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MouCyranAccords.png Peace through Order
The Mendel Pact is a member of the Mou'Cyran Accords
"United in the hopes of a better future..."

Some see us as fools sticking to outdated concepts of honor, others that we're mere barbarians given space ships and tanks. But what do they know! To simply give up and die? We are have stuck to our believes, even when crusaders burned our worlds, even when a race that spanned universes threatened us with exterimnation. Call us animals in armor, savages playing at being a galactic power. We may be those things, but it is by being so that we protect those who need it, our families, clans and children. No matter who threatens us today, they will have to answer to our claymores and axes by tomorrow!

- Unknown Mendel War chieftain

The Mendel Pact is the resulting unification of the Mendel subspecies, such as the Ugandalorians, Kodalorians, and Walgolorian, as well as many other minor subspecies and races that have joined the Pact, either through years of unity with them, or through recent military subjugation. This loose alliance of various Clans, races and empires is held together by common goals, religious believes, and even common enemies of some members, as well as a need to reach out, explore, and find new races to bring into the fold.

The Pact is made up of many warrior races, comes across as highly aggressive and zealous for battle, though in fact, their civilization is far more then just war and bloodshed. They have developed high art, poetry, and other fanciful things to do outside of war, as they see concentration on nothing but war as primitive and barbaric. Organized under three High Lords, from the three aforementioned races, these three rule with the authority of a War Chief or King, and with the support of the Parliament of Clans, which represents the interests of their subjects and comrades. The forces of the Pact, being highly honored and having a strong martial tradition, are made up of a variety of races, many from their allies serving as auxiliaries.

The Pact has within it's borders has several races other then the Mendel, including Kadalian, Kaguran, Orgaat and Togunda. These races are united by their common ideals and beliefs, despite their differences. Almost all members are linked in someway to the ancient and mysterious Multus Esse, a source of pride and honor among members.

The Mendel are a founding member of the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment, and supportive of it's goal to become a Mirusian galactic government. With their recent defeat in the Second War of Mirusian Coalition, the Mendel have, feeling their honor tarnished by defeat, joined with two other races into the Mirusian Triumvirate in an attempt to subvert the control of the Covenant of Mirus, which the Mendel ultimately deem unrepresentive of their own intrests and forced upon them. The Covenant has furthermore upsupred the goal of the Alliance to be a galactic government, claiming to be the only true and legitimate one, further upsetting many a Mendel Enlightement Alliance patriot. In the end, nothing will satisfy the Mendel more than seeing the corrupt French and their Eldarisian allies thrown out of Mirus, and have the Enlightenment Alliance restored as the rightful leading body in the home galaxy, as the French seem to vastly downplay or even outright deny it's significancy for Mirusian history, while aggravating their own.

The Pact would go through a change of leadership, followed by a bitter civil war known as The Mendel Schism, which would see Kirta Clett and her followers gain control of the Pact, with support from her allies, and the Covenant of Mirus. They would fight against the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, and help form the Federation of Free States.



The Modern Pact is the continuation of the ancient First Kulaung Empire, started centuries ago by the founding race, the Kulaung, and their conquered species and allied warriors. Power changed hands many times among the Clans, and everything from humans, Kaguran and many others came to be rulers of the Pact, bringing strength and dignity to the people of the Clans. Orgaat warriors, besieged by the Hermicce, were saved by the Pact, and in honor of this, joined as willing members. Trade brought the stubborn and ancient Togunda to them, and many joined their ranks as equals. But such happiness was not to last. In a time of great famine and disorder, two Kulaung leaders came to rise, Torscka Merath, and Tox Cano. Each sought to be the next High King, the former believing his reforms of land and Clan founding would help strengthen their struggling kingdom, while Cano sought to expand once more through war, waging destruction upon their weak neighbors.

The majority favored Merath, and rallied to him as High King. Cano declared the elections lies and falsehood, and gathered his loyal Clans to wage war on the pretender and make himself King. This saw the divide in the Oyri'ramikad who followed Merath, and Kyri'strod, who followed Cano. Their civil war devastated whole planets and even used tribal and less advanced aliens as proxies in their battle. As the wars escalted, others broke off from the Mendel to form their own groups, disgusted with the actions on both sides. The Tabeka, or The Tribe, went into exilefar from Mendel space, dedicating themselves to the Goddess Scathla, and mastery the shadows and stealth. The Tal'Yayir would worship precursors like the Multus Esse, Uonic and Oikoumene, and leave the Pact's war behind to meditate and contemplate the relics the Elders left behind in peace. As the Kyri'strod began to lose, many Clans would form the Tul'kaarin to continue their warmongering ways, now in the faith of Void Gods like Xizothano Ada.

Though the Kyri'strod would be defeated, and their back broken, they were not dead, and remained a constant problem for the Mendel as a whole. But the damage had been done. The Talyayir disappeared for wider parts of the galaxy, the Tabeka isolated themselves from sight and the Tul'kaarin waged a secret war, raiding the other groups for resources and new weapons. The Oyri'ramikad and Kryi'strod would remain locked in a cold war for many years, until Torscka's second in command, Barda Clett, would lead operations to break the back of the Kryi'strod years after, along with allies of theirs. Though Torscka died, Barda would succeed him, and as part of his oath of High King, seek to reunify the Mendel.

The Kyri'strod would be defeated and dispersed, disappearing into other Movements, but his efforts would earn the allegiance of the Tabeka, who would work to repair the schism in their people's ranks. Despite this, the Tabeka stayed to their own territories, while the Tal'yayir made no efforts to return any contact with the others. Though he brought much respect to the Clans, his attempts to unify them were largely hit or miss.

The Empire would become the Mendel Pact, a symbol of hte unity of all Mendel movements, regardless of ideals as one people, one group.

Gigaquadrantic Conflicts[]

Colonization of Cyrannus[]

Fierce are these Bisitar, but no amount of brutality and verocity can replace true honor and grit. Let us march to war. Whether this New Republic is our friend or not, their people cry out for help, and we must give it.

- Comacar O'karrin, speaking in support of the attack on the Bisistar.

During the Desolation of the Bisitar, the Pact's allies of the Waptoria Alliance of Species and the Vanara, become embroiled in a war with the Bisitar Domain, who had earlier attacked the species known as the Ermitant. The Mendel, at first, only watched, believing it not their business. However, as the war progressed, the Mendel Pact commissioned one of their commanders, Mentrex, to invade the galaxy with a fleet and seek out the Accords. Mentrex did so, leading a full invasion force into the galaxy.

Mentrex did so, striking as a Vanara/Waptoria fleet was about to be torn apart by a Bisitar fleet, Mentrex and his forces struck, saving them from destruction and landing on a ship invaded by Bisitar, fighting through the host of shape-shifters and their slaves, and saving the Captain and his first officer from harm, before retreating. With the Mendel's help, the Waptoria managed to get information to the rest of the accords on the weakness of the Bisitar battleships known as the World Eaters. And Mentrex, much to his delight, got a frozen Bisitar as a trophy, to add to his various others.

The Mendel Pact would indeed join the Mou'Cyran Accords, after much delibration from their allies, and where allowed to set up colonies in Cyrannus with permission from the New Cyrannian Republic, who, due to the Mendel's late arrivial to the battle, swore they would protect and help defend the New Republic with all their Cyrannian forces. Due to being the first ship commander in Cyrannus, Mentrex was assigned position of Lord Militant over Cyrannian forces. The Mendel held many hopes in Cyrannus. For the Walgolorians, they hoped to spread the ideas of the Abiding Truth and other Mendel believes of unity among the races of Cyrannus. After all, the galaxy of order and culture surely would understand the ideals behind the Truth, while other members, especially the Ugandalorians, felt that there could be all sorts of new races, awaiting to be brought under the wise rule of the Pact. However, there was another, deeper reason behind it. The Mendel's leaders feared an unavoidable war with the Xonexi allies, and, sought a place to plant their banner elsewhere. If the Pact where somehow defeated, the Mendel could retreat to Cryannus to rebuild, and, one day, return for their prized worlds.

It was unspoken, however. The Mendel people viewed speaking of an incoming war in an ill-manner a bad omen for their warriors, and worthy of begetting the wrath of their gods of war.

Further Involvements in Cyrannus

Colonization in Borealis[]

Later, the Mendel Pact, through agreements made by a fellow Mou'Cyran Accords member, the Polar Crystal Alliance, colonized the Borealis galaxy, beginning a migration to the Galaxy of Ice to set up their own colonies there, both in hopes of finding new allies and other races to interact with, and to find places safe from the insanity of the Xonexi Schism, which by now, had mostly died down. Still, many members of the various states of the Pact made their trip there, and, aided by it's sister state of the Federation, managed to get their base infrastructure down, days before the first wave of colonists arrived to set up shop and begin work on expanding the empire. The first capital of the planet, Ko'Vitei, became the nexus of all Mendel Pact dealings around their territory, as they began the slow but steady progress of colonization.

Great Mirusian Conflicts[]

Brothers, we are summoned forth to dance the dance of death by Kadaii Hoorangiir once more, against our foes. Fate calls us forth, and we shall stand with our allies once more. The enemy has amassed great numbers, great technology, and mighty alien forces, but we shall show them the wrath of the Sons of Hoorangiir. Remember, we walk the blessed path, and it shall lead us to glory! Go forth, and let the flames of our wrath consume the foe!

- Barda Clett
Year One - Rebellion

The Mendel spent much of their time keeping the rival Zarbania Powers and Imperium of War in check, as well as help hunt down rebel Volver who belonged to a Cult of personality dedicated to the late Xizothano Ada. The Mendel Council was shocked to hear news that many Ugandalorians had defected to the worship of the Void God and Terikalinra. However, the 3 Lords of Mendel'kar'a where resolute, and declared any who sided with the Void-worshippers where no better then Dead Watch.

Year Two - Invasion
Year Three - Retaliation
Year Four - Wars of the Mirusian Coalition

The Mendel, however, where caught by surprise when their galaxy was invaded by the Xonexi Allies, including the Draconid Imperium, Tybusen Intergalactic Allied Federation, and, to their greatest shock, the French, who they once trusted as allies, and went as far as sending them Mendel Auxiliaries, believing them honorable. However, they, and the rest of the Xonexi, in their war with the Delpha Coalition of Planets, had invaded Mirus and seized several inactive Drakodominatus Tyranny foundry worlds. The Mendel wanted few at the time, being content with their level of tech at the time, as they felt they had scavenged enough to replicate. So they left much of their claims to one of their closest allies, the Waptoria Alliance of Species, to use as they saw fit. The Waptoria, too, did not do much with them, and in reality focussed on terraforming the barren planets back to life. Since the foundries were still inactive, and the Waptoria had no colonial presence on these planets, the Xonexi saw the region as open to annexation by the principle of unhinhabitated land, and simply seized all foundries.

Within weeks, the Mirus' empires where in a firestorm of debate. It had set off alarms with all of them. The Zarbanians wanted to keep such powerful extragalactics to minimum, and with permission to settle in the galaxy. While they did not like the French, they had at least earned their colonies by battle, but the other two had simply waltzed in and took the foundries like ill-tempered children. The Mendel felt betrayed by the French, whom they once considered honorable people. The Waptoria where rightfully upset their foundries where taken without permission or so much as compensation. The Imperium of War were driven into a frenzy as well. They had given much of their colonies to the Drakodomintus Tyranny as a sign of trust, colonies that were now claimed by the Xonexi Allies, while the Imperium had conquered them with their own might alone. Whatever the case, old rivalries where pushed aside, former enemies banding together.

The Zarbanians under Bisarko sought out all sides, including the Enlightenment Alliance, and organized a meeting, stamping out an agreement between the sides that they would work together to push the allies out. With the Mendel, Zarbanians, Federation, Mirusian Church, Pseudopath Empire, Scythe, Xylon, and Imperium of War all united, and all directed their efforts against the Xonexi, it proved disastrous for the unprepared hyperpower.

Despite, the Mendel faced many problems. While strong, proud warriors, as where many of the Mirusians, they faced a deadly new threat. Angelfire. A weapon system that fired missiles via Hyperspace. While the Mirusian Church saw the effectiveness of such a weapon in their holy crusades, the Mendel found such weapons repugnant and dishonorable. When the Mirusians, Church first, finally got the weapons, the Mendel stamped out another agreement with the other races of Mirus; To not use them unless the other side has also fired them. Of course, since the Xonexi where already using them in great numbers, the Mendel, with the assistance of their Multuse Esse creators, began helping the sides develop their own for counter-use.

Ultimately, while the first war was a resounding success, the same could not be said of the second. While the Mirusians had managed to surprise and overwhelm the Xonexi the first time, the Second War had France and the Eldarisians launching their own counter-attack against the victorious coalition. Despite a hard fought battle against both the Imperium of War, and the Xonexi, the Mendel, and their allies where defeated. The Mendel ultimately lost all they had gained during the first and second war, and where forced into peace talks with the Xonexi. The Xonexi demanded the Coalition members give back all their holdings in ex-tyranny space though not much could be given back due to the Imperium of War now holding most ex-Mirusian space. The Waptoria, during these peace talks, finally convinced the Xonexi to officially recognize the territories the Mirus-natives held within ex-Tyranny space before the first war broke out, and to give up their claims on them, so the Coalition did not lose all. The Xonexi furthermore gave their support in the coming war against the Imperium, however any territories retaken in ex-Tyranny space would automatically go to the Xonexi themselves regardless of which faction would conquer them. While some within the Pact where supportive, most had no interest in joining the newly-created Covenant of Mirus. Incidentally, this would bring the Mendel all the closer to the Zarbania Powers. Both wanted nothing to do with the Covenant, and both nation's leaders began making plans to split with the Covenant sooner or later, despite their voiced support. The Mendel also thought the Xonexi where using their soldiers as pawns in the conflict to come, fighting for a forcd ally but in advance gaining nothing.

Most Mendel where of the same mind, feeling the Covenant was not worthy of their respect or allegiance, and was forged off blood spilt in a dishonorable war. Some, due to the loss of the war, including the loss of their kin, and the heavy costs, tried to form a pacifist group, called "The New Mendel", to avoid war ever again and make peace with the galaxy, branding their warrior kin as too violet to exist in modern times. However, this group was barely noticeable among the other members, and, once the leaders took notice, they where summarily exiled from Pact space entirely and branded dishonored, where they became easy targets for the Ruins hand and their allies, their leader, Duchess Satiirous being taken as a plaything for a Ruins Hand Clan Archon. While the leaders made no recorded statements to the effect, most agreed they where merely staying their tongue. Barda himself even met with Empress Zuki of the Persan, and Emperor Gridlock of the Zarbanians, to agree to support the Covenant of Mirus for now, but only because other events needed to be dealt with first. No one can say what the future holds for the fledgling Covenant...

After, the Chief Diplomat of the Mendel Pact, Barkka Juvonan, and the Artiko as his guard, where sent to meet with the Eldarisian in an attempt to normalize relations between the two alien powers. While starting somewhat amicable, the talks soon became colder as the talks went into the Waptorian conflict, and the resulting wars, as well as disagreements over Mendel policy. Several times, The Artiko and Eldarisian Prophet, Elka, argued back and forth over the Eldarisian's religious ideals. The talks revealed some disturbing accusations about the cluster of Waptorian worlds the Eldarisians attacked, such as the planet of Vecila, a local holy place to their godess Isha'nesh, being a hot-bed for sacred prositution and indulgence. After receiving such words, the Pact announced that isolation would remain, but they where more open to Eldarisian diplomatically. Still, the Pact did not stop with their dealings with the Mirusian Triumvirate, and indeed, the talks seemed to ignite a further fire in them to defeat the Eldarisian. They where liars, and had tried to smear the Waptorians as dogmatists.

Year Five - Eternal War Rising

The Rising of Eternal War began with the Berserker Onslaught that the Imperium of War had initiated ever since their betrayal in the Second War of Mirusian Coalition. They knew that, if they allowed the Imperium to win, all of Mirus would suffer Eternal War as the consequence. With so much riding on the coming battles, Barda and the other High Kings declared a crusade among the Mendel people, rallying them to war against the Imperium, just as they had years earlier against the Tyranny. As such, many warriors gathered, from either mercenary guilds or Corsair Clans, or from other galaxies, to finish the Imperium of War off once more, this time, hopefully once and for all.

Commanders where gathered from across Mendel space, including Mentrex, Ryaler, Kiun, Saren, and several of the finest Mendel Warriors and Chieftains among them. Readying their most brutal weapons, they knew they where in for a bitter fight. The Rising of Eternal War would prove to be one of the most bloody eras in Mendel history, since the Fall of the Multus Esse, and would have lasting consequences for the future of Mirus.

The Berserker Onslaught swept over the Waptoria Alliance of Species with a speed few could have predicted. Then, reaching Mednel borders, it seemed to slow down. Entire fleets dug in between the border of conquered Waptorian and yet-free Waptorian/Mendel space, making it look as if the Imperium was preparing for a period of seige warfare. Knowing the price of a protacted seige, the Mendle called upon their closest brothers, the Unified Federation of Glory, to reinforce them. The Federation responded in kind, sending legions of Clett Clones to the High King's aid. However, this left the Federation's own borders undermanned, and that was what the Imperium had been waiting for. Immediately, a second wave was launched. Evanding the Mendel borders completely, the renewed Berserker Onslaught conquered Mirusian Federation space within weeks.

And then they hit Matrukoris itself. The Greater Mirusian Church of Spode roused it's full might in order to protect the sacred city and meet the Onslaught head-on. By this point beseiged on all sides by the Imperium, the Mendel could not help. For a few precarious hours, it looked as both fleets were matched, and even that the Church could push the Imperium back. Then the Brotherhood of Darklings itself arrived, and the chances turned in favor of the Imperium once more. In the end, it became clear to the Church that Matrukoris was lost, and that they would not be able to reach their own home planets in time. Evacuating as much civilians as they could, they fought a path trough the seige, at much cost, into Mendel space. With the bulk of it's fleet gone, the territories held by the Mirusian Church, too, were overrun.

The Mendel had been preparing for the day they could end the hateful Imperium of War once and for all. The two where mirrors to one another, a fact neither liked. However, both nations had been trapped in a stalemate for years, the Mendel never able to finish the Imperium due to Zarbanian intervention, and vice a versa. With the Zarbanians on their side, the High Kings hoped that they would fare a little bit better. Indeed, as soon as the War-Imperial conquest reached the Zarbanian borders, all Darkling aid mysteriously vanished, and the Berserker Onslaught was fought to a standstill above Blarene.

Given fresh courage by this news, the Mendel challenged the Imperium to do battle above Kodalore. What they were facing was a siege force, not a force armed for outright conquest, but the battle was savage nevertheless. The Battle for Kodalore was tipped in favor of the Mendel and eventually won when the Draekar Dominion a rear attack on the War-Imperial lines. With Draekan reinforcements, the Federation Clones that had come to the Mendel's aid, and the Waptorian and Mirusian Spodist soldiers that had sought refuge amongst the Pact, the Mendel won the battle and attempted a daring breakout. Set aback by the sudden halt of their momentum, the Mendel seiged the innitative. Linking up with the Persan and the Zarbanians, they grudgingly called for the Xonexi to open up a second front in the south, and, hoping this would sifficiently distract the Imperium of War, began their reconquest.

Year Six - War's End

And thus ends this long war. Now Mirus can step forward into a renewed time of peace. Before we set our eyes on other enemies

- Casi Lwerian'ca

With the tide slowly turning, the Mendel where joined by increasing numbers of allies, including the French, Eldarisian, and Hegemony, all traitors and cowards in the eyes of Mendel. Despite their alliance, the Mendel would happily have continued to fight the Xonexi forces if the Imperium did not pose a more dangerous enemy at the moment. The Troodontid Empire, who had left isolation to lend their full support against the Imperium, and who revealed themselves only once the allied forces started the reconquest of Waptorian space, where viewed just a little better. The Mendel still remebered how the Troodontids and their android forces had abandonned the Waptoria to fight the Imperium of War alone when the tide had turned in favor of their arch-enemy almost six years ago.

The Mendel where further angered when the French told them they would not be allowed to keep the gains of their conquest against the Imperium of War, something seen as blasphemous to the warrior race. They would conquer world after world, only so the Xonexi could reap the benefits? Yet again, many Warriors demanded the High Lord oppose the French/Eldarisian forces and their betrayal. The High Kings themselves questioned whether it was still worth it to fight alongside such greedy and untrustworthy allies.

Eventually, the Mendel, and their allies, managed to invade Warminz and put an end to the Imperium. The battle of Warminz, while not as gruelling as the battle for Demogorgon Prime, would be all the bloodier for it, due to far less supersoldiers and much more regular infantry being involved. In the end, a carpet of dead littered the streets of the planet in some places, but the deed was done. The Dragowar Imperator, Caligustus, had finally been slain, and the Imperium of War was no more.

After the War, the Mendel where left broken, resentful and tittering on the edge of tribalism and savagery on some worlds. Many Koatria, warriors scared to the Mendel and viewed with the highest respect, where slaughtered by Hegemony Strike Teams and Darkling Hunters, leaving the Ultra Commandos dangerously undermanned. Many of these loses where from Koatria cadets still training, some still children. Many Mendel where left embittered and enraged. Their children, their parents and siblings, inheriting a bright future as Koatria had been cut down too early, leaving their parents and loved ones bitter and depressed, while the Hegemony simply left for home, celebrating their victory. Many friends and family had been lost on Matrukoris when it almost fell to the Darklings, and many Olympian chapters where left at half strength or worse. Against all odds, however, the Black Templars chapter had remained strong. Many Mendel would look to them as a source of strength; strong, dutiful, and, most of all, enraged at the Hegemony and Xonexi.

Covenant of Mirus[]

Bask upon your victory, Xonexi, but one day, this Covenant will fall, and it shall be the Sons and Daughters of Hoorangiir who cast it down!

- Comacar O'Kariin in his personal journal

After the war, many Mendel felt embittered. The problems of the Hegemony and of the Eldarisian had barely been addressed in their minds. The creation and work of the Mirusian Triumvirate, however, coördinated a check-and-balance on the Covenant, refusing to move forward until France stepped down and the Waptoria Alliance were given leadership. Finally, France conceded. With one battle won, the Mendel and the other members prepared for far worse political tussles with the likes of the Xonexi.

In a private meeting with the Triumvirate, the Waptoria outlined their plans for the Covenant and the UAE to ultimately be made one, using the Covenant's diplomatic and military clout to further the goals of the UAE. Using the combined power of a combined Mirusian vote, they hoped to put a more effective check on Xonexi control, and finally turn the area around Demogorgon Prime into a neutral zone, abeit under French stewardship. The Zarbanians delegates, lead by Bisarko, flat out laughed in their faces, while the Mendel chided them for being so naïve in the face of imperialism.

Meeting in the Waptorian capital of Viel, the Mendel and Zarbanians went along with the Covenant's agreements, mostly because the Zarbanians simply wanted to limit the power of the Xonexi, while the Mendel bitterly felt they had to go along with it, but where satisfied that the Xonexi scum where held back, for now. Still, the Mendel would keep up their actions, working towards finding a loophole to allow them to finally force the Xonexi out. The Zarbanians, while less vocal and radical in their believes, still follows similar ideals.

Later, the Greater Mirusian Church of Spode was voted in as voting power in the Covenant, and kept a moderate view, straddling the fence between the Pro-Covenant Side, and the Anti-Covenant side, with many former Brotherhood members supporting the former, while most UNOS members supported the latter. Likewise, with the Federation bleed white by the wars with the Imperium, the Mendel had to take over not only keeping the government running, but also representing it's interests in the Covenant, giving them a bit more clout.

Despite the distrust, or maybe because of it, many dishonored Mendel who had left their Clans journeyed to the Andromedan world of Praestol, forming small communities on it, and mostly working as mercenaries for the various cooperations that worked to control the planet. As few Mendel had any positive view towards Andromeda as a whole, these small groups where able to etch out their existence in relative peace, away from the oversight of the Clan Council and the Draoithe Conclave.

Avalôtur Covenant and the Mendel[]

No matter what we have done, the outer universe still sees Mirus as a war torn wreck. They still see us as barbarians, "natives". I have tried and slaved to see my people be brought into the wider Gigaqudrant. An alliance with the New Republic, membership in the Mou'Cyran accords, a briefly successful war against the likes of the Xonexi. No matter what, it seems, we are doomed to forever be seen as a little wreck of the galaxy that will always need others to "Guide us", like we are naïve children who need help, who need an adult to hold our hand. It embitters me to no end. The Kicath and the like are upset over our attitude. Let them see what we have seen, and then let them judge us. They sit on the top of Gigaquadratic affairs, respected by all. They've never been on the bottom, treated with distrust and apathy.

- Barda Clett to his fellow High Kings

Five years later, the Pact, now settling down after the problems involving the Xonexi and the Imperium of War, began to rebuild and recraft their empire. While not welcoming towards the Xonexi, over past grudges, which the Mendel where infamous for holding onto, they ultimately did warm up to them, in the hopes of a better future, with those more welcoming learning to respect the Xonexi, though many still did not trust them. Specifically, the Eldarisian Empire was still kept at arms length, and the Mendel even began implementing the same head-hunting policies as the Persan, offering rewards in exchange for Eldarisian heads, and expanded that policy to include Hegemony individuals, though the Mendel wanted the latter alive, for reasons often involving torture. Many Mendel still nursed a hate towards them over the fact the Covenant would not allow them to kick out the hateful creatures from their own galaxy. Within the Covenant of Mirus, the Persan began lobbying for an aggressive stance against the newly formed Scelus, though was meet with a lukewarm response. The Mendel eagerly wanted to go to war, warning the Scelus must b destroyed before they became too great a threat. This was generally ignored, and the Mendel where left angered they could not do what needed to be done.

Things appeared to be going well, though the announcement of the Avalôtur Covenant would cause another stir in the Mendel, and for many, reopened old wounds from the Xonexi Schism. Meeting in discussion, the Mendel made a proclamation denouncing the Covenant as nothing more then thinly veiled imperialism on the part of the Empire. After a brief and fiery exchange with both Remnant and the Empire, the Pact declared isolation from the 2, their allies in the Persan Descendants not far behind. While their relations where embittered with the Kicath, they cared little. They had stood the brunt of Imperialism once before, and refused to do so again.

Many Mendel began to grow resentful over how their galaxy was being treated, as just more territory for foreign powers to come and go as they liked and take what they wished. First being made to join the Covenant of Mirus, now this, had gone a long way to making the Mendel feel a cold fury build within them, and chaff under the blatant disrespect they had received from other powers. Despite all their attempts, it seemed, to try and become a force in the wider gigaquadrant worthy of respect, like joining the Mou'cyran Accords, the Mendel felt it was for naught, and indeed, many feeling a growing resentment towards the wider Gigaquadrant for marginalizing them.

Plazith Rim Expansion[]

With the War over, the Pact began another era of expansion and colonization in the Milky Way galaxy. While Mirus was devastated, and would need time to repair it's infrastructure from the fighting, The Plazith Rim colonies where thriving. With their populations high, and a need to reinforce the Mendel's political power, the High Lords ordered a new wave of colonies to be established, alongside those of Zarbania. This was not only to increase their holdings, and their influence in the galaxy, but to help assist relations with Zarbania and bring in new races to their fold. There was also another, secret reason. The Mendel, through their counter-spying network, knew the Eldarisian secretly wanted their colonies. So, to keep them away, military production and colonization was increased to keep such aliens away from their territory.

The Pact began making plans for potential problems with any other races. They had been caught unawares before, but now stood ready and seething with hatred. Part of their plan including boosting recruitment rates for the Koatria Protectors, a new, semi-autonomous force within the Enlightenment Alliance that was building up it's ranks to destroy the Hegemony with vengeance. A new Olympian chapter, the Avenging Guard, was formed to combat the Eldarisian, Hegemony, and any others that wanted to stand alongside them. This Olympian chapter was indoctrinated with loyalty to the Pact, so as not to hold back it's ability to fight any XA-related threats. Individuals that where known to have been indoctrinated by the Eldarisian where taken and sent to reeducation camps, to save them from their "waking deaths". Weapons research was upped further, and starships designs where being tested out, and the fleet expanded. Further battlesuit designs where being implemented, and more weapons where being tested for battle. The Mendel never forgive, and certainly never forgot a trespass.

United Gigaquadrantic Alliance[]

If the New Republic wishes peace and prosperity, then we shall assist in making our brothers' and sisters' vision a reality. This new Alliance shall be instrumental in achieving long term peace and order.

- Comacar O'karrin

Following this secret build-up, the Mendel Pact was informed of the New Cyrannian Republic's formation of the United Gigaquadrantic Alliance, an alliance meant to prevent any further disagreements and infighting between members of the Gigaquadrant. Indeed, the Mendel where enthusiastic over the idea, and supportive due in large part to their allies' formation of such an ambitious project. The Mendel immediately threw their support behind it, followed by their allies in the Waptoria and the Persan. The Zarbanians neglected such an ideal, believing that, such an alliance was unneeded, and that they did not need to join such an organization to maintain peace, though did say if need be, they would support it.

Despite, they where displeased to hear the French Empire had joined the Alliance as well, though hid their disgust and anger behind a veil of apathy and an uncaring attitude. Back in Mirus, the Mendel began preparing their warriors for an eventual conflict with the Scelus Purification, disgusted with the Covenant and their inability to stand against the issue, preparing axe and sword for the battle to come. As par their commitment to the UGA, the Mendel donated around 13,000,000 troops and vehicles to the Peacekeeper Corps within the UGA, serving alongside Persan, Drodo, French and members of the Stellar Union, and making them the third most active member in the Peacekeeper corps. Here, they would be involved in numerous peacekeeping operations, though many of these earned the glee of the Mendel, as it brought them into contact with other warrior races much like themselves.

The Mendel also began to be regarded as the most stubborn, angry members, notable for not liking and standing opposed to just about everything the French and PAE tried to pass in the Alliance during their tenure, and outright ignore certain things, such as refusing to adopt the standards on the Declaration of War, believing their Codex of Honor just fine. As such, the Mendel have quickly established themselves, ironically enough, as conservative compared to most other members, doing their part for their brothers and sisters in the Republic, but out-right refusing to listen to anyone else when it comes to change.

At this time, the territory within their control that formerly belonged to the Imperium of War began to become more and more of a trouble spot, as was common in former War-Imperial holdings. Rather then brutalize them, the Mendel instead took to offering them chances to vent their battle lust towards enemies of the Pact, commonly Warmaster-loyalist Dragowar and their minion races, keeping the territories under Mendel command relatively peaceful, though largely because most of it's warrior population was shipped off to fight elsewhere. Still, many where left uncertain was to what would happen when they returned, and the Mendel leadership did consider issuing sterilization orders if the population continued to move against them.

Later, the Stellar Union began trading with the Pact, and opened an embassy upon the planet of W'alor to increase relations further with the Pact.

Da Reckoning[]

We must give thanks to the gods for sending us such powerful opponents. Hoorangiir must have lost faith in his sons and daughters, and sought to test us. These Loron are the ultimate test, one we shall conquer, and prove to the galaxy just how powerful we truly are!

- Commander Ryaler to his troops

The Mendel Pact, during the days of Da Reckoning, was more then prepared, and quite exuberant to start fighting. For them, one of the greatest possible challenges in the universe was Da Rogue Boyz, and Loron like them, for few other races could match their power and strength. In Mirus, the Loron where but a small challenge. But, these Borealis Loron offered something greater to the Warrior-Clans. So, with Da Rogue fleets ready to besiege Borealis, Cyrannus, Plazith and Andromeda in a massive crusade, the Mendel warriors gathered in their colonies and prepared to fight alongside their allies once more. To combat this issue, 4 of Curiantau'va's students where awakened and brought back on line for service. Each would lead operations and fleets in a certain galaxy. Ryaler and his students would engage in Borealis, Kiun and Kaworfol Nieras would join Mentrex and his forces in defending Cyrannus, and Saren would rally forces for the battle in Plazith.

Joining their forces where large numbers of Orgaat Carnivores, Togunda Brotherhoods and Guilds, and forces from all over, from Vior'tal, Jeroi and Ambisagrus, which all had experience fighting such foes as the Skordi and Dragowar. The Mendel hoped this experience would help stem the tide of the Loron. Kadalian Giants where deployed in a variety of regiments and cadres, the Mendel hoping to use their incredible strength to counter the Loron's own power. With this done, the Mendel war machine stood ready. Nothing would stop them now from claiming glory in the Clans' names.

Outside of this, the Mendel bitterly began to accept that they would have to work with the Xonexi to ensure their safety. Knowing that, if the UAE could be propped up, they could at least challenge the French and Xonexi on near equal footing in the battle of ideals. With the Galactic Empire waiting for the right moment, the Mendel High Lords knew they faced a tenuous situation. Despite many of their kinsmen's calls for continued resistance, they knew the could ill afford such things. This did not mean, however, they would welcome the Xonexi with open arms. They maintained a tight, controlled trade with them, keeping all interactions timed, monitored and useful to the Pact.

A ban on Eldarisia was put into affect again, and it was at this moment that the Pact began to adopt the policies of head-hunting and the like from the Persan. Despite all of this, the Mendel still did not trust the Xonexi for much, and would continue to pursue advancing their military technology, just incase the Xonexi stepped out of line. As such, the Mirusian Triumvirate evolved to be more of a watch dog for the Covenant, rather then a dissident group. The line between the two, however, was extremely thin.

Milky Way Front

The Milky Way battle began when the Loron Warboss, Yar'khal, a practically brutal Loron who claimed descent from the first Loron Boss, Trenn'fal, sought to build his own fleet and gain a position of power among Da Rogue Boyz. Though limited by Boss Hagto'Zhl's command, he soon used the opportunity presented by the DCP-Apalos skirmish with Hagoto's fleet to break off and seek his own glory. Following him where a range of troops, from dissatisfied, poorly armed militia troops shanghaied into fighting, to some of the best ships the Loron could offer. The disheveled strength, from near ultraterristrial, to poorly equipped, would be a truly difficult foe for the Mendel.

The Loron would arrive at the Planet of Jeroi, a Kodalorian colony, and landed there, their first parties cut down by Walgolorian Gvanta scout teams, who where quickly routed and killed by the Loron's own version of these stealthy warriors; the Sneakiez. Not expecting such tactics from Loron, the Gvanta under Mer'doth retreated, heading back to camp and leaving many of their veterans behind. This marked the first open engagement between Rogue Boy Loron and Mendel forces in battle. Commander Saren began making preparations to face this threat with a better respect for the Loron's cunning, as one of Yar'khal's retainers, Grimm'Killa, marshalled more forces to face this new threat. Mendel and Loron alike awaited the next battle with excitement and enthusiasm, relishing a glorious battle to come.

Cyrannus Front

With the slaughtering of the Libertus Colony of Nevrasón, the Mendel immediately prepared for a counter attack of their own, vowing on their ancestors and gods to help the New Republic in their time of need and fight the Loron in Cyrannus as well. Tasking both Commanders Kiun and Kaworvol with ending this threat, both gathered two massive fleets, enough to conquer whole sectors, and moved to Cyrannus, further bolstered by forces raised in Cyrannus. Eager for blood, youngster and elder alike sharpened their blades for battle.

Borealis Front (possibly)

The Voidwalker[]

This machine of death and fire, shall become the source of our ascension. I believe, that, if the Council so wishes, we should make all attempts to capture this Voidwalker, and, failing that, cut off and transport as much technology and data from it as possible in the hopes of finally advancing ourselves. The races of the Gigaquadrant look upon us as backward and inferior. Perhaps with technology far beyond them at our fingertips, they can stand to show a little respect our way.

- Chief Scientist Kaaris Trivan

While the Reckoning was occurring, the Gigaquadrant was shocked by news of a vessel under the control of the now extinct Zhulutlu, called the Voidwalker, had appeared in Andromeda. Many began heading there to see what the vessel held, and the Mendel where no exception. While it's Highlords where hesitant about controlling such technology from a race with such a dark history. Their Chief Scientists, however, assured the High Lords and the council that the Voidwalker would be a source of great, untapped potential, and would help their goal of vengeance against the Hegemony and Eldarisian.

With this in mind, the Mendel sent a whole company of Super-Commandos to capture the VoidWalker and bring it to Mendel space for study, dissection and reverse engineering. Lead by Judicator Bjorta Mecdwerka, the Mendel aimed to grab as much for themselves, and share their bounty with their allies. They where slightly perturbed to find others there, but Bjorta, a veteran of the Battle of Venetia, was rather happy to see their New Republic allies also coming to study it.

The Scelus Purification[]

Zaraturai preserve us! Never have I seen such a vile horde adapt to our power so quickly, through body and strategy. As fast as these beasts evolve, we must evolve our technology faster, for I fear the Pact will drown in blood, be it the Scelus, or the Pact's own.

- Commander Harkor

Neraida War[]

The Blade of the Void arrives with the other ships, his fleet no far behind.

These Neriada certainly strike with fearsome ardor. Indeed, it is easy to attack rapaciously when one lacks any soul or pride. But, this same drive is also their undoing. Unlike true soldiers and warriors, they cannot understand what to fight for, only to fight with. This strength is to be made their weakness, and our advantage.

- Carchal Nal

When the Mendel Councilors caught wind of the Neraida Gigamatrix's attack on the New Cyrannian Republic, they where angered to find such a foul attack on their comrades in arms, and those they had sworn to protect. Amassing a mighty fleet, alongside the Waptoria, the Mendel placed Commander Carchal Nal in command of the fleet. From the barbaric Orgaat, and the Ugandalorian themselves, the Mendel had prepared all hands for their coming war. Canons where readied, armor polished, blades sharpened, all the warriors within the fleet where excited and ready to fight. It was the Battle of Coruanthor that awakened their wrath. Ashamed of their inability to help fight off the Gigamatrix, the Mendel arrived, contacting their allies for where the fleet was gathering. Arriving there with the Waptoria, Commander Carchal Nal declared he would take the head of the Neraida leaders and cut down every drone he could find.

The Allied Fleet arrived in the Viridescent Nebula, catching the Neraida fleet off guard, as the Admiral Cretacea ordered the allied forces to move forward, each and everyone of them ready to fight. As the fleets engaged the Neraida, Carchal, organized his forces in a spear-head formation, his ships pushed forward like a hunter's arrow, Orgaat vessels moving along the side to attack the Neraida in close, as Togunda and Mendel vessels pushed down the middle. Even while under heavy fire, Carchal kept his forces moving, declaring that the light rain storm the Neraida thrown at them could do nothing to them.

As the enemy fleet crumbled, the allied forces bombarded the lead Cube, as it finally cracked and broke under the intense bombardment. Finally, it finally shattered, it's remains scattered along the Nebula. War cries went through the Mendel fleet, Ugandalorians raising their fists and blades to the air, as Orgaat shrieked and called out to the ancestors. Carchal quieted his warriors' celebration. There was still much that had to be done, and the fight had only just started.

Mendel forces, alongside their Waptorian allies, would, alongside the other Mou'Cyran Accord members, begin a running battle with the Neraida Forces, exchanging fire with countless armadas across New Republic borders. Their favored strategy mostly involved using their superior shielding to draw the Neraida into asteroid fields, where their Mendel/Togunda/Orgaat vessels would have the advantage, and pose a great risk to Neraida mobility. Still, the Mendel where mindfully aware that for every victory, the Gigamatrix was evolving and preparing for a countermeasure, and kept in close contact with the allies for new information.

Ultimately, their strategy succeeded, with the New Republic able to find a virus upon the world Aevarin Prime, and although it had to be destroyed due to Neraida infestation, the victory ultimately allowed the Allies to prepare the virus they would need to end the Neraida once and for all. Carchal gave a speech to his troops, and the Waptoria and Persan, that their fight was to the core, to face the Neraida and their bastard leaders. With that, they began to prepare, ships repaired and refitted, as they began the journey.

Finding Bisistar ships already engaged, the Allies rallied under the Cognatus vessel Herald of Retribution, and charged forward, Carchal's forces deploying their Vengeance-class Frigates to maximum effect against the advanced shielding of the Neraida. With that finally done, the fleets prepared a two-pronged attack, one lead by the former-Neraida Selanius prepared a strike force to attack the core directly, while Carchal, Forterra, and the Cogsangui Chieftain Voro Acetenus prepared their forces to act as a distraction. Deploying his best Super-Commandos, alongside the savage Orgaat, Carchal and his allies did their part, plying their strength against the hordes of drones. Many Orgaat died to give Carchal's Super-Commandos, and the Cognatus Warriors, a chance, but ultimately, they where victorious, the virus applied just in time by the Last Nagith Vanikaimar. Carchal and his warriors celebrated their victory alongside their allies, Carchal promising, alongside his warriors, to name their children after those that fell this day in glorious battle. After the Orgaat finished ritually devouring their kindred, they joined the Mendel fleet and left after celebration concluded, returning to much fanfare across their space.

Carchal meet with Docarrick Beroya during the celebrations, and was informed, everything was indeed safe in Mendel space. The Draiiuds, at the conclusion of the celebrations, began a tally, to find the names of all warriors of the Allies who had fallen in glorious battle against the Neraida, in defense of others, and to erect a massive stone bearing the fallen names.

This war lead to an increased interest amongst the Mendel towards pursuing relations with the Cognatus under Voro, seeing them as kindred warriors worthy of respect.

The Hand of Retribution[]

The Day has arrived. Now, vengeance shall fall upon the Xonexi with all the power at our disposal. The False Kings where willing to sit upon their thrones and let us suffer, without trying to avenge that which was lost, to solve the Xonexi issue and destroy them. Today, I set this wrong, right. I send the Xonexi back to hell they crawled out of, and I lead you, my loyal subjects, to victory.

- The Absolute Lord of the Mendel Pact

The era of peace that followed the Xonexi peace would be a bitter one. As the Three High Kings set about attempting to improve upon their military, and expand their fleets for future engagements, many within the Pact felt the High King simply hadn't done enough, that their efforts where a dishonor to the warriors that had died serving the empire, and every Mendel felt a deep insult at having to share space with the Hegemony and Eldarisian, after the atrocities they had committed. Still, Barda Clett reminded his people that they where in no position to attack now, and they must simply wait, and rebuild before they tried to hit the Xonexi again, from a different angle, the idea being to, not defeat them through force, but rather through political maneuvering and guile. This did not stop the Pact and it's leaders from snapping and acting in a rather passive-aggressive matter towards France and the Xonexi on the public stage, however.

Many where not satisfied with this, but many still trusted Barda, Comacar and Casio, for their rule, despite, had been wise and beneficial to the Pact. There was one, however, who would not accept this. From seemingly no where, came the a being who called himself the Hand of Retribution, a mysterious figure to many, his name unknown, his actions, however, speaking on his behalf to many Clans. He had gathered a strong following, and began his rise to power by gaining the trust and allegiance of Ord Acaya, the Supreme Leader of the Empyreals of W'alor. His plan for power was simple. The Hand would remove the High Kings of the Walgolorian and Kodalorians, before anyone realized what was happening. Then, once he defeated Barda, he could command the absolute power of the Pact and leverage it against the Xonexi.

As The Hand challenged Comacar to combat, Ord Acaya called the Council of W'alor, and, utilizing his position, had Casio and His Clan exiled from Walgolorian borders. The Hand, meanwhile defeated and killed Comacar at the same time. What The Hand did not count upon, was Phase-Hunter. The Human had been tracking The Hand since he first became a political force, and when he caught wind of The Hand's actions, made his way to Ugandalore to warn the last High King of the trouble heading his way. The Hand's agents, however, intercepted Phase before he could get the word out to Clett, and the Hand meet Barda, challenging the elder warrior to a battle for the position of High King, ultimately winning and taking the helm of leadership from Barda's corpse. Phase arrived just in time to see his oldest friend cut down, and was driven mad with grief. Throwing himself at the Hand, his strength almost proved too much for the usurper, before he was defeated, the Hand taking out his left eye, and carving the markings of Shame and failure into Phase's body. Phase retreated, going into exile as the Hand set up puppet rulers to keep with the illusion there where three High Kings, when, in reality, he owned the Pact on every level.

As he took command, he became aware of a Multus Esse battle station located within the Mendel territories that where once Drakodominatus. The Station had been cloaked for some time, but only now did it finally reveal itself. Visiting the station after his ascension, he found the archives of the station spoke of the "Ultimate Weapon or Warrior" within it's deepest holds. Believing he could use whatever this construct was to win out over the Xonexi, The Hand began plans to move his forces to the Dominatus Territories and attack the Xonexi with everything he had, as well as this new weapon. Already, he had picked his pirst target. But until then, he kept his intentions hidden a little longer.

Meanwhile, Barda's wife, Forbila, began gathering Clans who did not wish to follow the Hand, fearful of his intentions, or believing in Barda's vision for the Mendel people. As they gathered together, Forbila took on leading them, but knew she could not lead them forever, and another, younger warrior would have to step up. At that moment, her daughter, Kirta Clett, had been visiting Zarbanian territory, and just so happened to be on her way to fighting The Hand, more to avenge her father then to really help the Mendel people. Managing to get her daughter to meet with her, Forbila, and Kirta's brother, Takanius, convinced her that it was her destiny to lead the Mendel people through this hardship. At the same time, Forbila tracked down Phase-Hunter, having cut himself off from everyone, and going into a downward spiral that would destroy his life. Managing to help him defeat a group of assassins sent by the Hand, Forbila convinced Phase to join Kirta's movement, and give him purpose. Phase resultantly agreed, joining the great fleet, and becoming something of a mentor for Kirta.

Hegemony's Ruin[]

The first of the missions undertaken after the rise of the Hand of Retribution was a crusade against the Mirusian territories of the Hegemony. The Hand attempted to get the Zarbanians and Persan to join him, but both refuse. The Zarbanians were worried he might reignite conflict with them once he finishes with the Xonexi, while the Persan considered him a traitor to Mendel ideals. The Hand, for his part, considered both traitors. Nevertheless, he gathered many dissedents to his side, and, fuelled with vengeance, laid waste to the Hegemony in Mirus. Not just military targets were bombed with nuclear fire, but also civilian centers. When the Mendel landed, orders were given to slaughter every last man, woman and child, and frightingly, were mostly carried out. The Hand did nothing to reign in the brutality of his troops, and even encouraged it. Afterwards, many of the Hegemony's worlds in Mirus were cracked by planet busters, or turned into radioactive tomb worlds that could not be inhabited. While the Hand did not have the fleet power to strike the Hegemony's homeworlds in Andromeda, he could at leats prevent them from ever returning to Mirus.

Of course, the atrocities of the Hand were quickly found out, and he was sumonned to the Covenant of Mirus to stand trail. The Hand spat in the face of the messenger and detained him, which much of the Covenant saw as an open act of war.

Afterwards, the Hand send Kiun and Ryaler to secure the borders near French and Eldarisian territory. They promptly faked their loss, making it appear Brotherhood forces got them, and establish a series of Enclaves to prepare for the coming war. Taking his massive fleet to the Dominatus territory, the Hand prepared to fight the Xonexi in an all-out battle, setting up shop in a secret Multus Esse station, and preparing whatever secret weapon lay within it's depths to fight the Xonexi.

Gathering Allies and Xonexi response[]

Kirta at this point was not inactive. Having gathered a sufficient force of Clans and warriors to fight back against the Hand, Kirta lead her forces to Persan territory after they extended the offer, and begin to meet with their advisors, including her mother, Forbila, Phase-Hunter, and others, to plan their next move. Many spoke of joining the Xonexi and allied response that would see the Hand cast off his throne, and join their offensive. However, Kirta had another plan. Phase had spoken of the Hand's plan, one massive fleet to hit the Xonexi, and a second one to guard the Hand's base. Obviously, the Mendel could, with enough allies, overtake the second fleet, and attack his base directly, while the Xonexi held the first fleet in position.

Many of her comrades raised concerns. The idea could work, but their forces where not large enough to engage the Second Fleet directly without aid. Kirta merely said that there was much work to be done, then, and believed the other Mendel splinter factions, such as the Ruins Hand, could be used to strengthen their forces. The Advisors voiced their anger and distrust, that such deviants could not be trusted. Kirta felt they could be useful, so long as they where brought into Mendel culture and taught to work with the Pact, could be made all the better. Little did she know, her first allies would come to her, sooner then she thought.

As she was about to adjourn her council, seemingly from no where, came one of the warriors belonging to the Polychromatic Cult, the Bards and performers of Mendel legends. The Warriors around Kirta rose as the strange being approached, each step taken with a strange hop, as the being made an exaggerated bow. He spoke in a sing-song voice, saying his brothers and sisters knew the location of the Ruins Hand, and where willing to help Kirta. They said that she and her followers was destined to rule the Mendel Pact, not The Hand and his ilk. The Cult would join Kirta's forces, and help reunite the people of the Mendel, for the Time of Rekindling was nigh, when all Mendel would stand as one.

Following their information, Kirta journeyed to find the secret capital of the Ruin's Hand.

Return of the Reclaimers[]

Kirta would, after gathering her forces, meet up with the United fleets, made up of her allies of Mirus, and the Persan, the Covenant of Mirus, the New Cyrannian Republic and Rambo Nation, gathered to put an end to the End of Retribution, as Hrothur Tenauo lead his own fleet to retake Ugandalore. The Gathered Fleet with Kirta would assault the Hand in his personal base, a station built by the Multus Esse. The Multus themselves came, telling the allies they could not harm the station, but had to do whatever it took to defeat the Hand of Retribution, before he unleashed the "Ultimate Weapon", which he would misuse for his own power if he got his hands on them. With this done, Kirta made her plan with the other fleets. As they locked down the first Fleet, her own would engage the second Fleet around the space station.

The fleets did as planned, each one engaging the Fleets of the Hand of Retribution, Kirta leading her combined Mendel/Dead Watch/Tul'Kaarin fleet against the Hand's own, and managing to not only surprise them, but board the station with significant forces and attack the Hand directly. She and Phase-Hunter engaged the Hand's forces on numerous levels of the Station, as their soldiers kept many other busy. At one point, they even made it into the place where the ultimate weapon was stored, and discovered it to be (NO SPOILERS XD). Shocked and horrified, the 2 sealed them away, after many of the Hand's soldiers where killed, and put the Ultimate Weapon back in storage.

As they made their way deeper in, they found Kurlos Saayrun, the leader of the Mendel Intelligence services, who had betrayed information from Barda to the Hand, and had tricked Phase into believing Kurlos would help deal with the Hand, ready with several cybernetically enhanced warriors who had received similar upgrades to Phase. Phase-Hunter engaged them hoping to distract them while Kirta killed the Hand of Retribution. The 9 had managed to surprise him, but this time, he displayed a more ruthless edge, sending them over a chasm or into space instead of simply killing them with his fists, guns and swords, as he found out the hard way they had the same cybernetics as he did. At last, he fought them all off, and got into a bareknuckle/gunfight with Kurlos. After getting severely injured Phase managed to overpower Kurlos, and sent him over the edge of the chasm, killing him. Phase, as he lost blood, saw the ghost of his friend Barda, who gave him words of encouragement, and told him to keep on protecting his family, and living a good life without his old issues holding him back.

Kirta meanwhile, fought the Hand head on, the Hand demonstrating his new powers over light, and almost killing Kirta in their duel, Kirta first using her sword, then her fists to keep the Hand from over-powering her. Although her power impressed the Hand, and he offered to share command with her, she refused, now fully accepting her role as leader and telling him she would not live in the Pact so long as he commanded it. As the Hand grabbed her by the head, and threatened to use his elemental power of light to burn her face off and kill her, Kirta used her own power to send thousands of volts coursing up his arm, directing it to only damage his arm, and causing him to release her. With her hand near her father's pistol, Kirta challenged the Hand to one last quick-draw, to see if fate really had chosen him to lead. Knowing his weak hand was being used, the Hand accepted anyway, declaring his path to be the one guided by justice, and drew, only for Kirta to draw faster and shot him in the head, killing him.

As she made her way to tell the fleets to stand down, her father's ghost appeared to her, telling her to not doubt herself and to keep going forward, and telling her how proud he was of her. Kirta promised to finish what he started, and unite the Clans in greater purpose. Although most of the forces stood down, many hardliners to the Hand of Retribution retreated into Hyperspace, escaping Kirta and her forces, while Mendel forces began rounding up those loyal to the Hand to either stand trial, or interrogate them about their loyalty to the Hand.

Meanwhile Hrothur battled his way to the homeworld, the Vashari turning on the Hand thanks to the efforts of XV-1138, and deployed forces to aid those loyal to Kirta, and wishing to wipe out the Lagorthene savages the Hand's commander, Fenric Vermillion had unleashed upon the Mendel. Hrothur received much help from the Kaguran, especially Clan Lord Abu Kolotai, and moved to quickly to destroy the Lagorthene savages. Hrothur killed many of the Lagorthene by himself, though with great difficulty, and killed the Mendel commander of Eire, placed in charge by The Hand, and military governor until his return, Katrus Ardach, though lied to his followers regarding his death, closing off all communications, and intending to keep control of Eire as long as he could. Hrothur defeated Katrus, and Abu Kolotai personally executed Katrus for putting his people through so much heartach and suffering. With that, the Hand's forces where destroyed and Eire returned to the proper rulers.

Kirta returned, giving her father a proper burial, and looking over the plains near her Clan Hold, enjoying the moment of peace, before she went out and accepted her role as High Queen until 2 others could be elected to hold the title of High King of Kodalon and W'alor. Phase, meanwhile, began using his money to organize a Foundation to look into other children of the Cletts, and hopefully give them guidance, protection, and a slice of the Clett fortune.

She would travel to the other Mendel movements, and seek to learn their ways, believing unity would come from first hand knowledge of the other. She journied to the homeworld of the Tabeka, Nevokuras, and sought to learn from them and their art of shadows and stealth. She drank and rode with the nomads of the Ashi'yyar, as well as getting their tribal leaders to cease their racial hatreds for the rest of the Pact. She journied far across the stars to find the nomadic Tal'yayir and contacted them. After awakening from Cryosleep, the Elders met with her and spoke for many hours, discussing the ways of the Oyri'ramikad and the Tal'yayir, and though could not join her Pact, agreed to honor it, if she could lead them to a new home.

These efforts to earn the respect of so many different Mendel, earned the eternal respect of her kin, who declared her a true leader who could stand head and shoulders above most others.

The Claim of Thorns[]

Of course the Raptoraneans would not forgive the slaughter of their sons and daughters. The Waptoria were truly stupid to think that would go over well, even if those Eldarisian murderers shared their love of nature. Now we shal go and unify the Raptoranens with their nightly kin, just as we mendel united with Dead Watch!

- Commander Harkor

Marinus' Rebellion[]

Another failure. It seems that Marinus' bark was stronger than his bite. Such proimse he had, promising to stand up against the Xonexi. All talk, it seems like. Why, the Talven have even become part of the Xonexi council themselves! ...I wonder, sometimes, if we must draw the blade ourselves...But then, can we risk another Hand of Retribution? And at what cost?

- Comacar O'Kariin

Mirus Divided[]


Operation Phoenix[]


Qliphoggr's Ascension[]

This shall be the anvil on which old alliances will be reforged anew. Into the forge of battle, unto the crucible of victory!

- Kirta Clett

Second Great Cyrannian War[]

Sharpen your blades lads. This won't be easy.

- Fen Shesara

When news hit the Mendel Pact's Clan leaders of the destruction of Mou'Cyran, it could not come at a worse time. While their war with the Hand of Retribution was over, and their people had recovered, trying to move on despite their anger and rage, the news that the world that represented so much to them, a world of co-existence and respect with another power besides those of their closest comrades, had been destroyed and snuffed out, sent many into a rage. The destruction of their warriors in the Pax Infinitus Armada and those visiting Mou'Cyran hit the Mendel pact with much anger and rage. Many Clans swore that for the destruction of their kindred, the Galactic Empire would be snuffed out, without one remnant left to carry the torch. Kirta Clett, Casio Lwerian'ca and Konnie Chatel, the newly elected High Kings/High Queen of the Mendel Pact where understandably angered, but also weary. This would be the first major conflict the new High King of the Kodalorians, Konnie and High Queen of the Ugandalorians, Kirta would be leading, and the stakes could not be higher. The Galactic Empire had decapitated their allies in one strike, destroying their senate, president and any other major leaders in charge. While the Clans where now drive and united in one purpose, if they lost, she knew this could potentially be the end of the Mendel Pact, and all it's races as a whole, forever. Either that, or they would end up as slave stock for the Galactic Empire or the like, neither fate very appealing. Despite, Kirta organized the Clan Lords, Chieftains, Draiiud and Matriarchs and the vote was without opposition; To war with the Empire. The Three High Rulers considered their options carefully. While the fleet had been beefed up recently, and the Ruins Hand and Tul'Kaarin brought with them new numbers and ship designs, it was a mater of who had the best chance of leading them to victory.

Already in Cyrannus, Commander Fen Shesara was about to organize his Clans and lords under his control into a ally of the Resistance, called the Mendel Protectors, when news hit that Mou'Cyran was gone, and President Valkistair dead. Halting his move, Shesara awaited orders, as Commander Ryaler was awakened to lead the assault directly into Cyrannus, and would assume overall command. Ryaler's aggression, and great experience would serve the Cyrannus front well in the coming months and years. Meanwhile, his rivals, Saren, Kaworful and Kiun where placed on stand-by, and readied for whatever was to come in the other fronts, like Borealis, Plazith, and possibly at home. As well bringing Ryaler online and preparing his forces to move to Cyrannus, Kirta and her fellow rulers also began planning to help the Resistance move to Mirus, so they could recuperate from the Battle of Ambar, which had left them drained and left some of their leaders dead.

Kirta also asked Phase-Hunter to monitor the events in Cyrannus, and move if need be. The Human sternly agreed, wishing to kill the Empire and it's leaders after the children they had destroyed.

Battle of Frenal

The first battle the Pact would face would be right at their capital of Frenal, with Ryaler leading the Fleet efforts, as Docarrick Beroya lead the ground forces in the defense. Ryaler's forces where bolstered by the arrival of fleeing Waptorian and Persan forces, chased from their homes by the Empire. Organizing his forces, Ryaler turned Frenal into a indomitable fortress world, and, by time the Empire arrived, was ready for their foes and whatever they could throw. Despite, Ryaler was shocked by their numbers, but, through the coordination of his forces, was able to stalemate them, right before activating his Togunda allies, and bringing their mighty ships to bear. Hidden in an asteroid, the short aliens managed to bring their superior fire power to bear, and take down some of the Imperial ships, before the Captain of the Fleet, Titus Dromaeo, brought 3 of his ships out of hyperspace to flank the Togunda, 1 Judicator-class, and 2 Imperator-classes. Caught by surprise, they managed to destroy one vessel, and seriously damage 2 others, before Ryaler countered with his own trap, 6 Orgaat War-Spheres dropping out of Hyerspace to drop in behind the Imperials. While their primitive weapons did little damage, they managed to disgorge thousands of boarding craft, sending hordes of their hungry warriors aboard the 3 vessels to attack the crew.

The Persan, meanwhile, planned to destroy Titus and his flagship, the "New Order", with their super weapon, the Halvanhelev Cannon. As they prepared to destroy the New Order, another ship broadsided the Persan vessel, and allowed Titus the chance to escape, making a short hyperspace jump.

Meanwhile, the ground forces where engaged in a vast battle across the jungle world and near the capital city of Aran, fighting Imperial tanks, walkers and Stormtroopers with everything they had. Candarro Assault tanks clashed with Scout walkers, and even managed to bring down one or two assault walkers with concentrated Mass Driver fire. Mendel Warriors faced the Stormtroopers head-on, Walgolorian using their superior range, and Ugandalorian/Kodalorian forces closing in to tear them apart with sword and axe. Imperial Wardroids harassed Mendel lines constantly, repaing heavy causalities on their longer ranged forces with their hypermatter weaponry. Despite the difficulty, the Mendel/Persan/Waptorian forces managed to shatter Imperial forces, and send them into the jungles in all directions, but did not pursue.

As Imperial forces entered the deeper jungles, they where ambushed by Orgaat forces lead by G'ork himself, Chieftain of all Orgaat in Cyrannus. Taking out the scout trooper squadrons, the Orgaat managed to catch many by surprise, and take out many remaining troops, even destroying a few Assault Walkers with their massive Ornaloc beasts, and captured many, while feasting on the remains of the forces cut down, eager to taste the blood of Imperial forces. Even after the Persan killed the Field Commander, however, the majority of Imperial forces still managed to escape, after Titus returned, using his short hyperspace jump to appear above the city, bombarding areas of the jungle to allow his troops to escape, and burning the forests and homes of many Orgaat and outlying Clan-Forts of the Mendel, before he made his retreat.

Although victorious, it was not without a cost. Many Warriors had fallen in battle, and much of Frenal's surface around Aran was burnt to the ground or vaporized to ash, many Orgaat either dead or became displaced from "New Order's" bombardment. Even with a fleet and ground victory, much of Titus' forces still escaped to fight another day, and where still considered a massive threat by Mendel command. Ryaler, however, organized his forces, and prepared for a counter-offensive at once. Angered at the loss of their Clan-holdings on Frenal, many Orgaat and Mendel Clans swore on the Oathstones and to the Gods that this offense would not stand, and would hunt down Titus and his forces no matter where they ran too.

Mirusian Front

When the True Republic began making moves against Apollo's government, New Republic made several moves of their own to halt and slow down the rebels under Adelheidis, such as arresting the Praestor of Mirus for treason, such could not stop the New Republic from securing an alliance with Rambo Nation, or from already hooking her claws into Mirus, several governors joining her movement after the arrest of Praestor Waron Paratius, feeling Apollo's move and overstep of power. The Mendel and Persan, seeing this, would not allow their honored ally to fall into a two-front war and a civil war. The Clan Lords and Thanes gathered their forces, and placed them under the Command of Kiun. While smaller then Ryaler's forces, it would be enough to see the planets returned to the New Republic. While the Persan began a game of luring and trapping True Republic forces and move like a shadow over the True Republic's worlds, the Mendel approached it with a more subtle approach. While wishing to fight the traitors, the Mendel knew that every military deployment could be a costly one, and that they would need every man they could to fight the Empire. As such, Taidhleoir Diplomats where sent out, meeting and talking with the governors of various worlds and planets to try and bring them back to the New Republic. Much of it was either due to fears of the Mendel, who had gained a reputation for their barbaric and blood-thirsty ways, despite their loyalty, or simple pragmatism and trying to keep their power base.

The Mendel would move against Zebas, a few weeks after the Persan also began making moves against the True Republic. While attempts had been made to get the governor to surrender to Pact forces for weeks, due to the massive fleet and defenses he held, things had stalled, the governor, Jikon Kellinius, knowing his naval and ground defenses would make fighting him a difficult prospect. However, what he did not count on, where the Mining Guilds and Unions, groups very much in favor of Apollo's government and leadership, kept down by thinly veiled threats to their families by Kellinius and his pro-Adelheidis gangs and police forces. Kiun, however, had instructed the Taidhleoir attached to his forces to supply these miners with Walgolorian Pulse and Plasma weaponry. With this, he told the Guild working crews through his diplomats to wait, and that, when the Mendel landed, he would send a signal to them to begin their attacks.

Kiun launched his attack not a week after, expertly deploying his Togunda so as to put the True Republic in a vice, and sent boarding crew to take over the three Battle stations above Zebas, his warriors fight a long and hard battle to restore the three bases to their allies. After securing them, Kiun deployed his forces, fighting alongside them in his battlesuit and sending the signal to the miner guilds, who deployed their militia forces and took the fight to the True Republic's troopers with a vengeful fury. Hours of fighting went by, Walgolorian, Ugandalorian, Orgaat, Togunda and Vashari androids clashed with True Republic troops throughout the streets and buildings of Zebas' capital city. Though difficult, due to the Walgolorians' distaste for close combat, which True Republic forces quickly took advantage of, the battle was ultimately a Mendel victory, and, thanks to the Kiun's leadership, allowed the Mendel to suffer far less causalities then expected.

After the victory in Zebas, the Mendel began a temporary military occupation of Zebas, until the New Republic could be reinstated. So as not to appear the part of a conqueror of some sort, Kiun had the Mining Council take control, confident in their abilities and loyalty. After this, the person admiral Auvia appeared with her fleet, and, after much discussion, the two settled in their forces to await the arrival of the New Republic ambassador. To their surprise, a Tralor diplomat by the name of Rix was sent to speak with them. Although surprised, Kiun stated he had no doubts of Rix's loyalty, and the three spoke much of what was to come. The plan was simple. They would attack the Mirusian Capital of New Corulus, under True Republic control, and bring about an end to the True Republic's ambitions in Mirus. Leading the attack would be Aeranyeos, of the New Republic Star Destroyer "Behemoth". Kiun was honored to fight alongside the his allies, and offered to either take a subtle or direct approach in the battle, while Auvia stated her forces would gladly strike like the shadows against their treasonous foes. With this, Rix stated his joy of the accordance they had reached, and left, as the three allies prepared their forces for the coming battle. Kiun knew New Corulus would be a hard gambit to pull off, but he also knew his forces where well-equipped and ready to face this problem.

Rescue Operations

During the New Republic Civil War, the Mendel where made aware of the kidnapping and imprisonment of Apollo's son, Laoi Cretacea, on a Rambo Prison world. While hiestant to go to war with the Rambo after they had provided aid to them during the Mendel Schism, Kirta order Ryaler to send a small black ops force to assist the Republic, that, now, Rambard, High King of the Rambo, was dangerously unstable, and that the Republic was a more stable ally at the moment. As such, a task force was created, made up of two Koridable-class Battleships, and three Crigoa-class Frigates, lead by Ryaler's student, Kiess Valinor. Aboard, where multiple void-ready soldiers who could be launched to board and attack enemy ship crews, and a squadron of elite Super-Commandos, the Mendel's finest warriors dedicated to the execution of black ops warfare, and, within their area of expertise, was the rescue of prisoners of war, like Laoi.

As Kiess lead her fleet in support of the Republic fleets under Willelmus Cretacea, and assisted in damaging multiple Rambo ships with her battlesuit squadrons. Deploying on the ground, the Super-Commando squadron did not meet up with the Aldárae Knights Kara Inviá, Aoirtae Valaeris, Vanikaimar, and Saviki leader Qurik Skel. While they lead the actual rescue mission, the Super-Commandos, lead by Judicator Khamri Tolotai, a female Kaguran, launched a divisionary attack, drawing much of the prison camp's security forces to them, and giving the Aldárae Knights and Saviki a chance to infiltrate the camp. They just so happened to drop down and begin their mission as the Saviki sent their own forces to do the same job, the two working together to distract much of the guards. Afterward, the Super-Commandos left with the fleet, sharing with their comrades the disgusting horrors they had seen there, and leading some to question if the Rambo where as honorable as first thought.

Battle of Cianbur

Warriors, do not retreat until the last of our allies makes it through. We will hold of the tide no matter the odds!

- Commander Ryaler to his troops during the Imperial Ambush

Ryaler, and his warriors, eager to make up for lost time, and for the defilement of Frenal, were ready to launch a counter-attack, and the organized attack was nothing to balk at. Ryaler had mustered as many forces as he could, and was joined by the forces of the New Cyrannian Republic, Vanara Houses, Unified Order of Cognalorilos , Saviki Void Combine and the rebellious Empire of Free Planets all joined together to push into the planet of Cianbur, and deliver death to the Empire. They followed Titus's fleet to the world of Cianbur, and there, planned to conquer the world in the name of the Mou'Cyran Accords.

At first, the battle went in their favor, thing quickly turned against them and spiraled out of control with the arrival of the fleets under the command of Rela Loupál and Lucaevon_Pierea arrived, vastly out-numbering them, and forcing them to make an ordered retreat. Though he wished to fight, Ryaler soon realized that the situation could not be saved, and ordered his forces to cover the allied retreat alongside the Empire of Free Planets. As the fighting intensified, The Republic Admiral, Kuestantine found himself caught from allied support, and his dreadnought shot down by Imperial attacks. The allies continued their retreat, as Admiral Miru of the Vanara offered to stay behind in order to be taken prisoner, and, hopefully, hack Imperial Data Networks.

After all the allies were evacuated from the battle, the Mendel retreated, followed by the Empire of Free Planets. This loss was rather serious for the Pact, who were forced to send Kiun to help Ryaler re-constitute his losses, and begin anew. As his fleets were repaired, Ryaler was forced to wait as his forces were readied, and he was unable to lead any new assaults until the Pact got repairs made to their fleets. As such, much to his own chagrin, he was unable to participate in the The Crimson Nightmare campaign, wishing to test his skill against the Demons, and not leave his allies to have to face the nightmares alone without him. To compensate, he and Kiun swore they would redouble their efforts against the Empire. Though a disastrous defeat that took the Mendel out of the fight for a number of months, the Taidhleior quickly turned the campaign into a story of bravery and skill, that even with their losses, they could still make the Empire bleed. The Mendel Pact, after this incident, recognized the Empire of Free Planets as a sovereign nation, and established relations with them, impressed by their bravery and honor.

Fall of the Empire[]

After many long years of war with the Galactic Empire, the Republic would end up not only retaking the 12 Worlds but launch an attack on Orbispira. After Apollo sent word to the galaxies' various aliens and states to launch an attack on Orbispira itself and finally destroy the Emperor. Kirta and her commanders, along with four Imperial Knights of Zarbania were fighting forces of the Empire in the Outer Rim, besieging several worlds, as she sought the destruction of Chokuto Gredyc and his loyalists, though they escaped from her wrath, though Imperial Knight Caltoris Val Draigo seared and damaged his face. After five more years spent fighting Warlords, at one point, Kirta crossing blades with Phaedric Lord Crothal. After the Imperial Remnant surrounded, Kirta and her people retreated to their holds and lands, drinking in great amounts, and celebrating for many days. Sacrifices were given in thanks to Kadaii Hoorangiir, and resources were sent to damaged worlds such as Nosio to help repair the damage done by the Empire.

Kirta would, near the end of the Cyrannus Warlords Period, develop an interest in the Aldárae Order and the Zarbanian Imperial Knights, and begin toying with and laying down the ground-work for an Order for the Mendel to rely upon, and broaden their ideals and philosophy further.

Further support was given to the newly formed Empire of Zarbania, as the Mendel offered to help them expand their trade connections throughout the galaxy, and the First Gigaquadrant.

War of the Ancient Three[]

Around the same time as the Second Cyrannus Galactic War, the Mendel Pact also faced another challenge, with the Ganthorea rising in Borealis Galaxy once more. Realizing such a foe was a threat to the people of Borealis, who had allowed the Clans to settle there peacefully, and to the colonists themselves, the ruler of Hrothur Tenauo gathered the warriors of Mendel, Togunda and Orgaat origin, and rallied them to battle. He was joined by a large compliment of warriors from Mirus and the Milky Way, but was warned by the Pact that they could not afford to send large forces his way. With the Empire attempting to destroy the New Republic and it's allies, the Pact would have to play things carefully. Hrothur was not happy with this, knowing the Ganthora, or Morbuzahkia as his people called them, where a grave threat that far outstripped the Mendel. Their honor and courage could only do so much. Still, Hrothur felt no fear as he gathered his warriors, as well as his three sons to fight at his side. Arriving mere minutes before the allies where to depart to fight, Hrothur and his warriors went through the rituals, swearing on the Oathstone to stand by Borealis, until either her foes where dead, or they themselves fell.

The battle with the Ganthora was hard, their technology more then a match for the fleets of the Pact. Yet, their tenacity, and the strength of their allies pushed through, the Mendel constantly demanding to be on the forefront, and take the worst of the battle for their comrades in return, though Hrothur made sure to calm these sentiments as best he could, knowing how ferocious his people could get when denied their style of combat. While not present, Hrothur proved his strength once more, killing many of the advanced Ganthora combat forms and their slaves, as his warriors followed. Many songs would be written by the bards that day, telling of the bravery of many heroes, include Hrothur, and the other heroes of Borealis. After others destroyed the main hive mind, the fleets where ordered to open fire and bombard the planet from orbit, after it was evacuated. Hrothur and his Orgaat advisor, T'lor found many Shifters and Carnivores had become indoctrinated by brief contact with relics important to the Ganthora, and had consumed the flesh of dead Ganthora and Ganothra slave races. As such, the Orgaat Carnivores who did, where ruthlessly hunted down, least the taint make it's way into their genematrix.

Afterward, Hruthor and many of his best warriors volunteered to help hunt down any Ganthora remnants, at least three planets purged by Mendel forces on their way, on several more where they provided assistance to the other powers. As they where about to celebrate their victory, and guzzle down as much ale and Nuta'gal beer as they could, another threat rose among the dying stars of the Eastern Sphere of Borealis. The Kondrakar, a race of demonic-worshipping serpents, had arrived, destroying a number of scout fleets, and purging the remaining Ganthora worlds of life. This situation quickly became a nightmare. The Mendel had expected a glorious, but hard fought war against parasitic plants. The few ships, busted and damaged that barely escaped arrived back at Hrothur's main armada, screaming tales of blood-soaked beasts that came from fire, and nightmarish hallucinations, such as eyes growing spider limbs and crawling out of their heads, or their stomachs tearing open to reveal a hellish maw upon their flesh. Hrothur did not wish to try his luck, contacting his High Lords immediately, sending Kirta, Conie and Casio the images and scant recordings they could get on the Kondrakar's abilities.

The High Kings and High Queen immediately recognized the threat. The Mendel had fought the fearsome Brotherhood of Darklings, a race of nightmarish beings of eldritch power themselves, but what they unleashed was naught but a pale reflection of what the Kondrakar now held. They raised what forces they could, but with the Empire coming down, and worries of protecting the Cyrandia Resistance now hidden in Mirus, the few new forces raised seemed but a drop in the bucket. Hrothur and his Priests extoled his forces to remain steely in the face of the Kondrakar and their demonic warhosts. Fear and indecision would be the strengths of the Corruptus this day, while faith in Mother Zaraturai and the Ancestors would protect them. With their allies by their side, and their own ferocity, all that was left was to trust blade and blaster, and avoid the cruel fate that awaited them if the Kondrakar won.

Creation of the Knights of Eire and the Federation[]

After coming home from Cyrannus, victorious and with many trophies and tales to spread around their fires and camps of the battles they had seen, the Mendel and their other Mirusian comrades, and those of Tyris Major, began to formulate a new plan for the galaxy, the former UAE and Covenant of Mirus organizations, ideals and institutions rolled together and morphed into a new state, the Coalition-lead Galactic Federation of Free States and Alliances, which they hoped would become a central force in bringing unity and peace to the galaxy.



The Mendel are almost relentless with their ideals. Every victory in their history is celebrated as the greatest accomplishment and triumph the galaxy has ever seen. Every defeat, is either so small as to be ignored, or so mighty that it is a miracle whenever the Pact jump back form it, ignoring just how many have occurred. Every action that is just in their eyes is celebrated as the basis of their entire culture, while every dark moment of innocent blood on their hands is downplayed or ignored. While Mirus is torn apart, by the ravages of the Bio-Morphlings, the hunger of the Collective, and the imperialism of many of it's races, yet Mendel continue to act as though they and they alone are shinning example of white in a galaxy slated with grey and black, as though their heroic "noble savagery" cannot possibly be corrupted.

- Zarbanian Colonel Herig Van Halen on the nature of Mendel culture

Two Kulaung Clans engage in an honor duel, a common practice among many client races of Pact.

The Pact's citizens are varied aliens united by similar beliefs, attitudes and ideals, most members being martial in cultural aspect, and focused on tight-knit, large family units known as Clans. Every Clan is a democratic body, each member electing the next leader when the last dies, either of old age, stepping down, or being judged unworthy by the elders and general populace. Each and every member holds their honor and place within the Clan has all important, and if they feels they have failed or brought shame to it in some way, they will go about a quest or journey of some kind to cleanse themselves of the disgrace, though death is not required to complete said cleansing.

Oaths and promises of fulfillment are paramount to the Mendel, and many civil wars are started between Clans over one feeling the other has violated an oath, and, has time goes on, more and more Clans join, pointing fingers until a full-scale war is upon them. As such, it is the job of the High King or Queen to wade into the muck of Inter-Clan bickering and settle disputes among them without blades being drawn. Despite this constant bickering and feuding, it is generally stated the only thing Mendel hate more then each other is a trespasser or aggressor, and these will result in the whole Pact uniting to destroy whoever has violated their oaths or gained their enmity. Those that wrong them can be recorded in great books, known as "The Archives of HAtred", and be hounded for years after until they have repaid their debts, or been killed.

Despite their rowdy tempers and over-experience to drink, the Mendel are noted craftsmen and jewelry smiths. Every piece they design and make is considered a work of art and highly respectable. A Kulaung Trinket maker or engineer can spend years trying to forge the perfect rin, bracelet or sword, and are considered some of the top smiths around. Such fine crafting is reserved for fellow Mendel, as well as those allies they deem worthy. Anythat take from them or their treasures without permission will be hunted down as an oathbreaker.

Family and Clan[]

If you find yourself surrounded by strangers who don't care or despise you, take heart in that you are Mendel'kin. You are part of something far greater then yourself, and, somewhere out there, are a small handful just as crazy and willful as you.

- Comacar O'Kariin

A Central part of every Mendel movement is the Clan, or Akiit, which governs the territory of certain worlds and helps moderate and see to law on a world. Every Clan is ruled by a Head Patriarch/Matriarch, who heads the Clan's finances, military forces, and the various factories and other production areas that follow under their territory and command. Clans are bound by common laws that maintain peace and harmony between them, and all answer to the elected High King or Queen who is placed to keep the Clans and groups in line and organized in times of conflict.

Every race organizes under Clans, either from cultural osmosis from the Kulaung, or from their former culture hybridizing from Mendel ideals. Every Clan, no matter it's origins, will have a place, equal to other Clans within the great council, and be given their land and tribal holdings with equal coverage under the Tribal laws of the Mendel.


Within the broader Mendel culture, there are numerous interpretations on how to best follow their way of life and philosophy. Each Clan owes loyalty to one or more movement, depending on how individual members vote and wish to follow, with the Clan Lord being subject to his followers' and peoples' whims. No matter what they follow, each Movement supports the High King, so long as they feel he represents the will of the workers and members of the Clans.

Movements could be considered political parties within the wider context of Mendel society, though a far more complex and have a much deeper aspect within their lives.


The Guilds are a central part of business and trade within Mendel Borders. Outside of war, the trade of resources, construction of trinkets and harvesting of resources are some of the most important aspects to the Mendel. The Mendel's ideals mean the private ownership over a body that provides jobs and labor is deeply offensive, and each Guild has a number of Trade Unions within it, and each member gets just as much a say in how things ought to be run and how evenly pay is divided. Guild heads make slightly more, because they do more work, as Guild rank is decided by output and material work, not by esoteric ideals like "taking a risk" and "private ownership".

The most powerful Guilds include the Toolmaker's Guild, The Brewery Guild and Armorer's Guild. However, many, many guilds dot Mendel territory, from the Baker's Guild, Herder's Guild and a number of others. If one wishes to trade, they must consult the Guild who handles their commodity in question, and deal with their temperament arguing and stubborn tempers. Once an agreement is reached, the Mendel expect good, honest business and any attempt to deceive will immediately result in property being seized and the person potentially jailed.

Guilds due to their influence on trade, job creation and resource management, have strong influence in the local governments where they operate, their Guild Halls tall and strong structures, often built close to the resources they operate strongly with.


The modern Mendel language blends the 3 dialects used by the 3 main subspecies, and turns it into one language spoken by all members. The Language found use during the Desolation of the Bisistar, where Commodore Mentrex used it to unmask the shapeshfiters of allied nations who did not know it, Though this was only against allied races like the Persan and Waptorians.

There are an number of minor languages in the Mendel borders, such as the creaking calls of the Orgaaat, the Kaguran lexicon, and various others. Due to this, many children are implanted with small data chips that allow them to know a language at a very young age. However, they often have difficulty expressing emotion when speaking, and as such, if they do not practice a language a lot, their speech comes off as flat and robotic.


Through death, we become one. Our bodies rot and melt away, and all that is left is the blazing glory of our souls! Bound together to eternal bliss and prosperity! Such is willed by the Mother Goddess for her children!

- Mendel religious teaching

Kadaii Hoorangiir, one of the most popular gods in Mendel religion, who is also found in Vanara, Waptoria and Volver texts.

The Pact has long accepted aliens into it's ranks, and though each brought their own religion and ideals, in general they worship the Pathenon headed by Zaraturai, Mother Goddess and personification of Eire. Though they will adopt other dieties into the fold, they never the less maintain their own Gods as being a "First among Equals" Situation. Some of their major deities include Zaraturai, the benevolent mother-goddess of the Kulaung, and Hoorangiir, god of war, and one of their most popular deities. Each diety has a feast day and holidays where fighting is either limited or outright banned, and time at night,is spent in the hold feasting and drinking to their heart's content, while during the day, they dedicate themselves at temple to worshipping their Gods.

When the Mendel grow close to an ally, they will include their religion into their own, explaining why certain gods are so similar and add them to their pantheon of gods. So far, Vanara, Volver, and Waptoria gods have been included in their religion, as well as some Christian ideals.

Some Kulaung, due to their past, have taken to worshipping the Multus Esse as gods, or at least divinely inspired. The Multus have tried repeatedly to curve this attitude, but many of direct Mendel descent, and all humans within the Pact, worship them still.

The central theme of their religion is the ideals of the Oversoul, the unifing force of the afterlife, where their souls shall join together at the end of their lives under Zaraturai's watch to live in eternal bliss with their ancestors. Some of the greatest warriors, however, refuse this fate, joining Kadaii Hoorangiir in his Hall of Battles and Honor, where they train to protect the Oversoul from the End Times, and safe-guard the formation of the New Goddess. Those who dishonor their clan and ancestors may also suffer an eternity of being separated from the Oversoul, their souls denied a proper rest for as long as their crime denotes. After the End Times, Krongorak in their tongue, a new goddess shall be born from their souls, and, upon creating a new universe from the remains of the old, use the souls of their allies and themselves to craft a new race, one to carry on Mendel ideals, and the ways of their allies, thus making them eternal. It is said the new goddess, thus, shall be maintained by the collective worship of the Mendel descendent race and their allies.

Priests of the Mendel Gods are known as Draoithe, tribal/clan elders who have spent their lives contemplating and studying the religious works of old and teaching them to others who follow them, and sharing their wisdom with others. It is the job of the Draoithe to teach, guide and advise the members of the Clans who come to them, and commonly act as advisers to Clan Chieftains in matters of politics, diplomacy, trade and other fields. This is not to say these wise men are not above picking up arms and fighting when called upon. They are, afterall, Mendel first, priests second, and it is always their duty to defend Clan and home.

Overall the most common of the Religions is Zaraturaism, followed by Avaruhiisim, Waptorian and Volver believes, then Spodism and followed by several minor religions and ideals. Extra-galactic Colonies have variations on these religions, as well as beliefs taken from neighbors through trade and diplomacy.


Alcohol is fairly popular among the Pact. While all members drink spirit or Ale, most Mendel prefer wine. A common dish served with their alcohol are a platter of cheese sticks. It is common for members of the Mendel to share Cheese sticks when they have successful diplomatic meetings and celebration of a party. Most Alcohol packaging, brewing and fermentation is handled by the Brewery Guild, whose Brewmasters and Tappers operate drinking halls, Tap Rooms and Hostelries dotting Clan holdings, and they have great influence because of their kind's love of Wine, beer and ale. Many Kettles, bottles and barrels are shipped daily across their space, to parties and Halls that need them.

Nuta'gal or Black Ale, is a popular Mendel alcoholic drink that is popular among it's warriors during fighting and wars, and gained popularity during the Dominatus Wars. The Alcohol was made on Ugandalore, and gained popularity among other races once the Mendel allied with each other in Dominatus Wars. The liquor was noted for it's sweet taste and sticky substance. It the preferred alcohol of all inhabitants of the Pact, and among it's allied states. Raptoraneans, however, refuse to drink it, due to how bad sweet things taste to them. Nuta'gal is commonly shared among Mendel and their allies after battle. Barda Clett, Ugandalore the Untouchable, was noted for his liking of Nuta'gal.

Kraa'vee is the counter-part to Nuta'gal, and is noted for it's stronger, more bitter taste is most commonly used in field application for medical personal to disinfect wounds or relieve a subject's pain. Kraa'vee, as such, is brewed mostly for those who through painful field surgery or who need a pain killer. However, it's bitter taste makes it difficult to put down, and those new to it have trouble with it. However, many Mendel enjoy just as much as Nuta'gal, though reserve it for more special occasions, like when a war is ended, as well as field application. Commodore Mentrex enjoys the taste of Kraa'vee, somewhat to the shock of his crew.

Mendel Wine is a popular wine brewed by all members of the Pact. It's unknown where it originated, or which member originally had it, but all members brew it, employing different methods for each colony and species, but all generally the same. The wine is most popular during more formal events and occasions, and often used during diplomatic meetings between the Mendel and others. Mendel Wine is a common export to other nations. Casio Lwerin'ca enjoys Mendel Wine during his private meditations, as do his fellow Mendel High Lords. The few Dragowar in the Pact are also known to drank it with their meals, using whine to mask the taste of the raw meat they devour, a common Dragowar tradition.

Mendel Wine is among one of their top trade goods, and is ported to all sorts of races in other galaxies.

Jiheer Spirit is a colorless alcoholic spirit notable for it's burning taste and sensation once it enters the mouth and throat. It could be brewed from any fruit, though it's taste and texture changed depending on what fruit was used. Clan Taylor of Ugandalore was famous for it's brewing skills when it came to Jiheer, as where the Kodalorians of Clan Jabrondee. Jiheer Spirit is enjoyed by many of the clone soldiers in the Federation armies, as well as Raptoraneans, who normally shy away from alcoholic beverages. Ugandalorians joked one could use Jiheer to start fires if needed or degrease engine parts.

Kadalian Ale is a powerful drink drunk by Kadalians and brewed by them. The drink is so powerful, that all they, and few species with a strong enough liver, drink it, including Soldarians, and most notably, Karogon. A common misconception was that this was the most preferred drink among Kulaung, however, the drink is so powerful, that most avoid it, and say that's more useful as starship fuel and for explosives. Just a few small sips was recorded to have knocked out a grizzled Kulaung warrior on a bet. Kadalians, for their part, enjoy it frequently, finding Nuta'gal to soft for them.


Earlier in the history Ugandalorians history, one of their leaders, Ugandalore the Great, desiring to bring order to his soldiers and men, began writing a set of code of honor and strategy for his soldiers. Seeing the potential for destruction of the Dead Watch, Torscka Nitrocon wrote about a set of rules to keep his soldiers from degenerating into pirates and brutes. So, based on the six tenets of the Mendel; Armor, clan, defense, the pantheon, Language, and the Leader. While keeping the ideals of religion and the lordship of the Ugandalore High-kings as central themes, the Codex imparted the ideals of independent thought and rationality into their forces.

Basically, the biggest fear for the Ugandalorians is either, A) Degenerating into religious zealots. B) To become soulless warriors dedicated to simply following orders and only that. The Codex, as such, is designed to create forces capable of independent thought and action, but not totally dedicated to their lords if it violates the Codex and personal honor code.

The Codex, as such, is taught to Mendel children at a young age to impart honor and thought into them.


The Pact is home to many races, most of which are warrior in nature, due to the attitude taken by the founding members, and, as such, most are involved in the military, either directly or indirectly. Rivalries tend to exist within the Pact, though it is nothing too serious, and mostly reserved a friendly species rivalry. Upon joining the Pact, the leaders take an oath to respect the laws of Pact, their people, and all others and defend those that need it. The Pact will take steps to always incorporate new races within their fold, especially those they deem honorable in battle.

While the Ugandalorians and their the other sub-races, specially the Walgolorians and Kodalorians, are generally regarded as the leaders of the empire, great respect is given to the subordinate races, including Orgaat and Kadalians, and all who prove themselves have a place within the Pact, in whatever position they earn. One of the most mysterious groups are a race of worm-like creatures known as Yar'rik, who have only recently joined the empire in it's expansion. What role the group serves is unknown, though high ranking members call them "Mind-worms" and other similar names.

Other races who call the Pact home include the Kamaside, Kaguran, Jrekalian, Nithasaar, and even a number of humans, though ironically, these humans are not as common in the Milky Way as they are in Mirus. A number of immigrants, from their allies and neutral races, are allowed within Pact borders.

The Pact, it should be noted, originally did not support tourism, but as come to welcome it from other races who have come to visit their people. While not considered prime tourist attractions, the planets of the Pact do what they can to bring in visitors, who, hopefully, will see the greatness of the Pact, their way of life, and speak to other of it, and either join the pact as members or allies.


The Mendel Pact is ruled by a variety of lords and Councilors, mostly of Ugandalorians, Kodalorians, and Walgolorian descent. The ruling High Council, however, has members from all members of their races. Each race choses their leaders based off their old cultural believes, with those of direct Mendel descent choosing based off military experience, and political knowledge. Orgaat chose their Shifters from birth and what DNA they have absorbed, and Walgolorian also have members of the Empyrean Caste in the ruling council.

The Council is made up of several members though. Some handle military matters, some trade, and some religious matters. Planets are ruled by one ruler, a Supreme Chieftain who governs the planet, while a Councilor will govern over sectors of Mendel space. Underneath a Supreme Chieftain are the various Clan Lords, Orgaat Shifters, Aristocrats and other leaders that species answer to that manage small territories on planet and lead their people on planet.

Conquered races are allowed to keep their leaders, though while they can vote or chose any ruler into power, ultimately, where he or she keeps his position lies within the Conquering commander's decision, who, briefly, becomes Planetary Chieftain, until another takes power. As it is a meritocracy, any gender can earn it's way into the position of chieftain, and, even the conquering commander can keep his power so long as he proves capable of leading.

High King[]

Each system and Clan rules it's own affairs in Kulaung and Mendel society, and thus are fiercly independent by nature of the society they developed. They rarely gathered under a ruler, and see little need for a centralized government except to parse out laws and trade agreements with outsiders. But, intimes of challenge and hardship, a King must arise among them to take control and lead them through their difficult times. A being of any gender, the High King or Queen rules their people as long as there are foes to be fought and wars to be won, and moment such trials pass, immediatly steps down to observe the laws of the Mendel.

The High King can be anyone, not just a Clan Patriarch, but they must be Mendel, having spoken the language, observed some of the traditions and display a clear and present devotion and loyalty to the Clans and their ways. An outsider may try, but the inability to recite any word or show any deed among the Clans that earned them their spot leaves them unable to claim the spot.

High Clan Council[]

The main form of governance among the Mendel, the High Clan Council is composed of the various Clans and tribes across the Pact's territory. From Mendel Clans, Orgaat Tribes and other similar family organizations. Every Clan is ruled and governed by a Clan Patriarch or matriarch, a leader who is chosen among the Clan for their leadership skills in battle and other fields, be considered the oldest and wisest of his or her kinsmen, befitting their meritocratic nature. This group also rules alongside planetary rulers and the representatives who also partake in the Council, though their position is lesser to the Clan Lords.

These Clan leaders elect the High Kings of the Pact, voting on behalf of the Clan they rule for the next High Lord. Their Clans do not organize into political parties, each Clan supporting their own views, but each Clan Lord working with their comrades to come to a compromise.

This Council further rules with the Draiothe Conclave to make decisions, putting much power in the Council, where's High Lords merely set policy, guide military action, and other tasks. It is the Council and Conclave's decision of whether to go with such policies, or to move against them if they go against their Clan's interests. As such, the Council can either be harmonious, or, most of the time, fractious and aggressive with one another.

Draoithe Conclave[]

Draoithe, are the Priests, shamans, and holy men of the Pact, are those priests who study the religious texts of their people, teach others of the gods, offer sermons and prayers, and even offer military aid at times. These holymen are common religious preachers in the colonies and holdings of the Mendel, either made up of people who joined from the start, or made up of retired warriors and others.

Draoithe are highly educated individuals, often acting as scholars, lawyers and other vocations outside of the holy path. As is the teachings of Zaraturai, one is to help their brothers in all fields, in any way possible with their knowledge and tools. Draiothe even have a say in government, though this position is balanced by the Clan Council.

Unlike the religious leaders of other nations, Draoithe are not conservative compared to most other Mendel. As the teachings of Hoorangiir emphasis change, progress, growth, and development, Mendel Draoithe are at least on some level, open to new ideals and viewpoints. Viewpoints from a different perspective offer a different view point, and allow the Priesthood to grow and develop along new lines, as Hoorangiir sees fit. Draoithe follow certain gods, and emulate them in certain ideals. Draoithe do not follow the Laughing God of Merriment, with his followers being the Bards instead.

This does not mean Draoithe are completely without care for their ideals. If threatened, such as during the wars against the Gardeili and their kin, the Draoithe take up arms alongside their Mendel brothers, carrying their own weapons and armor into battles, and taking on the appearance of a particular god they worship and study under. This received further organization under the High Kings called the Templar Order, a group of Warrior Monks who have recently arisen to defend their faith, and the faith of their allies in these trying times.


The Division of Mendel territory within Mirus.

The Mendel Pact holds many territories in the Mirus Galaxy, their home turf, centered round the world of Eire, the homeworld of the Kulaung. From here, nearly a million worlds answer to the Pact, each organized into Sept systems. As they expand, they will establish one Prime Colony that will act as the capital, and all worlds within a certain travel distance fall under the control of that Sept and it's government, making each planet largely independent, though still reliant. Each time the Pact expands, it will often come into contact with minor races and smaller empires that already inhabit a planet. As such, the Mendel usually employ their diplomats to bring such races into the fold and to help them assimilate into the greater empire as a whole, and, if that cannot be done, find trade and accordance with them.

Any who refuse are respectfully avoided, unless of course they simply wish to be trade partners, or they out right attack their diplomats, in which case they are swiftly conquered and forced to join the empire. Reeducation camps, and even reproduction control, are used to keep the population in check until they are deemed acceptable members of the Pact. Despite this seemingly aggressive style, the Pact is a sociable empire, who seeks cooperation with the other great races of the galaxy, though does come across as distrusting of outsiders at times.

However, the Mendel Pact has begun what they refer to as the "Age of Expansion", and are looking to colonize new territory in the Gigaquadrant in order to boost their power among the other races of the Gigaquadrant. Their goal is to ultimately expand into the other great galaxies of the Gigaquadrant and increase their political pull across the universe.

All three Mendel races colonized the Milky Way before they unified, settling next to one another, and trading and developing their abilities alongside other races, developing a warm and welcoming culture to outsiders. The Milky Way colony brings thousands of aliens from distant parts of the galaxy, trading and then letting them depart. Despite, they are still fierce warriors, having even faced the Loron (even if it was a small fragment, despite what their Bards would say). They are lead by Cucalin Rokonar.

The first galaxy they colonized in the Age of Expansion, was Cyrannus, after their defense of the New Republic world of Ventia and it's people. Here, they are lead by Docarrick Beroya, and have experienced some cultural infusion from the New Cyrannian Republic and other Cyrannian civilizations, with their Clans also adopting a hardline stance against the Empire, that soon caused them to join their allies in war.

The second galaxy they have established enclaves In is the Borealis Galaxy, with permission from a fellow Mou'cyran member, the Polar Crystal Alliance. Here, Hrothur Tenauo leads the biosterious and lively bands of Mendel Warriors and their allied Clans throughout the galaxy. While famous for their trading abilities and diplomatic tactics, they are no less brutal and war-hungry in battle.

Recently, with the rediscovery of the Phradox Galaxy, the Mendel Clans have spoken of establishing another foothold there, in remembrance of the war they fought there long ago, under Cadus Clett, and won many glorious victories against the Juggernaut forces. Kirta, wishing to honor her Great Grand-father, asked her fellow High Kings if such an endeavor was possible. The Three Came to the agreement to try it, and began preparing a fleet to establish a foothold there, in fact on the same world where they had set up under Cadus himself.


Due to the natural resistance to all elements the Ugandals have, the Mendel Pact is capable of colonizing almost any world. All members are extremely strong, and most very stubborn, so, naturally, when they set down, the Pact is very resistant towards being moved out, and will fight bitterly to maintain their new homes, no matter how strong the aggressor is.

The Mendel Pact lives in everything, from small towns that appear barely space faring, to massive cities run by various androids. They prefer to inhabit mostly colder regions, having a greater resistance to it, however, this is not always the case with some. Walgolorian and Orgaat, for example, prefer more desert regions and swamps, respectively, and Ugandalorians have colonized the swamp death world of Truxn.

Many members are nomadic in lifestyle, including the Orgaat, Nithasaar, Togunda, Jrekalian and some members of the Mendel subspecies themselves. Due to this, they can commonly be found on space ships and space stations, moving across the stars in search of colonies to establish, battles to be joined, or bounties to collect.

Notable Worlds[]

The Homeworld
Colonies - Colonized to deal with expanding population numbers and to harvest resources, obviously.
  • Vior'tal - Walogolorian colony, Military recruitment, capital ship producer.
  • Truxn - Ugandalorian colony, Military recruitment.
  • Tohoch - Orgaat homeworld. Military recruitment.
  • Terrakon - Sicorséach world, and capital of Mendel operations in the former Dominatus zone. Production and military colony.
  • Hunn - Former Dominatus Fortress world. Production colony.
  • Ferrus - Former Dominatus Fortress world. Production colony.
  • Wildern - Former Dominatus fortress world. Production colony.
Worlds with Mendel populations - These worlds are not actually under Mendel control, but feature some numbers of the them. Usually, Mendel go to where their allies are, but sometimes go to other worlds as well.
  • Praestol - Not a world under Mendel control, or their allies, but many dishonored Mendel go there, selling their services to the corperations on the planet, actin as enforcers or arm breakers for the various cartels and companies.


A warrior is defined by his victories. He is molded by his defeats.

- Proverb

The Mendel Pact uses the militaries of the Ugandalorians, the Kodalorians, and the Walgolorians, blending all their attack patterns together to create one powerful warmachine. During war, each race fills their roles, Kodalorians acting as shock troopers, Ugandalorians handling basic combat and black ops direction, and the Walgolorians bending enemies through long range combat. Since they are bio-engineered for war, many Mendel and other races have trouble understanding why some, such as humans, suffer issues against war. While not judgmental, there is a certain distaste towards pacifists, though they always the equally high honor of being diplomats.

Commonly, they will ask targets to surrender in order to minimize bloodshed and try and incorporate enemies into their ranks. One of their most common practices is adding tattoos to themselves as practice for war. Every battle they survive, they add new tattoos to their bodies in some pattern or area, usually blue, teal or green. As such, one can tell a hardened veteran from a fresh rookie. Other practices include wearing animal pelts for high ranking commanders, adorning their armor with talismans, and other "savage" traits. Despite this barbaric look and feel to them, Mendel Warriors of any race are highly discipline and organized, always giving an ordered retreat to higher ground, and stopping their attacks when the enemy surrenders. They even like to use their barbaric culture to unnerve outsiders, as they find making outsiders uncomfortable hilarious.

While Mendel prefer large, powerful ranged weapons (They are not ones for being subtle), Mendel also believe melee combat, specifically, unarmed combat, to be the highest form of battle, though this varies, with Ugandalorians and Kodalorians relishing the rush of melee combat, with their gigantic "claidheamh-mòr", the Walgolorian tend to avoid it more. All members commonly engage other warrior races in duels with their blades, believing it strengthens their bonds, and honors the gods of both races. Due to their alliance with the Vanara, some Ugandalorians have implemented the ideals of the Progressive Knife, combat blades that vibrate at high frequencies to increase their cut, and used them to strengthen their Claymores further, creating the Progressive Claymore.

The Mendel usually honor the one God of War,Kadaii Hoorangiir, Lord of Change and ruin among them, but who often takes on different aspects for the different sub-species of Mendel within the Pact, though he is usually the same deity among Ugandalorians, Kodalorians and Walgolorians. Culturally, most within the Mendel see conflict and war as a chance to grow and improve themselves, to make themselves stronger and honor their clans and appease their gods. While not as warlike as most races, when the Mendel wish to inflict damage and get to fighting, they mobilize their forces quickly in preparation for any sort of conflict, no matter how small.

Outside of war, Mendel warriors, especially Ugandalorians, Orgaat, and some others, are not adverse to working as mercenaries for their allies and some other sources, usually seen as auxiliaries serving in an allied force. However, the government sets strict standards on where they can work, and for who. While many can be found in such empires as the Volver, another warrior race known for working as bounty hunters, and the Waptoria, fewer are found in more natural empires, and working for criminal organizations is something they actively turn a blind eye to. While some, 5 at the most, can be found in cartels and syndicates, they are never officially sanctioned as a proper source of employment, and the government only outlaws such practices if the organization in question directly threatens the Mendel's stability.

When an empire is on the attack against a cartel, Mendel Warriors are ordered by government sanction to stand down and surrender. If they do fight back and manage to escape, they are immediately hunted down by fellow Mendel to stand trial before their Clan Chiefs for their actions.

Culturally, some look down upon it, but most see it as a good teaching mechanism, for it allows their warriors to make good money, find food sources, for the Orgaat, and learn to swallow their pride and work with lower members of society. Of course, Mendel are very silent and obedient towards their employers, but in private away from them display contempt and hatred for their hirers. Mendel mercenaries usually will turn away from jobs that require harming women and children, or go against their honor code. Orgaat usually accept only the toughest jobs they can, so they can find new food sources to strengthen their kin and themselves. Due to their habits, most extra-galactics are quite shocked to learn their employees eating habits.

Land Forces[]


Our forces march to the beat of Kadaii Hoorangiir's mighty fist. With his guidance, we are indomitable.

Large in body, and brutish in strength, Mendel warriors are powerful beings, some would say little more then beasts or brutes. Lumbering to war in plated armor and yielding high fire power and blades, Mendel Warriors are a frightening sight on the field, bellowing curses, commonly drunk, and, when their helmets are off and one can see their eyes, they see a being with the most primal, most potent bloodlust in his eyes, wide and hungry for slaughter. Mendel Warriors are indeed slow moving, compared to other infantry, but can shrug off all but the worst weapons. Upon their armor, are mounted great token and fetishes, either provided by their elders, or taken from their dead enemies and kinsmen. The pelts of savage war-beasts, the shrunken heads of the worst foes, the runes and symbols of clan and tribe, all dot one's armor. This, combined with their ritualized painting of both body and plate, makes every warrior unique and an individual, befitting the traditions of the Pact that the mighty are mightiest when brought together. One warrior can crush a kingdom. A regiment can cull a galaxy together.

Despite marching to war like eager, mad children, spoiling for a fight, Mendel Warriors are disciplined in all regards, following the tenets of their Codex of Honor and never straying from it's teachings, believing that certain things, such as harming children, or to harass women, is unbecoming of a true warrior, and cannot be forgiven. Every soldier, no matter how wild and bloody they may appear, is well trained, from the age of 7, to fight well, and behave better. in their firing ranks, Mendel warriors will fire disciplined volleys of plasma fire, each firing at the same time, each timed to take down the weakest targets, and stopping right as ordered.

Their weapons vary, depending on Clan, planet, criminal contacts, and even individual, each Mendel carrying either only essential weapons, such as blaster rifles, Sniper weapons and his ritual Claymore, while others lumber astride with mighty repeater guns and other fearsome tools of war. Some even carry upon them twin axes, and rush onto their foes for a glorious slaughter. While they do love high fire power, Mendel enjoy melee all the more, seeing it as the highest form of battle, and what truly separates canon fodder and weaklings, from true soldiers and warriors. As such, few weapons truly have the long ranged reach of some other factions, with the great exception of the Walgolorian. All, however, carry heavy fire power, as big guns may overheat, but they never tire. Once they meet an enemy the enjoys combat as much as they do, they will fight them with renewed vigor.

Warriors of the Pact are to be respected for their traditional way of fighting. Despite their warlike culture, Mendel Warriors are not soldiers by trade. They partake in daily jobs such as wood-cutting, farming and production and industry in their daily lives. Such hard, austere living puts them slightly behind others in production, but makes their bodies hard as the metal plate they wear, and is uncompromising as the thick, rooted trees they hack at in winter. Their main weakness, however, remains their low numbers. They cannot afford to get into Slug matches with races of greater size, and must rely on ambushes and strategic redeployment in order to gain the upper hand. They will commonly abandon one front if the battles prove too costly, often using orbital bombardments to weaken the world after withdrawing.


This is your empire too! Join the Pact and fight for it's freedom!

- Propaganda poster used to recruit from allied races.

The Auxiliary is the troops sent to support the Mendel Pact in conquest by it's allied nations and some species who are not official members, but still call the Pact home. Made up of Skordi Warbands, Togunda Brotherhoods, and Volver and Waptorian support forces, the Pact often asks for auxiliaries from it's allies to boost it's forces power, often for taking an important planet or when their forces are left undermanned in an area or planet that is highly vulnerable to enemy assault.

Auxiliaries serve for a number of reasons. For the Togunda and Skordi that call the Pact home, it is simply a matter of honor, and fighting alongside those who have given them a place within the Pact, and, in exchange, these troops will fight alongside the Pact in support. For the Waptorian and Volver, some gravitate towards the Mendel, either due to similarities between them, like with the Volver warriors, or a few find their own empire "boring" and seek adventure and new sights and sounds, like with many young Waptorians.

For auxiliaries, a group of 2-3 Rally-Masters will come to an allied world, one often known for producing auxiliaries for the Pact, and set up a recruitment station there, offering those that join rights of land, citizenship and property on the planet they fight on. Once they have gathered a large enough force of Auxiliaries from one world, they will move on to other sectors, as the troops left on the last planet gather up armaments and weapons. Once they have a large enough for from 1-4 planets, they will gather up their troops and move out.

Auxiliaries, while not part of the official army, are still treated with the same respect and admiration of full warriors, and are especially welcomed by commanders for the new weapons and combat techniques they bring to the field. Auxiliaries will commonly appoint a leader among their troops, commonly an elder auxiliary commander who has served far longer then the others, to lead them, and advice the Mendel Commanders on how to deploy their new troops, who they may or may not be used to using.

In exchange for this, the Mendel commonly allow a similar system with their own troops, sending mercenaries and other forces to fight alongside the allied forces when called upon.


We soar through the shadows, carving glory into the stars as we sail to victory, in Zaraturai's name.

The fleet, called the Warpath, is composed of the ships used by all members, but dominated by the Ugandalorians' fleet. Despite having different functions, like the army, they all work together to achieve victory, each complimenting the other in battle.

Overall, strategy revolves around attacking them enemy through blitzing, destroying their fleet, and doing as much damage as possible, before disappearing. It is only when dealing with central or capital worlds do the Warpath stand their ground and duke it out with space forces for extended periods.

At one point, the Pact emphasized ground combat more then anything, as they saw fleet work as dishonorable. However, after colonization in Cyrannus, and seeing the vast fleets there, as well as the beating their own forces took fighting the Bisitar, lead to command deciding that their fleets must be expanded, and their capabilities increased. It should be noted that, unlock the army and ground forces, the Warpath does have the same level of pride in their station as others, coming across as more "humble" then the ground forces, while still maintaining patriotic fever in themselves to keep morale up.

Since the defeats of the GXS and growing tensions with the Eldarisian, and rage over the Hegemony's actions, the Mendel have taken serious steps to expand their naval forces to deal with these potential future threats to their safety. Several new ships have made it into their ranks, included the powerful Tempest-class Destroyer and the Void Hunter-class Escort frigate. Such designs where meet with acceptance by the commanders of Pact, but the Pact did not stop this build up in new designs.

The Fleet seems to engage in the same practices as the ground forces, with marines, pilots, and engineers alike going through the same process of tattooing and painting themselves and their armor and uniforms, even painting their starfighters and capital ships with various patterns to represent the planet the ship hails from, it's pilot's Clan ancestors, or the god they seek to honor.


The Captains of the Mendel Pact, being trained from a young age for battle, are extremely experienced warriors, bale to hold their own in battle easily. Due to their early training, Captains merely receive their rank by impressing an elder warrior, who holds higher rank, and being recommended for the academy to further their combat skills in command.

Separate from the main command staff are the 3 Ugandalorian commanders, the Artiko, the most powerful of the warriors, who gives up command ability in order to personally serve his lord in battle, and the Ugandalore's Supreme Field and Fleet Marshals, designed to rally his forces for war, and help mobilize the pact's military forces.

Warriors, no matter the loss, we will fight. No matter what...

  • Name - Corin Hondo Maclon
  • Position - The Artiko
  • Species - Ugandalorian
  • Gender - Male

Corin Hondo Maclon is the current Artiko of the Pact, and given the rank after becoming a High Ranking Super Commando. Chosen by the Ugandalorian's current Lord of Super Commandos, Corin was brought to the Lord Ugandalore and his council of Clan Lords, shortly before the final battles in the Tyranny war, and offered the position of Artiko of the Pact, effectively making him the extension of the highest ranking lords among the Pact's will.

Corin would serve as Artiko throughout the beginning of the Pact, taking out threats to his lords and the Pact itself while it was forming. When the Pact was reformed, Corin rejoined.

As Artiko, Corin seeks to do the best he can, so as to honor his rank. While told he has nothing to prove, and should try to be his own warrior, Corin sees to it that he must honor the men and women who wore the Artiko armor before him. He is deeply loyal to his Clan, and the Ugandalorians, though feels put off by having to command so many other races, like the Orgaat and Kodalorians.

As he wears the old armor of the Artiko, Corin relies more skill, since the armor is more outdated. He normally carries his broad sword into battle, and short-barreled blaster rifle.


The Mendel Pact is a fairly advanced race, prone to either research, or taking enemy tech. They really have no problem with either. They make use of fairly advanced technology, from hyperspace and wormholes, to advanced heavy blaster weapons, their plasma weapons being the most unique. They do not need to stop firing to cool down or reload, and can fire constantly. The Mendel yield advanced Armor flight suits, and plated armor more durable then even most powered armors. AIs are a common feature in their armies and everyday lives, with Drones being used for everything, from basic combat, to assistance in labor, though reliance is never placed to heavily on them.

While considered still a relatively young race (thanks to being temporally removed from time by unknown forces up until modern days), the Mendel have made huge advancements in their stellar technology, and their advancement leads many to believe it may have something to do with their removal from time, or, perhaps, the Multus Esse altering their minds, allowing them to advance without any seeming difficulty, possibly done to help them rise against the Alpha Cyber Collective faster then before.

Despite their advanced life style, they prefer to keep a very tribal, almost barbaric look to all of their buildings, using wood, stone and sometimes marble to construct their buildings, though the more important structures receive modern materials, such as durasteel and other advanced metals. Similarly, they keep an almost primitive set of working tools and materials for their daily lives, though outside of this, are a fairly advanced people in their own right.

The Mendel hold many dark technologies, in fact, and use tech that their allies may not even be aware of it. Whether it is greed, or protecting allies from it is unknown, but they only bring these secret weapons and devices to bear when they feel it needed.


The Bigger the gun, the better the party.

- Proverb.

The Mendel Pact deploys a variety of weapons, most Ugandal in origin, but all members produce certain weapons for their units, while maintaining their own forces. When working together, the weapons they make are designed to be compatible with all units, not just those who yielded the weapon. If a Walgolorian falls, then a Ugandalorian may pick up his Plasma Carbine and use it still. Their favored melee weapons include advanced broadswords, claymores and the axe. The Mendel are fond of these brutal tools, feeling fencing blades and katannas to thin and "dainty" for their use, and feeling combat knives too tiny, though they do have their purpose in some cases.

The Pact commonly dedicate their weapons to certain gods they favor. Most members prefer fighting up close against enemies, though have no issue with shooting them down. When challenged to one on one combat, the Mendel will eagerly bring their axe or claymore and charge forward, ready to face a worthy enemy in glorious close quarters combat.

While they prefer melee combat, seeing it as the highest form of battle, outside of unarmed combat, the Mendel also favor massive amounts of fire power and large-scaled guns to bring down on their foe. Mendel are not ones known for being subtle, and as such, don't care often how loud or powerful their ranged weapons are, simply enjoying the sound of the weapon firing and the feel of recoil.

Other Important aspects[]


The Mendel Pact's intelligence organization, Eye of the Warp, has 2 different organizations responsible for gathering intelligence, weeding out rebels, and performing various acts of espionage, including infiltration, assassination, and sabotage.

The first branch, Black watch, is designed to protect domestic intelligence and fight foreign spies and invaders. Black Watch, has such, is seen as a shadowy group, watching over society, while mercilessly executing invading agents and infiltrators. Black Watch is a silent observer on military campaigns, watching out for their commanders against enemy spies and assassins.

The second branch, Outrider, is in charge of infiltrating enemy societies, and providing military commanders with details about enemy command structure, control, and direction of enemy movement, while also hacking into computer databases, and gaining top-secret information. Outrider expertises on multiple cultures and ways of life, and can blend in to any society. Their training includes planning on even making war with allies, just in case something goes wrong.


The Mendel follow a very isolated way of doing things, and many are actually uncomfortable with the steps The Three Highlords are taking to get them more acclimated to modern galactic politics and the gigaquadratic stage. As such, the Pact usually only makes contact with allies when on accident, usually, running into them while exploring and traveling the galaxy, and usually do not make attempts to contact other races, with a joke among their allies being that the Mendel are actually very shy.

The Three Highlords broke this practice by joining the battle of Venetia, and signing agreements with the New Cyrannian Republic, and joining the Mou'Cyran Accords, something they are big proponent of it's goals and ideals. After this, they came into contact with various other Accord members, including the Polar Crystal Alliance, the Adaisical Technocracy, and the Eldarasian Empire, to name a few. The Pact, due to some negative interactions in past, have generally become more insular and negative towards other empires, especially disliking such groups as the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and The Pan-Andromedan Ecumen, viewing them as imperialists and arrogant snubs.

While once they attempted to make themselves felt by other powers, the actions under taken against them and their allies during the gigaquadrantic conflicts have left them hateful, bitter and angry as of late, the believe in their message of equality and cooperation through the Abiding Truth and Kadaii Hoorangiir's wisdom will fall on deaf ears, and the only thing left for them is to protect their allies and comrades, and help only those that need it. unable to get back at the Eldarisian and Hegemony in anyway has done much to add to these feelings of resentment. After the defeat and death of the Hand of Retribution, The Mendel began to calm down and simmer their tempers, and, as such, softened their stance a bit towards the French Empire and the Xonexi, though still dislike the Covenant of Mirus. Amusingly, or perhaps morbidly enough, the Mendel have not stopped their Eldarisian Headhunting even after Kirta came to power, laughing at the idea of ending it, and offering more money for those that could get Eldarisian heads when they made the mistake of coming into Mendel territory.

Criminal elements, with the exception of the Shadow Hunters, are actually welcomed under the table by the Pact, mostly due to the fact Orgaat, Ugandalorians and other members are common bounty hunters and mercenaries. Because of this, black markets exist on certain worlds of theirs and are used to often pick up illegal (and highly dangerous) weapons for the battlefield. These dealings are kept on the side, and (most of the time) a High King or Chieftain would never be caught making deals with criminal cartels, syndicates and consortiums.

The Mendel are known to be both fully capable of forgiving foes who fight honorably, integrating their culture not their own, in the hopes of reaching a mutual understanding with those they deem worthy, but are also noted to be able to a hold a grudge like no other. Mendel Clans who have wronged each other can maintain fierce rivalries for years, and this extends into politics, with nations the Mendel "don't like" being treated with a rather cold air at best, and out-right violence at worst.

Crossed Swords.png Confederation[]

In unity, there is strength.

Green face.png Part of[]

Honor and glory guide our paths together.

Green face.png Allies[]

Though our bodies are different, our souls are united with bonds thinker then any blood.

  • Multus Esse - You blessed us with form and purpose. Such a gift will not ever be forgotten, creators.
  • Volver Empire - Brother-warriors. Compassionate and equally spiritual. Such is always to be respected.
  • Lavatuft Empire - Born of Fire, yet with spirits that shine far brighter then any element.
  • Church of Spode - Do not fall for their honeyed words. These Xonexi are as trustworthy as shadows.
  • Waptoria Alliance of Species - Clever...
  • Antroth Empire - They are honorable warriors, for sure, even if they need witchcraft.
  • Unified Federation of Glory - Sister state, glorious sister state.
  • Vanara Houses - We have stood long by each other, and will always.
  • Empire of Zarbania - No matter what government form you take, we will stand by you.
  • Rovegar Matriarchy - Happy to be of assistance, lasses. We'll try not to call ya Witch-Hags anymore. We'll try.

Blue face.png Close Relations[]

A brother to one is a brother to all. Rely upon us for any of your needs, and we will not disappoint.

  • Soldarian Empire - They are masters of battle, to be sure, yet they lack the balance to understand peace fully.
  • Cathonian Collective - Quite strong in body.
  • Mercuris Federation - We need more contact.
  • Drodo Empire - Their a tad to close to France. Though those Ceildehleese are worthy of respect.
  • Stellar Union - The universe is a hateful place. Many have shown that. But, we hope to show a universe worth far more then that.
  • Vogrik Directorate - Trade flows like blood for an empire.
  • Rambo Nation - You helped save us from the Hand of Retribution. We will save you from the Empire.

Yellow face.png Neutral[]

To be uncertain in these times is dangerous, friend. You had best decide if you are our brother, or not.

  • Cradosan Empire - We cannot tell what side they are on nowadays.
  • Duthidania - We are unsure what happened to them...
  • United Lanat Empire - Great warriors in the field, yet lacking in compassion towards outsiders. Brutality has a way of coming back at one.
  • Biskin Empire - We now see they are not our enemies. While their leader is distant towards us, we would like further contact, if possible.
  • Draconid Imperium - Stay out of our way. We will have no reason to slaughter you again if stay out.
  • Unified Nation of Ottzello - Perhaps they will be supportive when it comes time to split with France.
  • Kicathian Republic - We will put aside our troubles with you, and seek the total destruction of the empire together.
  • French Empire - You...
  • Galactic Gymphic Kingdom - Trade established. Here's to a long relationship.
  • Tairex Trade Hegemony - Our relationship is strange. We are connected, yet at odds.

Orange face.png Disliked[]

You are on our bad side. You had best keep your tongue in check, least it gets removed from your jaws.

  • Byzantoi Imperium - The Multus chose us, not you.
  • Hermicee Legion - Disorganized creatures that do not deserve life. Such pests are a plague more then anything.
  • Mirus Loron - Unfortunate that you are no as challenging as your Borealian kin. Perhaps you would actually do some damage if your where under effective warlords.
  • New Zua-Zaoi Empire - Talc'ka'nar Forces. No matter where they run, we must be ready.
  • Xonexi Allies - Hm. How disgusting. Ironic they accuse the DCP of creating disunity and disturbing peace, when they do no better.
    • Tybunsen Federation - Scum. Lacking utterly in manhood and courage. Go back to hiding in the shadows like good little cowards.
    • Eldarisian Empire - Watch your mouths. We still don't trust baby killers.
  • Aeoneonatrix - The influence of these demon worshippers must be contained. You shall not have our souls.
  • Magellanic Reich - Xenophobic human invaders from Terra. They come here for conquest and 'Alien death', but they will find only our blades and flamethrowers awaiting them.

Red face.png Enemies[]

You have chosen to stand before the void. Your pitiful prayers for mercy will meet deaf ears.

Quotes from others[]

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A great destiny awaits you, most prized of our creations. I have no doubt you shall fulfill it in it's entirety.

- Kossi'Valicar of the Multus Esse

Well, well the unification of all Ugandalorian sub-species as well as quiet a few others, well done, well done indeed.

- Empress Besta of the Vanara Empire

Lucklily they don't run into battle naked and with their bodies painted blue. I know there is a Raptoranean clan that does.

- W'tze of the Waptoria Alliance of Species

You think your unity can save you. You are nothing to the superior race I shall create. You will fall before me the GOD of the new world!

- Krad of the Vanara Singularity

Our civilisations may seem different, but the alliance between the New Republic and the Mendel Pact is strong and healthy. They have our eternal gratitude for rallying to our defence in our conflict against the Bisistar.

- President Apaltar

A civilization who loves to drink alcohol? I love this nation!

- Agent X-30 of the Plazith Leagues Agency

Analysis... strong genes and traits all throughout... impressive technology, especially in weapons, tend to lack in range though ... elemental powers impressive and varied... belief in Oversoul useful for further mental integration, intense aggression and warrior culture useful for war creatures/Conclusion... assimilate all genes to use in war creatures... integrate all weapons technology mostly for use in short range war creatures, exception made for Wagalorian weaponry... maintain belief in Oversoul, but reject concept of Oversoul and maintain warrior culture and aggression.

- Scelus Purification

Living for so long is such a grand advantage, we have so much time to wait and simply watch as your people falter and become weak as the centuries pass by. Let us hope your future generations realize their mistakes, because I will still be young and alive when they walk these worlds.

- Judge Cloden of Eldarisia

A proud people, who have endured much hardship though endured it all. Who fought against those who deemed themselves better than the Mendel themselves. They still endured! A remarkable feat that earns respect and admiration. We share a mutual dislike for the French Empire

- Rambert Ramveral of Rambo Nation

I don't enjoy killing your kind. Vanara? I can waste them all the way home. But at the end of the day, it doesn't make a damn bit of difference who points a gun at me. I'll kill you all, equal opportunity.

- Durrandon

The Mendel may fore with steel what we forge with bone, but the end result is the same, a finely made blade. So let our blades unite and our enemies tremble.

- Empress Auvia of the Sacred Vanara Empire



  • Mendel have a love for Cheese Sticks, made with fish, and with a special Mendel cheese, called Gytorel inserted into it. This food is often eaten during holidays, celebrations and times of mourning, as well as brought by diplomats to celebrate the creation of an alliance or establishing of trade between a Clan and another group.
  • Mendel, despite their flippant disrespect for the French, do hold a strange respect for their soldiery, viewing them as brave, if somewhat hard-headed, warriors willing to throw their all into a conflict. Mendel make it a point to avoid French politicians, but have a less difficult time trusting soldiers and the like, even if they dislike the Angelfire weaponry they used.
  • As stated above, the Mendel have no issue with homosexuality. They do not view as some accomplishment to grow to accept it however. Societies are built by cooperation, no matter the background, and it speaks ill of a society's unity if something as petty as bedroom attics and sexual acts bother them. To them, it should come natural to treat your fellow man as he deserves, and have the respect he so deserves. One of their rulers, was, in fact, bisexual, though preferred the company of women.

Out of Universe[]

  • The Mendel Pact possess a counterpart in the Aoshtai Universe of the same name, albeit much stronger in terms of power and projection.
  • The Mendel are the main fiction of use for Zillafire101, and his go-to fiction for most events.
  • Throughout it’s history, as the user’s writing style and themes evolved, their themes have changed, from leaning heavily into their Mandalorian roots, then being influenced by the Tau Empire, before leaning heavily into their “Space barbarian” them, to contrast with other states and empires, especially the Draconid Imperium, Divinarium and other major factions at the time.
    • The Mendel’s heavy Clan society, Draiothe Priesthood/leadership, agrarian traditions, dressing and style, was based on the Celts, ranging from the Medieval Kingdoms that lived in Ireland, Wales and Scotland, to the Classical Celtic kingdoms such as the Gauls, Icenii, and Galatians, groups that either harassed and tried to check Rome’s power during it’s time as a Republic, or outlasted it. Likewise, much of it’s nomadic nature, and other traditions and life style, was influenced by many Turkish tribes and people, specifically the Turkmen, Seljuk and Ottomans.
    • It’s titles are, while drawn from Mandalorian ones, designed with medieval Ireland and Scotland in mind. The simple hill forts, yurts and other features further take inspiration from Ancient Germanic peoples such as the Seubi, Vikings/Norse, and the Seljuk tribes.
    • Non-Gaelic influence includes certain aspects of Feudal Japan, especially Ninja ideology, the USSR, Irish Republican Army, and various Native American ideals.
    • In terms of fictional work, the main inspiration was the Mandalorians, specifically True Mandalorians and Protectors, with heavy aspects of the T’au Empire playing a role, along with the Yautja of the Predator franchise and the Protoss from StarCraft.
  • The Mendel possess a Fantasy counterpart in the United Tribes of Mendel, who are even more Celtic-y then their spess cousins are.