The Artiko in fully battle panoply.

I abscond all positions and possessions. I swear to put the Mendel people, and all people, above my own needs. I swear to be first one and always the first, answer the Call of my Lord for Crusade. With the blessing of my Lords and my teachers, I seek to become the Young Prince.

- Oath taken by an Artiko before ascending to the rank.

The Artiko is possibly one of the most important military ranks of the Mendel Pact, and considered the highest religious and political honor one can achieve in his lifetime, and, similar to the High King Ugandalore that crowns him, only one Artiko is ever named, and only during times of strife.

In order to become Artiko, one most perform beyond the call of duty multiple times for the Mendel, and earn the award of "The Huntsmen" for his or her service. An Artiko is only chosen, then, from the best of these beings to perform acts of daring and danger, knowing that any mission could be his last, and yet, does not hesitant in his service. When sent on these perilous missions, most would consider such suicide, though it is not always the case for an Artiko.

History Edit

Creation Edit

You have been given the chance to become Artiko. Never forget who laid the ground before you, and made this glory possible. Now, rise, and follow your brothers in Zaraturai's light. For the Clans and the Ancestors.

- Mantra given to the Young-prince upon him being chosen.

The Artiko began with the unification of the Ugandalorian clans into one state. This union, while mostly loyal, left some still rebellious attitude towards the ruling High King. Deciding to create a perfect agent for himself to act to keep the clans in line, Ugandalore the Immortal began selecting the top warriors to be trained and culled so he could find the best ones. However, he was never satisfied with them, each one always failing in some way. Constantly testing their knowledge, power, and intellect, The Artiko was soon reduced to 2 famous warrior, the brutal Harka, and the steadfast Falin, both of clan Imberga. Ugandalore, deciding that he could only trust one to act as his personal agent, meet both and ordered them to duel each other for position. Falin managed to, after a long duel that went from evening onto night, defeat Harka, and brought his head to Ugandalore. Pleased, Ugandalore named him "Artiko", the scared guardian of the people. With the Artiko, the Ugandalore watches for rebellious clans, and, as they advanced to space, would learn how to counter and fight other alien races.

Since then, over 400 figures have been named strong enough to bear the weight of the title Artiko, including Falin, and, following him, Torga Clett, who helped integrate the Kadalians and Kaguran through his diplomatic skills, and Mourka Kryse, the Blade of Zaraturai, who slayed over 900 Alpha Grox servants with just her blades before falling.

Ugandal Giant Alliance

Torga Clett secures the allegiance of the Kadalian people for the Ugandalorians, laying the ground work for much of Mendel Pact's formation.

Many would pass, some dying gloriously, some with fear in their hearts and doubt in their minds, the latest one dying in battle against the Dominatus at Manticore. But, with the rising in distrust between realms, and the battle of Venatia in the New Cyrandia Wars, the Mendel decided a new warrior must be chosen. Choosing a Super Commando who fought alongside Barda Clett many years before, Corin Hondo Maclon was named Young Prince, and, after the initiation, was declared Artiko, tasked with defending the Mendel people, and their allies, be they in Mirus, Cyrannus, or beyond.

Abilities Edit

The Artiko, while he can no longer command fleets or lead troops into battle, still can command small detachments of troops, and, with the commanding officer's position, command 1 ship in battle. On black ops missions, the kind the Artiko practically where born for, he may command 1-2 squad of Super Commandos, and other personnel involved. When acting in the name of the Lord Ugandalore, or other High Lords, the Artiko may seize any materials he or she may need for investigative purposes.

The Artiko ultimately answers to the 3 highlords, but, if he is found to have acted out of line with a foreign power, he can be dishonored and stripped of his rank. However, no Artiko in the history of the rank has ever dishonored his armor, rank, or people in front of an outsider. Once initiated, an Artiko cannot change his armor in any drastic way. While he can yield any weapon he so choses, the Artiko always carries the Blade of Falin out of respect for the First-Prince.

Despite the fact the Blade has been lost on faraway worlds many times, it somehow always manages to return to the Mausoleum of the Artiko, though the Mendel have not shared this with outsiders, possibly because they themselves do not know how.

Selection Edit

The Artiko comes from the most hardened and elite of Mendel members, and can be of any race of the Pact. Potential recruits come from the best commanders and Super Commandos, all being watched constantly during their career and being reported to the various councils on their battlefield success and beyond. If there is no Artiko, then the Council will elect one of the soldiers to down the armor once more and lead his brothers. Upon being brought to the council and accepting the position, first from the Walgolorian and Kodalorian Highlords, then from Lord Ugandalore last, so as to pay tribute to the race that started the rank, the Artiko will be named "Young Prince", and be brought before the Religious Council of Mendel Reverends and Walgolorian Empyreal Council, and be put through a series of tests to see how pure of heart and mind he is, and whether he is ready to accept his title. This can last for several weeks on end.

Upon completion, The Young Prince is bathed in what is said to be the blood of Kadaii Hoorangiir, before ritualistically burning the holy symbol of Kadaii Hoorangiir upon his chest. Since the inclusion of the Vanara as members of Hoorangiir's cult, the Ugandals have added their symbol for him as well, and is burnt into the subject's back. Upon completion, the Young King swears upon the Great Spirit, Zaraturai, to uphold the scared oaths of the Mendel Pact and to fight for it's people until he can no longer draw breath, and to be an example for all young warriors and civilians alike. He will then go to the chambers of the Artiko, where all 400 are buried, or some remnant of them. After meditating all night with the ancestors who came before, he will hear their voices speak from beyond the grave, and strap on the ritual armor.

Once day breaks, the Artiko will step out, brandishing the blade first used by Falin, and declaring himself no longer the Young King, but Artiko Ascendant. The Gathered clans and warriors will shout their praise of him, before he returns home to rest, for 1 day after. After this, he will be prepared for his assignment.

Known Artiko Edit

  • Falin Imberga The First Prince. - The First Artiko to bear the title, and, when he grew to old to fight, would set up the traditions used to pick the next Artiko. He has been the only one to retire, and not die in battle.
  • Torga Clett The Ambassador of Her will - 35th Artiko, helped to bring the Kadalian and Kaguran races peacefully into the Pact. Would die in battle against a group of Space pirates.
  • Gortor Verduz the War-master - 41st Artiko, and first Non-Ugandalorian to receive the title. Gortor was a Kadalian, who, at the end of his tenor of Artiko, would fight off a horde of Dragowar from the Imperium of War, before being killed by Imperator Caligustus' son. He became a folk symbol among the Kadalian people.
  • Mourka Kryse the Blade-warden - Blade-master-turned-52nd Artiko, died fighting off nearly 900 Alpha Grox Dronox with merely her blades, before being killed in battle by Karack the Eternal.
  • Vokoun Skitaro the Vanguard of Covenant- 399th Artiko. A Kaguran who was anointed during the Dominatus Wars and lead the charge in the Mirusian campaign. Would die at the Battle of Manticore.
  • Corin Maclon the Prince-reborn - 400th and current Artiko. Raised during the Battle of Venetia, in case such threats returned to the Pact, or her allies. Religious leaders believed him Falin Imberga reborn to lead them to a golden age.

Quotes from others Edit

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One individual, one individual can make all the diffrence. The Artiko of the Mendel is one such individual, the living proof of said belief.

- Vanara Vector Admiral Miru

A title given to a person for their honor and courage. One such as the Artiko has great merit among our ranks.

- Knight Lord of the Volver Knight Order Aelik Norrehal

An title to those deserving the honor to have it. One of this rank is welcome among our elite.

- King Oskel Leton of the Antroth Empire 's Royal Guard.

That blade belongs in my museum.

- Tpa'a'jinn, Arch-Concerver of the museum planet Malu'h'a and Node-Orator of the Waptorian Cyrannian Web

I hope to be working closely with you Artiko of the Mendel Pact. Our jobs are as grand as they are grim and we must be able to rely on each other for we cannot afford failure.

- Trinity Guardian Ibari

The Oath of the Young Prince Edit

With the armor forged by my ancestors long past. With the sword yielded by Falin Imberga the first Prince, and with the will of my people, I am become the Artiko Ascendant!

- Proclamation given by each Artiko upon completion.

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