood-curse of Kadra, and, it is said, one in 5 children is likely to die on the field.

The Clans symbolize this remembrance of their fallen peers through special headbands they wear under their armor, stylized in different patterns for each family in Clan Kadra, and further personalized by each individual. When a warrior dies, his closest friend will take the head band and tie it to his armor or under it, each one passing on his head bands to the next friend in line.

Clan Nal is one of the minor Clans that has recently risen to power over the years, thanks in part to the bravery of it's soldiers, specifically Carchal Nal during the Wars against the Neraida, and later, the Galactic Empire. Clan Nal has earned much respect for it's bravery and tenacity, even if they are a bit bellicose and loud compared to other Clans. Originally, Clan Nal's only claim to fame was when one of their high ranking commanders, Yaria Nal, married High King Reago Clett, and bore him a son, Barda, and a Daughter, Aylin. After this, however, the Clan slipped into obscurity, becoming just one of many Clans with a Hold in Ugandalore, and holdings spread across the galaxy.

However, they began to gain prominence again, once Carchal Nal lead the Mendel forces to victory against the Neraida Gigamatrix, and allowed the Mendel Pact to not only improve their relations with the New Republic and various other races, but also allowed them to establish contact with the Order of Cognalorilos, lead by the Cogsangui, and similar to the Mendel Pact in many ways. For these successes, the High Kings rewarded Clan Nal greatly, giving them further holdings and power within the Councils of the Pact. Their bastions in Cyrannus became famous for their trade with other races, and great reservoirs about Cyrannian culture, though not to the extent of Clan Shesara.

Clan Nal is a bellicose and violent Clan, noted to be loud, pugnacious, and aggressive. Many find their aggressive nature to be irritating and bothersome, and many members of Clan Nal are known to pick fights with others to test their strength and valor in battle. However, once defeated, or you have earned their respect, Clan Nal is noted to be extremely loyal and eager til the end, never forgetting their oaths of alliance and comradery no matter what.

Clan Clan Shesara is one of the major Clans of Ugandalore, and have just recently, reclaimed their central Clan Holdings on Spirius, and emerged as a very powerful Clan envied by all, and admired by many. Under their Clan Lord, Finn Shesara's command, the Clan has expanded it's holdings well, having many strongholds in their Home of Mirus, but the farsighted warlord has turned his sights to Cyrannus, establishing many Clan holdings in Cyrannus during the Pact's first colonization of the Galaxy. Since then, Clan Shesara has grown rich with trade and resources from the New Cyrannian Republic and other races within Cyrannus, though have taken a harsh stance towards the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.

Clan Shesara are experts on reading other races, their kind said to be equal parts merchants and warriors. They have used this to estaplish trade with many races, including those in Cyrannus, where their skills have paid off well. This knowledge of trade and commerce has also given them access to weapon designs developed by alien races and civilizations, making them truly unique in the Pact. Clan Shesara's warriors, however, are not just soft merchants and traders, and are experts in the art of guerilla warfare, and loyal allies.

Their stance against the Galactic Empire almost lead them to joining The Cyrandia Resistance under the title, the Mendel Protectors, though the destruction of Mou'Cyran lead them to call off such an action. These warriors, however, would serve under Commander Ryaler's forces, and alongside their allies in Cyrannus and Mirus against the Empire. In Cyrannus, they gained a reputation as brutal, powerful and fearsome warriors among the Imperial soldiery, who came to loath the site of the orange and red colored warriors of Clan Shesara when they took the field.

Human Clans Edit

Clan Krast is one of the leading Sicorséach Clans within the Mendel Pact, and rulers of much of the Sicorséach Throne World of Alba Kaun, one of the handful of worlds that the Sicorséach where deposited on by the Multus Esse, and turned into one of many homeworlds the Sicorséach inhabit. Clan Krast was, and still is, a leader among the Clans of Alba Kaun, it's military and industrial might unmatched by the other Clans that swear fealty to it. Clan Krast has ruled Alba Kaun and it's surrounding systems for years, being among the first Sicorséach to develop space flight. Their systems where primitive and slow, but worked, and allowed them to jump from one world to another. Despite their pride in their achievement, the mighty Ugandalorian Empire arrived, having settled on worlds inhabited by more violent Sicorséach Clans, and seeking out more worlds to conquer and colonize.

Surprised to meet humans with space flight, the Commanding Chieftains organized a meeting with the leaders of Alba Kaun, including the King of Clan Krast, and negotiated with the suspicious humans their absorbtion into the Ugandalorian Empire, in exchange for more advanced technology and space flight. Clan Krast, after speaking with the other Clans of Alba Kaun, agreed, and allowed themselves to join the Ugandalorian Empire in total. Since then, Clan Krast has been active in the political circles of the Great Clan Council, working tirelessly to expand the technology and military power of the Pact along with it's other human allies.

Clan Krast are masters of Warfare and technology in equal measure. Like many Sicorséach Clans, they are aggressive and war-like in spirit, eager to charge into war with reckless abandon. Due to their interest of technology and research done constantly to advance, the Warriors of the Clan march with the most advanced armor and guns, as well as yielding the most advanced tanks and walkers in battle. This also allows Clan Krast to develop medical technology for the rest of the Pact, giving them good relations with all.

Clan Varan is another Sicorséach Clan, this one ruling the Throne World of Jiiun Flats, and one of the more isolationist Clans to inhabit Sicorséach space. With their position of control within the Jiiun Flats, the Clan has taken much tribute from the minor Clans under their control, though where not very advanced compared to Clan Krast, only having developed laser weaponry when the Ugandalorian Empire discovered them. Unwilling to surrender, Clan Varan and it's warriors fought hard, but where ultimately outmatched by the superior technology of the Ugandalorians. Their will to fight was crushed when the Ugandalorians used their ships to destroy an entire city that had been abandoned during the fighting, as a show of force to the Sicorséach, who surrendered soon after.

Clan Varan is noted for the strange areas where they construct their colonies. With the adaption of Mendel technology, they have established colonies in the strangest places, including under-water colonies, gas giants, and other areas that most humans would rather avoid, even in active volcanos, which, due to Mendel technology, they can safely inhabit without risk to themselves. They use this to monitor environmental data, help with terraforming, or mining gas, spice and other materials the Pact wishes to acquire.

Clan Varan is very particular about their holdings, and only their closest allies are allowed to approach. Clans they are neutral too, or who they might even be rivals of, are kept at a distance and not allowed to approach, unless they are with members of an allied Clan. Why they engage in such a secretive life-style is unknown to many others, and is the source of many rumors among other Clans, particularly those that dislike them. Clan Varan cares little, believing their position is important, and simply do their duty to the Pact as much as they can.

Clan Varan has a rivalry with Clan Krast, due to both being the strongest human Clans with the Mendel Pact, and both wishes to have highest position. They have a long standing rivalry with Clan Foylin, who betrayed the humans to the Ugandalorians in hopes of attaining a higher status and more freedom.

Clan Bargon is one of the Clans that was once subservient to Clan Varan, before they gained their independence, and gained their own Holds and Strongholds. Since then, Clan Bargon has maintained strong relations with Clan Varan, despite the rocky start to independence, and remains a strong ally within the Council with Clan Varan. Despite, Clan Bargon can stand on it's own and fight for it's own interests when called upon. They do not enjoy being seen as lackeys or bootlicks to Clan Varan, standing for themselves when it is required of them. When the Ugandalorians arrived, Clan Bargon joined their lords and tried to fight off the invaders, though where unsuccessful.

Clan Bargon has managed to gain it's own Holds and mark it's position within Mendel society, their holdings extending from their Homes in Jiiun Flats, to the jungles of Truxn and Frenal. They are stubbornly loyal to their freedom and ideals, and do not take kindly to other saying they are nothing more then followers of Clan Varan. They may be loyal allies, but Clan Bargon has insisted on pursuing it's own policies and ideals outside of those of Clan Varan, which has tested their alliance many times.

Clan Bargon is most famous for their close ties to the Togunda Holds and Brotherhoods, having, early after their independence, sought out the Brotherhoods for a potential alliance and trade. Though many where stubbornly against it, not trusting Ungi, or humans, others heard them out, and, slowly, with their own stubborn will, managed to win the trust of the Togunda Brotherhoods. This allows them access to advanced weaponry and shielding that no other Human Clan can use or operate, and gives their Clan fleets an edge over other Clans, as well as more advanced firepower.

Clan Matan is a Clan that was once loyal to the word of Clan Krast, and worked alongside them for countless years, before forming their own Clan and gaining their own holdings and forts. They are noted for their stubborn adherence to tradition and the ideals of old, and where one of the few Clans calling for war with the Ugandalorian invaders, which the others wished to avoid. Even after joining, it took many years for Clan Matan to join the Pact proper, and spent many years in isolation. While other Clans did not mind them, many others did not trust them for their isolation and staying away from others.

Clan Matan would experience an era of unprecdented growth and development later in history, and has, compared to other Clans, has only really "modernized" in recent years. This recent surge in growth, in both terms of population and technology, allowed them to estaplish their own hold, and gain independence from Clan Krast. They still keep cordial relations with their mother Clan, but are very focused on their own independence and building their forces up. Due to their isolated nature, many other Clans and groups that do not regularly trade with them, often forget that Clan Matan exists.

Clan Matan's isolated nature causes many to distrust them, and even loath them at some points. Their isolated nature and dislike for others causing some to see them as xenophobic, but the truth is they are very loyal to the Pact, just concerned with the preserving of their ancient traditions, which most other Clans respect, despite how rude members of Matan tend to act. Despite this rudeness, they are known to arrive during pitched battles to lend their weight to an important flank or front, and break the tide of the foes.

Clan Reukin, or the Fort Keepers, are a human Clan noted for their reliance on forts and citadels, constructing the largest, most elaborate forts in all the human realms. Their building capabilities, combined with their own stubborn nature, makes them both great at defening their holdings, as well as taking fortifications from their foes. This extends into their political attitude, many lords of Clan Reukin stubborn to change and new ideals, and set themselves down like stone.

Clan Reukin was discovered by the Mendel shortly after the humans had invented gun powder and began building forts to protect their people from raiders that lived in the mountains of their world. They where discovered by the Mendel, and, after firing upon Mendel starships aith black powder canons, where offered a duplomatic overture, whuch they accepted. The Mendel, impressed by their stubborn will and skill at construction, offered them a place within the Ugandalorian Empire. Clan Reukin and its vassal however, would only join if the Mendel removed the pirates that invested the hills.

The Mendel went on foot with tanks and blasters, and began a months long hunt, bringing the raiders to an end, and cementing Clan Reukin as one of their human Clans within their growing empire. Reukin, for its part, as always had more loyalty to Mendel tradition then human ones, members of Clan Reukin taking Mendel first names, and naming their gods after the Mendel names for them.

Despite this, Clan Reukin does not welcome change. They are a people stubborn to their ideals, and loyal to what has worked, and the words of their ancestors. Such makes them difficult allies to other Clans, but makes them loyal none the less. Warriors of Clan Reukin are none to not fall back until their allies of other Clans have made it to safety.

Clan Foylin is another of Clans subservient to Clan Varan originally, and gained their independence just recently. They had, more many years, been forced to bow to the Lords of Clan Varan for many years, and the years of shameful servitude and oppression, before breaking away, at about the same time the Ugandalorians arrived in their home systems. Seeing a chance at independence, the Lord of Clan Foylin, Kazik, arranged a meeting with the Mendel, and, after meeting with the Warlord in charge of conquering Clan Varan's territory, came to the understanding that Clan Foylin and it's warriors would assist the Ugandalorians in pacifying the resistant Clan Varan. As such, Clan Foylin received armor and weapons from the Ugandalorians, and was given Ugandalorian advisors and officers to assist in the war. As such, with renewed and more advanced coordination, Clan Foylin managed to hamstring many of the armies deployed by Clan Varan. Once the Ugandalorians obliterated the city that Clan Varan had spent days fighting over with forces of Clan Foylin, their surrender came quickly.

With the victory, Kazik demanded he be given command of the planet, it's territories and Clan Varan be made a subservient Clan to him. However, the Chieftain who had conquered the worlds overruled him, and instead, made sure both where compensated and received equal territory. While both where angered, one at their loss, the other at a perceived betrayal, the two Clans set aside their differences, though neither one forgot what the other had done to them, and such a rivalry remains to this day. To this day, diplomats of both Clans do not meet, as both Clans have an unspoken agreement to kill any diplomat unless it is an emergency. Instead, both Clans have their allies speak on behalf of one to the other, if the two ever need to speak.

Clan Foylin is, compared to it's rival, rather open to foreigners and their ideals, and has expressed interest in acquiring such weapons as Angelfire HyperSpace Missile Weaponry, though many within the Clan vehemently fight it, seeing it as dishonorable and an unworthy weapon. Battles are to be won face-to-face, so your foe has just as much a chance as you do, and proving your valor. When asked how guns fight into this, it usually results in a broken nose for the one who asked. Where's Varan is more scientific, Foylin is more militaristic, and takes pride in the strength of it's warriors in battle. Numerous members of Clan Foylin serve in the War-Guardianship and Warpath of the Mendel Pact.

Clan Gonar is another large Sicorséach that inhabits the worlds of Alba Kraun, and where a staunch rival of Clan Krast. While they never went to war with them, Clan Gonar quickly revealed itself to be a stubborn, hard-headed lot, not prone to surrendering, despite the advantage Clan Krast and it's supporters had over them. Clan Gonar proved itself a thorn in the side of many attempted acquisitions by the larger Clans, fighting them off despite the small number of warriors within their Clan. Their commanders where experienced, strategic leaders, highly capable and able to overcome the odds no matter what, and where noted for their extreme devotion to the Clan lords as a whole.

Clan Gonar would be largely ignorant of the arrival of the Ugandalorians, until they saw the starships of the Ugandalorians in the daytime sky. These "flying mountains" shocked the members of Clan Gonar, who had not yet achieved space flight, leaving that to the other Clans. Inviting the leaders of Alba Kraun to a meeting, Gonar sent their representatives, and where immediately interested in the plasma weaponry utilized by the alien warriors, agreeing to join in exchange for such weapons. Despite being the more primitive of the humans clans, Gonar quickly mastered the basics of plasma rifles and pistols, and began building their own copies, drawing the ire of Clan Krast.

However, Clan Gonar was now loyal to their Ugandalorian comrades and lords, and did not wish to make war on Krast any longer, sending them a treaty that would secure peace for both. In exchange for peace and non-violence between the two Clans, Gonar would trade with the larger Clan, and give them to the knowledge to create their weapons. Such was profitable for both sides, and soon, the humans had plasma and pulse weaponry equal to their Ugandalorian allies, who where surprised at the rate of advancement the humans kept.

Clan Gonar today is still noted for their devotion to their leaders. All of the Clan's generals are loyal to the Clan Hierarch, and he, in turn, is loyal to the High Kings of the Pact. They are a fierce people, not prone to accepting ruler-ship unless one can prove their worth, and will fight like hell against invaders and those that just happen to catch them on a bad day.

Clan Axxor is another Human Clan, one of mysterious origins. They live in the forests of their homeworld on Alba Kraun, and rarely contact others. It is not out of hostility, but rather habit learned from their ancestors, one they have not shaken off easily. This is notable when contact was had with the Ugandalorians for the first time, when the High King came to overview the new race that had joined his people. Rather then react with fear at the massive alien, the rulers of Clan Axxor invited him to a feast, and gave him their finest pies to dine upon. It said the High King personally approved of their meals, and gave them his personal seal, thus meaning Clan Axxor would, from hence forth, have the greatest success with bakery and food production.

Clan Axxor's position on Alba Kraun puts them within reach of numerous fruit trees, specifically a fruit similar to apples. Their ancestors long ago learned how to breed these trees to produce larger, juicer, and more bountiful fruit for themselves. As such, rather then develop the same militant approach of other Clans, merely stayed within their borders, growing their fruit, and creating cider, pies and other foods to trade with others. Thus, while they did not have the military power of other Clans, still maintained a strong base through their selling of fruit and fruit accessories.

One would think that their easy going life style would be disturbed by the arrival of the militant Ugandalorians, but, rather, the opposite occurred. The youngest members of Clan Axxor, eager for adventure and fights, joined the military, gaining much experience and prestige among the Mendel forces and other Clans during the resulting wars. To celebrate, Clan Axxor would commonly bring their famous apple cider, earning the approval of their comrades even more so. They are noted for the use of the axe in battle, and it is unknown if their favored weapon affected their family name. While a common tool in the heavily forested region of their homeworld, it picked up popularity as a weapon once they joined the Ugandalorians, and found advanced means through which to forge their weapons to cut through modern armor.

Clan Axxor are noted to be a rather honest and forthright people, and a common saying is that those of Clan Axxor cannot even think of lying. Such also shows in their loyalty to their fellow Clans, never leaving an alliance, and sticking with their comrades through thick and thin. It is hard to make Clan Axxor an enemy, but once they are, it is difficult to gain their trust again. They are a stubborn people as well, prone to overworking themselves, and refusing help from their comrades, not wishing to trouble them.

Clan Bonnun is a Clan native to the Jiiun Flats, called the Great Archivists. Their great forte was in the gathering of ancient knowledge, learning of the past, and studying history in their quest to understand the future and present. To Bonnun, war was merely a distraction from the gathering of knowledge, and the power it brought. As such, they refrained from contact with other Clans, least they be distracted by war, and focused on gathering everything they could and learning of their past, trying to find why they had come to Jiiun Flats, and seeking knowledge on Terra, or T'era in their tongue. When the other Clans did seek war, however, Bonnun would not allow their knowledge and great libraries to be attacked. Though not warriors like the rest, they had capable arms and weapons and armor, able to hold their own against the forces of Clan Varan and Foylin.

Clan Bonnun, when the Mendel arrived, where weary at first, but accepted the invitation to join the growing empire, gladly marching alongside the warriors of other Alien Clans and Human clans from other worlds, but always seeking any scraps of knowledge they could about why they where brought here, and what their original galaxy and homeworld was like. The Clan was constantly sending forces to Multus Esse and even the rare Uonic artifact world or location to find knowledge and information on their existence and purpose in Mirus. Their persistence, was rewarded, when the Multus Esse returned, and shared with the forces of Clan Bonnun, and other Clans, of how the Sicorséach came to inhabit Mirus Galaxy. Clan Bonnun, amazed at all the Multus had done for them, with their genetic modifications and upgrades, resolved to find T'era itself and re-established contact with their Plazith Rim Cousins.

Even today, Clan Bonnun makes contact with any Human factions they can, being among the few Mendel Clans to trade with France, where's most where resentful and angered at what they saw as dishonorable conduct in war. Clan Bonnun, even today, wishes to find T'era, and contact this United Terran Republic, and possibly bring them under Mendel control, naïvely believing this for the best. With the conquering of Terrae under the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, Clan Bonnun and other Sicorséach Clans rally their forces, ready to liberate their distant homeworld from Imperial aggression, and meet their cousins they have lost from thousands of years ago.

Clan Daalis is another powerful human Clan, whose worlds inhabit the territories of Clan Shesara. Long ago, Clan Shesara's first rulers lead an attack into Daalis' territory, back then called the "Kingdom of Tal Faloi", named after the homeworld of Clan Daalis. Back then, the House of Daalis and it's rulers where royalty, and ruled as many absolute monarchs did in Terra's ancient times. They believed space was theirs to conquer, that their rulers where divinely inspired and, as such, beyond question. As their space ships colonized world after world, they came across the Ugandalorians, who where doing the same thing. When the two came to the same world, the leaders of both expeditions argued over who would get it, until the humans of Tal Faloi attacked the Ugandalorians, mistakenly believing they where under attack by the aliens. The resulting fire fight was merely a minor skirmish, with 1 Ugandalorian and 2 humans dead, but it would set in motion a bloody battle between the two powers.

The ruler of Tal Faloi, Tor Daalis, already speiciestic against the aliens, ordered his forces to engage the Mendel forces. Clan Shesara and their allies forces obliged, eager for battle. For many months the 2 sides fought, the forces of Tal Faloi more advanced then any human of Clan Krast or Varan. As such, the war between the two was of far more equal footing. Despite, the holdings of Tal Faloi where overwhelmed, and the warriors of Clan Shesara landed on Tal Faloi, making their way to the capital, and killing Tor Daalis. With this act done, the humans where forced to sign a peace treaty, and join the Ugandalorians.

Their families where divided into Clans in the style of the Ugandalorians, and any royal marriages involving interbreeding between cousins and the like, which had become an increasingly common practice on Tal Faloi, where cancelled by their alien lords. The new ruler of Clan Daalis, swore an oath of union to Clan Shesara, and, from hence forth, the leader of Clan Daalis would assist the leader of Clan Shesara in all things, and act as their bodyguard/advisor/champion, while also commanding their Clan holdings in Tal Faloi.

This position makes them a strange case in the Clan Codex of the Mendel. Technically, their position makes them a vassal Clan to Clan Shesara, and yet, they have more authority then other Vassal Clans under Shesara, and have their own vassal clans, descended from the old Houses of Royalty that once commanded Tal Faloi. This strangeness is rarely commented by the Council of the Pact, most just eager to let Clan Shesara do as it likes and leave it at that. As they pay their tithes and provide forces, the issue is never raised.

Clan Daalis itself usually provides forces to supplement Clan Shesara, and as such, wherever Clan Shesara has provided troops for the fight, Clan Daalis has most likely followed to provide support. They are loyal to their Ugandalorian kindred, always eager to assist them, as their Mendel allies are to do the same. The two are considered almost 1 whole Clan due to their unity and strength together.

Clan Vevok is a large Clan, native to the world of Kuth, a mountainous, dry world of rolling foot hills, deserts and river deltas. Clan Vevok, originally named Werik, was one of many human tribes living there, the people seeded here were made up of those whose genetics could be traced to Africa, and showed in their darkened features. House Werik was one of the ruling families here, and gained its power via control of the trade routes between the small human kingdoms here, and, later, their intergalactic trade with other human groups, as such those on Aba Kraun and Tal Faloi. Werik and its many smaller families, encountered the Mendel as they made their way through space, absorbing the many human clans, such as Axxon, Shesara, and Daalis, and managed to negotiate Werik's joining into the ranks of the Mendel, and, as part of their joining, took the name "Vevok", to symbolize their joining with the Mendel.

Clan Vevok are mostly merchants and travelers, often found with the merchant fleets and traders within the Clan ships and heading for parts unknown to trade their wares. Despite this, they, like most Mendel Clans, are a hardy group of people who have grow used to harsh living and relying on the strength of each other to survive. Clan Vevok are often mocked for their love of gold, Vevo-eyed being short-hand for greedy, but Vevok never the less believes gold a gift from the gods, its beauty and shine a sign of Zaraturai's wisedom and her own beauty. Clan Vevok even affixes gold color to their armor and hair-braids, as a sign of their loyalty to Zaraturai. Vevok commonly fixes their hair into braids, a combination of replicating of their alien leaders, and continuation of cultural trends back on earth. They will often paint these braids red, blue, purple and other colors to represent their mood and intentions, be it war, peace or trade, or some combination of these.

Clan Vevok, while merchants, are also expert craftsmen, with their Clan leader, Tamunya Vevok, owning and operating a shop that works on and repairs everything, from Blasters, armor, farming equipment, ship parts and wedding gifts. This ancient tradition of weapon forging comes from the traditional sword used by Vevok, a long, curved, sickle-shaped blade called by its user a "Shot'en", and preferred for its light weight and balance over the Clan Claymore. The Shot'en has a long history with its people, and has been in use since they joined the Mendel, and used as a symbol of strength, adulthood and protection.

Kadalian Clans Edit

Clan Ogada is the leading Clan of the Kadalians, and controls the central continent of Chopeth Ti, the largest continent in Kadalian lands, and home to the largest amount of resources. Clan Ogada began as the nation of Cho-ti, one of many industrial nations that hoarded its resources for itself, and engaged in numerous activities that damaged the world, including fracking, rampant imperialism and racism, and pollution. Elected to lead them, was their leader Ogada, who, would be leader just as the Mendel arrived. It was he who coordinated with the other nations to fight off the Ugandalorians, and due to the fact that Kadalians are trained in multiple martial arts from infancy, they were the few that could match the invaders. Impressed, Torga Clett meet with and spoke with the Kadalian leaders, and convinced them to join the growing Ugandalorian Empire.

As part of their role within the new Empire, the Kadalian nations and their territories were divided up, and Ogada's family was joined with several other, minor families to form Clan Ogada and rule some of the Chopeth Ti Continent. Clan Ogada, as such, has been the leader among the Kadalian Clans to the Mendel Pact and acting within the government as leaders of the Kadalians. Much of the Government of Kadalia is run by Clan Ogada, with help of the other Clans, but still hold much of the power within the Kadalian Clans.

Clan Ogada holds much power with its natural resources and energy production within Kadalian society. Due to the jungle lands within their world, they have trouble with resources and energy, due to the hostility of their lands, and as such, Clan Ogada's abilities are needed for the other Clans to survive on their hostile world, even today. Among the Clans, they are closest to Clan Clett, Nitrocon and Shesara, these major Clans giving Ogada further reach and power among the Kadalians and their Clans.

Clan Xenit is another of the major Clans, that rule the Southern Continent just south of Chopeth Ti, known as Granoth Kal, their ancestors forming the nation of the Gran'to. The Xenit Clan was part of the monarchial family of Xenigarth, that ruled Granoth Kal and had power over the continent and its warriors. They long opposed the nation of Cho-ti, and sought to conquer it, bringing an end to the major democratic enemy they faced in politics, constantly seeking to overcome each other. Rivalry always wracked them throughout their history, funding rebellions against one another, blockading their ports, and funding other nations to undercut each other, with open war never occurring due to the destruction power both held. When the Mendel invade, both Cho-ti and Granoth Kal teamed up to try and fight off the invaders, but upon meeting with Torga Clett, agreed to join the Ugandalorian Empire.

Gran'to would be reformed and broken up by the Mendel, and reformed, The House of Xenigarth was reformed and broken up into Clan Xenit, and given administration over the continent of Granoth Kal, alongside several other Clans to balance and check their power over the lands of Granoth Kal. Clan Xenit, though eager to gain more power and ability within the Clan Council, and have fought on the forefront of numerous worlds to try and gain a position of power over their rivals of other Clans, such as Krobb, Ogada and Jukol.

The admisntration of Granoth Kal, is of vast importance, for it is the mining and mineral wealth here that allows the other Clans to maintain their positions and create devices and weapons. Everything from AI chips, armor and transports, are built with the minerals mined and exported from Granoth Kal. Such allows Xenit to equip a strong combined arms military against their foes, but, due to their rather primitive views of war compared to other Clans, Xenit mostly focuses on strongly armed and armored foot soldiers, more then capable of over-powering other Clan troops.

Clan Xenit is, while its monarchial days long gone, still rather primitive in outlook and social structure compared to most Clans. While the other Clans have allowed many to carry the name of Ogada, Fasuni, or Megdra, even if they are directly related, Xenit is still largely ruled by the same lords that made up House Xenigarth long ago, their position shifted, and their power over the people less brutal now, but never the less, they are regarded as a rather backwards Clan by many.

Clan Fasuni is a new Clan, created from a number of families native to Chopeth Ti, and meant to be one of the many Clans to counter and balance out Clan Ogada's power within the region and continent. Clan Fasuni was formed from the remainder of a great military family whose history is long and proud among the Kadalians. Even today, many members of Clan Fasuni are noted for their incredible command abilities and cerebral nature, and loyalty to the cause.

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Immigrant Clans Edit

Clan Rooin is an immigrant clan composed of the descendants a Vanara nomad brigade who settled on Ugandalor in the northeast of the planet. They are well known for being a secretive who largely dwell underground, deep in the forests, or distant isles. Clan Rooin is fairy religious and have combined Zaraturaism and Avaruhiisim, along with some Orgaat beliefs thrown in. Even stranger is their worship of some butterfly deity from neither religion. While a rather violent bunch known for their ability to create beautiful and well crafted weapons, Clan Rooin are expert healers, poets, artists, songsters, and storytellers. Clan Rooin's symbol is a sword with a large butterfly having landed on the handle.

While living up to the Mendel ideals of family, honor, tradition, change, etc, Clan Rooin is still a rather mysterious and capricious bunch. Few can truly say that they know them and they are a rather unpredictable known to easily take offense. Still they have a reputation for being beyond reliable and always up holding their end of a bargain. In battle they are fearsome, shrieking warriors that ride on draconic beings and wolves with packs of Gorgon Hounds at their side. As a result the warriors of Clan Rooin are often times referred to as the Wild Hunters.

Clan Rooin holds a clan structure similair to that of most Mendel Clans. However, they still have the Group Mind of the Vanara, though the Group Mind of Clan Rooin is much stronger and more connected. As a result members of Clan Rooin are known to begin and finish each other's sentences, talk in unison, and even read one another's minds.

During the occupation by Fenric Vermillion, Clan Rooin went completely under ground and began a vicious guerrilla campaign. They became a source of fear throughout the north clans as they would strike from nowhere and fade into the shadows. Their wild hunts would ride through the night killing everyone they find and burning sweetborn fields to a crisp. Often times clansmen would be abducted from their beds and return the next night twisted into monsters that preyed on their own kind. New born babies were especially prone to vanishing and never being seen again. While the activities of Clan Rooin did not loosen Fenric's grip, they made the coming night a thing to be all the more afraid of.

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Dead Watch Edit

Dead Watch/Ruins Hand Clans tend to be held in a hated regard by the other, loyal Clans of Ugandalore. Their vicious style of fighting, often aggrandizing their role (Several claim Clan Cano was the first to forge the Axe of Kings, despite how false this is), and numerous War Crimes committed during the Ugandalorian civil war, such as killing innocent civilians on a neutral world to provoke them into fighting those loyal to Torscka Nitrocon and Barda Clett, and even cases of rape. While they have been reintegrated by Kirta's efforts, many are not happy with them.

Much of the apathy surrounding Dead Watch/Ruins Hand would die down during an after the Second Cyrannus War, where the Clans loyal to the Dead Watch movement showed just as much loyalty to Kirta as the other Clans, and fought hard against the Empire, even when Lorka Gredyc's son revealed himself to be a loyalist to the Empire, and declared his intent to take the position of High King. The RH/DW remained loyal to Kirta, and fought the war with their brothers of the other Clans.

Clan Vhehatil=

Tul'Kaarin Edit

Traitor Clans Edit

These Clans are not officially affiliated with any major rebel movement or organization. Many simply rebelled due to their ruler feeling he could've been the better High King, or wanting to strike out on their own.

Vermillion Syndicate Edit

These Clans have pledged themselves to Fenric Vermillion and his organization, either during the Mendel Schism or Fenric's takeover of Ugandalore.

Southern Clans Edit

Unlike the Northern, Mountain or Feral clans, most of these clans are made up of Ugandals hailing from the first or second southern continent and previously had some role to play in Mendel society. Some of these clans joined Fenric to save themselves from being slaughtered or because their leaders were personal friends with him, but the majority joined to gain an advantage over their enemy clans.

We are the true hunters in the dark.

Clan Krayrett

Clan Krayrett is an offshoot of Clan Clett from the second generation. After a battle with rebels affiliated with Clan Cano, a Clett by the name of Krayro was given command of their old stronghold. Growing distant from the others, Krayro's Cletts eventually became the Krayretts. In modern history, the Krayretts were loyal to Clan Clett, going into battle with them whenever needed. However, recent events have changed that. The younger generations of Krayretts had grown tired of being Clett bootlicks. The only thing keeping them from switching sides was their clan chieftain, Krommo, an old Ugandal who had fought for Reago Clett. As part of he and Fenric's quest to gather anti-Clett supporters, the Hand of Retribution had Krommo executed. Then, Fenric married Krommo's eldest son, Harrio, to the "queen" of the Feral Clan called the Nightraiders, whose name was Kyaer. This not only solidified the Feral Clans' allegiance to Fenric and the Hand, but satisfied the Krayretts as well. They declared for the Hand and later Fenric himself, and have been fighting their cousins the Cletts ever since.

Men are easier to fell than trees.

Clan Urggum

A clan distantly related to both the Cletts and Krayretts, the Urggums are a northern clan that struck it rich in the timber business and as such migrated south and integrated into Mendel society. However, this integration did not discourage their practices of polygamy, for both the men and the women. Urggum clansmen are noted for their large statures, strong muscles, and insatiable appetites for food and drink. This can make them unpleasant guests. For decades, Harthman Urggum, the clan lord, was a good friend of Barda Clett, fighting with him for many years. However, the rest of his clan, especially his son Snachsmur, began to get irritated with Barda for not unleashing them against the Xonexi. During the Mendel Schism, Harthman refused to join the Hand, even when his Krayrett cousins laid siege to his fort. When finally a Krayrett force entered his fort under the command of Fenric Vermillion and Katrus Ardach, and Harthman refused to surrender, Snachsmur slammed an axe into his head and kneeled before Fenric. Fenric accepted his allegiance, and Katrus respectfully titled him the Chieftain of Clan Urggum. Since then, the Urggums have fought alongside the Vermillions.

Though all do despise us...

Clan Vort Banner

Clan Vort is perhaps the only clan on Ugandalore that everybody hates. Created from cave dwellers in the southern foothills, the Vorts became allies of the Kametians and the Verbais. They were also bitter enemies of Clan Cano. However, during the Dead Watcher rebellion, the clan sprung into modern times when their new young lord, Javik Vort, demanded the abandonment of the clan structure and the installation of one king to rule Ugandalore. To achieve this, he allied the clan with their longtime Cano enemies and attempted to overthrow the Nitrocons. The attack failed, and the Vorts were exiled and stripped of their lands. Over the years, the Vorts would slowly fade from notoriety, though among the Ruins Hand they were hated for their retaining of Groxic technology and cybernetics, and their continuing obsession with the practices of necromancy, much more spiritual than practical. Eventually, during the Proditkar Schism, the Vorts would leave the Ruin's Hand and join up with the Ugandal Blood Knight defectors, forming the Suicide Watch. When the Communion War began, the Suicide Watch, and Clan Vort, supported Fenric. During the Mendel Schism, Javik Vort was killed in battle, leaving the clan leaderless.

Changing ways is for the weak.

Clan Tehram

One of the clans who joined the mainly Volver Blood Knight movement, the Tehram clan used to be cultists in the dark ages of Ugandalore, worshipping a deity others saw as evil, practicing arts with sword and sabre, and occasionally kidnapping travelers for occult sacrifices. The Tehrams were believed to have given up such open acts of depravity, but such assumptions were shown to be wildly inaccurate when the clan bent the knee to Anthil Agna and his Blood Knights. Becoming some of the most fanatical of Agna's Ugandal supporters, the Tehrans did however break with the Knights to join Anthil's rogue lieutenant Mavarla Atrass in his formation of the Tul'kaarin movement. This was actually just a ruse, though. Clan Tehram was truly loyal to Iyoka Quista, Agna's devious second-in-command who wanted nothing more than to stop everything Agna was planning. Clan Tehran, alongside the other Blood Knight clans, would form the Suicide Watch with Clan Vort and other disgruntled Ruin's Hand necromancer clans. The current clan leader, the Tehrans' "Prayer Lord", is Uto Tehram, friend of Javik Vort and Katrus Ardach, and current leader of the Suicide Watch.

We bend the knee to neither Clett nor Cano.

Clan Ardach

Clan Ardach is a medium-strength clan from the south that, during the dark times, warred with Clan Clett and Cano alike. Even in modern times, the clan has shown nothing but contempt for the Mendel Pact and Dead Watcher movements alike. Clan Ardach is proud, and has a history of defying even the most powerful clans. Still, in modern times, Ardach has calmed down some, reluctantly falling in line with the rest of the clans in the Mendel Pact. During the Mendel Schism, the Clan supported the Hand of Retribution with one exception. Jacus Ardach was unshakably loyal to the Cletts. This was a problem because his brother Katrus Ardach was Lord Commander of the Hand's army. During the course of the Schism, the two brothers would continuously attempt to convince each other to switch sides, to no avail. Finally, during the third battle of Ugandalore, the two brothers fought each other. Katrus killed Jacus, and would later join Fenric Vermillion in retreat. After that, the Ardach clan became a supporter of the Vermillions' claim to the throne of Ugandalore, a third option apart from the Cletts or Canos. The current Clan Lord is Katrus Ardach, Lord Commander.

Waiting out the storm is better than charging in.

Clan Clayhall

Clan Clayhall hails from the second southern continent, near the wetlands. During ancient times, the wandering nomads who discovered this area found it to be rich in food and water, and they decided to settle there. Over the years, the nomads build a massive fortress out of wood, stone, and clay, eventually creating Clayhall, from where they take their name. The massive fortress is nearly impregnable, and has held off raiders and reavers for thousands of years. True to their motto, during the Mendel Schism the Clayhalls simply hunkered down and did not participate, earning them the ire of all Clett-loyal clans for being cowards. However, during Fenric's takeover, he sent Red Veil warriors against the fortress. Having experience raiding and warring across many different environments, the Red Veil warriors quickly breached Clayhall and forced the clansman to surrender. Fenric himself arrived, and told them that all who bent the knee would be spared. All did, since they had been ostracized by Kirta's loyalists for cowardice anyway.

Clan Ramstrong

Clan Ramstrong is a nomadic clan from the deserts near Endarci. Known to be exceptionally durable warriors, Ramstrong fighters can march for hundreds of miles without tiring. During the High King's unification of Ugandalore, the Ramstrongs were one of the last to submit, since they were easily capable of outmaneuvering and outlasting the King's armies. However, defeat would come to the Ramstrongs when they attempted to seize the initiative. Launching a night raid against the High King's forces, they were ambushed by night raiders from Clan Greenborn and Clan Silverling, who had joined the King. The Ramstrongs fought hard, but were overtaken by cavalry charges and bent the knee to the High King. Since then, they were loyal supporters of Clan Clett, fighting for them during the Mendel Schism. However, during Fenric's occupation, the Clan's leader met personally with Fenric, revealing that his clan has actually hated Clan Clett since the beginning and were plotting against him all along.

Clan Silverling

A very odd Clan to come from the southern lands, Clan Silverling has its origin in a clan hailing from silver-rich grass plains. In early years, the Silverlings were conquered by many feudal lords and forced to mine silver for them. However, over the years the hardy miners who did so were quietly and secretly learning the tactics of their foes. In a clever move, the lord of the future Silverlings asked a baron who had recently taken over to supply his men with two thousand heavy mounts to haul the silver. The greedy baron gave him the mounts, and the next day found his own drunken soldiers being run down by the Silverlings, riding the mounts and wielding weapons made from rocks and wood. The Clan would later bend the knee to the High King to avoid a repeat of history, and helped him win many battles against enemy clans. This loyalty to Clan Clett did not waver until Fenric's invasion. The Silverlings, ever opportunists, once again rolled over and bent the knee to avoid being slaughtered. Like the Clayhalls, the Silverlings were shunned as cowards who did not even bother putting up a fight against the invaders. This cemented their loyalty to the Vermillions.

Clan Webland

A clan hailing from the mass of tangled rivers surrounding the Kultiin, Clan Webland has a history of resisting foreign invaders. The clan lives in the swamps in floating fortresses that move down the rivers perpetually, making them hard to attack with a siege. They are fond of poisoned weapons, and when covered in mud and leaves and sneaking through the swamp, are almost impossible to find. This made it extremely hard for the High King to defeat Clan Webland and their vassals, since the soldiers he sent in after them wound up dead or lost. Attempting to wear them down failed as well, since there was plenty of food in the swamps. Finally, the King parleyed with their leader, known as the Mudlord. After many meetings and offers of tribute, the two agreed to peace and would later become steadfast friends, with Clan Webland and the rest of the swampfolk being stauch supporters and formidable fighters for Clan Clett and the Mendel Pact. During the Mendel Schism, no Hand loyalist got anywhere near the floating homes of the swampmen, and the Hand himself quickly forgot about them. Fenric, however, saw them as formidable fighters that he wanted on his side. To gain their allegiance, he charged the Krayretts and a group of his finest Red Veil soldiers with breaching the swamps. After long battles through mud, swamp, and poisoned arrows, Grenka the Flathead sailed a small warship down the largest river and discovered the Clan's fortress. He and the Krayretts laid siege to it, eventually breaching its weak walls and slaying the current Mudlord. Tomer Krayrett, the middle Krayrett brother, took the Mudlord's daughter as a bride and forced the rest of her people to bend the knee. Many of the swampmen dislike Fenric, but since Tomer Krayrett is their Mudlord by law, they are honor-bound to follow him.

Clan Rainfax

A Southern clan hailing from the rainy shores of the first southern continent, Clan Rainfax has had a long and bloody history of war against the High Kings. Living on the beaches, in the lines of leafless trees sprouting from the muck, and on islands and sandbars off the coast, the ancestors of Clan Rainfax were first confronted by the Cletts during the wars of Mendel unification, when a host of warriors arrived in their territory, demanding they bend the knee. The leader of the beachhead Rainfaxes gave a response that will live on forever in the writings of Mendel history: "I don't think I will. I might get mud in me trousers." This kicked off a battle that would see the High King's forces crush the Rainfaxes but with heavy losses on his own side. He struck the Rainfax leader's head off with the Axe of Kings, however, cementing the Rainfaxes' submission. This would breed Rainfax enmity towards the "False High King loyalists" all the way to modern times. In their long history, the Rainfaxes have traditionally supported every anti-loyalist faction that ever sprang up. This has included Clan Cano, the Hand of Retribution, and Fenric Vermillion. The Rainfaxes are vicious warriors. While not as skilled as the men from Clan Webland, they do not give up easily. They typically cover themselves in mud, rendering them invisible to thermal scanners.

Clan Copperledge

Coming together from various cave people and grassland wanderers in the plains of the first southern continent, Clan Copperledge is perhaps the richest of all Mendel clans. Their ancestral home and seat of power, Golden Valley, is absolutely full of copper. So full, in fact, that hundreds of years of steady mining have failed to make much of a dent in the supply. This steady stream of revenue has allowed Clan Copperledge to become notoriously powerful, though their fortunes have taken a slight hit as a result of falling copper prices. The Copperledges are the most influential clan on the first southern continent. They command a large force of mercenaries paid on retainer, allowing them to flex their muscles anytime someone tries to get them to do something they don't want to do. In this manner, the clan is feared, and are well-known for their practice of coating their enemies' skulls in liquid copper and mounting them on spikes or along their fortress walls. When Fenric invaded, the Copperledges bent the knee only after Fenric threatened to burn them all alive. The pragmatic, narcissistic Copperledges reluctantly bent the knee, and began supplying Fenric with funds and copper. After he lost control of Ugandalore and was chased into the north, the Copperledges were surrounded and besieged at their fortress and eventually retreated, joining their lord in exile in the north. Now they are entirely loyal to Fenric, but only out of utter hatred for Clan Clett stealing their money and land.

Clan Cunninghall

Clan Cunninghall is a relatively small clan born from an ancient lord's huntsman. This lord ruled a significant chunk of the first southern continent, treating the peasants terribly and spending most of his time hunting. He was also very lazy, preferring to let his hunstmen do all the work. He also forced the peasants to build a huge, impregnable castle, called Ironhall. Many Southron armies broke their strength on that castle. However, the lord who owned it failed to take into account the one person who would lead to his downfall: his master huntsman. The hunstman despised his lord, and set about organizing all the other huntsmen and many of the peasant workers. Since Ironhall was indeed impregnable, the lord and his supporters would have to be killed outside, and the perfect time was on one of his many hunts. One day, as the lord went out on a hunt with many of his family and supporters, the huntsmen drew their weapons and killed them all. At the same time, the peasants sprang up and killed the lord's soldiers at Ironhall. When the huntsmen returned to the castle they found its doors open. The huntsman was named the Lord Huntsman of Ironhall by his followers. However, across the rest of the continent, jealous Southron lords muttered about the "Cunning bastard at Ironhall", who had stolen their victory and prize away. The huntsman, who disliked the name "Ironhall", renamed it and his new clan to "Cunninghall", a badge of honor and spite to the Southron lords. When Fenric arrived on Ugandalore and conquered the planet, he send thousands of clan troops to surrond Cunninghall, cutting off their food supplies and forcing them to bend the knee. When Fenric lost, Kirta did the same. Now, the Cunninghalls are sworn to Fenric in their quest to retake their ancestral lands, using the guerrilla tactics taught to them by the huntsmen to strike at the Pact's forces wherever they go.

Clan Greenborn

Clan Greenborn is a very feared clan from a large island in the Mahru ocean, between all three continents. The Greenborns are ferocious raiders, who sail in massive longships to foreign lands, raiding, raping, and kidnapping. They did it for thousands of years, and still do it to this day. The Greenborns have their origins in a group of Northmen whose fishing boats crashed on the island. Living in isolation for several hundred years, they developed a thriving community based on agriculture; farming and fishing. They became dark of skin, and slightly smaller and stockier than normal Ugandals, in many ways resembling Mountain Clansmen. They lived in peace and isolation for many generations. Then one day, it all came to an end. Fishermen on the coast spotted a large fleet of ships, flying huge silk sails, approaching on the horizon. They were Southron warriors, looking for lands to settle. They picked the island the fisherfolk lived on. But the Southrons did not kill them. Instead, the tall, slender Southrons interbed with the stocky, short islanders, producing a powerful group of fighting men who knew how to survive off the land and sea alike. However, the leader among them who eventually came to power had no intention to farm and fish. He would take the trees and make giant raiding ships, strong enough to ride any wave and deliver hundreds of reavers to foreign shores. This warrior named himself the Lord of the Isles and commenced his raiding and reaping, striking fear into the hearts of Ugandals everywhere for hundreds of years. When finally the first High King broke the Isle Lord's fleet and skull, the Greenborn faded from their glory and became little more than petty, opportunistic raiders. While the Hand of Retribution sought more important allies and looked over the Greenborn, they saw Fenric's call to arms for all mendel clans who wished to live another day as the perfect opportunity to regain their former glory. Now a new Lord of the Isles, Clyde Greenborn has risen, demanding his people produce five thousand ships, reinforced with copper from Golden Valley, and not even Fenric's loss of power seems to have stopped his burning ambition to make the seas fear his people once again...

Clan Blackwood

Clan Blackwood isn't so much a clan as it is one family line supported by dozens to thousands (depending on the year) of mutineers, cutthroats, mercenaries, and exiles. Over a thousand years ago, Fenric's ancestor Rhakko Vermillion married one of Jhandaro Clett's daughters, siring Fenric's grandfather and the current Vermillion line. However, he fancied his bride's sister more, and eventually had an affair with her. While the internal strife, shame, and hatred it caused are well known, the fact that Jhandaro's disgraced daughter had a bastard son is not. Draeko was his name, and due to being a bastard in that time, was denied a clan name. Considered a horrendous smear on Clan Clett's honor, Balor, Cadus' brother, in a shocking display of anger and disrespect for Mendel traditions, had the boy ripped from his mother's arms and dumped in the woods to die. But he did not. He was found, starving and wailing, by a group of woodland bandits. They raised him to be a strong warrior and, taking the name of the type of trees he was abandoned under, took the clan name Blackwood.

Raising an army of supporters from woodkerns of Clan Woodrish, bandits, thieves, and other exiles, he launched a campaign to take over Clan Clett's territory and the position of High King. Not because he believed that he was the rightful heir, but because Draeko Blackwood wanted revenge. However, Draeko's rebellion was crushed and he was killed in battle by Cadus himself. This was not the end of the Blackwoods, however. Draeko had sired two sons, twins, with a Woodrish woman a few years earlier. While the first, Aggakk died in an attempt to assassinate Cadus and spark a rebellion, the second, named Araek, survived. He was a much better long-term planner than his brother. He recruited only the best of the best into his clan, mainly thieves and professional killers and sellswords. With his fearsome band, he pillaged and murdered across Clett-loyal lands, eventually becoming rich enough to hire the sellsword forces of Clan Copperledge. Together, the two clans led a vicious rebellion against Cadus, one which would see many die, but very little territorial change. In the end, as the two armies met in battle, Araek chose not to surrender. Instead, he drew his sword and charged, his army at his back. When the battle was over, Araek and many of his men were dead, and the rest fled back into the woods.

But like his father Draeko, Araek had sired a son. Haeko Blackwood was even more pragmatic and cunning than his father. By this time, Raego Clett had just taken over the empire. However, this changed nothing in Haeko's mind: the Cletts still needed to pay. Haeko still had a clan full of professional criminals and exiles, and would again buy the support of the Copperledge Clan, but he knew he needed more allies. Powerful allies. To this end, he went to the island home of Clan Greenborn, where he convinced Strath Greenborn, a descendant of the original Lord of the Isles, that he could take his ancestor's place if Clan Clett was destroyed. Strath liked this idea, and set about building a mighty fleet of five hundred longships to ferry battle-hardened warriors to Clett lands. Once again the Blackwood clan and its allies warred with Clan Clett, and once again they lost, with Haeko Blackwood being killed by Raego. However, Strath escaped. As he was fleeing with his fleet, a ship flying the Blackwood sigil stopped him. The man commanding it was Maekor Blackwood, son of the long-deceased Aggakk Blackwood, who had fathered him with a Woodrish tavern wench. Maekor was, as he called himself, a "bastard's bastard", but he was determined to destroy Clan Clett. When Strath Greenborn and Tiggo Copperledge both laughed at this, since they had just lost a battle, Maekor blew a horn, signalling a fleet of ships to sail in. On board were cannibals from Clan Maugor, warriors from clans Remsey and Rainfax, and even Feral Clansmen from the Bleeding Plains. While his uncle and cousin had been warring, Maekor had been wandering, gathering allies. Thus, both Strath and Tiggo agreed to join him.

Over the next few years, they gathered more Clans to their cause, mainly northerners like the Norgomerys and Underphreys. When they finally believed themselves to be strong enough, the young Barda Clett had taken over from his father, though Torscka Nitrocon was High King. Still hungry for revenge, Maekor launched his rebellion, though this war would come to be so big it would acquire the name "War of the Dreaded Clans". The Blackwoods proved extremely strong, and Clan Clett found its holdings shrinking as the Blackwoods and their allies exterminated their allies and conquered their lands. However, blow-by-blow, the Dreaded Clans were defeated. Tiggo Copperledge was slain by barda Clett in battle, and his forces went home. Strath Greenborn was killed by Torscka Nitrocon during a massive attack on Koridable itself, and his forces went home. Finally, only Maekor and Clans Blackwood and Woodrish were still fighting. Desperate for revenge, Maekor led a massive assault against Clan Clett's lands, where he was slain by the young Shinocar Jallas. This ended the War of the Dreaded Clans, and Clan Blackwood. Or so it was thought. When Fenric invaded Ugandalore, Maekor's son, Malyk, revealed himself and his regenerated clan and pledged himself to his distant cousin's cause: the total destruction of Clan Clett.

Clan Rotless is a relatively new clan, with a quite grim origin. They began as normal settlers from many clans in a small town near Braksil. Many years ago, during Tyrado Nitrocon's reign, the town came down with plague. Dozens of its thousands of inhabitants were infected and died. Previously, it had been the custom of these people to lay their dead out for sky burials, where the body would rot and the scavengers would eat it. However, they eventually realized that this plague only spread once the victim died and started rotting. So they began burning corpses, a bold and almost sacrilegious move to many of the village elders. But this move saved the town and, as the practice of sky burial faded completely, the surviving villagers began calling themselves "the Rotless". The name stuck, and as the town became isolated due to fear, they became a clan under that name. When Fenric arrived, Clan Rotless was one of the clans to put up a fight. However, Fenric quickly ended it by descending with thousands of men, rounding the Rotless clansmen up, and threatening to kill just one of them and let him rot in the town square as Fenric's soldiers forced the clansmen to remain nearby. This was enough to convince the clansmen that Fenric was not to be trifled with. They served Fenric loyally out of fear, to frightened of the brutal lengths the Lupotragus warlord will go to to support Kirta's resistance. However, Fenric would later provide the Rotless with something: a cure to the plague that resided in their blood. It was his sign of trust in the Rotless, who, although grateful for the gesture and more loyal to Fenric for it, refused because the plague was part of them and their history. Fenric truly respected this viewpoint, and promised the Rotless whatever they desired when they won.

Long-standing supporters of Clan Blackwood, the Woodrish clan is made up of the descendants of woodkerns, bandits and highwaymen that plagued Ugandalore for thousands of years. usually former sellswords or soldiers.

Clan Remsey

Also owing Fenric allegiance is a small number of Orgaat tribes, many of whom came to him because they worked for mercenary companies Fenric had hired. A few others joined him during his takeover.

Northern Clans Edit

These clans hail from Ugandalore's northern continent, which consists of tundra, freezing ice mountains, and chilly but lush grasslands. The clans hailing from this continent are nowhere near as civilized as the clans from the south, having never truly been integrated into the Pact. While many of the clans did bend the knee to the High King and have provided men for conquests, most of them still retain a dark secret or two, such as polygamy, the right of first night, slavery, drug production, and even cannibalism. Most of these clans were neutral during the Mendel Schism, but after Fenric invaded Ugandalore, all the northerners bent the knee to him.

A captive in chains is worth two on the run.

- Very unofficial clan motto
Clan Norgomery

Clan Norgomery is a northern clan, considered the "representatives" of the north in the Pact. This is because they have grown rich from iron ore mines in their homelands. For thousands of years, Clan Norgomery has supplied other clans, mainly northern ones, with fine, tempered steel to fight their wars with. However, the cold northern winds hide a very dark secret about the Norgomerys. For as long as the Norgomerys have been making steel, they have been running a luxurious slave trade network stretching from the Mahru Ocean to the southern city of Braksil. In the dark times, this was hardly noticed, because most of the slaves were taken from surrendered enemy troops or captured wanderers. However, as the modern age crept up on the Norgomerys, they turned their booming industry into a luxury underground market, with only the richest and best-connected travelers able to purchase captives from the Norgomerys' secret stables. During the Mendel Schism, the Norgomerys supported the rebellion, knowing the Hand of Retribution would make their business even harder. However, when Fenric Vermillion conquered Ugandalore, the Norgomerys knew his brand of lawlessness was just what they needed to go from a secret cabal of captive traders to a booming, everlasting slave empire.

Clan Underphrey

Clan Underphrey is a northern clan that has changed little from the dark times when it was more of a tribe. The Clan Chieftan is Lord Weaver Underphrey, a middle-aged Ugandalorian who enjoys two things in life: spreading his seed and decapitating foes with his war-axe. The Underphreys are an infamously dishonorable lot, frequently breaking guest rights, showing no regards for their enemies' religious taboos (like not destroying temples or killing priests), and engaging in the once-common but now-despised Right of First Night, where the Clan Chieftain is allowed to mate with an even impregnate the new bride of any of his subjects. It is a wonder to many Ugandals why the Underphreys do not rise and murder their leaders, but the fact is that not only are the Underphreys both polygamists and practitioners of First Night, they are also fiercly nepotistic. Only descendants of the Chieftain (of which there are several dozen) can claim any sort of power; this keeps the lowly peasants in check. Most Ugandals would prefer to deal with the Underphreys as they did the Ash'iyyar and other feral and uncivilized clans and tribes: wiping them out. However, the Underphreys have survived for so many years because their clan keep is underground and built into a large, rocky hill, preventing any form of attack other than a siege or orbital bombardment, which nobody wants to bother with. The Underphreys didn't bother choosing a side during the Mendel Schism, but did ally with Fenric later out of pragmatism, because Katrus Ardach made it clear that unlike the Mendel, the Vermillions would have no problem with orbital bombardment. The Underphreys currently have the largest and best organized, but fairly poorly equipped army of the northern clans.

Clan Sweetborne

Clan Sweetborne is so named because of the flowers growing in their territory, the Sweetborne flowers. Originally, the flowers were little more than a cultural symbol; a logo to be worn on banners or a token to be given to loved ones marching to war. That changed a hundred years before modern times when a Sweetborne shaman discovered that the flowers contained high amounts of painkillers. These painkillers dulled all sense of pain but greatly increased awareness and sensual perception, with next to no noticeable side effects. Soon after this, the Sweetbornes began dominating other northern clans in warfare, because their warriors felt no pain and were much more alert. However, the Sweetbornes began to discover that the painkillers, called "Vixomomrphen", did have side effects. They included constipation, muscle spasms, paranoia, and fatigue. This would lead to the Sweetbornes gradually cutting down on their use of the drug. Then, decades later, certain ambitious members of the clan found a new use for the Vixomorphine: processing it into a recreational narcotic nicknamed "Vixen". The Sweetborne clan set up large hidden labs to process the flowers into the new drug, then sold it in huge amounts through trade routes. The Pact's government soon came to crack down on this, intent on keeping the Sweetbornes and other northern clans from gaining too much power. The Sweetborne flower fields were burned, and the "cooks" were beheaded, and the Vixen business ended. Or so they thought. It had actually gone underground, with the Sweetbornes building their wealth and power in secret. With Fenric Vermillion's takeover of Ugandalore, the Vixen trade became open once again and the Sweetbornes bent the knee to Fenric.

Clan Stonegard

Clan Campster

Clan Bowridge

Clan Maugor

Clan Lockbow

Clan Daventree

Mountain Clans Edit

Mostly inhabiting the remote mountainous and steppe areas of Ugandalore, these clans never joined the UFG, the Mendel Pact, or any other greater Ugandalorian empire. They do not recognize Clan Clett as the clan of clans, nor do they see Clan Cano as the rightful rulers of the Ugandals. This has kept them from bending the knee to the Mendel, the Dead Watch, or the Ruins Hand, despite otherwise compatible ideals. However, during and after The Mendel Schism, Fenric Vermillion was able to gain the allegiance of the mountain clans by promising them complete autonomy if they supported his claim, a status that was being threatened by both the pro and anti-Hand Mendel forces. Since then, they have marched in Fenric's army and have helped him boost his reputation among the "civilized" clans.

Clan Crawherd Banner

Clan Crawherd claims a small stretch of river that runs through the mountains of Ugandalore. For hundreds of years they have done little more than net prawn and herd pigs. This got them the nickname "Crawherds", which they kept as their official name. Considered the most powerful clan in terms of riches and overall resource level, the Crawherds have become sorts of unofficial leaders among the now-united clans. Like most other independent clans, the Crawherds had nasty relations with the Bellfields and Guccaigs that Fenric forced them to make peace with. Their sigil is a crab with a pig's head.

Clan Shepders Banner

Clan Shepders settles in the forests atop the mountainsides, where they herd sheep for a living. Like the Crawherds, they are considered a wealthy clan, and often trade meat with other clans, even Mendel-loyal ones. Clan Shepders was the first to join Fenric's army, as they knew it would be pointless to resist such a force. Their spearmen have proven to be effective warriors on Fenric's march. Clan Shepders had few enemies except the occasional Guccaig raid, but now they march together under Fenric's banner. Their sigil is a sheep surrounded by swords and axes.

Clan Seaster Banner

A group of Ugandals who live next to the sea, the Seasters thrive on the loads of fish they catch every year. They often trade them with the clans further inland. They are the only independent clan in possession of ships, which are little more than fishing galleys. Still, the Seaster fleet has allowed Fenric to sail across wide parts of Ugandalore on his mission of conquest. The Seasters also committed their best sailors and reavers to Fenric's cause. The Seasters, like most clans, had to deal with raids from the Guccaigs and desert Bellfields, but relations were patched over on Fenric's orders. Their sigil is three fish surrounded by a sickle and trident.

Clan Bellfield Banner

Desert-dwelling raiders, the Bellfields are so savage that they are almost considered Feral. But they have enough grip on civilized life that they avoid such a moniker. Either way, their reputation among other mountain clans is fierce. They coat their weapons in sand, so as to leave horrid burning and festering wounds. They also occasionally use poisons, but not near so often as the true Feral Clans of the desert. Lately, while they march in Fenric's army, they have taken to poisoning their weapons much more often to even the odds against their better-equipped foes. The Bellfields used to raid almost every other clan except the Moonsends and Slailstans, but now they are at peace thanks to Fenric's forced negotiations. Their sigil is a snake's head.

Clan Moonsend Banner

Clan Moonsend originates from the very top of the mountains, where the snows are heavy and the tropical rain infrequent. They are, as their name suggests, moon-worshipers. Often getting completely snowed in, they are probably the least sociable of the mountain clans. While not actually aggressive, they simply do not have contact with others. Still, they are all stocky, hard folks used to fighting predators. When Fenric went to the Moonsends, they threw him a banquet in welcome. After they joined his army, the Moonsends proved the most durable, able to march far longer than even the Bellfields or the Guccaig raiders. Not even the Feral Clans could match them. Fenric currently uses them in his vanguard. Their sigil is a black sunburst.

Clan Guccaig Banner

More savage than the Bellfields, but more civilized than the Feral Clans, the Guccaigs are considered the most ferocious of the mountain clans. A group of raiders and berserkers, the Guccaigs are known for rushing into battlefield in a fury and not stopping until they are dead. The sight of blood alone is said to cause them to go berserk. It is also said that they devour the flesh of their fallen foes, making them one of the most despised of all the Ugandal clans. The Guccaig clan is not advanced enough to make steel weapons, and they never buy, so what they wield is what they steal. Fenric was able to win their allegiance by killing their leader in a swordfight. Their sigil is a morningstar.

Clan Slailstan Banner

Probably the most "Mendel-like" of the mountain clans, the Slailstans put honor and martial prowess above all. Living on the steppes and mountainsides under the Moonsends, the Slailstans are used to heavy snows and rain coming down the mountains. Unlike the Moonsends, the Slailstans were not isolated from threats. They had to become hard to survive. Babies and children deemed physically or mentally unfit are flung into the constant rushing mountainside rivers. Elderly are left to die. Nobody is obliged to take care of anyone else. This has made the Slailstans some of the most martially fit Ugandals on the planet. genetic defects are barely heard of, and everyone is in perfect shape. The Slailstans can make wooden spears, axes, and bows, but do not possess metalwork. They are renowned for their archers, who can outshoot a Bellfield crossbowman. Their sigil is a drawn bow.

Feral Clans Edit

Feral Clans are those who have had little to no contact with the civilized world since before the dark times. They have been separated so long, in fact, that many have developed into unrecognized sub-species and no longer resemble their civilized counterparts. For most of their existence, most Feral Clans have been restricted to the Bleeding Plains, a desert on the second southern continent that, due to the mountains surrounding it and the climate, has both scorching hot sand and frozen ice rivers. This was always known as an area where nobody traveled through. The Ferals are known to be cannibals, and use things like poisoned weapons and traps dug in the sand. Fenric allied with these clans during the Mendel Schism, but only by showing military force that would have led to the Clans' destruction had they resisted. When Fenric invaded Ugandalore once more, the Ferals were resettled throughout territory belonging to other clans, leading to constant raids and skirmishes.

The Night Stalkers are the largest of the Feral Clans, consisting of about five hundred individuals. One of the more isolated clans, they have developed strange customs. Night Stalkers sleep through most of the day in caves, only to emerge at night, covering themselves with bioluminescent smear from cave fungus and hooting and dancing around their campfires. When it is time to hunt or fight another clan, they do it at night, covering themselves in leather and bone armor and painting their faces with the cave gel. The Night Stalkers have done this for so many thousands of years that they have perfect night vision, able to see as clearly at night as during the day. Warfare is typically conducted with bows and arrows, bone clubs, and crude swords. The Night Stalkers' leader is a woman named Ceronia, the Green Faun. During the Mendel Schism, Raeger Vermillion married her on his brother Fenric's orders to cement the Feral Clans' loyalty to him. After the planet was retaken by Kirta Clett, the Night Stalkers fled with Fenric. After the Vermillions' defeat on Militora, the Feral Clans were confined on a giant reservation along with the Mountain Clans and the Ash'iyyar. Ceronia became the unofficial leader of the rservation, a shaman to the Ferals and a figurehead to the others. Eventually, she led an uprising and rejoined the Vermillions.

A small clan of around a hundred members, the Venom Splinters are nevertheless feared by other Feral Clans because of their use of poisoned weapons. The Venom Splinters live in the hottest parts of the Bleeding Plains, where venomous snakes and scorpions are very common. It is a right of passage for Splinter children to learn how to catch snakes and scorpions and milk them for their venom. The poison is then applied to their bone blades, which are intentionally crudely sharpened for rough, jagged edges that will hook skin and leave horrid wounds that are hard to clean of venom, almost always leading to death. The Splinters have no home; they are nomadic. This is a must for their area, since there is no permanent source of food. The clan is always on the move, hunting the small reptiles and rodents they live off of. During the Mendel Schism, Fenric convinced the Splinters to join him simply by landing a shuttle full of food in front of them. He then drew a line in the sand, and said that anyone crossing it to get the food before they stopped and bent the knee to him would be shot. After shooting a few brave idiots, the rest agreed to join him.

A very brutal tribe of about four hundred members, the Day Walkers are known for their pale skin, tribal scars, and their habits of drinking the blood of their victims. They aren't vampires; they drag their victims to camp, hold their heads over troughs, and cut their throats so the blood runs in. Then they drink it. The Day Walkers are the most advanced Feral Clan, having some knowledge of metal works. This means they have cemented their survival in the Bleeding Plains; their bronze axes are very effective at cutting through the leather and bone armor favored by most other Feral Clans, including their bitter Ice Rider enemies. The Day Walkers usually rely on the same leather and bone armor, albeit reinforced with bronze plates. Their tribal scars are a series of scars forming patterns on their faces; the patterns grow more elaborate with age as they gain more status with the rest of the clan. The Day Walkers come from the northern parts of the Bleeding Plains, above the ice rivers, and as such they used to war with the Ice Riders. When Fenric arrived, however, he forced the two to make peace, stressing that if neither clan could come to an agreement, both would perish. Since then, both clans have had a wary, but otherwise peaceful coexistence in Fenric's army. When Fenric conquered Ugandalore, the Day Walkers and Ice Riders both settled in the north, finally getting along as they raided their civilized enemies.

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