Raise your heads, comrades, for there is no shame in fighting! We are not Jaharan's Ferrics whe waged war to slaughter innocents; we are those who protect our worlds, our people, and our faith. What can be more sacred, more blessed by Spode, than to defend its Church? With our brothers under the Seven Stars, we march today against the enemy of all life, against those who slaughtered billions for the sake of their false gods, and who will slaughter billions more if we do not stop them now. Rise up, crusaders, and let the whole universe hear: Spode is with us!

- High Commander Tadjamad before the Battle of Kanshin

The Masaari Crusade was a semi-military, semi-political movement that existed in the Church of Spode during the War of Ages. Rejecting the pacifistic leanings of the post-Jaharani government as well as the revanchism of the more nationalistic statesmen like Laurinn Ma'fest, the movement stood for the remilitarisation of the Church, but within its current borders, with its fellow Spodists as equals and allies rather than vassals. It was notoriously pro-Seven Starr Alliance, where the Church pre-War of Ages only had observer status, and fought tooth and nail to have it receive full membership. The leaders of the Crusade believed that the only way the Church could become accepted in the intergalactic community would be if it would develop enough strength to stand for itself and show that it could exercise that strength responsibly, rejecting its imperialistic ambitions and cooperating with other great powers to maintain peace in the Gigaquadrant.

Before the emergence of the Xhodocto, the Masaari Crusade was more of an idea rather than a true organisation; a few small gatherings of intellectuals that used the same symbols and flags but were not actually unified. It was only after the Tigris War unfurled, and the Tigris Church colonies were invaded by the Congregation, that their movement truly gained traction. As other nations of the Gigaquadrant rushed in to defend themselves against the invaders, the demilitarised Vendespode could only deploy a small Dei'Ar force which was easily scattered by the demon worshippers, thus leaving the colonists to fight by themselves. Needless to say, the ideas of the Crusade were much appreciated by them. It was then when this movement would actually gain a true leader - a young but brilliant Dei'Ar officer by the name of Tadjamad. It was him who, having lost most of his comrades during the Congregation's initial assault, would rally the survivors and cooperate with the rest of Seven Starr forces, as well as the native Cianju Alliance to muster a united front against the merciless foe. Many in the Dei'Ar Order would also follow his example and join the Crusade, bolstering its military power, and Tadjamad would eventually become the Order's new Primarch (the position being reconstituted by Telfar halfway through the war).

The Masaari Accord

The Masaari Accord created the Masaari Crusade as a true political force.

Following the events of the Battle for Kanshin, when a large part of the Onuris Resistance would be trapped in Universe 66501, the Masaari Crusade grew to become a sort of quasi-state. As other Onuris members settled the new universe, the Crusade came to ally with a number of alien species native to it, such as the Stalkies, to protect them from the Xhodocto-aligned Sphagarzi. These races would then be recruited into the Crusade and fall under its protection. Unlike older Radeon colonists, Tadjamad did not force Spodism on them, although many had accepted it either way - though he would train them in the same way as he did his Dei'Ar soldiers. As the connection between the two universes would be estabilished, many followed in the First Gigaquadrant to aid the remnants of the Church of Spode against the demonic foe.

The majority of the Crusade's forces perished during the last stage of the War of Ages - the onslaught on the Inferno Realm took millions of lives. Most of the survivors joined with the Dei'Ar Theocracy, which would in many ways continue the ways of the Crusade, albeit its nature would eventually become corrupted beyond recognition. The "Masaari Crusade Party" still exists in the modern-day Divinarian Synedrion, as well as in the Andromedan Light, although it does not enjoy much popularity.


It was the only reason we survived the war at all. Though that does not redeem Tadjamad in any way.

- Iovera IX


  • The symbol of the Masaari Crusade was composed out of two chevrons forming a star-like shape, a stylised sword, and a wreath of cereals. It was supposed to stand for the military power of the Crusade rising up, but in the service of peace (hence the wreath) and tempered by faith (hence the star, resembling both a lozenge and an eye - symbols of Spode's power).
  • The Masaari Crusade was the second main fiction of theImperios. It was active throughout Spring and Summer 2010.
    • The original page is available here.
  • The Masaari Crusade was much different originally, being a reformed form of the Church of Spode rather than a movement within it. It was supposed to have been formed in Universe 66501 after the Church was (as per original canon) destroyed after the Tigris War, with the Radeon empire being reformed from a purely theocratic one into a more peaceful, somewhat more secularised alliance of many different species.
  • In the original Seven Starr Alliance video made in 2009, Imperious used the Sisters of Battle theme from Dawn of War: Soulstorm to represent the Masaari Crusade: after a decade has passed, the theme still fits them.

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