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Ever want to relive your childhood? Ever want look back, and see where you came from?
Ever lost a close friend, and wished you could have said goodbye?

The Memory MachineEdit

Also called "Object U", the memory machine is a powerful device created by a species far older then any yet discovered. It has the power to reach back through time and show the user(s) the past.


The Memory Machine is an ancient machine from an age long past, created by a species long extinct. It's purpose is unknown, and its full power equally so. It is known that the Memory Machine is indestructible, not even the Xhodocto or Ravenrii are capable to harming it, or even touching it. That takes us to the next of its traits: The Memory Machine cannot be altered in any way. You can put things on it, but they will almost always fall off eventually, due to the completely frictionless surface of the Machine itself. The Machine looks like a perfect sphere, but it is completely reflective, it absorbs nothing.

The Memory Machine itself is a perfect sphere, which neither gives off nor absorbs light. This Machine is moving at over 99% the speed of light, making it almost impossible to see, does not give off any gravity-based signature, light energy, kinetic energy, or any other form of energy. What it does to achieve this is unknown, and probably never will be. What is known is that this ability to not be touched by any form of in-universe energy means that it cannot be stopped, not even if it falls into the black hole at the center of the Milky Way, which it wouldn't do because gravity doesn't touch it.

The sphere has a 300 meter radius, and a 282743.3388 meter circumference. The sphere is made of some sort of semi-silver substance, which is perfectly smooth. Smooth to the point that nothing can hold on without gravity, not even individual atoms.

The inside of the Memory Machine is a series of obstacles. You have to work your way through a number of difficult situations, like a maze (for some people), the haunting memories of your past (for others), hints at far greater power elsewhere (for still others) and of course, the final test: are you willing to trade your best friends life for this power? The obstacles are meant to test the strength and virtue of those trying to use the Machine's power, and each is unique to the individual. Each person goes in alone, there are no groups allowed. AKA, even if you entered with 50 people, you will each be in your own private world while you take the tests.

Once someone manages to reach the center, all the defenses will collapse, and anyone will be able to use the machine. No one knows that yet, so the first person to get to the center will be the one to destroy the defenses.

Using the Memory MachineEdit

Entering the MachineEdit

To use to Memory Machine, you must get inside the sphere. There is a hatch, almost invisible except for the tiniest of lines in the shape of a tree without leaves, a wolf-like creature, but with 3 eyes, and 2 moons in the sky above the trees, at which the wolf is howling. Once you find this, and it's almost impossible to find, it shifts its position, you must then walk into the sphere's surface without any fear. If you are afraid you will not be allowed in. Once inside, it is a simple matter of getting past the obstacles, learning how to use the machinery (pretty simple, they have it all with simple pictures to show you how), and then activate the machinery. You will then be transported into your past, to watch whatever the machine thinks you need to watch.


There will be different obstacles for each individual who enters the machine. These obstacles will use your own memories against you. FOr example, if you have an arch enemy, one of the obstacles will be battling them, but it will be them as you see them, not as they are. If you think they can beat you, they will, garenteed. Now lets say you have family. Another obstacle will be choosing between your family and your destination. The trick is, you have to choose family, or the machine will destroy you with it's final obstacle. All of the obstacles are based off of your memories. That is, you will have to face your fears, your nightmares, and even choose between your hopes and dreams and continuing your quest. You will see yourself as a child, maybe, trying to fit in but unable to do so. Old friends you haven't spoken to in years will come to you as enemies, angry you never spoke to them. But the key obstacle is that you choose to morally correct path. Those who do not aren't worthy of using the Memory Machine.

Now, if there are more then one, they will be separated the moment they look away from each other. If the one in front looks back, they will see none of their comrades until they finish using the machine. That is probably another obstacle, but was really built to make it possible for YOU to be judged, not your comrade.

The final obstacle is the same for each and every person who enters. Their worst fear and greatest hope will be placed together, with the fear trying to destroy the hope. They aren't on your path, but they will be easily seen. You must choose between continuing or turning aside to help your hope. Then, you must win. Losing will kill you, losing at any point will kill you.

Now, when entering an obstacle, you will see the obstacle, then you will walk towards it and suddenly the world will change to a scene that this obstacle fits in. If it's a space battle, you'll be in a spaceship. If it's saving a loved one, you'll be taken to your home, or to a place they would be in danger. The enemies will also be pulled from your memory. maybe the enemy is an Iteok who plans to eat your loved one, or a Xhodocto trying to destroy the universe. Either way, you must defeat your enemy.

You can also choose to ignore such things. Doing so will only get you killed if the Memory Machine decides you did that action out of cruelty or because you like hurting people. This machine is based upon an alien species set of morals, therefor you must keep to those morals or be destroyed by them.

Using the MachineEdit

Once you have defeated your worst nightmare and saved your hope, you will be faced with a simple door, which will open inwards when you turn the handle. This is sort of an obstacle in of itself, because you will feel great fear when deciding to open the door. You must be brave, or else you will not survive the Memories of you past. Once you get past the door, you will see a surprisingly simple set of control, configured by the machine to match what you use in your memories. The language, appearance, and purpose of the tools will seem obvious to you, because the machine made them that way.

The controls will have these three pieces, always. "Name" "Date/Time" "Location". Once you have selected these, you sit back and watch the story unfold. The key issue, however, is that you must know what your looking for. If you put in a random set of information, with no knowledge of what happened or where it is, you will find only a cloudy white screen. However, if you've been there, or seen it at some point in time, you can see what you are looking for at any point in it's past. For example, if you have a sibling you never met and you wish you had, you simply put in the location, date/time, and name of the individual you are looking for. Then, after doing that, you can us the simple "Follow Backwards" "Follow Forwards" levers to follow the individual forward in time or backward in time. You can also use the "Start at Beginning" button to start at the beginning of the individuals story. Thats it. That's how simply using the machine is, once you have gotten to that point.

You can look at the past of anything and anyone, so long as you know the three key things needed for it. WHen looking into someones past, you can choose to follow other things by placing their name into the "name" slot, which allows you to learn about things you learned from the Memory Machine. It is surprisingly easy to get lost in the memories, so you must a;ways remember that time within Object U moves slower then time outside it. Forgetting that will have you leave the machine millennia after you entered it.


The Memory Machine has a number of powers, some discovered, some not.

Discovered PowersEdit

  • Is not touched by light, does not give off light.
  • Is not touched by gravity, does not give off gravity.
  • Cannot be stopped, even by an entire earth-sized planet.
  • Can destroy planets simply by crashing into them.

Undiscovered PowersEdit

  • Allows user(s) to look into their pasts, from a 3rd person point of view.
  • Allows user(s) to "travel" into the future, due to it's moving at relativistic speeds.
  • Takes on the gravity of an individuals planet of birth, regardless of who that user is or where they were born.
    • Can take on multiple gravities as the same time- max number unknown.
    • Can take on anything from no gravity (it's neutral state) to infinite gravity (full black hole)
  • ???- will add more when I can remember what else I had for it... lol

Possible LimitationsEdit

  • May not be able to move faster then light.
  • May not be able to slow down/speed up.
  • May not be able to change direction.

Members and SuchEdit


The AnomalyEdit

"Computer, any life-bearing planets here?" Haku was surveying a system for possibly colonizable planets. It was a boring job, but someone had to do it. "No. No planet here have atmospheres compatible with life." Haku sighed. This was the fifth system he had visited today. "Very well. Anything worth noticing?" Haku waited for the computer to say no, but then, to his surprise, the computer said "Yes. There is some form os space anomaly moving through the system. Do you want details?" Haku looked up. Anything to make this job a little less boring was worth it. "Yes, give me details. Anything unusual." The computer responded "This object is moving at over 99 percent the speed of light, has no light signature, no radar signature, no gravity signature, and no reflectivity. It would appear to be a black hole, but it has no gravity." Haku looked up, startled. "Now, that is interesting. Can you take me to it?" The computer seemed to hesitate "Not within this system." It was rare for a computer to say that, the ships were very advanced, few things were beyond them. "Why not?" The computer hesitated again "The object is moving to fast to catch it with an in-system drive. We would have to risk a warp jump within the system, which is far to dangerous to do." Haku thought for a moment. "Determine where this thing's headed, we'll meet it there." The computer worked for a few moments. "The object is headed for the system Kolt, which houses the colonized planet Kalidari. We can arrive there three days ahead of it, if we use the warp within the next 20 minutes." Haku nodded, then said "Ok, take us there!" This boring day job just got ten times better...

When he arrived at Kalidari, Haku told them about the anomaly. Everyone on Kalidari wanted to see it, so they all started looking for it. They found the anomaly swiftly, still headed for them at insanely high speeds. They then decided to track it progress, and predict it's path though the Kolt system. Upon doing so, Haku felt something nagging at him, something big. So he told him computer. "Do you think this 'nagging feeling' could be related to the collision?" Haku was absolutely confused. "What collision?" The computer seemed amused by this "The collision between the anomaly and the planet Klaro." Haku immediately asked what this was about, and the computer showed him a simulation of the anomaly's path and the path of the planet Klaro. They intersected just in front of Kalidari. "Computer, simulate a collision. Assume that the anomaly is made entirly of flurene Fibers." The computer sets up the simulation. As the object hits Klaro, the entire planet is blown apart, destroyed by the force of impact alone. The chunks float right into the path of Kaladari, which is devastated as it passes through them. "Computer, predict chances of getting the entire population of Kaladari off before the impact!" The computer goes through some quick math. "Impossible, sir, Kalidari is to heavily populated to relocate the population on the scale you require. They do not have enough ships, or enough time."

So Haku made a choice. He sent a transmission out to everyone within 10 parsecs of the Kolt system, and asked them for aid, explaining the situation and the number of people needing to be moved. He did not tell Kalidari why he wanted them to leave, for fear that they would panic and start riots or something. His was not a rational people. As the anomaly grew closer and closer to the system, he grew more and more nervous, and had yet to receive a response from anyone. Then, on the third day, at about the same time as the anomaly was entering the Kolt system, a large number of ships came in from several directions, as if timed to arrive together. "We are the Wurble, Wubble, and Mumble empires, we have come to aid your species in evacuating the planet Kalidari. I hope we were able to bring enough ships." Haku was so relieved. He did a quick count, and found they would have more then enough ships for this. He then asked the helping empires to start evacuating the population, he would keep tabs on the anomaly in case it changed direction or speed.

Several hours later, Kalidari stood empty and barren, dark for the first time since it's colonization. And still, the strange anomaly blew on through space. More species were showing up, and news was obviously spreading that something strange was happening. Some empire called the "Kraw" had sent one small ship, to observe, where another empire, the "Human Republic" had sent a few dozen ships to help and observe. As the Anomaly got closer and closer to impact with Klaro, the tension grew. People greatly anticipated the collision, and many hoped it would be a big explosion, some hoped it would just be a small impact, and everyone feared that something else entirely would happen.

The Anomaly collided with Klaro at 9:92, according to Haku's time. At first it seemed as though nothing was happening, then the object started to blast the atmosphere away. Unlike a normal impact though, the object, and it was confirmed to be an object now, was not heating up, it was unchanged. It had neither sped up as it approached the gravity of Klaro, not slown down as it entered the atmosphere. It was by far the strangest thing Haku had ever seen. As the object reached the planets surface, it ripped through the crust in mere moments, pancaking the entire side of the planet it had hit for hundreds of miles around, similar to a ship hitting a speck of dust in an uncontrolled warp. The object disappeared into the molten core of Klaro, then, only a few moments later, blasted out the other side. Except for a few chunks of planet that seemed attached to it, giving the object a less then perfect sphere shape, the object was unchanged from before it hit Klaro. Klaro wasn't as lucky. It had been hit with some much force that the entire planet was breaking apart, and even as it did it was tipping into the sun, from the sheer impact force.

As Klaro's rotation ripped it apart and the entire planet disintegrated, the pieces rained down on Kalidari. Kalidari's atmosphere started to burn up, and all the predictions for its future were of an ice age, paired up with complete or near complete extinction of life on the planet. And the object, now being called "Object U" for "Object Unknown" was still hurdling though space, with a few chunks of rock and molten lava cooling down on it's surface, causing it to lose the perfect spherical shape it had, and giving it erie, haunting spikes that pointed toward the back of it, as the lava cooled leaning that way. The stone and rocks were slowly disintegrating away though, because they were moving slightly slower then Object U, and were being left behind.

As the population of Kalidari was relocated by the friendly empires who had helped save it, everyone's thoughts were now What is object U? A weapon? A tool? A spaceship of some kind? Maybe the actual creature? Or just some natural phenomena? and everyone was starting to prepare to take control of it, for testing and experimentation, or to keep others from getting it. Meanwhile, Haku went back to his old job of checking planets for colonization, as he now had an entire population to relocate permanently.

The race is on! Who will be the first to claim Object U, and who will take it away? And finally, who will unlock object U's secrets...?

Other Stories Edit

Relative trajectory Edit

After the discovery was announced, the civilizations with the fastest superliminal communications intercepted it. One of the first was the Seven Starr Alliance, however, its member, "The Civilization" was the first in the alliance to act, and sent a group expeditionary team of a variety of its species.

Departure Edit

Commander Harish was designated in command of the scientific team, and as the group left spacedock, he looked at the party from the command screen. The expedition was comprised of three different ships due to the preferred environmental controls. His was a DCP Galactic Star Runner, the other was controlled by the Human Republic and a smaller bioship trailed behind the two, a Cephalodian stead. It was more than just a bioship, it was a living creature. The Cephalodians were one of the universes mysteries, he reflected, the life on their world evolves by the basis of symbiosis, up to the point where it can change its adaptations within one generation, and the Cephalodians had learned how to harness this like technology. But Harish was irritated, the Steadship was far slower than either his or the human vessel, because the Cephalodians believed it needed breaks. Within two days of the flight, they had only travelled a third of the distance. By the third day Harish had enough, he was in command, he ordered the Cephalodians to either board his ship with the Stead or go home, after an hour of silence, the Cephalodians agreed to board the ship as a long as the Stead was meeting its requirements. After boarding, the Cephalodians ermerged from one of the Stead's orifices.
Welcome aboard, Conservationist Aiiki.

- Commander Harish

The Cephalodians looked at the interior of his ship with disdain, as if they had entered a technological wasteland. How dare they on my ship? But then again, when he peered through the membranous, slightly sticky flesh of the Stead he recoiled, its interior was like walking into a gut, and smelled like one. Now the two ships could speed up, and within a day, they had arrived at Klaro's graveyard.

Graveyard of Klaro Edit

But now, the complicated job was to "catch up" and find Object U's actual position, as it would now be several light days from Klaro's orbit. The two ships passed a congregation of ships, which had come to view the pummeled world that was mostly debris now cooled, and to mourn the lost. In a solute the ships fired charges of antimatter and the Cephalodians had dispatched several dyson trees as the humans called them to inhabit the larger chunks, in time who knows, maybe those rocks will congeal back into a new planet in its orbit, with the trees re-starting life? Only time will tell.
**Incoming Transmission - Human ship** We have calibrated the position of Object U. Although it is almost invisible, using its speed and absolute direction we have pinpointed its position accuratly.

- Ben Kirrah

How accurate, we all know not what Earth workmanship is like.

- Commander Harish

Well, very, our quantum computer calculated it in no less than a billionth of a second and we have run the tests for a minute. For the computer it is as if it has been running for millenia.

- Ben Kirrah

Then what are we waiting for? Lets go!

- Commander Harish

The ships moved to intercept. This would be very difficult, as accelerating to ultra-relativistic speeds require tremendous power. Luckily, this is where the Bias drives of the DCP came in handy, as it used the universes gravitational constant to propel it forward, too much bias however would lead to a black hole appearing from the inside out, right inside the Stead. Oh, the Cephalodians will not be happy at that Harish amused himself. The human vessel would take half a year on its bussard collectors, so was towed by tractor.

Ghostly reference frame Edit

Ultrarelativistic doppler effect

Although Object U only reflects light, light around it is shifted into a small window by the Relativistic doppler effect. Everything around the center, including the stars are compressed into the sides.

Commander Harish ordered the command screen to be switched on, Harish himself wanted to see the conventional perspectives of spacetime itself warp. The effect was immediate as the Galactic Star Runner approached 98% of the speed of light. The window began to shrink to a small bubble of everything in front of him. At first, Harish tried to clear the screen, but then he realized that it was no illusion. Light in the centre was being compressed and blue shifted, light around the edges, was redder and included even the left and right sides of the vessel. By looking at the edge Harish could even see the human ship trailing behind, squashed into the corner. The ship was now 99.99% of the speed of light. The window suddenly became his entire vision. Harish stretched out his arms, only to find they had been literally squeezed into thin red lines as they moved away from his vision. Harish began to wonder how much they were dilating in time, he asked his astronavigator, who replied that only several days would have passed by the end of the mission. But if time was slowing down, then why didn't time pass slowly, Harish asked. However, the signals in his brain and the process of mind was still going at the same pace as the rest of his body, he would see know differences.

Finally, as Harish looked on, in the very centre of the reference frame window, was a ghostly sphere. The strange object neither absorbed any known energy or emitted any, however, it could reflect light. It started off as simply a red spot, but on approach the red shift dulled to reveal a ghostly sphere. Harish strained his eyes, the reference window was confusing enough, but this thing he could barely see, as light was bending around it. "A natural cloak", one of his crew muttered, conforming everyone was experiencing Harish's view. Now Galactic Star Runner had now caught up with Object U, and the core mission began.

First computers examined incoming sensor readings. There was no spectral lines characteristic of matter (yet it was silvery coloured), but by observing its "metamaterial" nature the object was a complete and perfect sphere, so thin, not even virtual particles brisked its surface, unlike a black hole which decays. Presumably, the surface was thin to the Planck length (P), but this was beyond the ships's sensor abilities. Ben Kirrah's ship tried to detect any energy being lost from the universe - carried by the graviton (G). The object had gravity, it was as if it was outside spacetime. Was this operating like the DCP's Tachyonic shift drives? No, the object's mass was real, not imaginary like a tachyon's, as a tachyon gains speed as it loses energy, this thing wasn't emitting any readings. So it seemed to exist outside normal reference of spacetime, was massless, yet was not travelling as fast as light? Or was it, that the object did have energy (and so mass, explaining the lower than light speed limit), but some how all emission was stuck in a looped cycle like perpetual motion or was slipping through realspace?

There was hours of discussion. Aiiki, started to believed it was Cosmospawn itself. The humans blamed it all down to a simple spatial anomaly, yet spacetime can travel at infinite speed, this wasn't. Eventually, a probe was dispatched to the surface, it had to be lowed down by tether, as there was nothing to stop it from slamming into Object U. The probe literally slid along the surface like a pebble on ice, its instruments reading no data from the thing.

The window of time dilation was closing. So the crew would not be stranded in the future, they had to depart from Object U. How could they describe an object with no reference to the world of space and world of time? Like how light has no speed, Object U did simply not exist physically. The best theory the crews could muster was that Object U was a chunk of null space that was pressing down on realspace like a pencil to paper, with an unknown force pushing it in a higher dimension, the sphere was just the visible portion in three dimensions. Maybe it was natural? Maybe it was the writing device of some transdimensional entity, its origins might never be known... The end

Kies's forgotten past Edit

Kies was flying through the Milky way to get to Tantalus. He had a hard day, 2 meetings about the Wental War. Kies was a bit tired, and wanted to go to Tantalus for his last meeting, named "The Tantalus Defense meeting", as he has been hired to defend Tantalus during the KrawVision events. But as he was 300 parsecs from his destination, he found a strange object on his radar, moving at near the speed of light.

Kies - "... Seems to be heading for my location... I'm going to see what it is. Assistant, scan the object."
Assistant Domzerg - "Of course, Kies."

The object was passing by Kies's Spaceship, and Kies decided to follow it. He was following it at the same speed as the object, and he was still scanning it. The scanning didn't show anything within the object, but the object was nothing like the scanner has ever seen.

Kies - "I am going to scan the object further. Drop me to that object!"
Domzerg - "Yes, Kies."

He got on his drop pod, and was cautious, because he could either drop off to space, or on the object. Domzerg flew Kies's ship on top of the object, and dropped off Kies towards the object, but his pod went through the entrance, something that was quite unexpected.

Kies - "Where am I?"

Kies only saw white in his surroundings.

Kies - "Please don't tell me I was wrong about afterlives this whole time..."

However, the scene changed to the Kraw Army. It was 375 KRE. Kies saw himself as a teenage Kraw. The females liked him, though he didn't care. However, a group of bigger and higher ranked Kraw appeared in front of him.

Hakion - "Look, it's punchbag Kies! You'll regret getting to the eating halls first!"

Kies was mad. He always wanted to beat Hakion and his trio, and so, he began fighting them. Hakion tried to punch Kies, but Kies jumped and punched the back of his neck, knocking him out. The trio was ready to flee until Kies jumped on one of them and pinned him to the floor. Kies may have been young, but he has his current agility.

Kies - "I learned to be tough over more than 25 years!"
Rok - "Impossible! You are 16!"
Kies - "That's what you think, you'll be dead by Iteok!"
Rok - "You... you lie!" *He flees*

The trio left him, suddenly, the surroundings were all white again. Now it shows a fishing boat. Kies renembered his event. He was more selfish than an Iteok back then, back when he was 8. Kies went to the front of his boat, where his currently dead sister was relaxing at the bars that separated the boat from a big fall to the sea. She accidentally tripped, and she is holding her hand for her to keep hanging on, but Kies renembered that when this happened back in 366 KRE, Kies chose to ignore her.

In the memory machine, a certain Portal appeared near where Kies and her hanging sister were. The portal showed controls. The machine, he thought? The portal was getting smaller. He had to make a choice. So he decided to do both. He grabbed his sister's hand, pulled her to the boat, and when that was done, he did a backflif to try and get to the portal, crossing it before it dissapeared, however, it was another white field.

An enemy was in front of him. Zavrhos, young Zavrhos. Kies fought Zavrhos for quite a while, and then, Zavrhos called Vovokta, a Kraw that he mocked when he was 11, for his disabilities. They both turned against him, but Kies threw Zavrhos to Vovokta, and stabbed them both with his claws. Both died.

Kies - "I am getting good at this!"

The final white screen appeared, and Kies was suddenly on a spaceship. Kies was shocked. This was the faithful battle he lost a long time ago, in 389 KRE. The one Kies cried over day and night. The Planet was under attack by Iteok, but another portal could be seen, this time, far away from the planet they were attacking. Kies decided not to fool himself again. He started raging against Iteok ships. He was determined to win this battle to save the Lzak Empire. Kies came across Zavrhos once more, and both fought each other, but when his fleet started to help him, Zavrhos decided to retreat. The Planet was saved, and it's all thanks to Kies's current experience.

Kies then flew to the portal, and suddenly, he was no longer on his ship, but in the door to the machine. He opened the door, with great fear and anxiety, revealing the machine, which had everything written in KUL.

Kies - "Wow, it was made in our Galaxy..."

Kies had only one thing he needed to see. Kies wanted to know if he was adopted or not. So he went to his birth date. 21/10/358 KRE. Kies watched as he was suddenly in a house that was not his. His egg and his sister's was cyan in color, but the others were yellow. Kies hatched first. He looked at himself.

Kies - "Now I know how Lezia feels, he's so cute!"

His mother and father appeared. The ones that created Kies. Kies was simply born in someone else's house because he needed babysitting. Kies was relieved, but there was one more thing he needed to see, his dead sister. The surroundings turned white once more, and Kioma was there.

She was playing with Kies. Both were biting each other's ears and horns, they were having fun.

Young Kies - "I want to shoot people when I'm older!"
Kioma - "I want to help you shoot people when I'm older!"

Kies shoved a tear, as his arrogant personality back when he was 8 cost Kioma her life. Kies had enhough memories for a while. Kies left the machine, and was waiting for his crew to come pick him up, but they were gone. However, a strange ship picked him up.

??? - "Race?"
Kies - "Kraw. Can you take me to the Kraw Galaxy?"
??? - "Ok. Only 100000 Kron."
Kies - "My government will pay you."

Kies returned home on the strange ship, and the Aliens were paid by the Kraw government for their service. They were Dagorians, and they were happy to be paid for their service. Kies came back home, happy to be relieved, though it has been 1 month since he left due to time dilation...

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