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This is no longer the Final Frontier but the Beginning of a new one.

- Mardvaelian Motto

The Mardvaeli Colonial Republic, better known as Mardvaeli, is a federal republic located in the Crepuculum arm of the Andromeda galaxy and also with many colonies in Mirus and the Quadrants. It's capital planet is Mardvenia with the city, New Daijino as the capital. Mardvaeli has a population of 56 billion and is continuously growing having to expand it's interests into the other galaxies of the Gigaquadrants.

Despite starting off as a relatively small and unimportant nation, it has seen some good eras. One would include the 200 year long Golden Age which includes the inclusion of the Corgaels and Partodons into Mardvaeli in the 2500s to the friendly encounter with the French Andromedan Colonies in the mid 2700s. The current era is the Colonial Age which include the late 2700s. This age was one of many wars, such as Attero Dominatus in Mirus or the Southern Rim Campaign in Cyrannus. However, it was also one of rapid growth and Mardvaeli gaining extensive and secure colonial territories in two galaxies already and possibly more.

This colonial ties and rapid growth have made Mardvaeli noticeable on the galactic scene making them members of numerous organizations such as the Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth, NZTO and GITO. Mardvaeli's closest allies include the French Andromedan Colonies and the Waptoria Alliance of Species. It also has colonial links with France, the Drodo Empire, the Rambo Nation and Farengeto, as well as heavy cultural and religious influences from the Draconid Imperium and The Divinarium.


The history of Mardvaeli can be traced back to 2501 when the vast majority of countries on Planet Mardvaelia united into different states under the newly found nation of Mardvaelia, named after the planet itself. Marvaelia expanded their reaches into the stars above with the first colonies being built faster than expected thanks to the joint efforts of the states working together making Mardvaelia almost a fully fledge empire in space. By 2579, all of the nations of Mardvaelia became a unified nation with the exception of a few Mardvae and Lupis tribes who were allowed to govern their own people according to their traditional beliefs.

However, at this time Mardvaeli was only made up of the Mardvae and the Lupis as they both originated from the same planet. The Devine would join later in 2556 after the Devineic nation of Daremway approached the Mardvaeli Republic colony of Seua looking for planets to mine. Daremway realised that the planet was already occupied and so made secret contact with the Mardvaeli Republic for a few years until they launched an invasion against the cruel regime of Karivet Asdaffa of the Holy Deralis Empire which gave Daremway a large amount of territory over the planet. However, by this point even with the joint effort of the aliens, Daremway and Mardvali both suffered damage and merged to create a stronger Mardvaeli. Eventually the whole planet of Gheo joined the Mardaveli Republic.

In the 2600s the Mardvaeli Republic would find and absorb many new creatures and colonies into their nation the most notable being the haughty Corgaels and the religious Partodons, both who would become great diplomatic thinkers and lovers of art and music. Soon Mardvaeli's republic would grow greatly in culture and scientific advancements were made as well as rapid colony expansion. These years would generally be peaceful and calm for the Mardvaelians and would usher them into a Golden Age that would last from the early 2600s to the late 2700s.

Attero Dominatus and Colonial Age[]

During Attero Dominatus, Mardvaeli allied the Waptoria Alliance while scavenging for Tyranny tech and fighting off the Imperium of War. This was the early moments of Mardvaeli coming into the galactic scene. The Mardvaelian Army won the battle with the help of the Waptoria Alliance. Shortly after the battle Admiral Decrake and Commander Waspers were both stationed in Andromeda. A new 2nd flagship was built for Mirus called the Starlight-1.2 Thanks to the success in Mirus. Soon a new Admiral, --- was chosen to defend the Mirus colonies and Mardvaeli's interests in the galaxy.

Mardvaeli's next colonial pursuits took them over to the mysterious and exotic Quadrants galaxies, in which they settled near the French Quadrant Colonies and the Drodian Quadrant Colonies in 2798, very quickly becoming equals with the two thanks to the governorship of the Imperial educated Devine governor Marcaelius Tdeneni with his ruthlessness in business. So far, the Quadrant colonies had not been involved in the same conflicts as the Drodian or French colonies when they invaded the Heer Stekeevel Space as the Mardvaelian colonies remained mainly undisrupted by the raids by the Heer Stekeevel.

Second Cyrannus War and Gigaquadrant Conflicts[]

Virk'Goar and Marton Gracuscae argue over the future of Mardvaeli and its involvement in foreign conflicts.

After the end of Attero Dominatus it wouldn't take too long until Mardvaeli was enganged unto the Gigaquadtrant Conflicts, being thrown into a massive conflict that stretched the universe while also possibly being stuck in a web of lies and deceit. Marton Gracuscae was not hesitant to invade and attack the Cyrannian Imperial State at the same as the Naakjian Confederation.

However, Marton Gracuscae was met with some backlash from the Parliament who thought it was too sudden to engage into another war and taking a tier 2 enemy head one would be a risky strategy. Marton, however, thought it would be an excellent opportunity to bring the Naakjian Confederation out of isolation and to test out the salvaged Drakodominatus technology they added to the starfleet. Soon Marton Gracuscae was given a 67% vote to declare war onto the Cyrannian State.

Along with the Gigaquandrant Conflicts were many other problems that rocked the universe such as the Plazthian Seisomachy and the increasing imperialism of the Delpha Coalition of Planets, both of these heavily affected France, one nation Mardvaeli certainly had a lot of colonial ties too. Before France had initially refused an alliance but in 2801, when meeting President Maxime of France where she invited the heads of state of the Mardvaeli Republic to the Élysée Palace on Paris, she proposed that they discuss matters of foreign policy, cooperation between their colonies only to to surprise them with a request of an alliance. Maxime said that France would like it to be a bilateral military and defensive alliance, meaning that they will align their interests militarily and economically and they pledge to come to each other's defense if they are attacked. France would include a footnote, however, that Mardvaeli could not call France to war in its ongoing conflict against the Imperial State, though France pledged to come to Mardvaeli's defense if the Imperial state strikes at Mardvaeli holdings in the Quadrants, Andromeda, or the Milky Way.

After this, Farengeto also proposed an alliance seeing as Mardvaeli and Farengeto shared a number of organizations as well as research projects to help close the technology gap between them. Among these were their own set of low Tier 2 equivalent ships using reverse-engineered tech around that were set to be rolled out around 2800-2802, these ships were ported out in Mardvaeli designs just in time for Gigaquadrant Conflicts. The new MV-FT-01 kinetic rifle was also created as a collaboration between the two as well as well as a new Interceptor fighter, the Innovator class, for Mardvaeli's expensive and ageing fighter section of the starfleet.



Mardvaeli's economy is stable and secure with many natural resources to trade and it also benefits from large amounts of tourism. It also benefits from a large mining industry found in the outer reaches of the republic with wandering comets, rocks and planets being rich in minerals. The natural environment is also well preserved in the Mardvaeli worlds and natural resources are produced at a steady rate. It has access to more alien products such as ones from isolated countries like the Naakjian Confederacy. The Republic is also rich in culture as well as ancient ones as well.


The Mardvaeli Republic is well renowned with being very diverse and offers a great deal of sovereignty to other cultures and old countries by letting them practise their freedom of association, culture and speech as well as heavily basing their society on the ideas of Liberty. Many organizations exist to preserve ones culture or create entirely new ones over time as well as promote racial and cultural harmony. Political groups often come together to discuss with each other and co-operate rather than compete. Mardvaeli is also bilingual with languages varying from Province to Province and has influences coming from the Divnarium, the Draconid Imperium and the New Tertamian Alliance. The Waptoria Alliance of Species also has left a strong cultural impact on the colonists of the Mirus colonies. French culture is also abundant in Mardvaeli thanks to the close relationship between Mardvaeli and extra galactic French colonies.


At the very lowest of the Mardvaelian government are the Planetary governors and above them are the System governors. However these two powers may have a larger amount of power than others depending on their said planet. System governors and Planetary governors as well as their associates make up a Provincial Council that manage the affairs of one Province. The Province Council is generally quite independent in managing it's own affairs and laws can vary from province to province however the Mardvaelian Parliament has the ultimate say over the provinces and their affairs if the Province Councils do something unacceptable according to the public and parliament.


Mardvenia, the capital, as seen from space.



Despite Mardvaeli's long periods of silence and peacefullness, under the presidency of Marton Gracuscae and contact with the French Andromedan colonies as well successful campaigns in Mirus, their military strength has grown exceptionally and can even hold its self against tier 2 empires in war without major casualties. The modern military comes from old military escort ships and small shuttle fighters that were used to protect Mardvaeli from Andromedan pirates or terrorists and even on some rare occasions demonic forces, however soon the old starfleet and army began to age by the mid 2500s and was in desperate need of modernization. Soon bigger, stronger and more efficient ships were built however not many were produced as Mardvaeli was in a peaceful time and had very few enemies to deal with.

However, thanks to their recent involvement with Attero Dominatus and the New Cyrandia Wars, Marton Gracuscae has funded the military much more and has modernized it again making on par with even tier 2s in combat as well as utilizing French-Andromedan technology and ships such as the Mirage Rois in the starfleet including salvaged Drakodominatus technology as well as Imperium of War combat techniques for the army to utilise in both normal and guerilla warfare thus making Mardvaeli a formidable force in wartimes.



The Starfleet of Mardvaeli is rapidly going under the presidency of Marton Gracuscae, with new trade agreements opening up with France, Nakkjian Confederacy and the AGC. Most of Mardvaeli's starfleet is composed of ships with makes created in the late 2700s, a few dating back to the mid 2700s although mainly the starfighters or gunships. The starfleet also uses a considerable amount of French ships as well, such as the Mirage class or the Comete Class as well as the Cassiel class frigates. Larger and more powerful ships such as the Beekbane frigates and the rumoured, Forobes-Drakowene Capital Ship were created near the end of the 28th century.

The Mardvaeli starfleet is somewhat weak and underwhelming in its gunships and starfighters causing it to rely on more expensive and foreign fighters such as the popular French fighter Mirage and Comete classes. It also severely lacks in high quality bombers although there are talks with the Naakjian Confederacy in exchange for bombers for sale. Instead, Mardvaeli's greatest strength are it's large ships such as frigates, Flagships and Capital ships. They can serve a wide range of versatile roles and have exceptional shielding as well as warp drives allowing for speedy retreats and optimal firing range. Such ships have been compared to borderline tier 2 tech. Flagships and Capital ships also posses hangars of their own mainly with Comete and Mirage classes and maybe a good few bombers.



Mardvaeli Soldiers can adapt to all kinds of conditions and become adjusted to alien surroundings.

Mardvaeli has an excellent army, while not being the strongest, or most advance, it is certainly one of the most adaptable and organized, even managing to take on Enemies like the Imperium of War or the Cyrannian Imperial State despite being inferior technologically and physically. The army is highly adapt in urban and guerilla warfare, using the environment around them, no matter how alien or harsh against their own enemies. Soldiers and infantry men are not the only sight on the battlefield as engineers can also be seen, placing down turrets and other artillery down in a matter of mere seconds. They also have the power to demolish large buildings with lethal explosives, obstructing enemy forces and buying the army and their allies more time to rethink or create strategies. Medics are also very adapt at safely travelling across the battlefield to help their fellow comrades getting soldiers in near death situations back in seconds ready to fight again. However, many soldiers know how to heal themselves quick enough if a safe area and with some considerable medical experience, this gives the medics more time to focus on helping those who need their help most.

Altogether this makes the Mardvaelian Army unpredictable to their enemies and hard to stop. Even a few battle losses to the Army wouldn't be enough to demolish their spirits as the Army can still make a successful retreat and come back to fight again with revised tactics and strategies to turn the tie of the battle. However, even a modest number of lost battles can be very crippling to a large portion of the Army and will result in an early loss so the Army must stay ahead at all time of their enemies as it can be hard for Mardvaeli to recover from a lost war, this sometimes means there's a good chance that a poorly going war might result Mardvaeli dropping out from the war earlier than their allies, even further hampering their allies chances of success.


The technology of the Mardvaeli Republic is respectable for any early nation as well as being at the level of a tier 3. They are innovative and successful in the robotics industry with robots that cab help enforce the law, deal with customers, detect illegal items and serve as bodyguards. Mardvaeli's people are also heavily reliant on nuclear power with advanced nuclear stations which are unlikely to leak and always have emergency plans in case of a possible leakage. Solar Power is also utilised as well but usually in the hotter and dryer climates of Mardvaeli the 2nd largest city Axesdrah being a good example. Primitive AIs are sometimes used but they are a work in progress and still in development but can sometimes be found in certain places such as shops or ships.


Military Related[]

CRE Waspers 2014-114856f2 ful Mini.png

It's about brains and brawn. You need to have a little bit of everything in life.

- Salarou Waspers

Salarou Waspers is the colonel of the Drakow Battalion of the Drakow Armed Forces which are the Armed Forces of the Mardvaeli Republic named after ancient Devine emperor Drakow the Highest. It is considered to be the most elite and skilled Battalion of the armed forces and has access to equipment like mechs and the such. Waspers has achieved victory in many of the Drakow's battles with his battalion suffering few deaths in all of them.

CRE Decrake-115945a9 ful Mini.png

I end wars, not start them.

- Doruge Decrake

Darouge Decrake is one of the Admirals of the Mardvaelian Navy and has overseen great success in defeating the Imperium of War Attero Dominatus alongside the Waptoria Alliance of Species. While new to the rank of Admiral he has served in the Navy for a long time and has a great asset and friend to the former Admiral Wyuk who sadly perished after he was murdered by a fellow comrade who disagreed with the current President of that time in an terrorist attack. While the attack did have a large negative impact on Decrake's mind he still carries on to this day and is well known for keeping calm in any situation. He has also published a few book on warfare itself.

Politics and Government Related[]

CRE Marton Gracuscae-11495c7d ful Mini.png

Soon we'll outstretch our helping hands to guide everyone in this dark universe.

- Marton Gracuscae

Marton Grascuscae is the current president of the Mardvaeli Republic and former Planetreay governor of Mardvenia . He is widely popular with the working class, Mardvaeli-Stotzkan War and was also present at the Battle of Tukwaeihi. He is Centre Right Wing for the most part and has expanded many of the cities and farms on existing planets as well as rapidly increasing the amount of new colonies. He has helped established colonies in Mirus during the Attero Dominatus Campaign there.

CRE Inattlish-114856f4 ful Mini.png

I strive for success and prosperity.

- Inattlish Taurveno

Inattlish Taurvenou is the current Prime Minister of Mardvaeli as well as being the former province leader of New Bork . Inattlish isn't widely popular with the public as he is a quiet and reserved character and often works behind the scenes of the government. While his contributions often go unnoticed he is a great asset to President Gracuscae's party and has aided him through his first term as President through all his challenges and hardships as well as being a great Advisor to him too. He also often uses policies like Realpolitik in his career and surprisingly gets along with the president himself very well. He sometimes represents Mardvaeli when the President is away.


You'll be surprised at how effective good diplomacy can be, how much needless bloodshed it can prevent.

- Virk'Goar

Virk'Goar is one of the President's advisers, a keen diplomat and Former Tribe Patriach of the Lupis Goar Tribe on Mardvaeli. He is well versed in the ways of diplomacy avoiding war with a neighbouring tribe. The Mardvaeli government were impressed by his skills and so he handed down his title of Patriach to serve his nation. Thanks to Virk'Goar's experience with dealing with vastly different tribes and cultures he is capable with understanding aliens and cultures and is highly knowledgeable about alien life, galactic and extragalactic. However at times his relationship with the President can be quite troubled.




Protectorate Shield.pngWe watch over you with great care.

  • Green face.png Mardvaelian Mirus Colonies - Mardvaeli spreads its grace through Mirus. ful
  • Green face.png Mardvaelian Quadrant Colonies - A strategically important location to us and others.ful


Sword&Shield.pngYou should be honoured to have great allies by your side.

  • Green face.png France - We will be great allies to your colonies, when you will need us we will be there! (defensive pact, lasting friendship, trade agreements, colonial ties)
  • Green face.png Waptoria Alliance of Species (defensive pact, lasting friendship) - A long time ally and upholders of justice.
  • fulAGC - We are all united under the flag of the Commonwealth!
    • The Divinarium - The Spodist are always welcome to preach the word of Spode in our diverse nation.
    • Brood of War - We neither hate them or like them but their society seems brutish and unclean.
    • Draconid Imperium - We have links through our Devines who live in the Imperium but their expansionist policies sometimes bother us.
    • French Andromedan Colonies - (defensive pact, lasting friendship, trade agreements, Part of France) - A fellow upholder of Liberty and Freedom! Pour la liberté et la justice!
  • Blue face.png Farengeto - This alliance will benefit us both and will encourage the growth of our nations. (technological collaboration, trade agreements, Part of a number of orgnizations together)


Blank Space.pngWhat may we do for you?

  • ful French Quadrant Colonies (trade agreements) - We will prosper together in this exotic galaxy.
  • ful New Cyrannian Republic (trade agreements) - They've kindly approroached us, they'll make good friends should we ever decide to colonise Cyrannus.
  • Blue face.png Rambo Nation (trade agreements) - We have earned the respect of the great Rambo Nation!
  • Blue face.png Drodo Empire (trade agreements) - A great friend to us in the Quadrants and a mighty foe for others.
  • Blue face.png Farengeto Quadrant Colonies (trade agreements) - We are both quite similar and we hope to see where this trading will take us.
  • ful Naakjian Confederacy (trade agreements) - We have trade going on between us and we hope it may prosper into a stronger relationship.
  • ful Solonese Union - An influential and wealthy nation for a Tier 4.
  • ful New Tertamian Alliance - In some ways they're like us, only their government is a bit more... questionable.
  • ful The Coalition - If you showed some warmer hospitality then maybe we can talk.
  • ful Interstellar Tundraklen Commonwealth - We know little of you but the Naakjian Confederacy seems to trust you.
  • ful Crispy's Insurrection - Their society is much more civilised than the Brood's but we disapprove of their methods.
  • ful The Xhodocto - A malevolent force beyond nature and reality.
  • ful Galactic Empire of Cyrannus - Just because we are at war with the Imperial State that does not mean we tolerate you.

At War[]

Crossed Swords.pngYour planets shall be reduced to floating ash if it needs be.

Quotes from others[]

We are glad to have aided them to settle on the galactic scene.

- W'tze of the Waptoria Alliance of Species

A republic that is a bit too liberal to it's members, but they are a force for good.

- Delpha Coalition of Planets

A fledgeling nation, ultimately they pose no significant threat to the Brood's stability. Rather, I encourage the prospect of their further independent advancement. Although, their society seems somewhat... loose, and a lack of discipline and over-abundance of liberation can lead to more problems than it resolves.

- Tyraz

Hmmph. How foolish to stand beside the Waptoria. Your naivety rears it's head if you believe it is wise to work with them. Such alliances can lead to anarchy, decay.

- Gridlock


  • Credits go to the Clanden for the image or Mardvenia!
  • Mardvaeli draws some inspiration from some elements of Cold War and Present Day USA.
  • Mardaveli's most suitable theme would be American Pie - DonMcLean