Pain gives us strength, warriors! And the death is the pinnacle of pain! Strike a single warrior down, and a thousand more will arise, more powerful that our enemies could ever imagine! Warriors of the Legion, embrace the power of your primal spirit and crush those who oppose our great armada! We shall reign supreme!

- Br'klakkon


- Br'klakkon-aligned Loron

Uh... just kill everyone.

- Br'klakkon

Lorons were always known as half-witted, brutish creatures, having little motivation other than to destroy (and to eat pizza). But, naturally, every rule has its exception, and with the Loron species, such exception took the form of Br'klakkon - an anomalous intelligent Loron who possessed far more malevolent, and grander, goals than other members of his kind had. In his endless pursuit of power, Br'klakkon managed, through a net of manipulations, to become a leader of Andromedan Loron warbands, and achieve immortality by tapping the ancient powers of the Mali'Nar. Wishing to conquer the rest of the galaxy, he manipulated Grox and AGC alike during Andromeda War to gather the ancient Andromedan artifacts and become a new leader of the Mali'Nar.

Even while he was defeated by the combined force of all Andromeda at the battle of Cathemera, Br'klakkon's name is still whispered all over the galaxy he haunted. Many fear that he, being a Mali'Nar, never really died...


Early life[]

Br'klakkon's life, which began in one of the Andromedan Loron gangs, was similar to life of his partner Alo. He too differed from others of his kind, he too possessed intelligence and logic strange for his species. However, his life was different; rather than fooling others and living a life of success, he was hated by his comrades, as Lorons never tolerated "dum geekz". A childhood of being hated and bullied left a scar on Br'klakkon's psyche that he never recovered from.

But instead of succumbing, he drew strength from his pain.

Over time, young Br'klakkon became more and more withdrawn from society; with little physical strength to stand for himself, he instead took a darker path and started to search for the ancient lore of the Mali'Nar - the legends about them were known far and wide, and some of them even reached Loron ears. Eventually, through years of relentless searching for a way to emulate the ancient ascension techniques created by the 'Nar, Br'klakkon mysteriously vanished after venturing into Segmentum Mechanicum.

Nobody knows what actually happened to him there, but soon after that, rumours of a wiry, ghostly figure with icy blue eyes clad in black robes soon started to emerge among Andromedan Lorons. Warboss Gr'kkan, the leader of a gang that Br'klakkon formerly belonged to, was challenged by the figure. Laughing at the small Loron, Gr'kkan accepted, only to find himself immolated and reduced to a pile of ash in a second. Warboss after warboss, the figure claimed the lives of all Loron leaders in Andromeda, and eventually, there was noone left to challenge his rule. All Boyz and Chikz in the galaxy now hailed their single ruler, Warboss Br'klakkon of the Legion of Badmanz.

Conqueror of Andromeda[]

Br'klakkon now was in control of a powerful Loron empire, its power and might rivalling even the old Propa Big Loron Empire. But he wanted more. He wanted greater power. He wanted greater control. And when he became aware of the artifacts the Draconid Imperium was searching for, he knew what his next move will be.

By manipulating several factions, such as Brood of War and Wentals, Br'klakkon turned what was originally a minor conflict into a bloodbath that is now known as the Andromeda War. Whispering into the head of King Grochius II, he also aided the Grox to get the artifacts for him by providing them the knowledge of the ancient Mechovirus. During the last battle on Cathemera, where the AGC and the Grox have assembled all the artifacts they found, Br'klakkon, using the traitor, at last unleashed all their power - and while the combined forces of AGC, UNO and DCP were able to destroy Br'klakkon for once... it is well-known that Mali'Nar don't simply die.



Br'klakkon was known during his reign for his arrogance and extremely unstable nature, a result of him being beaten and bullied in his youth. Driven by inferiority complex and megalomania, Br'klakkon was, however, very determined and possessing great intelligence, manipulating several factions during Andromeda War for his own ends.

However, it is known by many that Br'klakkon's hubris was both his power and his undoing, as overestimating his power did result in his presumed demise on Cathemera.


As a mortal being, Br'klakkon appeared as a large Betta Boy, towering over his subordinates. However, he wass a bit weak for a Loron. Br'klakkon had another difference in look from the other Lorons, however - it was his eyes, eyes burning with cruel and malicious intelligence bent on increasing his own power and the power of his mistress.

As a Mali'Nar, Br'klakkon's look was even more horrifying. In this form, he has large, bony wings on his back, and his eyes glew electric blue. He was also larger in this form, being 12 m tall - as large as a Killa Boy. His body was also black and ghostly as that of all Mali'Nar.


Br'klakkon usually woreelaborate, "blingy" clothes to show his status. His "war harness" was golden in color - however, this metal was not in fact gold but a unique alloy of Gyronidium, gold, titan and other metals both natural and supernatural. This alloy was extremely resistant to the damage and could endure even the fire of the Radeon plasma cannons. He also carried two lightweight shankas which he could use with a deadly efficiencly, as well as a blasta powered with elemental energies.

It should be noted, however, that Br'klakkon only needed any equipment as a mortal Loron; as a Mali'Nar, he did not use any equipment as his very existence was a threat.


As a Loron, Br'klakkon was actually slightly weaker than most of the Lorons, focusing on his intelligence to get what he needs. Neverthless, he was still extremely strong and can easily turn a human into a bloody pulp.

As a Mali'Nar, Br'klakkon focused on primal, deadly powers, literally making everything scream in pain in his way. He forced suns to implode and black holes to open at his whim. He was also nearly invincible to mortal weaponry and possessed insane strength shanking armies with blades formed of his own essence.



Yellow face.png...


Orange face.pngYou serve me and only me.

  • Dark Gratz'kaoz - Crush them! Tear all our enemies apart!
  • Masuri - Hahahahaha...
  • War Predictor Matheoward - You have fulfilled your purpose.


Red face.pngNothing will remain of your life. Not even a memory.



- Zr'Ahgloth

bah yor dum. but I hav ta respect yas. kolossus told me to. othawise i would eet you hur

- Dark Gratz'kaoz

I have more respect for him than other Loron, because of his intelligence.

- Ingcos
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