The Mekkans are a giant covenant of old machines that were once peaceful until the Collector was reprogrammed by something.... or someone. Now they strive for the destruction of all Organic Life. The Strange and powerful creatures all serve in a Collective, a collective that expands to a new source of strange and powerful Assimilation. They even attacked the Mirus Grox, Which is the Grox of the Mirus. and prevailed. Now their.... 'Great Ascension' has revealed to them that their enemies could actually turn out to be powerful allies.


Thousands of thousands of years ago, the Mekkans wiped out an ancient species called the Arkans, or as most call them 'Firstborn'. The strange beings vanished after that. No one knew why their priority was only to wipe out the Firstborn, maybe to try to stop the Arkans from spreading Sentience throughout the universe. If that were true, the Mekkans were already too late. Many thought the Arkans disappeared only to reappear when the Sentience was ripe, and that time was now.

The Great AscensionEdit

The Great Ascension is rumored to be a day where all races that are Organic are wiped out by a strange radiation that comes from the Collector's victory of capturing the Omega Cluster. The Mekkan Collective strives to do this, for their great ascension means their [Mostly] complete domination over the Universe. Some Mekkans, including the Alpha-Matrix, decided to nicknamed it a Great Descension for Organic lifeforms. The Great Ascension is known by many races as Ragnarok, or The End of Days.


Green face - You are a worthy ally, and I do not use the term loosely

  • None

Blue face - You shall serve us until the Dawn of the Great Ascension

Yellow face - You are.... not as we expected.

Orange face - Make it quick, fool.

  • None

Red face - Exterminate them!

  • None

Face threatened - You are.... unique.

  • None

Project AssimilationEdit

Project Assimilation was a test right before the Mekkans wiped out the Arkans, it was a test to see if the Mekkan Collective Could Assimiliate any non-cyborg/mechanical races. And it was finished right after the Mekkan Returned, by assimiliating their new base of operations; Datasphere 1. Now the Mekkans have a chance for assimilating all races without mechanical parts unless they have a immunity to implants, which is usually known by the Collective as The Curse.

Quotes from other EmpiresEdit

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Nope. Nuh-uh. Not in the mood for these kinds of threats.

- The Director
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