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  • Name - Sywiin Ryaler
  • Species - Walgolorian
  • Position - Supreme Commander of Walgolorian forces, Top student of Commander Curiantau'va, Master of the Raging Hunter Ha'kal Style.

Commander Sywiin Ryaler is the Supreme Commander of Walgolorian forces within the Pact. A powerful leader among his people, Sywiin Ryaler was born on the Walgolorian Colony of Vior'tal, and like many of it's warriors, is hot-blooded and highly aggressive in battle, but Ryaler takes this too heights, be considered too aggressive for many other Walgolorian Commanders to be comfortable with. However, Warriors from Vior'tal and other races have come to respect and adore their commander and his aggressive style of war.

Ryaler is considered aggressive and temperamental by other Walgolorian, and considered stubborn and willful by his superiors, but is respected by other commanders for his many victories and tactical knowledge. Ryaler holds true to the ideals of honor and virtue, but does let such ideals cloud his judgment in battle, and fights more pragmatically then what one would expect. Ryaler is Curiantau'va's top student, and both resented and envied by his rival students, who question why such a character is allowed to lead the Armies of the Mendel.

Ryaler is a Master of the Ha'kal Style, a hammerblow attack pattern in which Ryaler, in his battlesuit, leads a massive contingent of Knight and Stealth pattern suits right into the central mass of his enemies and does as much damage as possible to the enemy, and spread out the fire power as much as possible for his foes. This style was developed in Vior'tal long ago, but Ryaler, under Commander Curiantau'va's teaching, as mastered the art further and pushed it to perfection in battle.

  • Name - Saren Seiriol
  • Species - Walgolorian
  • Position - Commander of Walgolorian forces, Student of Commander Curiantau'va, Master of the Patient Hunter Sual'jui Style.

Saren Seiriol is the second of Commander Curiantau'va's students, and a native to the world of W'alor, homeworld of the Walgolorian. Saren embraced the military way of life early on, even when her father forbade it after the death of her mother. She and her sister both joined, and while both where excellent students, Saren was always considered a cut above the rest. However, this did lead to many a-clash with her future fellow-commander and rival, Kiun Addedan, the two constantly clashing over military and philosophical ideals. When both where chosen by Curiantau'va to learn from him, Saren gained a new rival, Sywiin Ryaler from Vior'tal.

Saren is patient and cunning, a fine commander with a clear set of goals and strategies planned out and readied before every engagement, and ready to switch and modify any of her tactics for any situation. Saren is considered a model soldier and more by her fellow Walgolorian, and considered second only to Saren in terms of combat ability, but the best of Curiantau'va's students when it comes to tactical abilities and command.

Saren is master of the Sual'jui Patient Hunter combat style, which involves using stealth teams and special operations units to harass enemies and destroy their vehicles and artillery and leave their infantry units stranded, and open to her other forces' assault. This strategy requires her exceptional ability to micro-manage multiple troops and units, and practically lead two armies with two different ideals.

  • Name - Kiun Addedan
  • Species - Walgolorian
  • Position - Commander of Walgolorian forces, Student of Commander Curiantau'va, Master of the Raging Hunter Mo'nat Style.

Kiun Addedan is the third of Curiantau'va's students, and also native to the homeworld of the Walgolorain, W'alor. Unlike his rival, Kiun was not exactly receptive towards the idea of military life, a fact made by the early death of his mother, and the abandonment by his father, both famed military commanders. It did not help that propaganda tended to overblow much of his father's achievements, leaving him always feeling he had fallen short of his father. This all changed after a black ops mission he was levied into, of which he was one of the few survivors. After, his achievements would garner the attention of Commander Curiantau'va, and from hence forth, people would from then on tell of how he had surpassed his father, and not tell him to try harder. He always had a rivalry with fellow student, Kiun Addedan, even after his being levied into a black ops unit briefly.

Kiun would be instrumental in the Vanara's retaking of Alastor, leading a Mendel strike force, with aide from Togunda, Kamaside, and the Orgaat of the Tribe of the Seven Claws.

Kiun himself is a rather silent, reserved fellow, who seems detached from everything and often emotionally reserved. Compared to Saren and Ryaler, he is the most peaceful and calm of the 3 students of Curiantau'va, though this hides a facet of his personality few know about. During the black ops mission he was sent on, to resque one of the Empyreals, he was briefly corrupted by something, and has left him the most aggressive and belligerent of the 3 commanders, something he keeps in check with deep meditation so his "demonself" does not take over.

Kiun is master of the Mo'nat Command Style, which means he has everything he needs to finish the mission at hand. This means that his battle suit, while not as massive as Ryaler's is still an impressive suit, packing missile launchers, plasma rifles, and flamethrowers and several other weapons against his enemies.

  • Name - Kaworvol Nieras
  • Species - Walgolorian
  • Position - Commander of Walgolorian Forces, Student of Commander Curiantau'va, Master of the Patient Hunter Evut'na Style.

High Commanders Edit

  • Name - Mentrex
  • Species - Unknown
  • Position - Supreme Commander of Cyrannian forces.

Mentrex is a being from an unknown race, but was found on Truxn and brought into the Mendel fold as one of their warriors, finally rising to the position of commander and leader through his skill and daring, as well as his possible psychosis. Whatever race Mentrex is, they, based off his nature, appear quite possibly insane and blood-thirsty, though such negative attitudes and ideals where (mostly) culled with intense training and discipline. Still, he retains a high level of bloodlust, kept back with a veil of snide humor and the posh attitude of one who collects strange artifacts and works of art.

Mentrex served honorably in the battle of Demogorgon Prime alongside his warriors, and went on to further prove himself a capable warrior against the Bisistar in the Battle of Ventia, alongside Commander Miru and Commander Zavarak. After, Mentrex would be placed in command of all Mendel forces operating in the Cyrannus galaxy. Mentrex also managed to capture a Bisistar Warrior for his trophy room, Miru freezing the creature for him to carry off.

Mentrex is noted for his somewhat "upper-crust" way of speaking, though this nature hides a positively brutal blood-lust and aggressive way of commanding unseen in most other Mendel. Even the most aggressive Mendel youth I positively temperate compared to Mentrex. In battle, Mentrex will commonly fight with his bare claws, and quite often, uses only his natural armor to shrug off blows that would cripple most others. Since the battle with the Bisistar, he has begun to wear a refitted set of Ugandalorian armor.

  • Name - Korval Mejarl
  • Species - Kadalian Giant
  • Position - Captain of MWV Brawl.

Korval Mejarl is a Kadalian Giant that Commands the MWV Brawl into battle. A native of the mountainous planet of Gjoril, Korval is an aggressive fighter by any Mendel standard, his strategy involving the choosing of every part of the battle and keeping the enemy going where he wants them to go. His strategy requires he hit parts of their fleet so that he may force them where he wants them to go, using ambushing and flanking often in his attack patterns, as well as dividing his forces to form a vice on his enemies in battle.

Korval has proven a loyal and steadfast commander, quite welcoming to new allies and comrades in battle and effective at dealing with such forces as the Alpha Cyber Collective and others like it. His expertise on the alien creatures is so that he is often brought in to help coordinate attacks on their fleets and has even written several books on how to fight the Collective and it's monstrosities.

  • Name - Mehargal Vhell
  • Species - Ugandalorian
  • Position - Captain of MWV Blazing Passion.

Mehargal Vhell is the Commander of the Blazing Passion and one of the oldest Mendel Captains in service. Despite his age, Mehargal maintains a high level of skill and ability with a sword, as well as a preference for replacing his body with cybernetics, which has kept him functioning as a warrior long after he should have retired from battle. Despite his success in space battles, Mehargal is more attuned to ground combat, coordinating a large number of close combat units, especially Marauder teams. As such, many of his assaults are stealth based, and he is an expert when it comes to taking a city, deploying his stealth teams into the enemy city and attacking it's garrisons in the dead of night.

Mehargal is an honorable and noble figure among his kind, respected by many, and could, with his skills, seek a higher rank if he so wished. However, Mehargal is happy enough to simply stay in his current rank and guide up and coming captains along the right path towards their own careers, and tutor them on proper tactics and ways of fighting in war.

  • Name - Carchal Nal
  • Species - Ugandalorian
  • Position - Captain of the MWV Blade of the Void.

Carchal Nal is the Mendel Commander aboard the Blade of the Void. Carchal was born on the world of Daimyo, the world where High King Ugandalore the Reformer had his vision that told him that all aliens would be accepted into Mendel ideology. However, Carchal belonged to a radical group that believed the alien would ruin the Mendel way of life and bring ruin to them, and that the Reformer was a false prophet, and had spent years formulating a plan against him, even years after his death. Carchal, having no father active in his life, and having lost his mother early in life, felt a need to below to something, and was drawn to this group. At one point, to prove his loyalty, Carchal was asked to carry out a terrorist attack on behalf of the group on Ugandalore, to make their point known.

Carchal arrived on the sacred homeworld, but, to his surprise, was greeted by Kadalians, Kaguran, and all sorts working in harmony with the Ugandalorians and living in peace. Amazed by all the different groups living together in harmony, and seeing how closely their ideal blended with Mendel ones, he turned himself into authorities, and offered all he knew to them. Deciding to dedicate his energies to something greater, he joined the Warpath Fleet as a Commander.

Carchal was brought into service for the attack on the Neriada under taken by the allied forces, fighting alongside the New Republic and their allies, ever eager and loyal to serve.

Carchal is seen as dangerous by his comrades, and quite unstable. Even among the Mendel, he is famous for his temper and anger, and has been know to challenge any who test him to honor duels and what not. He is eager and always waiting to fight, and is regarded as the most aggressive Commander the Mendel have, and even at a young age, was famous for fighting those bigger and stronger then he was. Still, he is also quite famous for his love of foreign culture, though still holds his own as important, and feels honestly guilty that he would try and bring harm to other citizens of the Pact in the past.

  • Name - Ryaker
  • Species - Walgolorian
  • Position - Captain of the MWV Longknife.

Commanders Edit

  • Name - Fen Shesara
  • Species - Ugandalorian
  • Position - Commander of the MWV Retribution.

  • Name - Talres
  • Species - Walgolorian
  • Position - Commander of the MWV Dawn Blade

Talres Sieriol is the sister of the legendary Commander, Saren, and considered a noble leader and commander by her peers and fellows students from the academy. Talres, while successful, ultimately was not chosen by Curiantau'va to be one of his students, and as such was left behind as a mere commander. Still, this did not deter her, and she continued to lead her forces onto many a victory against the enemies of the Pact, wherever they appeared. Talres was part of the Attack on Demogorgon Prime, and lead her troops to holding the landing zone, fighting alongside them and staying with them, even as causalities mounted for them. Although bitter from the lose of life, they rallied behind Talres and fought alongside Commander Urakar himself.

Talres, despite her skills, always found herself second fiddle to her sister. Despite, she keeps up the front of a passionate, hot-blooded leader, and although not at the same league as her sister, is beloved by her troops for how she always stands with them and does her best to keep them alive.

Talres, due to her skills, was deployed with Commander Kiun and Kaworvol's forces in Cyrannus to act as a bulwark against the coming Loron hordes.

Talres, like her sister, is incredibly passionate and at the same time, patient in battle. An expert in stealth warfare, her abilities fall short of her sister, yet none can deny her leadership of a wing of stealth units is without equal. Her abilities often deploy unorthodox strategies to compensate for her lack of command skills that her sister has. Talres feels somewhat jealous of her sister, yet would not say anything to her.

  • Name - Urakar O'Torrius
  • Species - Kodalorian
  • Position - Commander of the MWV Kodalon's Pride.

Urakar O'Torrius is among the more famous Commanders of the Mendel forces, and beloved by the people and soldiery alike. Urakar was born on the Kodalorian colony of Kenis, and was found there during the civil war that erupted as an orphan. He was taken in by the regiment, and raised by it's commander, Kulgor O'Credarius, learning exceptionally well under his tutelage, and coming to point out certain tactical options to him at a young age. This, of course, earned him no shortage of enemies, especially from Kulgor's advisers, who felt insulted he pick a boy over officers with experience. Kulgor hushed their complaints, training Urakar hard to always succeed.

Urakar, with his position as son of an officer, could very well have gone into the officer cadre, but instead chose to be part of the ground forces, where he meet his future comrade and advisor, Kordin. Both young soldiers grew to be the best of friends, though where two very different men. Kordin was loud and boisterous, inspiring his brothers with great speeches and a voice that could shake earth. Urakar was silent and stoic, yet his plans lead his squadron to victory many a times. As both rose through the ranks, Command paid special attention to Urakar's progress.

When Kulgor grew of age to retire, he entrusted the Kodalon's Pride and it's attached fleet and regiment, the 8th Kodalorian Combined Arms Regiment, and became it's Commander. Though offered many times, Urakar refused to become Supreme Commander of Kodalorian Forces. Such would've taken him away from his brothers in the 8th, and he simply wished to experience all the peril and danger alongside them, as they had since he was a young ground trooper. As such, Urakar remains even today in his position as Commander, refusing to move any higher up the ladder.

Urakar is silent, stoic, and appears aloof quit often. His silent, dour exterior hides a brilliant mind, keen on deduction and keeping troops together and fighting no matter how low his resources. His Sergeant, Kordin, is quite the opposite, bellowing his orders out and making sure everyone follows them to the letter. Despite his cold appearance, Urakar cares for all his troops, his plans usually designed to inflict maximum damage on his foes, and keep his troops alive. Urakar has never attacked if he deemed it a hazard to his men, and feels guilty if his troops are loosed for nothing.

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  • Name - Kyles Clett
  • Serving On - N/A
  • Rank - Rally-Master Commander

Kyles Clett is a indirect member of the Clan of Clett, and a young warrior, having just earned the title of Rally-Master.

During the First year of the Mirusian Gigaqaudrantic Conflicts, Kyles was assigned by the Pact's Clan members to help protect Matrukoris, and was given command of Ugandalorian, Kodalorian, and Walgolorian forces, as well as at least 3 platoons of Clone warriors. He personally lead them against a horde of Ackals at Sector Ko, fighting off 2 waves of them with minimal looses, and impressing his commanders.

Afterward, his forces where put on ready station, encase any other sectors of Matrukoris came under attack. Later, he was placed under Commander Kiun's command, and acts as one of his best officers.

Kyles is eager to prove his worth to the clans, and places great care on his troops lives. However, such action is sometimes dangerous, as he has been know to risk his mission to save just a few. He wears blue and silver armor in battle, very different from the crimson armor worn by most Rally-Masters.

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  • Name - Phase-Hunter
  • Serving on - N/A
  • Rank - Rally-master Commander.

Phase-Hunter is an agent of the Mendel Pact, adopted into it's Ugandalorian Clans. Originally a human from planet earth, Phase was born 60 years ago, though remains youthful in appearance. Commonly he appears as energetic, eccentric, and insane, though also displays a deep hatred for some enemies, brutally killing them. Crushing their skulls, choking, and tearing them apart bare-handed, Phase displays a much different side when enraged.

Phase-Hunter, however, cares deeply for his comrades, but is also considered debauched, having sex whenever it catches his fancy, drinking heavily, and watching cartoon shows while on guard duty. Phase loves old human culture, however. He worships the band called Queen, watches the show My little Pony, and loves anime of all kinds, though considering how he screws up the story lines, it's believed he's only really seen Attack on Titan.

Phase-Hunter, also, is considered a tactical genius, and is known for planning attack plans for almost any environment, he's best even occurring when he's drunk. Phase is also fluent in the languages of German, Japanese, French, and "British".

*Sigh* Mentrex!

  • Name - Ryando Kjuandia
  • Serving on - Fury of Darkness.
  • Rank - Gvanta Sergeant.

Ryando Kjuandia is a Walgolorian Gvanta Sergeant serving on board Commodore Mentrex's Fury of Darkness. Born by into the semi-nomadic Gvanta tribes, Ryando lived somewhat outside the civilized life of other Walgolorian, his people turning instead towards nature. As such, when the Walgolorian called upon warriors, Ryando joined the Gvanta Pathfinder Scout/Recon corps, using what he had learned in his earlier years to seek out foes.

Ryando, after a year of scouting and recon work, was, along with a large number of Walgolorian warriors, was transferred to Commodore Mentrex's command. Ryando did not enjoy it, finding him too savage for his tastes, but none the less respecting his command abilities and strength.

Ryando was with his commodore during the Battle of Ventia, where he joined his Commodore in a strike team against a Bisitar ship to rescue their Waptorian allies. After a pitched battle, Ryando and the team escaped, and helped deliver the secret of Bisitar's weakness to the rest of the allies. After the battle, Ryando wanted to go down planet to see how his people had been of help, but Mentrex insisted they go elsewhere, to help with clean-up operations.

  • Name - Uzok O'Tarka
  • Serving on - The Infernal
  • Rank - Shock Trooper Officer.

Uzok O'Tarka'kad is one of 2 Shock Troopers serving on the "Infernal", and considered one of Gatarin Nitrocon's personal agents within the armies of the Mendel. Uzok came from a rich merchant family, his mother a ranking member of the Mendel Council of Commerce, and his father a famous Sword master. As was tradition, Uzok's father only stayed with the Clan to raise the boy and teach him his swordsmanship skills. While he did not spend much time with his father, Uzok looks fondly upon those times, and, thanks to his father, became a ranking member of the Marauder Corps himself. Serving with distinction during his "Trial of Fire", Uzok was offered training in the Shock Trooper units, which he accepted happily. O'Tarka would then go onto serve with distinction for 2 more combat cycles, before being offered a position in the Eran Guard. However, Uzok turned it down, not wanting to be in a un-combative role, and wanting to serve alongside his brothers.

While many of his comrades warned him such might be seen as insulting to the high king, Uzok has retained his position, and was one of the first Shock Troopers chosen to go to Cyrannus, alongside another, younger officer, Nortgo O'Sawiny, who he briefly trained with. Due to his training as a swordsmen, and considered a master with the blade, Uzok has been allowed to add the "'kad" suffix to the end of his name.

Uzok is noted for his even temperament and calm face in any battle. However, he is also noted as a risk-taker, as he served on the Marauder Corps for years, where he spent much time dangerously close to the enemy, and prefers to have active combat roles over the more "boring" ceremonial guard positions. Despite this, he adheres to the ideals of the Codex of Honor, and trusts it's guidance in many affairs in life.

Uzok wears purple and magenta colored Shock Trooper armor, and sports several clan tattoos across his arms and chest, as well as across the right side of his face.

  • Name - Nortgo O'Sawiny
  • Serving on - The Infernal
  • Rank - Shock Trooper Officer.

Nortgo O'Sawiny is the second of 2 shock troopers under Gatarin's command, and close friend with Uzok O'Tarka'kad. Nortgo at first lived a rather pedestrian life in the Clans of Sawiny estate, developing a deep love for culture and art that was fostered by his father. His father, Bergo'ti, was especially proud of his son's skill in poetry, and ignored the mocking praise of his comrades, who said the boy could simply "write his foes to death". Nortgo, when the time came for him to fulfill his "Trial of Fire", served honorably and with great distinction. After passing 2 more tests on the field, Nortgo was put up for Shock Trooper training, recommended by his uncle, the Rally-master of his regiment.

Nortgo would train briefly alongside his future comrade in arms, Uzok O'Tarka, before joining his unit for field work. After the Battle of Ventia, Nortgo volunteered, and was accepted for transference to Cyrannus to act as one of the members of the garrison troops there, and meet with his old friend Uzok O'Tarka, now a blade master, and both became Gatarin's most trusted troops.

Nortgo is noted as an opposite to his comrade, Uzok, as he is eager and always ready to get into battle. In fact, he earned the title "Hot-blooded" from his Walgolorian comrades while he served, and is noted for his love of music and art outside of battle, and enjoys writing poetry. Due to this, Nortgo has a strong respect for the cultures of the galaxy he now serves in, and actually hungers to know more about them.

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