Masuri is the Supreme Captain Commander of the Yama Royal Navy and the Wental Alliance Forces. He is a dishonorable fighter, an honorable person in most other ways, and a survivor. He bears a great grudge against the Iteok for their killing his sisters and wiping out his homeworld.


Masuri is a Yama. (section under construction)


Masuri has always been... strict. He likes order, and likes everything to happen according to plan. When something falls out of plan, he gets upset, and tries to fix it. When he and his sisters lived together, however, he was a much more friendly person. Masuri is a pessimist though, so he always prepares for the worst. His idea is this: "Expect the worst, and you will always be pleasantly surprised." He wasn't always like that, this idea came up after his sisters vanished.

Masuri was a good person at heart, but has the worst luck in the world. He just can't get a break.


Masuri is good at surviving. He can do almost anything to survive, and has done many things in the past. When in battle, he has no honor, because "honor is for those who can afford it." Besides that, Masuri is also capable at piloting most ships and vessels in the Yama fleets, as well as many created by other Wental species. He is a good strategist, and able to lead troops into battle and give orders with a level head. He does, however, lack the ability to motivate his people though he is developing this as he learns. Masuri is also a fast learner.


Masuri used to have three sisters, but in an Iteok attack while he was in the military they were all either killed or captured, and are likely dead by now. He holds a grudge against the Iteok because of this. Besides his three sisters, he had parents, but they were both killed by a nasty plague when he was in collage, so he raised his sisters. He currently has no family to speak of, nor anyone he hopes to live with. He is alone.



Masuri was raised by what, among the Yama, was considered a normal family. His parents were aggressive people, and often beat him if he couldn't get out of the way. In early school, you generally had to kick the bully's ass yourself, no adults would help you. Yama had many children, if they lived long enough, and as such didn't care if one or two died. It was not cruelty to let them die, but rather mercy. Cruelty in their eyes would have been to let a weak or stupid child grow up only to be on the bottom with no hope of rising. So, all in all, Masuri's childhood was much like any other Yama. One key difference was that he, due to the dead of his biological mother, was never actually shown the unconditional love of a Yama Mother. Masuri, like most of the succesful Yaman children, killed at least one person during this time. He personally killed 2 others, both individuals who bullied him. Masuri in this stage of his life was an honorable person. He did not do what was not necessary.


Yama mature quickly, and by the time Masuri was 12 years old he, like most other Yama, was considered mature enough to live alone and choose his own path. He entered military college to learn how to fight. This was a path that made his father and stepmother proud of him. However, unknown to most, Masuri had a soft spot. During his time in college he would visit his mothers grave, nothing more then a box in the ground with a digital marker. Why he never told and probably never will, and a very few people know about this. Anyway, as he went through college, Masuri became quite the warrior. His sense of honor earned him friends and enemies among the other students, and he often got into fights. That was the point of college, to test to individual and see if they have what it takes to be a person of their profession. Masuri seemed to be the perfect student. Then, disaster struck and his world collapsed.

The Plague[]

It was a natural sickness, the Yama felt that biological warfare was dishonorable. However natural it was, however, it spread across planets and decimated populations. It didn't help that the Yama all lived in massive cities, and preferred the wet areas of a planet to the dry ones. (their home world was a planet of eternal rainfall) The virus spread, and killed the Emperor of the Yaman Empire, leaving his wife a widow and the leader of her people. Government shut down, interplanetary, even intercity travel ground to a halt, and approximately 43% of the Yaman population was wiped out, Masuri's father and stepmother among them. Having destroyed it's host population, the plague died down as swiftly as it had risen, leaving the Yama Empire to recover. Masuri, like many others, went looking for their kin, trying to find out who had lived and who had died. Of his family, only his three younger half-sisters had survived. None of them were 12 years or older yet, the oldest was 7 at the time, so Masuri had to become their foster parent. Well, he didn't have to, but he took the burden onto himself.

As a Parent[]

Masuri's life went from a top-notch and promising warrior in training to a lonely Yaman Male working three jobs to care for his sisters. He did whatever needed to make sure they got a good education, and even used his influence to get them into better schools. He babied them a little, and who could blame him, that usually happens with first time Yaman parents. However, they grew up to be decent people, and he was proud of them. As time went on and they grew up, he left the youngest in the care of the older two and turned back to the military.

The Military and a Promise[]

Masuri jumped back into the military school at once grade lower then he had left, as was required of a "drop out". He passed with flying colors and two years later entered the military. He went on average missions and got paid the average wage of the military. Masuri rose up to become an admiral over time, but even that would not prepare him for the War for Wental...

Terrible News, Sir![]

The first attack happened while Masuri was on a mission with his fleet. One of the communications units came to him saying that there was an emergency broadcast on all channels coming from a number of Wental Alliance planets. The closest was the homeworld of a species called the Tharms, with three planets and very few colonies on them. Masuri's home planet, however, was also under attack. Masuri chose to help the three planet species over his home world. That choice would haunt him forever.

Masuri arrived at the Tharm homeworld, he found that they had already been wiped out. He instantly turned and took half his fleet back towards his home planet, leaving the other half to find survivors. Masuri arrived at his home planet to find it devastated. The cities were burned and leveled, and the entire biosphere had been destroyed. He sent soldiers and scientists down to the planet to look for survivors. He himself went to where his family had once lived, and found nothing but a ruin.

A soldier came to him there and told him that the planet was dead, not one survivor was found. A message came from the other half of his fleet telling the same story from the Tharm homeworld. This mystery attacker had been very complete in their destruction. Masuri, having been hit by the loss of his home and family, declared that he would get his revenge for this horrible crime against the Yama.

War for Wental[]


  • Masuri plans to take over the entire Wental Alliance in the name of his Empress.
  • Masuri's favorite food is chocolate covered bananas.
  • Masuri's tie and suit are worn over his armor, and he wears them in battle as well as when he meets important people or commands his ships.