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Information Edit

Maxisoft Studios, formerly Maxis Studios, is an EArthian production company primarily focused on sandbox and simulation games and was bought out by Microsoft in the year 2275 by Goy Rates Jr.

Notable Series Edit

  • SimCity Series - 1989 to 2089
  • The Sims Series - 2000 to 2045
  • Spore Series - 2008 to 2009 (Planned sequel set to release)


Maxisoft Studios, despite being labeled as intergalactic, actually possesses only 3 colonies, one in the Milky Way, Andromeda, and Mirus. Necessarily- despite the fact that the capital of Maxisoft is Earth, The HQ is located on the planet of Maxis, obviously named after the company. The other one is entirely colonized with facilities being placed around the planet to speed up production of multiple games, considering the fact that Maxis releases at least 20 games per year.

Customer Support Edit

Dealing with a problem with any of our products? Simply dial the number below and one of our hundreds of customer service agents will help you out through the process!


- Maxisoft on their official Holowebsite.

Business Relationships Edit

Partners Edit

Green face - It's good to have you listed in our credits!

On Good Terms Edit

Blue face - Thanks for helping!

  • JCompany - They helped us out in the development and beta testing of Spore 2!

Neutral Edit

Yellow face - Are you going to buy something?

Disliked Edit

Orange face - Selfish.

Despised Edit

Red face - You're lucky we don't have any weapons!

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